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    A black griffon poked her head out from her tent, only to be driven back in due to the sun's happy rays that met her eyes straight on. "Hok a chanik...", she grumbled to herself. Her silly Ponyville friends managed to convince her that the Apple family made the best cider of all time. Everything else was utter schlock when compared to this famous, fabled beverage. The griffon had her doubts, and she had some of the best Rockwington Dry Ciders one could try....Canterlot Estate No. 139 Dry Rosé Cider.....Froggy Bottom Hoofmade Cider. And even Angry Appleloosa Old Timey Western Cider. This was all crap when compared to the Apple's, they said. And you couldn't just shlep on down to the nearest Cantermart and snatch a six pack from their coolers. Nope! You had to visit Sweet Apple Acres on a certain date and be ready to wait. For a long time. Maybe event rent. a pup tent. Do it, or you'll regret it. There were plenty of things she regretted in her life. One was a permanent marking on her right claw. Pretty blue markings. Done by an artist who dumped her during what was to be a very happy day for her. And now she was in an tent. Waiting for a mug of cider. After letting out a sigh, she pushed her tent flap open again. Thankfully she was ready for the light this time. One of the famers, a pony she knew as Applejack had greeted the little tent city. The line had gotten a good deal longer since the night. Wow. She took a good look at the nearly endless row of tents behind her. Ahead of her was a cute griffon....Oh. He was a little on the young side. A boychick. One with a rather unique bright blue coat. Was he there when she set up her tent? Did he cut in line? He called the farmer an 'Professor'. Heh. Typical griffon snark. Hearing the name, 'Griffonstone' did sorrow her mood just a little. Did the kid come from that dump? She had heard they were -trying- to fix up those ancient pile of ruins, but it wasn't worth it. And the cider BETTER not be decent. Or even just good. She heard 'Big Mac's name called. The last time she ran into that big stallion, they were fleeing from an horde of angry and probably mutated termites. Hopefully they took care of that mess before they started on the cider. Even the best drink would go in the bin the second she saw an nasty little bug floating around in it. Since she still had time before the line started to move, the griffon started to roll up her tent. Hopefully they would be able to finish this quickly, so she could get her deposit on the tent back. She gave he young griffon an 'Morning' before she turned and nodded politely at the unicorn as she continued to work on her tent.
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    Equestria was a land of peace and harmony, its values bare for all to see. It saw only the best n every creature and nation and would never be accused of being an aggressor. It sought diplomacy where others sought war. It sought friendship where others sought strife. These things would never, ever change about Equestria or Equestrians for that matter. But Twilight had seen enough to understand that there were threats big and small and relying on a small group of heroines to handle everything was a recipe for disaster. She had other tools at her disposal. Equestria had other protectors she could empower. And so today she was holding a meeting with various branches of the armed forces to see what they could do to improve the nation's security, from an organizational, technological, philosophical, and activity standpoint. The Twilight Guard was invited, of course. They were her personal guard and would need to be kept fully aware of anything that was going to change how they did their jobs with her. The Solar Guard would have to show up, of course. They were what ponies thought of as the Royal Guard and while their role was about to change, the prestige and honor of their position was without question. The Lunar Guard was too small to warrant a direct invitation to the meeting as they were technically within the rolls of the Royal Guard, now Solar Guard. This would account for the Royal Guard collection and while they were the faces of Equestrian security that could not be denied, they were far from the only ones. The invitation list continued. The Royal Equestrian Army was the most important invitation of all, as Twilight looked over the world map and understood the dangers and threats that lay beyond the borders of Equestria. While the Guards were there to protect the royal line and duties similar at best to those, it was the REA that was tasked with protecting the national integrity of Equestria. While a great many things were due for a change it was they that would see the lion's share of it all. The Royal Equestrian Navy had been allowed to wallow in its misery for untold generations. It looked impressive on paper but it suffered from a vast number of faults. They would have to show up and be given the sort of resources needed to remake them to answer the threats they faced on the seas and in the skies. The meeting took place a week after the coronation, when the very last of the long-form guests and gifts had been opened, when the tales and the fables of the disaster that was the ceremony, had finally subsided. The coasts had been clear for the ships long left to rot ashore to come home and once more refitted to stand the test of time. The room they gathered in was not technically in the castle, however. Instead, when the castle had been rebuilt, Twilight had an idea. A complex was built in the mountains themselves with hidden paths through the castle. The complex itself was a defensive redoubt built into the mountain with the capability to house thousands and continue the functioning of civil government. Should everything else fall, this area could be protected and defended for years and had enough space for most of the city's residents. It was in one of the many rooms near the front of this complex that the meeting would take place, with a view over the city outside. It was a one-way mirror rock. It looked like a normal part of the mountain to most of the city's residents but it was a window from which Twilight could gaze out in safety. She didn't plan on using this complex much but considering she had designed it she wanted to make sure everything worked. She wanted desperately to ensure everycreature's safety, not only through this complex but through the reformations they would discuss today. A better, safer Equestria for all was one of her most important duties. She turned away from the city and took her seat at the head of a large table. Each chair at it was given a full folder of information about today's topic and a glass of water- to be refilled by two castle workers who were going to filter in and out. Twilight sighed, waiting for the others to show. A less desirable task she could scarcely imagine. A more important one she could hardly fathom.
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    Guess whose back. Back again. Jessie's back. Tell a friend.
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    "I probably would have never dared to ask her." That would have been weird. Asking your boss to help set up your wedding on your very first day at work. "But the moment I mentioned I was getting married, she just volunteered. Both the castle and her services." And how could one ever forget a wedding with royalty? This could all change with the passing time. She could not help but grin when the Alicorn mentioned her own 'Empire.' "We really need to visit your homeland. The last few times I was there, it was for work, so I didn't get anytime to wander about. Oh.", she caught the brochure, "It would be the first time I'll really get to visit and not be on the clock..", she paused to glance at the advert, "Hmmm. Flag of many hues and a petting zoo with tiny ewes. " The mare had her mind set that her honeymoon would be more sandy and less fidgety. This was the moment her beloved spoke up. "Well, generally you want a wedding venue that has a special meaning to your life...", she quickly added, "And is within reasonable distance from your family and friends. All who have full time jobs and in many cases, kids." Most of her friends were not swimming in bits, so a trip somewhere fancy where everything cost a zillion bits to stay would not be wise. "They also converted the old family estate in Canterlot, into a rental. It's being used for weddings...Bed and breakfasts and such....My bunch'a'greats Grandfather Lord Maximus married my buncha'a'greats Grandmother, Lady Labyrinthine there...And wow, what a wedding.", she bounced, "Right before they were to take their vows, the home was seized by Maximus' mortal enemies, the dreaded 'Gloom Brotherhood'.", she lowered her stance as if she was about to get into a fight. "I read the battle lasted for hours and if you ever went into the basement that leads to the wine cellar, there are an assortment of really creepy Ossuary down there..Made of pony, griffon and even a few minotaur skulls....Those aren't fake.." Her jaw did drop just a little when her favorite stallion dissed the Crystal Empire right in front of its ruler. Oh dear. She loved her Swifty ever so, but he really needed a filter. Thankfully the impressive Alicorn was the Princess Of Love, and not the Princess Of War. Hopefully Presteza's natural adorableness and Swift's odd mention of Applejack would be enough of a distraction to keep the Princess from smiting her husband-to-be. "Ha....I have enough Pressy-stories to tell the good Corporal, it would make you blush so hard, you'd end up looking like my twin sister.", she winked back at her old friend.
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    Gallus didn't really care that this was supposed yo be the best cider in Equestria. He also didn't really care that he had been in detention the one time that Professor Applejack had brought in some mugs. What he did care about and he cared a lot about was when Sandbar laughed and said he thought Gallus would cough and hack the first time he had a mug. Gallus wasn't going to let some four-legged snack food tell him what he can and cannot do. So that was why Gallus found himself camped out in front of the Sweet Apple Acres cider sale booth. He hadn't arrived early like it had been suggested by just about everycreature because=- well, honestly, it was just cider. He didn't expect ponies and otherkin from far and wide to waste all their time by camping out in front of the farm like this. He had arrived the night before and was shocked to see how long the line was. Maybe he could understand why young students and kids like him- not that he was a kid, but others were kids of course- could do this but adults? He had even yelled out last night when he arrived, "don't you all have jobs?!?!" Luckily nocreature had taken too deep a notice of him. But it did present a problem because Gallus hated to wait and he especially hated to wait when he was here just to make Sandbar eat his words. So as everycreature else waited patiently for their turn to come up in the endless line arrayed in front of him, a line that seemingly stretched beyond all relatively compared to the fact they were waiting for cider, Gallus made plans. He flew from tree to tree, slowly making his way towards the front of the line the night before. When the light fell, he made his move. Unlike evercreature else who had brought tents or large, bulky bags and had campfires, Gallus just hada sleeping roll for a pillow. He slid his way in between two tents and took a quick cat powernap. When he woke up many, many hours later? Well, yeah. He had two perturbed looking ponies on either side of them. Neither could puncture his defense- he had always been there, they just hadn't seen him- and so even with their baleful glares piercing him he took his victory sip of water joyfully. He made himself comfortable and worked on nothing at all, instead just lazily enjoying the nice breeze that bracketed beautifully the rippling trees of Sweet Apple Acres. He'd been down around these trees and the family that owned them once or twice before. It was impressive, sure. A lot of farming and working and sweating and grunting to produce some sugar fruit that Equestrians seemed to subsist to the exclusion of all other things. He appreciated all the work that went it as only a griffon with a love-hate relationship with work ethic could: Very little because he felt like they could just catch some fish, and also very impressed by it. He had worked hard before in his life but never by choice. They did. It was a move full of integrity and a showcase of Equestrian spirit and some other fine words and ideals that came across as hopelessly naive to a resident of Griffonstone. What was really shocking is that the longer he stayed in Equestria the more he started to realize that the wool had been over his eyes for as long as he had lived, and it was these ponies that were pulling it off and allowing him to see through a muted haze of the world into the bright, pastel colored reality he denied. Damn ponies and their relentless optimism, they drove him to drink! Their cider. Mostly to throw it back in Sandbar's face when he downed a mug without sputtering, the four legged salmon. "Howdy! How ya'll doing this morning? You guys ready for cider season to start?" Gallus leaned out and away from the ponies next to him to shoot a friendly smile at his professor. He liked her. She wore her emotions on her sleeve and wasn't very good at deception, so he felt pretty confident around her. "Hey there, Professor. I heard you have some decent-to-okay cider, thought I'd give it a try," he said loud enough for her to hear. He was close, but not at the front, and certainly not close enough to speak normally after all.
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    "Good ta see ya, RD," she said while giving her mare a kiss on the lips, pulling her in and tossing away some elements of decorum in the process. She liked to see her flighty mare look as cool and confident as she possibly could, what with her power strut and shades and all. It was the sort of confidence, the type that bordered on arrogance, that allowed Rainbow to do half of the amazing things she did. Sure she had to brought back down to earth every once in a while because you didn't want her to fly too close to the sun and get burned in the exchange, but anypony who could look at what Rainbow was capable of and not fall at least a little bit in love with her was stone-hearted in a way that Applejack didn't understand. The pair made their way inside, past the event's crier who would no doubt blast out their accompaniment as they strode inside close by one another. The event was proceeding as she imagined it would with all the fancy ponies being so very fancy and the clearly less comfortable guards and fellow common folk trying to navigate the social norms of it all like a first year schoolfilly navigating a strange new social landscape for the very first time. Applejack was always uncomfortable in these sorts of situations but luckily she had enough experience in them to know a dirty truth: Nopony was comfortable, everypony wanted to find their place to loosen up a bit. Even the fanciest among them knew this to be true. You could just look at Noblepony Squall himself to know that. "Cap'n, good ta see ya. You too, Mr. Squall. Them wedding nuptials are comin' up soon, ain't they?" Applejack said as she trotted up to the pair. It was always good to see Fire Walker at these things. She was a pleasant sort through and through and good in a fight. Swift Squall was an intelligent and well-meaning doofus who stuck his intrigued snout into everything in sight. It almost always turned out well in the end, however. Nopony could doubt his abilities or intentions. They'd make a good married couple because Fire could rein in Squall and Squall could help Walker fulfill her ambitions. Then they could have foals and more little fellas and fillies for Zap to play around was always a good thing. Of course her eyes continued wandering about, spotting a Princess and a Prince. She always had time in her heart to show respect to them, and boy howdy did they deserve it. "Yer Highnesses, a pleasure. How's lil' Flurry Heart doin'?" She said with an informal head nod, wondering how life was treating them. They had a whole lot of responsibility resting on their mighty shoulders and she didn't reckon they were given much of a break from their royal duties, so good on them for making time for this event. They didn't really have to. And it gave her the chance to talk about another very important topic, Flurry Heart. She reckoned it'd be a good idea to get Zap Apple playin' with that high faluting alicorn foal at some point. How many farmponies get to say they have playdates with royalty? Not many! She leaned into RD. There was another thing she had to take care of. The drinks and food were all good, but she had made sure to get some of the real good stuff ready. It had been, hppefully, sneaked in, likely somewhere in the back of the kitchens. What better way to party than with her family's hard cider, damn the regulations? "RD, scope this place out," she whispered, "an' see if tha hard cider barrel's where it should be."
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    Applejack thought it time for the kiss, and so she leaned in- and then briefly, imperceptibly, stopped. She gulped, though it was hidden behind a smile. Naj was not Ocellus or some new Changeling that could only be imagined as the new, friendlier, kinda doofy breed that embraced Harmony. Applejack remembered how Naj looked. She remembered what she had heard about her upbringing, what she had done. Applejack knew Naj was great and had a great heart. But Applejack had memories. Queen Chrysalis, fooling Applejack. In Roam, on a date for charity. Alone all night. Sucked dry of her love for everything, taken advantage of in the worst way possible.It had taken her weeks to recover physically and emotionally just from the attack itself, to feel something again. If sh was honest with herself it had never fully gone away, the pain of what happened, and never would. It would be a cold day in Tartarus before Applejack could forgive Chrysalis. But she'd be damned if she allowed that color her perception of anyling else, even if the last time she kissed one... Applejack disallowed the cycle from starting over again, taking Naj by her cheeks and pulling her fiercely towards Applejack. The mare then planted a deep, wet kiss on Naj and allowed it to linger. When she was done she let Naj go. "Well, Ah hope you still look for a place 'round these parts. Yer a damn fine citizen of Ponyville and we're lesser without ya," she said, ending with a deep-throated laugh. She swept the bits up with her hoof. HEr heart stopped beating a mile a minute and the anxiety that had threatened to take root, the thumping of blood in her ears, banished with the dark memories. It was a good time to be Applejack and an even better time to be Naj. After all, she had a heck of a bushel. "Enjoy yer bushel. Should keep for a while. They also make good food when yer...away from town for a while. 'Course Ah'm biased, but that don't make it any less tha truth Naj. Don't be a stranger now, ya hear?" *Naj* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90
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    “Nah, of course not!” Flash assured Presteza that he gown didn’t look silly, but then he added a playful smirk; “Although I’ll contend your Princess Luna costume is a strong runner-up to Best Presteza Outfit, heh.” He clearly remembered that detail from their very first encounter. As the dinner portion of the evening wrapped up, Pres’s mention of her meeting the Empress of Long Guo caught the servicepony’s notice. “How’d you manage that?” Flash asked his date; “Scuttlebutt from buddies of mine is that Long Guo's empress is surrounded by an army of bodyguards and handlers wherever she goes. Apparently they are, hmmm, how to put this diplomatically... hard to work with. And as the old saying goes; ‘One does not simply pop in on the Empress’.”
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    Hoping to pick up Cady's mood, Shining Armor paid some special attention to the little anecdote about Fire Walker's wedding. As traumatic as their own had been, it was almost, almost distant enough for him to find some humor in it. Well, the sort of humor used by soldiers and emergency workers to cope with the darkness they faced, but still. "Well, I suppose its nice to know we haven't been alone as far as eventful weddings go." He remarked with a chuckle as the dinner portion of the evening progressed. Flash's mention of the rumored demeanor of Long Guo guards piqued the Prince's interest, as he mused. "Hm, is that so? I haven't had a chance to meet anypony from the East; it would be interesting to see how guard practices work over there. Say, Cady, didn't you once get that letter from a Long Guo guard?" Princess Cadence's Column was, of course, read religiously by her husband. As the course of the conversation continued, Swift gave some more practical suggestions as to how the Crystal Couple could improve visitor figures to the Empire. Shining's smile was admittedly rather rueful as he gave his reply. "Those are... not cheap investments. The treasury isn't quite so extensive as all that, and you have to factor in the security costs as well. I don't want to put what amounts to an open portal to Tartarus on our borders if I can at all help it. Outside investment could help, but they'd want proof of viability, which we could only get with increased tourism, which requires better transportation investment." His smile was blown away by his sigh. "Quite the catch-22. The winter sports idea is a good one, though the weather is... not cooperative out in the north. The storms come quick, and we just don't have the pegasi to manage them." The subject of music did bring a short chuckle out of him, though. "Oh, you'll probably have to talk to Celestia about that. She seems to know all the musicians, and would be just the sort to bring in one of those bands." As the main course was finished, Shining made a move to excuse himself. "I'm going to go check up on Aquamarine, Cady. See how she's doing." He said, in the tone of a concerned, fatherly commander. Taking a glass of port with him, he made his way through the crowds to where the mare had acknolwedged him with a curtsy. "Good evening, Miss Gleam." He said as he approached, very consciously avoiding either a military or social rank. He wasn't here as either a commanding officer or as a Prince, right now. "Glad you could make it all the way down here, it was a bit of a trip for me and Cadence. You here alone, or is there a plus one somewhere I didn't see?"
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    "Last time we were this close to Crystal Heart, I was doing my best to not get my head looped off by caribou berserker. And Fire had similar experience and then some. Although we don't rule out going on vacation there soon." Princess Cadence’s ears dejectedly flopped downward; it seemed like some ponies still had the Crystal Faire Invasion fresh on their minds. And... was the Crystal Empire REALLY that remote of a realm? Crystal Spire could easily be reached via a several-hour long train ride, for Celestia’s sake! Regardless, it wasn’t in Cadence’s nature to be confrontational. Accepting that the Count was dead-set on having the honeymoon elsewhere, the princess meekly replied with a glum sideways glance; “Oh... I see.....” "She did write to me about their son. Even tried to set up a playdate with Flurry for little... Zap, I think it was?" “Zap Apple,” Cadence quickly filled in the blanks for Shining, grateful for the pivot away from the perceived shortcomings of a Crystal Empire honeymoon. When asked if a playdate was possible, the alicorn replied; “Hmmm... it’ll be tough, seeing that we won’t be visiting Ponyville too often once Twily moves back to Canterlot. But maybe our families could meet up next Summer Sun Celebration? Hopefully we can make it work out; I wanna see how much Zap has grown!” "Let's see now, I think I see the beginning of something beautiful over there, Cady. Not to mention, there's probably a good story over there." An appreciation for couple-watching was certainly one trait of Cadence’s that rubbed off onto Shining Armor. Something about the second couple struck the princess as familiar. It then dawned on her; “Oh yeah, the diamond dog’s companion must be the pony who wrote to Dear Cady about not making a scene over their date. I’m not seeing anypony else with a runt, it looks like. Oh, and it looks like they’re having a good time so far!” "In fact, the only one I see alone is... oh dear, one of mine." “Awwww,” Cadence pouted out of pity, sympathetic to the plight of being alone at an event where so many attendees are coupled up; “She looks SO bored to tears. How about we wave her over and find her a companion before the night’s through! Don’t you agree, Shiny?”
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    Naj stares at the bushel for a time, until Applejack's question snaps her attention back to the farmpony. The changeling blinks at the question, needing a moment to remember. When she finally does, she replies, “...Oh, yeah. Yeah I was looking for a place to stay. I, um, I guess that was interrupted. I couldn't exactly have worked on it while...while out in the field.” Her bits she was able to keep track of easily enough, and so five were deposited on the counter in short order. She also pulled the bushel a little closer, though that was more symbolic than anything, she wouldn't really be carrying them until she was ready to walk away. The kiss...that still made her hesitate. Applejack is, or at least used to be, one of the creatures she feared most. There might have been meaner creatures, or more imposing creatures, but none of them were so close, or so opposed to what she'd thought a changeling was or would need to survive. Eventually they grew a little more comfortable with each other, but Naj still had a lot of respect for the mare, and tended to keep a healthy distance. On the other hoof, by the same token she'd probably never get another chance like this. Even if it wasn't something Naj might have ever sought before, she would be loath to pass it up as an experience. She nods in reply. “Y-yes, let's do it.”
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    Waking up at the crack of dawn was not something that Dunnie was used to. At least, not anymore. However, camping was an exception no matter how close to civilization the camping was. These were also unusual circumstances for the mare, it seemed that Blueblood's collection of expensive drink would not be complete without some of that famous Ponyville cider, made by none other than the Apple family. Dunnie knew well enough that this was a popular enough occasion for the locals and some out-of-towners to break out the tents, so this had better be some good cider! She was trotting back along the endless stream of tents. Ponies waking up, milling about, preparing food or drink to start the day of waiting in line. Fortunately for her, she had a spot saved for her closer to the front of the line. Surprisingly so, since she had just arrived yesterday to find that her quarry had been camping early enough for him to get a good spot. Fresher cider, or something like that. As she trotted back up, she noticed that Blueblood was already awake and talking to a neighbor. She smiled and trotted past the pale pink pony and took a spot up next to Blueblood, where she would plant a kiss on the side of his muzzle. "Good morning." She opened up her wing to reveal a paper bag. "Got us some breakfast! For some reason, though, the only place open was the fast food restaurant." Guess they couldn't ditch work to snatch up some limited time cider. "Is this your friend?" She certainly was pretty, and definitely did not look like a local. A Canterlot native would not be far fetched.
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    Ali's little heart started to beat a little less hard, as she saw her companion of a red guard fly above her with a long, strong rope. Her trust in the Pegasus grew, as she really knew there was no other way of getting out of the thick goop. Her attention only focused on getting out at this point, otherwise she'd be stuck there forever. Ali never liked the idea of getting help from others, but this was a circumstance she never thought she'd get herself in. Poor, ignorant, Ali. "You best hurry up now. Seems like you're takin' your sweet time." The earth pony looked up at the Pegasus, who was circling around the stuck mare. Finally, the rope reached down enough for Ali to grab it strongly with her teeth, and she began moving ever so slowly out of the sand. Her grasp on the rope started to hurt her jaw, she was clenching it so hard. She was so tense, as she felt her whole body shaking, itching to get out. She wanted to feel the safety of her group members around her, when she wasn't scared for her life. Ali even forgot about the deer. The earth pony was reaching closer and closer to the crystal, the only dark thing protruding from the ground. Sombra looked to be standing on it, which gave Ali the confidence to get her leg out and reach for the stallion. The brown mare was so desperate to get out of the sand, she would do anything to get out. So, when she finally got a grasp of his hoof, the sudden wash of relief came over her. Before she knew it, she was out of the sand and tumbling into the arms of Sombra. She stayed there for a second, thinking about everything that happened, then she hopped off when she realized she was on him. Ali looked up, totally covered in the sand, and shouted, "Er- thanks for gettin' me out." That was probably the nicest thing she's said to anypony, as she kept a grumpy look on her face. Then she turned to Sombra. "Thanks." Suddenly, the mare turned around to see Fluttershy hovering over the deer, who still seemed to be frightened. Then she realized something, there was only four of them. "Y'all, where's the little yellow one at?"
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    "The Irondrakes were a good clan with a good end. What clan name do you attach yourself to now, Lightning?" So much betrayed in that name. Caribou did not have names like Silent Lightning or Grand Warrior or anything of the sort. Even his nickname- The Red Jarl- was earned. Brann was his name. So either she managed to earn this name without becoming a known commodity for being a warrior in a culture of warriors or she was deceiving him. He would have to know more about her before he called her further into question. She was strong and looked healthy- could she bear calves? They needed strong warrior cows to breed stronger warrior calves for the future of the caribou to be fully secured. Hopefully she wouldn't deceive him out of a strong future for his righteous warriors on account of some inner turmoil or greed. That would make him very angry and the Red Jarl was well known for his calm demeanor. As to the Okami, his words earned a chuckle from the Jarl's wine-stained lips. "Ha, of course you would leave a trail. You are a warrior and too many of the caribou in this town are spectators. As for disappointment, discard it. Falsities, disguises, and deceit are the watchwords of cowards and assassins, not the virtues of the strong. If you truly are worthy of your breeding than you will be more than willing to showcase it to the world. Even your kind know best the ways of honor and the virtue of open combat," the Jarl said as he summoned another goblet of wine. He respected the Okami as a warrior and knew his kind were better than most of the fleabitten weaklings who occupied the planet. Still didn't make them anywhere near as good as caribou, but he could at least respect them unlike Equestrians. Basically worthless, that lot. After a few moments more and another drink, the Jarl stood up to speak. "To the point of this meeting. The True Caribou Clans are always searching for true warriors, real warriors. They do not ask for the meek and the gentle, but the violent, the courageous, the strong, the tenacious. They seek warriors such as you. I am here to offer you the choice of joining us in our great war against the Pretender King. You will fight in great battles against good warriors. You will be part of our fierce raids launched from our fleets of longvessels. You will be strong and you will impose your will on all those who have not proven themselves. You will dominate the seas, you will dominate the skies, you will dominate the forests and the mountains, the streets and the huts of this land. Do you accept?"
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    If somepony was ever in the neighborhood of Corralwood Corral and wanted to find a watering hole that wasn’t a blatant tourist trap, they wouldn’t have to look further than Feather Jon’s. In case the name wasn’t enough of a clue, it catered to a clientele of pegasi weather workers and Naval fliers based out of the Joint Weather Station perched just offshore. With an out-of-the-way yet scenic spot next to the beach, Feather Jon’s was the perfect spot for pegasi wanting a good drink and meal, or a session of volleyball after a hard day’s work. And this time of the year in particular, every pegasus around here worked their butts off like no tomorrow. Sugar Apple was one of those R&R-craving pegasi. A few years ago, she had been the Supervisor of the Royal Weather Factory’s Vaporization Department back in Cloudsdale. The sugary pegasus had done well in that job; well enough to be offered a transfer to Corralwood Joint Weather Station in the Gallopagos Islands. While Sugar loved her old job, she wasn’t able to resist the lure of increased pay, extra benefits, and an entire month’s worth of vacation time! What Sugar Apple didn’t reckon for was that from late summer through the middle of autumn, the Sparkling Sea’s tropical waters spawned storm after storm. While herding storms wasn’t the job Sugar signed on far, the sad truth was that the Gallopagos weather teams were woefully understaffed; hence the bonus salaries and the regular assistance of the Royal Equestrian Navy. But even then, every single pegasus capable of weather work was needed to blunt the constant onslaught of wicked weather during Hurricanter Season. That meant Sugar Apple was up there in the hazardous skies with all the rest of the weather team grunts, Navy hotshots, and Search & Rescue personnel. Right now was calm before the storm. For the next hour or so, Sugar Apple was free to enjoy the morning as she pleased. So she might as well spend that time sitting at the counter at Feather Jon’s, eating some island-style grub for breakfast as she listened to the Keen Logger music blaring from the jukebox. As she waited for her food, Sugar sipped on her coffee and idly gazed upon the photos and memorabilia from prior pegasi crews mounted as decorations on the walls. Sugar's eyes may have developed noticeable bags and her mane may not be all that well-groomed, but she would soon be fully prepared to take on the day's challenges.....
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    Even Licorice had winced at the volume of Cadence's unbridled enthusiasm for the apparently forthcoming nuptials. "Wow. Royal Canterlot voice indeed." The guard said, using his horn to nervously restyle the mane that may as well have been carved from granite for all the budging it hadn't done when the Princess's exclamation had washed over them. He too was served his meal choice, as was the rest of the table, and the wait staff moved swiftly and efficiently on. "And don't worry, it's not unusual for tables and groups to split up into smaller conversations, but that does occasionally leave an odd pony out." experience said in the voice of former Private Licorice Whip. "Usually gets easier to socialize after the dinner is over and most of the donors only here for status go home. More interesting, too." The last part of that was delivered with a cryptic little sparkle to his eye that one might almost call mischievous if it weren't on the face of an unflappable guard. Wanting to emphasize and highlight the mystery, Licorice tucked into his own dish, the ratatouille, with the singleminded determination of a stallion used to treating meals as a necessary intake of nutrients rather than a social period. ~~~~~~~~~~ Aquamarine was, not to put too fine a point on things, wandering bored through the crowd. It wouldn't be difficult in the least for anyone with any familiarity at all with her to detect that even though she was adjacent to any of a half dozen groups at any given time, she wasn't engaging in any of them except in the shallowest possible sense. Truthfully, she was halfway trying to avoid being recognized either by those she already knew in the...Royal, Crystal, some went over to Twilight, a couple went from Royal to Lunar...four? four branches of the REAs, or later on by ponies at this event who might run into her in the field, as it were. What irked her the most about the whole thing was that she knew intellectually that her parents were probably right, and that there really wasn't any reason she couldn't wear both mantles, knight and damsel equally. If she let herself she could probably even thrive in these sorts of high-society events. Sisters knew that the politics, intrigue, and drama of courtly life would give her a way to engage her mind even if she didn't herself start scheming. Look at Shining Armor, captain-turned-commander and Prince of the Empire. He looked like he was born to be here, and scuttlebutt around the barracks had been that he'd been an absolute dweeb when he was a cooooooh Sisters he'd just spotted her, hadn't he? Aqua snapped out of her reverie and offered her Commander a polite curtsy across the room to acknowledge that she'd seen him spot her, but kept on her noblemare's mask of neutrality even if her head was running a mantra of 'don't wave me over, don't wave me over, don't wave me over'. Uh oh, he'd pointed her out to his companion. The facade started to crack as the little alarm bell in her head started going off. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ All throughout the venue, carts and trays of food were starting to be replaced with carts collecting the empty and used plates, bowls and silverware as their respective guests finished with them. Soon enough, once everyone was done with their main courses in each section, the butlers would start circulating with desserts and snacks in addition to the drinks already being carried hither and yon.
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    Sparkles could count on one paw the amount of fancy get-togethers he had been invited to. It was one aside from this. They'd once gone to a smallish get together of a client of theirs who just had to show off the necklace they crafted for them with them there. The dog assumed it was for the novelty of it, but they went anyway. It was fine, dull, lots of tiny unfilling food and lifeless music, but it went well enough. It absolutely was not what he would have called a wonderful time though. This however at least showed the promise of not being so stuffy one might think you're in a teddy bear factory. After having hopped down from Licorice's back to take their seat — and their seat was even pushed in for them, they certainly found a keeper — Sparkles would wave in greeting to Heart Shield. "Very nice to meet you as well! I hope you don't mind the company." they would say with a smile, giving another glace around the room to take in the sights. Hoo boy did they feel like a fish out of water here. It seemed like it was going to be a fairly quiet get toget-NOPE. Jumping Jimminy but did Princess Cadence have some pipes on her. Where it anyone else, Sparkles would have to question just why she was so excited. But with a title like Princess of Love? "Any closer to that outburst and it wouldn't be just wedding bells that'd be ringing..." Sparkles said with a soft giggle and a rub of one of their ears
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    Farm life was much more intense than Taira had thought. Back home and back in time he used to talk to many of the pony farmers back in Neighpon. He got to learn about their various struggles and through what magic he had he'd try to make things easier for them. This was the first time he'd had to help out in person on a farm. He'd pulled the plow, helped plant seeds, Dug holes for the seed (He was very good at that), and even carried big bags to and from the barn. It certainly gave this old dog a workout he hadn't gotten to indulge in for years upon years. He felt like he'd actually gained some muscle since he'd come to Ponyville, how delightful! When Applejack told him that a big event was coming up, Taira was ecstatic. The Running of the Leaves was so much fun! He could only imagine how much fun Cider Season might be. He listened carefully to the instructions, he certainly hoped he would be able to try some by the end of the day. The sweet scent of autumn was on the wind, Taira started his day with a big yawn and stretch before he headed out of the guest room. After breakfast he did some stretches in front of the house to prepare himself for the day, enjoying the cool, crisp air filling his lungs as he took a deep breath. Barrels were being rolled in with care by their newest volunteer, "So, we use these to make drinks. Right?" The wolf sniffed curiously at the barrels as they were moved along. The Apples smelled absolutely amazing, this crop must be one of the better ones. With a smile he rolled them into place, "You wanted me on the Cider press, right?"
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    Magnus stretched as he awoke inside his tent. It was fairly small and plain, but it served its purpose. Even with his noble status, he doubted he could ever truly go back to opulent possessions. Even his bed at home was nothing fancy. Pretty much everything fancy in his home was just there to placate any other nobles that might visit. Living a life like his taught you to put more stock in function than form. In any case, he soon enough exited the tent after collecting his things, which was mostly just his bags, a traveling cloak, and his sword at the moment. Figuring there was no point in leaving the tent up, he packed it away before starting some morning exercise. At the voice calling out to the line at large, he looked over to see the mare that spoke, Applejack if he remembered right. “I have heard good things about the cider produced here. I’m looking forwards to seeing if they were telling the truth.” He said, continuing his exercises as he did. The unicorn nodded to AJ before starting in on some push-ups.
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    Sweet baby Celestia! Maybe someone should call the school janitor! He’ll need to take a whole day to clean up all these names the others keep dropping! And this new professor was once bitter enemies with the ‘Purple One’? How many enemies did she have? Dragons never have any enemies. They either had creatures they tolerate or a pile of bones. Pick which one you want to be! “I always knew that weird kid was up to no good.”, the dragon sighed. “Found it rather odd she was so young and was always wandering the halls of this school.” Little ponies could not be evil. Even cute little baby dragons...But Smolder was pretty sure ‘Cozy’ was something else. “I betcha she’s some sort of evil shape-shifting demon..Or monster of some kind. As she acted like someone who has never seen a kid before would think a kid would act like...Some creature that only saw kids when watching one of those creepy Shirley Trample movies.” Why in the world did she see one of those nightmare inducing films? Creepy pony with great pig eyelashes and an very curly mane. Tap dancing away and talking like a zombie. ‘You've got to S-M-I-L-E To be H-A-Double-P-Y’. The young dragon shuddered. "So...", guess it was her turn to ask a question. "What happens if someone who doesn't believe they're evil does evil believing it to be good? They might think it will help their friends and or family?"
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    Cocoa was taken aback, tho it didn't show. She'd heard Ponyville was friendly, but this was a little more than she'd bargained for. She almost giggled. She wasn't used to being hit on --run away from, looked at funny, she's even had crosses held at her, but not usually hit on--, and here this fella was, not such a bad sight, himself, if she was honest, laying it on as thick as molasses in winter. She figured she'd go ahead and see where this led. "Is that so, Mr. Blood?" She started, not sure exactly how did this flirting thing work? She leaned against the counter also, the mixing bowl on her head threatening to disembark from its perch, not that she noticed. "Well, I have a very extensive selection for you to browse." She swayed as she spoke, taunting the mixing bowl. Daring it to topple. Completely oblivious that it was still there. "How are you enjoying the taste you've had so far?" She asked, ending her sentence with her head tilted Tiger's way. The bowl seemed rested where it was.... for a moment. Suddenly, without warning, the mixing bowl that'd been more or less content staying on Cocoa's head through all her motions decided to take a little vacation. It rolled down her forehead and turned over topside down directly onto Tiger's head. The contents gooping all over. Cocoa was mortified.... but also, it was incredibly funny. She stifled a laugh, cleared her throat and said "I'm so sorry! That was my bad. I forgot to put it down! Please don't be mad at me. You can have that Nightmare Moon Candy for free. Take ten more." She continued to panic, thinking she'd lost her first customer, not to mention ruined any chance with the handsome stallion that she only just started to admit to herself she kinda liked. Wait.... did that just come out of her mind-mouth? Hm. Interesting.
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    @Bellosh Here's your Grubber, sweetie. @PyroBlaze I'll go ahead and take a look at yours, now, then.
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    I'm gonna watch all of season 9 in one shot probably in a couple days. Haven't seen most of it yet. Makes me misty eyed just to think about it being over... Ponies Forever!
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    The rooster crows at the first light. As the sun peeks over the horizon, settled fog is exposed in the valleys of the apple orchard giving it the nonverbal command to quickly disperse. Conditions were perfect. It was a relatively beautiful day with a chilly breeze to remind all living creatures of the coming holiday seasons, the first of which was to be a Ponyville tradition known by ponies far and wide. It was cider season at Sweet Apple Acres! Along the road back to Ponyville from the farm were rows and rows of tents where ponies camped last night in an attempt to try and beat the crowds. The famous cider had created an insane demand for its taste, but the Apple family way of doing things would only yield so much cider for so many ponies to drink. Applejack would always assure everypony that there would be enough cider for all as long as ponies were willing to not take shortcuts and wait for the process of making the best cider in Equestria. And even though she would always be faced with criticism of short supply, she would be right all along and in time everyone would eventually go home happy and Applejack would be able to take a few barrels of cider for her family and herself for the next few weeks. The season wouldn't officially start for another hour or so, but even so several ponies were getting restless in their cooperative lines waiting behind the great cider counter set up at where the farm paths meet the road. The counter was adorned with all the spigots and tools needed to uncork new barrels and squeeze the apple nectar into wooden tankards, which were clean ready for their first pour. Applejack allowed ponies to bring their own vessels for the cider, but if not, she had a rotation of clean mugs ready for every customer that needed them. The sign above told everything everycreature probably already knew. 'Two bits for a cup, limit one per pony per day.' "Apple Bloom, could you bring over that spare pump, I think this one might quit on us at some point." Applejack yelled lovingly to her little sister as the orange mare looked over her counter for problems to minimize. To Applejack this was like any other day, it just had the higher volume of customers and slightly more tourism. Ever since the debacle from Flim and Flam trying to put the farm out of business, a healthy coating of sympathy and appreciation covered the cider season operation, with some ponies offering their help on the back end to make more cider and clean equipment involved in the process. Of course, Applejack was more than willing to pay a fair wage to the ones who earned it. She stepped out onto the road and looked down it, seeing the long line of ponies getting excited for their cider breakfast. The low sun reflected off the luster of the Ponyville road. "Howdy! How ya'll doing this morning? You guys ready for cider season to start?" Cider season wouldn't start for several minutes, but it was still nice to have a little moment to make small talk with the colorful ponies of Ponyville to help them manage their expectations and to gauge how impatient the crowd might become this year.
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    Applejack was pleasantly surprised to see the mare who came to her stand next was none other than Tempest Shadow herself! She was a strong mare. Combative and blunt, having led a rough life that didn't seem to play easy with her so she didn't play easy with it. New scars told Applejack that she wasn't keeping her nose entirely out of trouble but she had been keeping her name out of the papers. Small steps for big mares may not seem all that special but Applejack knew you had to take what you could get with some of the more fighty ones. And Tempest sure did qualify under that bracket. Luckily she did eventually crack her cold demeanor with a warmer smile and a question that tugged at Applejack's overplucked heartstrings. “It's been real good down here. Same stuff day in, day out! Zap Apple's been good. Why, he has started countin' his numbers real good-like. He's gonna be tha smartest stallion in tha whole wide world Ah reckon,” she said with a mighty chuckle, though her look of pride needed no augmentation. She really did think the world of her little stallion and knew that this opinion would be shared by literally every last pony who ever met them, Celestia help those that thought otherwise if she knew about them. “Ah hope you've been doin' well, Tempest,” Applejack said as she washed her stand top once again, partially out of nervousness. “Got worried 'bout ya. Happy ta see ya here again!” She said with a mighty big smile as a capper. She then spread her forelegs out over the stand. “So, what we got here is a nice deal. Five bits an you get yerself a bushel of fine Sweet Apple Acres apples. Not only that, but you get a big kiss from lil' ol' me,” she said with a wink. “So, what'll it be? What sorta apple's got yer name on it today?” *Tempest Shadow* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90
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    I cried my eyes out. Pretty much spent this week rewatching the show with a stream in preparation for the finale, and I ended up crying more this week than I usually do in a year. MLP has been such a massive part of the last 8 years of my life; I never would've journeyed in art and writing without it, I never would've attended cons without it, and I would have absolutely zero of the internet friends that I currently have without it. So, unsurprisingly, I'm feeling a mixture of really cathartic and really depressed feelings even today. I owe so much to this show and fandom that it's nuts. Whatever may come next, I know I'm not getting off this ride.
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    An older and wiser Princess Twilight Sparkle is visited by a student with a friendship problem. As she attempts to solve it, she looks back on the times she and her friends spent together. This thread is dedicated to discussing the episode before, during, and afterwards. As the thread is now open it may indeed contain spoilers. I ask that potential spoilers talked about or shown before the episode airs stay within the spoiler tags please, after the episode you no longer have to use the spoiler tags, but warning, if you haven't seen the episode yet after it airs, this thread no doubt will have all sorts of spoilers in reviews, images, etc. So tread at your own risk
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    “Finly.” Tempest says marching, rather literally, up to the stand where she stands tall. At first with that same dead, uncaring blank face that seems stuck on her. At least until it broke down into a smile as she holds a hoof out to greet AJ. “Hello, been a few has it? Sorry. Life has been… Busy but maybe for the better. How have you and the young one been?” She asked sounding very genuine in her words and smile. But aside from that smile and a more cheerful tone she looked much the same. Still wearing that body covering jumpsuit and black-platemail. Her face had a few more new markings as well. Scarring from cuts gained somehow from the last time AJ laid eyes on the mare betraying that she has yet to get away from finding ways to get in to scraps. But she was still tall, lean and powerful as the jumpsuit did nothing to hide the raw strength underneath it. In all, not a lot seems too have changed with her but if one knew her they can see so much has in the small act of her smiling and caring about another. Small things but so very big for her.
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    Don't be sad it's over. Be happy it happened.......
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    Hey, cool! I, too, have a blind OC. Mythic Vision was born blind, and developed a sort of "second sight" over time. She's never seen like normal, but she gets around with her special ability.
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    Not too late. As long as I still use this site, I'll likely still take requests. ^v^ I'll take a look at your OC. btw, for anyone, if I finish one of your OCs, and you have another one you'd like me to do, as long as someone else isn't waiting for theirs done, you're more than welcome to ask for seconds.
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    Gallus understood what the professor was saying. He guessed there was a difference between those who were misled, bitter, and angry and did evil because of that and those who did it because it was simply their nature to do so. Discord was an odd case because it didn't seem like he had been changed at all, not really. It just felt like he had more skin in the game so to speak and was willing to play ball. But the others? Yeah. Well, maybe. If he tried to think too hard about it he could say that Luna was always the victim of the Tantabus and didn't really apply to this discussion, but he figured that it was kind of a moot point since the fact she was trying to get across was that there needs to be room for forgiveness but also a time and a place for drastic, harmony-saving action to take place. Which fit Gallus just fine, he liked hamony-saving action that ended in explosions, like what happened to that dark element that Sunset summoned. Less of an explosion and more of a dispersal of the darkness but the point was well received either way. Sometimes you needed to pow-boom the evil, even if it looked like a little filly. Or especially if it looked like an little filly, or just was a little filly. "Would it be worse if Cozy was a filly and was that evil for no good reason or if she was an evil shapeshifter who just took the form of a too-sweet filly?" Gallus thought about it. "Probably if Cozy is just a filly because that would mean if you blasted her into Sombra chunks you'd be blasting a little filly. But eh, evil is evil I guess," Gallus shrugged, leaning towards Yona. "Plus, making bad guys go boom is kinda like smashing, right?"
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    Sunset Shimmer raised an eyebrow at the mention of Hope Hollow. But that was all she got to do until Flash Magnus led Twilight off somewhere. That left Sunset all alone to her thoughts; on one hand, she was shocked against all expectations that after many long years, somepony in Equestria actually mentioned her hometown by name. Seriously, despite how everything back in Hope Hollow was purportedly well-know, nopony in the real world ever uttered a peep about that town. And yeah, sure, Sunset Shimmer still carried that childhood grudge against her hometown, but she also couldn’t ignore the strange report. Although the unicorn believed Hope Hollow more than earned every self-inflicted misfortune it had coming to it, strange happenings could be caused by any manner of things that were of no fault of the community’s, and Sunset’s inner conscience couldn’t abide that, even if said place was a dumpheap. One minute of deliberation later, and Miss Shimmer made up her mind. Instead of idling by, she would do... something! At the very least, the unicorn could find out from Twi what was going on! Off-limits zones were of no concern; without bothering to look around for museum staff first, Sunset waltzed into the darkened private area. The mare learned ago how surprisingly easy it was to snoop around anywhere if she acted like she owned the place. Several seconds of trespassing later, Sunset heard the voices she sought. Her old eavesdropping instincts kicking in, the ex-apprentice tip-toed at crawling speed, mindful not to get noticed as she snuck towards a corner, around which were surely Twi and Flash. Sunset had a hard time making out their conversation; Twi was speaking all hush-hush like, but the eavesdropper picked up enough to know... Twi and Flash weren’t talking about Hope Hollow at all. "...true...yourself, Princess." "I...the way I feel is..." "I under...make me feel...make you feel?" "...special, yet comfortable..." "....love, Princess?" "You...heart, Flash." "...love...Twilight?" "I....do." Sunset gasped in the heat of the moment, perhaps louder than she would have liked. She covered her mouth, but the damage was already done. Was Twilight... making a love confession... to FLASH MAGNUS?
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    Cold..... when was the last time he felt....so ...cold...? "<GAAASP>" Swift's eye suddenly flashed open. How long was he out? With great effort, slowly, he started to drag himself upwards. Just as he finished, noblepony felt a wave of nausea wash over him. His vision was a little blurry, and he felt like throwing up. Swift refused to be overcome by this rebellion of his body. Through the gritted teeth, and using breathing exercises he learnt not so long ago, the rebellion in his body was quickly squashed. Now....where was he....? And what happened? Well, that crimson stain on the snow, where he was laying moments before. Carefully, Swift reached with his hoof to the back of his head. A sharp, if brief, surge of pain confirmed his suspicions. He received a nasty blow to his head. Probably from piece of airship when the vessel was torn apart by the northern winds. Probably got a concussion too, if nausea and blurry vision was any indication. Then again, he wouldn't be able to think clearly if that was the case. Perhaps snow acted as the compress that reduced swelling? His thought were interrupted by a sound of distant thunder. Swift took his eye from his own spilled blood and looked at the source of the rumble. A wall of low hanging storm clouds, stretching across the horizon was the source of that noise. "So near Rimestorm Line......?" he muttered to himself with a raspy voice "No...." Swift added while shaking his head. ".....beyond it. This tempest dragged us so far north?" The implications were grim. 'Rimestorm' was a barrier of perpetual thundersnow that barred entry from further northern lands.....Not that there was anything to explore according to common opinion. Most believed that behind the 'Line' was nothing but a frozen wastelands. Well, at least frozen part checked out, seeing that Swift was on what could be described a large stone shelf - so large he couldn't judge extent of it's size - protruding from the mountainside... The chattering quickly reminded the noblepony that this was a poor moment for sightseeing. His jacked wasn't adequate as the protection from elements but maybe something in his pockets....? "Oh..." Swift gasped when he pulled out and ignited one of his spellsabers. The pleasant warmth and emerald glow it emanated should keep frost at bay - for now. Not the intended use, but beggars can't be choosers. Speaking of beggars, the fragment of airship that was near him was the one with window...and the expensive looking crimson curtains. After some modifications, Squall was now equipped with somewhat unusual cloak. The rest of the fabric was now wrapped around his legs, to protect them from snow. Unicorntook the other one with him as well. Fire will surely need protection, seeing that she didn't brought her trusted, element shielding armor with her for this trip. Of all time when it could be useful.... "I am coming Moto...." Swift muttered while he followed the trails of debris. Fire had to be nearby one of the fragments right? Right?! But noblepony didn't walked far before two silhouettes started to be visible thought the falling snow. Only one kind of creature could cast that shape so far north. An arctic worg, a behemoth of the wolf that - out of necessity - didn't shied from any kind of meat. Including that of the ponies.Those two....if Fire was hurt and they were next to her....!!! "Over my dead body." Squall muttered, pulling out his second spellsaber as it buzzed into life. His step quickened, as he charged forwards, preparing to meet this new threat head on!
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    Gallus got the picture, and so did everypony else in the class. But his additional questions created new life in this lesson. "Oh yes. We have a large stock of baby food, and baby toys, and baby bear repellent. It's all right here." Silverstream giggled. The inside knowledge of Gallus' near future made this especially funny to her. "Alright, alright. We got it. That's good!" Applejack nodded with acceptance that the class had understood the principle she was setting, but denied the continued existence of such an absurd lesson. Fluttershy probably has enough nurturing classes. Applejack didn't need to overlap a lecture on good faith with an extra chapter of gentleness. "Okay, now that you guys got a good whiff of what it means to have good integrity when buying and selling things, I'm going to allow class to end early, provided you spend a little time in the market talking with some of the ponies and their wares. Ask them about what they sell. Do they make it themselves? How long have they been selling things in Ponyville? Alright?" Applejack signaled to the class to adjourn, and as student ponies dispersed many of them starting walking up to merchants asking them random questions. Many of the seller ponies were excited to see such a small flood of customers, but became quickly confused and annoyed that they were so inquisitive without any bits to spend. Silverstream hovered towards Gallus to walk with him through the market before Applejack stopped her. "Hey Silverstream, I was wondering if you could help me tomorrow with somethin'. I need a pie delivered. My Auntie Appleseed is writing a new edition of Apple family genealogy and she needs an apricot-infused pink lady apple pie for inspiration." Applejack rolled her eyes up. "Don't ask. Anyway, I usually deliver this type of stuff myself, but I'm not going to be able to make deliveries tomorrow, the rest of the family is busy and I don't trust the mail ponies for something this important. But, I can trust you, and I know you students don't usually have much to do on your days off!" She winked. Her assumption of the student's free time was not incorrect, but may have been taken as an insult to some. "I'll pay you with a bushel of apples for your troubles." Silverstream smiled at the opportunity. "Oh, I'd love to, I can do that! It's not that far of a flight is it?" "I don't think so. I think it's only a few hours round trip if you're not dilly-daddling." She was also aware of how close Silverstream and Gallus had gotten over the past few months. The desks where the two sat in her classroom were more magnetic with each other every day. "Gallus can go with you, too, in case you're afraid of getting lost." Gallus was close enough to be the conversation, and Applejack decided to include him. "Gallus, you interested in flying with Silverstream to my aunt and back tomorrow?"
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    The story told to Twilight shared the same rhythm as any number of cautionary tales told about spells, artifacts, potions and charms throughout time. The eager but flawed hero forgetting himself at the moment of truth and paying the price. It certainly spoke to the sort of attention to detail that such powerful magics required one to adhere to if they wanted to properly understand and respect the magic that such items held. It was also a useful trope in tales that were passed from mother t son, father to daughter, across the ages. Of course as ponies in the modern era found out, tales as old as time could sometimes have the resonance of time itself and prove themselves very prickly concerns in real life. "Ahh, the classic Rakshasa ploy. The wish is granted at a cost, often a lesson, almost universally with great irony. Many cultures share similar stories. It speaks to the universality of the concept, as well as no shortage of the truth. It may be easy to dismiss such stories on their face but we live in a world of powerful, boundless magic. Is it so strange to think that such stories hold a kernel of truth, if not all the time, at least some of it? After all, the Breezies are a mostly unknown species. Always possible they are the pegasi-types of their land," she pondered as she circles around both the artifact and her guest in equal measure, styding both. She smiled. Time to focus on what this artifact was capable of! "So, let us see. It requires you to activate it. And a wish, it seems? So the real question is, what do you wish for?"
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    ‘For most they have looked back, pondered what they have done and try to explain some worth in it. They did it for some just aim, some just hope. Just. Yet I never did. I wanted anarchy. No flags, no governments. Be it one based on blood or some voting. Well I have lived this life for about a year and a half it was nothing short of eye opening. Yes I’d have joy and loss before and during this time. But when I looked at his ship, my crew, I felt something more. It was not just a ship. Not just some crew. This was home and they are family. All had a voice, all had a say. This freedom they all took with me and love it. Nothing may judge them but there own souls and much to a cold chuckle, many of them found that soul very dark. When one strips away the fears of government laws and punishments even the most timid of souls may uncover new found joy. Be it rum, gold, wenches or the lust of battle. Well I was never timid I found my own soule very willing to go places I’d never dream of without even a hint of regret or pity. Like Rose told me, I found freedom and did not regret what I am becoming. What shame can I put on myself when it all felt so good? Decks full of gold, family singing and cheering with rum and mares aplenty! If this life was one of sin and darkness than I have no wish nor ragrets for the other side-’ “Ahoy cap'n! Got th' notes o'hirin' put out'n done, by all th'bars. Even got some callers t'poke heads in'n let it be known ye be hirin'.” Draco shifted the ink quill between his clawed fingers as he looked down at the unfinished page of his book. A biography on his life. With luck he’d live to add many more chapters. Leaving the pages open to dry he put his quill away and got up from his desk. Well he did not sleep in the captain's quarters it was his room to think, read and store maps, books and more. And of course it was open to all his crew. For many of them that can’t read he’s taken to having times of book reading for them. It really did help the crew all bound with one’a other. Looking over at one such mate he nodded his head. “Good work, with luck it will not take too long for some to make way. The day is yet young and I have not visited one establishment of drinking yet!” He says laughing. “Do give whatever comes here a good welcome. We have room for plenty more and I do not think we’d be so lucky as to staff up 30 souls before the sun falls.” Making his way to the door he gave his crewmate a slap on the back. “Now get going, we are at the ports of ports for are kin. Go get em tiger!” The pegasus nodded his head, a younger pony he picked up not to long ago from a ship he boraded. A fine lad, he’s taken to the crew and life well. “Aye cappten! thank ye!” Watching the young soul rush off to get in to some good troubles Draco followed him out to the ships deck. He’d be here all day, as the notes and callers all told, he was hiring for one day only. Well he loved Puerto Aguila, she was the port cities to end all port cirts for his walk of life, she was one giant sinkhole for gold. So it was best to keep trips short and he was already here a week. Stay a week longer and he’d be out of gold.
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    By the time Seabreezer reached the captain Draco was leaning on the rails looking out over the busy docks. A free port like this for all its risk drew many far and wide. Even merchants came this far out to sell goods they can’t at other places. As such the city grew and grew, only to be washed away come the next storm. It came and went like the seasons and he found that rather charming. Looking over at Seabreezer he snorted at a hoof hit his back and repaid it by snapping open a wing in to her face with some force as well. Well she recovered from a face full of wing he looked back at the docks. “We need some more skilled crew, we got plenty of hard working hooves and claws but I need some brains.” He remarked. “I can only hope I can get some. If all fails I will just have to put in a request with the Diamond Dog merchants and I'd rather not take that path. Maybe we need too try some luck on a more well off merchant ships and see if we can press gang one of their more highly educated crew to join us.” He explained strecheing out like a cat with a yawn, not at all put off or bothered by the acts he was explaining or thinking of. “Now I hope you got me something to drink, you have been eating up my bank partying well I have been doing paperwork and buying goods. You will be happy to know the hardtack I got does not have weevils in it! So best enjoy it before they do.” He chuckles looking at the half zebra. “Added flavor if you ask me.”
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    Valen nodded, absolutely certain that everything would be fine. Twilight Sparkle was the most powerful practitioner of magic in all of the land and while he was none too excited to see her face light up with the prospect of experimentation, he knew he was in the right hooves. Nopony else could handle this magic with more safety than she and he wanted to ensure that when he stepped away from this place it was with a clean bill of health, for now and into the future. He strode alongside her with a strong gait, excited to have this solved. He'd have to write home after this, informing his parents that he got a medical checkup by the Princess of Friendship herself. How jealous they would be! In no time they found their way to the Solarium. It was bathed in open light, the sun having had broken through the short showers and shining aggressively through the window. It was barren except for a single desk, a carpet with some symbols, and a lonely bookshelf with some scrolls and items he didn't know about. Only then did he get curious as to the situation. A magical cleanse could easily be performed in any location, could it not? Of course he had to leave open the possibility that this new spell required solar energy. It was said that it was uniquely tied to a pony's aura, after all. But why something so complicated for a task that, on its head, appeared simple? "Hmm...Princess Twilight, why do we need to perform this spell in a solarium? I'm not aware of magic that requires sunlight for a simple scan," He asked as he wandered around. Then he laughed. "Well, admittedly, I'm not an expert on the matter! So, where do you need me, Your Majesty?"
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    A few weeks ago my kids were pronouncing exaggeration as ejaculation and I was like: Then it turns out that when I reach up to write on the board you can see my underwear. So i've pretty much flashed my class multiple times like: And then I accidentally kicked a child like:
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    “...‘Family Discount Package for Equestria Land: The Magicalist Place on Earth’, don’t qualify... ‘The Ultimate Deal: A Romantic Roaman Wedding’, don’t qualify... ‘Crystal Empire Honeymoons: HALF-OFF!!!’..... Geeez. By Star Swirl’s beard, it’s like nopony offers you discounted vacations anymore unless you’ve got a spouse or kids.....” Stretching her legs after a long airship flight to Kastrot, naturally the first thing Moony did was telekinetically grab a whole bunch of vacation pamphlets to read as she disembarked off the flying vessel. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like travel companies felt like attracting young unmarried adults with little to no household obligations was much of a priority these days. Which was a shame, because Moony and most of her Magic Guild cohorts fell into that “young unmarried adult” category. Thankfully, Kastrot’s ruling unicorns were footing the bill for the Magic Guild’s current outing. Officially, Moony & Pals were part of a delegation led by Duchess Silver Belle, who was to represent Equestria in discussions to establish an interlibrary loan arrangement between Canerlot's School of Magic and Kastrot's legendary College of the Arcane. A chance to visit the grounds of the most mysterious magical academy known to ponykind? What self-respecting spellcaster could reject that opportunity??? Disembarking the zeppelin, a vertigo-suffering pony would be advised to look over the side of the docking ramp, for the airship was moored to one of Kastrot’s highest stone towers. Moony however wasn’t scared of heights; having left her heavy luggage under the care of her dutiful partner Pocket Change, the unicorn mare put away the offending pamphlets from earlier as she switched gears towards the latest task at hoof; “Okay then, they said a unicorn would be waiting for us in this tower with a placard with our Guild sigil on it, and that their name is Heart Stopper. Huh; kinda sounds like the name of some evil, ugly ole’ assassin, dontcha’ think?”
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    So... it seemed that the Crystal Empire as a travel destination still needed a bit of rehabilitation work. Being remote plus an invasion site didn't do much for the tourist board, and Shining Armor felt more than most ponies the sting of having one's home ill-defended. Not something he felt like contemplating right now, with his daughter back home. It was all to easy for a father to spiral into a series of worries, which would only drag Cady, then the whole evening down with them. Shaking his head, he tried to cut these off at the stem, and was quite grateful to Swift for re-directing their attention. "Ah, so they are! I haven't heard anything, and I would think Twilight would write me if two of her best friends were getting married to each other. She did write to me about their son. Even tried to set up a playdate with Flurry for little... Zap, I think it was? I wonder if we could still manage that?" Now freed to roam, Shining noted that the two Elements were not the only couple in sight. Of course, with so many guards bringing in a plus one, it was only natural that relationships would either begin or continue. Smiling, he could only imagine how his wife was feeling now right now, in an atmosphere of love... "Let's see now, I think I see the beginning of something beautiful over there, Cady." He pointed the pink Princess towards where Aegis was meeting up with Reckless. Couple-spotting was among one of their favorite things to do together. "Not to mention, there's probably a good story over there." He pointed out where Sparkles and Licorice were sitting. "In fact, the only one I see alone is... oh dear, one of mine." He pointed out Aquamarine, recongizing the signature on her regalia marking her as part of the Crystal guard."
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    “Generally they do all the coupons and specials during the slow seasons..”, Pocket Change had no issues lifting their luggage with one of his favorite spells. Telekinesis. Easy to learn, hard to master, and it was the ‘go-to’ to spell for any unicorn. “Families with kids and couples that were just married tend to spend more on these trips.” He caught sight of a few other pamphlets that his very favorite mare did not see. “They opened up that new ‘world’ in Whinny World..”, his enthusiasm quickly vanished as he read further, “Oh, one new ride. Thirty new stores.’, he groaned. There was another for the Gallopocus Islands. This one proclaimed in great big letters that they had an nude beach. “I don’t get it.”, the stallion was well aware that ponies were au naturel by default. This was probably the first time Pocket got to spend a decent amount of time with his beloved in what seemed like ages. They were usually so busy. He had his assorted quests, missions and jobs to do. Adventure called. And here he was. And not that far from the most perfect of mares to ever walk into his life. And this was the best kind of trip. One he didn't have to pay for. And they would get to visit a rather impressive school of magic. Normally during one of these sorts of trips, the young unicorn would be able to pick up a new spell. Generally in trade for one of the more obscure ones that he knew. He was surprised that some unicorns were unaware of the 'mend' cantrip. Handy spell! Fix your cloak! Fix your hat! Even your socks! Don't leave your tower without it! Oh-Oh. Was Moon setting him up? This almost felt like a scene for a movie. She never mentioned if this unicorn was a mare or stallion. Had a name that could mean a few things. This could be a ghastly unicorn stallion who practiced dark magic. That was one would think, but he had a feeling this was going to be a gorgeous mare whose beauty stopped hearts! Well, not literally. But her beauty would have no affect on the white pony. He was already with a beauty with no match. Or maybe he was a chef that made those really big hay-burgers with all the fixings. They were usually called 'Heart Stoppers' and were covered in unhealthy add-ons. One of the newer recruits, Magnus Durum was also with them. This would be the first time he actually got to meet the stallion.
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    “It’s all about the money. Even with the discounts, they’ll probably get more money out of one of those trips if it’s two ponies instead of one. They want to incentivize that.” Magnus said, cracking his neck a bit as he emerged after Moony and stretched as well. With that out of the way, he looked around the area with mixed feelings that didn’t reach his face. Home sweet home... Part of the only reason he wanted on this trip was to see what it was like back here nowadays. Maybe some recon for his eventual revenge against the family. Maybe just a chance to further his abilities. Either way would be helpful, really. “All in all sounds more like a good-looking assassin. Stopping hearts with beauty is certainly a saying.” He commented idly, looking around the area some more, partially to find this Heart Stopper.
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    The commotion towards the front of the line was picking up some. Cain couldn't exactly identify the ponies and other creatures in question, as he'd likely never seen them before, but at least a couple looked somewhat familiar. Not his problem to be sticking his snout into things he didn't understand, of course. Instead of listening in on the chatting, he simply sat back, leaning against his cart slightly and breaking off the bottom piece of his candy. This was technically considered eating his own merchandise, but. . . Who was going to tattle on him about it? The stallion was startled out of his thoughts by a young voice. He whipped his head around, eventually identifying the source as a young orange dragon. . . Who Cain also couldn't place. Welp. This was what came with ignoring your surroundings and becoming lost in your own little world for your entire life. Oh well. It was always nice to meet new folk anyway. Cain hastily put the candy away, realizing how nervous nibbling on it made him look. He made sure that he was the one the dragon was talking to before replying, glancing about. "Oh, no, Miss. It's just a habit of mine when I'm thinking." The stallion paused. Maybe now was a good time to ask. "Say, I don't think I've seen you around before. Then again, I don't see many people around. This little hobby of mine tend to be very time-consuming, you see. A pleasure to meet you. The name's Candy Cain. Who might you be?" Another thought occurred to him as he spoke, and he nearly cut himself off before the question faded from his mind. "Also - I was curious. I've only just arrived in Ponyville this morning, you see. I was on my way here anyway, and well. . . The long line caught my attention. Is that out of the ordinary at all?" Cain wouldn't have been surprised if it wasn't. The apples here were the greatest, after all. "And, what sort of delicacy is an. . ." he added after a pause. he'd originally considered asking what the Apple Kisses were, but it seemed better to be surprised than to just ask. Cain had no allergies, so he wasn't exactly at risk there. ". . . Never mind. I think I'll see for myself. I needed to get some bushels anyway. I'll try one once I complete that task."
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    From the album: Muddy's Album!

    I love sharks, so big scary shark monarch was a must to do.
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    Name: Felicity Silverbeak Sex: Female Age:Teen Species:Griffon Physique & Color: Felicity is a pale gray, and white that runs from her chest to her underbelly. She is a mix of a Cockatiel and a lynx which makes her shorter than most griffons, but almost as tall a full grown Mare. Being part cockatiel Felicity keeps her feathers laid back against her head( Like so ) and are relatively kept short. When startled or surprised the feathers on her head raise or when she feels threatened and cornered the feathers lie completely flat against her head. Her claws are also a dark gray with black talons. Eye Color: Violet Origin: Solstice Heights Roleplay Type:Mane RP Occupation:Animal Assistant and Garden caretaker Motivation: Her only motivation so far is to take over the family business of taking care of the woods Likes: Small creatures, ponies, sunbathing, reading, friendship Dislikes: Fire, havoc, and fights Character Summary: When Felicity was still a babe her parents were forced to give her up. They were on the run and did not wish to have their child grow up to this example they really wanted her to be different from all the other griffons. It was never clear as to why they were on the run the couple didn't explain, but they left their pride and joy in the gentle hooves of two simple ponyfolk who willingly took Felicity into their home with no questions asked. Felicity's parents told the ponyfolk not to tell their daughter when she really came from until she was ready and that they hoped to return for her some day until then raise Felicity as they would any other foal. The ponies kept their promise and raised Felicity as if she were a pony and not a griffon from this teachings she learned to be gentle and caring instead of rage filled and power hungry. If Felicity's parents could see how she's grown the would of been proud of her and her accomplishments, but sadly their daughter still did not know that they existed the only Mama and Papa she knew were toe two kind ponies who raised her. Everything changed when the ponies told Felicity of her true background and nature how she was given up by her real parents to keep her safe and that they didn't know where they were. The news hit Felicity hard and questioned herself as a griffon but a few days after she came to a self agreement that she accepts where she came from but that didn't mean it had an affect on how she acted. Felicity dreams of meeting her parents one day when she's old enough until then she is going to enjoy her calm and peaceful life with her pony parents learning how to take care of gardens and small creatures. No pony knows how Felicity because the way she is a cockatiel and a lynx mix was far beyond what the Silverbeak's are known for. Rumours spread that her mother did something to her as an egg causing her to be different from all the other Silverbeak's so when they were on the run none of them would recognize her another rumour is that Felicity's Dad adopted her from an unknown source he was devastated that his love couldn't produce an egg of their own. Not even Felicity knows of how she was born so different from the rest of her clan. She believed the rumour about being adopted from a trader to her father either way she was still a Silverbeak. Ever since learning of her true identity and what real griffons do create havoc for other ponies that cross their path they fight with others for dominance or survival and her worst fear of all was a fire. Long ago a small fire was sparked from a dry season in the solstice heights it only burned almost half an acre before the pegasus ponies put it out when Felicity saw how it devastated the woodland creatures and plants that inhabited it the fire traumatized her and never wants to see it do such a horrible thing again. As for her job if you asked her about it she would tell you it wasn't a job it was like a dream come true tending to the plants with the most gentle touch softly singing to them to help them grow since her foster father told her that talking to the flowers helps them grow faster and stronger. Felicity also enjoys giving a helping talon to her foster mother with caring for all the creatures in their area it took the animals a little while to warm up to the griffon after two months and deep determination the animals trusted her and came to her with barely any fear. Felicity truly enjoys her life among the ponyfolk. Felicity also has a dream to travel to the most well known places of Equestia in hopes to find her parents and of new friends. Drawn by ChelseaGold
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