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    I'll have a Thunderlane post up by the end of tomorrow!
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    “Okay Sunset, remember what Twi said; relax, and just be yourself.” Be yourself. That was the one significant piece of advice Twilight had given Sunset Shimmer when she accepted this position. The unicorn had been prepared to dismiss the saying as generic, only for Twi to go “well, actually” all over her. And Twilight was right; this school would have failed had the Ponyville gang decided to keep doing things by the book. If those girls could transition into professors just fine, so could Sunset! On cue with the ringing bell, the classroom door magically opened as a fiery unicorn mare sauntered in; “What’s up, everyone?” The new professor’s mane seemingly blew on its own accord as levitated her cutie marked-saddlebags on the teacher’s desk, exuding a charismatic calm all the while. “My name is Sunset Shimmer,” the smirking unicorn turned to face her pupils directly, smoothing back her tousled hair with a single elegant flip; “And I’ll be your Defense Against Dark Hearts teacher this year. Like this school’s founder, I too was a personal apprentice of Princess Celestia’s. But as I understand it, I’m the School of Friendship’s first professor to not be widely known first before accepting the job. So if you have any questions about me, feel free to raise your hand and ask about anything!”
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