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    This was like talking to Applejack's cousin Moonlight. Valley filly, Applejack thought it was. The speech patterns kind of made her go nuts because the word 'like' appeared about forty times a sentence. It drove Applejack batty, especially since Valen had been such a well-spoken colt before she had become Moonlight. Oh well, not that big of a deal and it certainly made talking with this siren a bit easier. She was hesitant to come down, and it looked like they had interrupted her in the middle of a groove session. The big, big siren seemed caught up between calling them cute and being aghast at their weaponry and armor. Well, an evil, hungry siren wouldn't be conversing like this. Probably. Applejack wasn't an expert on sirens as much as she was other critters. She reckoned nopony really was an expert. "Ah promise we ain't here ta hurt you. 'cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye. We don't mean you no harm as long as yer meanin' no harm ta us. Just come on down, sugarcube. We just wanna talk," she said as she sat on her haunches, assuming a non-threatening position. If this was a siren who was just chilling out and having herself a grad old time than the agical barrier wouldn't have any negative impact on her. Heck, she shoudn't even notice it! She wasn't sure she was the best pony to undertake first contact with an odd native creature but, well, it wasn't like she didn't have so much experience with it. On a way, yeah, she was best suited for this type of first contact. "Hehehe, ya know, you sound a lot like mah lil' cousin Moonlight. You spendin' a lotta time in San Flanknado?" She asked with a wink. That whole valley girl shtick was vexing to Applejack's ears but hey, who was she to judge. She was sure her countryisms managed to hit someponies the wrong way too. No foul in being different. Of course, she wasn't sure that answered any of the pertinent questions she had. "Ah'm Corporal Applejack. Nice ta meetcha, Toccata Tre. How long you been here on this lonely old island?"
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    Hello. After some nostalgia and me totally being right about everything Discord, I was thinking about coming back to roleplay. To be sure I am getting a little better as I had been going through a difficult time in life so the overwhelming negativity had taken its toll on my weakened state of mind. I am feeling a bit stronger and can assure I will be more inclined to disregard the behaviors that had first driven me away, if those that wish to roleplay again, really a deeply important hobby of mine, wish to do so. I am looking to resume or pick up threads I have previously been "the next to reply" to if it is viable.
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