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    Today was a rather eventful day for the Long Guo Prince. He had managed to sneak away from the majority of his retinue, but knew full well that his ever present bodyguard was watching from the shadows from not far. It wouldn't be long though before, for both her and the worrying guards' sake, that the prince would have to return for their trip back homeward. But no trip to Equestria was complete without a little detour for a snack. Granted, Hēi Lián's sweet tooth was originally leading him towards Sugarcube Corner, a fateful flyer flitting by alerted him to a more interesting opportunity. "Hmm, it has been a little while since I've had the chance to see the Apple family. No harm in catching two birds in one net." he mused to himself before placing the flyer into a pocket on his robe. With an idle little tug to the ribbon keeping his mane up, Lián made his way off to Sweet Apple Acres. After a short little walk the young prince would find what one could only assume to be the line for the sale...given that Applejack was up ahead and the bushels of apples setting about. While he could very well announce himself and make his way to the front of the line, that would A: be completely stupid and rude and B: be something that snooty chancellor would do and the thought alone gave him indigestion. And so politely the qilin would quietly take his place...only noticing the familiar faces in line as he came to a stop. "Well then, this is certainly a surprise." Lián grinned and dipped his head, flicking a strand of his mane out from his face as he stood back up. "Feng, Yanhua! A pleasant surprise on an otherwise rather boring trip. What brings the two of you so far from home, mm?"
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    Apple Bloom gave Reckless a bit of a wink as she went ahead and gave the aerion another mug, for the bat behind her. She would always make room for a guard pony! "Thank y'all for servin'! Can't help but be jealous of you lot. Maybe someday Ah'll be big an' strong enough for it, right? You just be enjoying that cider now, okay? It's tha best cider in all'f Equestria!" She said as she pumped the last few mugs. Finally with a loud *nothing* the barrels were empty. She gulped mightily. Okay, if she didn't turn around then she didn't have to tell anypony about what was happening and that would mean nopony could get angry at her, right? After all, running from your problems always helped!...Right? She sighed and turned around. "Sorry folks, Ah'm plum out today!" She said, faking a smile as much as she could. It just sucked. They served so many fewer customers today! She had half a mind to buck the treadmill that was broken into tiny bits but she reckoned that wouldn't help matters much. She opened her mouth to try and quell the angry- well, more like visibly disappointed and chagrined- crowd when Applejack shoved some pies and apples at her. She breathed a sgh of relief. They weren't going to turn ponies away empty handed today! "If you didn't get a mug-" she began, but the crowd was loud. She tried once more to no avail. Finally she reached down behind the counter and pulled out a bullhorn. "IF YOU DIDN'T GET YERSELF CIDER, YER ENTITLED TA A FREE PIE! OR FIVE APPLES, WHICHEVER YOU WANT MORE!" She bellowed excitedly as she began hoofing them out. Within moments another new fella- wait, not new, scratch that. She'd seen the fella just the other day! Midnight, was it? Well here he was again. Sadly she didn't have any cider left but he sure as shine helped himself to an apple...and sucked it dry. Her color left her face for a moment as she had dangerously awful flashbacks to vampire bats running rampant 'cross the orchard. She composed herself quick enough though, giving a nervous chuckle. "Hehehe...yep! Free. Five apple! Well, err, four now. Heh." Gallus didn't even know about the apples once again failing to produce enough cider for their customers for a few minutes as Silverstream ran off towards Luna. He was going to stubbornly refuse to move, however. Silverstream may have been fine getting denied cider but Gallus hadn't spent two days on this to not even get a sip of this beverage. He did notice the mare who looked vaguely like the Chancellor- Gallus' awareness told him it was probably the Chancellor's annoyingly attractive feminine half- move forward and...that was when he spotted the commotion. Oh no. Not again. How was this place still in business!? They had all year to prepare for the event and they could barely keep open! He launched up above the crowd so he could see, seeing Apple Bloom handing out pies and apples. WHY DIDN'T THEY JUST TURN THE APPLES AND THE APPLES THAT MADE THE PIE INTO CIDER BEFORE ALL THIS STARTED?! This didn't seem complicated to him. Then again, at that moment he was just hungry and angry. Hangry, as Silverstream might say. Speaking of he better get something for her. With a charge he moved over the counter and hovered next to Apple Bloom. He pawed one for himself and another for Silverstream. "Sorry Apples, gotta run. Smells real good though," he said ruefully, faking sweetness as much as he could. He flew back at top speed, finding Silverstream and the Princess. He should have grabbed a pie for Luna! Uggh. He had to dodge a rather healthy looking pop star- the same one from yesterda it seemed- and lost track of where he was as he drew closer to the earth. In between the sea of ponies he dodged and dipped until he was pulling out- when somepony stepped on his tail as he flew just out of the pack towards Silverstream and Luna. They went flying as he crashed to the ground tumbling, the apple pies flying all the way to Luna and Silverstream...
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    I would like to suggest a new reaction option from the 'like' menu. I present to you hoofsies! (This is a serious suggestion and not a joke.)
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    The sad fact of the matter was that she wasn't sure how much of what he said she believed initially. He lied all the time about almost everything, yet he had lived a pretty wild life so far, hadn't he? What she did know about the background of the Storm King and Grubber and the rest meant there was some truth to a lot of what he was saying...except when he was just lying. Would he have been trusted with what amounted to the arrangement of the entire economic structure of occupied Equestria? She didn't believe that. She didn't believe that because it made no sense. But she couldn't discount it, either. His boasts and stories and excuses were all wild but enough of them had a kernel of truth to them. So much that she couldn't call him out on it. But even if he was telling the truth...well, she'd essentially be giving him the apples for free. That wasn't fair to all the paying customers that had spent their bits all day long on her products and service. It would also mean accepting the currency of a creature and government that she didn't much care for, almost like some manner of endorsement. No, she wouldn't accept the Storm Bucks. And luckily, as expected, he produced the bits. She took them in hoof and went ahead and banked it, filling up a bushel as she went. She did feel bad for him. His life hadn't been easy, not one bit, and a defensive reaction or not she had to admire his cheery disposition in the face of it all was commendable. When she was done she sent the bushel over- and while she was in the area she grabbed Grubber and pulled him up onto the stand, holding him close for a whisper. "Grubber, you've had one heck of an awful time of it but if you keep on doin' tha right things for tha right reasons, there ain't no tellin' how far yer gonna go. Ah believe in you," she said as she gave him a short, sweet kiss on the cheek before giving him his bushel and letting him back down. "You just keep on tryin' yer best, okay? Yer worth a hardy friendship or ten." *Grubber* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90
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    Wow. Smolder never realized she was funny either. Was her teacher just being polite? “Ah shucks Miss Applejack, I didn’t come here for the apple-ause!", she gave a little bow, "But if you're offering it, I'll be more than happy to take it." It was nice to be appreciated, even if she only had a few corny jokes or puns to say. And she at least had an teacher approved title for her paper. Always a good start. There was just those three thousand words she needed to come up with between the title and the conclusion. Easy peasy! Once the bits were handed over, she waited for the pony to make her move. The dragon had half-watched the previous kisses and the farmer seemed to always pull....yikes....Smolder knew she was turning a little red in the cheek area. There was not fighting it! That pony was fast! Once she received her kiss on the forehead, right below the fin, she managed to return to her feet. There was also her apples. Which would soon find their way onto Silverstream's wagon. "Thanks Miss Applejack.." There was the need to start on her paper...But there was an awfully shady tree not that far from where they stood. And she really wanted to see how her 'little brother' would handle a smooch for the Earth Pony.
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    Applejack looked at the rate of cider serving and realized she had to think quick before too many fuses would begin to burn. There would be out of cider soon, and much sooner than yesterday. She regretted not putting more effort in trying to fix one of the treadmills. She ran to the barn and came back to the cider stand with a cart of apples and a half dozen apple pies. "Apple Bloom," She whispered behind her sister. "When you run out, just give out these pies and apples as free samples." She hoped that this would be enough to keep the crowd tame, but she was realistic with the idea that many would be disgruntled for having to wait another day with nothing to taste for it. She then ran back to the barn, grabbed a small toolbox, and took it to the treadmill that broke the night before. She began tinkering with the treadmill parts and attempted to ascertain why it broke and if a new wooden part would need to be fabricated in order to get it working efficiently again. "I think so." Silverstream noticed the Princesses, too. One was Princess Luna, of course. The other looked like she was related to the Archancellor possibly. "I've never had a chance to meet any of the princess before. Except for Headmare Twilight. Should we go over an introduce ourselves while we wait in line?" Without getting a response from Gallus, Silverstream zipped her way to Princess Luna, who had been trying to get noticed by the Apple ponies who were too busy pretending they had plenty of apple cider. "Princess Luna! I'm Silverstream! Queen Novo has told me so much about you, but I've never had the privilege to meet you. What are you doing so far from Canterlot today?" Current fresh cider supply: 0% ((The day will reset in 14 days, on December 1st 12:00am UTC))
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    As soon as his words had left his mouth, Blueblood knew they would provoke a reaction. This foreknowledge gave him the ability to brace against Bravo's rant, to view the situation calmly and analyze vocal tone and body language. He steepled his hooves underneath his chin, waiting out the storm of words that washed over him. Eventually, the anger subsided, leaving only the crackling flames in the fireplace to warm the den. "You know, I've never been a unicorn supremacist. It's a bit difficult to maintain tribalism in any case, since superpowers are distributed pretty evenly among the types of ponies, and even non-ponies. But they do exist, I've met one, and he was about as convincing as you are." He let his contradiction slide at that, really, it wasn't any of his business if two remnants of a dead nation decided to kill any of hope of their future in mutually-assured destruction. "I don't have faith in much myself, or at least didn't until recently. One can't have a mentor without having faith in that mentor. But that took her appearing right in front of me. I don't know if I could go on like that on nothing but hearsay."
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    Give thanks to the all-mighty Dio:
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    Gallus took offense to Zap saying he smelled funny. He did not smell funny. He smelled just fine, for all the talons in Griffonstone! "Hey, I don't stink," he said while he raised his front right leg and took a whiff of the area underneath. His eyes closed for a second before he pulled up, whispering with a chagrined smile, "well, not any differently than I normally do," he said before slicking back his head-feathers. The little guy certainly didn't hold anything back but Gallus really didn't think it would be a big deal. He was a perfectly good, perfectly perfect, foalsitter for the pegasus. "Yeah, we'll have fun. I brought, uhh, some coloring books and story books and these little balls that I think foals like," he said as he tossed a small, bouncy, squeaky red ball on the floor. It bounced a few times with loud squeaks before it hit a post and started to slowly bounce squeak-less away from them. Now that he thought about it, Gallus was sure it was a dog toy. he turned back to Rainbow. He still needed some information. "So, where's his food? Bed? Any rules?" he asked, desperate to know anything that would prevent Professor Applejack from turning him into a pretzel and paraded around town as an example of poor foal sitting. Gallus liked being an example of many great things, like knowing how Hippogriffs ticked and saving Equestria and being the best griffon most ponies would ever see. But he would rather not an example be made of this. Besides, he was barely capable of handling pony cooking as it was. If it was an adventure just finding where Zap Zappple's food was stored than he would be liable to just order something unhealthy and get yelled at for it. And then, again, the pretzel.
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    Rarity moved and acted with all the grace that was expected of her but with none of the concern and worry that was expected after she had revealed what happened. Well, that was totally uncool! Here she was telling Rarity she was feeling all sorts of off-kilter and she blew right past it like a mare at the track. It made Moonlight a little suspicious, if she was being honest. Did she already know? Did Twilight show Moonlight off while she was deeply, unnaturally unconscious? And no comment at all about being a unicorn! Moonlight was looking for a little help in this situation and instead she received goose eggs and letdowns when she needed a little more in the way of instruction and some good old fashioned TLC! A little pampering, wouldn't you? She sighed, knowing that despite all that the moment Rarity mentioned anything fashion related she was doomed to be intrigued to put up a stink about the concerns she had. And indeed, the idea of a school uniform was not unappealing to the former student of a Manehattan Academy. They could be rather fetching and make everypony feel like a million bits, assuming they were designed properly. "You know I can't, like, say no to a fitting, right?" She asked with a gentle roll of the eyes and a smile, though there was some hesitancy to it. She still felt out of sorts and the fact that Miss Rarity wasn't jumping to help her out soured a little bit. But only a little bit. There were always beautiful clothes to put on a beautiful body and fashion to discuss, so even the worst outcome was still rather fabulous. She grabbed the clothes and gave them a once over. They felt like they'd hold up to wear and tear which was vital to any uniform, not to mention looking killer. Black looked good on everypony, doubly so on ponies who already looked good. She trotted behind a screen. "I'll totally, like, try the rad jacket and skirt combo first. I think it will be a big hit...like, among the fashion-forward, tcha?" She said with a laugh before she vanished around the curtain. It took only a few seconds for her to return, a nice twirl as she did so. After all if you were going to show something ogg you better show something off. She then started a strut up and down an imaginary runway. That felt comfortable, relaxing even. A sense of familiarity in cloth and act that was missing from everything else. "So, whatcha thinkin'?"
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    Despite the young dragon's politeness, Cain had a feeling that she wasn't quite focused on the talk. That was likely because she seemed to be here for more than apples. She did clear up the problem of Cain not knowing what the deal was with the Kisses, though - and that just made things a lot stranger. Apparently, the Kisses were actual kisses. This was a line to receive bushels of apples in exchange for a few bits and a kiss. That caused a multitude of problems for the pink-maned pony. For starters, he needed a fair amount of bushels. If folks were going up there, there was a good chance that many of them would be gone by the time Cain actually got up there, leaving him with little to work with over the remaining seasons. That wouldn't do - he needed a fair amount of candy apples and other confections done by Winter. Multiple trips in the future to make small purchases just wasted time. There was also the fact that Cain found the whole thing rather improper. Apples for kisses? Cain didn't kiss ponies. He gave them hugs and candy, and sent them on their jolly way. There were several other, lesser but more personal issues with that. . . Perhaps he was just making a big deal out of things. Everyone else seemed to be doing it. . . Still. . . "Oh, dear," Cain sighed. The young one - Smolder, she'd called herself - had already gone up to get her apples, along with several others. True to what she'd said, all of them had payed their bits and kisses, before leaving with their bushels. At least there still seemed to be a decent amount. Cain glanced back at the line behind him and winced. A confection designer's life was hard. . . He hoped that he didn't wipe out the remaining bushels somehow with his order. The stallion chomped down on his pink candy cane in his nervousness, frowning. Exactly how many apples did he need? A good amount of batches of candy apples would require several bushels on its own. If he wanted to add anything else, that would cost him. After a few more calculations, Cain reasoned that he'd need around six. Seven would be ideal. As for the type, any would do. Of course, Candy was a little bad at remembering the types, seeing as he mainly worked with candy and other, sweeter fruits. Berries were his specialty. Luckily, he had just the thing for the situation! Candy hopped back into his covered wagon (which he'd carefully moved off to the side of the line as to not be rude to those behind him) to recover his personal guide to using fruits in confections: Fruits and Confections (a lazy name which he'd likely fix in the future). As usual, the manual was buried somewhere among his numerous other books, which included cookbooks, personal journals which he'd long since filled out, and fantasy stories he read when he was bored and it was raining during his travels. It was rather cramped inside the cart with all of its supplies and personal items, despite the fact that Candy could've sworn that he'd cleaned up that morning before he'd decided to head out and get some apples in the first place.Apparently that wasn't the case (or Candy HAD cleaned, and that last hill out of Ponyville had caused everything to fall inside the cart. "Oh, of all the -" He began, only to be cut off by a book from a shelf above him falling on his head. He yelped, and nearly shouted a few unpleasant things. "Blasted buckeyes," he mumbled, using one of his simpler candy-curses. The thing was around here somewhere. . . Outside, he could hear the commotion of those in line behind him. Hopefully, the fellow in front of Candy could pause a little longer with his order so that he had a little more time to find his missing manual. If not, he'd be the focus of more than a few angry looks and shouting soon.
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    Tiger smiled at the winged one as she welcomed him into the group, looking over as the other one went right up to him and started looking him over. He smirked a bit as he watched, waiting for her to finish before answering the questions. "Name's Tiger Blood, nice to meet you two too. No, I don't live here, just visiting myself. Those are some cool little tricks you two got, don't think I've ever seen your kind before." He chuckled a bit, watching the two mares. Seemed like this would be quite the interesting time in this town. More so than he had expected, definitely. "So, you two have any plans besides just walking around and seeing where that takes you? That's basically my whole plan here right now."
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    So she didn't speak Neighponese? Did she speak the Long sun's tongue? It was a shame Rin didn't know any of that... but fortunately the strange kirin spoke Equestrian! She sure had a lot of questions. Nothing that Rin couldn't handle, but she must not have seen or heard anything about the eastern regions at all. Rin cleared her throat and accepting the offered cloven hoof, shaking it with her own. "Hello there. I'm Shiori Rin... and, well, I'm from Neighpon! A country all the way to the east. I'm a Ryuma, but those further east call my kind Longma. Others back in my homeland look like me, but some don't have wings and they're called.... well, the Kirin! But they look a little different then you... can you do breath magic?" Hoping to Demonstrate for this new friend, Rin took a deep breath through her nose and soon exhaled a faint glowing smoke that scooped up her canteen, making it levitate like a unicorn might with their magic. Once she set it back down she picked it back up with one of her wings (the natural one) and set it back beside her cart. "As for my appearance, well... I lost one of my wings in an accident a long while ago." She opened and closed her prosthetic wing a few times for her friend, "Back home everypony has two horns too... well unless they file one of them down. I've seen some do that! I love your mane and scales though!" Rin's ears perked as someone whistled. When she turned around she was expecting some rugged looking ranchpony. It was a bit surprising when she looked to see somepony with a spear... though he was still clearly some sort of rugged. "Um... I suppose there is, Stranger." She dipped her head towards Tiger, "Both of us Just arrived here I think... do you know much about this town?"
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    TMar took the playful jab from his sister with a light chuckle. He felt totally turned around meeting Gallus some of his wits must have deserted him. It was ok though. He'd get it together! This would all turn out fine. He still felt a little awkward meeting Gallus, like he could feel something different abut this guy. It was probably just nerves or something. Yeah! That had to be it! He needed to try to relax. It was about this point in his mental wanderings when Silver mentioned going to the Flow. He blanched for a moment but only because he realized he hadn't really heard what Gallus had been saying. Something about shells, and tails, and dancing. There was something odd in the way they had both mentioned that particular part of the day. He'd picked up on it, but it was gone before anything further was mentioned. Something was ummmm, fishy about this guy. He was going to find out what it was! "That's actually totally what it is Gallus!" He would play nice until he figured out what the griffon wanted from his sister. "That and more! It's a super fun place!" He smiled to Silver. She didn't need to know he wasn't so sure about Gallus. He was going to stick around the both of them until this was figured out though. That was for sure! "Great idea sis!" As they swam he tried to piece together what was going on. He had some inklings but best to see what played out before addressing it.
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    Hearing talk of Raiders... it wasn't something that Blueblood had any parallel ready in his mind for. Say what you will about the perils of living in a world where any random pony might be capable of tearing you in half, most ponies were still what one could reasonably call ponies. Absent any temporary enthrallment by that week's villain, most retained full control of their mind and senses in a civilized fashion. He did find that his brain was surprisingly, disturbingly quick and prolific to come up with suggestions about what 'Whisky' would do with her hoard, though. The Prince was grateful that Bravo wasn't lingering on the subject. He was a little less grateful to see his favorite sipping beer treated so... casually. The pegasus had just poured it all down his gullet like some sort of pelican. "Not on hoof, I'd have to have another brought up from the cellar." He replied, a little bit reluctant to so generously pour out the good stuff if it would be consumed at that rate. Hearing that a mare had encouraged the other stallion to visit though did bring his attention to a more positive space. "That must have been Ossia, yes? I don't know any other mares that know you... and where you came from." While the Prince could understand, and commiserate, on the travails of rooming with Java, he couldn't stave off a growing awareness and discomfort about just how different the two of them were, and how little they seemed, so far, to have in common. Maybe two mutual friends? Besides that, they were literally from different worlds! "I... suppose it would be insipid of me to ask if you miss your homeworld, but is there anything you regret leaving behind?"
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    The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Or so everypony said. For a certain blond-maned, alabaster-coated unicorn, such common opinions had been held in frank contempt for many years. But, over time, the spirit of friendship had prevailed! And Princess Bluebelle could only be thankful that she'd stopped being a scrooge while she was still young and beautiful. She would grace this year's gift exchange instead of attending the fancier celebrations in Canterlot. Mostly, this was due to her new involvement as the new Archancellor of the School of Friendship. She wanted to spend at least a year out of the social calendar of the nobility, blending in to the more rustic traditions of the locals. At the very least, it set a good example for the students! She would enter the great hall dressed in a fancy version of the school uniform, a smart black jacket with gold trim, with the hat of her office, a twelve-sided soft tam. This hat was festooned with a sprig of holly and mistletoe, both for the season... and just to see how bold the guests were! Held aloft in her magic was a gift, a black box with a white ribbon, square in shape, about a foot across and half a foot high. Placing her gift with the others, she turned to the crowd, and beamed. "Oh, it's so wonderful to see you all! Claws and feathers, cloven hooves and solid, scales and chitin, all covering hearts that shine with the same flame!" Indeed, the pictures from this event would certainly burnish the school's image internationally, bringing in more accolades, students, and tuitions. "I must congratulate you Twilight, this does look wonderful. How has Canterlot been treating you? I hope I haven't been too much cause for worry in your absence."
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    Tiger was walking down the street, whistling a carol to himself as he made his way to this advertised party. His spear held up using a hoof and a shoulder, a bag tied to the far end acting like a bit of a counter-weight. Despite the colder weather, he was still wearing nothing but his typical pants. No point in dressing up for this, not that he really had anything all that fancy he could wear anyways, so whatevs. The earth pony soon enough arrived at the place in question, a rather impressive school, it seemed. He shrugged to himself as he walked in, moving towards the gift table to deposit his present, removing it from the bag. It was a pretty nondescript box, simple red wrapping paper wrapped in a green bow. He put it one the table, glancing over at the vibrating table curiously before looking around the room. Seems there was a fair number of creatures here already, and he decided he'd go hang with that magic mare. Leaning his spear against the wall in a nearby corner, he headed over to Trixie. "Hey there. Name's Tiger Blood, how's it hanging?" He asked as he stopped nearby her, giving a small wink. --------------------- The next guest to arrive was a very purple unicorn. Or, at least she looked like a unicorn. Flux had been bouncing her way down the street, and that didn't change as she made her way inside. She waved happily at all the creatures already inside as her gift hung from her mouth. It was a rather circular package, though also relatively flat. It was wrapped in a sparkly purple paper with a pink ribbon tied around it. She smiled happily, loudly humming Hearthswarming carols as she made her way to the tables and placed her gift with the others. With that accomplished, she started curiously poking the vibrating table, giggling a bit as she did.
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    Applejack knew for a fact that anypony who ran a candy stand and had nearly th energy of Pinkie Pie had to be a pony with good taste buds. Well, hopefully. It certainly helped that of all the farms in Equestria and all the mares and stallions who ran them that he came to her, because anypony with even the most ill-defined of discerning tastes knew for a fact that if you wanted quality apples that satisfied in any condition for any job you came to Sweet Apple Acres. She didn't know this Candy Cain from a Candy Cane but she knew ponies who had a keen eye from those who did not and so she liked this fella from the start. Not that it was hard- she liked most ponies at first. A genial sort like that. But he did have some odd mannerisms about him...much like Pinkie in that regard. Candy Cain's Candy what? Shop? Shoppe? Seemed like he had to remind himself to calm himself. An excitable fellow, was he? That seemed par for the course. Ponies far and wide knew that being around candy had to have a an excitable effect on you and she found the evidence in the energy of the confectionary propetiors in her golden life. Luckily he had a mind for business and an ability to keep his mind on the task at hand. She allowed him to work through it, gnoring her desire to jump on in and help him push towards the point of today's engagement. He could take his time. Maybe he was nervous because he was gonna get a kiss? Stallions had an awful habit of getting their wires crossed when it was their turn at the front of the line, she figured. "Well, Ah got everythin' under tha Celestial sun! Macintosh, Gala, Red Delicious, Golden delicious, Fuji, Braeburn, Crispin, Honeycrisp, Jonagold, Granny Smith, Cameo, Winesap, Jazz, Macoun, Ambrosia, Paula Red, Cortland, Cripps Pink, Arcansas Black, Empire, Autumn Glory, Breeze, Haralson, Celestial Crisp, Pink Pearl, Kiku, Kanzi, Koru, Opal, Lady Alice, Pinova, Roam, Suagar Bee, and even some Smitten. Got anythin' you'd be wantin'! If yer gonna be makin' candy apples you got tha right idea. Got a bushel of Jazz left, a bushel of Fuji left, a bit more empire, and plenty of Red Delicious," she said as she looked down below into the infinite feeling void where an endless day of apples had originated from. It had been a successful day but she had enough apples left to fit the rest of the day's orders, that much she knew. "So you'll need more than a few bushels, but Ah reckon you can give me a better idea on just how many? 'Cause depending on yer specific orders Ah can either get you everything you want or just enough of 'em," she replied honestly. Hopefully it was a big sale but...well, depending on just how big it was she was worried she may not have enough to finish the day. It was, after all, just supposed to be an event to get rid of around a hundred bushels of apples in overstock, not a replacement for their regular deliveries. *Candy Cain* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 91-100
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    “Awww,” Sugar Apple reassured Earthy; “Thar's nothin' t' apologize for. Ah ain’t done anythin’ all thet heroic anyway; th’ real heroes... well, y’all know what they say ‘bout real heroes.....” On that downlifting note, Sugar finally got around to munching a bit on her meal. However, a minor thing Earth Writer mentioned a minute ago triggered an old memory of hers. “Ya’ know Earthy, back when ah was growin’ up, mah childhood dream was t’ be one of them dustpunchers.....” *OOC Commentary*:
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    Yurei gave no real response to this revelation that he suspected her true form. At least, no outward response. She would have to review the situation later, figure out where she slipped up. It certainly helped that he already had changeling friends. She hummed slightly at his words of grabbing a drink with her sometime. “<Certainly sounds enjoyable, from what I’ve seen. I appreciate your discretion.>” She said, signing the paper. “<Looking forward to working with you then.>”
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    Yurei nodded at Swift’s answer, thinking over if there was anything she could reasonably add to this without being too much or revealing too much. Eventually, she spoke again. “<I would request that you are prepared to provide for the differing needs of my clan. Membership is not contingent on race after all, and some may not be able to eat like a pony. Or they’ll prefer not to. Either way.>” She said, thinking over what her clan consisted of. “<Otherwise, I do believe this pact is complete.>” With that, she waited for his response either explaining it was in there or adding it before picking up the quill to sign her name. She was not adverse to bloodshed, she had bled on the job before, but they usually weren’t in any condition afterwards to reveal what happened to her blood after it left her body. She was hesitant to show all her cards and reveal her true form.
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    Rarity watched, mesmerized as Moonlight effected her strut. Only a mare that had worked as closely as she with Valen would be able to tell Moonlight was still getting used to her new structure. Nopony else would be able to tell that the pony strutting towards her was anything but a seasoned filly model. As she spoke of Ocellus the mare grinned and gave a knowing wink. "Good question darling! I took that into consideration when Twilight and I agreed that uniforms would be a good match for her school." She tapped her horn lightly. "It's amazing how useful magic can be." She laughed lightly. "Of course I'm not the expert our lovely Twilight is. My magic is reserved for the art of the dress mostly." Small sigh. "Anyway darling, Twilight will be enchanting the uniforms of the shape shifting among us so that the fabric stretches and changes with them!" As Moonlight spoke of energy coursing through her Rarity was reminded of her own magic discovery season and that of her sister. "You know Moonlight, when a unicorn is young they don't usually know how powerful or what their magic will be like." She laughed then. "I and Sweetie Belle had lots of mishaps before we got control of our powers." Small head shake. "Sometimes at the expense of certain parents' mane do's!" She was remembering a spell gone wrong by herself that ended with her mother sporting quite the colorful change to her mane for a number of days. "You know, I think I have something that might help you!" She nodded towards the restroom, hoping the change from colt to filly wouldn't make things too difficult for her in there. Once Moonlight was back Rarity had procured a small device from one of her cupboards. It was a wonder she'd found it so easily but that was a good thing! Sweetie had spent quite a bit of her growing up in the boutique and as such some of the items she'd used and/or played with were still stored here and there. "Come over here darling, I've something to show you!" Resting on one of her fabric cutting tables was a small and quite ornate object. It was mother of pearl with an inlay of what looked like dragon glass and lapis lazuli. The object was also pretty much donut shaped. The central area could be slid in or out, allowing for different sized horns to fit through it. "This is a horn allsource!" she tapped the item gently. "Unicorns use these to help them solidify their magic." She purposefully left out the part that it was usually very young unicorns that used a horn allsource. Rarity slid out some of the middle section so that it slipped over her horn and rested at it's base. She allowed her magic to flow and the ring captured it, focusing the energy before pulsing it gently through her horn and towards a pin cushion across the room. The cushion rose slowly from the shelf it had been on and floated over to the fabric table. After the demonstration she took off the ring and offered it to Moonlight. "Would you like to give it a try dear? Just allow your magic to flow and the allsource will help condense it and guide it to its proper purpose." The allsource could be of help but it was not a fix all for those learning to use their magics as intended.
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    Ossia didn't need to tell Blueblood twice to beware Kastroti dealings. He had as few of those as possible; there was little to be gained in his mind for any Equestrian from such. Besides, of course, magical power beyond the ken of even most wizards. But not relics, so that wasn't part of his concern. Speaking of relics, as the alicorn continued, Blueblood's curiosity and confusion began to give way to realization and clarity. He did recognize those three names, no study of his family history could go without mentioning them. In fact, now that he thought about it, it was such legends that had inspired his initial interest in magical items in the first place. "Goldgrasp..." He murmured under his breath, looking at the box with a new, more appraising gaze. "I... can't say for certain whether or not you're right, but the theory accounts for all known facts and contradicts none." He snorted in agreement with her judgment of dear Auntie Celestia's judgment. "In all likelihood, she got the other two the same way. I doubt essential relics would have been used for dowries, not when more ordinary riches were to hoof. Perhaps they were even in the museum as well, though they would have been moved by now if so. However... if what I heard about Goldgrasp in the stories is accurate, it could be used to find the other two. Or Andomalius, I suppose I should call it? I prefer Goldgrasp, to be honest."
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    Azure "Iggy" Ignine To say it was a strange day in Ponyville would be superfluous - it was ALWAYS a strange day in ponyville... but on this particular strange day, many a resident was staring up and down the main street, but thankfully not at some monster escaped from the Everfree, nor at some strange fallout from events at the school, it wasn't even a mess left int he wake of the CMC for once! No, today they were staring, (with some pretending not to stare) at a large wagon rolling down the street, pulled by a brightly colored Kirin, who was humming to herself as she made her way through town. It wasn't like nopony had heard of the mystical race, but for most of them this was the first time they'd seen one in the fur... or scales... or, well, both. The kirin in question, unbeknownst to them going by Azure Ignine (Iggy to her friends) finally stopped at a house not far from the castle. The kirin looked at the structure both in awe and in disappointment. Whether she was wishing that the Princess of Friendship still lived there... or maybe even lamented the unfortunate replacement of Golden Oaks with the castle, was uncertain (actually it was both). Though when she thought nopony was looking she levitated a small piece of crystal (broken off from the castle sometime in the past, probably due to either the CMC or Rainbow Dash crashing into it) and into a bag, which she meticulously labeled and placed in the wagon. After this she walked over to the sign out front that has once said "FOR RENT" and now said "RENTED" and pulled it from the ground. Walking to the door, she pulled a key out from her bags and unlocked the door, taking a deep breath... and sneezing, causing a huge cloud of dust to fill the house and flow out the door, causing iggy to drop the sign where it was on the porch and sending the kirin scurrying back to the wagon coughing "ok... so its going to take come cleaning..." she said between the coughs "Cloudy! Jasper! We're here!" she waited a moment, hearing no response she frowned "Cloudy! Jasper!" Now her eyes turned white as tiny flames danced around them "Jasper get up!" she exclaimed as she levitated the blanked off the back of the wagon. ...but all that was back there were boxes... She blinked, her eyes returning to normal as the flames faded... she then sighed "...Boys..." she muttered disparagingly as she carefully folded the blanked up and placed it next to the boxes Iggy then walked back to the house and looked inside "Welp, now's as good a time as ever to test out my new cleaning spell!" she said, her horn glowing. Moments later there was an explosion as the whole town was covered in a dust cloud, followed by a shower of soap bubbles... yep... just another typical day in ponyville...
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    Neb continued dancing, swaying on her little stool. The bat's balance was impressive, but that had to do with what she does for a living. She was always out, working out somehow. Not because of her job, but because of her little boxing club down under the city. The mare never really talked about it though, so if anypony asked she'd just shrug. She was fit, toned. Rather thin for a pony, but she was shorter than most. She was tiny, but confident. Most would call her a firecracker. The mare licked her lips, letting out a "Ha!" Then swerved back to her date. "Dusk is wicked talented. Super chill pony too. I love talkin' to her." Neb spotted the empty spot, surprised that there even was one. The club was so packed, she didn't expect there to be an open spot. It was perfect for dancing, though. The mare new that. Any open spot was a total steal. "If you ever wanna know where something is- I can totally show you the ropes around here." The bat let out a smirk, kicking her elbows back again. Once Neb got her drink, she took a sip, immediately smiling from the fruity flavor. She couldn't help but wiggle her legs from how good it was. It was kind of cute. She took a couple more sips, then nodded her head to Reck's idea. "I'm always in the mood for dancin'! I got moves for days!" Nebulous hopped down from the stool, following Reck onto the dancefloor. The half-bat was already dancing, making Neb more in the mood. She started to dance too, hitting every beat that was thrown down. The new lights made her look bright, and she couldn't help but stare at Reck. She looked really pretty, so Neb let out a fang filled smirk. "You're a good dancer! You know that?"
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    Cloudy Skies It was a beautiful day in equestria, the sun was bright, the heat was moderate, though a little on the warm side and there wasn't a cloud in the sky... ok there was one cloud, but it was so small it probably was forgotten when the pegasai cleared all the rest out! Overall, it was a great day for a new beginning! the long trip had been a chore for the 'griff, as much as he enjoyed assisting his best friend in her research, there was a limit on how many times he could hear the words "Wild Magic" and "Paranormal Nexus" before he went crazy... and Jasper's continual commentary on the bumpy ride and the harness of the wagon didn't help any --- especially when Cloudy had already told him that if he didn't like it, he could just fly --- which was exactly the method that Cloudy had employed for large portions of the trip. Much as he hated to agree with Jasper, the pesky dragon had been right, the wagon was uncomfortable and bumpy... Not that jasper would have noticed it if he had taken a turn helping pull the wagon... But that was behind them, while Jasper and Iggy found their way to the trio's new home, Cloudy had been tasked with finding them all a nice meal to celebrate... so he needed some fish for himself, gemstones for jasper, and enough salad to split between himself and Iggy. Cloudy found himself after a bit of a search looking around the small but surprisingly well-stocked ponyville market. Though he noticed while he was eyeing the wares of the pony merchants, there were quite a few eyeing him as well. Was it really that odd to see a hippogryph here? He thought that in the time since the Storm King's defeat, his kind had spread around enough that every pony would have seen at least a couple before now... maybe Iggy had been wrong about Ponyville being a magnet for weird phenomenon! he chuckled to himself at the idea, making sure to smile at the ponies -mostly foals- who were eyeing him as he began slowing browsing the stalls, looking for the components for his and his friends inaugural dinner in their new home!
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    Reck laughed at the bat's response to her kiss. She shrugged and leaned in so she could purr her words. "Well, I know what I like babe." Dusk til Dawn had played once before since she'd come into town so she knew the DJ could really get the crowd going. The slender unicorn was living up to expectation and then some as she laid one of her latest tracks on the table. Reck's shoulders were moving in time to the beat as the bat turned to her, wings spread. The pegabat couldn't help the eyebrow raise and sly smirk that came over her face when Neb mentioned the music feeling her up. Words weren't needed to express what she wanted to do. "Once before," She nodded in time. "She's a sick DJ no doubt!" The mare glanced around, noting an empty space near them. "Still gettin' the lay of the land, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it," After a couple minutes for them both to have a couple sips of their drinks, Reck stood and nodded to the empty spot she'd spied out. "Let's dance!" The lighting changed a few minutes later, becoming darker with laser beams lancing through the clouds of mist that had been emitted into the room. This was awesome! Reck started to dance, watching Neb with that same sly smirk.
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    "....Uuuuuhhhh, yeah..." Swift answered, still embarrassed about his earlier outburst. But not enough to stop the next question. "Did you.....toyed with similar idea Sparkle? I mean...you an Aunt already....correct? Surely that had to make you ponder...." unicorn started but soon shook his head. "Sorry....I guess it's too ponysonal to ask such things." What Twilight said would explain this rooms purpose...well a part of it's purpose. But still something didn't added up.... "Alright, but Why?!" Squall asked a question that certainly bothered both of them. "You don't have to be an unicorn to practice alchemy. Just....just to see if he could? Science I guess, but from practical standpoint this is nonsense. Even if you alter earth pony signature to such way that would allow them to use sorcery, their output would never match natural born unicorn doing the same. It's like using chocolate hammer, the results - or the math in this case - just doesn't add up. If this is what Mycus was doing, then this room alone is an overkill. At least security wise..." Swift watched as mini-Sparkle tried to ineffectually reach the alchemy table. And failed. Squall was thankful that his helm was masking his face completely - that way he didn't had to explain his amused expression. "Suuure. By the way, how long till You are 'Reach-Top-Shelf' size again?" noblepony asked while following alicorn's instructions.
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    Applejack's first few moments of unconsciousness were due entirely to her supreme shock at the offer that was laid out in front of her, she was mare enough to admit. It wasn't every day one of the richest and most well-to-do stallions in Equestria offered you such enormous overpay for a project that didn't seem all that hard. Time consuming? Possibly. But work she could do and work she knew she could do well. All that money? That was an insane amount of money for how much work she was doing. It certainly spoke to his wealth. The next two hours however was simply because she was very, very tired. It had been a busy day to bury the lead. A hundred country kisses, running around the farm preparing for a storm, and a thousand other worries and concerns that rattled around in her skull and were sent barreling through her bones finally hit her like a sack of bricks. She straight up slept for a solid two hours. When she woke up she had taken the blanket that had been gingerly placed on her tightly and curled around it, with a throw pillow under head head as she nestled deep into the couch. She woke up and turned to the room, her eyes heavily lidded as she gave a deep yawn. Shaking the rust off, she listened to Squall speak. It had been two hours? Ha! She must have really been knackered. She could hear the sound of hooves upstairs- yep, the other members of the family must have finished, eaten, and were getting ready to sleep themselves. It had been a long day for them as well. She was proud of her entire family and she never let them off without knowing it. She rolled over and sat up, stretching her back to let the muscles get themselves back up in working order. "Thanks for tha blanket, sugar. Glad you enjoyed dinner ta boot," she said with a pleasant laugh as she trotted over to the still warm food. She took her plate back into the room with her silverware, all of it on a chair. She sat down back on the couch stirred her food. "Sorry about all that right there. Ah got so struck by that amount of bits...woo-hee, thats really somethin'. You bet yer rear you have yerself an' accord. When do ya need me ta start?" She asked as she started to eat, the storm outside starting up something fierce.
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    So many questions ran through Twilight's mind. This creature was still mysterious to her. 'was what he could be' didn't resolve matters either. Did she always live within him or was she a creation of the magical effect of the artifact? Twilight's mind raced as did her hoof after the firm and energetic shaking that sent her foreleg wobbling about without her control for a few moments longer until she caught it with her other leg and brought it down. She was a very powerful creature as well. Very friendly, very powerful, and endlessly curious. Now this was the type of okami she could get behind! Of course it sounded like the guest who had made his way inside was still in there and aware. That was a little less than exciting, and meant it was a state of affairs that could not last forever. "This is my castle, in the capital of Equestria- Canterlot. Home to a School of Magic and many unicorns, so that would help explain all the magic you are sensing," Twilight giggled lightly as she swept her leg around. "And the castle itself is home to many magical artifacts and spells used to help with upkeep and defense. Depending on how strong your senses are, I could always tone it down if it becomes distracting or a problem for you," the Princess offered as a small notebook and quill appeared off to her side. It was time for questions. "So, you say you are what he could have been. What does that mean, exactly? Are you pulled from a slightly different universe, a timeline, or a recreation of what te artifact thinks he could have been? Is the implication that he was always going to act the way he does, and you are always going to act the way you do, and only in different forms are these reflected? You say he can hear us, and this implies you are both different personalities and consciousnesses. Have you always been there, buried, or were just birthed from the artifact? And how does 'control' flip?" She asked breathlessly, her mind racing with the implications of the transformation in front of her.
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    The revelation about the Dragon Wars stunned Blueblood, but it honestly didn't surprise him. His own ignorance as to history was large enough, even by his own estimation, to hide such a massive thing within. A world ruled by reptiles... "Well, I suppose I'm glad to be born after that whole mess." He took a seat opposite Ossia, pulling out a flask and tumbler from a storage nook. "I don't have any objection to the full version now; I have the time, and it will probably save questions later."
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    Aiya, this was quite the... peculiar situation Empress Yuè had found herself in. A fox spirit, a being that has lived through more than a dozen mortal lifetimes, hidden amongst the very Imperial Court! Of that there was no doubt, as Yanhua’s modest foxfire demonstration was still most convincing. As a royal qilin expected to treat with the likes of the Wise & Noble Long, the Empress knew that Yao-Guai needed to be treated with the uttermost discretion, and without betraying the slightest bit of weakness. Until it was prudent to believe otherwise, Empress Yuè had no choice but to assume that there more behind Yanhua’s unassuming words than she let on. After all, it seemed fairly uncharacteristic for a fox spirit to reach nearly 1,000 years of life and be content with the mundanity of cheffing. Not from all the tales and legends of trickery the Empress has ever heard. “If you have managed to keep your true identity concealed for so long, venerable Yao-Guai,” Empress Yuè got right to the point, her gaze focused and unwavering; “Then what do you hope to gain from revealing your true self now? A resplendent creature of nature like yourself deserves not to be constrained by the boundaries of civilization.” Which was pretty much a face-saving way of saying that Yao-Guai and Long Sun don’t tend to mix very well. And every creature knew that even by Long Sun standards, the denizens of the Imperial Palace were extremely hostile to the thought of Yao-Guai in disguise walking around, free to weave mischief and mayhem.....
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    Yay! No worries, take your time! Sorry some of this is bold, it's copied from the app and comes out bold for some reason... Name: Gridlock Gender: Male Species: Aerion aka batty bat bat Appearance: He's oftentimes seen in sunglasses, either over his eyes or pushed up to forelock level. Pelt Color: Very dark grey fading to black as the fur travels down his legs. His wings are black. Mane/Tail Color & Style: Lock’s mane is brushed forwards into a large spiky shock. Strands of his forelocks tend to fall over his eyes and down his face. His tail is hock length, he uses gel to style it into spiky ends. Both mane and tail are dull black with a shock of electric yellow running through them. Eye Color: Electric yellow Cutie Mark: A black and white checkered flashlight with a yellow beam of light pointing towards Lock’s head. The beam ends in pool of light a bit away from the light source. Personality: He's snarky and can be a player at times. Kinda your average slick city pone. Type of Request: Digital please
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    Blaze ran slash hoped her way down the town road, head swinging about as she looked at everything in wonderment well she made her way to the farmland outside of town. But that stopped as she heard somepony calling out to her in a language she did not understand. Digging her hooves in to the dirt she slides to a stop and spins about to face the mare. The mare looked so much… like her self! But different! Wasting no time she bolted up to the other mare. “HI! HELLO!” She yells in greeting running about the mare before lifting not so fleshy wing up. “Ohhh, wings! Why is one like this? Why do you have two horns? They look nothing like mine! Where is your mane? You look so much like me! But not at all!” She talked in flood as darted about, leaving no part of the poor mare un-looked at or poked. “I’m Autumn Blaze, nice to meet you, I'm a kirin what are you? Are you some odd kiri? Do you speak like me? I did not understand you, I hope you can understand me!” she stopped darting about to stand in front of the mare with a big grin and cloven hoof out in greeting.
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    Once Pinkie had 'zoomed' ingredients into a bowl the mare had to admit she felt better! Her heart was still beating like craaaazy, but some of that was from her rapid movement and the rest well, if Cheese was causing it at least she had lots of other stuffs to keep her mind well away from that box. She wasn't afraid of the box. She wouldn't be timid when the time came to talk about it, it was just that now was not that time. She doubted he'd come back into town to talk about whatever these feelings were. She didn't even know if he felt the same way sooooo she wasn't going to go there. The ponk wanted to help her best friend, not distract him with whatever it was that was going on with her wacky ticker! When Cheese mentioned one of her classics, the mare smiled big. "OOOOoooo! Jalapeno strawberry!" She glanced about, noting ingredients. "Yeppers, we can certainly start with some of those!" A knife block was resting next to a cutting board not far from them and Ponk pointed to pint with a hoof. "If you want to start choppin' up the strawberries and jalapenos I'll go down to the cellar and find some strawberry jam!" She whisked a basket and strawberries and a few of the green hot peppers to the counter. "Now, don't touch you eyes or face once you've cut jalapenos Cheese!" She shuddered. "I learned that lesson the hard way once!" She was gone for a few seconds and then back with a big jar of gooey red goodness. "Yum!" She exclaimed while prying off the lid from the jar. "How's that chopping going?" Pinkie busied herself for a few moments and then asked. "So, ummmm," She pondered for a moment. "What did you want to ask me about?"
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    That facial expression sums her up better than I could have imagined.
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    Aw geez, maybe some Echo art will make me come back. Still going for lucky week seven so look out for a post on thursday or something. I blame D&D for taking all my imagination. Name: Echo Gender: Female Species: Pegasus Appearance: Cutie Mark: Swear I had a ref or something, but it's just a buckball with wings. Personality: Physically energetic, but socially insecure, a by product of her condition. Type of Request: Digital
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    “I’m not past taking an offer of clean water later.” Bravo remarked as he followed Blueblood. “It took me a few weeks to get used to the fact that clean water is so readily available. But even now I find it hard to stomach how wasteful some are with it… Same for food. I do my best to not pass judgement, devent worlds and different times.” He added giving some insight to views on the matter. To live on the scraps of a dying world gave one deep respect for the smallest of fortunate gifts. Clean water and food nothing to take for granted and even with so much at his hooves he found it hard to be wasteful. A full sea of drinkable water was as precious and valuable as half a glass full. A full table of food fresh and warm was no less wonderful than a can of ancient, yet edible, soup uncovered in the decaying heart of a long lost city. Upon entering the den Bravo whistled as he looked about the room, spinning about in place a few to take in all of the room. Well some of the wonder of this world was lost on him, time and time it pulled something new to impress him. He moved about studying architecture and furniture in wonderment of the past now living before him. Looking to Blue he nods his head. “Yes.” He says with a puff of smoke. Looking at the ashtray Blue can see the thinking going on behind Bravos eyes as the wastelander pieces together what it is. Than walked over and drops his spent cig on it. Than lifting a hoof he gently pushed the tip of a hoof down on it, crushing the cig and killing the embers. He then sits down on the seat, shifting his large wings about like a cape on his back. There large size was so much that they seem to get in the way of something so easy as sitting. Yet Bravo made do, a lifetime of dealing with them making such struggles part of life and hardly notable to him. “Surprise me, i’m not pisky. Just no whisky.”
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    Raven was stunned by the news, unable to really believe it. The... The Republic had effectively removed her identity with one vote... and she was torn by it. She didn't want to betray the Republic, but she also didn't want to hurt her fellow Jedi in any way. She'd just have to keep her head down, and follow the Jedi's orders... They couldn't fault her for that, right? It was times like this, where she was uncertain and even slightly afraid, that she wished she was more connected to the force. Hearing some of the masters talk, they described it as a guiding influence, one that could tell a being what to do, but the best she'd ever really had was being able to influence her own person with it... "If... If that's the case, then... Then lets hope whoever was responsible for wiping the data from the nav-charts was thorough... I imagine the Senate's going to have someone go through the temple's archives, and find a list of those who are in the order... If nothing else so that way they can identify those who are like us..." She finally said, her voice catching every now and then in shock...
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    "Yeah yeah, later though, come meet Gallus." Silverstream acknowledged her brother's desire to speak with her on what seemed to be a private matter, which she would dwell on in the back of her mind for the time being. But she didn't want to delay including Gallus in on the conversation due to him being a complete stranger to all things Seaquestria. Once Terramar had issued his official greeting of the fierce seagriffin, Silverstream took this time to grab a couple kelp chips. She would continue to put food in her mouth while her brother and Gallus conversed pleasantries until there was a moment where she felt she had to say something, which was likely only a few seconds at most. "Wait. Is it day? I could have sworn the sun was setting when we arrived." Silverstream looked up at the distance airy surface to detect the amount of light coming in from above. From what she could tell, most of the lighting was coming from the aquatic luminescence of Seaquestria, and from the underwater disco party that was happening right in front of them. "Terr, you must have been partying so long, you lost track of time," she snickered as she jabbed her brother lovingly in the fin. Silverstream had to rearrange herself mentally to remember all the things she wanted to show Gallus while he was down here. "It feels like we just got here, but we did the transformation, that was fun. We talked to mom who was at home at the time. And then we saw the whales, and we did some shell-stringing, and then we d-danced, heh." Silverstream got momentarily nervous when she uttered her last word, but then interrupted her own hesitation to divulge on the feelings with more ideas. "Oh! We should take the flow! I hear they redirected it this year so that it goes faster for seaponies to ride!" The flow she was referring to was an underwater current strong enough to send a swimming creature more than twice as fast as their swim speed and serves as an underwater theme park ride during events like these. When the party is not in session, it's used to get other places near Seaquestria proper in a short time.
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    Apple Bloom fell back from the counter, wiping the hard-earned sweat off of her brow. A few customers were getting a bit antsy with their words, saying how it wasn't right how some ponies got cider and others didn't and what a waste of time it was. Yet they'd be back tomorrow and Apple Bloom'd serve 'em all the same. The Apples well knew the passions their products could easily inflame in the hearts of others and didn't hold against them the flowing filth that screeched out of some mouths. If you were denied a taste of heaven, wouldn't you be cranky? Speaking of cranky, Apple Bloom had to roll her shoulder once or twice to get some soreness out of it. Talk about a workout! "Wooo-wee Applejack, that was a good first day! Mah crank-hoof's gonna feel it once tha season's over. Whatcha want me ta do now?" the filly asked as she approached her sis, ready and willing to take some additional orders. Hours had passed and the day grew long but her energy had yet to be fully spent. -------------------------------------------------- Somecreature whose willpower for the day had been spent was Gallus, whose mouth was agape at the knowledge that the day's cider had been sold. They had all year to prepare for this and they ran out this quickly? It was busier than it had any reason to be yeah but did they really just prepare a few hours worth of cider and then pump more for the next day? That was absurd. This as absurd. Everything was absurd because he didn't have a mug of cider and he could smell it and it smelled good. Damnit! "Oh what, really? You're out already!? I thought the Apples were supposed to be good at preparing for this event!" He yelled, though it would be hard to be heard over the din. It died down quickly enough- ponies held their anger so briefly. Good on them. Good for him. That meant he'd be the one to get cider at some point. Forcing his anger to evaporate was Silverstream's excited report about a new type of pony and how excited she was to know that this line provided for something else other than fuel for Gallus' frustrations. It, for example, gave him fuel for another idea. "Yeah...well I guess we'll have to come even earlier tomorrow. Hey, Silverstream- wanna camp out here together? You might need to go and get a tent or a bag though. I don't have a lot of room," he offered, happy to spend time with a friend rather than alone. Especially with that black griffoness and her indecent floof.
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     Rainbow flew close to her little guy, proud as she could be! He was already a strong flier for his age. Yep! He was probably better than she'd been at his age! He would definitely make a great flier someday. Her heart soared with the possibilities. He could be more than she ever was and that was all she could hope for. Of course she also wanted him to follow his dreams. She'd share her' dreams with him slowly over time and in the end, he was free to choose what was best for himself one day. Of course she did hope in flight tournament trophies and Wonderbolt colors but she'd let him have his own choice when it was time. Up, up, up they went. A little at a time until they past the roof lines. Wow! He didn't start to slow down until they had almost gone above all the trees! When she could see he was beginning to flag she flew under him and bolstered upwards. This would make him feel like he was climbing higher on his own but also he'd know she was right under him in case anything happened. This way they'd be able to progress safely and at a good rate. The pair continued on, into the brightness of day and towards a very special place Rainbow had in mind. It wasn't long until the outlines of that place came into view...the Wonderbolt training academy! "Almost there Zap! You still feeling good? You're flying is great!"
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    Zap was born in a barn to earth ponies. He spent a great deal of time inhaling the rustic air that blew through and around the apple orchard. And mother Dash was there, too. But almost like a visitor. Zap understood that his pegasus mom did not live where he lived, but he never knew why. His imagination might have brought him to conclude that Rainbow Dash never sleeps and thus never needs a place to lay her head. But that would be proven incorrect as a few times he saw her napping on a cloud, the same way Granny Smith did in a rocking chair, albeit with a little less grace. So the excitement in Zap Apple rose as he realized he was going to visit the place where she lived. Was this house a place where he could sleep? Where there toys there? "Oh. Kay." Zap muttered as he tried to ready himself for a high flight. He knew how hard this was for him, but he only needed to trust his mother to help him get to the destination. He started to flap his wings quickly, at first with irregularity and then consistently. He hovered slowly up and attempted to increase his speed upwards. He dared not look down, knowing that even if he doesn't fear heights, that he gets distracted by how excitingly far away the earth had become. He was able to flap his wings without strain by the time he could see the tops of all the buildings in Ponyville. Zap Apple started to grimace as he started noticing the tops of trees underneath him. His ascent would continue but at a slower rate.
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    RECKLESS Art by the awesome: GoldenDaze! Reckless was a liiiiitle late getting herself up and outta her tent. "Whew! What in Celestia happen-..." Her exclamation cut off as she realized she wasn't the only pony around. It was true though, Celestia only knew what she'd gotten into last night. She was, in fact, in a line... a very long line. "Why was I here again?" She tapped chin thoughtfully for a moment before the commotion further up the line drifted down to her. "Ah! Sweet Apple Acres cider!" She trotted in place for a moment, excited to taste some of that amazing golden goodness! She just wished she didn't have to wait in this dang line! The hybrid bat checked out the scene. Lots of ponies, yep, looooots of ponies. Most were run of the mill regular Ponyville ponies, bleh. Boring. Some were a bit more flooty and snooty, and some were ahha! Some were famous! She spied the pretty no, beautiful pink unicorn up at the front of the line. "Well, if I'm gonna do this I better do it right!" She ran a hoof through her mussed up hot pink mane to "fix it" as best she could. The bat pone trotted up like she owned the place, ignoring the ponies along that way that gave her stares of irritation for cutting the line. "What?" She smirked at one such fussy bottomed pony. "I'm just gonna go say hi to my friend!" A little closer and she could see that that same beautiful unicorn, who just happened to be fairly famous too, was hoofed over a mug of the good stuff! "Perfect timing!" She slowed to a calm walked and sidled up next to the fancy mare. "Hey there sweetness." Her words issued silky smooth like the feel of that perfect cider.
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    Magnus simply returned the female griffon’s nod, looking around at the rest of the line. Was that Blueblood back there? Huh, well that’s fine. When the line devolved into a mob, he growled in annoyance before starting to fight his way to the front. If they wanted to play this way, he was more than willing to reciprocate as he pushed through the crowd.
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     Not wanting to push the little guy too far on his lessons, Dash figured she would take him to see something that had inspired her as a budding flyer back in the days of her youth. It would involve a trip up to Cloudsdale but that wouldn't be a problem. Zappers had been up there quite a few times before, and had even been baby sat at her house one time. She blanched at the thought of getting her mess of a cloud house ready to accept not only her son but a babysitter too! Thankfully today it would just be her little guy and he didn't mind a mess. "Ok! We're gonna go up to Cloudsdale. Got something for you at my house and then..." She winked. "There's something super awesome to want to show you!" She would allow him to buzz as far up as he wanted and when he started to show signs of getting tired she'd bolster him up the rest of the way. "Let's get going!" She flexed her wings and did a few flaps, letting him move at his own rate. Someday he'd be able to make the trip all by himself but that would be a while still. Rainbow watched him with loving eyes, not wanting to miss a minute of time with her special little guy.
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    That Kirin was too damn happy. It was freaky. It was like Professor Pinkie Pie in kirin form. It just seemed strange. Gallus had a pretty good radar for this kind of stuff to. They all did, it was why Cozy Glow had no chance, but his had been honed in Griffonstone where you had to be on your talons at all times. He sincerely doubted that an adult Kirin was just wandering around Ponyville and heard about an O&O game being played by students and was just waltzing in. Something was...off. He didn't know what it was, though. Maybe he was just paranoid. Equestria was a weird place and maybe this was normal and he was the strange one. "Welcome to the game, Yama. I'm Gallus," the griffon replied, more guarded in spirit than word. He'd give this strange Kirin a chance. But he was still strange and he didn't know why everypony was so into him. Especially Silverstream, but then again she just liked new things and experiences. He didn't He liked the same perch and the same comforts. Or at least he pretended to. That was perhaps one reason why he didn't understand why she would want to play a strange species when she could play a normal one...but she would probably be creative enough to pull it off. Kirins weren't in the book! Like, what, they could just start making stuff up now? He had read the player races and there wasn't a thing about Kirins in there. What, were they going to take dragons and unicorns and smash them together? Ugghhhh. Fiiiiiinneeee. How would they even go about it? Gallus flipped through the race selections and started talking under his breath. Finally he spoke. "Okay, well, if we're going to just start making up races to play that aren't in the book, then look at unicorns, look at dragons, and then we can make a level adjustment. Take some traits and come up with something. Kirins have a draconic breath attack that follow a half-level progression and can cast spells at a half-level progression? I don't know. Maybe a ranged character of some kind? Todd the Kirin Ranger has a..theme, I guess" he said, leaning on his right talon arm and looking away from it and instead focusing on something slightly less awful. Only slightly less. Smolder returned his jabs with a character and everything. Lucy the kitten, the smelly kitten familiar. Gallus cocked a grin. "Not a bad picture, for a dragon at least. Needs more stink lines. Also, a longer tail. You know, to trip your enemies whe you throw it," he shifted in his chair, looking over his character. "I didn't want to use a double bladed weapon. That could hurt friends in close quarters, and as a Berserker, Smasher already has trouble when he is raging trying to not hurt friends. Don't want to double that up, right? Otherwise it would easy for Smasher to put just about anyone down by accident. Don't want that do happen now, do we?" He looked around, "not that I've thought about it or anything. Just looked at the book for a moment," speaking of looking at things, he took another look at his invite. The back of it, namely. Not a drawing there for him. He showed it to Smolder. "Looks like Yona knows who has the better sweet tooth between us. Guess she didn't want a repeat of the fish incident," he said with a nervous chuckle. He was an omnivore shaded carnivore. He knew ponies didn't eat meat, how was he supposed to know who else didn't? Speaking of not eating meat, Sandbar had a good diea on what he wanted to do. A Paladin certainly seemed cool. Frontline fighter with healing was always good and it seemed like he wouldn't be alone up there. Not that Smasher would mind, Smasher loved action. Sandbar also came up with a story. Sounded pretty cool. Did Minotaurs have tribes? Were there more than, like, three or four minotaurs? Oh well. Fantasy game and all that. "Marcol sounds like he has a lot going on, Sandbar. What tribe was he? Good character," Gallus said as if he knew half of what Sandbar was saying. Only half- he couldn't let on that he knew every word that came out of Sandbar's mouth. Bad for business. *The game will start whenever we are ready. We will be vague on what is happening until Yona returns, and just focus on our interactions in the gaming circle. :)*
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    Well, he was a touchy one. Yūrei simply gazed back at him, raising an eyebrow until he released her leg. After that, she looked out the window again, remaining completely silent through his words about hiring other ninjas to provide information on her clan. Not unexpected, actually. "<We are a clan that prides itself on deception and illusions, and yet you simply trusted the information from some outsiders?>" She said, leaving it at that as Swift continued talking. The mare looked over as he talked about honesty and wanting to play a game of honesty. "<Honestly? Those other ninja weren't a waste of money. And I must admit to being curious about this partnership and the compensation for my honesty.>" Yūrei turned fully to face him after that, letting her horn disappear and her wings emerge. At the same time, her hair changed into its bun form and she pulled her pins out of a pocket and stuck them into the bun. All in all, it simply looked like she was releasing an illusion spell.
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    Name: Hēi Lián (黑蓮) (Black Lotus) Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Qilin Eye Colour: A vibrant Ruby Red (#E0115F). Coat: Champagne White (#F7E7CE) with the scattered scales along his back and haunches being Royal Yellow (#FADA5E) and the uniform scales on his snout and underbelly being charcoal grey. His antlers and hooves are the same charcoal grey. Mane/Tail: Long, wavy, silky black hair with a gradient of dark blues and greens, giving his mane, tail tuft, and ankle fluffs a look akin to an oil slick. When in formal situations, Hēi keeps his mane up in a tight braid and knot. Informally he lets his mane hang free. Physique: Slim and fit, an athlete's build. Residence: The Imperial Palace in Huangjing. Occupation: Prince of Long Guo, Anointed Follower of the Harmonious Path. Imperial Attire: When attending courts or important political affairs, Lián wears an elaborate white and gold shimmersilk mianfu adorned with an embroidery of the Imperial Crest — a black and white serpent dragon spiraling around a flaming pearl. Lián's cutie mark resides in the center of the crest. He occasionally wears a white and gold yishanguan along with it. Cutie Mark: A Black and White Lotus Blossom with a Golden Aureole. Unique Traits: Like his twin sister, Lián has a good degree of training in both physical and magical arts. However unlike his sister, he has attempted to take each of these several steps further since his sibling's ascension to the throne to better defend both his country and his sister should the need ever arise. While well versed in a variety of breath magics, Lián excels at electrical based spells, employing them to disable and devastate in equal measure should the need arise. But the magic he totes as his signature combative ability is also the one that can leave him the most vulnerable. Using a focused lightning breath to shock and stimulate his muscles, Lián can greatly amplify his speed and strength to super-qilin levels. This allows him to move faster than the average eye can keep up with and strike harder as well. Though this magic has a great downside of burning through his energy rapidly and leaving him tired and vulnerable afterwards. The young prince also employs his electrical magics when it comes to weaponry — electrified staves or tonfa being his mainstay — having practiced long and hard with the light and swift weapons. History: As the twin and only full blooded sibling of Yù Yuè, Hēi Lián and his sister shared a spot as the Emperor's youngest children and were tied for last in the line of succession. A thought that didn't remotely bother the young Qilin, who was simply content to spend his days with his sister and their friends, with much of his childhood spent outside of Huangjing at his mother's — the Emperor's former consort — estate. It was there he learned of how the other half lived, making wonderful lives in spite of meager means. Balancing work and rest in equal measure, always finding time to spend with their family despite the labours they faced. Something like that was rare back in the palace, except between him and Yuè, where he and the young filly would often play alone while their siblings busied themselves with their studies and their father with his rule. When the two were finally old enough, Lián would often join his sister on her excursions into Huangjing. Although they were rarely ever without the watchful eye of a nursemaid, the two were occasionally able to give their chaperone the slip and stay out mingling with the common folk longer than they would usually be allowed, affording them more time to learn of the city and its nuances. On more than one rare event, Lián would sneak out on his own to further his knowledge of the cityscape and the charming residents therein. This practice would earn him quite a number of friends in the Outer Ward later in life. Back in the palace, Lián often minded his studies alone or with his sister when he was able. Shirking and avoiding the Court that tore his parents apart for fear of them doing the same to him and his sister. Far from impetuous though, the colt was always properly affectionate and polite to his mother and father and consistently applied himself in his lessons. Being that the two were the Emperor's youngest, hardly anyone was concerned about leaving the two to learn at their own pace. After all they had many, many years before either one would, improbably, reach the throne. With so much of their time spent together, it was a wonder that the twins didn't earn their cutie marks at the same time. But while Lián was born first by five seconds, Yuè was the first to earn her cutie mark. A feat that made him both proud and jealous! And one that, unbeknownst to him, would change both of their lives forever. For several weeks after Yuè got her cutie mark, the Emperor began to dote on her more. Taking a greater interest in her affairs, spending more time with her, and imparting advice that he had never shared with his other children. It was easy for Lián to see the hurt in his jilted older sibling's eyes. It was a moment where he realized that, now more than ever, he had to keep his sister safe and try to keep the peace in his already tumultuous family. With this new drive and determination, Lián began to shadow some of the Watch during their training exercises, watching how they fought, learning the techniques they used, practicing late at night when he was alone. He would sneak his way into the city and learn to streetfight from his friends in the Outer Ward, which raised many an eyebrow about where he got so many scrapes and bruises. After all, he never left the palace! But hooves and magic were never meant to be the only answer. Peace and discussion were just as strong as any spell when given the chance. And so, as he threw himself into frays, so too did he throw himself into books. Books on psychology, diplomacy, and philosophy gave the colt many a sleepless night. Hours he would spend ruminating over the topics and tending his wounds. One quiet night, Lián would find himself having to put his theories of peacekeeping and diplomacy to the test. An elder sister, tired of all the attention and praise that Yuè had received of late, fumed and stormed her way towards the twins' room only to be stopped by Lián, who was once again up late with a book in hoof. For hours the two sat and talked. The sister was hurt and angry. She had always seen herself as the favoured daughter. Why, then, had father taken to Yuè instead? And though Lián couldn't claim he knew the workings of his father's mind, he did know that in spite of his faults and shortcomings, the Emperor loved each and every one of them and only ever tried to do what was best for them and for their country. Even though her heart still ached, she knew her younger brother was right and that sabotaging Yuè wouldn't make her feel any better. Worse than that, it would hurt father more. Something she couldn't bare to do. With peace of mind and a smile, the elder sister gave Lián hug of thanks, just as the colt's cutie mark came into existence — a white and black lotus blossom with a golden light shining from behind it. The colt got no sleep that night. While most young colts would be excited and rush off to tell their family, something that Lián wanted dearly to do, his exuberance over his cutie mark was quickly overshadowed by the news that his sister would be leaving soon for Fenghuang Monastery to become a student of the Harmonious Path. Refusing to let themselves be split apart, Lián approached his father, begging the Emperor to let him go with his sister. After some convincing, the Emperor acquiesced and bade Lián to prepare to leave as well. For Yuè, the change of scenery and pace went smoothly. But for Lián it took some adjusting. There were no more nights of sneaking out to plan and roughhouse with his friends, nor could he keep his habit of sleepless nights of study. The change was not an easy one, but the young qilin tried his hardest and eventually found his stride, learning a great deal in the martial arts, dragon breaths, art, and mediation. Some things were different, but much stayed the same. After their time of study, training, and service to the community had reached its end, the twins had grown into proud and strong qilin in mind, body, and spirit. Though the night, after gaining the title of "Anointed Follower," their joyous celebrations came to an abrupt end. Several frantic messengers from the Capital had come to rush them home, their father had taken ill and requested that Yuè be at his side. It was in that moment, as they hurried home to be with the sick Emperor, that Lián truly realized why his father had taken such interest in his sister. Yuè was to be Empress. In the hurricane of emotions that swept through the palace after his father's passing, Lián sat aside his personal desires and feelings to do what he felt he must. His elder siblings and even the members of his father's court were furious and confused. Lest Yuè suffer the slings and arrows of their hurtful words, Lián spent days and weeks doing all he could to calm the tide of anger and still find time to comfort his sister. And while the storm has passed for now, and Yuè sits upon the throne smiling and giving her all to her Empire, Lián knows a storm still stirs on the horizon and in his sister's heart. Yuè tries to close herself away from befriending others in fear of betrayal and the court and their siblings won't stay quiet forever. Someday the hurricane may rage once more, but so long as he can help it, Lián will do everything he can to protect the Empire and above all, his sister. Character Personality: Lián in private and Lián in court are two sides of the same coin. Away from the politics and drama of court life, Lián is lively and outgoing with a strong desire to make connections with not only the people of his country, but also those of other lands. While not the most versed in being a diplomat, he's more than happy to meet with ponies, griffons, and others to discuss his own home and hear about theirs in kind. Most would call him quite charming. In court, Lián is quiet and calculating. There are those in his sister's court that would see her disposed from the throne for no reason other than their own gain, and some of his brothers and sisters are not much better. Thus, he must keep his eyes and ears open to see past the guile of crooked courtiers and scheming siblings. One thing never changes between court and private life, and that's Lián's devotion to his sister. As her twin, Lián knows more than anyone the struggles that she shoulders and tries to hide, and the young stallion does his best to keep her spirits high and reminder her that there are still those out there she can trust and open her heart to. Character Summary: A young and charming Prince, the twin brother of Long Guo's reigning Empress who believes in his sister above all else. It's his desire to see her — and her people — happy and fruitful, and will do everything in his power to protect her and his nation from those who seek to do it harm. Even if they are blood. Over all, Lián is a friendly noble, oft times shirking the stuffier traditions that one comes to expect from the Imperial Children of Long Guo. He's much more at home mingling with the people, learning how they live, who they are, and what troubles them. Most often he's in a good mood, until he has to deal with the overwhelming swarm of politics that he knows he has to deal with. Text Colour: (#E0115F) Poison Joke Reaction: TBD
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