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    In this episode: Scootaloo decides to stay Canadian instead of assimilating back into Australia.
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    Thankfully the few books that'd flown off the shelves at him had missed Raven, although one pony was not so fortunate. Sombra couldn't fight back the smile that spread across his lips when he heard Blueblood growling- or at least attempting to. It sounded so much like Blueblood was trying to sound angry, or perhaps like himself, and failing. Ponies just couldn't growl, and all their attempts to sound like they were was.. cute. While Raven went to inspect the bookcase, which just looked like any other bookcase though had a lingering, steadily fading magic around it, Sombra turned to face Hogo-sha and Blueblood, mostly to give the latter a curious look. Beyond a bloody nose, the noblepony seemed fine. His attention shifted to the book Hogo-sha had sniffed and recoiled from, the book Blueblood now held. Sombra reached out with his own magic, hoping to pry it from the unicorn's magical grip so that he could get a good look at it too- there was something in the glimpse he'd caught of the title on the book's face that looked a little familiar to him and he couldn't put a toe on it just yet. "I will," he stated, almost boredly, though Hogo-sha's reaction to it told him it was about the same: dark magic. Sombra didn't think the book would really be anything, beyond a random object the strange force in the castle had flung. The magic was likely already shifting towards some other part of the castle to wreak more havoc, and it'd only grow stronger as it wore on towards night- it already had been since it started. He couldn't fathom what might happen beyond scaring ponies, though the fact that it'd managed to harm one didn't seem to bode too well.. Sombra's mind was particularly stuck on the 'scaring ponies' part of it. Rather useful to somepony like him, but he was the only pony like him. There were a few other disturbances in the castle, scattered among the rooms, although distant enough they likely might not hear anything from here.
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    It started off very well for the little colt. Applejack was many things to many ponies but the one thing she was to everypony was the most reliable and trustworthy friend you could ask for, and doubly so for family. Valen could feel that love from her, the earnestness and honesty as she allowed for the recent events to be taken as they were: quite awful. She didn't excuse Silver or buy into the lie she had spread, even it was partially from his lips. This was going great, he was actually going to get through this rather awful time. After what seemed like a hundred little strikes against his sense of peace and a Ponyville experience tinged with disastrous misconceptions and foibles, somepony was finally listening to him! And then it turned. It turned in the way only Applejack could make it turn, full of honesty and sweetness and kinship, but to Valen, it was awful. Valen had known for some time how Applejack viewed him and what he was meant to be and do. They had multiple conversations in the past about this and it seemed like it was a settled manner, even if they disagreed. She had voiced her opinion stronger in the past, but she had never refused to call him anything but Lilly. She was supportive, she was wonderful, she was the best cousin in the world, and she was wrong to the degree that it almost physically hurt him. False hope dashed, he sighed and looked down at the ground. He wasn't going to get the help he wanted, but he still had to talk it out, at least for a little bit. “My name is not Lilly or Gilded Lilly, Applejack. I am Valen. Cousin, we've talked about this before. I'm comfortable as I am! I don't want to be anyone other than Valen. But we've talked about that before, so I'm guessing your mind is settled on the matter?” He asked, half-knowing the response even as he asked it. His mind was already running ways to cope with it. He didn't have to acknowledge being called Lilly outside the farm, right? Back home in Manehattan, around town, he was certain to have some peace. As long as he could get help from the other leading citizens of town to ensure that Silver's other routes were blocked, it would be okay. His cousin was worth dealing with the fact that she was delightful, sweet, stubborn, and wrong Maybe this would be isolated. Maybe. Hopefully.
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    Forged got very glad about the acceptance of the apology, then felt free of the guilt. A new satisfied costumer is always an opportunity of getting known and get others. Although of his knowledge and fine work, he has almost always the same clients, some of other cities. But in that moment his mind was much more into his father subject than in work, although when he hear the mention to Twilight, his heart got faster. “So you gonna lunch with the Princess Twilight herself? That’s amazing! I think she’s busy, cause she’s a princess, but if she could help me with this problem I’d felt very honored! She’s the smartest pony of the vile, so I think she’ll give us some light!” After saying that, the alarm of the oven sounded again. “Wait a little, please.” He got to the workshop again and adjusted the temperature of the oven to 250 Celsius degrees, also he got the clay stamps of her hooves. He compared with a quad of alpha-beta titanium horseshoes, then he heated and shaped them until they fit perfectly in Applejack’s measures. However it was not ready yet, in order to have the correct mechanical properties that horseshoes must be taken to the vacuum oven for a bunch of hours, so Forged took them into it, then he got back to the balcony. “The measures of your horseshoes are ready! But, in order to have the desired properties, it needs to stay in the vacuum oven for around 8 ours. You can come back tomorrow to get them, or if you need it earliest as possible I can close the shop later today, so you can come back to get it. Now, about the horseshoes you need to repair, you want them in your size also, right? I will do heat treatment and superficial hardening to make it last longer, it will be ready when you come back too. Do you want that I paint it to protect against rust?”
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