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    Remington felt a little flustered because of his broken eyewear, but at the same time he was slightly enamored at talking to the hero Rainbow Dash for the first time. He coughed to clear his throat. "Um, yeah I think I'll be fine." Remington couldn't make out the specifics of details around him, but he could see a rainbow colored pegasus in front of him with the iconic voice he heard at the beginning of class. "I just want to say, Rainbow Dash. Um. Professor Rainbow Dash. It's an honor to learn from you. You're the best pegasus in Equestria." Remington blushed, less in a romantic way and more in a nerdy fangasm way. Remington turned to the pinkish blob next to him. "I guess we'll just follow the class outside. I should be fine for the rest of the day, just don't give me any instructions written on a small piece of paper."
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    Zap was emotionally miserable. He did not like the situation he was in. This was probably the most traumatic he's ever felt, even more than the time he was inches away from being a timberwolf snack. Though as a consolation, his emotional pain was suppressing his attention away from the inflammation that was forming around his broken bone. As Zap laid down he allowed his mother to inspect her and feel around his wings. He trusted her, but it didn't keep him from wincing every time he felt pain either because of her hoof pressure or because he tried to move his wing in a direction that was now anatomically forbidden. Through all of this, he was well enough to respond to Applejack's small talk. "Yes, I like them," he said frowning. If he had the gusto and maturity he could crack a smile, but all he could do is pretend to be a big pony in his voice. "Yeah Dashie got it for me. We went somewhere, I don't know. We were having fun." He was being discreet. Zap did not want to get Dashie in trouble. His mothers seemed to be primed for a big fight, and he saw through it easily. He was no expert on parental relationships, how they formed, why they formed, and big pony things they talked about. But he was smart enough to know that they were not happy, and that particularly when Zap was taken care of, his earth pony mom would be extremely angry at Rainbow Dash. And though Zap could admit to himself and anyone that this situation was not ideal, he did not want to fault Dashie for doing what she did. Because up until the accident, it truly was a pegasus colt's dream.
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    Apple Chord started strumming her guitar happily, not having to look at her hooves for coordination and speaking joyously as she did so. Her hooves were more accurate and consistent than the heart she had that made this whole exposure possible. "Oh, I had to see a mare about a dog. But we don' gotta worry about the past, right now its all about the present. What we're doin' now, and what we can do in the future." She looked down at her guitar briefly as she changed her keys positions but then looked back up. "You don't need help learning how to strum, Missy, because learning how to play music doesn't come from the hooves, it comes from the heart. All you gotta do is love the things around you and let your heart sing out your loves of life, and the best thing about it is ain't no pony can take that from you!" Apple Chord stood on her hind legs while strumming her guitar and walked over to a place where she could get comfortable making music. "Like take this here song for an example. Some ponies got the good life, like you and me. You get to arrange your own hours, plan your whole day, and never worry about a thang, but many of the ponies who love your music, some of them you see at the market, they got to work a normal job, and many of them are happy doing it. And that inspires me to deep heavens. After all, these are the ones that love your music, right? I take that inspiration and hold it tight and it helps me to sing a song about truth. If it comes from the heart, the music practically plays itself!" Apple Chord started stomping her hooves to give herself a beat and then continued to play a song. She sung the lyrics with precision and conviction in what she was saying. "Tumble outta bed and I stumble to the kitchen Pour myself a cup of ambition And yawn and stretch and try to come to life Jump in the shower and the blood starts pumpin' Out on the street the ponies starts trottin' With folks like me on the job from 9 to 5 Workin' 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin' Barely gettin' by, it's all takin' and no givin' They just use your mind and they never give you credit It's enough to drive you crazy if you let it 9 to 5, for service and devotion You would think that I would deserve a fat promotion Want to move ahead but the boss won't seem to let me I swear sometimes that mare is out to get me!..."
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    Applejack never feared talking to fillies and colts these days with the vernacular they were using. Any cool new words that a generation adopts and considers socially acceptable even though it may have been previously were fine by her. Applejack could take it. But she knew Granny Smith would not be able to withstand the urge to preach to younger ponies about what she thought was right and wrong in the times she was growing up as a filly. Up until that confrontation would ever happen, Applejack had her cousin's back. But if Granny Smith started ranting to her relative she possibly couldn't remember the name of, Moonlight was on her own. Granny Smith was about the only pony in all of Equestria who could tell her what's what. It was amazing to her how much of a valley accent Moonlight had picked up from what all accounts suggest is a freak magical accident. Part of her was convinced that Moonlight was just pretending she had inherited this accent and that eventually she would end the gag with a punch line. However, how hypocritical would Applejack be if she even suggested to her cousin she says funny words in a funny way. Maybe in time, she would teach Moonlight how to diversify her vocabulary instead of using the same two or three inflects on literally everything she says. Applejack sighed. Moonlight was such a silly pony. Applejack looked puzzled when Moonlight said she was right about ponies being on her mind. "But, I never said you had other ponies on your mind." She gave the unicorn a protective stink eye. "Are there other fillies at school makin' fun of you!? Who are they, what's their name? There ain't no bullying going on at that school on my watch. And are you sure its just ponies? None of the griffins are giving you problems? What about the kirins? I know they might look nice, but some of them have some serious anger issues. I know it's not the hippogriffs. All the hippogriffs are super nice." Applejack looked away ashamed of her profiling of other species. "Like, really really nice. Besides their fish breath, I ain't had any problems with any of them."
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    "A bushel!?" Granola thought out loud. All she had was a bushel. She tried rationing them, but she also realized that the apples would only survive off their stems for so long. She thought it would only take a few seeds, but Applejack was attempting to get things ramped up larger than Granola had expected. Perhaps she'll need to wait for the psychological experiments she planned on doing with the rest of the apples she had procured. "Um, okay. Yeah I guess I can do that. I'll need to go back to my shack and get the rest of the ones I had. All of them together should be close to a bushel." She was reluctant to rid herself of her supply of apples, but knowing how hard Applejack was willing to progress them into a bigger supply made Granola willing to agree with the fullness of the transaction she was preparing for. Granola waited patiently as Applejack was writing up some legal papers. Her anxiety filled slightly at Applejack's diligence coupled with a slight hesitation from the farmer. But she smiled when the papers were smacked onto the table in front of her. She picked up a pen on the table with her mouth and commenced signing her cursive name with her best gritting of her teeth. When she finished, she dropped the pen on the table gracefully. "Do you think I can cut the apples up and just give you the seeds? Or do you need the pulps and skin, too?" She smiled eagerly.
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    Whoa there! It seemed like the gender change had brought about some personality changes as well! She was a bit blown back by Moon's initial response. But what had she really been expecting? Moon was right! The way things had happened had been nothing short of terrible and just look at how she had responded. Instead of getting even more frustrated or whatever Moonlight was owning her transformation! It was clear in her response that she had no regrets about what had happened...just how it had happened. As they trotted on Rainbow became acutely aware that any semblance of student/teacher had been flipped on its head. Moonlight gave her pretty much the best and most forthright advice she ever could have asked for on the subject. Her questions at the end peeking her interest. "I just get this...um..." She blushed slightly. "I guess you could call it a 'rush' when I dress like a stallion. It makes me feel really good." She looked away. "It also makes me feel like I'm not being true to myself. But I think you're right. AJ wouldn't care and my parents," The thought of parents dropped her stomach. Not really what she wanted to be talking about. Yeah they were supportive and great and all. She just didn't like to think about anything related to the way she felt about cross dressing with her parents. "My parents would support me if I decided to open mayonnaise and lemonade shop in Canterlot!" Two things RD was not fond of. There was a certain suit in the closet at the farm house. Rainbow mentally decided she'd try that out for Applejack that night. What was the worst that could happen? She'd worn a suit to the Guard ball when she'd proposed, that one had been cut for a mare but still... maybe it would turn out to be fun! They made it to the pond and RD sighed. Things used to be so much simpler. She remembered sitting back on a float and sunning herself in the middle of the still waters. Not a care, not a worry. Lots of life had happened since those days. "For what it's worth, if I haven't said it before," She looked at Moonlight. "I'm sorry about how this all happened. Glad you're totally down with the outcome, but how it all happened," She looked away. "Yeah, not cool." She felt weird. She felt like it was Moonlight who was the 'adult' here. Well, it was what it was. RD was ready to try for a friendship out of this. She had seen Moonlight in class the other day and couldn't help but ask... "Sooooo, you excited for school to start? I've been planning lots of awesome lessons for my classes! I have a first year period of Loyalty, I wonder if you'll be in there." She gave a little wink and tried to relax back into the Rainbow Dash she usually was.
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