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    ~Basics~ Roleplay Type: WoE (Cast Member) Name: Ocellus Sex: Female (her/she)Age: FillySpecies: Changeling ~Physical Attributes~ Eye Color: A soft turquoise Character Color: She is a pastel teal with a red wing carapace with white spots. Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are a transparent pink with white specs throughout. They're rather short. Physique: She is rather short compared to her friend group, but is the height she should be for her age. Cutie Mark: N/A Description: N/A Story: N/A ~Outside Information~ Occupation: She doesn't have one, as she's a full time student at Princess Twilight's School of Friendship Residence: Simply at the dorms of Twilight's school. ~Characteristics~ Character Personality: Ocellus is a rather shy changeling, usually getting frightened enough to shapeshift into other form of herself to hide away, or more so blend into her background. Though she's come out of her shell a lot, she can still be a little timid, or scared of something new/different. Often whistling tunes when she's nervous, she does have a little anxiety. Since being at the School of Friendship, she's definitely come out of her normal shy nature, and now speaks out when she has something smart to say, or when something is wrong. Among her friend group, she tends to be the listener, especially in class, as she often reads far ahead of the other students. She's incredibly smart, more of a bookworm, and loves the idea of learning and processing her new information. Ocellus pays more attention in class, especially compared to the others. She doesn't shy away from any friendship lessons, and is always prepared to learn something new. She can be rather sensitive and emotional, and is deeply afraid of being the opposite of herself, which isn't sharing her love, but stealing it. Overall, she's a kind young changeling that loves her friends. Unique Traits: As a changeling, Ocellus has the ability to transform into other creatures. She normally is brave and smart while doing so, as she has the ability to transform into creatures as large as a bugbear, as small as a mouse, or anything along with the ponies she knows. She can also fly like most changelings, which can be rather adorable with her bug-ish buzzing. History: Ocellus was hatched during the end of Chrysalis' reign, making her still quite young when Thorax took over. She earned great respect for King Thorax, and looks up to him, as he showed their hive how to love. Not feeding on it, but instead embracing and sharing it. In her younger years, she seemed to live life like Thorax did when he was a hatchling, as she was the shy one that didn't want to be hostile and scary. She felt it wasn't right to be so negative and take what others have had. Once Thorax took over, however, the hive became a much more welcoming and peaceful place, as Ocellus got to grow up in a positive light. The younger changelings became close with Thorax, as he wanted to make sure they learned to embrace love. Upon the opening of Princess Twilight's Friendship School, Princess Twilight invited Thorax to send a changeling to the school. Thorax ended up inviting the little shy changeling herself, as he thought she could open up a little more and make new friends without a hassle. He knew it was good to branch out their kind with the ponies, in hope to keep love from becoming wanted. Ocellus was naturally nervous, full of anxiety, especially from being so far away from home to be near creatures that she's only merely knowing of. The only time she's heard of these creatures was from Thorax himself, and she wasn't sure how to act around them. However, she ended up making friends with the other creatures quickly, forming a group of friends that she would never replace. Throughout school, Ocellus never slept through classes. She always puts her education in friendship first, and works hard to make Thorax and the hive proud of her, with the hopes of learning all about friendship. Her main goal is to spread friendship all around her, to keep the hive happy, and to keep herself and her friends happy. Character Summary: Ocellus is a shy changeling with a book smart brain, with the hope of spreading friendship and learning new lessons with her best friends.
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    Oh, Griffonstone; the total dump of a bird/cat city that the fellow griffons liked to call home. Though some of the griffons were growing out of the grumpy and selfish phase of their stereotype, others were hesitant, or more so, hostile to the sudden change. Gillian was indifferent of the changes coming to the city, as her aunt went on and on about how this change needed to be put down for the sake of their humanity. Gill agreed, but she didn't want to be a happy-go-lucky type of griff. Or more like, she didn't know how to express her feelings in a positive light. Whatever the case may be, the half peregrine falcon, half cheetah, stood motionless at the entry way, awaiting her new guest. Her Auntie Gia told her about her cousin that was coming to visit, but Gill was ignorant on why she was coming. She hasn't seen her cousin since she was a kitten, but she hoped the other griffon made a good living. She knew to get around here, her cousin was going to have to keep hold of a lot of bits. Gillian was already ready with her bag, as greedy griffons still ran about the trashy area. The bird kicked away at a piece of paper rolling towards her. She hoped her cousin, Zelda, wouldn't be too shocked at how rancid Griffonstone looked. Trash covered the plains as every griff's houses seemed to be only holding up by a thread. Even her own seemed to be dismembered and unorganized, but it wasn't as nearly as bad as the others. Honestly, Gillian didn't know how to act around Zelda. She hasn't seen her in forever, they both probably have changed a lot. The griffon was rather nervous, to much she'd admit, as she found herself digging into the sandy ground with her talons. Her long tail waved back and forth with anxiety, as she tried to collect herself. She was normally reserved and nonchalant, but her heart was beating a little extra. The athletic griffon darted her eyes around the entrance in search of her mysterious family member, then looking behind to see other griffons tilting her head at her. With a huff, all she did was blink at them, no smile, no wave, just a blink. They must've gotten her drift as they looked away immediately, rolling her eyes at the curious half-cats behind her. Though she could here some grumble with curiosity and anger, she didn't budge. She knew she looked a little off standing there by herself, as normally when some other griffon comes along, there normally isn't a very genuine welcome. This was her cousin though, and she felt she should at least give her a nice appreciation. Gill knew Zelda wasn't fond of this place, that's one of the things she remembered about her. So, she wanted to get this reunion off to a positive start. More like, her aunt wanted them to start of on a good note. Gill sometimes felt her Auntie Gia controlled her life. The griffon perked up a little when she saw a moving shadow come towards her, hoping it was her cousin. She put on a forced smile and lifted her arm up for a wave. Hopefully this would go well..
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    Gonna be trying to do some art again. Gonna redesign a pony of mine who didn't get much attention in the past, but will hopefully be a bit more fun for a change of pace.
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    The others were right. The water looked incredible! Nice and clear and she could see all kinds of fish! What a fool she was! She originally just wanted to stay home and grumble to herself and read her favorite magazine, 'Grumble Weekly'. This was the best field trip EVER! They got to see some pretty awesome sights like waterfalls, old sea forts, legendary mini-islands that were supposed to hide secret pirate lairs and soon they would be heading over to a old amusement park called the ‘Kick & Canter Park’. They had ten wooden roller coasters! Ten different kinds of churros! SIXTY kinds of fried foods! And sadly, only one first aid station. Today, they were going to do a little snorkeling with her group. The young dragon made sure she had everything on claw. She had her bathing suit, which she looked pretty darn good in. She wasn’t ready for a bikini, but this look, she could handle. She had her snorkel gear and flippers. There was also this water-proof camera that she was going to use to take some pretty awesome photos. And not just the sad, sad sight of a soggy Gallus! Nope! She was sure she would have time for maybe two or three photos of some fish. Nah. she couldn't lie to herself. It was all going to be soggy kitties. And maybe a pic of one big wet Yak. As she slid the flippers on, an eerie voice could be heard. While the voice was kind of creepy, dragons don't scare easily. As long as 'vampony books' aren't thrown into the loop. She wasn't scared. Nope. But she was polite. "Nah, I'm good. I have all the gear need and dragons have really great lungs." But the voice continued and while Smolder could ignore it, this time it was backed with magic, evil magic! "No. I do have a choice. Which is no. What are you doing? Please no!" Her cries were ignored. Horrible magic covered the helpless dragon. She let out a scream as the painful spell transformed her into a ugly, ugly monster. Curse you Silverstream. Was the last thing the poor creature could think before she took the form. "WAAGH!" Thank goodness it was only a dream. As Smolder got into a seated position, she wiped the flop sweat from her brow, which confused her as she was pretty sure dragon's didn't sweat. Her other claw was holding her festive little blue pillow so tight, she was surprised it didn't explode and send feathers all over the room. That was the second time this week she had that dream! Spike was the true king of horror! The little dragon told her not only was he turned into a dog in that other world he was in, he was also transformed into a puffer-fish when he visited Seaquestria. Why a dog or a puffer-fish? Dragons were awesome. He should have turned into an cool scaly lion or a sea-dragon! But that park looked really. Oh poop. She had already forgotten about the dream. Or at least the good parts. She was going to need a drink of water. So with her pillow still in hand (it was stuck), the heroic young dragon climbed down from the top of her bunk-bed and proceeded to amble towards the mini-fridge. She had a full bottle of Cantermart Drinking Water waiting for her. Nice and chilly. But something was wrong? Where was Silverstream? She never wakes up early! The bathroom door was cracked partially open, so she wasn't using that, and it was forbidden for students to wander around the campus during the night. They would lose House points! And um. Wait. That was also from another dream she had. And like the one piece bathing suit, she also looked pretty darn good in green robes. At least she could remember that. Oh no. She forgot it again. She needed to wake up Ocellus! She could turn into something sneaky and hunt down that crazy sea-bird. And then maybe turn into a Bite-acuda and snap at her booty. Heh. But then it dawned on her. The Changeling was off visiting her family. That left only Yona. Oh dear. Something else caught her eye. New issue of 'Grumble Weekly' arrived! Score!
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