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    "Oh, I'm not upset. The books in the library are there for everpony to enjoy. I actually read it before. A great read. This time, however, I needed it for a reference. I was waiting them to receive a second copy so I could own one. I may be good at the stars, but without my copious notes and extensive library on hoof.... Well, let's just say, I'd forget my head if it weren't screwed on tight." he chuckled "And besides, I always prefer to be exactly right on my research with not a dot on the i or cross on the t missing. Better to have the reference handy, if you know what I mean." he winked Stellar seemed genuinely very interested in the twins' descriptions of their abilities. He hung on every word and nodded in understanding. "Now, if that isn't the most fantastic thing I've heard!" he exclaimed excitedly then stepped over himself trying to not be rude "I mean... not the 'not being able talk' bit, but you've learned to use telepathy either passively or near passively. And it's almost as natural as talking! It's really quite extraordinary!" he laughed at the last remark in agreement "Yes, magic certainly does have a way defying our expectations and throwing us for loop. I've been dedicating my research, lately, to just such a phenomena, in fact, and I may be on the verge of a breakthrough." he held up the book to signify he meant the research he needed it for. He chuckled and waved his hoof dismissingly "But I'm sure stars aren't exactly what you'd call the most engaging subject. I just find them fascinating. What is your area if interest, anyway? You mentioned studying in Canterlot, so it's got to be something cerebral. Hang on, I might guess. Your cutie mark is two stitched hearts, so my first guess is relationship counseling, but yours is.... oh, it's on the tip of my tongue.... I don't know, I recognize it's ancient unicornian, but I'm at a loss- wait!" he pulled out his book, thumbed through it a moment and pointed, more for himself than anything "Yes! The constellation Psi! So named for the ancient unicornian symbol, for psychology, it resembles! Not a constellation many ponies remember. It should be visible tonight, if I'm not mistaken." he paused and chuckled uncomfortably "I am so sorry, I'm talking your ears off. I just get a little easily excited.... I don't get out much." he smiled awkwardly
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    From the album: Muddy's Album!

    I haven't watched this show in years, have no idea what's going on - but the style is still super cute and I have fond memories of it. <3
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