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    From the album: Muddy's Album!

    I haven't watched this show in years, have no idea what's going on - but the style is still super cute and I have fond memories of it. <3
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    From the album: Muddy's Album!

    Just playing around with designs and such.
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    From the album: Muddy's Album!

    Was just thinking up designs for more fruit-based farm ponies.
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    From the album: Muddy's Album!

    Another design I was playing around with.
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    Manehattan; the busiest and most packed city in Equestria, most would say. Celebrities, famous restaurant owners, stylish artists, and more, come from everywhere in this world to take on this city and what it has in store for them. Many come for the sights, and many come for competitions. Like one competition being held in town square. A music one, which entails many different bands and communities to come in and preform to be judged and win a prize. Mainly publicity, but some extra cash too. Ponies and creatures of all sizes want to come and show their talents off to be victorious in their matches, which normally leads to some unprofessional jealousy and such. One pony normally found this argumentation kind of funny, and entertaining, and she could watch these fights all day long while she paints her pictures on the walls of the backdrop. As long as they didn't touch her wet masterpiece, everything would be find and dandy. She was normally laid back anyway, and wouldn't fuss too much about it, but it would still make her mad. And her name was familiar on the tongue, as she was known all over from her family back in Las Pegasus. She wouldn't be here today without her famous family, as she wouldn't have been paid to come and paint her masterpieces on the backdrops for the competition. She normally couldn't be seen without somepony recognizing her, but not to toot her own horn, she loved the attention. "Street Art?" a random pony said from behind the purple unicorn, making the mare turn around. Rainbow paint was splashed all over her, but she was used to the sticky stuff on her coat. "That's me, baby." Her voice was as sweet as honey, which made the stranger melt from the soft tune. "Can I get your autograph?" "Sure can do, honey." Her horn lit up, lifting a pen and a random piece of paper she found on a stool, not noticing it was a music sheet. Normally her own self got in the way of being observant to others. The mare then signed the sheet with pretty cursive writing, and gave it to the pony. "Have a nice day." Art turned back around, fiddling around with her paint brush as she dipped it in a soft yellow, finishing up her orange sun in the corner of the painting. She wanted this pony's background to be fun and indulging, yet sophisticated. She felt like the hint of blues and yellows worked perfectly. She felt like she needed to add more, though. Maybe some orange? That should do. The mare got back to work, keeping herself contained, but also listening to the conversations around her. This day seemed perfect already.
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    If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. For that the city of Manehatten was bustling with activity: taxi stagecoach ponies galloping down the streets to pick up riders for an expensive fee, airships soaring high just beneath the clouds, the shrieking brakes from the subway below the ground, and the shrill whistles from trains carrying ponies to their destinations. Unfortunately, one pony was in the hustle and bustle of this activity, carrying his saddlebags in great haste after disembarking the train. Flying down to the subway station below ground, he caught a subway train just in time, making sure that he paid the fare. Breathing a sigh of relief, he placed his bags onto the seat next to him and opened it up, making sure all of his sheet music was organized for the concert. "Hey, you with the saddlebags. What's your problem?" Slide Fortissimo looked up from looking inside his bag at the pony across from him. "Excuse me?" "Don't you know subway etiquette? If you have one bag, you put it on the floor. If you have two bags, you put them in the luggage racks at the end of each car. Same goes for three bags. However, if you have four bags, then you should take a ride on one of those stagecoaches if you know what I mean." "Ah, I see. My apologies sir, but I'm almost late for a performance. You see, I'm perform-" The pony shushed him. "I don't need to know what you do sir, but it looks like you'll do well while wearing those clothes. Be careful out there, okay?" "Absolutely sir. Thank you." Slide Fortissimo placed his saddlebags onto the floor in front of him as the stranger went back to his seat. He hadn't been asked for an autograph yet upon his arrival in Manehatten, but as Principal Trombone of the Royal Canterlot Orchestra, Slide was needed for warm ups as soon as possible. The orchestra was going to perform at the town square soon and he didn't want to be late. After studying the majority of the music, Slide disembarked from the train at his stop and departed the subway in haste, trotting to the town square as fast as he could. When Slide was passing by the main stage in the square, he felt a glimmer of rainbow color from his right. With curiosity, he climbed up the stage stairs and when he reached the backstage area, he gasped and stared up at the colorful backdrop. "Whoa! Who painted this?"
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    Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Stellar Drift Sex: Stallion Age: Adult Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Blue Coat: very light grey Mane/Tail: Blue to grey gradient, slightly messy. Physique: Average Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Astronomer Cutie Mark: The pegasus constellation in front of a moon. (I'm going to mention his cutie mark moment in the "history" section) Unique Traits: Wears glasses History: As a colt, Stellar was often pressured to pursue a carrier in sports. His parents are both athletes, and wanted him to be one, too. He learned a lot about buckball, hoofball, and the Wonderbolts. He was just never really interested in it. Sometimes, he would spend the night staring into the stars, thinking about what he wanted out of life. Then, one day, as a joke, his dad bought him a small telescope and said "if you're gonna stare at them so long, might as well get a better look, amirite?" His dad thought he was hilarious, but Stellar took it more seriously. That night, he was looking through his telescope, and his dad came out to chat. He said "If you really don't want to be a sports pony, then I guess I can't force you. You should do what makes you happy. and if staring at the stars is what makes you happy, then... then I guess I could always get you a better telescope." They spent that night staring at the stars together. Stellar's Dad asked him about some of them, and he'd answer lots of questions. At one point, his dad said "You know, you're pretty good at this stuff. Wouldn't it be funny if it ended up being your special talent?" making a friendly jab at the fact that he was still a blank flank and all his friends had gotten their cutie marks (it had become a sort of running joke once he stopped worrying about it) Stellar had a sudden realisation. Just how much star gazing meant to him. And right then and there, he got his cutie mark. His family couldn't be prouder (unless, of course, he'd become a Wonderbolt instead, they would joke). Character Personality: A generally introverted book worm, lately, he's trying to be more outgoing. Quirky and a bit awkward. Character Summary: Stellar Drift is a booksy pegasus with a knack for astronomy who sometimes has a hard time with socialization.
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    From the album: Muddy's Album!

    Heavy metal pony design!
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    “Oh, I understand why some ponies would enjoy those sorts of books....” It wasn’t that long ago he met his first true crush...She was from Prance...A little older, but still without a cutie-mark. He got to show her around the city. Even got a little peck on the cheek at the end of the day. She was so sweet, unlike the monsters who roamed his school. She spoke with that perfect Prench accent and he enjoyed spending time with her. “And I don’t mind stories if they have a little bit of er, you know...smooch'n.....Like a book I read the other day...Anton Stable. His love for his wife and her habit of taking many bags with her on their frequent train rides influenced him into making the very first Gepäcklokomotive, or a train with a luggage compartment..." At first he wasn't sure what she meant. History? True history? "I have a feeling the further away the event, the more...fiction is introduced?", he shrugged, "The great Rockhoof actually visited our school last semester and he had some tales...And even with living so far in the past, he probably might have forgotten a little detail, or maybe even added something a bit more flashier to make a re-telling more interesting to his listeners." "This is my second time coming here..." He was surprised just how giddy his folks were when they were here. And when they came home that night, his father started work on an ADVENTURE section with their rapidly growing model train set. Their train would eventually take a route down the forbidden track of the Kilimarejaro and come across rolling boulders, angry head-hunters and also the backside of an waterfall. "My friend Wind Walker's family have been serving the Royal Sisters since day one, and while they are guards and officers, they also sometimes go on adventures..." The blue filly glanced over at a table. Fast Track was here! Finally! But he was with an older mare. That wasn't his grandmother. His aunts were all young. Could be anypony. She would find out soon. For now, she had her old friend from last Nightmare Night. He had made some really special treats during that holiday and he wished she could have had them all. Thankfully he had a tale to tell. She would listen. Ho-Boy. He was talking about himself. Still, it did remind her of her sister. Ol' Fire Walker was a very sickly child. Could barely stand on her own four hooves. But she got stronger over the years and went on to become a model officer. Even got to fight pirates. Defeated their pirate king in battle. The probably Cain made a model that could move? Really? She could think of a few things. Maybe it was sentient wood. Maybe from the same stuff that made up timberwolves and timberbears? There was always golem clay. Magic clay that was used to make mighty magical beings who could be used to guard or protect. The clay could have been left over from an golem's creation and had just enough magic to animate for a few seconds. Maybe? She wanted to find out even more. "Go on....",she eagerly asked.
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    Rarity was certainly pleased with the show bill as soon as she took it in her magic to look over. "You all look just fabulous!" She smiled and conveyed the bill back into Flaire's possession. "You certainly do have many talents in your crew darling! Actors, designers, artists. I'm already so tickled to be able to watch your troupe preform." She glanced at the sun as it dropped a bit lower down. "I'm not sure how long your list is, but you should know most of the shoppes in town close up around sunset." She mentioned the information in a helpful manner, hoping he'd have time to get everything he needed. The unicorn also noted that he didn't take her up on her offer to lodge the crew behind her boutique. Rarity figured Flaire had things under control in this department though and could figure that out on his own. She readied herself to be on her way when she noticed Spike making his way back towards the boutique. "Spike! What are you doing back here?" She looked on in concern as the dragon trotted quickly up to her. "Is something the matter dear?" "Rarity!" He paused for a breath, obviously winded from running from the castle. "Twilight wants to know if-" He stopped short, realizing he'd gotten in the way of a conversation. "Oh my gosh! I'm sorry! I didn't realize you were talking to somepony!" He offered a claw to Flaire. "Hi there! I'm Spike!"
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    Valen could only describe himself as feeling...well, indescribably awful. It felt like speaking with Applejack was having the opposite of the desired effect. She was set in her ways, set in her spirit, and set in her thoughts on the matter. Valen sighed. He had come here seeking aid and found that, while indeed he would get some basic aid against Silver and some help calming the CMCs down, the larger battle being waged was already lost on one front. It was the most important front and one he didn't really want to think about, but if...no, he had to remain on target. “I see...” he started with a resigned sigh, “be that as it may, thank you for your help in dealing with Silver Spoon and the Crusaders. I have other ponies I must speak with. Have a good work morning, cousin,” he said firmly but politely, giving his traditional Manehattan sendoff of a courtesy bow before turning around and trotting quickly away from Sweet Apple Acres. In short time he was out of Sweet Apple Acres and skirting around the town, because he had already decided who he was going to see next. So he had Silver Spoon under control a little, but could always use more help. She was very manipulative. Scootaloo listened to Rainbow Dash and while she was the only one of the three to have reservations about what was happening- as much as the second round had annihilated that- it was good to have an additional backup. Rainbow Dash also had Applejack's ear more than most, perhaps enough to speak to her. Doubtful, sure. But some progress was better than none and right now she was his current best hope. Valen trotted determinedly towards Rainbow's house, located about a mile away from Ponyville. It was about that time when the first raindrops fell from the sky, helping to accentuate his mood. “Great. I can't believe I forgot the weather schedule...” he sighed, picking up the pace. It was a small but violent storm front that was going to give the farmlands some dreadfully needed moisture. One of the many great things about Equestria was that you could look up weather schedules months in advance. He had no excuse except...okay, between the CMC, Silver Spoon, identity questions, and a busy work schedule not to mention school and helping cousin Applejack, he perhaps had good cause. Perhaps. Maybe. By now he was in a full gallop, and the rain was in full force. It didn't take much convincing for his hooves to bring him within eyesight of Rainbow's floating castle, self-made and as cocky as the mare who made it. “Rainbow! Miss Rainbow Dash!” Valen yelled as his hooves started to find solid ground where once mood stood, standing as he was in the protective aegis of Rainbow's structure. He whipped his mane around and blinked the water out of his eyes, looking about for signs of the cyan mare. “I have need to speak with you, please, if you have the time!” He yelled while still keeping that proper tone well-equipped. No reason to start off on a bad hoof, even if Rainbow was unlikely to be deeply chagrined.
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    "Oh, yeah?" Well, from the sound of it, the drink certainly seemed. . . Involved. In all honesty, Candy Cain had never had anything too intense before. Only a select few adult beverages, really. And even those had been pretty tough for Cain to keep down, let alone endure the following day. When it came to drinking, Cain was the worst. Still, this one certainly sounded like it'd be a treat. Maybe Cain would even get inspired by the taste. The stallion finally nodded, an awkward half-grin on his face. "Yeah, the Son of a Son of Som. . . Y-Yeah, that. I appreciate the suggestion, ma'am." It was always best to keep the bartender content; After all, they were serving you inebriants. It didn't seem likely, but Cain didn't want to end up on the floor because he'd provoked someone int serving him something strong. Still, Cain couldn't shake the feeling that he'd already done something wrong. He couldn't place it. Cain turned away from the bartender (hopefully) before the worry showed on his face, directing his full attention to the two ponies by the fire. Trotting over and sitting down, Cain listened to the story Wind Walker had heard from a colt that had wandered off somewhere. His smile seemed a bit strained from time to time as he tried to follow the story. Was the story about Wind Walker's dad with a scar? Or some other stallion? Still, Cain politely sat through the story fragment, piecing together what he could, before giving a low whistle. "Well, I'll be." On a random side note, Cain had become aware of his ever-changing accent. From city colt to country stallion, it seemed. He rather liked it. He hoped it made him sound more mature. "That's quite the tale so far, Miss Wind Walker. I'll have to ask the fella when he get's back for a little more on it." Cain's smile faded slightly, and a bit of nervousness and embarrassment showed as he became conscious of the mare sitting there as well. Him, recall a story? He felt as if he'd just embarrass himself in front of them. . . Cain liked to weave tall tales for little fillies and colts; He did it all the time, entertaining children and parents alike during his shows. still, somehow, it felt a tad bit more embarrassing in a setting like this. Maybe he could thin of something that wasn't too ridiculous. . . Cain gulped slightly, before speaking. "Ah, well. . . There's one story I could tell ya." Cain finally decided on recalling the events that had led towards him getting his cutie mark. He could mold the story a bit and make it sound like something he'd made up. It seemed less personal that way. "Y'see. . . Awhile ago, I knew this colt. Skinny little fella, didn't have too many friends. Since he was the youngest, weakest colt in the family back then, he didn't get out much. He was constantly outshone by his siblings, who all had some sort of special skill or ability. They'd all gotten their cutie marks; The youngest hadn't. Y'see, the little fella didn't perform feats of great physical prowess or intelligence." That was true enough, Cain supposed. "He didn't even know how to make sweets yet, like his parents. Instead, he designed things. Little things, like toys or little models, y'know? It made him the, ah, oddball back then. He didn't mind it too much, since his creations were getting better 'n better each day. Then, one day, he built somethin' that was different from his other little things. He'd been working on it for weeks and weeks, not liking the results. Then, one night, right before midnight, on the, eh. . ." Cain frowned, staring slightly past the two ponies. ". . Fiftieth try or so, he finished the thing. A little model of some pony, I forget. The point was, it was special. It didn't have wings, or wound up or anything, but. . . It was unique. Y'know why?" Cain leaned in, a small grin on his face. "The lil' thing seemed to be alive, in a way. Trotted in a circle, then sat down, at the window; It never moved or showed any life again, but the colt still holds on to the little thing to this day." Cain chuckled. "That isn't even all that interesting, considerin' what happened after that." Cain paused, to see if the other two were following.
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    Looks good to me! Approved!
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    "Oh, I'm not upset. The books in the library are there for everpony to enjoy. I actually read it before. A great read. This time, however, I needed it for a reference. I was waiting them to receive a second copy so I could own one. I may be good at the stars, but without my copious notes and extensive library on hoof.... Well, let's just say, I'd forget my head if it weren't screwed on tight." he chuckled "And besides, I always prefer to be exactly right on my research with not a dot on the i or cross on the t missing. Better to have the reference handy, if you know what I mean." he winked Stellar seemed genuinely very interested in the twins' descriptions of their abilities. He hung on every word and nodded in understanding. "Now, if that isn't the most fantastic thing I've heard!" he exclaimed excitedly then stepped over himself trying to not be rude "I mean... not the 'not being able talk' bit, but you've learned to use telepathy either passively or near passively. And it's almost as natural as talking! It's really quite extraordinary!" he laughed at the last remark in agreement "Yes, magic certainly does have a way defying our expectations and throwing us for loop. I've been dedicating my research, lately, to just such a phenomena, in fact, and I may be on the verge of a breakthrough." he held up the book to signify he meant the research he needed it for. He chuckled and waved his hoof dismissingly "But I'm sure stars aren't exactly what you'd call the most engaging subject. I just find them fascinating. What is your area if interest, anyway? You mentioned studying in Canterlot, so it's got to be something cerebral. Hang on, I might guess. Your cutie mark is two stitched hearts, so my first guess is relationship counseling, but yours is.... oh, it's on the tip of my tongue.... I don't know, I recognize it's ancient unicornian, but I'm at a loss- wait!" he pulled out his book, thumbed through it a moment and pointed, more for himself than anything "Yes! The constellation Psi! So named for the ancient unicornian symbol, for psychology, it resembles! Not a constellation many ponies remember. It should be visible tonight, if I'm not mistaken." he paused and chuckled uncomfortably "I am so sorry, I'm talking your ears off. I just get a little easily excited.... I don't get out much." he smiled awkwardly
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    Stellar adjusted the eyepiece of his telescope, looking carefully at the same constellation he'd been examining for the past several hours. Then he picked up a pencil in his mouth and wrote some notes. He looked at the moon for a moment. "Interesting" he mused "I may need to research this more." He wrote a little more. He put down his pencil and flew inside to look through his library. "I've gotta have it here, somewhere..." he said to himself as he looked though his books. He sighed "That's right." he remembered "They didn't have it in. Maybe they will, now." He flew down to his door and picked up a saddle bag. Outside, he walked down the street toward the library, sort of avoiding ponies as much as he could, like he always did. When he got to the library, the Librarian was only just opening up the doors. "Oh, hi, Stellar." she greeted "It's rather early, even for you. Celestia hasn't even raised the sun, yet. Are you here for that book, again? Was it 'The history of magic science: stars and celestial bodies'?" "You know me, always burning the midnight oil, so to speak." he chuckled "And yes. that's the one." She motioned for him to follow, and walked on inside. Stellar followed as she walked to the counter. "If I'm not mistaken, we just got that in, today." she reached under the desk and produced the book "Kept it here, just for you." "Thanks, ma'am." Stellar grabbed the book "I'll see you soon." "One last thing, Stellar?" She called "You really should get out more. Try talking with somepony, today." Stellar chuckled "I'll try." he waved goodbye, and left the library. The sun was just starting to peek over the horizon. He knew he wasn't getting any more star gazing done, so he took his time walking. He carried the book in his hoof, trying to read it while he walked. Then he stopped. "She's probably right." he thought "I really should start talking to ponies." He stood for a bit, but then decided he didn't really know how to bring up a conversation and not just end up bugging somepony, so he continued walking "Maybe another day" he thought to himself. Just then, his hoof hit an uneven patch of street, and he tumbled into the ground, his book and glasses falling to the pavement. "Oooh, why now?" he said aloud, as he started to search the ground with his hooves for his glasses.
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    Flaire's face lit up when Rarity expressed her interest in his theatre. He didn't expect she'd actually heard of them. Stage Lights would be so happy to hear that a pony of her stature was familiar with his work. Flaire made a mental note to tell him about it later. "Stage Lights would certainly be happy to hear of your enthusiasm." Flaire explained "Nothing makes him happier than to see that his work has made somepony else happy. Not least of which somepony of your social standing." he offered a wink. The show bill was certainly among his considerations and a very important to do. If nopony knew the theatre was here, nopony would see them perform. He had a mock up drawn by one of the actors that he'd planned on bringing to a copy shop. "We have our own resident artist who produces a new poster to pass about for each town we visit." He produced it now from his saddlebag, and showed it to Rarity."She wouldn't be able to draw enough to distribute to the masses, but I was hoping there was a printing press who could make that job easier?" The large poster depicted a crew of ponies posing in front of a very large stage on wheels. One of the ponies appeared to be Flaire, the one front and center, likely Stage Lights, a unicorn sporting a microphone and a hat that seemed made for tipping. It said in large letters. "Performing next week, here in Ponyville. Please welcome the Tour d'Equestria Touring Theatre!" then subtitled with "Please enjoy our performances as a courtesy to the community. Donations are not prerequisite, but appreciated." "So what d'you think? He doesn't actually wear a hat. That was just freestyle." He smiled expectantly.
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    "Lan sakes!" Applejack auto responded when Rarity made her entrance and struck a pose. She was...well she was stunning! But she couldn't say that, could she? Well, she sure coulda back in the days a'fore her feelings for the unicorn always seemed to overwhelm her good common sense. Instead she made a quintasential farm mare response of surprise then sat there with her jaw slightly dropped for a moment. "Wowee Rarity!" Applebloom bounded up to the lovely unicorn and trotted around her in a circle to fully admire the gitup. Abby was no fashion lover but she knew style and class when she saw it. Well, spending time with Rarity had rubbed some fashion sense into her perhaps. "You sure do look the part of a full blown Appaloosa celebrity!" She smiled up at Rarity and then over to Applejack. "Uhhhh...Applejack?" Her little sister questioned since AJ was still frozen with her mouth slightly agape. "Don't you uh, think Rarity looks good?" Applejack shook her head, clearing the momentary fog of feels, and jumped up from her seat. "Yessiree Abby," AJ looked out the window briefly to compose herself as the train entered the station. "Rarity looks like a uh," She gulped, calming her nerves. Preparing for a Grand Equestrian rodeo and having Rarity with her was a lot to handle emotionally. "She looks like a million bits!" She felt her cheeks blush but thankfully it subsided quickly as the train platform came into view and along with it, a certain Appaloosian cousin. "Cousin Braeburn!" Applebloom shouted with excitement as the train rolled to a stop and the doors were opened. She looked at her sister. "Heh heh," Applejack chortled at her sister's enthusiasm. "I'll git the bags Abby. Go say hi to our cousin!" She smiled at Rarity. "I'll make a second trip for your bags too Rarity. Go on ahead with Braeburn, I'll catch up!" "Well well well!" Braeburn whinnied happily and reared up on his hind legs as Applebloom ran up to him. "Look what the tumbleweed tumbled into town!" He got down on Abby's level and smiled broadly at her. "Hi there cousin Applebloom!" Then he looked up and noticed Rarity. She looked absolutely stunning as she made her way off the train. Brae didn't exactly have a thing for mares but he could still admire her obvious good looks. He trotted up to her and removed his hat, making a western leg to her. "Good day to you lady Rarity! Welcome to Appaloosa!" Applejack used the couple of moment to herself as composure time. She knew there wouldn't be much of it now that they were in town. She picked up her and Abby's bags and tossed them onto her back. "Alright now girl," She spoke quietly to herself. "Yah gotta keep yer head in the game all the way. No more o' this messin' with how yah feel about a certain unicorn," She placed the bags on the platform and went back for Rarity's multiple carry on and full size luggage bags. "Hi know yer heart's in a tizzy and what not but yah gotta get yer head in control," She hefted a couple bags onto her back and took the last two carry on size ones in her muzzle. After dropping them gently onto the platform she nodded at a job well done. "Remember, no more silly notions..." She glanced up at the unicorn as she spoke to Braeburn. This might prove to be something he couldn't reason her way out of, but she'd try her best! "Rarity's here to support yah as a friend an' nothin' more." She nodded once to herself, firm on her game plan. Well, as firm as she could be. "Howdy Braeburn!" She called out as she trotted up to her cousin. "We sure are glad to see yah!" She noted that a courier pony had put their bags on a cart and would bring them to their hotel, The Grand Desert Rose. "You remember Rarity a'course?" Another small blush as she reintroduced her friend. "Yep, I rightly do!" He glanced at his cousin quizzically for a moment before moving on. "Uhhh, Y'all hungry or should we head straight for the Grand Rodeo Grounds? Show don't start until tomorrow mornin' but I'm sure yer itchin' to get a look around the stompin' grounds eh cousin?" AJ Glanced at Rarity, unsure of what she'd like to do first.
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    "Oh, excuse me. I'm rather impressed by this backdrop you've been painting. It looks almost like Manehatten during a beautiful sunset, if I say so myself." He took off his saddlebags and placed them by his side. Slide felt eager to learn how this pony was able to paint this masterpiece, not knowing that he had to attend a rehearsal soon. "My name's Slide, Slide Fortissimo. Principal Trombone of the Royal Canterlot Orchestra. It's a pleasure to meet you." He observed the pony with interest. She didn't have a fourth leg! Keeping his composure, he didn't want to be judgmental and ask the artist why she didn't have a fourth leg. Noticing that she was covered in paint, he knew that she had been working on that backdrop for a long time. "Oh, I do apologize, but I have to attend a rehearsal soon and then perform with the orchestra, who will be starting off the music festival soon." He paused and adjusted his bow-tie. "What's your name?"
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    Another great character approved!
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    Tranquillity glanced at the cutie mark that the Stallion pointed towards. She had noticed it before, but she didn't want to assume, sometimes cutie marks could be... weird. Except this one wasn't. "I remember it being quite interesting when I read it. You mentioned before that you waited months for it to be ordered. I wonder where the original copy I read went off to then." "It wasn't your fault was it?" Placidity accused privately to her sister who in return just rolled her eyes. "We studied here in Canterlot for our degrees," She elaborated to the pegasus. "I had to pull Tranquility back to her proper studies from that book if I recall. I think she was quite into it at the time." "Don't listen to her, she recalls wrong, it was free time really. We made it in the end, no big deal." Oh, there it was. The pegasus asked the inevitable question. It came in average time if Placidity had to recall. Tranquillity probably had a record of it. She knew how much her sister liked records. "Hey, you're not nuts. Unless you are, are you? We should help you if you are," She offered, stopping before she went nuts herself. "We sure are Telepathic. The easiest way for us to communicate. Better than any of that writing stuff, we could never talk 'normally'." "Our mouths are basically just food and air holes," Tranquility chimed in. "Mostly food holes." "Food holes huh, way to put it," Placidity commented secretly. "We've tried to make our voices... more normal, less strange, but I guess magic just wants to be different."
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    Stellar found himself perplexed but intrigued at the mares' behaviors. He'd chuckle, but that would be rude. Then he thought he noticed something that gave him pause. He decided he'd be sure before he said anything. He smiled when Tranquility mentioned his book. He was very excited to continue his research with it."Oh, um yes. It does." He gestured to his cutie mark which is the pegasus constellation in front of a crescent moon "I'm an astronomer. I've been doing some research on the magical effects of interactions of stars and the moon and the implications and applications it could have for us in Equestria. It's really quite riveting stuff.... I-I mean.... yeah." He chuckled awkwardly. He hadn't gotten into the whole social thing, but he was pretty sure being nerdy was a one way ticket to being avoided by most ponies. Then he thought actually, these ponies seem pretty quirky themselves, so he might be relatively safe there. Then the thought came up again. "Hey, uh. At the risk of being completely nuts, a-are you guys.... telepathic?" He scrambled to explain himself "I-i mean, your mouths don't move when you talk, and your voices seemed a bit strange, not that that's a bad thing, but with that and the mouths not moving, and I probably sound like an idiot, but..... I'm right, right?"
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    Rarity was an expert by trade and passion in many areas of her life, but one area she had mastered through harsh and embarrassing experience was the art of applying makeup on a train. Being Equestria's primary mode of long-transport, and Rarity being a mare of far-flung business desires and a friend to many important and active ponies across the nation, meant that she had been on a train a great many times. It was considered untoward to arrive to an event without having her necessary duty to prepare herself, yet for years the trials and tribulations of makeup application on trains were stories told breathlessly in the dens and high living rooms of the Equestrian elite, no doubt on her account. Luckily she had grown experienced and had several little strategies to help her in this very important task. She only applied the makeup on the straightaway portions of the ride, which generally meant near the start or end of the ride. She applied the makeup magically so as to reduce the impact of a bump. Finally, Rarity ensured that should would be extra vigilant and take her time to make certain that if she were to hear a bump she would have the time to withdraw before making a mess. She took it seriously, but only because she knew her friend was taking her own work today seriously. Of course she wasn't so certain that a rodeo would classify as work in the traditional sense, even if many of the so-called games were based on skills needed to run their farms. That wasn't entirely important however. Ponies competed in it, it became sport, and some ponies took their sporting rather seriously. Applejack was one of them. She was a well-known rodeo champion of Ponyville, having won nearly every event and contest that was offered locally. Her pace slowed when she failed to bring home the blue from the Equestria Rodeo Competition, so it was good to see her getting back on schedule. Ever since Rarity was a filly she knew she could count on three things in Ponyville life: Her parents traveling, her fashions improving, and Applejack winning the rodeo. While it was not an activity she was herself enamored with she knew full well how much it meant to Applejack, and was pleased to be invited to the Appleloosan Rodeo, part of the Equestrian Grand Classic series. Not that she intended to completely forego good sense and styling. She wasn't a mare who would normally dare to dress too 'western' or 'rural'. She preferred the terms of well-weathered and rustic herself! Be that as it may, she wasn't coming here to look anything but her best for her good friend. She wore a white feather in her mane and a dark red saloon dress with upper chest v-cuts, shoulder fluff, a choker, and a nice set of lacies on her four fetlocks atop silk-laden shoes. Very much western saloon mare, though without all the extra pomp and circumstance that came with the floof skirt. Indeed, as she went to and fro in Equestria's frontier regions, she saw that the saloon mares had the most exciting fashions about them. She finished the nice ensemble with eyeliner, mascara, and dirt-resisting creams. She looked and felt amazing, and she could only hope that Applejack could take the proper encouragement from the effort she was putting into her outfit. Put in that same effort Applejack and you are bound to win! Checking herself in the private mare's room once more, she breathed a contented sigh and put her makeup and accessories away. She did a small twirl and then tittered. "Divine!" She thought to herself before facing the door. She counted to three and then pushed it open, sauntering into their cabin with a pep in her step. "Rarity. Is. Ready!" She said, striking a pose and winking at Applejack, holding it for a second before letting go of the pose and smiling. "I can't wait to see you perform, Applejack. I made sure to put in as much effort in how I appeared as I expect you to put into your performance! Ha ha- quite good, if I say so myself!" She said as she twirled once, the train coming to a slow roll. "Appleloosa Station, all stop at Appleloosa Station!"
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    He had seemed like a cultured chap, no reason he shouldn't know her name at least. Rarity couldn't help but titter as the stallion recognized her. There it was, the sudden recognition she had become accustomed to. And of course that was followed by the request to talk wardrobe. Rarity was indeed pleased. She was always friendly with those who had good hearts and a love for the finer things. "On tour you say!" She interjected excitedly, spurred on by his sudden onslaught of charisma. The unicorn nodded and recognition. She had of course heard of 'Tour d'Equestria. Rarity prided herself on the knowledge of all things cultured and classically trained performers were certainly on that list! "Ah! 'Tour d'Equestria! Darling I've wished to see your theatre for some time. You've most definitely acquired a name for yourself with the underground touring circle!" She smiled. "I keep my hoof to the pulse on all things cultured." She smiled. "I'm sure Twilight would be delighted to have your group preform in town. As far as getting the word out..." She considered. "Do you have a show bill you can post in the Square?" She figured Flaire and his group would need to place to lodge while they were in town. Far be it from her not to assist them! "Oh, and you're welcome to use the grounds behind the Boutique for your travelling cart if you'd like."
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    Applejack gave the colt a caring look as he stated what she could only be sure he had taught himself to say. Denying what he truly wanted in order to be accepted and liked by others around him. She didn't really fault him for this. It was natural for ponies to want to stick to the norm. She'd been around long enough to know that desire, even for herself. As he asked if she was settled on the matter she took in a breath and exhaled slowly. She mulled over all that she had seen and heard as it pertained to her cousin. Certainly the CMC had gone too far in dressing him up like an infant. Without a doubt it was obvious that he didn't feel anything Hearts and Hoovsie for Silver Spoon. But just as undoubtedly her cousin loved being Gilded Lilly. He adored dressing like a filly and behaving as one. There was absolutely no doubt in her mind that he would be happier by far and live the life he was destined for as himself truly, as a filly. "Cousin," She gave him what could only be described as a motherly look. "yah know I support you to the moon and back. You know I'll stand up fer yah no matter what. I'll be happy to make sure the CMC stop treatin' you in ways you don't like and that they don't tell anypony else about the uh... incidents... from before. I'll also have a talk with Silver Spoon and git to the bottom o' whatever happened with that situation." She stood and sauntered back over to the next tree that needed bucking. The farm make glanced at the bright red apples hanging from the boughs of the beautiful tree. "But you know," She turned to face him. "I see things like they are. An apple tree's an apple tree and it's got no problems showin' it!" She kicked a hoof back casually and a few apple fell into nearby baskets. "An' yer a filly at heart Lilly." She used the name again even thought he'd asked her not to. She was going to help him see what he really wanted. That wasn't always easy for a pony. Sometimes they needed tough love. "A filly's a filly, an' shouldn't have a problem showin' it." She nodded once at her good common sense. She wouldn't be shifted on the matter, it was too important for her to hold strong. She had to stand up for him or who would? She could see him now, so much happier upon embracing his true self. Yep. This was too important to let it go, no matter how much he stood against her.
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    Oh my Celestia I've updated my profile image! Might have also updated my order of favorite ships Now it's #1 rarijack, #2 twidash, #3 appledash. What's your favorite ship if you've got one?
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    Twilight blanched at the mention of the soreness yet to come from today's lesson. That sounded really painful! She mentally took a note to look up a muscle relaxing spell just in case she needed it tomorrow morning. She rubbed her front hoof behind her fetlock and raised her brows. "Wow, yeah that's quite a price! Too bad nopony told me that before we started the workout from Hades," She tried a friendly nudge with her shoulder towards the pegasus but ended up leaning into her for just a tad too long. She let out a breath and righted herself. She might as well admit it, there was going to be no more normal between herself and Rainbow until she was able to talk it over with her long time friend. Just the thought of it set her stomach into a series of knots that made her want to squeak. Rainbow lead the conversation towards that of the food and Twilight ran through what would have been the menu. "Wellllll, it was supposed to be a starter of fresh greens dressed with a vinaigrette, followed by hot carrot souffle, and for afters some ice cream sundaes." The thought of all that nice food made her stomach grumble, reminding her that her recent bouts with gitters due to her newfound feels had caused her to reduce her intake quite drastically. "I made the mistake of leaving a certain dragon in change of the preparations..." She eyed the empty ice cream carton on the counter nearby. "But he ate the ice cream and," She glanced at the orange mess still spotting the kitchen here and there. "And apparently managed to explode the carrot filling for the souffles everywhere!" She sighed in exasperation. "I wanted this to be a special dinner for you... as a you know... thank you for your help today?" She offered. Twilight suddenly had a great idea! Maybe if she cooked with Rainbow it would calm her down enough to talk normally? It was possible...maybe. "So you want to help me try to salvage this into something edible?" She glanced around while levitating the wash cloth from her back over to the counter to continue wiping down. "We've still got the greens, some pastry dough, tomatoes, eggs, carrots, I think some cheese, and ice cream toppings." She glanced at Rainbow. "What do you think we could make?"
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    Hi I'll be happy to assist you on getting this app approved. It's super close! Just a couple quick checks: Mareseilles. I looked for this town on our map of official approved WoE locations and did not find it. If i's on there and I missed it just let me know here. If it's not, please pick a location for our vast array of approved locations. They can all be found here. Usually wouldn't be that big a deal but since it's the town your character grew up in, it should stick to our lore. Also there seems to be some typo issues on your very last sentence: "He always sees their potential, not just whee they're at. and he brings that potential to the surface." A bit nit picky I know but we do like to try to keep the apps as typo free as possible. Let me know when you've had a chance to look this over and edit and I'll be happy to move this to approved status for you.
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    Oh, my. That's 4 apps for stallions lol. Don't worry, my mares will come next. Just had to finish the crew I started. He ha! Although, there's at least two more characters, both mares that I have yet to make. Right now, they're just placeholders because "yeah, there's also a few mares there" but I should prolly make their characters eventually. I just really wanna get started making apps for my other existing unrelated OCs.
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    "Please, it's no trouble at all, we both know it's not your fault. It would seem that the street is a bit hazardous today, isn't it sister?" Placidity replied looking towards her sister. Tranquillity huffed a bit. "Like I said, one near occurrence. I would expect an issue like this to not last very long if reported correctly. I should probably go do that soon," she wrote it down in her notebook before looking over at the book. "The history of magic science: stars and celestial bodies'. That expresses you have some sort of interest or profession in astronomy would it not? I think we read that book before haven't we?" "You read it back then. I wasn't there. I sort of read it by proxy because you were transmitting yourself," Plas smiled towards her sister. She probably would have giggled if she had the capability of doing so, which she sort of did, but it wasn't instinctual. "I don't remember much about it." "Neither do i believe it or not." Tranq turned towards Stellar Drift. "I am Tranquillity." "And I am Placidity. It is nice to meet you Stellar Drift." She hummed mentally. "That name resonates quite well."
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    "O-oh, um. Thank you." He said as he grabbed the spectacles, and plastered them on his face. He blinked for a moment "Sometimes, I wish I didn't need these confounded things." He complained "Where's my book?" he panicked he looked about for a second before sighing in relief. He picked up the book and hugged it for a moment, but hen he blushed, embarrassed at the no doubt strange way he revered his book "I, uh... waited moths for this to be ordered. I'd hate to lose it." He started to leave, but then remembered his desire to start socializing. "If this isn't the stars aligning" he thought "to give me an excuse to talk to somepony, then it'll never happen." he reasoned to himself. He breathed in to gather his courage and stuck out a hoof in greeting, speaking almost robotically "Hi. My name is Stellar Drift. It is nice to meet you." he flustered and spoke more naturally "Sorry about the mess, and thanks for helping me."
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    Some ponies wonder why the two of them would bother to go all the way to Canterlot to satisfy the needs of a single pony. What they somehow don't seem to realise is that if it's Canterlot, then it's no doubt going to be a pony of rich status. While the twins personally weren't ones for achieving great wealth, if there's a free period on the schedule then it's all worth it to spread their services nearby. To be honest, the distance between the two places wasn't so long the more you travelled, you learned to optimise the trips as much as you could. That usually meant grouping all of the external appointments into the same weak. "Is that all of them? If so we must certainly go on a vacation after this." Placidity mentally sighed towards her sister. "I'm uncertain as to why they insisted on doing it early in the morning." "Perhaps they had other stuff on in the day? Not stuff that we would consider important, but still, we mustn't question them," Tranquility replied to her sister as she pulled out a notebook. "All of them here it would seem. Alright sister, what would you like to do in this city? Or would you like to catch the next train back?" "I would hint that you're not particularly in the mood to stick around, are you? Though you know that the next Ponyville train doesn't leave for a while. What about sleeping instead?" "Right, because bookworms are nocturnal and sleep during the day. No, we're not sleeping," she mentally growled towards her sister, although one wouldn't notice this. "I'm a bookworm too. How 'bout we make use of such trait and check out the library. Although we've been so many times already." "Don't question yourself. The library is the largest in Equestria and is constantly being updated. It's like you know me so well." Tranquillity smiled at her sister. "Naturally." On the way towards the library, Placidity noticed quite some disturbance in the path. She warned her sister to watch out and Tranquility halted for a moment before proceeding. "Honestly sister, you need to watch out." "It was almost a single occurrence. Maybe they need to remodel the street," Tranquility rebutted. "Somepony could truly get hurt." At that moment, they heard a small crash near them. They looked over and saw a pegasus stallion had crashed themselves onto the floor. "Seems like you jinxed us all." Placidity made her way over to the fallen stallion, finding some glasses on the floor. Her horn lit up as she picked them up associating them with the pegasus. "I believe these are yours," She broadcasted as she lifted them in front of him, her artificial voice resonating in the small vicinity. Her sister picked up the book and examined over it not saying anything yet.
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    Flaire gasped. He'd of course heard of Rarity. The great up-and-coming fashion designer making quite a name for herself in Equestria. He was so tired, he didn't recognize her at first. "The Rarity? You're the genius behind Canterlot Carousel? I can't believe I didn't recognize you!" He shook her hoof "It is a pleasure to finally meet you in the flesh! We must talk wardrobe once my to-dos have been done." he looked at the sky, seeing it was getting later "Or perhaps tomorrow, actually." He chuckled. "As for what brings me here," he explained "my friends and I are actually here on tour. It's not entirely unlikely to have heard of us, we do get around." he took a pose and cleared his throat to proudly announce his affiliation "We belong to the great Stage Lights' 'Tour d'Equestria' Touring Theatre" he resumed casual stance "We need some supplies. It's been long week, walking here from Fet Loch. Our director has been excited for some time to put on a performance or two in the hometown of the Princess of Friendship." then he remembered his other duty to spread the news that a new theatre was in town to perform for the public "Oh! She's your friend, right? If you could let all your friends know that we're here, we'd be honored to perform for you all. You might like the story we have to tell." he winked "And don't forget. the best part is we perform as a donation to the public. Everypony is free to attend with or without any donations to our cause."
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    Oh, great. It was looking like Blueblood had gotten his nose bloodied for nothing, in so far as advancing their investigation was concerned. "Beh... I'm find, I dingd." He responded to the yokai and unicorn, holding his nose until the bleeding scabbed up. It still blocked his nose, though, which he knew would be annoying for the rest of the day. "Meh, whoeber this ith thould just come oud already. This ith getting nopony nothingd." The Prince was, as Fluttershy would say, in a right peeved state of mind, and he didn't care who knew it! Grumbling under his breath about "thrithe-darned thpirits", he looked to Sombra for what to do next, as it seems the book was giving no leads.
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    The 'Great Caboose in The sky.' That was a... solemn way to put it. Although, one might remark that the best way to go, is around your own field, your own realm. She wasn't quite sure how that would apply to herself one day. She looked old, apparently, does that mean she would live less too? It was best for her not to think about such things. "I'm not sure if they found much evidence, but if not, then we could possibly get the answer in the future then?" The idea of one going forwards into time was something that she didn't really want to debate over herself. "Some ponies, just like to experience different ways that love could possibly happen, even if it's not personally themselves, so I won't blame them for enjoying such pure genre. I would probably die before I wrote a pure." Maybe one needed to experience romance themselves before such pure of a story could be written. "When you say history novels, how much, well, true history do you want in the story? I've had the idea of one that was more of a side plot to the history. The events still happened as they literally did, but there was some side stuff that I would come up with on my own." Her suspicion was confirmed, and she could basically imagine the colt mentally berating himself. "Hey, please. No need to tread lightly. I've had ponies doing it since before. I can't fault somepony as yourself for not noticing." She didn't really elaborate on what 'before' meant exactly, but ponies had been treating her definitely since it started those decades ago. She was aided by the colt onto a proper seat. "Do they come by here often? I'm getting the vibes that it would be something they would do." While guards aren't quite explorer's, they aren't far fetched. "I should probably be asking you if you come by here often."
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    I've been sick in a way I can't explain.
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    Flaire saw the unicorn just as he was about to run into her. He would have been unable to stop himself in time, but thankfully, she had noticed him in time, and stepped aside. Flaire skidded to a stop, narrowly avoiding embarrassingly falling on his face. "Sweet Celestia!" He exclaimed "I am so sorry! I usually don't gallop blindly about the street." he chuckled, rubbing the back of his head "I nearly lost my list, and I really need that." He looked at the mare who he'd almost knocked over. She was holding his list with her magic. "Oh, Thank goodness!" He breathed "You caught it!" He righted himself, cleared his throat, and generally attempted to salvage what was left of his dignity. He reached out a hoof in greeting. "The name's Dramatic Flaire." he introduced "but everypony calls me Flaire." He smiled at her "What's your name, if I may be so bold?"
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    From the album: AU Character Corner

    A Yo-kaiju version of one of my newer Okami yokai on the forum. In the niehgponese world of the Age of heroes, the Yo-kaiju are powerful spirits that only recently have been granted the ability to interact with ponies and other sized creatures on equal footing. Here is Hogosha looking fierce as he often does. Working to get revenge on the Bear Yo-kaiju who slew his father and took his family's territory. Unlike his sister who has been aiding the Shogunate actively and protecting the ponies and kirin of Neighpon, Hogosha is less interested in them and more focused on his own goal of regaining his perceived birthright. While he is much more reckless and less cooperative than those in his litter, He is a strong force that will often come to the aid of his siblings or those he owes a favor to whenever possible.
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    "Well you can say 'good-bye' to that headache once you feel this water..", the dragon closed her eyes and let it all soak in. Being the helpful type, Thrilly placed some of the special shampoo on an loofah and started to scrub away. The small creature did not seem to mind. "Considering we have dragon soap and a scrubby brush made just for creatures with scales, I have a feeling they warned the staff as soon as we entered the hotel...", the cat mused as she washed away the gunk from the former dragon punk. Since she had booked the room, there was already soap for her, and the hotel was always stocked with pony toiletries. Once the dragon was nice and shiny, Thrilly gave herself a good washing. Daze's little scrapes and bruises nearly vanished once she touched the water. This was pretty powerful stuff! Anything beyond a light scar still remained. The pair watched in semi-horror as the pony gulped down some of the water and sprayed it back at them. "Ah nasty!", the dragon gasped, "You put some of that water in your mouth? After we bathed in it? And also, I've been sort of tooting in it for a bit. Sorry.", she slowly climbed out of the tub and quickly shook off the excess water. "Heh. Dragon-Toots....Can I call you that?" "No! You can't!", the dragon called back as she dried off. "What's this place you want to take us for dinner?", she asked the Pegasus pony.
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    “Still around? Nah.”, the colt shrugged, “He went to the ‘Great Caboose In The Sky’ after he did his first test-run with his latest and very last creation, the ‘Trans-Equestrian Express'. Some say he went so fast he went forwards into time....While most say he and his train blew up due to his boiler..." Fast Track still remembered that dark day. He was a very little pony when he heard what happened one school day. Heard the explosion that is. He heard rumors that ponies climbing the 'Great Mount Everhoof' were able to hear the great ka-boom as well. "Later his daughter upgraded the 'Fireball' and she was able to beat his record, which still stands today...", he smiled as the mare spoke of her stories. "Romance novels can be a bit...Much....One of my school-friends always seems to have some silly new book stuffed in her snout every time I see her....Nothing but kissing...betrayals and secret twin brothers....", she shuddered, "I usually prefer history-novels..And mysteries...", the pair found themselves in the main pub area....As the colt was about to wave and say hello to one of his friends...Something No Vella said, caused the little brown pony to turn a slight shade of red. I haven't seen anything in the last... almost two decades "Oh dear...I'm so sorry..." With all the distractions for Fast Track's eyes to fall upon, there was one thing he really did not pay attention to, and that was the mare! She was blind! And there he was pointing out all sorts of cool things she could 'look at'. Ho-Boy. Being the gentle-sort, he helped the writer to her chair..."My friend is here...Her name is Wind Walker....Her whole family since like forever have been part of the royal guard...Her sister, who is also here is Captain for Princess Twilight's special guard....She's having a drink at the bar and chatting with some other ponies...And Wind is talking to some pink guy.....Erm....."
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    "It's nice to meet you Fast Track." This colt did not seem to notice her blindness. She thought it was obvious, but, foals had the tendency to be oblivious when they were in their realm of interest. And judging by the way he spoke, he was in that realm right now. She guessed from the way he spoke that this 'Neighel Gearsely' was not actually present and was referring to, probably an image. "He sounds quite interesting. Is he still around?" Not that she had any intention of ever meeting him. She was just reinforcing the colt's admirations, bolstering them early. "None of my tales are real. Nor do they feature myself. My ongoing one is about Artemis and her rebellion against the union. That's quite a long one, I can't really tell it here. The publishers probably wouldn't like that either," she muttered the last sentence to herself. "One of my first ones was about time travel. A lot of ponies said it was okay, but I think it could have been better, maybe it's okay if you're not really paying attention too much. I tried writing a romance story first but, that was kind of boring to me. A whole story dedicated to just that? It's more of a subplot thing to me really." The colt led her into a room that felt a bit warmer than before. There was probably a fireplace there- wait yeah there was the colt told her. "I haven't seen anything in the last... almost two decades," she explained finding her way towards a spot. "This seat isn't taken, is it? I could tell the tale of Red Belly's lawful escape. It isn't really certain if it is a true story or not, but that just means I don't have to be right. And that's the best part about stories." "Just give me a moment to think."
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    The little Pegasus pony blinked. She was not a vella? No vella? Oh. That was her full name. Like a novella. A short story! She thought that she would know her? Oh-oh! She was probably famous. "My name's Fast Track.", the little colt had a cute little train on his flank. "Parents work at the Canterlot Railway Company....Dad is an train engineer and mom works at the corporate office..Oooh.", he paused to admire an old framed photo. An rather impressive mustachioed unicorn decked out in an old timey train engineer uniform. He stood by an rather beastly looking train. "That's Sir Neighel Gearsely, explorer and train engineer. He built the famous 'Fireball Express' and held the speed record until his daughter, Toot Tooter broke it rather recently." He frowned as the mare mentioned that she wasn't exciting enough to tell a story. "Nonsense..", he shook his head, "Dad said everypony had a least one really interesting story to tell...Maybe it might not be an epic tale with you facing an mighty Cipactli or fleeing an big ol' rock in an ancient Temple of Chicomoztoc...But you probably have something to say...Maybe how you got into whatever you do for a living...Might encourage kids like me to go into that field." The brown coated colt lead the mare into an rather large room. A heavily themed bar sat at the end, and an old brick fireplace kept the room nice and warm on the other side. There were an assortment of ponies, from a few who sat at the bar, to a small group of colts and fillies that mingled near the fireplace. All within distance held glasses that were filled with drinks of all colors..Some had bit of fruit that hung from the sides. Some even bubbled. The colt waved at a small blue Pegasus pony who was in mid-conversation with an older pink stallion. "That's my friend Wind Walker....Her big sister should be around here somewhere...You could probably see an rather old chair near the fireplace..That's where the story-teller sits."
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    Grey had his eyes focused on the mare as the warm fire from the fireplace gently tingled his fur, warming him up. Oh. So her father was a traveler. Was he the stallion on the pictures on the wall? Probably... Maybe? "Ha! Well, sometimes some words can slip out when the story is exciting, that's for sure" This grey stallion wasn't one to swear often but he understood why one would do that. After all, sometimes the best way to underline the importance of a sentence was to add a good old **** here or there. When the filly mentioned her sister being on a story-hiatus, Grey turned his head towards the red mare and smiled "Really? Pity. I'm sure she would have some great stories to tell" His eyes went back to the filly as said that fiction doesn't hurt "Exactly. And the best part is when you cannot tell which is true and which is false" A small wink was sent towards her as a reply. "A story I enjoy telling...." Grey placed a hoof on his chin, his eyes rolling upwards as he thought for a good couple of seconds, letting out a constant hmmm out of his mouth "Ah! I got one!" He exclaimed before turning his head towards his flank, which bared his cutie mark, a yellow shield. Above it, a slight scrape could be visible as a scar was formed, going through the side of his flank. It was definitely old since the scar was quite hard to spot. "I got this one quite a while ago" His head motioned towards his flank. "I was in quite a tough spot at the time since the little money I had was running out and I had to really cut corners to get by. I saved every bit I could and spent them only when necessary. One day, I was sitting in one of the pubs in Hoofington with my purse almost entirely empty. I was going to spend the last bits I had on a stew when suddenly I felt someone show my back, passing by. I turned around and noticed a rather young looking, orange pegasus with a bandage on his wing quickly throwing me a glace before heading off. I knew something wasn't right and started to check my belt with my hooves. The place where my purse should be was empty. Without thinking, I jumped away from the chair and dashed behind the thief, smashing the doors open. And there he wasn, heading down the street as if nothing happened. 'Hey! Stop!' I cried out before giving chase. There were many ponies in the street but not one of them bothered to try to stop him. And so, soon he dashed into one of the side alleys, probably hoping to hide in the labyrinth of small walk-ways that Hoofington has. Little did he know that I know this city like the back of my own hoof and managed to get some short-cuts. After a while of running back and forth, I managed to corner this thief into one of the dead-end alleys. 'Give back my purse' I said to him. And this orange bastar... sorry, stallion reached behind his back, presumably to get my purse. But oh, nooo, he couldn't make it easy. Instead what I saw was the bright reflection of the sun in the blade of his knife." Grey's tone jumped up and down throughout this tale but now he was silent, looking at the filly, judging her expression.
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    "Thank you sir." What was worse then hoofing out free water? A tip from free water! Still, the stallion meant well and her shift would be over in....Oh crap. Four more hours. Still, she her other customers to work with. Fire Walker's was simple. Lime juice. Ginger beer. Vodka and lime...and ice....All served in an copper cup. While the kid just got an assortment of juices all in a plastic sippy-cup that was covered with a picture of 'Mister Balderdash' who was a cartoon alligator who wore an monocle and top hat. He would go on adventures with his friend, Mister Dinsdale who was an angry badger that solved all his problems by biting them. The pair appeared on kid's place-mats either trying to navigate easy mazes or as part of a world jumble. She just thought up of one. 'I thae ym lief'. Kids, could you solve that? The red mare smiled back at Grey Shield. Had he been part of the R.E.A? She wanted to ask, but he turned his attention to the mare's sister. She had brought the filly for this experience. Wind could finally hear some interesting stories for a change. After her own adventures slowed to a crawl, she was a full time employee for Ponyville. Training residents to watch out for danger. Maintaining her station at the castle, and sometimes picking up lunch at the local café. The little filly scooped up her cup and made her way over to the now sitting stallion, "Well, I usually like dad's stories..But mom tends to get a little mad when he goes into his little rants. So far, our swear jar this year has already netted us enough bits for a trip to Whinny World.", she paused for a moment, "Fire use....", that was probably not the best word to use, "Is on a story-hiatus." That sounded better. Sometimes she had a decent story or two to tell. But not recently. "I like true stories...But a little fiction splashed in doesn't hurt.", she added with a wink. She knew 100% true stories could be a bit dry. That's why most movies and books that SCREAMED BASED OFF A TRUE STORY were usually full of bumpus! "How about one you enjoy telling?", usually those were either the more popular stories a storyteller would tell, or a very special one they only told on special occasions.
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    Free water, huh? Well, that surely was a nice touch Grey didn't expect from this city. Usually, everything here was made to rip someone off, but this rule... It seemed actually kind and very reasonable, how nice, even if it was just tap-water... "Oh... Alright. Well, keep that. As a tip" Grey placed the free bits he already took out from his sack since it would feel way too awkward to just put them back in now, plus he had some extra money so might as well be nice, right? Yeah... He will regret that later Oh. They don't have a story-teller... Well, could've noticed that... "I see..." He started even if not truly understanding the room names, but well... He could guess "Well. If you don't..." Grey stopped as he noticed the two figures approaching the bar. His green eyes quickly went over the two of them as he tried to take in as many details as he could. When one of the mares started speaking to Grey, he quickly turned towards them with a rather nice and welcoming expression on his face. Hearing her out, Grey opened his mouth to answer that, but quickly shut it, deciding that indeed, maybe introducing himself would be better "Pleasure to meet you, Fire Walker" A polite bow came her way "And you too, Wind Walker" Grey leaned down a bit and sent the filly's way a warm, kind smile "The name is Grey Shield. A traveler and ex-bodyguard for hire." He presented himself. "Weeeell" Grey scratched the back of his head with a bit of a chuckle escaping his mouth "I have to say I know a story or two. After all, I have my years on my back and I do not live the most boring life" He said as his horn lit up and the glass of water slowly lifted into the air "Fireplace you say? Alright! Let us go there, then" And with the same warm expression as before Grey slowly made his way towards the warm fire before sitting down rather close to it, on the ground, his flank facing it. "So. Tell me, Wind... What kind of stories are your favorites?" He asked, turning his gaze towards the filly.
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    “Water is free....”, the bar-mare realized she did not have anyone to talk to at the moment, beside the stallion, so she might as well make the best of it. “Old Canterlot law. If you serve alcohol, water has to be free. Mind you, it’s tap water.” They were not hoofing out the bottled stuff for free. That would be crazy. Of course the bottled stuff came from the same source. But the bottled stuff has fancy names like ‘C’est Juste De L’eau’ or ‘Wasser Aus Dem Wasserhahn’. Put that free water into a fancy looking bottle and give it a foreign name and the bits will come. “Eh. We could be busier.", she shrugged her shoulders, "We don't have a story-teller tonight, but both the ‘Uyanazi Room’ and 'The Library' are booked, but I'm not seeing the usual group of drun...er..officers...", she glanced up at two ponies who were now waiting at the bar. "Wow.", she gasped, "Haven't seen you since that whole Blueblood thing..." "Hey Carrot Bun.", an cheerful looking red mare greeted the bar-mare with a smile. She stood next to a filly who also seemed to be enjoying her stay so far. "Give me my usual and give the kid here an 'Balderdash'. Extra Balder.", as the mare turned to work on the drinks, the red mare turned to Grey Shield, "I heard her mention there wasn't a story-teller tonight. Which is a shame....Always loved coming here and listening to the old adventurers tell their stories...Was hoping my sister here could get the full 'Explorers Society' experience.'.", feeling a little on the rude side, the mare quickly added, "The name's Fire Walker..Captain Fire Walker of the Twilight Guard, and this little blue squirt is named Wind Walker." "You look like you've got some stories to tell.", the filly paused to size the older pony up. "My sister says if you wanna tell them, you need to sit by the fireplace."
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    Grey traced the glass of water with his gaze up until it reached him. As his horn lit up with a yellow tint, a purse slowly raised into the air and a couple of bits flew out. "How much do I owe?" He asked, not used to anything being free anywhere. Even a simple glass of water had its price tag and it usually was valued much more than its real value. When the bar-tender mare turned her gaze towards the campfire, Grey followed her sight and hung his green eyes on the fireplace as well. After a quick sip of water, he spoke up towards the tired-looking mare behind the bar "I heard many great things about this place. Is it usually that empty or is it just today?" The green eyes were now turned towards her as the Grey stallion leaned back "I mean... I heard that adventurers and travelers alike gather here to share stories yet it seems a bit... empty" His voice wasn't a complaining or mocking one. He sounded genuinely curious.
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    Name: Flash MagnusSex: MaleAge: StallionSpecies: PegasusEye colour: TurquoiseCoat: AmberMane/Tail: RedPhysique: Prime athlete.Residence: Canterlot. Formerly CloudsdaleOccupation: Drill Sergeant of the Royal Guard. Former member of the Royal Legion of Cloudsdale, and technically the last surviving member.Cutie Mark: Blue feather and mountain peaks.Unique Traits: Has an intense, special kind of bravery that can inspire others. Expert in the use of old weapons and tactics and one of the greatest pegasi warriors of all time. History: Character Personality: Character Summary:
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    Name: Autumn BlazeSex: FemaleAge: Mare/DragonessSpecies: KirinEye colour: AmberCoat: Light-gold gray with gold-gray ear tips.Mane/Tail: Dull red-orange and curly, a pronounced 'lion's mane' and thinly haired tail. with apple-green scales. Her horn is dark and moderate crimson.Physique: Fit but unremarkable.Residence: 'Kirin's Grove', The Peaks of Peril.Occupation: Entertainer? Pundit? Writer? Self-Made Celebrity?Cutie Mark: N/AUnique Traits: Like most Kirin, she has an alternate transformation that comes out when her emotions run hot. Known as a Nirik, this form is all black with a purple and dark pink fire erupting and covering her mane, tail, and fetlocks. She is capable of exuding large gouts of flames, which can also be made to appear wherever she walks. History: Character Personality: Character Summary:
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