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    From the album: 2.0

    An oc of mine that really needed an art update!
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    Spike felt a strong sense of relief when the older dragon came over to give him a hug. Smolder always seemed so confident and strong! Like he wished he could be! But for now he would settle with just knowing he had a friend to send confidence and strength his way. "Wellllll," He gulped, looking up at his friend from his hug. "I'm uh, a little nervous." He tried to take a deep breath and ended up coughing some smoke. "Don't tell anyone but I haven't exactly done a lot of kissing in my life," He looked around to make sure nopony heard him. "Twilight sent me to get some apples for something she's try to make and well, I didn't know I'd have to give a kiss to get some." He blushed again. Then Applejack was calling him up for his turn! He tried to toughen up, rolling his shoulder back and grinning. It felt good that Smolder cared enough to make sure he was ok. She really was a good friend! "Th-thanks Smolder." He allowed her to straighten him up before jogging off to meet Applejack and get those apples! He turned and waved. "Let's hang out soon ok?" There was always more to learn from a more grown up dragon! "Oh, uh....hey there uh Applejack," The young dragon stepped up to the booth. "So Twilight said to get her some red delicious and a few granny smiths if you've got them?" He didn't mention the kissing and his blush was only deepening.
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    From the album: 2.0

    By 20% at least!
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    Shining Armor was grateful that his assessment of the Caribou situation was taken as valid. The Admiral was even willing to back up his tactical assessment, to the point where General Pummel was willing to concede some flexibility. "The simple fact of the matter is, we're not really going to know what works until we see it in action, and if we're actually the ones in that action... that's a bad time to learn what we got wrong. It might not be a bad idea to use the opportunity offered by the Whitescar war to give the caribou some of the devices we were thinking about using. They would know better than any of us what their equipment is actually weak to, and therefore whatever they want to get from us will give us a lot of information. Having friends on the front lines can help us as we ramp up at home." He was a Sparkle Family member, at the end of the day. Shining wanted hard data before he committed to a conclusion, and a chance to get that without spending the lives of his own ponies to buy it was a bargain as far as he was concerned. Tying two problems to the same solution was also attractively elegant, and it gave the Prince no small amount of satisfaction in seeing it. General Pummel's objection to the Battlemage initiative and training was, in its own way, predictable. Shining Armor didn't want to impugn any ulterior motive to the older pegasus, but the general was rather notorious for being prejudiced against ideas that didn't fall within his own, admittedly griffon-centric framework of 'modernization.' Shining had run into that more than once in his Lieutenant days. Nonetheless, he didn't find anything objectionable in Pummel's assessment at first. There was, indeed, a very good reason that magic of that kind was banned, and they'd all do well to keep it in mind. His counter-suggestion, however, struck a discordant note that caused Shining to grimace. Some flaw in the logic that needed pointing out, civilly. But the pegasus's final insinuation went far enough to draw up the Prince's hackles. "Out of Line, General." He barked out, in a clipped, commanding voice. The sort of voice that Pummel was unlikely to have had directed at him for decades, for the simple reason of very often being the highest-ranked stallion in the room. But, with his new Royal Position, that did put Shining Armor above him in the chain of command. Not that the younger Prince would often pull rank, out of respect for seniority and experience. But this couldn't stand. "I was at the academy as well as you. And what's more, an avid reader of mystery novels in my youth, of good and bad literary quality. It's theoretically possible for a tea doily to be used lethally, but that doesn't affect the question of whether or not it ever was. Certainly, it's not something that would happen accidentally. I've studied the science, and Twilight's right. Unless the pegasi deliberately set up a specific situation for a limited group of vulnerable ponies, it just wouldn't happen. To insinuate hidden lethalities under the circumstances is slanderous, sir." The issue was a sensitive one, for the Crystal Prince, at least. Tribalism may be a dead dog as far as most of Equestria was concerned, but the Crystal Empire had not had 1,000 years of getting accustomed to non-Crystal ponies. They weren't know for xenophobia, but careless remarks stood a greater chance of bringing it out. The Prince had found himself nipping a few dicey situations in the bud, and was still on something of a high alert. Of course, that did tie in to the larger issue. "In fact, that brings up another point. Equestria just doesn't have a lot of killers in it in any case; when you take out pie-throwers, we have one of the lowest rates of violent crime, even in the larger cities. Murder is almost unheard of. Frankly, quite a few psychologists looking over the old reports, and correlating them to countries such as Aquellia with higher rates, seem to conclude that making a pony comfortable with killing is more than half the trauma. Simply giving them the means after, whether physical or magical, affects it by degree and not kind. And I will concede your point, insofar as anything can be a weapon. Goes back to my point of veteran integration; rogue battlemages are a nightmare, true. Do we have any plans for when more ordinary killers go rogue? Most of our municipal guards would be no more prepared for that than a battlemage, if I'm being frank."
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    Tempest gently tucked away the caribou amulet underneath her warm jumpsuit. Tailor made for the cold north, it was thick and very good at keeping the heat on her body. She offered up a quick prayer to the faith she had taken to as she strapped down plates of black steel on her body. Peace by peace, part by part. It was relaxing to her to do so. In a way she found some mental safety and outlet in the act. Well some saw it as weird she saw it no different than others that walk about in fancy dresses or outfits. It's there outlet, a way to show what they are with fashion. For her the plates of steel were just that. Self identity. Something she deeply needed. Done preparing herself for the elements she killed the fire and wiggled out from underneath the old tree she was camping in. Stretching she yawns and watched the steam drift away from her muzzle in the cold air… A few minutes later she was doing her morning warm up. Trotting in place, than a run. She was back in the far north on a job. From heart flank no less! She can’t name one mare she was MORE shocked to get a letter from. But the job was all to fitting. Some monster was out in the woods and she got tasked with dealing with it. She was to work with the IAP on the job and give them a helping hoof. So whatever it was, it must be a nasty thing and she was going to smash its face in. Several hours later she was at the front door of the IAP headquarters… it was small. Given a look over it was more like a home than a headquarters. No wonder they needed help. Walking up to the door she moved a hoof up to nock, but stopped. Spiked horseshoes are not nice on wood doors. So she took care to tap her hoof on the door and not destroy its paint job. “It’s Tempest! Was hired to help with some monster hunting!” She shouted. It was COLD and she wanted to get inside and warm up some. But the storm of barking and other assorted namel noises left her confused. Was this the headquarters or did she misread the map and end up at some animal shelter? “Uh, is this the Imperial Arctic Patrol!?” She added. By the gods if it was… “Crystal ponies…” She groaned.
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    .....It was not easy for Sunset Shimmer taking in these sorts of heart-felt confessions. Perhaps the only thing in the Multiverse that could have been even more awkward would be if Twilight Sparkle for some nonsensical reason revealed out of the blue she was desperately in love with the amber unicorn. Because for all the friendships she was blessed with today, a subconscious yet fundamental part of Sunset still believed herself not worth somepony sacrificing their life over. After all, it wasn’t like the Equestrian girl was a princess or anything like that. After a few moments however, Miss Shimmer’s unsure gulps transformed back into a warm smile as she buried her uneasiness away. “Friendship involves sacrifice in some instances,” Sunset sagaciously said; “...But it’s also about sticking with your pal til’ the end of the line. There’s no way I was EVER going to abandon you, Temy.” That was a creed the amber unicorn could comfortably live by. Sunset Shimmer offered her resting friend an eager hoof. “Come on girl; we’re almost to the end. Let’s grab what we came here for and head home!” Giving Tempest Shadow the time she needed to pull herself up (with help), Sunset eventually coughed up an afterthought as she smirked; “Oh just to let you know Tempest... if I lose you now, I won’t have the wilderness skills to make it back to Equestria. Not that I wanna’ put too much pressure on you staying in one piece or anything.....”
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    Welp; guess it’s back to rockwolves again... which in this circumstance, was actually a welcome diversion for Sunset Shimmer..... ---------- *Pop* *Pop* *BOOM!!!!!* BLAST that confounded alpha wolf!!! Sunset hit that thing with everything she had, but when the smoke cleared from the furious explosion, the canine rock elemental remained standing... completely unharmed, in fact! It seemed quite unimpressed with the unicorn’s awesome display of magic, responding only by dusting itself off. “Uhhhhh, Tempest?” Sunset expressed her profound fear; “Got any ideas?”
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    Twilight Sparkle was a wonkish pony princess; truly she was. Unfortunately, she was letting the present status quo blind her to the future of warfare that was about to unfold. When the princess rattled down the list of deposits, General Pummel quickly added; “And Long Guo.” It would have had been egregious to leave out the civilization that had been the historic pioneer behind gunpowder weaponry, and which to this day remains the world’s largest manufacturer of civilian and military rocketry. ". . . There is a reason the most advanced military forces on the planet . . . do not use them as the main thrust of their arms. It isn't access or lack of know-how." “I wouldn’t be so sure about that.” A new voice brimming with chilling smugness immediately interjected from the far end of the conference table from Princess Twilight. The earth pony mare speaking up sported a short stylishly-trimmed mane, a pair of half-tinted glasses, and a rather fashionable cravat. The credentials for this odd one out being here was that she was none other than Spyglass; Director of the Secret Monster Intelligence League of Equestria — or S.M.I.L.E. for short. S.M.I.L.E. was a civilian agency, but the intell it gathered abroad (and the other clandestine activities it conducted) gave S.M.I.L.E wide-ranging importance in national security affairs. “From what we’ve gathered from our informants,” Director Spyglass coolly explained; “House Silverbeak of Aquellia is pouring vast sums of money into experimental weapons development. In fact, they’ve already produced numerous designs on par with WRAITH’s; in some cases... too eerily so. If there’s one thing about Aquellians... they’re a prideful nation, and they won’t rest until THEY can claim the unquestioned title of most advanced military. Their leadership is 100% committed to this goal, no matter the expense. And so as Aquellia start equipping its forces with these weapons, other regional powers will inevitably feel they have no choice but to follow suit, or else risk getting muscled out of their spheres of influence... or outright losing territory. Our analysts believe that a decade from now, the designs pioneered today by WRAITH will become standard-issue in most militaries capable of projecting force on a regional scale.....” When it became clear that Director Spyglass had finished speaking, Pummel moved swiftly to give his own rebuttal; “With all due respect Madam Princess, barely any resource exploration has even been done in the Painted Pinto Desert. The geologists we’ve consulted however are confident that there is every reason to expect that suitable deposits can be found, much as they’ve been located in other arid corners of the world. I assure you that scarcity won’t be an issue. As for how cannons compare to ballistae, the simple fact is that a siege-grade cannon has five times the range of a bolt thrower and can fire its projectile at far greater speed, giving a round shot enough force to reduce any fortification to rubble without the need for enchantments. No heavy bolt enchantments have ever come close to replicating those results. Now, if we then compare ballistae to lighter anti-personnel cannons... it is possible to create enchanted bolt varieties with superior range and accuracy to round shot. However, that comes with the trade-off of that projectile requiring a lot more horse-hours to make, which can ONLY be done with an artificing specialist. And the end result is a heavy bolt that can only hit one target at a time. A single round shot projectile meanwhile... can plow its way through multiple rank-and-file the way a bowling ball mows down pins; no magic required. And not only can a cannonball be made by literally anypony in a factory, but light cannons are far more mobile and easier to set up than equivalent bolt throwers. Finally, we’ve seen WRAITH make effective use of small hoof-held cannons that can be readily carried into battle by a single pony. While even a mundane crossbow boasts superior range, accuracy, and rate of fire... a small cannonball fired at close-quarters can make mincemeat out of a heavily-armored combatant, regardless of where it hits. The same can’t be done with crossbow bolts without either exceptional aim, or costly enchantments.” ---------- On the matter of field tactics, Princess Twilight again betrayed her inherent tunnel vision. “Need I remind you,” Gen. Pummel countered as he sighed in frustration; “That the REASON rogue changelings and caribou attack en masse is because our over-reliance on antiquated and hard-to-manufacture weaponry allows them to get away with it. Give the Army and Navy a generous supply of cannons and rockets... and our opposition will start singing a different tune. ...You must also understand that if our troops depend solely on frontal assaults during offensive actions, we’ll suffer extensive casualties when taking the fight to the Enemy. That is something you MUST consider if you deploy your forces on an overseas intervention. When we fight over there for Freedom... it’s not just enough for us to have the bigger stick..... but we have to fight smarter than the other guy too. Because if we DON’T... it means a ton of brave stallions and mares won’t make it back Home, and your subjects will sour on everything we hope to accomplish here real fast.” For one slight moment, Pummel’s eyes appeared downcast as if in a mournful mood, suggesting that even a gruff pegasus as he could show a vulnerable side; “...I ask a lot of the ponies who serve under my command. I would like to think that in return, we’d give them every tool we could — and all the know-how they'll need — to ensure they return home to their families.....”
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    Bluebelle preened, or would have if she were winged, at Tiger's compliments. "Why, thank you. I had that little proposition put to the test this year with the academic look, which was completely new to me. Honestly, Lady Rarity deserves at least some of the credit for these designs." She stood, unable to resist giving the stallion a 360 degree view of her in the Friendship School colors. Opening his gift to her, she lifted the arrowhead close, inspecting its design and the carvings in it. "Well, this would make a perfect memento for meeting you, if we were never to meet again." She smiled over the levitated object at him. "Something, however, tells me that you are not going to be able to keep yourself away for that long, hm?" His next remarks pretty much confirmed her speculation, and she giggled as she set the gift back down. "Now that sounds like an excellent idea..." There was no need for mistletoe for this next kiss, only an opportunity a good enough excuse. Had to keep those windigos away somehow!
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    “She says that well I was the one pulling the wagon all trip. I hitched her up one time and she almost passed on a trot.” Tempest says rolling her eyes. “You know, I’d like if you at least tossed me a bone for all I was doing for you Sunny.” She added with a small frown. She was starting to feel somewhat upset about how hard Sunny was tossing her out on all of this. “And do we have to talk about the cave? … Ug. fine.” --------------------------- “First, singing will make it even more easy for danger to track us down well blinding us to it sneaking up on us. Second fire keeps you warm, not singing.” Tempest says well looking at her half empty bottle of rum. She had to really make it last, she only had two for the trip. “And I am sunny. This? Us? This is more than I have done in so long. And…” She shakes her head, slamming down a full more gulps of rum before speaking again. “I don’t know how to explain it. But sitting here by this fire with some pony to just talk with me is wonderful.” She looked over at Sunny, leaning her head to the side as she struggled to give words to things. “I’m not a normal pony. Maybe never will be. But I still want… This. Kinship. Friendship. In my own weird way. When we are walking and chatting I feel so alive. Showing you things you’d have never see or hear and helping you do this hunt is the happiest I have felt in a very long time Sunny. This trip is making me understand that maybe… Well, maybe I have a heart after all.” She put the bottle down, capping it and placing it deep in a bag that she shoved over to sunny to act as some guard. “And… Three. I don’t know Hearth’s Warming songs. I never really had a Hearth’s Warming Sunny. This trip is the closest I have ever had to one.” She added well closing her eyes, cleary getting more upset as she spoke. “I was homeless almost all my life, do you think I got to have a Hearth’s Warming? No, I was trying to stay warm in some box with stolen clothing to act as bed sheets. Do you think we had it in the Storm Army? No, we did not. The only holidays we had were celebrating the Storm King. Even if you go all the way back to me as a blank flank filly at home… Well, I never remember much of that. I don’t think I saw them much even than. I don’t know if they even loved me I just don’t remember.” She lays out by the fire as she spoke, opening her eyes to look in to the flames. “But I don’t want pity… I just want you to understand this IS the closest I have ever been to having one. And I…” She trails off for a few moments, for how stone cold Temy was most the time even Sunny and pick up the flood gate of feelings being held back at the moment. “Thank you Sunny… I don’t deserve friends. But I have you as one and I am so very thankful. I know I’m not good at showing feelings. But I am. I really am.” --------------------------- Tempest by this point in telling the story was now hiding her face underneath a pillow that she held down over her face was not not letting it move at all. It was her shield from seeing Twi or Sunny. She hated looking weak, showing feelings and most of all crying. She refused to let others see her like that and having to talk about this after feeling as if Sunny was undercutting her made it even worse. So the pillow was not going to move. “I’m fine, got something in my eye. It’s fine.” she mutters to safeguard her pillow shield.
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    Tempest let out a frustrated snort and gives Sunny a soft jab to the belly. “Ah yes, now let me say MY side in that.” She says with a roll of her eyes before going back and telling the events from her point of view… --------------------------- With a pained scream Tempest holds back the snapping jaws of stone, her legs shaking with force as hooves slide on stone. She was outnumbered twenty to one against stone wolves. She’s never seen one before now but learned fast. Hitting them did buck all other than hurt herself… Hitting stone blows. Strong as she was for a unicorn, she was a unicorn. Pushing the stone wolfs head up she takes aim for its chest and with a thundering clap of magic it was blown apart in two haves. She did not have time to even enjoy the small victory as another one slammed in to her side. All Tempest remembered is seeing stars as she was sent flying from the blow and rolling to a stop as the monster jumped on her. Hooves on its chest, pushing it away as it snapped and went for her neck. “SOME HELP!” She screamed out looking about for sunny. “WHERE IN LUNAS FA-” A blinding beam of magic passed over head. Even the stoner wolf stopped to look at it and the mountainside. Which was exploding. It shared a look with Tempest. One Tempest can’t really explain other both of them sharing in a moment of confused shock as an avalanche of stone came crashing down. All the stone wolves and Tempest stopped there conflict and ran for it as boulders came crashing down around them. Tempest was running for her life and totally not screaming in fear as she leaped out of the way of falling stones until she felt a rush of magic. Sunny grabbed her with magic yanked her out of the way of falling stones. --------------------------- “And then she kept holding me in her magic to fuss at me about starting fights. It was dreadful. I did not even start that fight! I did not know the rock I went behind to take a leak on was a dangerous stone wolf. OR the leader of the pack.” She says frowning. “But if I did not hold twenty of them back long as I did she’d been mauled to death. And I’d have won if given time.” She had to add the last remark in. “But we made it out alive and pushed onwards thanks to my excellent skills of navigating. Before you know it we found a river we can follow to the sea of ruin. Piece of cake. Followed it for about one day until we got to meet new friends.” --------------------------- “làir! leig seachad e!” A wild pony shouted, he was leading a pack of them armed in chainmail and swords. Tempest was running as fast as she can with the wagon hitched on her. “JUST BLAST THEM!” She shouted at Sunny. They were using the frozen river as a road, the spiked horseshoes temy had on letting her grip the ice better as the wagon slipped and drifted around every turn they made. “I don’t care if they are ponies! They are trying to stab us sunny! That is not friendship!” Tempest added, she felt her heart racing and legs burning but she pushed onward. Time to time she got to see behind the wagon well it was drifting, about a dozen ponies were hot on their tail. They looked as if they came out of the pages of a history book! She really had no clue what there deal was but they were armed and rushing at them. That never means ‘hay, let's be friends!’ and never will. ---------------------------
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    ((SO SORRY IF YOU ASSUMED I WAS GONE FOREVER!!)) "Oh! Um..." Rosemarey awkwardly trotted over to the side of the pitch and retrieved her ball, smiling to cover up her embarrassment. When she was across from Sweetie Belle, she rolled the ball back and forth between her front hooves, getting used to how it moved. Then she wondered how best to pass the ball. Her hot shot (no pun intended) coach seemed keen on passing it any which way with just about every part of her body, and she never really had explained the best way to do it for beginners. Rosemarey thought back to watching those apple ponies buck their trees. They always used their rear legs for power, so... like this? She turned around and peered behind her. "Alright, here I go!" she called out to her partner to signal that she was ready. She then bucked the ball as hard as she could, and... ...The ball was sent flying, rolling about 30 degrees to the left of her intended target and bouncing off the ground to fly up into the air. Rosemarey could feel that her pass had gone wrong but didn't want to turn around to see just how wrong. "Sorry! Heh..." she yelled sheepishly.
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    “It was not a week about danger.” Wasn’t that the understatement of the season? “Pfft,” Sunset Shimmer snorted; “You could say that, again. Like when the rock wolves ambushed us on the Mountain Pass.....” ---------- With a pained wince, Tempest Shadow recoiled from the swipe of the rock wolf’s claws, barely managing to hold it together. Blew, how typical of that brick-headed fighter! As always, she just HAD to pick a fight with the local wildlife for the sheer thrill of it, and in typical Tempest fashion, she exhausted all her fighting strength without even so much as putting a meaningful dent in the ranks of the wolf pack. Welp, it looked like it’d be up to Sunset Shimmer to dispose of these pests! Using her quick thinking, Sunset calculated a fool-proof plan to get rid of the threat in one fell swoop. Taking aim at the mountainside above, the amber unicorn inhaled as her horn tip glowed with a reddish-rose light. Then she exhaled, releasing a beam of superheated energy that cackled in the air like firecrackers! *Pop* *Pop* *BOOM!!!!!* The beam exploded upon contact with the mountainside, triggering an avalanche of rock and snow that fell down upon the hapless rock wolves. As for our heroes... the falling debris was of no concern at all, naturally. If it had been, then SURELY Sunset would have remembered dodging all that rubble. But regardless, Miss Shimmer was undoubtedly the clear-cut hero of that particular encounter. ---------- “So that’s how it all went down at the Mountain Pass.....”
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    I probably wont be around as much next few days. Family catastrophe yesterday. I'll try to still make a couple posts as needed to the holiday threads but... yeah... I'll still be here but will be a lot more quiet and sporatic...
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    A smirk appeared on Sunset Shimmer’s lips as Gallus asked his next question; “Well... that’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? Conveniently enough, it’s also the subject I planned to lecture about today in our first meeting! So let’s get to it, shall we?” Sunset leaned on her desk, waiting for a few seconds for her students to grab their notebooks and pencils; “First, let’s ask ourselves: is fighting an inherently evil act? Does pacifism equate to moral cowardice? Can fighting be justified in certain situations? Do Good and Evil truly exist as quantifiable variables in our Multiverse, or are they merely crude abstractions that fail to reflect the shades of grey that can be found in any creature? The gist of the matter is that for as long has civilization has existed, philosophers have been grappling with these very questions. Indeed, entire cultures in this very world have come up with widely divergent answers. Let’s make one thing clear; I’m not here to tell you whether abstinence from violence or violence for a good cause is the more morally justified option. What I CAN do though is to teach you how to come to your own conclusions... and to give you the tools that’ll ensure that no matter the path you choose, that neither your hearts or those you cherish will succumb to Darkness.” The unicorn proceeded to methodically weave her way up and down through the rows of sitting students. “This is now a good time to remind you that we are all very much pioneers in the study of Defense Against Dark Hearts. Much of the required reading you’ll find in your syllabus is cribbed from other fields, as barely anything directly pertaining to this subject has EVER been published. Not even Princess Twilight has had the opportunity to synthesize the known knowledge and to conduct experiments! Don’t worry guys, heh heh; I’m not going to make you each write an entire book about Defense Against Dark Hearts. But be warned that the research I’ll be assigning will be extra significant, because the projects and lab sessions you’ll be doing this school year... will help form the building blocks for teaching future students how to defend against darkened hearts.”
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    It was time for another Hearth’s Warming Eve, and as the years before, the Pegasus pony known as Fire Walker had a ton to do! Most involved getting gifts! Getting gifts for her family. Gifts for her hubby-to-be and his family. Gifts for her friends. Gifts for her co-workers. Gifts for her neighbors. A few gift donations to the local ‘Favors For Foals’ charity. She also had to purchase an gift for Princess Twilight’s Festive Hootenanny! And since this was in an actual school, this was going to be one of those rare dry parities for her. The eggnog would be milk, cream, sugar, whipped egg whites, egg yolks, and nutmeg. No rum. No bourbon. And no Cognac. This was a safe party. Thankfully she had a trip to Fillydelphia for a holiday visit to her old friend Muggo' at his family tavern coming up later this week. So she would have to trudge through this little party for the time being. "Hmm.", she muttered to herself as she entered the rather impressive school. She really didn't know any of these creatures. Many of different species. There was a small dragon, that might be a little friend of Spike's. An Kirin, Changeling, a rather skinny Hippogryph...And that blue mare that took over Ponyville not that long ago. What was her name? Tipsy? There was sweet little Flux. The first changeling the royal guard wasn't sent to beat over the head with something unpleasant. Prince Blueblood was in his female form. This was still something she had yet to get used to. The Pegasus pony kept an rather generic looking gift wrapped with a big red bow. What was it? Who was it for? Soon all would be revealed. And there was Princess Twilight, a mare that was always in the center of attention. Wow. Things had sure changed over the last few years. Seeing that she had her hooves full, the mare nodded politely at her occasional boss and found a spot to put her gift. As she did so, Fire admired the well decorated hall. Now who was she going to talk to?
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    Diamond trotting along between the two mares. She actually felt pretty darn special to be invited out with them! It wasn't just anypony that had the chance to spend quality time with two of Ponyville's most quality mares. She'd often admired Rarity, even back before she'd had her change of heart. The unicorn was talented beyond measure and certianly had a tight grasp on who she was and where she excelled. Same could be said of Fluttershy of course however, Diamond had little to no understanding of the things that made the mare tick. Sure animals were cute and fluffy and stuff but Fluttershy had an enduring care for them that went way beyond giving them a pet or a treat! She did know that Fluttershy too knew her fortes and how to use them effectively. She'd built an entire sanctuary out of her heart for the fauna of the world after all! As she trotted along between them DT decided this was a great opportunity to learn what she could. It was pretty far out of character for her to just learn from others, she liked to tell others what to do! But, she had a long way to go and tonight would be helpful in her ventures. She would be the one others learned from again someday, but the next time somepony took her orders it would be for the good of ponykind. "Thank you Fluttershy." Diamond took the leaflet of songs that the pegasus gave over to her., blushing at the compliment on her performance She knew quite a few songs but having a sheet marked with the notes would be helpful. "This probably isn't too different from singing with others on stage right?" She'd soon find out... The Boulder Farm was, well she had to admit it was beautiful! Blanketed with sparkling snow and glistening. She knew there had to be mud under there but hopefully the snow would just keep them above it. As they got to the door she found her heart start to race a little. How was she nervous? Or was she excited? Or was it both? Rarity got ready to knock and Diamond stood there, hoping things would go well! "Hopefully I can," She looked at Rarity, answering her question truthfully.
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    Life at Canterlot University was... Different at best for Medō. She was away from her friends, away from her family, and so far hadn't done very well in the making new friends category. This was partly in fact that she spent most of her time studying trying to get everything she needed done as quick as she could. It wasn't that she disliked Equestria... It was more that she wanted to go home. She missed her sister and only ever got to see her during holidays and end of year. One thing her time did do was smooth out her accent a bit. Her Equestrian now sounded much more authentic than broken and conversation came easy for her as long as the talk about herbs. She currently found herself sitting at the desk in her dorm looking over advanced herbal medicine V and how to combine different medicines that she'd already made without causing negative drawbacks. Such herbal remedies could be useful for treating multiple symptoms and issues at once and most of them made sense to her. She was also experimenting herself by following the instructions in the books but she wouldn't know until later when she could show them to the instructor till know if she did it right. All looked like was a pill and the instructor would have to dissolve the pill to know if it had been mixed properly. She was excited and was eagerly awaiting class.
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    In the next few days I'm going to be making 2 threads, an Open thread and a Interest/invite only thread. The open thread will be Pink Lady gathering a team to escort her into the everfree to get rare ingredients for her baked Brie, and the Invite only will be a Friendship school thread Let me know if you're interested in either
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    Tempest felt… Scared. Lost. confused. Her mind was racing as she takes one step back, eyes wide as she looked down at the unicorn in front of her. Looking at her face to face… looking into her eyes. She did not even need to ask for a name. All the years and time can do nothing to change what was standing in front of her. Glitter. So many years later and here she was. The one to toss the ball. The one she went in the cave for… the one she wanted too impress. She played this day out countless times with shouting, rage and anger. She’d come like a hammer of judgement. Yet… Now it was time and her legs felt far too weak and her mind all but lost in the fog of time. After far too long she found her voice. “I. I’m Tempest.” She was shocked at her own words. All her commanding power drained as she struggled peace together just what to do. She tried to focus on something other than Glitter. The bird on her head. The pets… The uh… smells. But she kept looking back at her eyes. So many years of prepapering for this day and she felt so utterly unprepared. “Hello… Glitter.” She added glancing back at the macaw. The sheer amount of pets spoke a story with no words. “It’s… It is…” She shut her eyes and turns to face away, slamming a rare leg down with crack that sent some pets running. “I was hired to help you deal with an unknown monster. Soon as you are done with this zoo we best start the hunt.” she says in a cold, almost heartless tone. A safe place, away from all the feelings playing in her mind. She never was good at talking. At feelings.
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    Might have my Glimmer Drops run into this guy sometime
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    It might be a bit too late to make New Year resolutions....... But let's make WRAITH great again this year!
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    For a split second after the titles disappeared, Princess Cadence felt a twinge of anxiety as she wondered whether the projectionist remembered to fetch the right reel. See, there were two other reels of footage that were filmed that day; one of them depicted scenes of horror and chaos, the other showed naught but a luxurious bedroom. .....Neither of them were appropriate viewing material for little fillies or old mares. But as the screen finally showed moving Magicolor images of the Hall of Harmony — filled to the breams with sharply-dressed onlookers — Cadence breathed a sigh of relief. There was Twily at the front of the room standing besides her older brother, who didn’t look stoned out of his mind. This was indeed the right wedding reel! Squeeeeeee!!!!! Most ponies of Equestria would have likely seen bits and pieces of Royal Wedding footage from newsreel highlights. Here though was the source of all those clips; the master reel that documented the entire marriage ceremony and the reception afterward. It was a vitally important piece of history, both for ponykind as a whole and for this family in particular. Knowing the scenes that were about to transpire, Cadence reentered fangirl mode.....
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    Tempest arched an eyebrow at sunny. “Luck? You make it sound so shocking it was cold or something. But if it makes you feel less embarrassed.” She smirks and gets back on the story. --------------------------- Tempest shout her eyes, focusing on the door as her unstable magic took over her half of the door. Old iron heated up as ice melted in to steam as the door shifted and rocked. As more and more ice fell off the two can feel it move. With one last flair of magic Tempest gave the doors all she had alongside sunny and wit a scream of old rusted iron moving the doors pushed inward ever more until the old rust locked hinges gave away and the door fell, crashing down into the keep with a thundering bang as accent air rushed out into the cold. Tempest painted, rocking on her hooves. She was still felt as if she was running low on mana and just tired… along with hurting. “We did it!” She says looking at Sunny, they were so close now. “Come on, how hard can it be to find the library?” She asked trotting over the fallen door. “Not like this pla-” With the sound of grinding gears she looked down the hall and dropped down. Just in time as a ballista bolt thicker than her leg went over her back before impaling itself in the old door. Tempest looked at sunny, than at the ballista bolt that just missed her. “Of course… Forgive me for believing some old place did not have traps still working.” She groaned looking down the long hallway. It looked untouched… paintings, rugs… dozens of doors. And slots in the walls. Must be where the ballista bolt came from. ---------------------------
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    Another year of suffering for meeee.
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    General Pummel was 100% behind both putting a spotlight on valorous serviceponies and vastly increasing the financial incentives of enlisting. While it was probable that individual reforms — in conjunction with changes to the education system — would have to be rolled out in waves over the course of the next decade, at least there would be the bits to see everything through. There wasn’t much Pummel felt like he needed to do to express his support other than nod at the appropriate moments. ---------- For what it was worth, the general believed that Prince Shining’s instincts on how to currently deal with the Whitescar Civil War were spot-on. There were other practical considerations to point out; “In any event, I do not advise initiating any offensive operations against caribou rebels until we’ve built up our forces to the point where they’re ready to take them on. Frankly, our soldiers aren’t at that level yet, as recent events have shown.....” ---------- Staying on message, Shining Armor reemphasized a general need for restraint concerning employing new tactics. Pummel saw the need to clarify one point; “Well obviously, our field commanders will have much latitude in choosing which tactical maneuver is best suited for a particular situation. There will be instances where equine waves are the only good option we got, but there will also be times when more flexible maneuvers are more prudent. Ideally, REA officers will be skilled at knowing when to use what.” ---------- Although infamous for his intense advocacy for military revitalization, there were certain ideas that General Pummel inherently distrusted. On top of that list were the resurrection of battlemancy and OWC; proposals which Princess Twilight championed, but didn’t fit neatly into Pummel’s vision of a modernized defense force. As demonstrated earlier, it had been the biggest policy divide between the two ponies. Shining Armor didn’t seem so enthusiastic about the ramifications of his royal sister’s proposal; Pummel speculated he could have swung the other way too, given his advocacy for cultivating “hero units”. When the prince yielded the floor, Pummel added his thoughts; “This line of reform was also evaluated by the Suntrot Commission. Although we only have speculation to go on..... there is scattered, but convincing historical evidence, to suggest that those who underwent the process of Battle Empowerment developed, how do I put this..... psychiatric issues. In what few recorded documents our analysts were able to dig up about the actual battlemages and specialists themselves, nearly all of them exhibited signs of battle fatigue, an inability to adapt to civilian life, or the development of sociopathic tendencies. .....And those are the ones who avoided becoming complete lunatics. While the number of known turncoat rogues is fairly small, even one is enough to do a lot of damage. The last time a bout of empowered insanity happened eight-hundred years ago, the turncoat battlemage wiped out a town and half a legion before being put down by Princess Celestia and every specialist she was able to muster. THAT... was why the Ban was put in place.” The grizzled pegasus gave a long weary sigh; “.....All that being said, I am open to initiating an experimental trial program for reintroducing Battle Empowerment, as well as rigorous psychiatric evaluations of each candidate throughout the entire process. I should also stress that even in a best-case scenario where Empowerment can’t be linked to psychological changes, offensive specialists will be costly to train, and extremely hard to replace during a protracted conflict. Overall, it will be a more efficient — and less riskier use of our resources — to better condition all recruits during basic training to take lethal action towards the Enemy. It doesn’t take any hocus-pocus magic rituals to give a unicorn or pegasus a killer instinct. And by the way Madam Princess... whichever flunky from the Weather Service that fed you those lightning fatality statistics is full of bull. EVERYPONY who’s been through Basic or the Academy learns there’s no such thing as a non-lethal weapon or spell. I’d have every reason to suspect that the earliest weather overseers covered up fatal incidents to prevent interracial tensions from flaring up.....”
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    Thins are setting down. Back to RP. Though probably not as often as I was... and sadly not as much creativity as I had... x_x ...hopefully that will get better over time though...
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    ((Normally I would wait my proper turn, but since the thread ends today....)) /=======================\ | Jasper/Cocoa Nut | \=======================/ Jasper looked very mildly surprised at cocoa gulping down a whole bar of bitter chocolate without any reaction, though it was only a mild surprise. When she commented about being "record buddies" he wanted to comment on how lame and cheesy that sounded, but given her reaction to seeing the album he realized that maybe, just maybe, he had found a kindred spirit that appreciated metal as much as he did, so he managed to smile "yeah, I'd like that. Hard to find metalheads in areas like this, be nice to have someone to talk to that understood the difference in Ozzy OzHorn, and SaBiton" ((its so hard to think of pony puns for bands >.< )) /==============================\ | Fleeting Hope/Compass Rose | \==============================/ Hope giggled as rose went on about how much she loved mangos, she nodded at the toast, still a little awkward and shy, then she took a timid little bite of her slice of hte fruit. For a moment one might think she didn't like it, her reaction was extremely delayed, then her second bite ate the whole thing, a look of ecstacy washing over her "wow... your right... that is... wow..." she smiled, licing her lips "I've got to save a slice for my friend flux, I bet she'll like to try it too!" not stopping to think for a moment that flux probably already knew what a mango was. There was a certain charm to hope neievatae /============================\ | Stellar Drift/Cloudy Skies | \============================/ Cloudy laughed "Iggy can read it, I'm sure, she even knows some of the old rune languages" he explained "and we'll gladly accept that invitation, we're always looking for excuses to visit canterlot... well they are... Jasper's always wanting to go to the record shops there looking for new albums, and Iggy will take any chance to try and catch a glimpse of the princess... heh... if she were any more obsessed with her Majesty, we'd have a restraining order" he laughed, though he didn't seem to be entirely joking... and given the scene iggy almost caused when she arrived earlier... yeah... she no doubt was completely obsessed with her idol...
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    Martini held the delicate, star shaped item in his claws, and tilted his head as he opened it, inside it reflected a lovely image of the tropics, warm breeze, swaying trees, he could even smell the air.. "...Woah...heh thank you Miss Twilight, that's a great gift..'He murmured, eyes even getting a little teary at how thoughtful the gift was, he was going to be attending the school here, which meant he'd be away from home for a while..so it was nice to know he'd have a piece of it with him. 'I ain't the huggin type so" He flapped his wings in her direction. "Air hug" He explained, offering her a soft smile, and a chuckle.. ".....Ah sorry in advanced fer probably eatin all yer muffins...n'such..? I eat when it's awkward.."
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    In her rush to capture photographic memories, Princess Cadence almost missed the indication that her Mama was ready to head out. “Oh oh, right, of course,” Cadence put away her camera; “Time to show you the Castle, Mama.....” ---------- *SOME TIME LATER* “. . . Princess Twilight has royal duties to attend to today, but she promises to spend some time with us when she’s done for the day.” The Crystal Royal Family walked through the grand halls of Canterlot Castle; castle staff had already been directed to bring Barbera Red’s luggage over to her guestroom, allowing Cadence’s Mama to be shown the grounds without having to worry about all her belongings. “. . . This room we’re walking was once a cloakroom, but over the past year, it’s been converted into the Royal Projector Theater. Here, princesses and their friends and family can watch moving picture shows... and in sound too!” The ponies walking inside would see that the room’s interior indeed look like a miniaturized version of the stereotypical projector theater, including a big curtained screen up front, comfortable theater seating, and a projectionist's booth in the back. “As a matter of fact, I’ve got a special moving picture I want to show you Mama... and YOU TOO, you cutie Flurry Heart you.” Taking a brief moment to ruffle her adorable daughter’s mane, Cadence ushered the group inside the private auditorium; “So come on in everypony and take a seat....!”
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    His worry was starting to grate on her. What was he so concerned about? She had more than enough apples for everypony and he was going to succeed at whatever candy apple business he had planned. Everything was fine, yet he was as nervous as a colt at his first prom. Perfectionists could be like that. Unable or unwilling to just let the facts be the facts, they worried about a thousand issues real and imagined and didn't allow themselves the simple victories that day to day business freely gave them. Still, at least he managed to corral himself up a sense of forward momentum and pushed through his unusual concerns about the line. It all seemed rather tame back there, all things considered. Was his shop not doing well enough to the extent that a few ponies in line chatting somehow made him think they were on the edge of a riot? She wasn't the right type of mare to unpack the emotional headspace of another pony. She was just happy they were moving forward, even if it was imperfect. Even if it was really, really slow. He was slow-playing the payment one bit at a time. Her first inclination was to think he was trying to get out of paying the full amount but it quickly became apparent that there was an entirely different can of worms being unfurled in front of her. He was just being nervous about the second part of the payment plan. It was almost becoming funny how unusually reticent some stallions and mares were, considering the terms and conditions of the sale were well-stated. How many of them had quite literally walked off the street into this line with only the barest idea, if any, of what awaited them at the end? She knew that next year she'd have to rely on more than Apple Bloom's marketing method, which worked well enough for ponies inside of town but was proving rather awful for ponies coming from out of town. None of that helped now though, none of it mattered when it came to dealing with the poor stallion in front of her. Especially poor because she'd done this long enough today to have some fun with the more shy ones. "Candy, how're you gonna mess a kiss up? It ain't like ya never kissed a mare before and if you haven't, this is just a lil' ol' kissin' booth. Y'all aren't bein' judged on kissin' quality. An' if yer more of a stallion colt yerself, just imagine Ah'm Big Mac over there," she said, tossing her mane in the direction of her studly older brother. Then she brought his attention back to her as she leaned over. "Now stallion up, 'cause Ah'm comin'," she said as she leaned in and gave him a wet piece of work right on the cheek, warm and inviting all the same. *Candy Cain* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 91-100
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    Zap Japple seemed to enjoy the trick a bit, though not enough to totally let go of his skepticism and just enjoy it. Gallus bet that Zap got that from his earth pony mother's side. Applejack wasn't the type to fall for a trick, or not try to decipher the mechanics behind it. She might still have fun with it. but mostly after she understood it. Rainbow at least would have appreciated the performance that Gallus was giving, which was good because he deserved some credit for it. Performance creatures understood the value of a good con, after all. He wasn't the best at the trick but he was good at a small clawful of them, enough to entertain for a little while at the very least. "Well, what can I say except that Gallus the Great won't reveal his secrets so easily," he said with a wink, though the wink went nowhere. It went nowhere fast, just like Gallus' sense of hearing once the inconsolable weeping commenced. Oh talonfeathers, Zap was a loud little colt. It was weird that he'd cry though, at least based on his own experiences. Gallus couldn't connect. He had learned early the value of a kitten crying on the street and it was a fat zero on the scoreboard of life. Nogriff cared. Nogriff came to console him. It was cold, it was lonely, his tears dried and his heart hardened. Zap didn't have to worry about ay of that though. He wasn't being watched by a bunch of greedy birds on the street, he was being watched by a true, blue Griffon with a heart of...bronze, if not more. Didn't help his ears much though. Gallus had an excellent sense of hearing that was being weaponized against himself, in a strange and awful turn of events. He had to get the colt back in line. Luckily, his late night research and spending spree would come in handy. He hoped, anyway. He gave Zap a few seconds to cry, to let him get it out. He then bent down- dangerous, because of the sound- and spoke in a calm, clear voice. "Hey there little guy, I've got something for ya," he said as he started to unpack. "Your mommas wanted you to make somethin' for 'em. They're gonna be so excited to come home and see what you made," he said, taking out some drawing paper, crayons, and colored pencils, laying them down on a table. "They told me you were such a good little artist. Think you can make something extra special for them to come home to?" He asked, hoping that the idea of doing something sweet for his mommas (and something he'd get all sorts of attention for once they got home) would capture Zap's attention for a while.
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    Candy took a deep breath. Applejack was right - he was being a little too over-the-top about this. He needed to just relax for a moment. Still, a moment was too long right now, He needed to be out of the way of the others before things got ugly. A line that didn't move for too long was bound to explode at some point. He could be calm and courteous at the same time, couldn't he? "R-Right. . . I'd just rather not -" I'd rather not have to actually talk to them. "Uh. . . I'd just rather not accidentally cause a fuss. Still, the more apples I get, the more fillies and colts I can make smile, right?" Candy grinned, turning away to put his notebook back. He didn't want to have to leave the line and ho back into his cart though, so he simply balanced it on his back and shrugged a little. "Jolly good," he said, mostly to himself. Yes, he could just see it now. . . Everyone looking content with their share of sweets, curled up at home. . . Or, well, doing whatever it was they did on a daily basis near the holdiays. Candy? Well, he was usually working. He didn't really think about what he'd do when the work was done. Usually, he found a reason to keep working before that time came. Once the three bushels were out and ready for purchase, Candy began rummaging through his pouch of bits for payment. His ears perked up at the mention of his shop, though. "Hmm? Oh - heh, everyone asks that. It used to be in Canterlot, but now, well . .." He gestured back to his cart. "I work in it, travel with it, fall asleep on the job in it. . . I'm surprised it hasn't fallen apart yet. I bought it for a discount the day I left. I guess you could say I'm a traveling show." Speaking of which, did Candy have anything planned for today? A quick mental check of his calendar told him no, but that didn't mean that he couldn't make an unplanned visit somewhere public. Would they want to see him, though? It was pretty cold today. Still. . . what would he do if they weren't coming? Perhaps he could just get started on the apples. . . He just needed to stay busy. Yes, that was it. "Very good, then." Candy counted out fifteen bits, setting them down on the counter one by one. He was doing it quickly enough, but by the seventh one (and the worried expression on his face), it was obvious that he was stalling somewhat. "Eleven, twelve, thirteen. . ." He began murmuring even slower as the numbers climbed. "Fourteen. . . You know, how are we going to do this? I'm sorry, but the idea of paying for something with bits and a kiss is very new to me. I'd rather not mess a kiss up, since, um. . ."
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    Reck blushed as Neb made her way over to the pretty much famous Dusk Til Dawn. Geez, this bat was really cool and she made Reck feel well, Reckless! And now she found out that Neb was friends with Dusk? Sheesh, perhaps she'd finally met her match, in lots of ways! "Cool cool!" Reck tried to play it off like it was no big thing. She wasn't about to loose her head or anything. Neb was just a hot mare, with cool friends, and sweet moves...that was it! All those things. Reck took a breath. Keep it cool! She thought to herself as she came up to the pair. "Neb!" Dusk reached out for a hoof bump and then a quick side hug. "I came out here for a quick breath and I find the bat with the moves!" She shrugged. "Figures, I mean I do have the hottest beats around so the best dancers should be here!" She laughed and commented on what Neb had said earlier. "Oh I'm good, no worries right? Nah, I've got the coolest fans, this sweet venue to play. Opening for DJ-PON3? Not to shabby!" She glanced over at Reckless who was standing next to Neb. "So uh, who's this?" The DJ got a sly look on her face as she noticed it was just the two bats up on the roof. Had they been looking for alone time? Dusky laughed again. "I didn't interrupt anything did I?" The comment made Reck half smile and raise her brows. Has the DJ interrupted something? Reck wasn't sure but she'd make her move at some point tonight!
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    Applejack may not have had the finest of tastes, but she had the right kind of taste as far as Rarity was concerned: Tastes that knew the sweetness of Rarity, and how best to accommodate her. "Awww. Your taste is only outdone by your sweetness, my love," she said with a smile, gently nuzzling the nap of her mare's neck. Rarity was an affectionate mare who only ever turned it up when around others, as she had little shame in the wanderings of her heart, here or in private. For now she followed the exciting- well, wrong word but she chose to abide by its meaning here- instructions of her instructors as she prepared for the massage. As she was preparing, Applejack noticed that they had lockers. Excellent! "Ooh, good," Rarity said as she started to magically remove her belongings and placed them in the locker. Indeed, she was used to a small lockbox back in Ponyville but it was a lockbox in name and intent alone, not in function. She had never concerned herself with the prospect of theft from the Ponyville Spa, and she was even less worried about it here. Certainly it would have been mentioned had they gained a reputation for such shady behavior or poor security practices, would they not? Nonetheless she piled her belongings in with Applejack's and locked it, noting that the locker hummed faintly with her own magic as she did so. Applejack wished her dirty filly a nice massage, which made Rarity titter. "Naughty!" She replied, gently slapping Applejack with her tail. She was such an excitably wrong-minded mare who would need some correction later. For now though, simple desires were to be enjoyed in this less than simple setting. In time they were laid down and the stones applied. "Enjoy your massage, sweetie. These stones are simply the start of something truly grand for you to experience!" She said as she allowed herself to melt under the hooves of such an experienced masseuse. Ponyville Spa was staffed by ponies with great enthusiasm but to be under the tender ministrations of a truly talented artist? She could appreciate the artistry of physicality. It was what physically attracted her to her muscles, beautiful mare and it was what she thought was most agreeable about those working on them today. This was something else entirely from her quaint spa back home!
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    “Likewise, Bluebelle. And it’s fine, not like I expect mine would get much use either outside of a paperweight or display piece.” Tiger said as he accepted and opened Blue’s gift. Well, that seemed like some opulent armor, but like she said, it seemed more for show than anything else. He chuckled a bit at her compliments, winking at her on that last one. “Wanna see me without my pants, huh? Can’t say I blame ya.” He said, winking again. He was joking really, but he wouldn’t mind actually doing that for her. Or modeling these armor pieces. “I’m sure you’d look good in anything too. You look the type to manage to pull off any look. Thanks for this, they look pretty good.” Tiger’s gift wasn’t quite as opulent, but it was equally metallic. Inside the box was what looked like a large arrowhead, perhaps something used for a spear. It was made of steel, and covered in decorative patterns carved into the shape. One side had his cutie mark carved into it in a blank space among the designs. “I was hoping whoever I got would’ve been a new friend by now, if not more, so something to remember me by. Not quite so needed anymore, given your offer, but hey. I count myself lucky to have met you and be matched with you today.” Tiger said, smiling at her warmly. “If you want, we could add to both gifts with another kiss~”
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    Wind Walker patiently listened to the older mare as she spoke of the sport she was soon to be part of. No wings. No magic. And no picking up the ball. This was something hooves were not really good at doing. Lifting. A unicorn used magic. A Pegasus used their wings. And an Earth Pony had to be creative. As they started, her friend was already kicking the ball. "Good kick!", the filly made sure to mouth those words so she could 'hear' her words. Echo was able to give the ball a good, strong kicking that surprised the Pegasus filly. The ball went right to her front right leg. She would need to relax and let the ball come to her. She could not kick it back too hard as the strength of Echo's kick, combined with her own would probably send it into some bramble bushes. Or something that would get all sticky on her and the ball. Let's see. She was relaxed, she had her eyes on the ball. Her left, front hoof moved besides the ball, and with a quick, but not too powerful kick with her right, front hoof, which found a spot in the middle of her kicking hoof. This sent the ball back at her partner. And while it did find a little bit of air, it did land just in time for it to arrive near the filly. Would she be able to get the ball? Probably.
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    When Zap entered the barracks with his mother he thought of many questions to ask, but the curious mind was too observant to speak. He let his eyes wander around the rooms and hallways, looking at all the memorial figures and trophy cases adorned with hundreds of shiny objects. When they approached a pair of old goggles in a display case, Zap ho-hummed the device. They looked rusted and too big for his head, so he couldn't see himself wearing them. He also had no clue who General Freezing Feathers was. "Where are your goggles, Dashie?" Zap had seen his mothers goggles before and played with them, but his head was always too small to hold the goggles up by themselves, so he would always have to hold them up to his face with one hoof.
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    Bluebelle just about managed to lift her head to see Trixie go. She even managed to raise her hoof and open her mouth, but no chance to reply or call out to the mare to stop a moment came. "I... was never your enemy." She whispered to the empty air. It was Martini who made the obvious remark, that this sort of thing was exactly the sort of thing that brought on the Windingos, those wintry horses of legend attracted to disharmony and friendlessness. But this was not the age of their reign; a different spirit ruled over this time and this place. And wouldn't you know it? The griffon, anti-social as he had been, was nonetheless full enough of the Spirit of Hearthswarming to reach out to the Archancellor. She sniffed, looking over to him with a smile through her mane, "Well, you know, that's right. Just the sort of thing I'm meant to teach. I guess we all have to learn from each other, eh?" His move seemed to inspire others, as Tiger repeated the sentiment from her other side. Flux even gave her a kiss! That was the last straw for the gloom surrounding her. The Princess got to her feet, rustling out from underneath Windwright's wings, and brushed her mane back behind her ears. "Thank you all. That was... certainly something. But it's good to know that I have friends, especially this time of year." Turning back to Twilight, her look grew a little sheepish. "Like I said, sorry about all that. But, no matter! Party is still going on; I believe there was a gift exchange to be had?"
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    Tempest picked up where sunny stopped. “Well for her, I had to dig up old maps, notes and whatever was not lost when my airship was destroyed. After some boring back and forth we came up with a plan to go to some old ruins, known as the ‘Lair of the Nameless Wizard’. Its old. Like, older than Celestia… Maybe. Not like she’s open on her age. But it was home to some powerful wizard that was crazy strong or something. So strong that his Lair is guarded to this day by his magic. Or at least it was.” She says with a smug grin and wink. “It’s… this keep found north of the sea of ruin, got to follow the northern river.” She says leaning her head to the side thinking. “It’s fair away, if you know your maps well. We got to meet up in Trottingham and got an airship ride to the Crystal City. Made me miss my airaship a lot. But when we got there we spent about two days making ready for the trip and I found us an airship willing to fly us even closer. They dropped us off west of the webwing mountains. From then on? We had to walk it. Just me, her and a wagon we lived out of. Not going to lie that was the best week of my life I think…” She grins some, looking at Sunny. She did mean it, it felt amazing to be out there with another pony to share in the wonderment. “But that far away from… Everything. Well, things can get crazy. It was not a week without danger.” Tempest says poking sunny in the side. She was not going to tell the full story herself!
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    This wasn't the first social gathering that Bluey had been at to fall apart in front of her. It always seemed to be a cascading kind of failure, like pushing a snowball down a hill. What came out of it was always larger and messier than what started it... Trixie was probably right to have been taken aback, the envious outburst was unbecoming of the Princess, but immediately shooting back with the most uncharitable interpretation of Bluebelle's inner thoughts and motivations was probably not the wisest of maneuvers. Accused, quite unjustly, of having been a fraud all along, caused her to rear back, stammering. "What-the-the, but I...." Before the unicorn could recover her wits about her, Trixie had gallivanted off, attempting to reach out to the multicolored Martini as if nothing had happened! The griffon, for his part, seemed absolutely nonplussed, with a side dish of unimpressed. Bluey honestly couldn't blame him, in her heart of hearts, she knew it was a bad showing. Envy, however, did not dissipate so easily, even when her alchemist friend attempted to give some comforting words. And then... Swift Squall happened. There was really no other way to describe it. And it was there, with one friend comforting her, and other vigorously defending her, that Princess Bluebelle broke down. "I...I... I"M SORRY!" Embarrassment and shame now carried through her voice, having jointly thrown out envy with a sob. "I... I didn't mean to spoil this... I didn't want to make the school look bad, Twilight, I just.... couldn't...." Sniffling, she hung her head low, curling up underneath Windwright's wings. *Please, please don't let this be the Gala all over again.... Twilight doesn't deserve that...*
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    Being told of the Palace’s draconian measures around mail inspired little confidence within Sunset Shimmer; “Yeah, sure.” She could only imagine the hellstorm that would ensue from the magic-using community if a princess ever told anypony to surrender ownership of enchanted items over to the State..... Miss Shimmer’s face turned a slight shade of scarlet when Prince Lián revealed he knew of her already. “Oh uhh,” Sunset stammered, rubbing the back of her head; “I haven’t really done anything all that special, really. You have to excuse Twilight; sometimes she gets TOO eager to hype up her friends because... hey, it’s what a Princess of Friendship is supposed to do, heh heh.” The unicorn actually didn’t know that for certain; it was just a hasty rationalization she made up to explain the inherent weirdness of Twi singing Sunset’s praises to a foreign prince. ...A foreign prince that Sunset still didn’t quite fully trust yet, despite taking on the affect of being a down-to-earth guy. If anything, it only further raised her suspicions. How convenient for a prince — a probable pretender to the throne back in his homeland, mind you — to maintain correspondence with a princess. Bet’cha there was no ulterior motive for that, no siree! “Soooooo.....,” Sunset gathered up the courage to awkwardly ask Lián after a minute passed; “Feng was telling me a couple minutes ago how you... ummm, have a really big family!”
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    ~~~Ice Storm~~~ So far the final inspections of everything was going rather well. The main components were all working properly and the ship was ready for it's big reveal next week. She made started to put her compass away when she stopped. Something felt different. As soon as noticed the feeling, the orbs separated themselves from her amulet. She wasn't sure what was going on, but she was going to be ready. Ready though, she was not as she heard the voice that had accompanied the pony that had just appeared on the bridge. Of all the ponies she didn't want knowing about STAR, it was Twilight. Not because she didn't trust her, of that she felt Twilight would try to stop her. The was after all, the matter that was on her back when the Spire collapsed from the Jarl's invasion. No, if Twilight knew of the organization, then Twilight, nor the Equestrian government could claim and sort of deniability. Ice sighed. "Doing well, but the fact that your here means I haven't been doing a good enough job of covering my tracks," Ice started with a sigh before docking her spheres once more. "I wanted to avoid involvement from the princesses as much as I could, the exception being Luna. Her and I are good friends and she was the only one I informed of what was going on. It was the other reason why I was promoted to one of her personal guards when I joined the Royal Lunar Guard... But the more that knew the less they could deny," Ice finished waiting for twilight to start berating her.
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    (gift exchange partners will go up early next week!) Twilight listened intently as Cloudy introduced himself and his companions. She also noted that Spike had taken up trying to make friends with Jasper. That was good! She did want him to have time to socialize with other dragons of course and that fact that one had made it to the gift exchange was serendipity! As Iggy spoke of sharing studies the Princess beamed happily! Of course she did have greet and speak with other guests but there was plenty of time to go over a bit of the kirin's findings. "Ah, well try as we might it's hard to separate a scholar from her learning, wouldn't you say Iggy?" She winked at Cloudy, letting him know she appreciated his efforts to forestall his friend. "So then, what you been researching recently?" She questioned what she hoped to be her new friend. ---- Spike was happy the dragon, Jasper he now knew was up for talking to him. He'd been ignored on purpose by many of his own kind and wouldn't have been too surprised if this dragon did the same! "M-murder forest?" He gulped as Jasper described the Everfree. "I mean it's got plenty of stuff lurking in it so maybe that's not a bad choice for name!" Then he began to describe his dealings with his kirin friend. Spike smiled knowingly, glancing over at where Twi was speaking to a kirin and a hippogriff. "Ah! Well, you know great mages didn't start out that way. Oh wow, the stories I could tell you about Twilight..." He giggled, thinking of multiple occasions where spells went awry. "Has your kirin friend ever tried an transfiguration? Not sure if that's even a kind of magic they can do."
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    Tempest let out a startled yelp as the crack of Twilight’s teleporting and flash went off next too her. Just as fast was the cracking snap of thunder with a flash of lighting leaving her horn. She missed Twilight and sent a few guards running for cover as too not be nailed by her rather know unstable magic. But no pony was hurt from her wide unarmed shot. “#@$%^.” She mutters blinking and rubbing her eyes. “Coffee. Now!” Was all she had too follow up on that. *15 MINUTES LATER* “-ne longer.” Tempest says as she sips on her coffee. “Just been up three days. Had to get sunny here on time, her flank can not pull a wagon at speed to save her life.” She yawns than takes down another big gulp. “Oh hay, rise and shine Sunny.” She says walking away from the medic she was chatting with. Hopping up on the sofa she lays down on her belly and stretches out to hog up all the room she can before shooting too the side to give some space to Sunset. “So, I have two broken ribs and three new missing teeth.” She says rolling her eyes as if that was no big deal. “Was the rock wolves I think… How are you fe-” She was cut off as Twilight came bursting on in to the room. Glancing at Sunset she sinkers. “Oh, we have a story for you. It's called ‘Let's save sunny's flank’ from just about everything. I am never letting her pick out some ancient ruins to go looting again…” She then leans over to Sunset and whispers. “I’m joking, I am so down to do this again I just don’t want her worrying.”
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    "So good to have you along with us, Diamond Tiara. It could do us some good to have some youth along for the ride, lest the fine art of Caroling be forgotten," she said with a laugh as she tossed her mane and made room for Diamond in their group, between Rarity and Fluttershy. She didn't know what style of singer she was nor her vial talent but the beauty of a carol was that the emotions mattered so much more than the words or the quality of the singing. And as long as Diamond Tiara was willing to lead with her heart, her carols would be as beautifully meaningful as anything else she'd sing this season. And in that, Rarity had nothing but confidence that this radiant evening would continue to provide the trio with the favored feelings of this festive season. Fluttershy had an excellent on who to visit next. The Boulder family was a superb collection of some of Ponyville's best citizens and Rarity could only imagine that the warmth and light of the season shone bright there already. It would no doubt prove to bolster the Carolers themselves as well. An inspired decision. "Boulder Farms is an excellent choice. What carol do you have in mind?" She asked, partially to help ensure Diamond Tiara would have be able to prepare herself for it. It would be foolish to expect Diamond Tiara to have the carols firmly grasped to the extent she could sing them at the drop of a hat. Not everypony had done this as often as Rarity, after all!
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    Luckily, Applejack didn't seem too fazed by Candy's rapid-fire speech. Maybe that came from running an apple farm near Ponyville. Heck, that probably came naturally to anyone that ran anything near or in Ponyville. The few times Candy had been there, he'd been pretty overwhelmed, even though he hardly got the time to even talk. Am I really cut out for this? he thought to himself numbly. The unicorn chased away the thoughts by biting his tongue. Of course he was: he had the powers. He had the creativity. And who didn't like candy? Cain gave a half-grin, and tossed his hooves into the air in triumph, simultaneously flinging the candy cane he'd been holding skyward. "Wonderful! I'll take the lot!" Oh. Candy put a hoof to his mouth. Did he say that out loud? He was letting his excitement get the better of him. . . ugh. Candy shook his head, backtracking. "I mean, no. I was only here for a certain amount of apples. I'd never ruin a -" The previously flung candy cane dropped down onto his head, bouncing off and hitting the grass. Cain flinched, then rolled his eyes. ". . sale. For others, I mean. I don't even think that I have the bits for every apple here. . ." Cain busied himself with checking the amount of bits he had, and comparing them to what he'd likely need for the amount of bushels he wanted to purchase. "So, the bits don't really matter at the moment. . . I was looking to get, erm. . ." Candy put a hoof to his chin, a slightly worried look on his face. He glanced back at the line behind him, then back at Applejack. ". . . Three. Three bushels." Three hundred-and seventy-five apples. What was he thinking? The only way I can: big. That was potentially too much here. How many apples would they have left by now? The line here wasn't all too big anymore, meaning that, unless the sale had failed, most ponies had already come and gone. There couldn't be that many left. "Th-That's best case scenario, though! I can make do with two or one. . . To be honest, I'd planned on getting five of the good ones, then making the candy apples and putting them in storage for awhile. A good chill would do them well, and if I run out of sugar. . . Well, I've got chocolate." Candy realized that he was talking more to himself than to Applejack, and moved on. "If you don't have enough of the Empire, I could go for a peck. Either way, I might just take the Jazz and Fuji right off of your hooves. I may just end up taking a bushel of granny smith if you don't have a full bushel of Empire - I wanted to keep things equal, you see. I. . ." Candy frowned. "I'm dreadfully sorry. I've been droning on for too long about what I'm going to do with them -" Candy took his pouch of bits out, and paused. "We can heckle the final purchase, if you so desire. I in no way wish to mess everything up here simply because I required more than a bushel today. To be honest, I should have come out here earlier to buy them in moderation. . . my apologies." Candy rubbed the back of his head, glancing off to the side with a worried look. He was still hung up about the terms of payment. Bits, and a kiss? There probably wasn't a catch, but. . . well, Applejack was by no means a bad-looking mare: in fact, she looked wonderful. Still. . . "I, uh. . ."
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    Silverstream was shocked at the spectacle that was Luna's magic emanating a bright flash everyone at the farm could see. Though harmless, Silverstream could see Gallus flinch at her magical beam that would result in only a simple sanitation spell. "Whoa." Silverstream stated. She hovered in place at the flash but then landed when Luna appeared clear of the pie debris with a bit of a smirk. "That was so awesome!" At the treadmills, Applejack saw the shadows that the bright flash created and then stood up to look behind her to see what was going on. What she assumed was an amusement spell that didn't cause any damage or injuries, she could see the level of commotion increase among the impatient ponies. An empty pie tin rattled and rolled towards Applejack and stopped its aimless wheeling at her feet. "Alright ya'll. That's enough! We need everyone to please leave the front area of the farm and please mind your space. We're out of cider today, so take yer free samples and leave for the day. I don' want anypony gettin' hurt all because of the excitement. Tomorrow morning, same as before, we will have more cider." As Applejack stepped back towards the treadmills and continued sorting parts, many customers reluctantly dispersed the from the front of the cider stand, the cart with apples and pies completely emptied by the agitated patrons. Distracted with royalty and Gallus' antics, Silverstream was just now realizing that cider was out again. "They're out again!? Gallus, lets get to where my tent is and make sure no one moves it." She flew quickly to where her tent was where it was dirty with dirt picked up from the road, but otherwise undamaged and unmoved. She was faced with the dilemma of packing up and giving up an early spot, or continuing to camp out yet again in order to try and guarantee Gallus and herself a spot at the theoretical front of the line. She would talk to Gallus about the possibilities as the day grew older. __________________________________________________ Day 3 Third time's a charm. It was the morning of yet another day in the beautiful autumn sun, and another day of cider drinking. Everyone would have the pleasure of doing one of those things, but it was yet to be determined who would enjoy them both. Applejack had worked into the night working on the third treadmill that was not yet operational. With the help of Taira's continued pace, and the additional help of a pop star unknown to Applejack, cider production seemed promising for the next day's customers. It was clear that more cider than either of the first two days would be available for serving. However, while filling the barrels, they encountered a small problem. Many of the barrels used for cider storage were not fit to contain the cider. Over the years, many of them had been reused as they were in good conditional to be used for many seasons. But some of them finally bit the dust, and no extra materials were had to create new barrels in time for morning. So, instead of stopping production, Applejack decided to store the surplus cider in a juice vat. It was cleaned and filled with cider, with a valve at the bottom giving flow to the next empty barrel available. As barrels are emptied, the vat will be used to fill the barrels and continue a hefty supply of cider. There was more cider, but it was harder to get an accurate estimate of how many barrels of cider were left. It wasn't perfect, but the extra cider made Applejack rest a lot easier. Except she didn't rest at all. Applejack worked so late into the night trying to put together the third mill that she failed to use any of the night to get sleep. This was mostly evident by the massive bags under her eyes walking up to the cider stand as the sun rose. "hhhHHHHHaaaaaauuwww." She yawned and cracked a smile. "Today will be a good day, I just know it." She stepped up on top of the cider stand, but lost her footing and slipped off it. "Whoops." She carefully stood back on top of it and aimed herself at the line of patrons, who almost in the same color order as the day before had their tents lined up. "Today is the third day of cider season. It's gonna be a hhhhhhHHHHHaaaauuhhhuhhhwhh. Good day. We have more cider today than we did yesterday." She hesitated to speak. "That means more cider than yesterday, so." Applejack blinked hard and thought for a minute. "And more than the day before that." She jumped off the counter and in front of the line. "So let's get to it!" Applejack gave Apple Bloom the go-ahead nod, and then walked back to the treadmill which still had not been completely fixed and attempted to finish the assembly of the machine so that cider production could be optimal. Current fresh cider supply: ???% Cider press #3 repair: 78%
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    Yona's eyes bugged at the mention of blasting rainbow colored magic at wrongdoers. "Oooooh!" She couldn't help but stomp her hooves on the floor in excitement. "This class not at all what yak think it be!" "Conflict resolution?" The yak pondered the words. She'd hard them before. Probably in one of professor Fluttershy's classes on kindness. Though she'd learned quite a lot in those classes she still didn't totally understand how it was useful to just talk it out with bad guys. When Gallus spoke of smashing yak grinned. "Yona want to learn to smash the bad guys!" More stomping ensued. This class was going to be just heaps of fun... if she didn't knock the building into a heap with her stomping first! (sorry for the delay and sorry is short post...)
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