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    From the album: The Character Corner (Color!)

    This is probably one of the more drastic character recolors I've done. This is Rubble Rose. Demolitions expert who is going to get back to magic studies in due time.
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    I know there are many troubles in the world right now. At times it feels overwhelming. In the midst of the current maelstrom of events, I only ask that we be kind to each other and stay safe. Thanks, everyone.
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    Ocellus was already wide awake, hearing all the commotion from outside her bed. She was tucked in snuggly, her pillows extra fluffy and soft, just the way she liked it. The little changeling liked the feeling of safety and protection, which her bed arrangement did serve. After everything she went through growing up, being the odd one out for being so shy and generous, she wanted to feel comfortable. Her bed did make her feel that, not necessary when her friends were walking about, seeming to be quiet. The blue bug could hear everything though, since she's been awake for a while. Before then, she was off with her family. Ocellus missed her family dearly, and needed to see them. She honestly wanted to tell all the things she learned from all her professors. She was very knowledgeable in random facts about Equestria's history. Like in the bonding of the three pony tribes, Ocellus learned that Princess Platinum wasn't wearing a purple gown, it was actually more blue to make her eyes pop more. That made the little play the ponies made a little off in their costume design, but that was just a little fact she read in the book 'The Bonds Within the Three Tribes', which was something Professor Twilight recommended to her. She read that book in a day, which was probably the best decision she could've made. Anyhow, the young changeling came back to the dorms an hour ago, right when every creature was already asleep. She knew her friends didn't know she was there, as they didn't bother waking her up. She knew at least Smolder would smother her into waking up. Since she didn't, Ocellus slowly got up herself, squinting at any light that was pouring out from the door. Rubbing her unadjusted eyes, she slowly crawled off her bunk, letting her hooves land on the ground with light taps. She followed close to the door, opening it slightly so glance down the hall. Ocellus got a little nervous, as she saw the almost empty hallway stand quietly before her. She didn't know why every creature was so prone on checking things out, they were just too curious she guessed. Normally she would just stay snuggled in her bed and wait for it to get light outside, just in case she wouldn't get too scared. She was a little braver now, knowing Gallus was up. Only from his softer steps from his paws. She could also hear more heavier steps, which she could define as Smolder's. She didn't hear Yona awake yet, though. Those would be even heavier steps. The changeling felt herself overthinking and standing there. Getting more and more nervous. What if there was a big monster? What if something was invading the school? Was there security even at the school? Was she safe enough to venture out? She took a deep breath, remembering she wasn't alone. She's dealt with bigger things than this before. She was going to be okay. Finally she took a step out of her dorm room and looked around, spotting Gallus peaking out. She then felt some creature behind her, making her turn around. She got a little frightened, realizing it was Smolder. She blushed, then took a look at both of them. "Are you guys up because you heard something, too?" she whispered.
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    Gallus was an exceptionally light sleeper. It had once been something he was pretty proud of. Growing up in Griffonstone, it was the heavy sleepers- the rockbeaks and birdbrains- who kittens like him could get away with practically anything against. Sleeping light meant if somegriff tried to paw your stuff you could stop it, or at least alert one of the handlers or watch volunteers or whatever other system for protection they came up with. Even when he had moved in with Grandpa Gruff he awoke very easily. Made it so that he rarely missed early morning chores (and when he did it was out of spite or laziness, not sleeping through it). Never missed an early morning delivery, either. Now though it was a problem. Those instincts weren't needed here, or so he was told. Ponyville, and indeed Equestria, was as crime free as any population could realistically claim. Nothing of his had been stolen, nocreature tried to take his bed and blanket from him, and the small place where he habitually hid some of his 'treasures' was safe and secure against all those who would seek it...if anycreature was in the first place. No, he had no real need to rely on those street instincts, and nothing about his current situation demanded he be a light sleeper. Still though. He was sleeping well enough when the sound of claws and hooves drifted into his ears. Again. The sound had become so second nature to him and a sign of friendliness that he didn't even really wake up all that much. Just a slight opening of the eyes (as per usual) and then he tossed to the other side of his bed, falling back asleep. It was only when a second set of sounds reached his griffon hearing that he was fully awoken. A set of light steps from a dragon- and for a dragon to boot, it was plenty loud to him- followed soon enough by some grumbling. Normally the sound wouldn't mean anything to him but the sounds of sneaking had him on the verge of waking up anyway. So he woke up, rising fro the top bunk of his shared bunk with Yona and gently hovering into the open air, shaking the cobwebs away quickly. Part of being a light sleeper meant he was a quick riser. Still, he was frustrated he was awake at all. Why? Smolder was up and somecreature was walking in the hall....which was a banned activity. Something seemed fishy about that, or so his woe begotten street instincts told him. Gallus flew silently to the door and creaked it open slowly and solidly so as to produce as little sound as possible before pushing his head out, looking both ways. Whatever it was that was causing the feathers on the back of his wings to stand up on edge, he was ready to see it through...and maybe justify his pointless talent of sleeping lightly.
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    ~Basics~ Roleplay Type: WoE (Cast Member) Name: Ocellus Sex: Female (her/she)Age: FillySpecies: Changeling ~Physical Attributes~ Eye Color: A soft turquoise Character Color: She is a pastel teal with a red wing carapace with white spots. Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are a transparent pink with white specs throughout. They're rather short. Physique: She is rather short compared to her friend group, but is the height she should be for her age. Cutie Mark: N/A Description: N/A Story: N/A ~Outside Information~ Family: Ocellus lives with her mom, dad, little sister, and little brother. Occupation: She doesn't have one, as she's a full time student at Princess Twilight's School of Friendship Residence: Simply at the dorms of Twilight's school. ~Characteristics~ Character Personality: Ocellus is a rather shy changeling, usually getting frightened enough to shapeshift into other form of herself to hide away, or more so blend into her background. Though she's come out of her shell a lot, she can still be a little timid, or scared of something new/different. Often whistling tunes when she's nervous, she does have a little anxiety. Since being at the School of Friendship, she's definitely come out of her normal shy nature, and now speaks out when she has something smart to say, or when something is wrong. Among her friend group, she tends to be the listener, especially in class, as she often reads far ahead of the other students. She's incredibly smart, more of a bookworm, and loves the idea of learning and processing her new information. Ocellus pays more attention in class, especially compared to the others. She doesn't shy away from any friendship lessons, and is always prepared to learn something new. She can be rather sensitive and emotional, and is deeply afraid of being the opposite of herself, which isn't sharing her love, but stealing it. Overall, she's a kind young changeling that loves her friends. Unique Traits: As a changeling, Ocellus has the ability to transform into other creatures. She normally is brave and smart while doing so, as she has the ability to transform into creatures as large as a bugbear, as small as a mouse, or anything along with the ponies she knows. She can also fly like most changelings, which can be rather adorable with her bug-ish buzzing. History: Ocellus was hatched during the end of Chrysalis' reign, making her still quite young when Thorax took over. She earned great respect for King Thorax, and looks up to him, as he showed their hive how to love. Not feeding on it, but instead embracing and sharing it. In her younger years, she seemed to live life like Thorax did when he was a hatchling, as she was the shy one that didn't want to be hostile and scary. She felt it wasn't right to be so negative and take what others have had. Once Thorax took over, however, the hive became a much more welcoming and peaceful place, as Ocellus got to grow up in a positive light. The younger changelings became close with Thorax, as he wanted to make sure they learned to embrace love. Upon the opening of Princess Twilight's Friendship School, Princess Twilight invited Thorax to send a changeling to the school. Thorax ended up inviting the little shy changeling herself, as he thought she could open up a little more and make new friends without a hassle. He knew it was good to branch out their kind with the ponies, in hope to keep love from becoming wanted. Ocellus was naturally nervous, full of anxiety, especially from being so far away from home to be near creatures that she's only merely knowing of. The only time she's heard of these creatures was from Thorax himself, and she wasn't sure how to act around them. However, she ended up making friends with the other creatures quickly, forming a group of friends that she would never replace. Throughout school, Ocellus never slept through classes. She always puts her education in friendship first, and works hard to make Thorax and the hive proud of her, with the hopes of learning all about friendship. Her main goal is to spread friendship all around her, to keep the hive happy, and to keep herself and her friends happy. Character Summary: Ocellus is a shy changeling with a book smart brain, with the hope of spreading friendship and learning new lessons with her best friends.
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    The others were right. The water looked incredible! Nice and clear and she could see all kinds of fish! What a fool she was! She originally just wanted to stay home and grumble to herself and read her favorite magazine, 'Grumble Weekly'. This was the best field trip EVER! They got to see some pretty awesome sights like waterfalls, old sea forts, legendary mini-islands that were supposed to hide secret pirate lairs and soon they would be heading over to a old amusement park called the ‘Kick & Canter Park’. They had ten wooden roller coasters! Ten different kinds of churros! SIXTY kinds of fried foods! And sadly, only one first aid station. Today, they were going to do a little snorkeling with her group. The young dragon made sure she had everything on claw. She had her bathing suit, which she looked pretty darn good in. She wasn’t ready for a bikini, but this look, she could handle. She had her snorkel gear and flippers. There was also this water-proof camera that she was going to use to take some pretty awesome photos. And not just the sad, sad sight of a soggy Gallus! Nope! She was sure she would have time for maybe two or three photos of some fish. Nah. she couldn't lie to herself. It was all going to be soggy kitties. And maybe a pic of one big wet Yak. As she slid the flippers on, an eerie voice could be heard. While the voice was kind of creepy, dragons don't scare easily. As long as 'vampony books' aren't thrown into the loop. She wasn't scared. Nope. But she was polite. "Nah, I'm good. I have all the gear need and dragons have really great lungs." But the voice continued and while Smolder could ignore it, this time it was backed with magic, evil magic! "No. I do have a choice. Which is no. What are you doing? Please no!" Her cries were ignored. Horrible magic covered the helpless dragon. She let out a scream as the painful spell transformed her into a ugly, ugly monster. Curse you Silverstream. Was the last thing the poor creature could think before she took the form. "WAAGH!" Thank goodness it was only a dream. As Smolder got into a seated position, she wiped the flop sweat from her brow, which confused her as she was pretty sure dragon's didn't sweat. Her other claw was holding her festive little blue pillow so tight, she was surprised it didn't explode and send feathers all over the room. That was the second time this week she had that dream! Spike was the true king of horror! The little dragon told her not only was he turned into a dog in that other world he was in, he was also transformed into a puffer-fish when he visited Seaquestria. Why a dog or a puffer-fish? Dragons were awesome. He should have turned into an cool scaly lion or a sea-dragon! But that park looked really. Oh poop. She had already forgotten about the dream. Or at least the good parts. She was going to need a drink of water. So with her pillow still in hand (it was stuck), the heroic young dragon climbed down from the top of her bunk-bed and proceeded to amble towards the mini-fridge. She had a full bottle of Cantermart Drinking Water waiting for her. Nice and chilly. But something was wrong? Where was Silverstream? She never wakes up early! The bathroom door was cracked partially open, so she wasn't using that, and it was forbidden for students to wander around the campus during the night. They would lose House points! And um. Wait. That was also from another dream she had. And like the one piece bathing suit, she also looked pretty darn good in green robes. At least she could remember that. Oh no. She forgot it again. Something else caught her eye. New issue of 'Grumble Weekly' arrived! Score!
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    From the album: Carrot Curls

    Carrot curls enjoys two things more than anything else in the world - coffee and a good book.
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    The little earth pony's ears perked up when she heard the hotel, "Tha Roam Cahvahl-Erri?" She looked shocked, like it was the most amazing hotel she's ever heard of. Then she frowned, scrunching her eyebrows. "Never heard of it." Midnight Glory couldn't help but chuckle at Juice's realization. "Wha? Ah'm totally excited to see a hotel Ah've never set my eyes on." Sarcasm was oozing out of her voice, as Midnight rolled her eyes. On the other hoof, Hyper Drive couldn't keep the smile off her face from meeting this new friend, who also wanted to be a Wonderbolt. "Is that even a question, mate? Of course I wanna be a Wonderbolt! My father used to be one, kinda wanna follow in his hoofsteps." She then shrugged, buzzing around the bat pony excitedly. "Ay! Maybe you can hang with me 'n my friends! Probably already met 'em, but if you don't have anypony else to chill with, you can be with us!" The three fillies then listened to their fellow professor as she told everypony to follow along. It didn't take long though until there was a sudden screech, to which they all looked behind themselves. A older blue griffon was yelling about his luggage being on the train. Hyper Drive flew higher into the sky, looking back at him with no second thought. "Hey! No worries, dude! I can grab it!" The train was already zooming away, as Hyper dangerously tried to catch it with her speed. Fruit Juice's bright blue eyes shrunk in panic, "No, Hyper! You can't catch that train! You'll get hurt!" Midnight looked at Fruit with a weak smile. "Maybe we can help, though. C'mon Juice, it seems like fun." The little unicorn then ran off after her friend, as Juice started to panic. "Guys, it's not safe!" She looked at Applejack and Sunburst with a guilty look, then started sprinting after them. "Darn tootin' you guys! This is dangerous!" Hyper was flying as fast as she could after the train, barely keeping up with it, as Midnight was running behind her with a great amount of energy. The unicorn wanted to look as adventurous a brave as Hyper did, making sure she was different from every pony else. Juice was just trying to keep her friends safe, and maybe not getting in trouble, "This is totally the smartest thing y'all have done!" She yelled sarcastically. The train was inching away now.
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    The mare made a small nod in understanding to the stallion. Her eyes flitted over his form once more, inspecting him one final time before taking a step back and leaving it to the Prince to continue the conversation. The orientation will have to take place on another time. More specifically when the stallion looks more like a soldier after a visit to the quartermaster. "When we are finished here, I'll give you directions to the quartermaster with a requisition form. He will outfit you with a proper uniform and set of armor. Be that a simple gambeson barding, a breastplate and more. You will also be given your choice of one weapon of your preference, certain exotic weapons requires a certification for use. Of course if you have your own weapon, which my understanding is you do, you are allowed to use that." Her attention turned to the Sphinx now. She... did not quite have the ability to speak her language. And she doubted she would do much better if she could. "Do not worry yourself about how well you can speak. I can piece things together as we talk. And perhaps I in turn will learn a thing or two about your native tongue."
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    The little fillies seemed to be so lost in conversation and their anticking..... antiquing? Were those words? These pesky little ponies seemed to be really excited for their little trip. Which was good. However, she was surprised their crazy pony parents signed the permission slip and paid the required fee to have Gallus and her watch over them! What a horrible, horrible joke. Both she and the blue bird of sappiness were responsible for the deaths of five ferns, one Peperomia, one Calathea, which Smolder refereed to as 'Spike Jr' due to its color and five plastic Bromeliads. They were not sure how this happened. And now the crazy ponies wants them to watch real living children? Ho-Boy. Still, while they did ignore her, the bold dragon still did her best to herd them to their right spots. Get all their carry-on luggage, get off the train, and get the rest of their stuff. Once the kid's needs were done, it was then time for Smolder to make sure she had all of her items. And to help Gallus if necessary. "Gladiator Fights.", the dragon responded, "They're supposed to have recreations of the old gladiator fights at the Coliseum. We'll get to see ponies in armor pretending to poke other ponies in armor with tridents. Maybe they'll let us play.", she rubbed her claws together. That would be fun. And they would get to try some Cacio e Pepe and Carciofi alla Giudìa! Her dragon ancestors would frown upon her choices in meals, but Smolder wasn't the type to stick to the same ol' same ol'. Once off the train, and all of the foals were there with all of their body parts intact and still attached to their chubby little bodies, the dragon had time to give her little blue kitty pal some attention. Unfortunately it did not seem Gallus was in the mood for their usual banter. "You did? Seriously?", there was a chance they could have flied after the train, but that ship had sailed already. Or train had sailed. Or whatever trains do. To make things even worse, Sunburst stole her idea and brought a toga of his very own. Thus pushing the young dragon away from a cool-zone to his own brand of nerdieness. "Don't worry Blue.", she sighed, "We'll make sure you have everything you need.", she loved to tease the guy, but even her mighty dragon heart could not dare to see him really upset. Even if it was his fault he left his stuff on board.
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    Name: Carrot Curls Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Orange Character Color: Orange coat Mane/Tail: White, fluffy, and curly (as per her name). Tends to get in the way, so she ties half of her mane back. Physique: Stocky, for a unicorn. She travels by hoof a lot, so she's more in-shape than you might first expect. Residence: Whitetail Wood Occupation: Professional Author. She writes books on all sorts of magic; her works range from How to Manage Your Young Unicorn's Magic to Arcane Theses on the Uses of Precious Gems. Cutie Mark: A star wand crossed with a devil fork. Represents her talent for a wide range of magic. Unique Traits: Carrot Curls models herself as something of a wandering mage. She inherited a cabin in Whitetail Woods owned by her parents, but rarely lives there. Carrot Curls is interested in the practical, on-the-ground applications of magic across Equestria, and studies magic across the world. Carrot Curls is far from physically strong as a labor-working earth pony, but her stamina is notable - she's stayed up for days on end writing and studying for the sake of her books. History: Carrot Curls was born to a unicorn mother and an earth pony father. From her mother, she inherited a great magical talent and an appreciation for the magical. From her father, she inherited a strong work ethic and an appreciation for the practical world. Growing up, her mother sent her to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, from which she graduated handily. With her qualifications and certifications, Carrot Curls could easily have ascended into a cushy job with tenure at a high-class university, but instead chose to go into independent writing. Ever since her graduation, she's set onto the road to study magic everywhere she can. She's documented and written about everything since - from the lives of common ponies in the city to the mystifying forests and the magical beasts that lie therein, to the ruins and artifacts of ancients found by archaeologists, no topic is beyond Carrot Curls' curiosity. Recently, she's adopted a rabbit named Presto, whom she found in an ancient ruins. Carrot Curls is confident that Presto is possessed by some sort of violent magical entity, but the rabbit is harmless enough that Carrot Curls has taken Presto with her for her travels to study and for company. Personality: Carrot Curls can come off as reclusive and cold at first. Usually, she's very tired from travelling so far and so much, which can make her irritable and snarky. However, she is easily spurred by conversations about magic - whether it be someone's young foal manifesting it for the first time, the subtle affinity earth ponies have for nature, or the mighty incantations of Starswirl the Bearded, she becomes enamored. She's also easily plied by offers of coffee and comfortable places to sleep, since both are commodities to her profession. When she is in a good mood, though, she's very relaxed and involved in conversation, listening intently and replying with meaning rather than abundance. Summary: Carrot Curls is a wandering author who studies and writes about all things magical.
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    Liviel smiled at the gathering of ponies that had formed during her conversation with Sunset. Giving the unicorn a bow, she turned towards the rest of the group to start her lessons. Perhaps she should start at the beginning, at least give the rest of the ponies here an idea of what she was teaching them. After that, perhaps a more focused look at water or fire. Or some combat practice, she would have to see where the lesson took them. With that though, the diamond dog bowed to the crowd, introducing herself and beginning the lesson.
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    WELCOME! Please enjoy your stay at Canterlot!
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    It was well past curfew. At this time, every hall of the School of Friendship was likely dark and empty. Occasionally, a custodian would be lurking the halls to finish up their cleaning duties for the night. None of the doors were ever locked, except for some of the faculty offices. There was never any reason to fret on some creature sneaking into a classroom. Maybe one day, a student who was a huge prankster would give the school a reason to lock its many corridors, but for now, the closed campus was surprisingly pretty open. Silverstream is no prankster, but she did have reason to be up at this late hour. She recently felt inspired to do some extracurricular activities that involved some study and planning. She started a habit of just minding her own business, and was sometimes peculiarly solo on her interests. She gets excited all the time and loves to share her musings with her friends and teachers. But too many goofy looks on her friends' faces whenever Silverstream would hold up a chart about hydraulic rams gave her pause on how much she should be sharing this extra enthusiasm. She wasn't nearly as embarrassed as she was disappointed that her friends didn't also think hydro-kinetic engineering was fascinating. Eventually, she would shrug it off and plan to spend some of her alone time with these daydreams of unpredictable learning rabbit holes. After the students' quarters were good and quiet, Silverstream softly opened her door and closed it behind her, tip-toeing her claws and hooves across the carpeted stone flooring. She made her way to the exit to make her way through the courtyard. Her destination would be a place where she hoped no one would be. It's a good thing she waited until this late hour, so that none of the other students would be disturbed by her night-crawling expedition.
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    She inspected the veins along the wing. Luckily he was still young enough that underneath his feathers his wing was still thin enough for her to inspect visually. None of them seemed distended or bruised, discolored or in other states of duress. That was good. It meant she didn't need to worry about bloodflow to the wings drying up and causing more catastrophic damage. "Well, momma Dashie sure has some good taste, doesn't she?" She said as she drew her hoof over her son's face before reaching down to cup it. "What was yer favorite part of the day, sugarcube?" She asked as she took a breath and looked to the hardest part of the work. Not only did she need to concentrate, but it was where it would hurt the most for Zap, at least for a few moments. Applejack moved her hooves gently to stiffen the bones. It'd hurt her little fellow a lot and she was here to soothe him as he cried, but it was what it was. When the wing was straightened enough, she started to wrap it up with the tape. Not too tight because then she could do a nasty number on feathers and a pegasi foal needed proper feather development, but snug enough to keep the wing together. Just like taking care of a baby bird! Her baby bird. "Such a strong little stallion. I'm sorry it hurts Zap Apple, but you should heal up just fine. We all get hurt but soon enough you'll be back up in the air, okay?" She said as she finished wrapping it, and then bit off the end and tied it together. "And maybe we should be discussin' flight camp soon. RD?" She asked as she stepped away from Zap Apple to observe him. "How's tha wing lookin'?"
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    He sure was generous as he led her to the side to give the outrageously large landmass- no, that was an airship she reminded herself- room to land. Okay, so it couldn't work in Ponyville but it was still mighty impressive. More impressive was his attempted generosity over what she was chagrined to say was a popular story about her son's broken wing. It had seemed to get a life of its own. It was just a broken wing but if you listened to the stories you'd swear he'd stuck his wing in a crocodile's mouth and was barely surviving, or was having his wings chopped off and being replaced by an awkwardly sized pair of hooves. She was pretty sure that one was Pinkie Pie. "Thanks, but it's gonna be fine. It's just a broken wing, after all. If every pegasi who broke their wing as a foal needed tha aid of a Princess an' a hefty donation from an employer, why, Ah'd reckon Equestria would be up tha creek without a paddle. Ah checked it, fixed what Ah could, set it, and am just now allowin' it ta heal. He'll be fine. Ain't tha first wing Ah've fixed, certainly not tha first foal wing Ah've fixed," she said with a laugh before shaking her head with a smile. "You sure don't live next ta tha Everfree an' work tha fields without learnin' how ta work on one another," she said as she stood slack jawed at the sight of the biggest ship she had ever seen. "Just like y'all learned how ta build somethin' big 'nough ta make a Yak jealous," she said with a wry smile. It was massive. Why would anypony build anything this big? It just wasn't practical, not to her. But she reckoned that Swift Squall was a stallion of splendor and expense and wouldn't spare either for something he was trying to be proud of, and it showed. It looked modern, it looked sleek, it looked pretty well-built, and it was big. Real, real big. "Ah reckon Ah'll need ta be 'round it for a bit before Ah say anything. Bein' ignorant of tha engineerin' is one thing, but it'd be a right shame if Ah said a word without seeing it operate," she said as she boarded it. He had spoken at length about it. And, well, she had an opinion on whether Twilight would want something this big with all of its bells and whistles. "Ah'm real excited ta see this thing fly. Let's go!"
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    "The old records are certainly wrong," Twilight said as she followed the slightly larger colt. It was strange looking up to somepony anymore but she wasn't too vexed by it. This body of hers could not contain the same strength of magic as before but she was still vastly powerful and had all her knowledge. She was certain they could get through this. As they walked down the long, long corridor, she spoke. "Alicorns have existed since before Equestria. When the three tribes found this land, it is true that they went some time before they were contacted by the alicorns. Or made contact: The legends, and the history, are vague on that. But it certainly happened before his time. What was not widely known at the time was that alicorns are functionally immortal beings. That could have been something he discovered on his own through the study of records we no longer have. What is important..." she rambled on, half to keep herself calm, before the realization of the situation hit him and then her. Another trap. Frustrating! Her horn lit up. "Hmm...okay, I know this spell. It is an illusionary-transformative dilation of space spell. Essentially, we have simply trapped ourselves in this illusion, and through our understanding of it, made it real," she took a deep gulp. "It doesn't just appear to be infinite in either direction anymore. As far as we are concerned, it is infinite in either direction. Interesting...probably used to trap those with specific magical essences and power remaining. A safety measure. Not part of his design to extract it, but to safeguard what lies further in. We're stuck here regardless of action, forever. Very clever..." she ended as she sat down, pondering a solution. Sadly for Thrice-Blessed, magic had advanced after his death. This spell required a change in their own definition of what space was, their own orientation. Once they shattered that barrier, the illusionary-transformative effects of the spell would fall apart. "I'm going to reverse gravity in five, four, three, two, one and..." she said as she stood on all fours and started casting her spell. It took her a few moments of straining as her little body exerted all it could for every fleeting nanosecond until her eyes lit up white and the spell was complete. A moment later she fell, luckily landing on all fours. After dusting herself off, she smiled and started trotting forward. "In a few seconds we'll see ourselves making progress...and there we go!" She said as the end of the long hallway appeared and soon the magical trap in total dissipated. Luckily for Twi she didn't look up, where the bones of explorers and do-gooders from before the sealing of this facility were trapped eternally above them- their aether bound to the position where they starved to death, lost in a deadly illusion. She reached the door and opened it. "This should be his inner study and, if I had to guess, where the meat of his work was done..."
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    Remington felt a little flustered because of his broken eyewear, but at the same time he was slightly enamored at talking to the hero Rainbow Dash for the first time. He coughed to clear his throat. "Um, yeah I think I'll be fine." Remington couldn't make out the specifics of details around him, but he could see a rainbow colored pegasus in front of him with the iconic voice he heard at the beginning of class. "I just want to say, Rainbow Dash. Um. Professor Rainbow Dash. It's an honor to learn from you. You're the best pegasus in Equestria." Remington blushed, less in a romantic way and more in a nerdy fangasm way. Remington turned to the pinkish blob next to him. "I guess we'll just follow the class outside. I should be fine for the rest of the day, just don't give me any instructions written on a small piece of paper."
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    Zap was emotionally miserable. He did not like the situation he was in. This was probably the most traumatic he's ever felt, even more than the time he was inches away from being a timberwolf snack. Though as a consolation, his emotional pain was suppressing his attention away from the inflammation that was forming around his broken bone. As Zap laid down he allowed his mother to inspect her and feel around his wings. He trusted her, but it didn't keep him from wincing every time he felt pain either because of her hoof pressure or because he tried to move his wing in a direction that was now anatomically forbidden. Through all of this, he was well enough to respond to Applejack's small talk. "Yes, I like them," he said frowning. If he had the gusto and maturity he could crack a smile, but all he could do is pretend to be a big pony in his voice. "Yeah Dashie got it for me. We went somewhere, I don't know. We were having fun." He was being discreet. Zap did not want to get Dashie in trouble. His mothers seemed to be primed for a big fight, and he saw through it easily. He was no expert on parental relationships, how they formed, why they formed, and big pony things they talked about. But he was smart enough to know that they were not happy, and that particularly when Zap was taken care of, his earth pony mom would be extremely angry at Rainbow Dash. And though Zap could admit to himself and anyone that this situation was not ideal, he did not want to fault Dashie for doing what she did. Because up until the accident, it truly was a pegasus colt's dream.
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    Just to bump this: Is aid in my last post that Abby is gonna be out for a spell, and Foxxy just said to skip her for this next round. So that would make it Golden!
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    Apple Chord started strumming her guitar happily, not having to look at her hooves for coordination and speaking joyously as she did so. Her hooves were more accurate and consistent than the heart she had that made this whole exposure possible. "Oh, I had to see a mare about a dog. But we don' gotta worry about the past, right now its all about the present. What we're doin' now, and what we can do in the future." She looked down at her guitar briefly as she changed her keys positions but then looked back up. "You don't need help learning how to strum, Missy, because learning how to play music doesn't come from the hooves, it comes from the heart. All you gotta do is love the things around you and let your heart sing out your loves of life, and the best thing about it is ain't no pony can take that from you!" Apple Chord stood on her hind legs while strumming her guitar and walked over to a place where she could get comfortable making music. "Like take this here song for an example. Some ponies got the good life, like you and me. You get to arrange your own hours, plan your whole day, and never worry about a thang, but many of the ponies who love your music, some of them you see at the market, they got to work a normal job, and many of them are happy doing it. And that inspires me to deep heavens. After all, these are the ones that love your music, right? I take that inspiration and hold it tight and it helps me to sing a song about truth. If it comes from the heart, the music practically plays itself!" Apple Chord started stomping her hooves to give herself a beat and then continued to play a song. She sung the lyrics with precision and conviction in what she was saying. "Tumble outta bed and I stumble to the kitchen Pour myself a cup of ambition And yawn and stretch and try to come to life Jump in the shower and the blood starts pumpin' Out on the street the ponies starts trottin' With folks like me on the job from 9 to 5 Workin' 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin' Barely gettin' by, it's all takin' and no givin' They just use your mind and they never give you credit It's enough to drive you crazy if you let it 9 to 5, for service and devotion You would think that I would deserve a fat promotion Want to move ahead but the boss won't seem to let me I swear sometimes that mare is out to get me!..."
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    Applejack never feared talking to fillies and colts these days with the vernacular they were using. Any cool new words that a generation adopts and considers socially acceptable even though it may have been previously were fine by her. Applejack could take it. But she knew Granny Smith would not be able to withstand the urge to preach to younger ponies about what she thought was right and wrong in the times she was growing up as a filly. Up until that confrontation would ever happen, Applejack had her cousin's back. But if Granny Smith started ranting to her relative she possibly couldn't remember the name of, Moonlight was on her own. Granny Smith was about the only pony in all of Equestria who could tell her what's what. It was amazing to her how much of a valley accent Moonlight had picked up from what all accounts suggest is a freak magical accident. Part of her was convinced that Moonlight was just pretending she had inherited this accent and that eventually she would end the gag with a punch line. However, how hypocritical would Applejack be if she even suggested to her cousin she says funny words in a funny way. Maybe in time, she would teach Moonlight how to diversify her vocabulary instead of using the same two or three inflects on literally everything she says. Applejack sighed. Moonlight was such a silly pony. Applejack looked puzzled when Moonlight said she was right about ponies being on her mind. "But, I never said you had other ponies on your mind." She gave the unicorn a protective stink eye. "Are there other fillies at school makin' fun of you!? Who are they, what's their name? There ain't no bullying going on at that school on my watch. And are you sure its just ponies? None of the griffins are giving you problems? What about the kirins? I know they might look nice, but some of them have some serious anger issues. I know it's not the hippogriffs. All the hippogriffs are super nice." Applejack looked away ashamed of her profiling of other species. "Like, really really nice. Besides their fish breath, I ain't had any problems with any of them."
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    "A bushel!?" Granola thought out loud. All she had was a bushel. She tried rationing them, but she also realized that the apples would only survive off their stems for so long. She thought it would only take a few seeds, but Applejack was attempting to get things ramped up larger than Granola had expected. Perhaps she'll need to wait for the psychological experiments she planned on doing with the rest of the apples she had procured. "Um, okay. Yeah I guess I can do that. I'll need to go back to my shack and get the rest of the ones I had. All of them together should be close to a bushel." She was reluctant to rid herself of her supply of apples, but knowing how hard Applejack was willing to progress them into a bigger supply made Granola willing to agree with the fullness of the transaction she was preparing for. Granola waited patiently as Applejack was writing up some legal papers. Her anxiety filled slightly at Applejack's diligence coupled with a slight hesitation from the farmer. But she smiled when the papers were smacked onto the table in front of her. She picked up a pen on the table with her mouth and commenced signing her cursive name with her best gritting of her teeth. When she finished, she dropped the pen on the table gracefully. "Do you think I can cut the apples up and just give you the seeds? Or do you need the pulps and skin, too?" She smiled eagerly.
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    Well, that situation was diffused somewhat. "Apology accepted." Spoiled remarked, regaining her professional cool as she patted down her mane. Interesting that her husband's investigations hadn't turned up that little detail yet, but with that in mind, Copper's move to Ponyville made all the more sense in her mind. He was one of a number that included Berry Punch, Lyra, BonBon, and even, as mentioned before, Princess Twilight. Canterlotian exiles, the lot. Much of what made Ponyville great came from their efforts, joined with the native "old families", if the Apples and the Riches could really be called that. Next question was a bit of a softball, perhaps an act by the Mayor to pour some oil over troubled waters. An appreciated effort. "Well, a good deal of that, more than half, would go into infrastructure upgrades. Specifically into replacing the dirt roads with cobblestones. Packed earth just does not stand up well to rising cart traffic; money invested now will save much work and bits in maintenance down the road." Not to mention, make walking into town a more clean and attractive prospect to a mare like her, but no need to emphasize that. "But with the remaining surplus, I would actually like to invest in the local art and architecture community. Recently, our town aesthetic has grown more... eclectic over time, departing further and further from the rustic charm that first defined its identity. While I have no desire to stand in the way of progress, I don't want to see the town I call home degenerate into a chaotic mess with no aesthetic identity in the name of growth. Every city with a claim to greatness has its own look, and I think it's high time we knew what ours was. I will defer to those with aesthetic judgments better than my own, but I desire for those judgments to be organic and rooted in those that live here."
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    For a moment, it looked like Strong Copper was going to verbally lash out at Spoiled in anger. Her choice of words had triggered memories of a period in his life where... well, he didn't know who he was or where he was meant to be in the world. He had come into his cutie mark years later then most. While the world hadn't really cared at the time, Copper had always been his own harshest critic... and for a long, long time the idea of being a failure of a pony had haunted him. However, instead he managed to reign himself in. One hoof came down on his speakers podium hard to steady himself while another hoof was raised in a motion to silently say to the current Mayor that he was fine, he just needed a moment. Breathing deeply, the fire that had been sparked faded until he was finally in a place where he was confident in talking again. "I would like to apologize. Miss Rich's remarks brought to mind my last few years of living in Canterlot; I'm sure many of you have learned by now, my special talent is in dealing with dangerous animals... and as you can imagine, there aren't that many dangerous, wild animals running around Canterlot. I didn't discover my talent or earn my cutie mark until years after everyone else my age had earned theirs. It got so bad that I was visiting distant relatives to see if I could find my talent... and the fact that I had to leave Canterlot in order to find my talent at all made a number of Canterlot nobility view me as a failure. Oh, they never said it to my face because that would be rude, but it bled into how they acted and talked with me." "That doesn't excuse my outburst through. It was unprofessional for me to get angry and even more so for doing so towards my opponent for something she honestly had no way of knowing about." Turning to Miss Rich, he bowed his head remorsefully as he muttered "I am sorry." Turning back to Mayor Mare, he politely requested "Please continue with the next question. I believe it was for Candidate Rich."
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    The vehemence of Copper's response was unexpected; Spoiled hadn't been so naive to think that absolutely everything she said would be interpreted charitably, but that certainly sounded like a leap of logic to her! With a genuinely surprised reaction, she leaned a little away from him behind her podium. Apparently, her research upon Strong Copper hadn't uncovered all his triggers, but fortunately, her research into the issues under discussion gave her what she hoped was an unambiguously exonerating reply: "All I am saying, Mr. Copper, is that what several citizens fear will happen to Ponyville if growth is not managed properly, namely pricing out and class pressure, is already happening in Canterlot. That is why it is feared, because it does happen. The capital's loss has in many cases our gain, but that doesn't mean that everypony who's barely scraping by has the wherewithal to foot the bill for their own moving expenses, or have any reserves to support themselves until they find a productive place in their destination. I had thought it obvious enough that the Crown would have every reason to open the treasury to assist in such movements, for the mutual benefit of Canterlot, Ponyville, and other towns besides. But do tell me your objections to this idea, Mr. Copper. Are you prepared to maintain that everypony has the resources to alleviate their own misery, with no need for the Crown or Mayoral Office to bother about them? Do you think that Canterlot is simply the shining city in which nopony could possibly face social exclusion from the local nobility and their clients? If not, them please explain your issues, with either my words or myself, as it is clear that you have them."
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    Nothing worked as he had intended in life. Like most of his successes, this was undone by a certain trait of his. He overdid it and he forgot some small detail that he didn't consider at the time. In this case, it was a big detail. He was an idiot and he forgot about his damned tail and it sent both him and Silverstream plummeting back into the water. She had the grace to fall through and slice like an experienced swimmer, which she was. He was not. And even at his best, grace was not his calling card. He slammed into the water back first, flipping wildly as his cat-like reflexes were not to be found in this fishy body. He went down further than his friend as he tried to regain his composure, failing for a time until he managed to get his bearings. By the time he did with the help of Silverstream, his height of coolness had been seen for the folly it was, as he wallowed in the muck of his own avarice. Luckily, she helped inform him that it was against the law. And if it was against the law, that meant he was a rebel. And being a rebel was cool in any culture, talon, hooved, or fin. "Oh. Well, what can I say. Some places can barely contain my skills," he said with a laugh, though his confidence could be mistaken for a joke. After all, he had just failed in a pretty epic fashion. So epic that his intended target of his radius of cool was less affected than her brother, who came in to give him a little pick me up- hey, nocreature said a Griffon was immune to compliments! "Heh, thanks. You should see me in the jetstream though. We gotta fly some time, right?" He asked with an attempted cool demeanor, though he winched a little as the pain from his fall caught up to him. That made him pretty excited to hear that they were gonna leave this place before his particular jig was up. "Nah, you've been a good tour guide. I'm ready for fresh air now!"
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    Strong Copper actually turned to look at Spoiled and raised an eyebrow at her, a look of actual anger starting to grow but keeping things civil in tone. "Oh I'm sorry. Are you honestly suggesting that Canterlot is in a state of political crisis? That it is so unstable and dangerous that ponies have no choice but to flee it? " A deep breath to collect himself and stop things from growing into a shouting match, but when he continued there was a steel of warning in his tone. "You might try to hide it behind pretty words, but deciding to leave Canterlot to live elsewhere is not a personal failure. And trying to make resettlement a crown policy? Are you truly that mad?"
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    Now here was an interesting question, but also a somewhat delicate one. While Spoiled Rich had many and varied opinions about the influence of Princess Twilight upon Ponyville, she couldn't afford to be as free with them here as at the Rich family dinner table. The purple pony was popular here, and it was altogether for the best to trade up on that favor, rather than waste political capital trying to tamp it down. Fortunately, the way Mayor Mare phrased the question allowed her to take a tack on the question. "It all depends on if you're asking about Canterlot the city, or are specifically referring to Crown initiative and funding. The best thing that Canterlot the city ever did for ponyville was give us it's..." She paused to try to think of a better word than 'rejects', which some political instinct warned her would not go over well. "Shall we say, it's refugees? There are many here today for whom the Mountain City of Marble was just not a good social or economic fit, Princess Twilight being technically among them! Many take a house here because they actually can, and quite a few of our signature businesses are run by urban exiles. All of whom have integrated themselves very well. "If I were to give a suggestion to the Crown side of the question, I would make such resettlement an act of policy, rather than a happy accident. Celestia knows that Canterlot is not short of ponies who would do much better in less... rarified environments. Not all are aware of the opportunities which would await them in a growing country town. It has the double benefit of also relieving pressure in that city, making it much more likely that such a policy will actually be enacted! The easiest deals to cut are those which benefit both sides, after all."
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    "Considering that without Princess Sparkle there is a very real possibility that the Equestria most of us have grown up in wouldn't be here anymore, I think it goes without question that she has done a pretty good job so far. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her myself, but from what I've been able to gleam she'll continue to try her hardest to do the best she can going forward." Was all that Copper felt like needed to be said in relation to the first part of that question. He did however take a moment to consider his answer for the second through. "Do I believe that there is more that Canterlot could be doing to support Ponyville? Absolutely. Will it? That's... more complicated." The look on Strong Copper's face was that of someone who understood the issue from both sides... and there was a good chance that one side didn't want to hear what the other had to say. "While I have little doubt that Princess Sparkle's positive relationship with Ponyville will see it getting a bit more support then would normally be expected, she is now in charge of all of Equestria. From the smallest and most humble of hamlets to the sprawling cities, most of them will be trying to compete for her time, attention and resources... all three of which are limited resources and can only be spread so far." "So while I will more then happily accept whatever resources and support that Canterlot can offer, but I strongly believe Ponyville should strive to be as self sustaining as possible. The less involvement we need from the Princess, the less stressful her job will be and the more she can focus on areas that aren't as well off as us."
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    Sorry, I've kinda let this sit and stew a while in hopes of more reaction... especially ideas of where they could go and what would be done there... a lot of my initial ideas as I tried to flesh them out kinda fell through so I desperately need more inspiration... x_x Sure! You wanting him to be a permanent companion or a temporary (one - two location) one? Great ideas! You can still make suggestions, and you dont have to be a permanent companion, if you want to just pop in for one or two posts in one location, that's fine too. Absolutely! short-term companions to either need help or offer help is welcome, this is ultimately going to be kinda like a mini-series with only short adventures in each location instead of going to 1 location and having a single huge adventure.
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    Oh, Griffonstone; the total dump of a bird/cat city that the fellow griffons liked to call home. Though some of the griffons were growing out of the grumpy and selfish phase of their stereotype, others were hesitant, or more so, hostile to the sudden change. Gillian was indifferent of the changes coming to the city, as her aunt went on and on about how this change needed to be put down for the sake of their humanity. Gill agreed, but she didn't want to be a happy-go-lucky type of griff. Or more like, she didn't know how to express her feelings in a positive light. Whatever the case may be, the half peregrine falcon, half cheetah, stood motionless at the entry way, awaiting her new guest. Her Auntie Gia told her about her cousin that was coming to visit, but Gill was ignorant on why she was coming. She hasn't seen her cousin since she was a kitten, but she hoped the other griffon made a good living. She knew to get around here, her cousin was going to have to keep hold of a lot of bits. Gillian was already ready with her bag, as greedy griffons still ran about the trashy area. The bird kicked away at a piece of paper rolling towards her. She hoped her cousin, Zelda, wouldn't be too shocked at how rancid Griffonstone looked. Trash covered the plains as every griff's houses seemed to be only holding up by a thread. Even her own seemed to be dismembered and unorganized, but it wasn't as nearly as bad as the others. Honestly, Gillian didn't know how to act around Zelda. She hasn't seen her in forever, they both probably have changed a lot. The griffon was rather nervous, to much she'd admit, as she found herself digging into the sandy ground with her talons. Her long tail waved back and forth with anxiety, as she tried to collect herself. She was normally reserved and nonchalant, but her heart was beating a little extra. The athletic griffon darted her eyes around the entrance in search of her mysterious family member, then looking behind to see other griffons tilting her head at her. With a huff, all she did was blink at them, no smile, no wave, just a blink. They must've gotten her drift as they looked away immediately, rolling her eyes at the curious half-cats behind her. Though she could here some grumble with curiosity and anger, she didn't budge. She knew she looked a little off standing there by herself, as normally when some other griffon comes along, there normally isn't a very genuine welcome. This was her cousin though, and she felt she should at least give her a nice appreciation. Gill knew Zelda wasn't fond of this place, that's one of the things she remembered about her. So, she wanted to get this reunion off to a positive start. More like, her aunt wanted them to start of on a good note. Gill sometimes felt her Auntie Gia controlled her life. The griffon perked up a little when she saw a moving shadow come towards her, hoping it was her cousin. She put on a forced smile and lifted her arm up for a wave. Hopefully this would go well..
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    It was something about the political scene that Strong Copper had never really understood; Why they couldn't just answer 'I don't know, but I intend to find out' if they legit didn't know the answer to the question? One would think that a small show of humility and honesty would be respected. At any rate, the next question came and he cleared his throat a little before answering. "If you do not mind me asking, what exactly has caused the economic crisis in the first place? Which businesses and industries in particular have been hit and are currently in more trouble then the others?" He paused for a moment before letting his gaze wonder over the crowd before continuing "As much as I would love to give a clear cut answer to the question, the truth is that my response would be dependent on the situation itself. The goal would be to try and stabilize the situation in Ponyville before it had a chance to spiral out of control and in the name of that sometimes budgets have to be tightened or new sources of revenue have to be found. All I can promise is that if the situation arises, I will seek out the council of those more educated in how to bring the economy back into balance and try and develop the best plan possible for the circumstances."
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    (sorry if I missed responding to anyone! If I did, not intentional ) Sunburst was really excited to have peaked the interest of at least one little pony thus far! He was ready to tell her more when they had to leave the train. "I'll catch up with you later! So many stories I could tell you!" The stallion trotted down the street towards the hotel when he heard the griffon's exclamation. He turned and called out. "I-It's ok Gallus! When in Roam..." He reached into his saddle bag and pulled out a white toga wrap. He had been wanting to wear it himself but a griffon with no luggage might find some use for the piece of fabric. "Dress like the Roamans!" He trotted on. "Oh, and don't worry. We can find you supplies here if you need anything!" Roam was an ancient city of secrets and Sunburst was going to discover them all! He noticed little Horuma trotting nearby and smiled at her. "Isn't this exciting? Have you ever seen some many interesting buildings?" Blue Bird hovered along with the group of younger fillies for a little while, listening to their chatter. Then Hyper flew up and spoke about her cool jacket! "Yeah I want to be a Wonderbolt! You too!?" This could be a fun friendship!
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    Gonna be trying to do some art again. Gonna redesign a pony of mine who didn't get much attention in the past, but will hopefully be a bit more fun for a change of pace.
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    "By preference, a small but even cut across all expenditures." Spoiled was quick to respond; this was very much in her wheelhouse, and an issue which she'd dedicated thought to even before considering being a mayoral candidate. "It never struck me as wise to increase compulsory taxation during hard times, but special requests for donations to cover potential shortfalls would probably be employed in acute cases. I am pleased to say that Ponyville's town government already runs without any great deal of unnecessary or inefficient expenditure, but that does mean that there are no non-essential programs that make for easy targets in a crisis. That's based off the current budget, by the way; obviously any proposed investment or development spending increases I would enact would have to be put on hold to handle and stabilize the situation."
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    Hello. After some nostalgia and me totally being right about everything Discord, I was thinking about coming back to roleplay. To be sure I am getting a little better as I had been going through a difficult time in life so the overwhelming negativity had taken its toll on my weakened state of mind. I am feeling a bit stronger and can assure I will be more inclined to disregard the behaviors that had first driven me away, if those that wish to roleplay again, really a deeply important hobby of mine, wish to do so. I am looking to resume or pick up threads I have previously been "the next to reply" to if it is viable.
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    before she joined the Storm King's army. She did so many times after. Cooking over an open fire. She can still think back too the first few times. The raw joy of starting a fire and the many, many failed attempts too cook food. Yet she did. She trained herself to cook. To live. Yet for all of that she was alone. Ny her own wishes many times. Yet now she had Glitter laying there, watching her every move. Somehow it felt… like this was the way it was supposed to be. “If I knew what it was, I’d have taken some TNT.” She says with words dripping with utter hatred for the best. She’d kill it. Without blinking an eye she’d wach it be blown into a red mist. If they even did that… What does a bear made out of stars blow up in to? “Sooner or later it has to be dealt with. It will only get more brave and soon you will have more than missing livestock.” She added looking over at Glitter, eyes forced the still fresh wounds on the mares body. She pulled her eyes away, shaking her head. “Glitter…” She trailed off soon as she spoke as she gazed in to the fire. She had to say something. “Glitter I… I missed you.” The words felt painful to even say. It was the truth yet it felt like chewing on glass to say it. There was so much missing from it. How can she even explain it? She was just some bucked up mare that can barely function in a social setting. But she can't keep danceing around this.
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    Homura stifled the initial response that came to her mind to Kireina question. After all, Noodle-Legs didn't did anything to earn her ire. At least so far. "<......Just looking.>" she finally muttered after a moment before returning to her drawing. The mere mention of 'gladiator show' however, was enough to stir Esaka from her torpor. It was like an jolt run through filly, one that filled her eyes with a little more gleam. Quilin got next to Sunburst so fast one could swore that she teleported. Only small yellow-gold embers on the floor told otherwise. "Colosseum? Gladiator show? Can we go? Can we participate?" the little blood knight inside Esaka reared her head. "Please tell me more Sunburst-sensei!" she pleaded. The change was probably astonishing for her traveling companions. After all, this was the most lively and excited that Homura got since enrolling in the School of Friendship! "They do the whole 'pankration' thing there, right? I want to it's moves!" Of course before hSunburst could answer, it came the time to leave the train. Homura gave unicorn professor a look that indicated that she wasn't done before rushing back to gather her things. During disembarkment, the young quilin bumped into toga wearing reptile. This made Homura do a double take. Wait, this wasn't a mare reptile - it was a dragon! True, it looked like horned lizard blended with a bat - unlike graceful dragons of Long Guo - but looks weren't everything. And besides, it weren't the looks that interested Esaka. No, she was much more interested in western's dragons reputation as temperamental and combative creatures that fought with claws, teeth and fire. The was one thing however....didn't western dragons supposed to be HUGE? "Or is she fun size? Neat." she muttered before joining the group. She really hoped that they get to hotel fast - the faster they do, the faster they can get to this Colosseum place!
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    Kireina glanced up at her fellow foreign student questioningly, raising an eyebrow as the other filly eyed her up a bit. “<Do you need something?>” She asked in their native tongue, looking the other filly over in return. They had only really met briefly so far, and it hadn’t been the best of first meetings, but she had hoped to find someone she could relate to in Homura. Not that she was likely to admit it, but she was rather homesick at times, and Homura represented a link back home. She could appreciate Homura’s artistic choice of how to spend the train ride so far at least. It seemed they didn’t have any time left in the ride though, as they pulled into the station and the professors, and other chaperones, started to herd them off. Tucking her book under a wing for now, Kireina grabbed her luggage and followed the others out onto the platform, looking around at the sights she could see from here. She didn’t really have friends to stick by for this trip, so she was kinda just by herself near the professors.
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    Whoa there! It seemed like the gender change had brought about some personality changes as well! She was a bit blown back by Moon's initial response. But what had she really been expecting? Moon was right! The way things had happened had been nothing short of terrible and just look at how she had responded. Instead of getting even more frustrated or whatever Moonlight was owning her transformation! It was clear in her response that she had no regrets about what had happened...just how it had happened. As they trotted on Rainbow became acutely aware that any semblance of student/teacher had been flipped on its head. Moonlight gave her pretty much the best and most forthright advice she ever could have asked for on the subject. Her questions at the end peeking her interest. "I just get this...um..." She blushed slightly. "I guess you could call it a 'rush' when I dress like a stallion. It makes me feel really good." She looked away. "It also makes me feel like I'm not being true to myself. But I think you're right. AJ wouldn't care and my parents," The thought of parents dropped her stomach. Not really what she wanted to be talking about. Yeah they were supportive and great and all. She just didn't like to think about anything related to the way she felt about cross dressing with her parents. "My parents would support me if I decided to open mayonnaise and lemonade shop in Canterlot!" Two things RD was not fond of. There was a certain suit in the closet at the farm house. Rainbow mentally decided she'd try that out for Applejack that night. What was the worst that could happen? She'd worn a suit to the Guard ball when she'd proposed, that one had been cut for a mare but still... maybe it would turn out to be fun! They made it to the pond and RD sighed. Things used to be so much simpler. She remembered sitting back on a float and sunning herself in the middle of the still waters. Not a care, not a worry. Lots of life had happened since those days. "For what it's worth, if I haven't said it before," She looked at Moonlight. "I'm sorry about how this all happened. Glad you're totally down with the outcome, but how it all happened," She looked away. "Yeah, not cool." She felt weird. She felt like it was Moonlight who was the 'adult' here. Well, it was what it was. RD was ready to try for a friendship out of this. She had seen Moonlight in class the other day and couldn't help but ask... "Sooooo, you excited for school to start? I've been planning lots of awesome lessons for my classes! I have a first year period of Loyalty, I wonder if you'll be in there." She gave a little wink and tried to relax back into the Rainbow Dash she usually was.
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