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    To hear praise and acknowledgement from the Empress' own lips was like the sweetest of Yanhua's steam buns to Feng; it could fill his entire body with the feeling of light and airy bliss for the better part of a week. And to be so able to share the moment with his good friend Yanhua? That was like two whole steam buns! He'd be on something like a sugar buzz for the forseeable future. That said, an Imperial Watcher grinning like the village troublemaker and vibrating like the wings of a bumblebee would have been... inappropriate in the presence of all the illustrious figures of the Dragon Court. As much of a loose cannon as his superiors thought him now, Feng devoted no small part of his considerable will and energy into binding himself into the disciplinary framework of the Watch. That raised the disturbing specter of what the longma would become if he felt that he no longer had anything to lose by letting himself go... But when or if that day would ever come, it certainly wasn't today. Thus, he took the welcome respite from Yue's attention as she congratulated her chef on her own gold medals to keep his face from splitting in half and his hooves from dancing in delight. By the time the two of them had agreed on a private meeting, he'd managed to straighten out to the point where he was merely smiling, rather than grinning outright. That said, he also caught all the implications of what that 'private conversation' was likely to consist of. The trip they'd taken to Equestria had revealed to Feng Yanhua's true identity, though thankfully not in a way to disturb their friendship! It was just that, well, she wasn't truly a qilin... Thus it was that he sucked in a breath at the sight and implications of the Fenghuang feather. Like most of the court, he found the beauty dazzling; he'd been fortunate himself to befriend one of these magnificent phoenixes by saving one from foreign poachers while on recovery. That had been a harrowing little incident, having to rely almost solely on a bluff to see the lot of them off. He shook off reminisces. This was a delicate situation, one which could turn disastrous if not handled well. He had to interject, but could not supersede Yanhua's decision in the matter. Public confession of her true identity might not be the best tactic here and now, but given how he'd found out about it back in Ponyville, it was unlikely to stay a secret forever. Best the Empress heard it from Yanhua herself rather than a foreign newspaper, or worse, an intelligence briefing... "Knowing Yanhua as well I have come to over my time at the Palace, and the opportunities I have had to observe her over the course of our journey to and from the west, I can absolutely vouch for her worth of character and service." He allowed himself to grin. "I will give my testimony officially if called for!" Though it seemed no more than a manifestation of his normal flippancy towards officiality, in truth it was a bit of theater deliberately engaged in. He wanted to communicate his true confidence in his friend, in a professional as well as personal capacity, without alerting the onlookers that anything was actually amiss with Yanhua, should she choose to remain silent now. They already thought him odd, best let them keep thinking that. Contrary to common misconception about the Watch, it wasn't about being inconspicuous, but simply keeping what didn't need to be known unknown.
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    Unfortunately, it seems, I have to bid this site adieu. Due to factors outside the digital world, I will no longer have time or energy to spend on this website. It is with a heavy heart that I must bid thee all farewell. I know it hasn't been long, and only a select few have even seen me around, but still. I unfortunately must go. Perhaps we'll see each other again in another life. all right, I'll cut the drama. anywho. bye.
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    I'm becoming tempted to create another guard pony
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    "And normally I would be, but today is my day off, so here I am." Aegis chuckled to himself at the look of confusion on the other stallion's face before continuing. "As far as being part of a band goes, guess you could call it more of a hobby, something I do when I don't have guard work to do." He nodded, looking from his fellow guard to the mare as she began speaking. He listened to her words, chuckling at her flirting line. "Well, you certainly look like a work of art, so let's stick with that, huh?" He responded, returning her wink. "I'm actually playing a show later if you wanted to stop by, it's at a club a bit over there. We play all sorts of stuff, but I'd say mostly types of rock." He added, pointing down the road towards the club in question.
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    Roleplay Type: Main rp Name: Shadow Storm Sex: Male Age: Middle aged stallion Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Orange Coat: Gray with a hint of brown tint Mane/Tail: His mane and tail are Brown with white stripes in them. His mane being slightly longer in length, and his tail being short and puffy Physique: Slightly taller with a bit of a muscular build Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Royal guard officer Cutie Mark: A sword crossed over a open book. Unique Traits: History: Shadow storm was born in Canterlot to a family of Unicorns. Growing up he was always a bit of a trouble maker, But his parents where generally very forgiving. At a young age his parents enrolled him a school for unicorns. Through out his young years, Shadow spent his time reading books for spells, and playing around with new learned spells. Shadow storm picked up spells very quickly. Astonished with his talent in casting spells, They encouraged him to continue his education. Excited to find and try out new spells, It soon snow balled into an obsession. Shadow Storm dreamed one day pf joining the Royal guard, and climbing the ranks. He wasn't much at all interested in it to protect ponies tho, but he much rather had his eyes set on gaining a prestigious position in the guard. Setting out one day from his parents home as a young stallion, he made his way to enlist in the Royal guard. His first few years in the guard where slow, But as they began to send him on missions with other guards, his talents in casting spells soon found him as a skilled member of the guard. Now Shadow Storm find himself as an officer in the royal guard. He now has his eyes set on learning as many spells as possibly and gaining a fortune. he is determined to learn even the spells that the princesses have kept locked away, and will stop at nothing to have a peek at them. Even if it means turning on a fellow guard member. Character Personality: Shadow storm is overall a very serious pony. All tho he can at times have a bit of a humor. He is generally nice Around other ponies, and fellow guard members, But don't let that fool you. Deep down inside he is corrupt. Shadow storm has an obsession with power, when let loose he can be very greedy and arrogant. Character Summary: Input welcomed
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    When she heard the commotion outside the locker room, the yellow mare couldn't help but jump about in excitement. Finally the kids showed up! Now she had somepony to talk to, and share her thoughts to, and teach the little fillies how to play some good soccer! Long Shot couldn't wait to start, she already had everything planned accordingly. The rules she was going to share, the drills, the playing time! The brightly colored pony couldn't contain her energy, she couldn't reel in her calm, justified, game-time part of her. No, Shot could only fish in her hyper-active personality. The soccer star opened the locker room door with her papers in her mouth. She looked around, spotting the group of fillies, and one stallion, who stood at the opening of the field. Her eyes widened, as a large smile appeared on her face. She immediately dropped the papers, trotting, or more like running, over to them like a little filly entering a candy shop. Oh, and weren't the kids the sweetest she's seen. Shot made it over, grinning like a mad man and opening her mouth to speak. "Hello everypony! Welcome to the camp! I'm so happy you all have made it!" Her voice was enthusiastic, eager to get the ponies in a positive outlook. "I'm Long Shot, the main coach here. I'm so very excited to meet all of you silly fillies!" She then looked at Thunderlane, and she turned rapidly towards him. "Ah! I'm so glad you made it, bud!" She ran over to him, giving him a little rub on the head with her hoof. "I'm sure you all know Thunderlane! He's actually a Wonderbolt, but he'll be helping coach the camp with me." She trotted back to the group of kids, setting herself aside and letting them go onto the field. "C'mon everypony! Try your likes on the field, and I'll show you all the guidelines and such so we can get started. No time to waste!" Shot let everypony walk in front of her, as she closed the gate and grabbed her sheets of paper. Soon she was on the field with the others, grabbing the ball bag and tossing the balls at them. "First, I need everypony to grab a ball, then make a circle!" The mare grabbed a ball herself, rolling it in front of her. "We're gonna start off simple! Let's get to know each other just in case there's some strangers-" she paused, preforming a large smile. "So, say your name and.. your most favorite thing to do! Like as a hobby! I'll go first! My name is Long Shot, and my favorite thing to do is play soccer!"
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    Hey there baby
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