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    Silverstream continued to look through books in the school library. She didn't know exactly what she was looking for, but she would know it when she saw it. While browsing the science section of the enormous bookshelves, she heard a large stomping that seemed to come from outside. She froze and wondered what it could be. She wanted to investigate, but Silverstream's pause gave her enough time to notice a book that she recognized as being useful. "Ah ha!" She grabbed the book and sat at a table to start reading it. A few moments passed and she began pondering and meditating on the subject she was currently musing. She then left the book on the table and started browsing again for another topic. She hadn't accounted for how dark it would be in the library after hours, but she managed to make out the spines of the books in order to determine what was useful versus what wasn't. She pulled a second book from a shelf and brought it to the table. Opening it, she flipped frantically to a page she knew would be there. When she found it, she excitedly read it silently. She discovered what she needed to do, and she was pleased. She grabbed a piece of notebook paper and quill that was lying around and started jotting down information from her short term research. Once the scrap notes were completed, she tore the page away the booklet to keep her notes for later. To save time, Silverstream did not worry about putting the books back. She might not even be able to find the location where she got them, so she left them open on the table. One book was called 'Hydrodynamics for the Hooved' and it was left open on a chapter that explained the phenomenon of equilibrium water levels. The other book was labeled 'Diving: Why Ponies Can't Breathe Underwater' and it was open on a page describing how water pressure and air pressure relate to each other. The single-track minded hippogriff walked out of the library and fluttered down the hall and turned a corner where she would lose line of sight to anyone following her. She had to look for supplies for her next project and she knew exactly where to find them.
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    The not entirely mysterious mystery of who the unseen rule-breaker of the School of Friendship was...turned out to not be as mysterious as even a less mysterious mystery. Yeah it was pretty obvious it was Silverstream. Ocellus' sleuthing confirmed it but really, who else could it be? Other students may be liable to sneak out at night but they had a good idea of where the scoundrel had started. That rules out a lot of creatures. Then you could seriously cut down on the possibility by acknowledging that it was too quiet. That knocked out Yona but also most Earth ponies and other ground-pounders. It all added up to one awfully strange and delightful answer that Gallus wasn't too surprised to hear. "Good job, Ocellus. Wouldn't be the first time she's done something like this. Remember the cockatrice?" He asked as he started poking his head in to get a good look. "Smolder, if you want to take the lea-" "Why you leave Yona out of..." Oh Boreas it was Yona! "Out of whatever you're doing. Yak's a re good at...climbing out windows! Yes that's it! I want to come too!" STOMP STOMP LOUD NOISES. "Yona, quiet!" He whispered swiftly, turning around quickly and putting one claw up to his lips. He liked Yona. She was a good dorm-mate and a really fun Yak. He didn't much care for her at first because he took her personality to be very self-centered, but that was just his ignorance of Yaks showing through. She was probably the most level-headed and aware of the lot of them, as much as it pained him to admit. But she wasn't quiet. She was the loudest creature in the world and that was bad. "Sorry. We weren't trying to leave you behind. We're just following the trail of somecreature- okay, we're sure its Silverstream- who is doing some late-night rule-breaking and we wanna know what the score is. But we gotta be quiet, or else we'll be the ones in detention. Again."
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    The train grew smaller and smaller from Gallus' view in short order and with it, his luggage. Nothing too dramatic. His money, his clothes. Wasn't like he had much of either in the first place and was expecting somecreature to live the high life because of it. It was the principle of the matter though. He barely even wanted to be here and he had already managed to cock it up. Luckily, Smolder was here for the save. And Sunburst. He wasn't sure which was worse, though he'd hedge his bets on looking like a giant dork in an ill-fitting toga. He sighed, rubbing his head- but still managed a smile, as sheepish as it was. "Thank you," he said to the both of them as he tried to make the toga fit better. "I'm sure its fine. It isn't like Roam is expensive or anything right?" He said with a knowing smirk. He was ready to just detach from what had been left behind. You didn't grow up in Griffonstone and become attached to your personal belongings, especially ones that wre easily replaced (or taken). Hard to worry for long about some bits when you only learned about the currency recently. Others seemed to have plans besides his, however. A trio of fillies started taking off after the train, which was bad enough. Then his claw was stuffed with a Quilin's hat as she she took off in flames. It was all Gallus could do to bury his head in that very same hat as he saw the the train finally start to pick up its speed and left his vision entirely. Applejack felt bad for Gallus but she figured that it wouldn't be too big a deal. The train ran a specific route and his luggage would turn up, probably somewhere down the line. Maybe they'd have to just sent back to the school of forwarded here depending when, but even if the worst happened it wouldn't be a big deal. He'd be taken care of. Sunburst and Smolder saw to that in quick order. It was evidence that a friend would be there to help you when you were down on your luck and that, despite their constant teasing and sniping, she and Gallus were truly very tight. It was why she was happy both of them had come along. Support never hurt no matter what form it took, and she was just happy to see the situation... ...resolved. "Stop," she said as the three fillies started their adventure. It was a mite too dangerous to be running after trains right about now for no good reason. Not that there were good times to do so but this didn't seem fitting. At least Fruit Juice seemed to have her head on straight, smart filly. "Stop." She said to nocreature in particular as another wave of activity happened. "...Stop?" She asked hopefully of the older Quilin, who also decided to break her motherly heart. And possibly cause a fire, she wasn't sure. Applejack was none too pleased as she started rooting around her saddlebag for a lasso. "Sunburst, use yer magic an' get 'em back. Else Ah;m gonna hogtie 'em like piglets. Smolder, Gallus, y'all just check with tha other students an' make sure everypony's ready to scoot."
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    "GAAAHHHH!" A scream, simultaneously of panic and frustration, not unmixed with excitement, echoed down the halls of Ponyville's Crystal Castle. The resident royalty had recently been switched; with Princess Twilight Sparkle taking over full rulership duties in Canterlot, Prince Blueblood had been tasked with looking over the Ponville Demense, as well as assume the position of Archancellor of the Friendship Academy. It had taken some time for everything to be arranged on either end, with them both traveling between Ponyville and Canterlot trying to arrange everything. But, finally, Blueblood was ready to complete the long-term move of themselves and their household to the tree-like crystal palace. It was kind of an extended house sitting (castle-sitting?), but never let it be said there was no solidarity among Equestria's royalty! It wasn't the move that was causing the erstwhile unicorn to expectorate his emotions so freely, however. While packing up and transporting one's domicile was a legitimate source of stress (especially when one's domestic posse included a sphinx), it was the timing of the whole thing that was proving most unfortuitous. For, his arrival day had coincided with the day of the Summer Sun celebration, as well as falling in between the spring and summer terms of the School of Friendship, typically when new students were signed up. Not to mention, at some point a fundraiser for the School was planned for this period of time. It had seemed like such a good idea to combine all three into one event... two weeks ago. Internally cursing his past self for being so optimistic, the flustered stallion stopped by a crystal wall to quickly check his reflection. Blue and bloodshot eyes stared back, framed by locks of golden mane he brushed back and slipped under a doctoral tam. He had his robes in the black and silver colors of the school uniform draped around his body, and he took a moment to arrange them. Closing and rubbing his eyes, he took a deep breath. The movers were still carting in boxes in the back, but the front hall and ballroom were fully arranged, so it wouldn't be too hard to play host. He didn't expect too many socialites to show up on short notice all the way from Canterlot anyway, so this would mostly just be a local affair. And the Ponyville crowd were much more tolerant of ad-hoc arrangements. Heck, wasn't this where Pinkie Pie herself called home? As averse as he was to... the more common "birthday party" like affairs she was famous for, were the mare to suddenly show up and take over Party Planning, Prince Blueblood wouldn't object. *Relax, it's gonna be fine. Open the doors, have the punch and snacks ready, and let who will come, come.* Taking another deep breath with that resolution, he drew himself up, and walked proudly to the doors, triggering the magic that slid them open. They would stay that way all day, and anypony, or any non-pony for that matter, who had school business, or just wanted to celebrate midsummer with the town, could come in! "Welcome, one and all, to the... um, something-th Ponyville Summer Sun Celebration!" Celestia help them all...
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    Oh no! While she normally enjoyed the soothing stomping sounds of her favorite Yak of all yakdom as she stomped about all of Equestria, the young dragon really wanted Yona to keep all four hooves planted in Princess Luna's special sleepytime kingdom! A old, but clever scheme popped up, but was quickly smooshed back into nothing. She briefly considered the old 'It's only a dream' scheme. She could pretend Yona was not actually awake, but was still sleeping and dreaming all of this! This was a fun trick she tried on her brother when she was really young. He woke up early one day and she convinced him that he was dreaming. Instead of curling back up and getting more sleep, he threw of his pajamas and stormed out of their cave hoping to cause some mischief that would not have any consequences. There would be a good deal of consequences they both would face shortly after. "And Smolder.", the dragon did not like to be left out. "Hey Yona.", the dragon's eyes narrowed down just a little. Did she have a clever plan? "Along with best at never bathing, our good friend Gallus here said he was best at sleeping. I bet you can prove him wrong. You know, by sleeping? Eh? Eh?", she waggled her eyebrows up and down. Hopefully her 'clever plan(tm)' will get the loud, stomping yak to get back to bed and win the completion! Then they could get back to whatever they were doing. The dragon already forgot. Hopefully it involved sneaking over to the local theater and catching that movie she wanted to see.
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    Would it be okay If I said that they find a cave? I'll be working on a post tongiht
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    Gallus wasn't the sort of griffon who spent a lot of time on the hard and noble tasks that involved his livelihood. He wasn't lazy per se but life had taught him to work as hard as he needed to work to do what he needed to do and not do a lick more work without getting paid for it. At least, that's what he liked to believe. The extra credit assignments he did he could always try and explain away. Library late at night, studying for a test? He was just hanging out with his friends. It was always easy to justify effort as selfishness and not have to confront the fact that deep down he really wanted to do well. That meant there would be expectations and he liked not having that weight around his neck. It wasn't like he was interested in the Summer Sun Celebration or anything, nah. He wasn't here to be educated or learn anything. He certainly wouldn't appreciate anycreature trying to give him the scoop as to why it was so important to ponies across time to celebrate it. He was just here for the party. He could never say no to the trappings of any Equestrian party and this one was gonna be held in a castle, so that meant extra room for partying. Yeah, that was why he was gonna go. Not to learn, or to see any of the new students, or see how the Chancellor was managing to cope with castle-sitting, or because he was curious just how many rooms were in the castle. He was going only for the free food and drink. It was as good an incentive as any. So he waited outside the castle door, hoping to see any of his friends show up. When the doors finally opened it was weird not to see the majestic and confident posture of Princess Twilight Sparkle welcoming visitors in, it was the decidedly less confident Prince Blueblood who half-bumbled his way through the invitation. Ponyville was nothing if not wiling to overlook flaws and mistakes however and the crowd cheered excitedly before starting to make their way inside. Gallus allowed himself to be taken in by the crush of creatures for a few moments before gaining flight over the crowd and making his way in that way. "Looks like you have this handled, Chancellor," Gallus offered evenly as he made his way inside. Playfully snide comment or an attempt at encouragement? Not even Gallus fully knew. Bon Bon didn't fully knew what to do either. She had been contacted as a possible vendor for the celebration very late in the process from her point of view. She didn't say no, of course. Outside of the castle on such a busy day? Big bits. She'd be silly to say no. You never said no to an official celebration of a major holiday, even if you were invited to participate only two days before the event was supposed to take place. And you couldn't simply walk in there and offer up your normal wares to the celebrants, no. Not at all. You had to do something special, even if it was just for visual flair. So Bon Bon had worked her tail off to get Bon Bon's Bonbons ready for the party. And it showed. She looked like a hammered mess, mane frizzy and her apron so tightly wound on her she could swear it left lines. Her stand has a slight, multi-degree lean to it that only looked weird if you had working eyesight which Bon Bon didn't at the moment since she had been up for two days straight, working on a new recipe and getting her Celestia and sun themed treats just right. They looked good, unlike her. But hey, at least she was awake and open for business!
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    Sensing the awkwardness emerging from the cheetah-patterned citizen, the mustachioed "Emperor" turned to address himself pretty much exclusively towards Zelda. "Ah, a bespoke crafstgriff! Truly, your kind were pillars of the Imperial glory back in the days where it shown; one cannot conceive greater evidence of the present Republican decadence in Aquellia that you had to leave your homeland to find a patron worthy of your art." He might have been slightly hyperbolic in his classification of the Talonopolis regime, but he was right enough as far as history went. The greatest smiths of each Emperor's reign were often listed alongside them in the histories, as the royal glory of both arms and architecture alike were so dependent upon them. "The Imperial Treasury, alas, is not currently of such a state where it can hope to outbid Equestria's for your services. Nonetheless, your efforts at the restoration of our public art have the Gratitude of the Crown. I should be honored to conduct you personally to each remaining edifice. " He even gave a little bow in return, only half as deep as the one Zelda gave to him, of course. Didn't want to allow any confusion as to relative rank. "It is to be hoped that the renewed displays will attract the interest of more than the odd academic; I see little recourse for revenues outside of tourism for the immediate future. It is as much as We can ask of you... but there is one further favor, if you both would not mind." He nodded to Gillian once again. "There are two spaces open at the Imperial Banquet table, and We should love to have you two grace it for lunch." For a moment, the Imperial airs slipped with a chuckle. "Truly, it has been too long since I have treated two lovely young hens to a meal!"
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    "I never met her, but I've seen her more than a few times. Impressive flyer. Not a fan of the hair...Eh, it's too much.", she added as she scanned the area for somewhere to stop at, "I have hung around with some of her companions, mostly with the earth pony, an rather impressive gal named Applejack, along with her rather yummy big brother. My heart was broken when he got ma...oh..", she stopped her beaky yammering when she was interrupted. Oh. This was not good. Zelda really did not like to be interrupted when she had food on the brain. But what sort of restaurants did they have here? Did they have any health codes to follow? Would one need to wash the rubble before and after cooking each meal? She had a feeling she would see an old 'friend'. Back in her poor college years, she got stuck with her usual meal of Ramen and a VERY off brand canned Gefilte fish, called 'Paskudnik's Fish In A Can', which was a poached mixture of pickled herring, boiled carp and the rest was a mystery. It tasted horrible, but it was really cheap and filling. She recalled one of her school friends when she took a bite out of her meal. Poor Docket went from white to green in seconds. The be-mustachioed griffon was the emperor? Griffonstone still had one of those? Seriously? Zelda glanced over at her cousin to catch her reaction. Was he the real deal, or was this bird trying to rip her off? He was going to stick out his claw for coins. That was the running joke here. "Yep, I'm her cousin.", the black bird replied. While she might live to regret it later, the feisty female gave the maybe royal griffon a proper bow. "I am Griselda or just 'Zelda', formally of Rockwington, now of Canterlot, where I am a Royal Blacksmith. And also a sculptor. I hoped to view and create full sized versions of the statues here in hopes to make proper copies before the originals crumble into dust and.", she made sure to add, "To see my super-fast cousin." He obviously wanted something. She was guessing, it was small, round and made up (mostly) of gold. "And how could I be of aid to you, good Emperor?", she gave another bow. She was a very proper sort.
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    Name: (Dr.) Kabra'za Gender: Male Age: Adult Species: Zebra Eye colour: Yellow/Golden Coat: Black with White stripes. Mane/Tail: White with Black stripes Physique: While of a size and weight that is physically healthy for a zebra of his age, when it comes to physical activity its clear that Kabra'za is designed to be quick and nimble rather than strong and sturdy. Despite this, the impression that the zebra gives off is that of someone more bookish; Someone who has spent a large amount of their life studying or performing research of some variety or another. Without his 'attire', he would easily blend in with other zebras at a first glance in a somewhat forgettable manner. Residence: Traveling Wagon (On the move) Occupation: Traveling (Witch) Doctor (Witch Doctor of Mirrors/Reflection ) Cutie Mark: An Unyasi symbol made up of two runes that translate to 'Mirror' and 'Laughter'. Unique Traits: Kabra'za is never without his worn but sturdy top hat, decorated with what appear to be small bird skulls. Another thing of note is that Kabra'za's shadow appears to have a life semi-independent of its master; While it'll generally act like a normal shadow, it can actively leave Kabra'za side and interact with the world via interacting with the shadows of other things. Those observing it will actually see it seems to have a personality all its own, through if that personality is completely its own or a reflection of Kabra'za's own is unclear to outside observers. History: Originally born in Unyasi, Kabra'za was a strange child; While he clearly had a gift for using herbs and the medical practices of the tribe, he never had the connection and reference of nature that was the cultural norm. Instead his interests were focused more on others, mostly members of his own tribe but on occasion those they interacted with. How other people thought and acted fascinated him so he strove towards understanding what made them tick. This started off innocently enough with him just asking questions, both of his tribe members themselves and of their opinions on a number of topics, but in time this evolved in a habit of pulling pranks on those around him. The difference between what his tribesmen believed about themselves and the reality of it was a captivating subject and Kabra'za desired to understand the secrets of the lower planes of the mind and its interaction with higher thought. While many discouraged this path, the tribes personal witch doctor took the young Kabra'za on as a student and furthered his studies in a number of fields. While much of his studies were in standard practices such as potion making and medicine, Kabra'za was introduced to a rarely walked path for Witch Doctors: The Path of Mirrors. While the standard practices of the witch doctor focused on healing the physical, the Path of Mirrors was focused on dealing with mental health; The ideology of the path was that in order to be a healthy, growing being someone first needed to understand themselves, including the parts they would rather not acknowledge or pretend don't exist. 'To gaze into the mirror and see your reflection is the first step to dealing with your infection'. Studying the path for years, the final rite before he officially became a Witch Doctor of Mirrors/Reflections (the exact wording changed from tribe to tribe) was a magical ritual that the intended witch doctor had to undergo. Before they could be trusted to treat others, the Witch Doctor would summon forth an aspect of their own mind and make peace with it. The ritual had to be undergone alone, because it could be incredibly dangerous depending on the person undertaking it; The point was to summon forth a part of the person in question that they didn't like about themselves or denied was there... and the sad truth was that most of the time, such things are inherently dark and destructive in nature. The manifestation of the mind would be channeled into the would be witch doctors shadow, granting it life and allowing it to interact with the physical world alongside the mental connection to the one whom it came from. There are three outcomes to the ritual once it starts: The most common outcome is that the would be witch doctor cannot reconcile with the dark aspect of themselves summoned and banish it: Their shadow returns to normal, nothing bad happened and if they want to they can have another attempt later once they've worked a bit more on themselves. The second and rarest outcome is the manifestation escaping the ritual and fleeing without being banished: This is a worst case scenario. Not only did the potential witch doctor fail to make peace with their dark aspect, but its now loose upon the world and free to pursue whatever whims it desires without care of what harm it will do to others in the process. In the event that the potential witch doctor isn't killed in the process, they can clearly be noticed by others because they no longer cast a shadow anymore until their manifestation is finally brought to heel. The last outcome is success: Faced with their own personal darkness, the witch doctor is able to make peace within themselves. The mark of success within the ritual is that their shadow remains animated and alive, but because of the mutual understanding with its creator it becomes more a loyal companion and close friend rather then as a representative of the worst parts of them. Kabra'za had to banish his manifestation twice before on the third attempt he successfully reconciled with it, officially becoming a Witch Doctor of Mirrors. With his apprenticeship complete, Kabra'za finally left his home tribe; For a time he traveled around Unyasi, but in the end he left his birth continent in order to see the rest of the world... with the first stop being Equestria. Character Personality: Kabra'za is both a care giver and prankster at heart; When it comes to medical matters he will be incredibly serious, however that fascination with how others respond to pranks from his childhood is still a part of himself that he indulges frequently. While he hasn't been traveling Equestria for long, he's been around long enough to have encountered the pony racial sterotype for zebra: Namely that they are all powerful mystic enchanters who use methods ponies don't understand and fear. Rather then be offended by this, Kabra'za finds it amusing and has actually adopted something of a stage persona solely to make ponies uneasy about him when meeting him for the first time because he finds the whole situation funny. His pranks are generally well meaning in that they will often be used to trick the client into facing an aspect of themselves they either hide or ignore. However, Kabra'za is not above pulling pranks out of a desire to entertain himself and others or for vengeance against those he deems deserving of retribution. While the former pranks and jokes are generally harmless and fun for all concerned, Kabra'za takes retribution seriously; If his fury is provoked to the point that he deems retribution suitable, all bets are off as far as what limits he will go to. Despite his upbringing, Kabra'za rarely rhythms. For him, it's something to be reserved for special occasions. Character Summary: Traveling non-rhyming magical zebra who specializes in treating the mind, through he'll treat the body as well. Likes to help his 'clients' via pranking them in such a way to make make them reflect upon themselves... through he'll pull pranks for the fun of it. Anger him and there will be Tirek to pay. Shadow is alive and semi-independent best friend and companion.
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    Silverstream stood back up with the help of Gallus' leverage. She was distraught that she had spilled her mug of cider and felt it was on her to try to figure out a way to get it back. However, a fresh cup would be better than trying to distill the cider from the soil. "Should we ask the Archancellor?" Answering her own question, Silverstream fluttered towards the prince, slowly approaching as she got close. There seemed to be a situation in the supply chain of the cider-making and Silverstream couldn't make heads or tails of it, nor did she feel it was any of her business. But she didn't want to hover idly waiting for nothing. "Prince, um Archancellor? Um." Silverstream rubbed the back of her neck with a claw. "Gallus was wondering if there was anyway we could get a replacement for a lost mug of cider. Lost as in, gone. Gone as in spilled." She smirked, implying the attempt at cider-acquisition was all Gallus' idea. Silverstream looked around at the tired Applejack, the grumpy-looking Princess Luna, the slightly-annoyed unicorn pop star, and a the socially curious kirin. Her assessment is that something big was going down. "Is everything alright?" Applejack peered at Prince Blueblood and the others around her. Seeing Apple Bloom able to deal with the sale counter while making pleasantries with a Princess proved she could handle her own. The Prince was also formidable in delegation, despite how unfortunate his early years as a destined leader may have fallen into place. And the others around her have made successful attempts and doing whatever is was Applejack needed help doing. She realized it was time for her to take a nap. She looked up at Silverstream who had just included herself in the conversation by the cider presses. "Oh. Hey Silverstream." She stood up and gave her exposition to the hippogriff to make everything clear and concise to everycreature around her. "I was just about to take a break and I just needed affirmation from mah friends here that everything will be taken care of the right way." She cracked a smile and looked at the archancellor. "Prince Blueblood, I need your trust that the use of magic will not be used as a direct source of energy to make the cider. Telekin-whatsit and levithems magics for the purpose of carrying a took and whatnot is okay, but I don't want to see some magical aura spinning the treadmill with no pony on it. Alright? And if I can trust you, and I think I can, it'll give me a moment to get some much needed rest." Applejack looked around her at her supporting cast of volunteers. In this time of stress she had to rely on creatures and ponies of all types. But her, the only earth pony in the circle, decided to give the others a chance to prove their integrity. Applejack started walking towards the barn, looked back for a second, smiled, and then continued walking to the barn. Once inside, she would stresslessly walk up the stairs and fall into a bed of hay. Silverstream looked confused but only slightly. It was obvious that there had been a change in who was in charge for the time being, but that wasn't priority number one for the hippogriff. She broke the silence that stood after Applejack had departed. "So is that a yes or a no on the replacement cup of cider?" Current fresh cider supply: Enough for now Cider press #3 repair: 79%
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    Well, at least everypony had taken their orders. Fluttershy watched the whole situation unfold, her senses of highest of alerts. This was not good. It would be much better to deal with what was happening with Abby in a medical center. But, they were in the woods, in the dark, in the middle of pretty much nowhere. This was a bad situation and it irked her that things kept on tumbling downhill. Her eyes stayed narrowed as she tried to focus. The thuds did not escape her, nor did the dark shadow, or the red eyes. She had a hunch as to what it might be and she would continue her vigil with Abby until the beast came near. Near enough to be a threat that could not be ignored. On it came, until the fur on her nape stood on end. She nodded to Ali and continue on with taking care of venom that oozed forth. A nasty job that she knew somepony with Ali's merits could easily handle. She felt especially confident once the mare let on that another of her family had dealt with such venom. "Keep pulling the venom away please, as soon as it comes out." She knew Ali knew this but it helped Fluttershy to say it. It was really just stilling her for what she'd do next. The pegasus flexed her wings and took to the air. She flew over the others in the group and right up to those eyes. Those big red eyes. She opened her eyes wide in her patented stare and used her most commanding tones. "Stop right there!" The beast took one more thudding step and stopped as Flutters fixed her stare even more heavily on the creature. "Not one more step." She huffed and flew down closer, her rage barely concealed. "We have a friend who is hurt, we've had to rescue creatures from the swamp, we've had to deal with way too much from this forest and I'm not dealing with you too!" Glare. "Now, either come out here and help us get this little filly to safety or be on your way!" The creature still had not exited the shadows so she wasn't totally sure who or what she was dealing with but she didn't care. Abby was hurt and they were in danger and Fluttershy would not stand for any more abuse!
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    Applejack nodded as her son made his decision. She'd respect it. Celestia knows she wanted to make sure that he was safe. She wanted to just form a ball around him and keep him close and nested until he was healed up, never letting him out of her sight for more than a second. Those motherly instincts didn't leave her, not ever. But part of becoming a real mother was knowing when to leash those instincts, and now was one of those times. What could be done for his wing was done, and he seemed none the worse for wear at the moment. She could see that he was already moving on to the next topic of interest for his young mind and she was happy to allow him to have his freedom. She might want to be a herd momma, but she was trying not to be. Nor was Zap Apple the only reason she was willing to let him go off. Rainbow Dash was a mess. What the hay was wrong with this filly? She had messed up but he was going to be fine. She was going to get a verbal beating about it later, but not now. Her focus needed to be on preserving the sanctity of the momma-son fun day they had planned. Rainbow was often away from home so ensuring that she got to spend time with Zap Apple was important. Rainbow needed to have a quarter of the bravery she showed during a Wonderbolts show on tap for her day to day activities around her family. Why was it that she fell apart so readily when she was around Applejack? It didn't feel good. No matter. Flying Momma and son didn't need Ground Momma right now. She leaned down and nuzzled her son affectionately. "I'd have both. Why, Apple cookies and pie with some milk sure does tha soul some good," she said before giving her colt a kiss. She stood back up and nodded towards Dash. "Ah figure y'all should be set right about now. If'n y'all need me, Ah'm gonna check out tha western silo for...Ah dunno, an hour or two. See ya later you two! Oh, and Rainbow, come visit me later tonight," she said with a smile, though Rainbow knew it would not be a smiling affair later. After all, the western silo is where Applejack stored her bucking bags for release of her anger, and it wasn't the only thing she planned on thrashing.
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    Akairo slid in behind, not joining in the general revelry just yet. Her hot blood wouldn't start boiling until she had a fuller belly, the fuel tanks had been running on fumes for a little too long. Nonetheless, she kept a watchful set of eyes and ears about. Especially on the tune being sung. Once she felt up to it, she might join in the chorus! "Eh, seafood mostly, there's not much to hunt on the island's terrain. Especially not when all the prime hunting ground is the Property of the Shogunate." The kirin spat, aiming for a spot on the floor that already looked wet, a telling instinct for one who had learned to conceal illicit activities. "Prime cuts of beef, though? Big weakness. Also, if you find a ship with them in the refrigerator cargo, they sell for big money, if you can keep em from going rotten. I've only tasted the primest cuts of Kobe once in my life, but... by the kami, I'll never forget it."
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    Zap followed Gallus and sat down in the living room where the movie was playing. "Can I have juice?" He asked with a perky squeak in his voice. As he watched the film, he couldn't really follow what was going on, but he could tell the pace of the plot had increased considerably. The minor details weren't important, but he began to be fixed on things that characters were doing that seemed out of the ordinary. Why was that pony with the scar holding a knife? Was he about to slice a cake? And where do those two unnamed ponies go when they fell off the cliff? Did the Wonderbolts save them? Probably. Yeah, the Wonderbolts probably saved them. Zap wishes he could have seen that scene. Daring Do in the story seemed to be composed, but obstacles kept giving her close calls, a typical trope in Daring Do fiction. But eventually, she fell down a pit. In the pit, a dark monster who seemed very large and had evil green eyes started menacing the screen, giving a horror vibe that could be felt through the minds eye of the protagonist and the viewers alike. Zap's eyes widened and his hooves clinched to the pillow he was sitting on. His imagination could scare himself pretty easy if he thought a monster of some sort was hiding in hid bedroom while he slept, but seeing it in a brilliantly shot black and white film made the reality of such an abomination more real than Zap has ever felt, and he started to quiver.
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    Moonlight nodded as Applejack described him. All of it was pretty accurate. She never did get why he liked Luna the best- well, she could maybe kind of get it because of his narcolepsy, but she seemed so blah and meh and not newsworthy or interesting. Oh well. Not everypony could be perfect, not even such a great friend like him. "Yep. Like, I mean, I'm not sure narcolepsy is something you could try and talk him out of, but I'd totally like to see you try! You get the gist of it though," she said as she continued to do her work. It was slow and hard but she was happy to be helping. She didn't want Applejack to think she was a lazy filly and while she was never the most down-home country worker of all time she was still trying her best. She raked well and tight even if the hooks got caught once or twice and she had to pull it out of the ground slightly. The bucket was pulled up with her magic, moved, and plonked down again when she had a new pile ready for delivery. It wasn't fast, it wasn't glamorous, but it felt right emotionally to help her cousin...even if some beads of sweat started to form sooner than she'd like to admit. She was so focused on doing a good job with the leaves that she didn't see her cousin kicking the leaves until they were flying around her face. This broke her concentration and the bucket fell down with a clack as her magic failed her. One leaf stuck to her snout, which she had to blow off, revealing an annoyed expression. The expression quickly morphed into a smile and then a laugh. "Wow, make fun of my cousin just a teensy bit and she totally goes crazy and physically assaults an innocent little filly. The horror!" She said dramatically as she pirouetted in place and fell into the leaves with an audible thud, spreading them around with a laugh. She wouldn't admit it hurt more than a small bit. She stood up and started brushing herself off, quick to respond to her cousin. "Honey, beauty doesn't leave and beauty doesn't fade. Like, real beauty just changes," she said with an outstretched hoof before she picked up the rake and started back working. She had, of course, ruined the last pile. "Besides, I wasn't even talking about my body, though I am pretty much the cutest student in the whole school. As if there's any doubt!" She giggled, then sighed. "I know he likes me for me. Like, I'm just not sure if he likes-likes me or if he just, like, likes me. And he either likes-likes me or likes me, because, like, I'm totally likable. Not just good looking- I mean really more like great looking bit you catch my drift- but, like, because I'm super cool and nice. We speak the same language, right? Right."
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    Remington fumbled the ability to compose himself, trying to play off his lack of words. "Great! When time can, you come, study help me?" What? And what was a BSF? Remington's minded races nervously as he wanted to try and impress Moonlight with his usefulness understanding what a casually spoken acronym had meant. 'Bad Sassy Female?' No, that can't be it. Moonlight was testing the sides of her sitting device when Remington couldn't help but watch her cutely justify how she would go about improving her piece. Eventually, he would snap out of it and look at his own work. Does the box close? Yes. But what about opening it, does it open? Good. Wait, could it mean 'Beautiful Sister Filly?' Probably not. He tests the hinges of the box over and over until eventually closing the box produces a small squeak. A malfunction! Remington stood up from his workbench stool and walked over to the small can of oil the class shared. He brought it to his bench and squirted a few drops of lubricant on the hinge to keep it from squeaking. Maybe it means 'Bottled Soda Fizzy'? Wow Remington, really? You are so dumb. Remington wanted to speak to Moonlight again, but she hadn't yet specified a time frame for helping him, and he hadn't come up with a good idea of what BSF meant. The ultimate impasse. Maybe it meant 'Best Student Forever'. No, no. That's too obvious and easy, it had to be something else. Fortunately, Moonlight broke the silence and said that she was free tonight, she thought. "Oh good. Yeah tonight would work. After woodworking, I have to head over to the gym to do some P.E." Remington could use acronyms, too. "But then afterwords, We can meet up at my place at my room. My room is in Stygian Hall, second floor. I was never assigned a roommate so we don't have to worry about invading anyone's privacy." It was time to execute the moves that would seal the deal. He had to go for it. He gave an appreciative smile and said, "Haha, thanks so much for helping. I can't wait to have someone's 'Bold Strong Flank' helping me out." Thousands of subconscious ideas of optimism inside of Remington's brain began committing suicide.
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    Zap Apple was smart enough to know that one of the differences between his mothers is that one of them had a strong affinity to composure and character-building. The other, while very loyal and accountable, sometimes lacked the tenacity to save face in times not ideal. But he was not articulate enough as a young pegasus colt to helpfully explain that to Dashie. He loved both of his mothers, but he would be lying if he didn't find more comfort in the things Applejack was saying to him, all with the tender loving care of warm touches that tried hard to ease the pain. That's all Zap wanted right now from either of them. He had no time to worry about Rainbow Dash's lament, he was overwhelmed with trying to deal with his. Zap nodded. "Yes, please." He responded to Rainbow Dash. He turned to Applejack. "But will cookies make my wing stronger? Should I eat apples instead?" Zap Apple had been born into a family that taught him the deep religious nature of apple fruit before he could even begin to utter a word about how good they taste. He was indoctrinated by a large half of his kin that apples would practically cure any ailment, not the least of which was emotional suffering. He wanted apples. "Or apple pie?" Good job, Zap what a great compromise between sugar and fruit. Zap trotted slowly towards Rainbow Dash, not knowing how she would respond to his closeness. But he had to make something very clear to her. "I don' want you to read Daring Do where she flies. I wanna here the one where she is hurt and can't fly." Zap had a relatively good idea of what he wanted that could possible up his spirits. A warm slice of apple pie while his hero mother reads him a story about a hero adventurer who is overcoming the odds he felt he was facing.
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    "Sure!" Silverstream rebounded quickly to the dragon's suggestion. "I got a couple sandwiches in my pack. You can have one if you'd like. Do you have your tea kit on you?" Silverstream didn't like tea as much as Smolder. Of course, not many did. But she knew any request for a break or a meal would typically involve a minimum of a kettle, cup, and saucer set in order to properly enjoy the succulent sophistication of whatever Smolder poured into her cup. Tea parties 101 was a class that hadn't been setup yet by Professor Fluttershy or Professor Rarity, but Silverstream knew that Smolder would probably be able to ace the final test for the course during it's first orientation. Silverstream scanned the courtyard for a spacious place to sit and talk. A tree that appeared to have been in it's current location long before the school was even built was standing proudly just past the outer quarters of the campus. It wasn't officially part of the land the school sat on, but it was practical enough to assume that it would be sat under by anxious teenager creatures trying to study for pop quizzes about the politics of friend-making. "Let's go sit under that tree."
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    “Six drinks! Let slip the dogs of war!” Soon as they walked in it was show, pony, giffin and more all drinking side by side as one unicorn mare stood on a table with a dozen mugs floating about her as she drank and sang. “I’m gonna start a buckin' riot til I’m tossed out the front door! Eight drinks! Maybe I’ve lost count?! I can’t remember what I drank, or the amount!” She then fits three mugs to her muzzle and chugs all three as the onlookers go nuts cheering. “Twelve drinks!” She yells before falling off the table. Draco just walked over her as he looked for a table, but he did flip her a coin. “Make it Thirteen lass.” He says before sitting down at the table she just fell off and slams his fist down two times. “HAY! THREE ROUNDS UP AND TWO ROASTS!” He had too scream over all the sound of the bar for the female giffin to hear him. She nods and runs off to fill the order. “Ah, smell that?” He asked, sniffing the air. Ever all the smells of a dozen or more unwashed sailers one can pick up the scent of roasting meat. “Mm, smells like duck?” He wonders before looking over at his two crew mates as they sit down. “And Akairo you eat meat? Got a favorite prey?” He asked with a grin and a click of his beak.
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    Once Zap Apple started to go, Gallus felt relieved. He was able to look around and distract himself, only turning back once he heard running water. Being a parent must be really awkward and weird. He was increasingly happy that he wasn't a parent because it just must be a constant and evolving series of weird interactions and horrifying accidents that made your head spin. How Professors Applejack and Rainbow Dash were able to maintain their sanity and raise a kid was beyond him. He was going to assume that they didn't really have it all there anymore, not really. Zap Apple was done in good order and thank Boreas for that. No accidents, only a little mess, nothing too awkward. Why was he needed in the first place? Zap seemed pretty capable of handling his business himself. Meh, not his call. If that's how his mothers did it, that's how he'd do it for the day. Better that than the unreasonably angry Apple mom flipping her lid over some small detail he missed. He wasn't really sure that she was the type of mare who'd do something like that, but threats had a way of playing with a Griffon's mind. "Good job," he said evenly, not sure how to give congratulations on such a minor task. He then tossed his head back towards the living room. "The good part's coming up. You don't want to miss it, do you? Want a drink?" He asked positively as he fluttered into the kitchen. In the living room, the projector show was playing and it was getting to the good part. The exciting part. The violent part, and the part that took up the rest of the show. Zap Apple was old enough for that, right? Right? Right.
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    Tiger Blood, the newest addition to Blueblood’s diverse group of guards, was currently spending his time leaning against a wall while he watched the crowd make their way inside. The uniform, while present, was about as little of it as he could get away with. He preferred mobility, that was why he never really wore armor. His chosen wall may not have been super close to Blueblood, but he was keeping an eye on the unicorn. He was technically on the job, he supposed, though he didn’t really expect any threats from Ponyville’s residents. The earth pony tilted his head slightly at the sight of another Blueblood, moving closer to the scene to hear better. He arrived just in time for the changeling to reveal herself and explain, earning a chuckle from him as Blueblood responded. And then the changeling gifted a melon, and Tiger’s chuckle turned into a snort of laughter that, to his credit, he tried to keep contained. “Hey, free food is free food, I wouldn’t turn it down.” He said as he approached fully and stopped near Blueblood. “Welcome to the party! Name’s Tiger Blood, what’s yours?” He asked the changeling, smiling over at her. ——————— Kireina was reading a book about the holiday as she made her way towards the castle, trying to discover what was expected of the guests and what to expect in general from the event. Honestly, she should have read it earlier, but she had gotten a bit carried away with her newest bit of poetry, so here she was. Sighing to herself, she looked up at the sound of a voice asking what something was. Thankfully, that gave her plenty of warning to avoid running into a unicorn surrounded by birds, and she took to the air to get a better look at what he was questioning. “Those appear to be candies. Bonbons, I believe.” She spoke, hopefully getting it right. She wasn’t exactly an expert on foreign cuisine, after all, but those looked like them. Looking to the mare behind the counter though, she frowned at the sight of the disheveled pony. “Would you like some assistance, Miss? Perhaps some brushing, at least.”
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    'It never rains, but it pours.' The remark was coined in reference to the weather in Seaddle, but Blueblood was about to see that the metaphorical application to Ponyville's response to any large social event. Only time would tell whether the hastily-prepared shelter of the Prince's preparedness would spring a leak or not. At the first 'raindrop' was one he had some degree of authority over. Not that Gallus would ever dare publicly acknowledge deference to his Archancellor, but for all that, he was good griff. Wouldn't go out of his way to make trouble if one told him just how much the trouble would trouble others. "Well, I won't requisition you for volunteer labor, if that's what you're asking, Gallus." He'd had a tendency, fairly early, to give out tasks for extra credit on a fairly liberal basis, but a talking-to from Applejack had dampened, though not wholly dammed, the flow of extra marks. "I am expecting some new students, however, so please keep an eye out for your future classmates? Some of them may have... little to no familiarity with Equestrian manners or customs. I'm sure you can relate." One such student was expected shortly, but before Blueblood could spare an eye for him, the clouds rained opened up depositing a big three-one sequence on his doorstep. But ingrained hospitality kept the tiles in place upon the roof, and the Prince really needed to get his head out of this metaphor. "And welcome! I'm afraid I never caught your name." He accepted the git with grace, but didn't open it immediately, instead putting it on a table marked "donations." If nothing else, it would serve as a light fixture for the school, whenever the Prince got around to seeing what it was. "This event isn't... quite the same a solstice celebration, or even the old Summer Sun celebration. But I understand Ponyvillle still loves to hold a party this time every year, and I wanted the School of Friendship to be a part of town life." Further explanation wasn't quite possible, as the group began to scatter, and a doppleganger of himself appeared before Blue! The Prince's response... was a slow blink. And a sigh of resignation. It had been such a long day even by now, and this was just the sort of thing that would happen, wouldn't it? Even the revelation that it was a momentarily confused changeling didn't really do much to improve his mood. "No, you've mistaken today for the holiday I've repeatedly lobbied to remove from the calendar." Immediately he regretted his his testy response, and quickly apologies. "Sorry, but it's been a long day. No, wait, that's not- necessary..." He wasn't quite able to prevent Fleeting Hope from giving him a melon. Well, School funding donations were clearly off to a great start... The perils of leaving the young unattended were often exaggerated, with concerned parents freaking out over what the big bad world would do to their precious foal. But in Chipper Demise's case, one might be forgiven for harboring the opposite worry. Oh, sure, he was friendly, outgoing, and cheerful, like any Equestrian pony, but that was a miracle running against his talents and upbringing. Hence, his current guardian's decision that the School of Friendship was the exact education he would need for life. And now, here he was, in Ponyville. His presence was preceded and announced by a pair of raucous crows, flapping and settling on the edges of Bonbon's booth. One of them was staring at her with beady red eyes, while the other took a curious peck at the candies. "Cauw! Caw!" One called out, and the berobed colt answered. "Aw sorry, I thought they were eyeballs. They looked like them from a distance." Trotting up to Bonbon, he explained, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. "Eyeballs are Muginn's favorite treat. So when I saw a pile of sort-of white balls, I thought I'd give him a little snack. So, uh, what are they?"
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    Cloudy Skies Jasper Dragon Azure "Iggy" Ignine It might surprise blueblood to see three figures walking towards hte celebration, partly because the group consisted of a Kirin, Hippogriff, and dragon, but even more so because the kirin had a gift wrapped in pastel summer colors with a large sparkling bow on top - something that was more than a little out of place at the festival... The kirin grinned and nodded as they approached "Happy Summer Solstice, your majesty!" she said, clearly also not 100% sure how equestrian titles worked - which wasn't as suprising given the fact all three of them were from different lands "I'm afraid I didn't get a chance to really research the holiday before we arrived, its been a busy week, so we all assumed this was a summer version of the winder solstice festival!" she placed the gift down in front of blueblood as they made their way into the fairgrounds area around the castle. If Blueblood decided to open the gift, he would find that it was a lamp in the shape of the sun... clearly the trinity had taken the name extremely literally... and while they weren't wrong they weren't entirely right either.... Once they were in the castle though, things changed quickly... Iggy was shifting weight from one hoof to another as they ducked into an alcove, clearly excited Cloudy sighed "Remember, Iggy, even if the castle is officially open, dont go sneaking around too much... I know not to bother telling you not to wander off..." Iggy was grinning "Its so much more exciting when I dont have to keep an eye open for guards! maybe I'll even get lucky and find a book or test-tube that Princess Twilight forgot!" The males shook their heads sadly at their kirin friend's obsession... "right..." said cloudy "Jasper, keep an eye on her" The dragon nodded, though he looked quite annoyed at the prospective of having to play foal-sitter to Iggy, he knew how excited she could get it wasn't long before the kirin and dragon had vanished into the bowels of the palace, while Cloudy stayed out in the open to act as a distraction. -----=====----- Fleeting Hope Unfortunately, it wasn't the end of the afternoon's confusion for poor blueblood, only a few minutes later he would see, well... himself! a much scruffier version of himself atleast, mane astray, numerous small cuts on his body, and his clothing torn rush up to him "Thank goodness I found you! you have to run! the Toad Lord has returned and he's about to steal all the spoons in the city! its going to be disastrous!" after a few seconds the not-blueblood-pony giggled though and green fire washed over it to reveal the young changeling Fleeting hope "Suprise!" she said "...this is the day we're supposed to play a prank on somepony, isn't it?" she asked awkwardly "Equestrian history isn't by best subject..." Indeed, while Hope had made tremendous progress over the last year in coming out of her proverbial shell, she still was very awkward, and most of the progress seemed to be towards the adult teachers and staff - she still was very shy and quiet around students close to her own age. Hope then noticed the gift that Iggy had left and gasped "Oh no, was I supposed to bring a gift too?!" she asked, quickly rummaging about in her bags and hastily tying an awkward bow around a large green mellon "Happy Summer Solstice, sir!" she said awkwardly as she placed it at his feet near the other gift. -----=====----- High above the castle floor, on one of the balconies that was sufficiently out of sight, two small flashes of magical energy erupted, revealing a somewhat large purple-cloaked pony and a notably smaller bipedal cloaked figure. "Remind me again why we have to hide like this? I mean you know nearly everypony here, its not like we're sneaking into some secret fortress of ultimate evil or something" commented the smaller figure the large figure sighed "because we dont want to disturb anything, remember we're only going to be here a little while, we have to get back in time for the main ceremony in canterlot" "I still think your pranoia is getting the better of you" said the smaller figure as he pulled back the hood to reveal the familiar face of Spike Quickly a purple glow pulled the hood back up though "we dont want to make a scene!" "I think your paranoia has gotten much worse since you became high-princess" muttered spike "remember, these ponies are your friends, they're more likely to just wave and say 'Hey Twilight, good to see you!' than panic... they're not you" he smirked The other figure sighed "I know spike, but I have a lot of responsibilities now... I just wanted to pop in and check on how things were going, now be quiet before we're noticed, and keep an eye on the magic mirror in case somepony decides to burst into the throne room while we're here" Spile sighed and pulled back one of his sleeves to reveal a small mirror mounted to a band, looking not unlike a wristwatch, that showed an image of the canterlot throne room doors... One thing never changed, and that was twilight's backup-plans for backup-plans for backup-plans...
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    Slide nodded in agreement and ran off in the direction that Arty had motioned, going deeper into the cave. Running and flying to get away from those gang ponies had caused him to break an awful sweat. Thankfully, there was just enough light for him to see into the cave. Finding a large rock, he hid behind it just out of view from the entrance of the cave. Checking to make sure the coast was clear, he examined his wings to make sure they were okay. "Curses. I knew I should have stretched my wings this morning," he muttered as he began to preen his wings. All pegasus ponies have wings that must be examined after a certain time of flying. Slide knew this, but he was certain that after preening of his wings, everything would be okay. Slide was halfway done preening his wings when he heard a commotion from outside the cave. He looked around, trying to glance at what was going on. Listening carefully, Slide could just make out what the gang ponies were saying. "Ow! Ow! You'll be sorry you stupid art pone!" It sounded faint, but Slide knew that Arty must've done something to hold back the gang ponies. Once Slide had finished preening his wings, he curled up behind the rock to get some rest, hoping that Arty would be able to find him. Suddenly, a glimmer of light shown around the cave walls. Waking up from his quick slumber, he looked up from the behind the rock and gasped when he saw Arty. "Arty! I'm over here," he whispered, getting out from behind the rock. After hearing about the status of the gang ponies, Slide was very impressed. "Well done Arty, but we must keep going. We have to get away from those gang ponies before they find us." As they were walking deeper into the cave, Slide began to walk alongside Arty. "Arty, I'm sorry I wasn't able to help you fight off those gang ponies, but I would like to thank you for saving me. How can I ever repay you?"
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    "Well somepony's holding a grudge." Discord seemed to contently slather marmalade over a length cut baguette, layering it with cheese, pickles, two English Muffins and three cherries before folding it in half and dunking it into his cup of coffee. "You act as if anypony got hurt or the world ended!" In truth once everypony's magic returned no one was hurt. Except Discord's pride. That was still in repair here and there. There was no guilt, persay, as he was able to stop Tirek, but there is he inkling of concern that his desire for attention seemed to almost hurt those he cared about. After the whole Accord incident. Something like that wasn't needed again! He scoffed at Squall's attempt to corner his dignity in that little box. He took a bite of his monstrous food creation and muttered with a full muzzle, stuffing a few buttecreme cookies in there for good measure. Oooh so tasty, he loved buttercreme cookies! "I'm starting to think you have some unresolved hurt and are projecting, but I can't blame you for wanting my glamorous life full of friendship! Don't worry I'll be your friend, even if everypony else thinks your just some rich pony playing at being a vigilante." He tittered. He slipped his coffee loudly while Squall spoke to Fire Walker, looking to the mare and perking his ears at the lascivious rumor. "Oh please, I'm much too old for those kinds of foalish titles. Fluttershy is just my favorite!" He assured. "She was my first friend in this realm after all." He proceeded to eat the cup and saucer, moving to float after the group. Despite all his oddities there was some measure of expectation from the chaotic noodle, particularly when it came to meddling. Unless he had fun doing it meddling just wasn't as fun as it could be! He oh so did love meddling, though some mistook that for being supportive. The mismatched Chimera would vanish in a puff of smoke, reappearing in the shape of the unicorn, prancing along besides them. "What do you think I just have this face because it looks almost as pretty as me?" The Raccoon settled stop his head as he bounced along. "I am a renowned detective. I'm sure I can find some dirty secrets in the port and reveal some string or another of corruption that you can use!" Ponies did often love coveting priceless magical artifacts and other things. There was no way a monopoly so big didn't have a few open holes to fit a self righteous noblepony in. He grinned at Fire Walker. "Besides as a Knight I'm sure you'd be quite keen on taking down some real evil-doers. I know a few secrets about the wharf district…" What did Discord know?
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    ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ "Golden will definitely be able to give you should pointers on what can work and what's been tried before that really didn't go over well. As you said, she's put on a lot of shows and tries to at least make a minor appearance at most of them. Still though, you look pretty amazing with what you got. We'll have to coordinate a few things though if we ever do a joint show. Although for the safety of everyone else, probably do a set up like your did at the bistro. I don't wanna accidental make a tornado of stage props," she giggled. Kick Beat tipped his glasses down and appeared to be eyeing over Sky as if to judge good character at a glance. Hearing the conversation, and of course, reading the tabloids it was easy for him to put two and two together. When he heard the praise and the question from him he laughed a bit. "You must mean ol' Bonk man! That dawg is fire man. Taught him most of what I know. Not everything tho. Didn't wanna put myself outta job, know what I'm sayin'," he started. "Course, all musicians are competitive at heart man.Whether the fightin' other bands to show them up, or fightin' themselves it's always a fight. That's what makes music better. It's that drive to be better that encourages ponies to try. Otherwise music will become stagnant and die out. I'm sure if Bonk stays on the right path, maaan shoot... That dawg could be the best drummers this world's seen... Course you gotta be pretty good yourself in order to smash that doll," Kick said with a laugh making Wind blush a bit and smile.
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    Come Celebrate the Summer, and enroll new students in the School of Friendship!
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    Applejack continued kicking apples off trees. She saw Moonlight use her magic to gather tools and hold them. She winced a little bit. The use of magic during Winter Wrap Up and other Ponyville traditions was generally outlawed not because there was a disgrace of unicorns in the town, but because it went against the natural way of preparing the seasons and kept ponies from getting too comfortable with their magical luxuries. This attitude of old style maintaining carried throughout the traditions of the orchard as well. It often didn't come up in family conversations because few members of the Apple family can wield unicorn magic, and the ones that do rarely enjoy spending time doing chores with Applejack. She had many discussions and arguments with Twilight and Rarity about the use of magic on her farm, but conceded that magical use on the farm is not completely prohibited, but should never be used as a direct source of energy to complete a task. Since Moonlight was only using her magic to hold tools up, Applejack felt it was better than if she just used telekinesis to removed all the leaves instantaneously. No one likes a show-off. As Moonlight started blushing and talking about Remington, Applejack perked up. She pondered and caressed her chin with her hoof. "Oh, yeah. I know that feller. Kinda skinny-lookin'? Square glasses? Talks obsessively about Princess Luna? Yeah I know him. Haven't got a chance to talk to him one on one, yet. If he fell asleep during my lessons I would've noticed. Ain't no pony falling asleep when I'm talkin' to 'em." "Best friends, huh?" Applejack smiled. She dipped her smile into a disappointed smirk when Moonlight suggested her own beauty and attractiveness for being the reason Remington would spend any time with her. She could feel vibrations of Rarity's personality echoing through Moonlight, and the situation had a strange resemblance to Rarity's crush with Trenderhoof. Hopefully Remington wasn't the sort of young stallion to fall in love with his teachers. Applejack walked over towards Moonlight and kicked a pile of leaves that had already been collected into her face. "Now, now. You know that beauty can leave just as fast as it came. And besides, this Remington guy doesn't seem to be the type of colt to only be friends with you for yer style. And if he is, that ain't a good thing. Do you know if he likes you back?"
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    Zap went. His focus was on maintaining a straight stance while not moving too much, but his facial expression could have been mistaken for a blank stare that seemed rude, especially when someone else was sharing the bathroom. Zap looked down underneath him to see the end of his relief and given a few grace seconds, stood straight up and pull the flush cord above him that would pour water into the hole to sanitize the waste surfaces. He then walked to the sink and started washing his hooves. This whole experience in the bathroom will later make Zap feel embarrassed. Not necessarily because he felt bad about his innocence lacking full context of this situation, but rather that he let a stranger griffon watch him urinate at all. No mental scaring would prevail, but it would serve as a deep secret he would only tell his best friends. And maybe not even them. Zap finished rinsing his hooves of the suds he lathered on them, and then dried them off with a hanging towel. He then showed his almost-reflecting hooves, soles point upwards, to Gallus.
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    The black bird grimaced. They had just left the train, but it already felt like a whole year had gone by! "Oh yeah, whatever we do, we need to stay near the tracks. Not only would we be able to not to get lost, if the railroad sends a cart for us, they'll find us a lot quicker than if we wander away. Which would be bad", she groaned. She was not ready to do all this talking! She had a nap that had been coming up, but now she was out and about and it was obvious she was now a full time shlimazel, a gal with no luck. No luck in love and no luck in life. "Thanks, but I'll be fine for the moment.", Zelda responded to the green maned mare, "I have a pretty thick coat of fur and feathers, and this actual coat. But if it keeps getting colder, I might need something later on.", she started to push herself as the track started to move upwards. Thick coat. Thick feathers, and she had gained a few pounds during her exile. If worse comes to worse, the two ponies could always eat her. She kept an eye on the track and another for any sort of area they could rest in. A cave. Maybe even an abandoned house. She had heard there was an old village not that far from here that had long been deserted. Most say it was that once the railroad had been finished, the opportunities had dried up and everypony moved on. But there was also another story. One of curses and horror!
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    "Okay, we can stop by my place then." She shrugged, suddenly staring at the very large backpack on her cousin's back. She really wanted to ask what all was in there. Definitely more stuff than she needed. Griffonstone was way better off now, but Zelda probably thought this city was uttery unlivable. Gill understood though. A while back, before those two colorful ponies who changed up Gilda's life, the city was rancid. Times change though. Anyway, she didn't ask, because that would be confrontation. She didn't feel like talking much. Of course the silence didn't last long, which kind of made Gillian's anxiety skip a beat. She had to open up more.. great. "Oh- I'm doing good. Yeah. Flying is cool. Being a Wonderbolt would be cool too." She shrugged once again, whipping her long tail side to side behind her. Then her tail flicked up when she heard 'rainbow haired mare'. "You talking about Rainbow Dash?" A little hint of excitement washed over her eyes. She secretly admired the mare, probably the pony she looked up to the most in the Wonderbolts. Her aunt would talk about her all the time. Her and the rest of the Wonderbolts. Though, Fleetfoot was also one of Gill's favorites. "Heard she's the best flier. Not too sure how all the other fliers are though." Honestly, Gill never paid attention to any creature else when flying, just her. "R.E.A? Seems legit." Suddenly the pair stopped, which confused Gill. This surely wasn't her house. Immediately she felt uncomfortable, as a male griffon made his way towards them. His look itself made Gill feel rather weird. He only looked a little familiar. When he began talking, the half cheetah felt the urge to dash away quickly. She couldn't leave her cousin though. She probably wasn't used to weirdos like this. "Uh- yeah, she's my cousin," she simply said, feeling awkward. Hopefully Zelda would make this encounter less awkward. She seemed to be a friendly talker.
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    The trio began to walk in the never ending cold, which was unbelievably tiring. The wind was so strong, Daze couldn't control where her legs were stepping. Too left, too right, crisscross... applesauce. She found herself on the snow's ground with a huff. She stood up slowly trying not to lose her balance.. or lack there of. She opened her wings a little to gain some sort of support from walking in this windy, snowy terrain. She was struggling big time. They had to climb up this mountain, that she swore looked taller the more she looked at it. She just wished she could fly.. all of them. They all had wings, this adventure would be over in an instant. But that wasn't the case. When they got closer to the mountain, she felt another pony inch closer to her. The little to no warmth made her actually feel something, it was so cold any sense of heat she could feel. She glanced over with her golden eyes, looking right at Fiver. "Huh? Oh yeah, I got some extra scarves and some booties, I think I got a couple hats in there too." She stopped walking and opened her bag with her frozen wing. "Just grab whatever you need, kay?" She looked at Zelda now. "You need something too? I got scarves and hats." After, they group continued to walk, the trail slowly beginning to disappear. With a huff, Daze stared at the ground, spacing off. She was thinking about a lot of thing. Overthinking, more like. She just wanted to be somewhere warm and cozy, with hot cocoa and a fireplace. Maybe cuddled up with somepony she missed a lot.. a little farm pony with a spicy personality. Her personality alone would make her hot. She snapped out of her thoughts as Fiver had an idea. "Geez, Fiv. That's wicked smart!" She started following behind Fiv by the railroad tracks, eventually leading to the large mountain. Hopefully this 'adventure' wouldn't get any worse.. or colder.
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    Ocellus held the piece of hair with her teal hoof. Lifting it up, she showed her two friends what she found, and she was rather proud of herself for finding it. A proud grin stretched out her little face as she said, "It's Silverstream's mane!" She moved it closer to her face, getting a good look. "She definitely went this way.. but why would she leave in the middle of the night like this? It's just not adding up.." The little changeling suddenly started bouncing about as the ground she was on started to shake. She got a little frightened, jumping right next to Smolder. Hiding behind her buddy, she then peaked out, "Oh.. it's just Yon-" She was interrupted as the big Yak starting rambling on about not being invited. Not going to lie, Ocellus would feel bad too. Why wouldn't her friends want to invite her? But of course, this wasn't a matter of being invited. They just ended up waking up at the same time.. besides Yona. "Oh! We're sorry Yona," the shy changeling whispered. "We just didn't want to wake you up." The yak was rather loud, which freaked Ocellus out. They could easily blow their cover, since they were supposed to be sneaking around in the dark. Every creature had to be quiet..
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    Finally, she was given something to do. She hated feeling like a freeloader even if she almost equally didn't much car for farmwork, but for family she knew she could handle it. She snapped off a quick salute and a smile before she trotted her way to the rack. Uggh, leaves. Now that was the sort of chore you didn't see often in Manehattan. There weren't that many trees around the residential areas and even when there were you often had hired help who could take care of it. She hadn't used a rake until she visited Ponyville for the first time, but she found it charming that earth ponies needed such things. Her hooves had been so fidgety with it before while Applejack was so sure. But now? Well, now Moonlight had another tool at her disposal. Licking her lips and then biting her lower one, she activated her magic. A faint blue aura surrounded the barrel as she channeled herself through the Allsource on her horn. She then gently tugged at the rake and it took flight likewise, finding itself being dragged weakly next to the filly while she took the rake in her hooves. Ha, talk about an advantage! Both Rarity and Twilight told her to practice her magic so why not kill two birds with- oh, right. She couldn't say that anymore. It wasn't very Friendship of ponies to say that now that Griffons and Hippogriffs were commonly seen. She had to be more mindful, the silly filly. Stepping out of the barn with her tools at the ready she went to work. She would rake as well as she could which wasn't all that good but hey, better than nothing. She would set the barrel down every couple of hooves lengths when she felt the strain on her magic grow too much. Like anything else involving the body if you didn't work it out, it grew weak. And her magic was totally weak. Still, she continued to work gainfully as she spoke with cousin Applejack because if nothing else she wasn't going to put on a bad show. "So what's this colt's name?" She smiled. "Remington! Old friend from Manehattan. Has these cute glasses and, like, a seriously handsome face," she said with a merest glint of a blush. She liked him. She wasn't sure entirely how much she liked him or what it meant, but she knew she liked it whenever they exchanged looks. That counted for something in the beating heart of a filly. "Do I know him?" She nodded. "He is, well, he is a student so I hope you'd know him just a scoshe. Like, can you remember a medium red colt with a blue mane? From Manehattan but born in Cloudsy. Also, has narcolepsy...so he probably fell asleep at some point while you're all like," she cleared her throat and pulled off her best Applejack impression, "well Ah'll be a mon-key's uncle if honesty ain't tha very best policy, eeee-yuuuuppp!" she snickered afterwards, clearly gleefully pleased with the result. "Have you talked to him yet?" "Oh, yes, yes I have. Seriously, I'm probably his best friend at school. Can't blame him, I'm pretty much the best thing since haute couture."
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    Zap put his hoof in Gallus' offered claw. It wasn't really necessary but Gallus seemed insistent. "Over here." Zap led Gallus to the door for the bathroom. Every pegasus home was fitted with a water closet of some sort. Usually there was a large tub either made of wood or ceramic material. All of them had a sink, but also a compartment through a hole in the floor to collect all of the business. Equestrian taxes help pay for the service and removal of pony waste on a regular basis. Rainbow Dash's cloudominium wasn't the fanciest facility in the skies, but she was no filthy pegasus. Her bathroom was fitted with a standard sanitary flushing device that could be used by mares and stallions. Of course, the features used by male ponies hadn't been used for their purpose until recently. For Zap, all he needed to do was stand over the hole with his legs extended slightly and aim in a general area beneath him. The little colt was practically done with his potty-training, however, his mothers still expected he be supervised. Recently, Zap had an accident where he made quite the mess in the bathroom after failing to position himself properly. Until he perfected it, he felt as if supervision was required. Whenever he had to go, he would inform one of his mothers so they can prepare for the drill. Zap walked into the bathroom and trotted towards the toilet and backed up into it to prepare. He stared at Gallus for his approval.
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