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    "Hm." Taira perked up as Apple Bloom spoke up behind him, "Oh! Yes. Two bits and a mug." He inhaled swiftly and then exhaled two clouds of minty green smoke. The clouds zipped off to the table with clean mugs, one being taken up and brought right over to the sturdy looking Kirin. In the meantime, the other wisp zipped off to snag a few bits from bag he'd left by his workstation back at the treadmill. Once their tasks had been done the smoke dissipated harmlessly into the open air while Taira placed the bits on the counter, "Thank you, Miss Applebloom!" While the filly got to work, Taira was content to resume his talks with the princess. "Oh? I had hoped I made a good impression on her. I think we both enjoyed the chance to share our experiences over the years." Luna's concern for her subjects made the old spirit smile. No wonder these sisters had ruled for so long! It wasn't often one found monarchs who genuinely cared for their subjects in his experience, all the better that those in Equestria were so long lived. "A bit of a hardheadedness can be a very admirable quality!" Said the eager old yokai, "As for what brought me here... it was equal parts curiosity and contract. I made a wager with the current winner of the running of the leaves and I lost. So, I resolved to work for her and aid her family's farm." Once Applebloom brought the kirin his drink he would give her yet another thanks and then tilt his head as if realizing something that only puzzled him further. He'd come to realize he'd already had one drink of cider today and that was amazing... but now there was a shortage. Getting a second drink somehow felt greedy to him. "Your highness, Did you happen to hear anyone who might be especially desperate for a drink of Cider? I'd already had one today and with it in such short supply, I'd feel guilty if I drank two cups... Have you had any yet?" Taira's ears perked at the sound of his name being spoken, Blueblood had mentioned working on the presses... How fun! He'd been on the treadmill already most of the day. It would be a welcome change of pace!
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    The wagon had rolled into Ponyville the night before, finding an empty spot between the town proper and the nearby 'School of Friendship' that was far enough away as to not bother either town or school, but close enough to be easily located by either with little effort required. At first it had simply appeared to be a traveler who had stopped for the night and likely would have taken off again once the sun had risen, but the coming of sunlight proved this assumption wrong. The carefully painted blue and black wagon stripped wagon had been joined by three tents, the trio black and blue stripped in a vertical manner rather then a horizontal one like the wagon was, each positioned to form a corner of a triangle with each tent's entrance facing inwards. The flaps for the tents were closed, preventing their insides from being seen. Beside each tent's entrance was a sign to be read from what was clearly the center of the triangle between the tents rather then from the road nearby, but there was a forth sign planted and pointed towards the road so that those passing by would be able to read it easily. Dr. Kabra'za's Traveling Tents of Terrific Terrors and Terrible Truths. Open to those willing to learn who they truly are. Potions and Remedies at request. Curses require a story of context before being offered. Overlooking the trio of tents, part of the wagon had been pulled out in order to create a temporary veranda to cast a small area next to the wagon in shadow and protect the area from the rising sun. Seated comfortably in said shadows in a old looking rocketing chair sat a zebra wearing a top hat that seemed to be decorated by something, with only those of keen eyesight or who came closer seeing what dangling from the black fabric; A wide variety of bird skulls, softly shifting and making hallow clinking noises like a portable morbid wind chime. With sharp eyes, he kept watch over those traveling passed, curious to see whom or what would stop by in order to visit Dr.Kabra'za and see what he had to offer them.
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    Fluttershy had been working so hard for several weeks attempting to perfect the process of animal caring. She had never been so in love with her with ability to give comfort and understanding to animals in need around her, and her sanctuary had become world-renowned. Because of the acclaim, she had to deal with constant suggestions and queries, mostly asking for an invasion of her way of doing things, and for the ability to come in close contact with animals from all parts of the surrounding neighborhoods without having to go to a zoo. But she would typically reply in a negative tone, counter-intuitive to her usual agreeability. Even her light demeanor wasn't unable to interrupt her promise to the animals in her care, that they would be her priority over everything. But, as circumstances allowed, Fluttershy understood that occasionally a good pony needs a animal to care for, and a good animal needs a pony to care for them. Such a bond could only be realized by Fluttershy herself, and she knew she wasn't the only one who liked animals. So today, she put more of her energy in an open house of sorts, a chance for ponies and creatures to experience the sights and sounds of her arena, and give them a chance to convince her as to why they are in need of a creature to care for—a tax on members of Equestria society. But also, she knew there were several pet owners who needed help with their responsibilities and wanted to visit Fluttershy for some of her advice and encouragement. She hoped that Dr. Fauna would be around to help be she knew the doctor had her own, more serious situations to deal with whereas Fluttershy was focused on the outpatient care of animals that didn't need serious attention. So with the sanctuary's resources, Fluttershy hoped that any issues a pet owner would bring forward to them would be able to be taken care of. It was mid-morning and Fluttershy had just opened the gate on the path to her sanctuary from the town. The gate never did a good job keeping anything in or out, but it was always seen as a sign of whether or not a pony should enter. And today, with the gate opened, Fluttershy hoped that she could use this one day to allow others a chance to find refuge or meaning in the animals Fluttershy felt deserved out attention and respect.
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    Taira might end up being disappointed that Blueblood ultimately just wanted them both back on the treadmills, which would become apparent as soon as he stepped on one himself. "You can take a break, old friend, but we'll both need to keep this going, at least until the end of the day. I received my share of a few days ago, in case you were wondering; my recompense is claimed." And with that, the Prince got to work, turning the working press as it took in apples and gave out cider. Auntie Luna and Applebloom were out of his view, from where he stood, but he felt that he could trust the pair of them. The young crusader was in her element as an Apple, after all. Luna, while unseen, was not unheard, and he appreciated her care for Silverstream. It was nice that at least somepony shared his paternal feelings over his students. Speaking of, he could see both Gallus and Silverstream from where he stood. While he was quickly becoming aware that neither of them were experts in the matter of press repair specifically, the hippogriff at least showed a surprising degree of knowledge regarding mechanics. "I believe there's some spare lumber by the shed!" He called out to the pair from where he was power-walking. "I don't think Applejack would appreciate you cutting down her trees!" Hopefully he could be heard clearly over the creaking of machinery; disaster might arise from misinterpretation. After a good bit of work put in by all, the Prince was beginning to feel the heat. The summer was entering its dog days, and the sweat was starting to show on his hide. His figure was well-sculpted, though more from exercise than by labor; he would have made a fine sight nonetheless to any pony with an appreciation for stallions. "I say, Bellissima. Could you bring us some water now?" He turned his head to the resting singer, trying not to pant like a dog.
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    The mare looked towards the sound as she heard somepony speaking to her. Seeing what she thought was Fluttershy’s energy, she smiled, though once she processed what was said she tilted her head briefly. “Oh Sunny, you sneaky bird you.” She said, laughing softly to herself before continuing. “My apologies, it seems my bird has led me into your sanctuary, probably so he could play with the other birds around here. My name is Solar Flare, it is a pleasure to properly meet you, Fluttershy. At least I hope that’s you...” The unicorn finished, sticking a hoof out to shake.
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    ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Upon hearing the name, Ice Storm tried to recall any information that she might have known about it. Unfortunately, that wasn't much for her. In fact, she hadn't remembered hearing anything about that name at all until now. The fact that he was in the Frozen North was an indication that he didn't want to be found. Whether it was because he just didn't like the company of others, or because he was plotting something more, was yet to be determined. As it was, she wasn't really sure what to think about what was going on. All she really knew was there was a powerful unicorn that she caught wandering around a restricted section of the library after hours. As it was, Twilight seemed keen on entertaining his conversation. Or so she thought until she felt a tap at her shoulder and felt herself get pulled away from her body. Once again when this happens, not expecting it she felt a tad bit woozy. She had more than enough Aether for the Aetheric Doubling, but just like with teleporting she'd have to center herself first with a conduit. Not to mention it was a spell that was beyond her anyway. She knew of the spell that Twilight had cast, and she probably had to power to cast it herself if she were able to convert some of the displacement to ice like she had teleport. But she already had her primary method of stealth hidden in her amulet. After all, it was a lot easier and gave her more plausible deniability if the only creature around was a dragon with no ponies in sight. Thinking to herself she probably should have switched to that persona, but then that would have opened up more issues than not. She wouldn't have been able to follow Blizzard into the advanced section if the gate had closed behind him. While she still would have had her pass, it would have defeated the point of the disguise itself. What's the point of becoming Frostbite if you're going to leave a trail that leads right back to herself? That would be a sloppy rookie mistake to make. The number one rule of subterfuge was to make sure all trails were cold. *** Speaking of cold, it took a lot for Ice Storm to feel so much as a shiver of cold. Her affinity for ice magic to the point to where she, like Blizzard, could stay in the frozen north and be perfectly fine. In fact she'd likely starve to death from lack of food before the cold would affect her at all. As it was though, she felt that cold shiver go down her spine as the magic infused with her and she heard Twilight start talking to her. Apparently she also had some concerns about Blizzard and also felt that there was more to his story than what he was letting on. "I agree. Honestly I didn't think anypony other than myself could survive in the badlands of the Frozen North. That was the primary reason I didn't put a STAR base there," she said to Twilight. "That was also why I blocked off the exit of the advanced section because he made it clear that he was just going to try to walk past me otherwise, and I wasn't going to let him leave with any of the books that were here. Obviously he's powerful because he had access to the advanced section to begin with. That in of itself is cause for alarm and warrants anyone dealing with him to be on high alert for anything," she added as Twilight suggested checking the Records office, nodding in reply as she followed her. *** The look on Ice's face as Twilight began to indulge the conversation with some of the more scientific terminology for all of the different magics and chemicals that went into the kirin reactions and how they turned into the Nirik. Ice simply rolled her eyes and leaned back a bit and just listened. It was clear that they would end up being here for a while. At the very least, learning about Kirin magic was something on her list of things she needed to do anyways. After all, you can't defend Equestria properly if you don't understand how everything works.
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    The alicron would smack her lips as well at the mention of pie. "An apple pie would hit the spot," she would say smacking her lips as well. "Recently in the Dream Realm...there have been few nightmares that garner my intimidate attention. As for odd..." she would giggle. "Your brother's dreams are some of the most entertaining, though they are confidential." As she began to develop a sweat, Luna would pull her flowing mane into a ponytail as she continued to levitate fresh mugs, ready to be filled to Apple Bloom. Though it was work, she always enjoyed her time with Apple Bloom. "Next year, we must do this again-Sir those mugs are not souvenirs!" she would say rather firmly to pony trying to abscond with an empty mug. "While we are on the subject of sweets," Luna would say looking to Taira, "While Celestia may be fond of cake, I am a pie pony." she would say with a smile. "Perhaps once today has finished, you would like to join myself and Apple Bloom for refreshments? Perhaps some Coffee dark as night as well?" Luna looked over to the filly and raised an eyebrow. "Apple Bloom, art thou aloud to have coffee?" Luna would sigh at Taira's question and point a hoof at the pink hippogriff. "She is the most deserving creature here of a cup of cider. After all she has gone through the last few days just to attempt to get a sip of cider...yet she keeps coming back with her friend." She would pause a moment looking over to Sliverstream and Gallus. "She is not the most...coordinated though. You may wish to hoof deliver it to her."
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    Bluebelle took another sip of the excellent tea as the conversation continued. My, but did the bergamot settle ever so nicely on the palate. The replies she was getting, however, were beginning to serve as a gentle reminder to speak at the level of her students. This wasn't a real high-society little tea party, though fair play to Smolder, her handling of the tea kit was enough to make a pony forget! Taking a deep, steamy breath over her cup, the Archancellor tamped down her tone, trying to bring in a more casual voice. "Spike certainly impressed me, with the few times I have seen him lately. His work is by no means easy, and I feel that he often doesn't get enough credit for it. Almost every Royal owes some of their success to their private secretaries; Auntie Celestia had Raven Quill for the longest time. I myself have one, maybe a few years older than you. A unicorn by the name of Wordsworth Psmith, and for some reason he insists upon spelling his second name with a silent 'P'. But I can forgive his quirks for his competencies; he does a good job, for all that I put on him." Indeed, the young stallion was one of the few members of Blue's entourage left in Canterlot, to handle all non-school affairs while she was in Ponyville. "Who indeed?" She gave a small smile at Silver's passing laugh, less concerned at her dodging of any potential questionings. It was enough to just be talking and spending time together. "I barely have time for two, myself." Let that settle in, see if anyone caught it... Smolder seemed more interested in her lineage, at the moment. "I am, in fact, the direct descendant of Princess Platinum. My full name and title is Princess Bluebloo- Bluebelle Platinum the 57th, Primus inter Pares. The last bit is in old Roaman, it means 'first among equals.' Unicorns are a proud bunch; they have hard time admitting inferiority even to their leaders."
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    The 'Emperor' listened to the tales of Zelda's ancestors with a serious, but unsurprising face. "My branch of the family left Griffonstone some time before that, settling in the first Clopton Coast Colonies. I've no doubt that other surviving lines of the Imperial Tree survive, but none have come to claim their inheritance." There was a look in his eye, suggesting that some sense lingered behind his anachrony that could sometimes come out in outdated words and outsized dreams. "Many desire the glory without the labor, and many more cannot even see the glory. After all, how many griffons could look at a granite boulder, and see the statue inside?" He seemed somewhat disappointed that his lunch offer would not be taken up, but stepped back nonetheless. "Of course. One must maintain the bonds of kin, however much distance may divide. I do look forward to seeing you tomorrow, both of you, in fact." He nodded back towards Gill again, though he noted with a somewhat rueful expression. "It does appear, however, that your cousin does not share our enthusiasm. I hope, at least, she will come with some suggestions of how we may share it?" He looked, for a moment, saddened, like a distant uncle who had come to his first family reunion, and wanting desperately to befriend his nieces. Upon their departure, however, he would give a more cheerful, if formal, farewell, and return to his work of restoration, after a couple of sandwiches alongside his 'retainers'...
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    Apple Bloom was always happy to have hep, and double that if it were a Princess. And tripe that if it were Princess Luna, honorary Apple of Sweet Apple Acres. Speaking of, Luna hadn't forgotten the tree she had planted. It was just now starting to produce some good apples, though not for today's event. Apple Bloom smiled as she spoke, not forgetting two bits for a mug as she did so. "Yer apple tree is super pretty ta be sure, but the apples it makes aren't right for ciders. Good for snackin' or pies, though," she said, smacking her lips as she imagined sinking her teeth into a nice Princess Apple Pie right about now. Assuming Applejack just didn't save it for sale, of course. "How goes dreamwalkin'? Any kooky dreams lately?" She asked as she continued to work. She was always mighty interested in what was going on in that realm of nightmares and fantasy, especially anything that could have piqued the interest of the pony of the night herself. Of course, nothing could distract from work as well. Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. “Yep! That sure is Princess Luna!” Two bits, mug. “No sir, you ain't dreaming. Not that I'd blame you- that cider is a dream!” Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. “No, this is for cider, not photography.” Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. “Yes ma'am, you can get yer cider. Y'all don't need ta bow!” Two bits, mug. Speaking of work, Gallus was chagrined at the thought of it. He wasn't opposed to hard work if he needed or felt it deserved or needed but he made a habit of not appearing to be too intrusively active when it came to work and this reputation was one he was planning to rigidly reinforce like a shack in a storm no matter the cost. Well, maybe not around Silverstream. He didn't want to let her down and he knew that without some cider in their talons that this whole endeavor would leave a bitter taste in their mouths. And he wasn't talking about his lack of brushing. "Uggh, I guess," he said with a barely hidden frustration, eyes a-rolling as he responded to the Chancellor. He landed next to him. "I mean, I already have nothing else to do now, so I guess it can't hurt. Where do you want me?" He asked, loosening up his muscles for whatever labor of love- no, not love. Labor of thirst- that the royal had in mind for the two. The orders were made clear. Help repair the press. Awesome. He had never done anything like it before and he was thirsty and annoyed and Silverstream was here. What was a kitten to do in these trying times? Like most of his life, fake it until he made it. He approached the press, nodding towards it as he waited for his partner in cider crime to appear next to him. "Two pairs of talons are better than one I guess. Anything in any of the books you read about repairing cider presses? If only they needed our help with plumbing, right?" He said with a laugh as bent down to inspect the press, trying to piece together what had been done before and what else needed doing as the hippogriff settled in with him. If they were gonna work, might as well get to it!
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    Tacobob Week Day 2980 I finally have free time to sit my flank on this vert comfortable chair and post! Yay! However, with less work is less bits for me. Boo.
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    Ali's ears pinned back when Fluttershy told her to keep the venom out. "Ah know, Ah know, don't gotta keep remindin' me!" She was getting way too grumpy, being stuck in the dark with a hurt filly kind of made her extremely nervous. The short mare didn't know how to control her emotions too well, so they always came out negatively. So as of this moment, Ali really wanted to scream and punch things. Too bad she had a little delicate filly in her hooves right now. After spotting the huge creature, Ali watched as the shy mare approached the monster quite bravely. The farm pony was quite impressed once again, but of course would never ever admit it. Though a lot of the shouting seemed to do nothing, as the monster never once reached out of the shadows. Alizarin had enough with the silence, finally losing her (what seemed to be) cool nature, and reached behind herself to grab a rock. She then chucked the rock right at the monster, hitting it straight in the face. "Bullseye! Try messin' with us! Now leave us be!" Throwing the rock wasn't the smartest idea to think of, as the monster roared so loud Ali's mane stuck backwards. The short mare now could get a little idea of what was staring at them, as the monster came flying at them! A very large manticore showed itself to the group. Alizarin's eyes shrunk. She'd never seen a manticore that size, nor one in the Whitetail Woods. Why were all these bad things in the most peaceful forest? And they still haven't even seen the monster that poisoned Apple Bloom! The manticore came right at Ali and Apple Bloom, and Ali felt stuck. What would they do?
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    "Yeah, I one hundred percent agree with you," she shouted at the griffon. Her voice was barely heard from the intense wind that blew in all their faces. Golden honestly thought her bones were going to shatter from how frozen she felt. Even with all the clothes, she couldn't feel 90% of her body. Even the inside of her mouth was frozen. She just needed to stop talking. But, the pegasus was quite the yapper, especially in circumstances like this where she needed to keep talking to fill up the void between the ponies. The atmosphere just seemed so cold. "If you say so, birdy." The tan mare slowly shrugged as she drug her hooves against the frozen wasteland. "Just lemme know when you need something. As long as my arms don't fall off, I can help whoever." Finally, Daze started to spot a large shadow only a little ways away. Fiver seemed to spot it before she did, as she said something first about it. "Oh, Celestia, finally some good news." As they made their way to the cave, Daze couldn't help but try and sprint over to the cover. The mare reached their destination in less than a minute, hiding herself from the bitter wind and snow. She turned, waiting for the others to join her. The cave was way warmer than the outside, probably because the cave was in the opposite direction at the wind. "C'mon guys! We don't have a lot of light to waste!" Daze cleared her throat, thinking for a second. She realized the cave was deep, and very, very, dark. She knew she didn't have a light on her, and she also had no idea who or what was in the cave. The mare began to overthink. Hopefully her new friends had some sort of light..
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    The unicorn hummed in thought as she eyed the merchandise, before shaking her head at her third comment. "Ah, sadly, I will have to decline that offer, as I do not have much space to grow many things myself." She said, before going back to looking at the different plants available to purchase. Though when Granola then commented about her cutie mark, Angelis glanced back to her flank, realizing the earth mare was referring to her cutie mark. To that, she shook her head and let out a soft chuckle "Me? Ooh, ho ho, no, I am not. I guess it is fair enough to assume so, but I am in fact a teacher." Angelis corrected with a soft smile "Though I am impressed by the fact you could identify a flower from someone's cutie mark with such ease!" She added
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    Angelis, herself, was enjoying her after school time running some errands at the marketplace, happy to be finally free of a long and tiring session of grading tests. She was holding a basket with her magical grasp, slowly filling it with fruits and vegetables as she went from stand to stand, taking her time to pick the products that suit her needs and wants. She looked around with a sweet smile at the the ponies behind the stalls every time she passed by one, politely declining when she was called out specifically by the ones that sold things she did not want or need to buy. Eventually, she would reach Granola Gracie's cart, and just as she was about to pass by it, hearing her voice call for her caused Angelis' head to turn and look towards her, but not after looking around to make sure there was no mistake and it was to her she was talking. She then fully turned to face Granola, the surprised expression she got seconds ago turning again into a smile. "My, my, well, I certainly do not mind taking a look at what you have to offer." She replied as she took a couple steps closer to the cart, her strong foreign accent hinting of her origins. "I definitely could use some flowers in my small garden, may I take a look?" She added with a soft, small chuckle.
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    Seeing Apple Bloom pass by Tempest without batting too much of an eye assured Fluttershy that her fears could be kept away for now. She often pulled the trigger on freaking out about ponies she did not feel comfortable with, but seeing as there were others around gave her a peace of mind. "Hello, Apple Bloom. Lovely to see you today. Elizabeak should be in her coop. I know how much you love feeding her." Fluttershy took in the detailed explanation from Tempest. "I... don't think timberwolves have ever been tamed." She feared she might be sounding rude. "And I don't know too much about them, but I'm sure I can try to help." Fluttershy turned her body and faced the serene landscape of the sanctuary. "Feel free to explore around a little bit. If you see a critter you like or are curious about one of them, don't be shy and feel free to ask me or Apple Bloom. In fact, I bet Apple Bloom has more experience with timberwolves than I do." She motioned to Tempest an encouraging motion to walk further into the ravine. "I'll be back with you shortly." The yellow pegasus walked towards the white unicorn who seemed to have a joyous expression, but her eyes were glossed. "Hello. How can I help you? Did you come to see, I mean experience the sanctuary?"
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    If there was one benefit to being Princess that Twilight was scarcely happier about, it was that she was able to create the sort of magical informational exchange that would have been little more than fantasy a decade previous. There had always been some work to be found in the Canterlot Archives ad library regarding magic from outside of Equestria but they were rarely of note. Often times they were interesting but were rather basic, or were the equivalent of fringe works tat authorities abroad didn't really care whether or not Equestrian researchers spent their time on. She wasn't much of a fan of the concept that there was knowledge that Equestria, and its Princess, couldn't get a handle on. So she had opened the Equestrian Knowledge Exchange, sharing magical theories and knowledge among Equestria and her allies. The return had been wonderful. Unyasan alchemic works that were so far more intricate and powerful than what had existed in Equestrian research circles before. Neighponese Magitech was one of the most interesting topics of study in the world and finally you could learn something without having to travel there to learn about it. Long Guo mysticism, the mysteries of Polyneighsia, a thousand other topics poorly covered over time but now opened up for wider study in Equeestria. It was a great time to be a scholar and a greater time to be a Scholar-Princess, since she often got sent personal copies of some of the rarest or more important works on the subjects from friends she had made among the leaders of many nations. The only flaw is that she could certainly use a little more time than she was normally afforded. Luckily, there were fewer desires on her time at the witching hour so she found herself on many a night at the library for the School for Gifted Unicorns. She could rely on some peace and quiet-You're not going anywhere until you tell me who you are - that would allow her the time she needed to- ...literally live in a waist land of Ice and Snow- fully delight in the great works of magical art- As it stands, I stand at the ready to defend Equestria from all threats that threatens her -. She sighed. The library was supposed to be closed. Her horn lit up and an invisible wave of aetheric detection. It came back within a moment or two- she could easily see that her friend Ice Storm was one of them likely as a guard. And she had...blocked off the entrance? No sign of combat magic in use and not fighting the other aetheric signature. That was good. She'd hate to ruin the reading materials of the students of this school. Still, something was weird. Ice Storm wouldn't just ice up a entryway for no reason and the other aetheric signature was definitely powerful and unknown to her. She closed the book she was reading and her horn lit again. This time, she rewrote the rules of reality, deciding that it was better if Ice Storm and this other fellow were close to her rather than so very far away. They would find themselves seamlessly teleported to a deep, cordoned off area of the library. The Princess would be seated at a long table with a pile of books and some tea, a single gem in the skylight amplifying the moonlight to allow for reading. "It may not be library hours but I think it would be wise to make considerably less noise than you are now. Pleasure seeing you Ice- and who might you be?" She asked, her voice firmly entrenched in curiosity rather than any real anger.
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    Alrighty then. It seemed like her idea of a simple little game was really not so easy for the class. Well some of the class. Well, specifically a certain pink filly and maroon colt. Oh well, thankfully everypony finished without too much indecent. As Remington and Moonlight crossed the finish line Rainbow clapped her fore hooves together while she hovered in the air. "Great work everyone!" She glanced around. "You all made it, and thankfully nopony got hurt this time!" That was a success right? Sure! Wow, she was such an awesome professor! "So," Rainbow glanced at the group. "Who can tell me what the exercise has to do with loyalty?" She gave it a moment and then pointed her hoof lazily around, landing on Moonlight and Remington. "How about you two? Learn anything about loyalty?"
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    Tempest’s ears twitched as she looked down at the passing filly. Apple Bloom. She was a nice filly and well behaved. Mostly. She didn't mind her all too much whenever she was crashing at AJ’s place. “I’m here to learn.” She says to the filly before looking back at Shy. “I wish to have a pet. I have a need for companionship on my travels. One that can keep pace and is fine living outdoors much as I do. As such I wish to tame a Timberwolf, they have held a place in my heart for some time. Even as a filly. But I wish to take the utmost care of it. So I hope you’d know something about them to help me.” She explained in her deadpan tone. Her face blank and not betraying much in the way of how she felt.
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    The alicron's glare would be interrupted by a voice she had never heard before as she blinked. "Oh, um, greetings," she would say turning to greet the newcomer. She was quite surprised to see the kirin. "Taira you say?" Inquizitoin in her voice. "I believe I have overheard that name from my sister on occasion." Looking back over to Apple Jack, she would nod seeing that the orange mare had finally decided to get some sleep. "It was not a personal matter between myself and Apple Jack, but merely a some aggressive negotiations upon the importance of sleep to ones own health and mental well being." Luna would continue to levitate fresh, empty mugs to Apple Bloom to fill and smile at the filly. "I am sure Apple Bloom here can vouch for Apple Jack's...and to an extent...my hardheadedness." as she nervously chuckled. "As for not being glamorous, I am here to assist. Perhaps some of this cider was made with the tree that I planted?" Luna looked to Apple Bloom not knowing how large her tree has grown yet. Looking back to their new arrival. She would smile. "What brings you to Sweet Apple Achers Taira?"
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    Today I have worked on and finished two new character applications for World of Equestria role play. I've been wanting to make these for a while, and finally got them on paper. So here they are. Introducing: Zareb the zebra, and Sky Beak the hippogriff!
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    (Joint post that includes Hippo and SteelEagle in character responses. Made via Discord text chat) Silverstream carried a plate of snacks with her as she hovered alongside Gallus. The two were exploring the castle a little, hoping to find a secret room. However, most of everything they saw so far were empty rooms. "I wonder if we could spend a night in the castle. They probably wouldn't even notice!" Silverstream giggled. She entered a room before Gallus and looked around. "Another empty room." Silverstream turned to exit the room, but stopped when she spotted a pony skeleton in the corner of the room, animated as if it were alive. She did a double take, and then dropped her snacks. She quickly zipped out of the door and planted herself against the wall in the hallway, giving Gallus a feared expression. "What... was that!?" Gallus snickered. "With all the chaos of the Chancellor doing this whole castle-sitting nonsense, I think we could get away with that really easy," he said as he flew over her to reach for a chip, tossing it into his mouth as he completed the loop to be on her other side. "And if we're caught, well, we'll say its for research. The Chancellor is a sucker for that," he laughed as he went to follow her into the room. That failed as she shot out, spinning him in place. Such was the force of her exit that the plate of snacks was sent flying- and as he landed on the ground in confusion, the two cupcakes landed on his face, one on each eye. He sat up with a huff as he looked into the room. "Well, it looks like cupcakes because somegriff decided she..." he started as they slid off of his face, plunking onto the ground with a delicious thud. Then he saw the skeleton, and his throat got caught up in a gulp as he slowly started pushing himself up, his wings flaring up slowly. "Uhhh...uhhh...Twilight's...umm, Twilight's Nightmare Night...thing?" He said haltingly, trying to remain brave even as he slowly started to back up towards Silverstream, back to her and front facing the door. Silverstream encroached over Gallus as he stepped back to her in a guarding manner. She subconsciously accepted the stance he set as some kind of alpha protector, but she supported him by giving him the physical affirmation she knew the griffin secretly liked. One of her claws was set softly on his backside. "Twilight's? What if it's the new Headmare's? You know them well, are they into this kind of thing? Like even a as a joke?" Silverstream was amazed by almost everything she laid her eyes on, and was typically only fearful of things that harmed her emotionally or otherwise. A pony skeleton fell into a grey area where she felt curiously anxious about how it existed in the first place. Gallus and her had once been amazed at the sight of a picture of King Grover that seemed to be animated, but only became fearful of it when it started flying and chasing after them. His tail flickered nervously as she touched his backside, her warmth sending a quick shiver to his extremities that ended with a quickly squashed blush. "I...I mean maybe, I guess its possible...but I don't think so. At least, why have it hidden in a random room like this if it was supposed to be a joke?" He asked, the curious cat allowing his wandering mind to distract him from a primal fear. Skeletons belonged on the inside, not outside, and anytime he had seen a non-scholastically related skeleton it wasn't a good time. He found a chipped piece of crystal and picked it up, then threw it into the room, at his best approximation of where he thought the skeleton was. "Hey! Hey, creepy skeleton thing! Just..stop what you're doing! Being c-creepy, stop it!" The rock landed next to the skeleton. Silverstream peaked inside the room to see if Gallus hit it or not. She observed it careful. Fortunately, but still creepily, it seemed to be browsing a few old bookshelves and occasionally looking under furniture that had been stored there for space-saving. "What is it doing?" She asked out loud. "It's like it doesn't even know we're here. Oh! Maybe because it has no eyes so it can't see us!" Silverstream perked with brilliance but then dropped her excitement. "But then how does it know where things are?"
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    Remington chuckled shyly. "Hehe, no. I don't think there are any pools out here anyway." Remington walked outside with the rest of the class, his eyes adjusting to the blurry brightness of the sunshine. He peered across the field they were walking towards once he could see the mostly green terrain. "There aren't any pools out here, are there?" Moonlight thought about it. She knew there was a pool somewhere out there, since they needed to train the swim team and whatnot. But was there one nearby? She wasn't sure. She tapped her hoof to her chin, almost missing and hitting her snout. Not seeing was a bitch, wasn't it? "I don't think there are. But, like, if there are, don't lead me to one. I don't have a towel and drying off in the sun is, uggh, so super grody like you wouldn't believe. I'd be totally itchy all over." Remington walked down the path to meet with the rest of the class next to what the professor deemed the starting line. Every moment that passed this began to look more like a race to the fast pegasus. Figures. "Alright, Moonlight, we're over here." Remington looked back and saw the disfigured Moonlight-shaped object far behind him. "Oh, that's right. You can't see." He started walking back briskly to where Moonlight was, tripped on a misstep of his hoof and quickly recovered. Next to Moonlight he started telling her where the path was. "Ok, the path is beneath you. It's beneath you. It's still beneath you. Turn left, I mean right, my right. Oh you can't see me, just go straight, there's nothing in front of you." Remington began to realize how helpless he might be at this. Remington was walking a little bit faster than Moonlight was. Easy to see why- well, see was the inappropriate word. Easy to understand why. Because he could see, see? That and she would never claim to be the fastest pony anyway. As she meandered listlessly though there was a moment of concern, her ears twitching at the sound of a pony...perhaps falling? Huh. Whoever tripped better not be the leader of the group. That could cause trouble! His voice chimed in with exact instructions. It would be easy to get annoyed at them but she had been working with a rather demanding fashion mare and her equally demanding fashion show compatriots on shows across the land. Reacting to a colt's hurried, harried instructions wasn't something to tickle her tail hairs any. She followed his instructions, flaws included, but could hear the trepidation creeping in his voice. "You're doing so good. Just relax, Manehattan." Remington exhaled. Everything was cool. Moonlight was cool. He was not cool for some reason. Or maybe he was just worried something bad was going to happen. It was possible the only reason why he felt this anxious about anything was because he was constantly worried about how long he might be without a fixed pair of glasses. Having his vision impaired flustered Remington, and all times, it had to be now, when he was giving directions to a potential friend who seemed to like what he was about, whatever that was. "Only a few more steps and... Stop! We made it. Well, we made it to the start line, keep your blindfold on." She reacted on point, stopping at what she could only assume was the right position. Out of habit she stuck out her chest and stood with a straight stern back, as if she were about to spin in place and walk up and down the aisle. Fashion models were second behind only the Royal Guard when it came to parade-ground formation trotting, or so she had been told. "Ready when you are. Or when the Professor is. Or really whenever." When the professor gave the signal, Remington turned and faced Moonlight. "Alright we got this. Hey, wait don't move yet. What are you doing? I didn't say to walk forward yet." When a stallion was close enough for Remington to notice he wasn't even talking to Moonlight, he shook his head and looked at the lone mare standing by herself. "Oh. Moonlight, go ahead and walk forward at a normal pace. Turn left in about six steps. Or seven. Six and a half, maybe." She waited and when it was time to go she excitedly waited for his instructions. That excitement became confusion which was expertly hidden in her eyes, away from the prying judgments of her compatriot, when he then told her not to move. What was that all about? She was having doubts now. Was his eyesight gonna lead him to trouble? Her to trouble? As these thoughts flew about her head, he started giving her orders. And she did her best to follow them, even including a half-step- which she did with a short hop, her tail rolling up and down like a wave in the ocean as she did so. Moonlight did a great job following his instructions. Except she had deviated from the line by about two steps. Was that too far? "Great, now just sidestep to the left a couple steps." Remington turned to look ahead of the pair. All the other ponies were ahead of them including some of the ones that seemed to cripple themselves to the finish of the last obstacle course. At least this one seemed filled with nothing but green grass. The white chalk line the professor had drawn started to fade already having been trampled by the students before them. So he decided to call an audible and try to make do. He walked backward in the direction of the other ponies. "Follow my voice, Moonlight. Turn to your 2 o'clock and keep walking straight. Nothing is in front of you. Except me." Everything was fine in Moonlight's world. Truth was the hop had adjusted her blindfold and if she wanted to cheat it had been loosened enough to do so, but she wasn't going to do that. So she also closed her eyes, to double-lock-blind herself for the time being. She moved with practiced precision and grace, gliding over the grass with great gaiety as she followed the voice in front of her, which was all she needed to hear. It was a calming one too, even as it went up and down and seemed to try and steel itself. He could do it. She had the faith! Remington and Moonlight had been walking in tandem for a few moments. He had constantly been checking behind him--the direction they were walking--to make sure the others where still there and that they were in their wake. The white line seemed to have completely faded and seemed like a misjudgment on the professor's call to even suggest following an arbitrary line in the first place. But then, a stallion walked in the opposite direction of the two. "Oh, stop! Turn right ninety degrees, and then turn ninety degrees again, to the right. I guess turn a hundred and eighty degrees. Not twice though, only once. Just turn around." Remington facehoofed himself and walked to the other side of Moonlight, the direction the other stallion had trotted. He seemed to be in a hurry. Hopefully he knew where he was going. Remington was counting on following others to help him lead his newly found friend. She walked and walked and then found herself suddenly being stopped. She could feel the tail of somepony else graze her...going in the opposite direction. Weird. She then started to follow his directions but this time they were hurried, confused, almost panicked. She turned ninety degrees, then another, then started to do a one-eighty when she was told what the real scoop was. Luckily she hadn't been made a fool of yet and started to walk forward. "Remmy, relax. No need to pull a Sunrise Special out of this," she said with a giggle. Then realized he likely didn't know what that meant. And then was embarrassed, and kept quiet. Only a short moment after they had started walking in their new direction, the same stallion as before and another pony quickly ran in the other direction again. They were going back? "Oh no," Remington thought out loud. "This might be the blind leading the blind." Remington paused on that sentiment and the longer he lingered on it, the more real it became. A pony next to Remington who was purple and seemed to have an orange afro mane suggested to him, "What are you doing on the buckball court?" Remington facehoofed again. "Moonlight, just stand still, I need to get us out of this." Apparently he got lost in an open field and lead himself and blindfolded Moonlight into the practice field during hoofball practice. He flew upwards to get an aerial view and saw instantly they had trotted off course by about forty to fifty steps. He fell down gracefully next to Moonlight. "Alright Moonlight, let's walk forward, turn left to your 10 o'clock and continue walking." Remington was now in Moonlight's right ear, instead of facing her and not looking at where he was going. Though blurry, the distant trees gave him a field of view he could relate to, and he could make it pretty easy. Being this close to Moonlight seemed to give him funny feelings as well. It didn't take a genius to figure out what had happened and Moonlight was a genius- well, a genius when it came to figuring out when ponies were in over their head. Like Remington was. Though in his case it was more likely blinded by his shattered eye glasses. She nodded when he said he needed to clear it up. That was fine. She was not happy to be on the buckball court (which she could feel the difference in grass underneath her hoof). And she took this time to fix herself a way out of this jam. Eyes open, horn lit, she nudged the blindfold a little lower. Not enough to uncover her eyes, but just enough for her to be able to get a sense of what was around her. He returned then and started giving her orders once again, and she followed now with her added bit of aid. And he ordered her around with his warm breath on her ears, which made her spine tingle and her ear twitch. "Ooooh, getting a little close now ain'tcha?" "Oh, sorry." Remington blushed. "Just wanted to make sure you could hear me. Sorry for yelling earlier, I was just a little, turn right. I was just a little stressed about my glasses. But everything seems fine now. Turn left." Remington seemed to be able to lead Moonlight a lot better this way, along side her instead of leading her like some kind of stray animal. They should have done this from the start. "There's a line of small rocks in front of you, they should be easy to step over or onto. A few more steps and we're done." "It's fine. Like, really. It isn't the first dramatic situation I've been in," she said with a giggle as she followed his directions. It had nothing over a giant worm trying to eat her alive now, did it? It came time for the rocks. She thought they were in the right area and so, in case Rainbow Dash was in the area, closed her eyes and resettled the blindfold before hopping over the rocks. As the two approached the rest of the class, it was obvious they were in last place if this was a race. Good thing it wasn't a race, right? Oh, Luna, was it a race!? "We made it, heh," Remington stated to the others as he and Moonlight joined the group. She walked the last few steps, using her tail to strategically slap him as a sign of gratitude. "Good work there, Remmy. Without your glasses, too! Like, so cool!" She said as she joined the group, turning to face him.
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    The walk along the rails was rough. Between biting cold and tired eyes, Fiver was already feeling winded. Thankfully Daze was willing to spare a scarf and hat so she wouldn't freeze. The pegasus took the hat and secured it on her head as best she could, same with the scarf. That scarf was a bit harder to get on. That wind was threatening to rip if from her neck and leave it fluttering in the whiteout beyond the party. As the shadow of the mountain hung over them, a deeper shadow was somewhere a head. It seemed as that the tracks lead to a tunnel. The opening of which was right ahead if they kept on trudging through the snow. "I see a tunnel up ahead. Looks like it goes on quite a ways. We could get some shelter from the wind and cold in there I think!"
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    As the steam rose from the tea, Bluebelle recognized the aroma. "Oh, Earl Grey! I see you are a dragoness of class as well, Smolder." The mare beamed an approving smile at the dragon, accepting the lemon once she noticed that the creamer was not natural. It wasn't so much that Blue hadn't been disgusted at the natural origin of milk when he first learned it. It was just that the chemical origins of food additives were even worse when you really thought about them. "Oh, by the way, have you ever put in a bit of lavender into this kind? Add in cream and sugar, and you've made what's called a 'Trottingham Fog.' A specialty of the town, I'm given to understand." The Archancellor sipped the tea as the conversation carried on around her. Seemed Smolder wasn't more than curious about such things, and even then not to any serious level. Which was expected, of someone her age. Although, Spike was slightly younger, and had a fairly serious crush, she was given to understand. But the little purple one was certainly an exception in many ways to dragons as a whole. And what dragons were as a whole was changing too; the end result would partially depend on how Smolder chose to conduct herself here. The Princess refrained from mentioning that, not wanting to put too much pressure on her student. Something for her to reflect on, all the same. Silverstream's enthusiasm was quite the contrast, and her smile was infectious. When she posed her seemingly-facetious question, though, Bluebelle sat up a little straighter with more alertness. Perhaps she might be able to afford a bit more openness. "Well, that certainly would be a logistical challenge! But you'd be surprised at the amount of leeway law and custom give you. Being of royal blood helps in that regard. Still, word of advice, half a dozen is as much as anyone can handle, and probably more than is prudent." She giggled, still giving the remarks the plausible deniability of humor, though her tone throughout had been sincere enough. Smolder, on the other hoof, wasn't one for dancing around the issue, and pressed her friend directly for an answer. Fate, of course, was on the side of secrecy, as just as the hippogriff was about to spill the beans, nature intervened. "Why yes, that is a hummingbird. Lady Fluttershy cares for them, I believe. I suppose they followed her here." She let Silver off the hook, not really feeling it her place to press the share. It was enough to just spend time out in the early autumn, pleasantly chatting.
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    Lián chuckled softly, Apple Bloom's determination was certainly admirable. The mischievous side of the Prince did wonder, just how strong that determination was. Perhaps it would be fun to bide a little bit of time. Nodding his head the qilin smile. "I quite happy to have been able to stop by as well. It's been far too long since we all last spoke." he would say as he looked the apples over with a polite tilt of his head "Ah, they do look rather delicious! I have to admit I've been interested in learning more. What can you tell me about this particular..." the stallion rubbed his chin in thought, searching for the right word. "The term is cultivar right? The terminology escapes me but it has had me rather fascinated." Truthfully, this wasn't a lie. The stallion liked to learn about whatever he could, he wanted to speak with the rest of the girls again at some point to learn more about their trade as well, but right now Lián thought it the easiest method in which to give Apple Bloom that little bit of extra time. It was all far too humorous. ((Sorry for the terribly long delay, and terribly short post ;3; ))
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    Bon Bon was taken aback by her first customer. It was a crow. Rave. Craven. Row. Birds, flappy, black as night. She briefly wondered why they would be interested in her wares and hiow they could pay and whether or not they were going to peck her eyes out when the master of the feathery poverty fly boys showed up. He was a cute little unicorn with a cheery attitude that made her spine shiver with far less than delight, just north of fear. He was creepy. He should be a clown. They verged on the same style of scaring her, even if after a moment or two (and a helpfully unhelpful explanation from him about his minions) that concern passed as she went into business mode. "They're bonbons," she replied dully. Then she shook her head and yawned, giving a small laugh. "Sorry, just a little tired. These are bonbons. Chocolate, made with the finest of ingredients that a mid-tier baker with a bank account and some gumption could muster, which isn't half bad if I say so myself. And I don't: I say they're really good," she said as she pulled out a sample. "Five bonbons for five bits, and take an extra one on the house for being my first customer of the day," she said with a smile as she noticed the true heroine of the world came up to her. Any kirin that wanted to brush her was clearly the word's greatest hero. Bon Bon needed it. Her fur was matted with burned in sweat and her mane was a mess, not to mention her stringy tail. "You know what? You straighten this tail of mine out, a free bag of bonbons is in it for you," she said, only half-joking. She could seriously use the help right now, even if she wouldn't admit it in full. She wondered if this was part of some elaborate plan specifically designed to screw her out of sleep at the promise of great profit. Gallus laughed. "I'll keep a look out for new students, Chancellor. You know me, leading everycreature as a paragon of virtue and all that," he said while shooting talon guns at his Chancellor confidently. Well, as confident as he could pretend. He wasn't sure he was really the type of student other students would want to emulate but he didn't think it would be a big deal. He could probably help teach them the really important lessons- like what professors you could take naps in during classes as long as you came with an excuse (Fluttershy), who you could half-tail and still do well (Fluttershy), and whose class you could skip if you say you wee trying to help some animals (Fluttershy). What could he say? There was a reason she was his favorite. Speaking of favorites. "Hey there Silverstream!" He said as he perked up, heading deeper into the castle. "Yeah some of this is free, some isn't. Just pay attention- I think all the pay vendors are outside. I think?" He asked, shrugging his shoulders. Though he couldn't say no to potato skins, scooping up some as he passed by a free stall with them and nudging her in their direction. "Cards, potato skins, and maybe a private room. What could be better?" He asked as he flew deeper into the castle, away from prying eyes- though mostly just so he could sneak around and see if there were any castle secrets he didn't know about. If they ran into any new students, all the better.
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    Solar Flare once again found herself wandering the halls of the school with her bird, mostly following him to avoid running into any inanimate objects. Thanks to her magic, she could tell where living things were nearby, so following her bird was no real trouble. The blind unicorn was the resident healer at this school, primarily, but there hadn’t been much to do today. That was good that nobody needed her skills, since that meant nobody was getting hurt, but that also meant she was left somewhat bored. Oh well, she preferred that everyone stayed safe anyways. Eventually, she found herself outside, and sat down in the grass to enjoy the nature around her while Sunny played around in the air.
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    Archancellor Bluebelle wasn't about to raise a complaint about the quality of the china; honestly, she would have been rather worried if any of her students were carting around fine porcelain for common use. Accepting the mug with grace, she contemplated which steeped libation would best fill it. Smolder would have been able to detect the pleased expression of surprise in the mare's features at hearing the listing. It seemed that Smolder was not merely humoring the locals, but was an actual tea aficionado! At least, as far as one so young could be in a subject that could engross the hobbyist's attention for a lifetime.2 "Hm, quite a difficult choice, actually... tell you what, why don't you show me your favorite? I'm actually quite interested in what caught your fancy, and why; I sometimes do diplomatic work with dragons, so it would be a very good piece of information to have. Always pays to be a considerate host." Not to mention, getting a glimpse into Smolder's thought process would be a good way of actually getting to know the little dragoness. As the chosen brew was steeped, Bluebelle would settle down, trying to integrate herself into the conversation. She had, unconsciously, the feeling that she had interrupted something, and thus felt obligated to smooth over the little chat back into a casual mode. A little self-sharing seemed to be the ticket, and the subject seemed to call for it! Tastes in attractiveness and relationships was something that Blue had acquired a good deal of self-knowledge in over the past several years; she just had to be careful not to stray into TMI territory! "Oh, how delightful! I take it you're just now starting to discover your type?" The unicorn mare smiled, taking Silverstream's intrusiveness in stride. Honestly, she wasn't even as impertinently inquisitive as several Duchesses Bluebelle could name. "Guards and Knightly sorts are mine, bonus points if they have wings." She smiled, certain specific ponies coming to mind. "And... well, I'm not married yet, that takes some rather more complicated arrangements for Royalty than for commoners, but yes, I'd say I'm in a committed relationship." More accurate would be at least one serious relationship, but that, again, might be straying into TMI territory. Or even into a realm where she could be accused of being a bad influence!
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    "Ee-yaahhww-" *crick* It was the audibility of her neckbones suddenly clicking into place that clued Archancellor Bluebelle into the fact that it was past time she stopped with the paperwork. Truth be told, one of the main motivators behind the School of Friendship's preference in the curriculum for practical homework as opposed to the written variety was the current administrative staff's antipathy towards the stuff themselves, whenever they were forced to endure its professional analog. That, combined with the timing being coincident with the first urge for afternoon teatime clinched the deal. Levitating a stone to hold down the papers into place, the unicorn mare donned her doctoral tam and ventured forth from her office in search of sustenance. Some students called out greetings to their headmare, which she returned with grace. Despite anxieties, the student body had accepted her as successor to Twilight Sparkle with relatively little trouble, for which Blue had to give credit to her predecessor's teaching acumen. No one here had been anything but friendly to her, but for all that, she couldn't really call anyone here a real friend either. Not that she had the easiest time making them under the best of circumstances, substantial changes from her past self aside; not to mention there was the question of whether such a friendship would be professionally appropriate. *That didn't stop Twilight from befriending both her mentor and her students. What's stopping you?* That little niggling voice of self-doubt and comparison never really went away. Back in the bad old days, Prince Blueblood would drown it out through ego-inflation, to the detriment of his reputation and relationships. Now, with all that's happened since, Blue had more constructive ways to silence it. *Nothing. Nothing is stopping me from befriending the students. I just need the perfect opportunity- do I smell tea?* As if the heavens were answering a call, the wafting steam through the courtyard gracefully brushed Bluebelle's nostrils, directing her attention towards the tree under which Smolder and Silverstream sat. Approaching, with some degree of caution, lest the sudden appearance of authority spook them, she spoke up. "Oh, I do hope I'm not interrupting anything, but would you girls mind if I joined you for my own break? I've been dying for a cup of tea."
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    “I do see those eyes.”, Fire Walker scooted closer to the downed filly and continued to make sure the venom was still flowing out. Whatever it was, if it intended them harm, it would have to go through the officer first before it could get to little Apple Bloom. Could this be the creature that poisoned the little farmer? She waited for the next move. So far, it appeared the eyes were more of a creature that was curious, not threatening, but looking at her little group. Thankfully if it was a animal, they had things covered with Fluttershy.
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    Despite the tensions that had collected around the steadfastness (or sheer stubbornness) of the orange Apple Earth Mare, diplomacy and good sense once again prevailed! "Don't worry, I doubt either of us have enough magical horsepower to turn the wheels any more efficiently than our legs would. Not every unicorn is of a level of power comparable to even pre-ascension Twilight Sparkle, you know." Blueblood gestured at Bellissima, though this was more a guess than certain knowledge. The Prince basically reasoned that any kind of magical prodigy would be fast-tracked into a magical career, or else go off and try to take over the world, or some portion of it. Still, one never could tell with creative types. Seeing Applejack off, Blueblood took a moment to look over the situation before assuming managerial control. First, he turned to his students. "I believe I can arrange that, though to be fair, I'd have to ask for your help first. There's a barrel reserved for all volunteers, you'll be less likely to spill any after the crowds are gone. You've both got claws for fine motor skills, so I think your best fit would be to finish up the repairs on the third press. Sooner we get that up, sooner we can be assured of everypon- everyone has a chance to taste the Apple Clan's finest." Nodding at them, he turned to the two working turbines. "Taira and I will work the other two presses in the meantime. It promises to be a hot day, though; we'll need some water throughout. Can I count on you for that, Belissima?" With Apple Bloom handling the sales side, it looked like everything would be taken care of. "Good, alright team, lets do our national hero proud!" With rather more of a spring in his step than one would expect of a royal about to engage in manual labor, the Prince mounted the treadmill with a confident stride. It probably had a lot to do with the fact that his maintained physique looked rather good with active muscles and sweaty hide. Never pass up a chance to show off what you got!
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    'It never rains, but it pours.' The remark was coined in reference to the weather in Seaddle, but Blueblood was about to see that the metaphorical application to Ponyville's response to any large social event. Only time would tell whether the hastily-prepared shelter of the Prince's preparedness would spring a leak or not. At the first 'raindrop' was one he had some degree of authority over. Not that Gallus would ever dare publicly acknowledge deference to his Archancellor, but for all that, he was good griff. Wouldn't go out of his way to make trouble if one told him just how much the trouble would trouble others. "Well, I won't requisition you for volunteer labor, if that's what you're asking, Gallus." He'd had a tendency, fairly early, to give out tasks for extra credit on a fairly liberal basis, but a talking-to from Applejack had dampened, though not wholly dammed, the flow of extra marks. "I am expecting some new students, however, so please keep an eye out for your future classmates? Some of them may have... little to no familiarity with Equestrian manners or customs. I'm sure you can relate." One such student was expected shortly, but before Blueblood could spare an eye for him, the clouds rained opened up depositing a big three-one sequence on his doorstep. But ingrained hospitality kept the tiles in place upon the roof, and the Prince really needed to get his head out of this metaphor. "And welcome! I'm afraid I never caught your name." He accepted the git with grace, but didn't open it immediately, instead putting it on a table marked "donations." If nothing else, it would serve as a light fixture for the school, whenever the Prince got around to seeing what it was. "This event isn't... quite the same a solstice celebration, or even the old Summer Sun celebration. But I understand Ponyvillle still loves to hold a party this time every year, and I wanted the School of Friendship to be a part of town life." Further explanation wasn't quite possible, as the group began to scatter, and a doppleganger of himself appeared before Blue! The Prince's response... was a slow blink. And a sigh of resignation. It had been such a long day even by now, and this was just the sort of thing that would happen, wouldn't it? Even the revelation that it was a momentarily confused changeling didn't really do much to improve his mood. "No, you've mistaken today for the holiday I've repeatedly lobbied to remove from the calendar." Immediately he regretted his his testy response, and quickly apologies. "Sorry, but it's been a long day. No, wait, that's not- necessary..." He wasn't quite able to prevent Fleeting Hope from giving him a melon. Well, School funding donations were clearly off to a great start... The perils of leaving the young unattended were often exaggerated, with concerned parents freaking out over what the big bad world would do to their precious foal. But in Chipper Demise's case, one might be forgiven for harboring the opposite worry. Oh, sure, he was friendly, outgoing, and cheerful, like any Equestrian pony, but that was a miracle running against his talents and upbringing. Hence, his current guardian's decision that the School of Friendship was the exact education he would need for life. And now, here he was, in Ponyville. His presence was preceded and announced by a pair of raucous crows, flapping and settling on the edges of Bonbon's booth. One of them was staring at her with beady red eyes, while the other took a curious peck at the candies. "Cauw! Caw!" One called out, and the berobed colt answered. "Aw sorry, I thought they were eyeballs. They looked like them from a distance." Trotting up to Bonbon, he explained, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. "Eyeballs are Muginn's favorite treat. So when I saw a pile of sort-of white balls, I thought I'd give him a little snack. So, uh, what are they?"
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    "Heh, yeah. Right." Remington laughed at the band suggestion, knowing full well that Moonlight was slighting his ability to play music. She called his bluff pretty easily. This was fine, though. It didn't bother Remington, but maybe one day he'll write a song and serenade it over Moonlight under the moon's light. Who would be laughing then? However, it was now that Remington realized how overdressed he felt. He didn't normally wear pajamas unless it was cold, but he wanted to be extra comfortable with a guest in his room. But she wasn't wearing anything, not even her uniform, and it made Remington feel like maybe he overdid it. But he couldn't just undress, that would be even weirder! For now, Remington just settled on not worrying about it, and wearing proudly the soft nightwear that had several moon crescents all over. Speaking of moons, Moonlight seemed pretty opinionated on her discounting of Princess Luna. Remington tried everything within him to withhold his desire for lecture. Princess Luna was everything to him. She was his main inspiration, the reason why he goes to sleep and the reason he wakes up. Without Luna's influence on his life, he would have never come to Ponyville. He owed tonight's chance to gain favor with this special pink mare to the Princess of the Night. He saw Moonlight use her magic to take off the poster, but she was just repositioning it. Remington exhaled a concentrated sigh. How was this possible? Her name is Moonlight, for crying out loud! Let it go, Remington, let it go. He figured there would be time later for him to illustrate to Moonlight the importance of such a alicorn princess in their lives, but tonight was not the night. Remington showed concern over her hoof, but he took notice that she dramatized her own woes regarding her injury. His eyes fell half lid as his amusement over her fainting on the spare bed was lacking. "You know if you need more room to elevate your poor hoof, you can just lay in my imaginary roommate's bed all night while we study. I'm sure he wont mind." Then he remembered. "Oh, shop class!" He went to his bag next to his desk and pulled out a hair brush. "Is this yours?"
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    Watching him downplay his musical talents, which was all well and good and probably truthful, was also pretty charming. Most ponies would murder for a chance to brag. But he knew she'd call his bluff and besides, unusually flattering pajamas or not, he wasn't putting on all the moves. There wasn't even a single set of candles or a record playing. At least not yet. "Oh, okay. Not a biggie. I don't play any instruments myself. So cool that you're trying though. Like, imagine you in a band? Like, Remington and the Pajama Ponies. Has a nice ring to it, right?" she said as she teased back. She could do this all night. She knew she had the stamina. Did he? She giggled at his distraught response to her Luna comment, as much as he tried to hide it. Oh, she knew that he liked Luna a lot but lets be real, she was totally the beta sister in that familia. Heck, with Twilight ruling things Luna was, like, even lower somehow! Plus, Moony was a sunshine filly. A few rays near thebeach were best caught in the reflection of sunlight. Let the moonlight be reserved for more intimate moments. "Oh, I like her well enough. I mean, she is a Princess and all, right? Her mane is soooo gorgeous like, oh my Celestia. But I'm a sun filly, so Luna's more like, a cool ruler more than an awesome one, right?" She said as she started to undo the poster with her magic. "No its blegh because its crooked," she said as she rearranged it properly and then put the tacks back in. "See? Heroine in the flesh, everypony," she said as she admired her magical aura a little, twisting on the seat to get a better vantage point. It was then that he commented on her hoof. Oh, he finally noticed. She'd be lying if she said a small part of her hadn't stretched herself out so he'd take notice of her wounded hoof. It hadn't been the foremost thought on her mind either, but who was she to look a gift colt in the mouth? "Oh, this?" She asked with practiced indifference before looking at it and sighing as she got up, walking around while showing it off, "It happened in shop class today. Like, when we were talking. I accidentally stabbed myself in the hoof, like, totally in the soft part. It still hurts. Totally. Lame," she whined at the end as she fell dramatically on the unclaimed bed. "I'll never be a hoof model at this rate, like, for reals. Le sigh!" She said as stretched out dramatically, one foreleg draped over her head.
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    It had been a rather long time since the red coated officer had been in an actual real battle. This was always a good thing, because she believed her job was to keep the peace. Technically she recently had been part of a rather large force of ponies, dragons, gryphons yaks, changelings and many other types of creatures that were asked to stand against the Changeling Queen, Lord Tirek and some small child. She was not asked to attack, but to keep the two villains and one child unfocused by flying really quickly by them. This was successful and the baddies were turned to stone. Something that ended well. She was also later told the kid was a evil kid. Huh. After making sure the others had the right spot to hide, Fire Walker quickly found one of her own. Once the spell was cast and the mercenaries were startled into fleeing into random members of her squad, their foes would be easy pickings. And sure enough, Gleaming Shield's scary snake illusion was terrifying. But something was wrong. Instead of running for the hills, the mercenaries stopped what they were doing and slowly waddled towards the fake snake with their weapons drawn. The way they walked reminded her of a horror movie, a zombie movie. She then noticed something was odd with their eyes. Oh dear. Worried, the officer poked her head, 'They are being hypnotized', Fire mouthed to the farmer. And what creature had the ability to do that?
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    Smolder snatched up her second sandwich while the others spoke. This was something she both hated and liked during a proper afternoon tea time. Tea-Sandwich-Roulette. There was always a chance she would get something she did not like. Like a herbed onion sandwich. Those always made her gassy, and one never should make a dragon gassy. Of course, she could always either ask the gal who brought the sandwiches, or simply lift up the bread, but where would the fun be in that? "Wow..This is really good..", she was out of her comport zone. This was new to her. So far she tasted mayo, a hint of onion, which was okay and artichokes? Hokey smokes, that was good and she feel slightly embarrassed once she noticed it was already gone. One must savor the flavor and not misbehaver and gobble her tiny sandwich so quickly. "Hmm." Pony names were weird. She was just 'Smolder'. It wasn't a pretty name at all, as with most dragons as they tended to sound more like threats than actual names. "Yeah, I never got that. If you're not going to use that letter, don't have it in your name!" Guy was probably really far on the 'fancy' side. Wordsworth! Ha! Oh right! He was her -younger- sibling, which confused the dragon as he was really tall. Like about the same size as Applejack's 'ayup'n brother. "Eh.", she shrugged her shoulders, "I have not really said that much to your brother, but I wouldn't." Uh-Oh! Don't go there Smolder! Thankfully her very own shoulder-angel that only she could see, appeared before her. No salty sea puns! No innuendos! To be safe, the angel carried a very large rolled up newspaper if the dragon dared to go astray, she would whack her with it! Yes, the dragon was gill-ty! She dolphin-ately wanted to get aboard his ship and..WHACK. "Ouch." It wasn't there, but she could feel it. "I mean,who wouldn't want to hang out with Terramar? He's kind of cute..."
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    What a mare she had grown into. Moonlight was a catch, even Applejack was smitten by her ability to be an amazing cousin. It seemed like yesterday she was showing an orange foal around the farm to do chores that would nearly kill them. Most ponies got word that magic help turn this pony into the dazzler she is now, but Applejack knew good that hard-workin' tough-lovin' apple-eatin' earth pony magic had a huge role to play in who she became. And she was still so young, too. How many more healthy sore muscles could Applejack squeeze out of Moonlight before the age of time took them both too far to play that traditional farm pony game? And such was a pony who matured before Applejack's eyes, Moonlight had places to be and boyfriends to cuddle with, she meant business. "No red skin apples?" She looked at her mostly depleted inventory. "I have a bushel of golden delicious, but too many of them got bruises. I have about half a bushel of ginger golds. How about I jus' take out the bruises golden delicious and give you a mix bushel." Applejack didn't hesitate for Moonlight to agree with her. In the event the pretty unicorn was not satisfied with such a suggestion, Applejack would find ways for her to conform to her sales pitch. She began tossing golden delicious apples that had been bruised and partially smashed into a spare bucket, and tossed the rest of the golden delicious apples that would survive a good week on the shelf with the ginger golds. "If you ever can't tell the two apart, ginger golds are a brighter yella and they have a more tart taste to them than golden delicious." Applejack finished piling up the bushel of apples, trying to make it as generous as possible for her favorite cousin. "Why do you need so many apples? Do you really need to study that much? Or is this for two ponies?" Applejack smirked. "You know, I learned form Rainbow Dash that pegasus ponies don't burn as many calories as you think they would. You wouldn't want to make the poor guy fat feeding him apples now would you?"
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    Vacation almost over. Thank you for being apart of Hippo Week. May your rivers be forever hippo'd. I had one more project I wanted to tackle, but it's not urgent so I'll pop it later down the line. Now that my vacation is over, it's time to get back to work... ...posting ponies.
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    After a few round of the 'Snap' Rarity and Twilight glanced at each other. They could feel the sugar laced drink coursing through their veins and hoped AJ would be feeling ready to party! "Ok AJ! The honkey tonk awaits!" They trotted their friend out of the boutique and down the road to where a dance was getting ready to go into full swing! "So," Rarity spoke quietly to Twi as they made their way towards the entrance. "They'll be there when we get back right dear? I wouldn't want that part of the evening to be spoiled." "Yep! They'll be ready to go in a couple hours from now! AJ's gonna be," She giggled. "Super surprised!" "Ready darling?" Rarity turned to AJ and grinned. "We thought you'd like a traditional farmyard themed honkey tonk!" Twilight had gone all out with her Princess powers! She'd hired a band, there were refreshments, dancers, and basically the whole shebang! "Time to kick the dust up!" Twilight ushered AJ inside. Directly on the other side of the entrance a pair of rather stunning mares awaited them. "So!" One of the mares trotted around the farm mare. "You must be the famous Applejack?"
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    Rara sat back, brushing her mane back with a hoof while she listened to the story behind Apple Chord's 'retirement'. It was as expected, keeping in line with everything that Rara had been told before. It was so frustrating. Applejack had a rare voice talent and a simplicity of vision that meant she could produce such impactful and emotionally taut songs. That combination was something a music producer would kill for! But then again, that same vision is what made her reasoning for calling it quits all the more solid. A mare who sung from the heart and valued those around her couldn't really be counted on doing something that would damage the emotional bonds that made her so special in the first place. A tragedy for the music scene to be sure, if a blessing for Ponyville, the Apple clan, and Equestria as a whole by the end. "Makes sense. How do you think your more, how to say it, life experiences would influence your music if you were still active now?" Azure was caught off guard by Applejack-slash-Apple Chord asking her a question. "Me?" She asked out of shock, before shaking her head and regaining her composure. She wanted to lay it out on the line but that seemed petty, and driven by her still being tired. She'd stick to the truth, but a diplomatic version of it at that. "Oh, I was hired to be a background dancer. I am trained for it and I love doing it! Svengallop hired me to be part of the production. We don't do a lot of heavy production, but here I am, still employed!" She said with a respectful nod towards her employer. It was way more boring than what she had been hired to do but work was work. She needed to get off this subject. "Are you ready for your vocal exercises yet, ma'am?"
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    It wasn't a handsome pegasus colt from Manehattan who opened the door but rather a moody looking unicorn with the attitude to match. Who was she? Why was she in Remington's room? She quickly ran down the qualities of friendship that she had in opposition to this filly. Bubbly personality? Beautiful body? Happy to see you interactions? Her mane was prettier too. It would be really awful if they got drawn into a comparison because it was really one-sided and why was she even here in the first place? Remington roomed alone, right? Moonlight felt herself straightening up subconsciously and was ready to start asking questions when the filly mentioned it was the wrong room. Moonlight felt immediately bad. "Oh! I'm so, so, soooo sorry-" she began before the door closed slowly, Moonlight moving her face to look through the increasing slits of darkness until the door was firmly shut. Moonlight sighed in embarrassment. "Well, luckily nopony saw that. Who was that though?" She asked aloud as she trotted to the next door. She shrugged. She'd meet that filly again, she knew that. Maybe it would be a cutie map mission: Make the goth filly (or whatever) see the light of friendship. By what though? Maybe she secretly liked pop music but she had totally uncool goth friends who were all about alternative music and created their own paradoxical clique of conformism. Or maybe none of that would happen. She knocked on the door in a pattern: Knock-knock-knock-knock-knock, knock-knock! "Remington, I'm heeeerreeeeee!" She said, though not nearly as loudly.
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    Introducing my latest open thread, Fluttershy is opening up her sanctuary to visitors, but for only one day. She wants to use this time in order help outsource her care of animals to others, that they might also find meaning in the critters around them. What could happen in this thread? Here are some examples: Pet adoption Caring for sick pets Visitors helping care for animals Animals causing mischief Possibly other things!
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    She was relieved to know she wasn't expected to bring anything to their little study session later. She wasn't poor by any stretch- scratch that, she was pretty well-off- but she didn't really like the idea of having to run around and get herself stocked up when she was having to deal with the most serious injury in the history of ever. She had hurt herself before and was sure she'd hurt herself again but she was half-afraid if she told somepony about the injury that they wouldn't totally buy the circumstances behind it and some sort of weird investigation would be launched in her name. That wouldn't be the worst thing ever she supposed- she wouldn't lie, she liked a bit of drama every once in a while. But it would end poorly, she was sure of it. "Ahh. Ahh. Good, cool. Epic," she said with a smile, still hiding the wound. "Well, I'll meet you then, flycolt," she said with a happy wink, holding her position as he got ready to leave. "Have fun at gym!" She said as she waved off her friend. When out of sight she sidled up to her cousin and allowed a tear or two to fall. "Hey Professor, I have an injury to report and its totally grody!
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    She recognized stalling for time when she saw it, especially since she reckoned he had to know at least a little about Fujis. Nonetheless, she humored him as she picked up a Fuji as if she were holding an ancient relic and describing it to a class. "Fuji apples? Well, they're one of tha sweetest apples we grow, though still has some tartness to it," she started off, struggling a little more to keep her sister pinned. "It's a bi-colored apple an' has fine-grain, creamy white flesh-" the struggle only increased- "an-an' one heck of a juicy, ultra-sweet bite that makes you think of freshly pressed apple juice," she said as she looked down once and frowned, though it was kicked off her face quickly. "They're nice an' crunchy too!" She said with a forced smile, putting the Fuji back into the bushel and deciding she'd had enough of this tomfoolery. Applejack heaved a sigh and let her leg up, the smaller Apple filly scrambling out of the mud messily as she tried to get up. Applejack didn't have the willpower for this foolishness now. She just wanted to sell some dang apples and make this day a booming business bonanza but she couldn't account for a little filly's heart-throbbing crush. He was a handsome fellow, she'd give her that. "Alright Apple Bloom, you want ta make a fool of yerself, make a fool of yerself," she said as she bent down, whispering angrily to her sister. "This is tha definition of bad business and yer makin' us look like a bunch of rascals and nincompoops," she said as she stepped back. "But you can go on ahead and do it. When yer done though, wash up. Ah reckon Ah'm not needin' yer services tha rest of tha night," Applejack finished before turning back to her customer. "Sorry for the hassle. I think she wants ta get this kiss! Ah'll take tha bits an' yer bushel is ready an' waitin'," Applejack said with a nervous laugh. It didn't take long for Apple Bloom, messed up mane and mud caked body and all smiles, to pull her way up to the stand, nearly face to face with the Prince. She tried to give her best half-lidded expression but it was hard with her giggling and blushing. *Prince Lee-Ann* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 91-100
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    Applejack nodded as her son made his decision. She'd respect it. Celestia knows she wanted to make sure that he was safe. She wanted to just form a ball around him and keep him close and nested until he was healed up, never letting him out of her sight for more than a second. Those motherly instincts didn't leave her, not ever. But part of becoming a real mother was knowing when to leash those instincts, and now was one of those times. What could be done for his wing was done, and he seemed none the worse for wear at the moment. She could see that he was already moving on to the next topic of interest for his young mind and she was happy to allow him to have his freedom. She might want to be a herd momma, but she was trying not to be. Nor was Zap Apple the only reason she was willing to let him go off. Rainbow Dash was a mess. What the hay was wrong with this filly? She had messed up but he was going to be fine. She was going to get a verbal beating about it later, but not now. Her focus needed to be on preserving the sanctity of the momma-son fun day they had planned. Rainbow was often away from home so ensuring that she got to spend time with Zap Apple was important. Rainbow needed to have a quarter of the bravery she showed during a Wonderbolts show on tap for her day to day activities around her family. Why was it that she fell apart so readily when she was around Applejack? It didn't feel good. No matter. Flying Momma and son didn't need Ground Momma right now. She leaned down and nuzzled her son affectionately. "I'd have both. Why, Apple cookies and pie with some milk sure does tha soul some good," she said before giving her colt a kiss. She stood back up and nodded towards Dash. "Ah figure y'all should be set right about now. If'n y'all need me, Ah'm gonna check out tha western silo for...Ah dunno, an hour or two. See ya later you two! Oh, and Rainbow, come visit me later tonight," she said with a smile, though Rainbow knew it would not be a smiling affair later. After all, the western silo is where Applejack stored her bucking bags for release of her anger, and it wasn't the only thing she planned on thrashing.
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    Tiger Blood, the newest addition to Blueblood’s diverse group of guards, was currently spending his time leaning against a wall while he watched the crowd make their way inside. The uniform, while present, was about as little of it as he could get away with. He preferred mobility, that was why he never really wore armor. His chosen wall may not have been super close to Blueblood, but he was keeping an eye on the unicorn. He was technically on the job, he supposed, though he didn’t really expect any threats from Ponyville’s residents. The earth pony tilted his head slightly at the sight of another Blueblood, moving closer to the scene to hear better. He arrived just in time for the changeling to reveal herself and explain, earning a chuckle from him as Blueblood responded. And then the changeling gifted a melon, and Tiger’s chuckle turned into a snort of laughter that, to his credit, he tried to keep contained. “Hey, free food is free food, I wouldn’t turn it down.” He said as he approached fully and stopped near Blueblood. “Welcome to the party! Name’s Tiger Blood, what’s yours?” He asked the changeling, smiling over at her. ——————— Kireina was reading a book about the holiday as she made her way towards the castle, trying to discover what was expected of the guests and what to expect in general from the event. Honestly, she should have read it earlier, but she had gotten a bit carried away with her newest bit of poetry, so here she was. Sighing to herself, she looked up at the sound of a voice asking what something was. Thankfully, that gave her plenty of warning to avoid running into a unicorn surrounded by birds, and she took to the air to get a better look at what he was questioning. “Those appear to be candies. Bonbons, I believe.” She spoke, hopefully getting it right. She wasn’t exactly an expert on foreign cuisine, after all, but those looked like them. Looking to the mare behind the counter though, she frowned at the sight of the disheveled pony. “Would you like some assistance, Miss? Perhaps some brushing, at least.”
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    Name: Starlight Glimmer Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye color: Gradient of Persian blue Coat: Starlight's coat is plush and soft. Perfect for nuzzling next to a fire if she would only let you. It is the color of pale plum grey heliotrope Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are moderate to light purple and have one streak of pale aquamarine running through them. She spends time each morning combing and setting her mane. This gives it height past her ears. Her forelocks flow down one side of her face with a slight curl. Her mane is parted behind her ears and slopes down over her neck. Her tail is finely combed and curves downward in the same fashion as her mane. Residence: Starlight has known many a home but she now resides in Twilight School of Friendship and works there as a head counselor. Physique: Just a teeny bit on the plump side not that anypony but herself would notice. She's quite attractive in the looks category and garners many glances from stallions and mares alike which she of course takes in stride. Occupation: Starlight has very much taken to her job as head counselor at Twilight's Friendship School. It keeps her busy and is also a rewarding position. Cutie Mark: A six pointed purple and white star (reminiscent of Twilight's own mark) with two trails of aquamarine of different shades behind it. History: Ah Sire's Hollow, what's not to like? A quaint town with plenty of friendly ponies. Starlight's foalhood was quite idyllic. She grew up with her loving father Firelight watching after her. He was a good dad, showing his little filly how to be a proper mare and also how to have fun! Aside from spending Firelight there was really only one other pony Starlight cared to spend any time with, Sunburst! Sunburst was more than just a close friend to Starlight, he was her everything. The two were pretty much joined at the hip and spent all their time together. They had so much common why would they need any other friends? Starlight spent all of her formative years with her best friend colt, learning, exploring, and growing. All until one fateful day. It was a wonderful day for Sunburst but quite the opposite for his friend. They had been playing with a large stack of books. When the tower began to topple! It was headed straight for Starlight's head when Sunburst let forth a burst a magic and saved Starlight from being crushed! in that instant the colt received his cutie mark! He dashed headlong to show his mother an the rest of the town. Then Sunburst found himself caught up in a swirl of activity. He was enrolled in a school for magically inclined unicorns and poor Starlight was left behind. At first she was angry. She felt betrayed and used. Then she was sad. Depressed that her friend could just forget about her so easily after everything they had been through together. Then she settled on hatred. Hatred of the reason for all of her pain. The accursed cutie mark. She began to loose herself in studies at that point. With no friends she had plenty of time to devote herself to learning magical arts. If Sunburst was going to leave her over magic and over his mark, she'd best him! Firelight tried to bring his daughter out of her sullen state to no avail. Starlight learned and Starlight settled into her festering anger of the cutie mark. Of course all of that learning brought about her own mark. She couldn't have been more irritated the day it showed up. She ran from her father's praise and went straight to the store to purchase a product to cover up the mark. That mark that showed her prowess at magic, her gift of learning that shown through her. She covered it with paint, obscuring anything that would make her stand out, make her different or special. After a few more months she left Sire's Hollow, promising her loving father she would return to visit him. Starlight wandered until she found a place she could set up as her own. It had been a prospecting town long ago and had fallen into ruin. On that spot she founded Our Town. She gathered up other ponies, those that wanted to belong to something bigger than themselves. She became the mayor of the town. From her studies in the antiquities of magic she was able to locate and purchase a tool with which to remove and store cutie marks. Every member of her town went without a mark! That was...except for herself. There was something in her mark that she hated and loved. It reminded her of Sunburst and though she felt betrayed she could not let him go. She kept her mark and covered it, not being able to bare the thought of being without him. It was years later when Princess Twilight Sparkle appeared in her town along with all her friends. Though she tried to combat their intentions, friendship and love won the day eventually. Starlight was reformed only after a long and dangerous battle with Twilight that spurred from what was going on in her won heart. When she surrendered finally she was able to deal with the past. This brought her healing and the ability to accept that ponies should be different and have talents of their own. She began to love her cutie mark and what it represented. Starlight became the pupil of Twilight Sparkle and learned all she could of magic and friendship from the purple alicorn. Eventually Twilight found her a position at the School of Friendship where Starlight works to this day. She is still far from perfect but the magic and friendship was able to take her broken heart and heal it! Character Personality: Starlight is smart, and she's learning to accept it. Where once was a very unsure mare without true direction or self worth is blossoming a wise individual with goals, ambitions, and drive. She's not one to back down but when a challenge arrives it does take her a summoning of courage to tackle it. She's certainly a fun friend, if distracted at times. Her past leads her to be a still growing pony, in intellect and in self worth. When she is challenged beyond what she can handle she often resorts to fuming and it is not unknown for her to chew off a pony's head when she pushed to her breaking point. All this being said she's learning to be kind and is willing to do what it takes to support her friends. Character Summary: Starlight Glimmy Glam's life is a picture of taking the broken and making it shine! She was pulled from a villainous lifestyle bred of the regret of a lost friend and turned to the goodness that can come from blossoming friendship.
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    Name: Sunset Shimmer Sex: Female Age: Young mare Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Cyan Coat: Ember Mane/Tail: Long flowing red hair, with curvy yellow highlights Physique: Typical of a mare her age Occupation: Guest speaker & substitute teacher at the Ponyville School of Friendship Residence: Whenever visiting Ponyville on business, she always stays at Twilight’s Castle Cutie Mark: Sunset’s cutie mark is a sun with curvy rays. The rays on one side are pale yellow colored, while those to the other are dark red. In the center of the sun are shapes reminiscent of a yin-yang symbol, also featuring the contrasting yellow-red color scheme. Unique Traits: Although technically a drop-out alumnus of the School for Gifted Unicorns, the accelerated rate at which Sunset Shimmer blazed through her classes (and various other “extracurricular studies”) long ago gives her a spellcasting repertoire equivalent to that of a typical summa cum laude graduate. Alongside Sunset’s relatively well-rounded magical skill set is a natural aptitude for fire spells... as one might expect of a unicorn with a fiery appearance and a sunny cutie mark. Back in her earlier troubled years, Sunset Shimmer discovered for herself how emotions could be drawn upon to further enhance a unicorn’s power. Filled with overwhelming feelings of pride and resentment, Celestia’s then-pupil readily channeled her anger and will to dominate to give herself power that exceeded those of nearly all her contemporaries. Not helping matters was Sunset’s brief flirtation with the learning of forbidden black magic. Although the unicorn didn’t get too far in her illicit studies before getting caught by her mentor, she learned enough to gain a rudimentary knowledge of the dark arts. Yet given Sunset’s desire to atone for her past mistakes, she vows never again to willfully wield negative emotions as weapons. How her resolve holds in the face of great emotional distress, however, remains to be seriously tested..... A curious recent development for Sunset Shimmer is the acquisition of advanced empathic abilities. These powers actually first manifested as a result of her adventures in the so-called “Mirror World”, after having come across rogue elemental magic that escaped from Equestria. If she wills it, Sunset can “touch” another creature with her magic in order to perceive their thoughts and memories. While using her empathy magic, the unicorn’s eyes glow with an unearthly white light. Foalhood: The tale of Sunset Shimmer is a tale of Villainy versus Redemption; of bondage to the past and the power to rise from one’s own ashes. It all began in the quaint town of Hope Hollow, a once idyllic community located “at the end of the rainbow.” But by the time Sunset was born, what had once been a popular weekend getaway for city ponies was beginning to fade into obscurity, and in the process falling into economic — and quite literal — depression. As ponies grew more hopeless, bonds between neighbors and families started withering away like flowers deprived of nurturing sunlight. So thus it was that in her first years of life, Sunset Shimmer knew nothing of love or friendship. Whenever her parents weren’t busy sniping at one another, they were taking out all their frustrations at their daughter. As for cordial playmates... well, such a concept was simply unheard of that day and age! Few foals ever congregated in Hope Hollow without getting into bickering matches or bullying one another. Little Miss Shimmer escaped all that by spending as much free time as she could in the local library; by then, nearly all townsponies avoided communal spaces like the plague. While piles upon piles of books were absolutely no substitute for the instinctive equine need to be loved and part of a herd, they did provide Sunset with the gateway she believed would lead her to the acceptance she desperately craved. In particular, the library’s unusually large Magic section (even divided into Arcane, Elemental, and Theory Of subsections!)..... Reading about amazing spells and great conjurers of old filled Sunset Shimmer with inspiration, igniting the fires of passion and ambition within her heart. Refusing to succumb to the scourge of despair, the young unicorn naively dreamed of a future where she’d shake the dust of her crummy old hometown off her hooves. First she would go to school in Canterlot to see what they knew, and then it would be off the see the world! She’d tour the castles of Kastrot and explore the arctic wastelands in search of the mythical Crystal Empire, fight magical beasts in the Everfree Forest, and write spells a volume long and forge a dozen- no, a HUNDRED enchanted relics!!! Sunset was going to be the greatest unicorn spellcaster since Starswirl the Bearded, and be praised and beloved by every single pony in Equestria!!!!! Naturally, Sunset Shimmer’s parents derided these lofty dreams as nothing more than foalish nonsense, but the filly had long since stopped giving a hoot about what they thought (at least, that’s what she told herself anyway). With the educational resources at her disposal, Sunset plunged head-first into the world of magic, starting first by learning how to conjure fire. Obviously, self-learning was no substitute for a proper education at an EEA-accredited institution, but Sunset couldn’t care less! So what if a few things accidentally caught on fire while taking the first steps on her journey? The fiery filly was making her dreams come true!!! It may not have been much of a surprise then that Sunset Shimmer’s first public debut of her talents to a crowd of jeering schoolkids ended rather controversially. Lacking the know-how to properly control her powers... and by subconsciously channeling her will to succeed at all costs, little Sunset’s clumsy attempt to magically create a fake sun out of flames left the manes of many a foal burned that day. But hey, that hovering sphere of fire actually turned out wondrously when all was said and done... and those neighsaying kids were jerks to her anyway. In that moment, Sunset Shimmer demonstrated the internal strife fueling her determination... and that in spite of everything she went through, an inextinguishable light burned brightly deep inside her heart. And so, Sunset was awarded with her cutie mark. Almost immediately afterward, the unicorn filly left Hope Hollow behind and never looked back. Judging by how she never heard or read of any news from that place since, Sunset simply assumed that crummy old town was finally abandoned and left to rot. Not once did she ever bother inquiring about the state of her former home or her family; those were all in the unicorn’s past... and her past was no longer today..... Under Princess Celestia’s Tutelage: If Sunset Shimmer’s first performance as a spellcaster could be described as a rocky rehearsal, then her entrance exam into Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns was an epically disastrous opening night. Reflexively channeling her feelings of extreme frustration, Sunset resorted to blasting the dragon egg she had been encouraged to try hatching. It might have actually worked too if the filly could have better controlled her powers. Instead, all Miss Shimmer accomplished was exhausting all her magical strength... and trapping herself in an inferno in the process! Had it not been for the timely intervention of Princess Celestia, things could have ended up a lot worse. Recognizing that Sunset Shimmer possessed powerful magic that she didn’t know how to handle, Celestia offered to take the filly on as a personal student so that she could learn to safely harness her abilities and use them to help her fellow Equestrians. Having believed just moments before that her dreams had forever shattered into pieces, this was understandably quite the turn of events for little Sunset. Needless to say, the young unicorn wasted hardly any time in hugging her new mentor out of gratitude. Sunset Shimmer turned out to be quite the fast learner of Magic… maybe too fast. Still embittered from her early foalhood experiences, the new royal apprentice continued to focus on studying to the exclusion of nearly everything else, Friendship most of all. That turned into a grave concern for Princess Celestia, who had come to believe that Sunset was destined to play an important role in forestalling the inevitable return of Nightmare Moon. Celestia knew full well that only those with Friendship in their hearts could wield the Elements of Harmony. Accordingly, the alicorn expected — perhaps unfairly in retrospect — that Sunset spend more of her time bonding with her fellow schoolponies. But Miss Shimmer failed to grasp the vital importance of making friends... nor did she even know how to make friends to begin with! All Sunset heard was a nagging mentor being a nag for its own sake. While Celestia may have been the most knowledgeable magic practitioner known to ponykind... her attempts at guiding Sunset towards Friendship proved woefully inadequate. This would bite Celestia in the flank a few years down the line, after Sunset started suspecting that she was being held back in her studies due to her mentor’s apparently nonsensical whims. Everything came to a head on one fateful night, when Princess Celestia caught her disgruntled student illicitly reading a forbidden tome on dark magic. During the insuring confrontation, Sunset Shimmer tearfully accused Celestia of having no faith in her student; the faithful student who only ever wanted to make her mentor proud. But when Celestia responded that declaring Sunset would have to be put on probation for her actions, the fiery pupil finally snapped. Cruelly mocking Celestia as a worthless hypocrite with no real friends of her own, Sunset betrayed and abandoned the mentor she had once loved as a daughter. Employing an enchanted mirror she stumbled upon earlier during her extracurricular studies, the unicorn fled Equestria altogether. Rising From the Ashes: As if living in self-imposed exile in the bizarre Mirror World wasn’t traumatic enough for Sunset Shimmer, the fact that she was now incapable of using Magic at all was nothing less than the ultimate insult. Magic meant everything to Sunset; without it, she was nothing. With her lifelong dreams utterly crushed, Sunset’s heart blackened and became filled with hate and rage. If she could not prove herself a girl worthy of praise, then she would prove herself a villain and hate the idle pleasures of those days. Plots did Sunset lay in her adoptive community, setting friend and clique alike against each other. Through manipulation and intimidation, the Unfaithful Student rose to a position of unquestioned prominence amongst her peers... though of course, petty social standing was absolutely no substitute for the Power of Magic. Swiftly consumed by megalomania, Sunset covertly returned to Equestria in order to steal the Element of Magic and exploit it in the Mirror World. However, as irony would have it, her diabolical plans were thwarted by the girl who took Sunset’s place as Celestia’s Faithful Student: Twilight Sparkle. Yet again in her life, Sunset Shimmer hit rock bottom... only for Twilight to unexpectedly offer the very foe she opposed mere moments before the opportunity to not only accept her Friendship, but to study it under her tutelage. Sunset was overwhelmed; all her life, she was led to believe that only by mastering Magic would anypony ever provide her with the acceptance she’d desperately craved since birth. But to be offered Friendship unconditionally, with no ill will and complete acceptance of who she was? ........................... .....Frankly, it was all that Sunset Shimmer ever really wanted in the first place. To this day, Sunset Shimmer deeply cherishes the pony who currently reigns as Princess of Friendship. With the additional help of a band of special companions from the Mirror World, the former villain has managed not just to turn her life around, but to transform into a genuine inspirational figure in her own right. While Sunset considers it her primary responsibility to keep tabs on Equestrian magic and exiles which escape into the Mirror World, more and more she finds herself returning to her homeland for both business reasons and for fun. And if the Headmare of the Ponyville School of Friendship gets her way, those trips of Sunset’s may become even more frequent..... Character Personality: The Sunset Shimmer of today barely resembles her past self. Kindled by the fire of friendship instead of personal ambition, Sunset is an outgoing individual, community-minded and always happy to lend support when needed. Additionally, Sunset nowadays appreciates the joys of recreational hobbies, art being chiefest among them. Although she presents herself as a cool laid-back girl, Miss Shimmer in reality possess a sharp analytical mind that many wouldn’t suppose at first glance; a lasting legacy of her time as an aspiring sorceress and Celestia’s prized pupil. Whilst undoubtedly Sunset Summer’s demonstrated her reformed nature many times over, other lingering elements of her prior life remain under the surface. For one thing, she hates losing; absolutely HATES IT! If placed under enormous stress, Sunset is also prone to lashing out in anger at others around her, although her temper usually subsides rather quickly. Oh, and if someone ever dares threaten one of Sunset’s friends, it will take a herculean effort on her part to avoid giving into the temptation to end them right there and then. Sunset Summer’s greatest fear is that one day, she’ll end up failing her dearest companions when they need her the most. Likewise, the Redeemed Student hopes that in the far future when all is said and done, she would have lived a good life, becoming someone earnestly worthy of love..... Character Summary: Sunset Shimmer understands that within her — along with the potential to cause great harm to others — is the power to lift them up with the light of friendship. But rather than dwell on her past mistakes, Sunset recognizes that everyone on some level can face the internal battles she once suffered through. If anybody is capable of both great evil and great good, then shouldn’t they be treated like they’re worth giving a chance?
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    I read that VERY differently. I'm horrible. Anyways, your stuff looks cute. Do you think you could draw Steven Magnet, maybe sharpening his claws with a rock or something? Thanks so much in advance!
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