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    I've been sick in a way I can't explain.
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    Flaire saw the unicorn just as he was about to run into her. He would have been unable to stop himself in time, but thankfully, she had noticed him in time, and stepped aside. Flaire skidded to a stop, narrowly avoiding embarrassingly falling on his face. "Sweet Celestia!" He exclaimed "I am so sorry! I usually don't gallop blindly about the street." he chuckled, rubbing the back of his head "I nearly lost my list, and I really need that." He looked at the mare who he'd almost knocked over. She was holding his list with her magic. "Oh, Thank goodness!" He breathed "You caught it!" He righted himself, cleared his throat, and generally attempted to salvage what was left of his dignity. He reached out a hoof in greeting. "The name's Dramatic Flaire." he introduced "but everypony calls me Flaire." He smiled at her "What's your name, if I may be so bold?"
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