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    “[That is troubling, but I have many years to seek out another in time.]” Niilavin says looking at the growing traffic he was making. It did not bug him, let them stand. If he wanted he can take a nap here and the dregs can just deal with it! Such low things, it was shameful how his master acted around them. Yet it did keep the masses in line and happy too do as told. It was shameful how well this system was working it seems.“[Master it seems the unwashed masses wish to not stare at my nice hunches all day. Shall we… move?” He asked flicking an ear and stretching out his big wings, fully out he can touch the buildings lining the road before he pulled them back in agent his sides.
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    Hogo-sha did not back off from Tempest's hook he took it full on as came in... just as he'd been Hoping. Bringing her antlers in for the headbutt might have seems a good idea but while her opponent ws fast with his fist, he was faster with his teeth. Those jaws snapped down on Tempest's antlers and Took hold tight. In a swift motion, Hogo-sha lifted up the cow in an arc in a grapple then tossed her back down to the ground on her back. Once she landed, the dog brought up his foot and tried to bring it down hard onto her stomach with great force. The Dog was already smiling down at her, still enjoying this bout.
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    The Iron Pony 2019 starts June 28th! Get ready to claim the crown in a number of fun events!
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    Silverbolt made his return to Ponyville with a flapping of wings. It had been a long time since he had come back to this place, his wayward rambling and courier routes keeping him from coming to visit. He had owed his mother a visit but it would have to wait. He had heard some rumors through a rather frequent client of the courier service, Pocket Change. As he landed, he chuckled to himself. He still recalled that whole mess with the bugs and Pocket. What a fine mess that he narrowly avoided! The rumors he had heard was of some sort of old treasure or artifact being hidden somewhere far away from Ponyville but wanted to meet him here, mostly away from prying eyes and ears. There was some prudence in choosing Ponyville, it was home to Princess Twilight and still sleepy enough that as long as you avoided the Crystal Tree you could speak in relative privacy. At least that was what he could gather from his somewhat cursory overview of the town. He trotted towards the appointed meeting place, wearing his courier uniform and carrying a package. The package was shifted to his back as he now waited for Pocket to arrive. Their meeting place was at the edge of town, heading towards Sweet Apple Acres. He yawned as he now sat down, waiting for the arrival of the white coated unicorn stallion. There was definitely an air of excitement about him as he considered the potential for fame and glory. Perhaps he could hang up the courier's sack for a time if things went well!
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    Ma'am? She wasn't quite expecting that. It would make sense under formal occasions, but nothing about this seemed to be formal. It made her feel quite old, She was a madam yet... Now that she thought about it, she did remember getting comments that she did look older than she was. That was probably it. But it didn't really matter. The point was that somepony was here to help her out and she was quite grateful for that. "Thank you kindly," she replied to the... colt? It sounded like a colt, but she didn't want to be mistaken because sounds can deceive. They said the place was world famous. Maybe famous locally, but she didn't quite believe that statement, it felt like an exaggeration to her. "I'm not sure if there were any indications towards the identity of this place, but if there are, they aren't any that I could possibly notice under my condition. I would say that maybe they still have their own exclusive location elsewhere." It was a classic trope to hide secret locations and societies behind fronts. Makes it easy to hide the location while still keeping it relatively easy for members to access. She would follow the colt along to the best of her ability. "I'm not sure if you know me, probably not because I don't go out often. I'm No Vella. But you can just call me Vella. I came here intending to listen, but, I can probably let loose a tale, I've got some that haven't been heard before. They don't have to be true, do they? I'm not an adventurer, never was. My life was never that exciting." It would be really surprising to her if anyone truly thought her stories to be true within the realms of this world. Well, maybe some of them.
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    Ah. Ponyville. The biggest little village in all of Equestria. As the stallion retrieved his pack and trotted off the train, he surveyed the village. It was a good deal bigger than when he was last in town. There was now a giant freaking castle that appeared to have been snatched from the Crystal Empire. Nearby was a very impressive looking school that might as well be an high school. But they considered it a 'school of friendship'. Fine. His sister's friend Fire Walker worked and even lived at that castle. Hopefully he would not run into her as not only did she live in FREAKING CASTLE, she was also marrying a billionaire. He had heard more than enough from his identical sibling, and he did not need to hear it from her. Ol' Miss Braggy Pants. The last time he was here.....He had enjoyed a leisurely afternoon at Sweet Apple Acres. A small event had been held to sell apples. Buy an bag of apples and receive a kiss from the farmer's daughter, Applejack. Thankfully this was before he became a 'thing' with his current beloved. But he doubted she would have minded. He remembered that part rather well. The apple farmer smelled like her croup of choice, crossed with sweat and what he assumed was 'Sassy Horse' body-spray. But what else had he done that day? He had run into the pony that had invited him over. Silverbolt. Skinny guy. Worked as a mail-pony. Maybe? While he had a good job, he always was looking for a little adventure. Something beyond 'Whinny World'. As he pondered a somewhat lost memory...Pocket Change watched as a friendly bee buzzed near his snout. Oh how he loved honey. Especially the kind they mind in the south....They call it Tupelo....Tastes like cotton candy...:Pinkie Pie....Oh...Now he remembered. There was that strange place with the weird bug pony and Pinkie...And also Silverbolt. And the Whitetail Woods. He got lost in the woods and was stung by stinging bugs. Not a memory that needed bringing up. The unicorn let out a sigh. Hopefully they will be avoiding the angry insects this time around. One could hope. As he neared the massive farm, he quickly spotted the cobalt Pegasus. "Hello Mister Bolt..", he shouted as he drew near. Weird, he was still dressed for work and had a package. had he come too early?
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    No Vella caught the attention of a young colt that had followed her into the themed family pub. He was obviously trying his best not to sound rude. Afterall, there was a rather large sign outside that marked the building as the 'Explorer's Society', along with another, smaller sign that welcomed victors once they entered the building. All of the employees were wearing name tags with the pub's logo, and they were also selling a ton of ' Explorer's Society' branded merchandise nearby. And the rug underneath their hooves was also marked with the logo. Maybe she was distracted. "Yes mam.", the little pony smiled back at the mare. "World famous and all.", he wanted to wander off and meet his friends, but he decided to help the poor pony out. "My parents took me here a few years ago..Said it was started by a bunch of famous adventurers as a place they could hang around and tell stories about their previous adventures." He waved his front right hoof at a series of painting that hung nearby. These contained creatures of all ages and sizes...Most decked out in fedoras or pith helmets...With names like Colonel Critchlow, Bravely Blue and Captain Merrifeather Pleasure. These were hardy adventures filled with daring doo! Brave souls that lived the life only the little colt could dream about! "They would showcase their finds here and would have a secret meeting once a year." There were an assortment of interesting relics that were displayed in glass covered cases. "A few years ago, they turned it into an 'all ages' themed family pub. Dad said the regulars weren't keen about the idea, but it kept the place from going under....Tonight, they're hosting creatures to sit and tell stories...If you have a tale to tell, or just like to listen, follow me..."
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    What the heck? Was he checking her out? She knew she was pure 100% hot stuff, but wasn't he a little on the young side to be doing that? "Guess it runs in the family as I have a brother that's into music..." Well, maybe that was stretching it. Or was he more like his sister and just enjoyed dressing up. Still, his poetry did save the lives of more than a hundred hatchlings to be. What a weird day that was. The bongos were an a musical instrument....She thought. A sly smile formed on her face. "Guess if you join one of the dance clubs, I'll have to follow...Keep my eye on yah so you can't cause any trouble, eh?", she gave the colt a wink before there was a sharp return to slightly more moribund talk. "Eh...", that was not her finest hour. "Now that I know....Thanks to our library here....I would say we would make statues like anyone else...One would need hammer, chisels, and files....A well planned out statue sketched out on paper...The right safety tools like a mask and goggles. But for the most part, I just spent a few minutes, kicking, punching, slashing and eventually biting a large rock, hoping it would simply turn into something that would memorialize a tree.. And no surprise, it did not turn into what I wanted. Go fig.." While things were improving, dragons really did not do art. They had their caves. They had their lava. And one place that serves really bad coffee. They really did not have any villages, cities or towns. Maybe this will all change. After spending her nights on a an rather comfortable bunk bed, the dragoness really had her doubts that she could return to sleeping on a cave floor. Even if things did get a little drafty from time to time. "As for the very new 'Tree-house Of Harmony', if you've been to the Crystal Empire, you'd get a good idea what it looks like....A big crystal tree with an crystal building for an trunk.....Almost Crystal Empire meets Cloudsdale? It's mostly just a place to hang out and relax.....We have a little library....Half-bathroom type...Little kitchen-ete area..Mostly for making snacks and a good cup of tea." She stopped herself from saying it was a 'little home away from home'. She'd probably have to smack her if those words ever came from her mouth. "So we could check out the dining hall...They're not serving, but they have a couple of vending.....Wait you modeled? What kind?" Smolder was curious..
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    I loved this episode loads and loads. The parents were fun, the aunts were sweet, the conflict felt very real. I do dislike that we missed a chance at having an important lesson about growing up and what that sometimes entails being learned, but it was a super sweet episode regardless.
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    Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Dramatic Flaire Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Half earth pony, half changeling Eye colour: Teal Coat: Grey Mane/Tail: Purple (pictured) Physique: Slim, feminine build Residence: Nomadic (he travels a lot), currently stopped in Ponyville Occupation: Actor in a travelling theatre Cutie Mark: Green flame with a gold ribbon swirled around it. (pictured) How he got it is included in the "History" segment. Unique Traits: His changeling heritage has given him limited shape-shifting ability. That is, not really any shape-shifting, per se, but he can change colors, voice, and the length of his mane and tail. When he changes, there's no green flame as is normal among the pure changelings, rather, his coat/hair/eyes just fades into the colors, and his hair simply grows or recedes. His cutie mark always stays the same, and his physique isn't changed either. History: When Flaire was young, he had a hard time coming to terms with what he was. Other foals didn't make it easy, growing up in Manehatten. They would avoid him and make sharp remarks about how he was not to be trusted (keep in mind this is before the changeling reform). For a time, he tried to hide his natural appearance, tho he would sometimes revert if he was too distracted, which would ruin the whole thing. One time, he was in disguise. A travelling theatre came into town. Flaire was intrigued, so he watched them do a play. and another. and another. he got so involved watching that he lost hold of his disguise. He faded to his natural colors, and the ponies around him gasped. One pony even exclaimed "It's a changeling! Run!" Flaire began to cry as the crowd quickly dispersed. All he wanted was to watch the play. He hung his head, dejected. Then a gentle hoof rested on Flaire's shoulder. "Don't listen to them, son." said a voice. Long story short, this pony was the stage master of the travelling theatre. He and the rest of his cast were sympathetic to Flaire's predicament, and took him in. They taught him to be proud of who and what he was. He discovered his talent in acting, but his cutie mark didn't show up right away. It took weeks. It faded in over time. It was just assumed that the cutie mark magic present in all ponies was just weaker in him because he was only half pony. Character Personality: Flamboyant, stereotypically gay (also actually gay, but that's beside the point), feminine in a lot of ways, but still distinctly male. Friendly, and accepting of other's differences. Character Summary: Dramatic Flaire is a showpony with a twist. He can change colors on a whim. He used to be scorned, but learned to accept himself and be proud to be him. Others just followed suit. He's outgoing, flamboyant, and friendly. He is very accepting ponies (or anycreature) who are different from others. Especially when they are rejected by others because of it. Pics:
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    This was not at all how she had planned it! Nothing irked her more than to have her plans go awry. This wasn't even awry this was downright 'why had she ever even bothered to plan anything?' disaster level! She could her Rainbow's hooves clopping their way towards her. Twilight shuffled back and forth a bit, indecision ruling the moment. "Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh-!" Her words were cut off as Rainbow entered the kitchen aka catastrophe of the century. The Princess of Friendship was frozen in place as the pegasus entered. Twilights cheeks were crimson with embarrassment. "Rainbow I-i uhhhh," And then her friend burst out laughing and offered to help! For some reason her laughter was contagious. Twilight's muzzle turned up into a grin and before she knew it, she was laughing too. This was why they were friends! It helped to relieve her tension and calm her nerves. It was Rainbow after all. Her long time friend. The one she had been through thick and thin with! Sure she was also the one Twilight pined after but she was also one of the ponies that was already closest to her heart! "Not that bad?" She spoke quizzically as the bowl of carrot levitated off her head and onto the counter. "I think Spike set off some kind of food bomb in here!" "Heeeey!" The dragon entered, glancing around. "It's not that bad Twi! Rainbow said she's done worse!" "Oh, I'm sure she has!" She eyed both her friends. "We should probably start over on dinner," A cloth and spray bottle levitated to Spike and Rainbow. "Spike you start on the counters. Rainbow? If you could get the ceiling?" She was in her element giving orders. It made the nervousness she had been feeling earlier dissipate. "I'll start on the dishes!" As she spoke dishes began to levitate and the sink faucet turned on. "So!" Spike tried to break the silence a moment later. He glanced up at Rainbow who was making quick work of the food that was stuck to the heights. "What do you guys think we should try to make next? A special dinner date deserves special food." Twilight blanched! Had Spike just casually called their dinner out as a date? "Spike!" She shushed the dragon and then continued on quickly, trying to cover what was quickly becoming awkward again. "Why don't you uhhhh, look through the recipe book over there and pick something easier than souffle?" "You got it!" He trotted enthusiastically to the book and started leafing through pages. "So Rainbow..." She fished for something to say. "Thanks for the training session earlier. Not just anypony gets lessons from a real Wonderbolt!" She rubbed her fetlocks and grinned. "I'm gonna be sore for a week from that!" There not awkward... heh heh (Twilight awkward laugh)... not awkward at all!
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    AJ listened intently as Valen laid out the basics before her. Sure it was an embarrassing scenario but the farm mare knew in her heart it was best if he spoke it out. Hopefully that would help him come to terms...at least a little... with who he really was. There would be some pretty tough barriers to cross in the life change Applejack knew was coming his way, and he needed to strengthen his resolve if he was going to make it. Applejack prided herself of course on having a knowing about what ponies really wanted. Her honesty went beyond herself at points, making it so that she could see through the facade that many ponies put over their real wants and desires. Valen's was plain to her at this point. As easy to see as a filly up on the stage actually. He wanted to be a filly in his heart. She knew he did and this was part of coming to terms with that. She raised an eyebrow when he spoke of things returning to normal. If there was one thing she didn't want it was for him to back step after coming so far. Some of the baby stuff might have been over the top. Wearing a pair of too tight diapers being at the top of the list. But, she figured it was part of his process. Going a little too far was normal and helped a pony figure out where the perfect happy medium lay. The farm mare glanced at the offered hoof and took in a deep breath. She wasn't the pony to shake on loose terms. She knew she couldn't keep the end of the bargain he was offering. It was for his own good a'course. She wanted to make him happy and feel at ease in this difficult time but she herself knew from experience... fairly recent experience with a certain lovely unicorn... that getting to where you wanted to be often involved going to areas of discomfort and even mistrust in one's self was needed to get to what the heart really wanted. She exhaled the breath and moved up next to Valen, her shoulder bumping his lightly in support. "Well now sugarcube," She nodded towards a couple upturned apple baskets and trotted over. Taking a seat, she offered the other to Valen. "Yah know I'm not one ta jus' shake on a deal until it's been thought all the way through." She eyed him softly. A look of almost motherly concern coming over her features. "Yah know I care about you. Yer part of the family and always will be." She paused, gathering her thoughts. "An' I know ol' Silver Spoon went a bit too far with the recent turn of events," She raised her brows. "I'm sorry 'bout that a'course. I should have been able to see you didn't like being treated like that..." She too let the details fall away. "But, truth is Lilly, I've never seen you more yerself than when yer dressed and behavin' like a filly." She moved to place a hoof on his shoulder. "I'm a mare who's always believed in being the best version of one's self an' when I see you as a filly, well, I think ya know that's the best version o' you." She didn't hitch on any of that. There was nothing to be embarrassed about when it came to living one's best life. This was no time to mince words. "I'll a'course put a word out for ya, keep Silver away from you and calm down the CMC," She chuckled though it didn't help to cut the serious nature of her words. "They can be right precocious though I do believe it's from the goodness of their hearts. Fact o' the matter is, I'll support you in this life change you're going through, I'm yer cousin and I've never been one to let family down." She took a moment to read his expression. Would he admit what he really felt? Would he finally succumb to her sense on the matter? She sure hoped so!
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    Lilly? Oh no. If she was throwing around Valen's stage name all willy nilly like, that could only mean one of three things. One, she was being a bit of a tease and knew why he was here. It wasn't like her to be the joking type over such matters, but it wasn't like she was humourless either. The fact he was hanging his hopes on her sense of humour homing in on a very specific element by coincidence gave him less confidence than he'd normally enjoy. He let out a large sigh. “Well, recently the CMC discovered my work as Gilded, and- well, you know how excited they can get. Then Abby brought up the...” he looked around, leaned in, and whispered, “...bedwetting...and well...as I said, you know how excited they can get,” he said, allowing Applejack's knowledge to auto-complete the scenario. He'd rather not relive the nitty gritty of it, after all. "Silver Spoon used that, took advantage, and- well to make a long story short, and I'm absolutely not lying about this, I'm pretty sure she used magic or a potion or some chemicals to make me say and do some pretty silly things. About being a filly and all that other stuff, all of it. Pretty outrageous," Valen said with a wild blush. It was almost too embarrassing to put into words and he had even skated around the worst of it, if only because even he had his conversational limits. Some of what had happened or was said was hard for him now to come to terms with. He smiled, shaken with confidence as it was. "So after the past few days I think I've recovered enough to take action and hopefully return everything to normal. Put all this salaciousness and malintent to rest and continue on with what I was doing before. I couldn't think of a mare who was better suited or more reliable, so I came to you first. Hopefully I can get you to talk sense into everypony! It has been a rather crazy several days, after all," he said with a shake of the head and a smile. "And in return, I'll try to help out more. Sound like a good deal?" Valen asked, extending a hoof. He knew he didn't have to but the way she called him Lilly told him he'd have to break through some barrier tonight and this may as well be a direct way of confronting it. Hopefully it would work?
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    Rainbow had to wait a few seconds longer than she would normally have to wait, allowing the pregnant pause in her thoughts to grow anxious with wildness and misappropriation of emotions. She went back through the long backlog of events and meetings, words and actions, friendly dates and heart-pounding adventures and tried to mine it all for little nuggets of information that could help her understand what was in front of her. All she could come back to was a feeling of confusion, both at what she was feeling and what Twilight was offering, fitted nicely inside a small but unstable box that she was trying to keep under control. She had to be calm, cool, collected, and just be a nice dinner guest. If Twilight wanted to broach the subject then Rainbow would get into it but she was content just passing the time in a friendly, pleasant manner with a long-time friend. Spike was the one to answer and he seemed nervous. Stammered, out of sorts, the whole nine yards of anxious just like Rainbow was. He did like the blush that kept on from time to time making a home on her cheek- he didn't know or was being a great little helper and wasn't letting on that he knew. Rainbow wasn't going to dissuade him from that. Heck, she wished she didn't know. It would make the dinner far less awkward. “Hey there, Spike. Lookin'....good!” She said with nothing else to really back it up. She shuffled in place a second before Spike regained himself. He invited her in- “Thanks!”- and she followed right by him, allowing him to outpace her as she slowly trotted through the castle. The clip-clop of her hooves echoed stronger than she could have ever imagined it could. After a little bit the noise got to her nerves so she started hovering, thanking herself for the silence, the echoes ending their torment of her. When Rainbow got to the door leading to the kitchen where the noise and sound of a pony came from, she had to stop cold. Then had to stifle a giggle. What the hay had happened in here? The smell of half-finished or over-prepared food was one thing, and the mess was another. The cherry on top, however, was Twilight, the Princess of Friendship and soon to be the ruler of all Equestria, looking like a mess. Not even a Princess could save what was looking like a disaster of a dinner, right? After a brief moment trying to hold back laughter, Rainbow took flight and laughed as she got to her friend's side. “I guess that's one way of preparing dinner. What book did they cover this in? Bahahahahaha!” She guffawed as she looked around, landing and putting her front hooves on a table. “It isn't that bad, honestly. I'm sure I've done worse. Where do you need me to start?"
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    The young dragon was still impressed by Valen's little dance. She knew it wasn't that hard for those who could stand on two legs to break into some moves...But those who were born on four...That took true talent to look good..."I should hook up with one of those dance club things as we dragons are cool and those who know the moves, always rule the school." Back to the tree.... “It was so....”, Smolder paused to think of the right word, “Bizarre this feeling we all shared over the loss.” The dragon planted herself back on the ground, “Some of the other students and I tried to come up with something to memorialize the Tree of Harmony...So those who passed nearby would know something of such great importance, even for such a short time was once there....And we all tried to come up with something..", she frowned, "Being a dragon we go big...we go strong and we try to make things that last forever....I tried with a statue...But considering our art classes recently had us make pipe-cleaner spoon ponies....We had not yet made it to stone carving....So you could see where it went.....And we all put our heads together..." She was pretty sure Gallus' noggin sounded like a coconut. "And we all worked on something and it turned out how you expected....eh...", she shrugged. "But something happened...Something magical, and in a blink of an eye, we had ourselves an 'Treehouse Of Harmony'...I'll have to show you it later.." She really wasn't sure how to answer the next question, but she tried anyways. "Eh..", she shrugged her shoulders. "Guess the tree maybe thought you were special....Wanted to say hello....Heh..", she grinned back at the pony.
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    Hello, dragon. How d'you do?
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    The little Pegasus pony blinked. She was not a vella? No vella? Oh. That was her full name. Like a novella. A short story! She thought that she would know her? Oh-oh! She was probably famous. "My name's Fast Track.", the little colt had a cute little train on his flank. "Parents work at the Canterlot Railway Company....Dad is an train engineer and mom works at the corporate office..Oooh.", he paused to admire an old framed photo. An rather impressive mustachioed unicorn decked out in an old timey train engineer uniform. He stood by an rather beastly looking train. "That's Sir Neighel Gearsely, explorer and train engineer. He built the famous 'Fireball Express' and held the speed record until his daughter, Toot Tooter broke it rather recently." He frowned as the mare mentioned that she wasn't exciting enough to tell a story. "Nonsense..", he shook his head, "Dad said everypony had a least one really interesting story to tell...Maybe it might not be an epic tale with you facing an mighty Cipactli or fleeing an big ol' rock in an ancient Temple of Chicomoztoc...But you probably have something to say...Maybe how you got into whatever you do for a living...Might encourage kids like me to go into that field." The brown coated colt lead the mare into an rather large room. A heavily themed bar sat at the end, and an old brick fireplace kept the room nice and warm on the other side. There were an assortment of ponies, from a few who sat at the bar, to a small group of colts and fillies that mingled near the fireplace. All within distance held glasses that were filled with drinks of all colors..Some had bit of fruit that hung from the sides. Some even bubbled. The colt waved at a small blue Pegasus pony who was in mid-conversation with an older pink stallion. "That's my friend Wind Walker....Her big sister should be around here somewhere...You could probably see an rather old chair near the fireplace..That's where the story-teller sits."
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    "Yes. You can't go very far without the right equipment...oh.", he was rather surprised to see actual, real weapons. These were always completely forbidden in college funded digs. And frowned on even at private jobs. "Thankfully we live in a time where those for the most part are unnecessary." If something really horrible comes up, he could at least bonk 'em on the head with his hilt. The unicorn had magic that could be used to stop an foe, but nothing that could do any permanent damage. Although, if one thought it through enough, even an normally harmless spell could do some damage. A spell-caster's most basic spell, telekinesis could do some major hurting when cast by an creative unicorn. Had he mentioned his little journey on the Polar Star? "That seemed like an lifetime ago..", the stallion sighed, "My colleges, Ember Spark, Cleverboots, Emerath and I discovered a rather impressive tower...And this was before the Crystal Empire had returned mind you...But we found this impressive tower in the middle of the northern mountains.. It was inhabited by a tribe of white griffons....Beautiful creatures....They were standing guard...Waiting for an great kingdom to return...And it did...Eventually.." "When the Crystal Empire returned, we returned to the tower and it appeared to have been deserted...I hope the griffons had left their home to alert the rest of the world of the Kingdom's return...We did find a few other interesting areas to explore later.." The unicorn could not help but smile when dinner was mentioned. He was a sucker for a free meal. "Sounds like a plan..."
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    Applejack's heart soared as Rarity moved closer to her under the blanket. The story the unicorn shared served to put her at ease. She felt the pressure she had put on herself melt away as they reminisced on summers past. AJ was a sucker for tradition and family history and this shared memory was special to her indeed. "Yup! That was the last summer we were anything like fillies!" She thought back on all the good times they had shared when they were younger. At tat time Rarity had been a close friend to Applejack. She hadn't had to feel awkward around her at all. They shared secrets of all sorts, laughed late into the night, cried together when one of them took a tumble and got scraped up. She chuckled. Who was she kidding? It was always AJ that took the tumbles. But Rarity had always been there to help her friend up. "Remember that one summer rodeo?" Applejack smiled at her friend. "When I missed that last barrel by a fraction of a step and took it down. Ended up in a cloud of dust and one skinned up knee." She nodded to her friend. "You'd come to watch that one and I might have been showin' off jus' a tad..." She clucked her tongue. "I shouldn't have tried to show off on that last part of the run. Would have won and impressed you!" She laughed and then blushed again. She sucked in a breath as another round of fireworks scattered overhead and the Wonderbolts finished their performance with a display of lightening and rainbow smoke. "Couldn't ask for finer company than you Rarity." She may not have been able to actually pronounce her true feelings tonight, but Rarity was right. It was fine to just enjoy the show with the best company she could have asked for.
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    Twilight charged into the kitchen, following a trail of ominous black smoke. Once through the doors she groaned and put a hoof to her forehead. "Spiiiiike!" She sighed in frustration. "I know you tried your best but..." She trotted back and forth, using her magic to quickly get stacks of dirty dishes into the sink and clean spilled unknown substances off the counters floor and even the ceiling! She took a breath and tried to relax. "I don't know how you would have gotten carrot puree all the way onto the ceiling!" She glanced up at the vaulted height. It wasn't as high as the ceilings in other rooms of the castle but even the kitchen had style for a princess. Magic glowed an a rag went from the counter to wipe grime from the top of the wall. The Princess glanced around, noticing for the first time that Spike hadn't actually followed her all the way into the kitchen. "Where is he?" She muttered and went to a mixing bowl with a spoon leaning in it. "Looks like I''ll have to finishing this my-" Her words were cut short as she slipped on a puddle of something on the floor and careened into the bowl. She now stood with a bowl of orange substance dripping down from where it had landed smack between her ears! --- KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK Spike had been followingTwilight when the knock at the door diverted his attention. "Twilight!" He watched as the Princess continued on into the kitchen. "But Twilight the door!" The dragon turned and headed towards the main doors. "I guess I'll have to handle whatever official Princess business is at the door!" He puffed himself up and put on a serious face as he prepared the formal greeting. The door opened and Spike intoned the common greeting. "Welcome to the Castle of Friend-" He stammered. "R-Rainbow!" For some reason he'd gotten so caught up in the formality that he'd forgotten about the one dinner guest they were expecting! "Hey Rainbow!" He regained his composure, which was saying more than he could for the rest of the castle and it's occupants. "Come on in!" He allowed the pegasus entrance because what else could he do? "Twiiiilight!" The dragon went running down the hall towards the kitchen. "Rainbow's here!" ---- Twilight looked up, he ears turning towards the outer hallway. Her stomach dropped. "Rainbow's...?" She listened again. "Rainbow's here!" The Princess stood with dinner dripping down her face with no idea what to do!
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    AJ smiled as Valen trotted up, welcoming him to ask anything he wished. It would be nice to take a break from bucking for a while. Sweat beaded on her face and she used a hoof to absently wipe it away. The farm mare raised an eyebrow as her cousin asked if he was interrupting. "Naw, yer not interrupting anything Lily! I was jus' about to take a break anyway," She nodded to the full apple baskets all around. "I reckon another hour or so an' this part of the orchard will be cleared." She continued to listen as Valen questioned her about the Crusaders and Silver Spoon. Stop something before it starts.... hmmmmm, she had a feeling she knew where this was going but she'd let him lead her there. Never helped to jump to conclusions before a pony was ready. She indeed was growing in her ability to advise others. There was a time when AJ would have immediately jumped at the chance to convince the colt that he'd be better off giving over to his true nature. "Well, depends on what yah mean sugar cube." She moved to lean back against the apple tree she had just finished bucking. It was cooler under the shade of the big healthy tree. "I've heard mah share o' things from the Crusaders... 'specially Abby a'course. She's never short on talk," She chuckled. "Anything in specific yah got in mind? I might be able to recall on certain topics." She left it at that. Giving Valen time to lay it all out before her.
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    Valen understood what Smolder was saying, especially when she was referencing the Elements of Harmony. After all, his cousin was the Element of Harmony and his business associate was the Element of Generosity. But it didn't hurt to be made aware that their job titles as heroines of Equestria were being well attributed to the tree. The tree of which he knew comparatively little. He knew of its existence, Applejack had spoken about it plenty. Beyond that? Those he was closest to may have had an interest in the subject but lacked the necessary curiosity and time to investigate it any further. He sometimes wondered just how much more about the world around him he would know if he had sidled up to Princess Twilight more often and allowed himself to soak up the knowledge that dripped off of her. He had also heard about the tree's destruction. Who hadn't? Ever since it had come to the spotlight it had likely become the most famous tree in history. While its destruction had been lost in the cinematic disaster that was Sombra's attack, he had been more cognizant than most of its importance and thus considered it a tragedy. But Smolder's feelings on the subject were as plain on her face as they were confusing to her internally. To lose something close to you, even if it was 'simply' a tree, was never easy. And this was no simple tree. It wasn't just a symbol of harmony, it was a manifestation of the power that harmony wielded. A manifestation that was special and unique and shared with only a few ponies, judging by what it had done in the past. He wanted to offer her some consolation but his mind was a raceway and the thoughts he had obeyed no law but ceaseless concern over the immediacy. So he had been tricked or cajoled by the tree, or the spirit of it, and not the tree but the treehouse? What was it even trying to get across? He had to add in the fact that as he had danced at Smolder's request, his clothes had changed. Was this still part of whatever odd situation the tree f harmony had thought up? If so it was equally lifelike and uncomfortable. But judging by the crowd, it was unlikely. Looking at her and then them, he did the showpony thing properly by giving a small bow- a curtsy, to keep up with the outfit- and shuffling off stage right, behind some bookshelves. “Maybe I would, though it isn't as if I've ever applied myself to it. Just a few shows...” he sighed, rubbing his neck in worry. He said with a laugh, looking around as they walked. At least the outfit was very comfortable- almost as if custom designed. He looked at Smolder quizzically. “I'm sorry you lost the Tree of Harmony like that. I can't pretend to know what that feels like, but I know what hurt feels like. I can't provide more than a friendly ear, but you seem very strong in heart and health. As for the tree testing me...I'm not sure why it would feel the need to test me, of all ponies. And with you watching me, giving me a tour, being my guide and all. You'd think it'd let you do your job before siccing itself on me.”
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    Silverbolt gave a grin as he saw a familiar face come over the hill. He gave a wave as Pocket called out to him and quickly rose from his seated position. He trotted over and set the package down before Pocket. "I made it, Mister Change. I did have to stop and get some supplies for the journey ahead. Didn't have a chance to change out of my uniform.", he replied with a sheepish grin and rubbed his forehead. He fluttered his wings as he began to open the package for Pocket Change. Inside the package there was a set of durable, portable camping equipment. There was also a small sword and dagger. You never knew when you'd need to defend yourself. He had been taking a few classes on the side in various regions he had layovers in so he had some confidence in his abilities. He shed his courier uniform and packed up the gear into the saddlebags he had brought. He tossed on the traveling gear that had been in the package, pulling the goggles over his eyes and gave another small grin. "I got what we needed to get started but we may need to resupply along the way. Now you had mentioned that you had heard of something lost out in the snows of The Crystal Empire?", he added with a brightness in his brown eyes. He personally had not been out that way in a long time, if at all. The wings of the air courier service seldom went much farther than the Crystal Spire. If there was something out there for them to find, it'd be a grand discovery indeed! The very thought of it excited him. Regardless of dangers, at the very least it would keep him free from boredom. There was a small bit of anxiety and trepidation regarding the whole thing as if he were to be injured, it'd be much worse or dangerous than that rogue cloud in the Everfree Forest. "Care for some dinner? I'm supposed to pay Sunrise Wisp a visit.", he said with an offered hoof of invitation.
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    If it weren't for his stockier frame, blue eyes, lack of freckles, and his 7 extra years; Boulder Dash could be mistaken for Big Macintosh due to the shade of bright red that creeped into his face as he saw Rarity dressed in her silk gown and her beautified face. His mouth fell open in stupor as Rarity appeared as a Goddess of Beauty to him, she was a natural beauty to be sure, but now the unicorn standing before him was almost divine in her appearance. "Ah bah ah bah bah bah" he stammered and blurted out nonsense noises as he felt her hug him. When she let him go to retrieve her saddle bag he finally was able to get more then two syllables out of his mouth as he looked at her, forced his blush down and said, "Beautiful!" Clearing his throat and focusing he extended his hoof and offered Rarity the white rose Corset and said, "You look very beautiful dis evening Rarity Ma'am. I got dis fer ya and hope you will enjoy yer self dis evening" he said in his pronounced country drawl. Taking a deep breath and offering his hoof he bowed to Rarity almost like a Prince and said, "May I have the honor Ma'am?"
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    "A baff?", the dragon groaned, "But I already had my month's baff!" Thankfully the foul-smelling threesome found an taxi driver that was able to handle their unique fragrance for the duration of the trip back to the Canterlot Hotel. Thrilly made sure to give the fella a good tip. Those who got a little too close to their group were able to faint away onto hotel supplied couches. One rather fancy looking stallion managed to let out an "Quelle est cette odeur!" before fleeing the scene. "Good gravy.", the cat grumbled, "I think the taxi dropped us off at the wrong hotel. Maybe this is the famous 'Home For The Critically Over-Acting Creatures Of Equestria?'. We don't smell that bad." She gave herself a quick sniff before her face turned a dark green hue. "Or maybe not." A quick elevator ride later, the three found themselves in Thrilly's oversized room. As if someone told the staff about their condition, there were more than a few full-sized bottles of shampoos and soaps waiting for them. The little dragon held up a bottle of 'Juan'Somes Baby Dragon 'No Tears' Baby Shampoo For Babies' brand shampoo. "Wagh!", she growled at the bottle. Even the shampoos were insulting her now! A moment later, the sauna-tub was full of hot, soapy water...The dragon tossed off her cloak and was the first to hop in. "Wow. It's no lava bath, but it actually feels good.", for the first time, she sounded only slightly grumpy. Thrilly joined her. "Come on Daze....Just make sure to take off all your bandages...Along with cleaning, this bubble soap uses special Unyasi salves to both heal and rejuvenate." she purred as the healing waters worked their magic.
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    For what had felt like an eternity, the young dragon had searched the school from top to bottom the moment her 'guest' had simply vanished from where he had stood. She originally had assumed it had something to do with the sprit of the 'Tree Of Harmony', but things were a little different than before. Could it simply snatch a creature anywhere now? Before, she had to venture down below. There ways always a chance that he being a pony, that his magic had teleported him away. She had seen both Headmare Twilight and the school guidance counselor, Starlight Glimmer teleport before, along with a few others. But that particular magic made a sound. Valen simply vanished. Also he was an earth pony. Not an unicorn. Duh. Smolder had searched all the classrooms, the offices, the bathrooms, and any other room she had access to. She had even considered checking out her new tree-house, but there was no way he could have gotten that far. Thankfully, he simply shuffled into existence. And was also dressed as a ballet dancer. “Erm.”, for once, the dragon was speechless. There was a good deal of history to speak of. And she had forgotten some of it.....Normally when the others of her happy little gang were there, they could fill in the bits she had forgotten about. "Well you see.", she shook her brain about until what she considered useful information fell out. "There were these magic seeds planted...That become a magic tree.....Which created the 'Elements Of Harmony'....These are magical doodads that our Headmare...And Princess..." there were probably a few jobs she missed. "And her friends usually yank out when they face really big evil creatures...But when they're not using them, they had stored them in the tree...The tree also had a spirit which could speak to us and appear in the form of someone we trust, like...", She was really starting to ramble. She almost wished her brother was here to give her a good smacking. Shut up yah nerd! "The spirit did....a test thing..which we did.....all depended on what issues we were having at the time..", she sighed, "But that King Sombra guy kind of killed the tree.." It was an odd feeling. When the tree was blasted into smithereens, it had almost felt like they had lost a real person...Which maybe the spirit was...This was a feeling rather alien to the young dragon as her kind tend to live very long lives and death was uncommon. "But the spirit lived on....And turned into a tree house..." That sounded really weird when spoken out-loud. "I guess the spirit wanted to test you.....And that costume." Considering she had to take off the dress she was given as part of the test. It was somehow created.. Was it magic? Thankfully, later on, the dragon had snuck back down into the tunnels and snatched the dress back up. It was rather gaudy looking, but it felt really good to wear. She really just needed to sit down, which she did, on the floor. There she watched the little unicorn as she danced up a storm. Wow. He was really good! And to make things a bit more interesting, his clothing transformed into something a bit more feminine. Could her dress do the same? She would have to check this out later on. "Wow.", the dragon got up. "That was pretty impressive...." she wasn't an expert of cutie marks, but wouldn't something as impressive as that earn him a mark? This she could not see as his tutu was covering this all up. This was turning into a really weird day. Like seriously. Besides her patented 'victory air dance', she was not an expert on dance. She knew more about certain clothing use for dance than the actual activity itself. A few others had noticed the young pony and had stopped to watch. There was an janitor who Smolder was pretty sure was named 'Scruffy' along with a few other students who had snuck into the library. They all stomped their hooves for the stallion before shuffling away. "I'm pretty sure there's a few dance clubs at the school. But I bet you're probably dance circles around those guys.."
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    For a show about cute & colorful little animals, they always seem to be the cutest when they're MAD. And also Rose was in this as well.
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    It was really funny. Maud and Trixie in particular were great. I loved Smolder's 'not at flirting' with Gallus little tiff, and the facial expressions were fantastic. Silverstream is best Fluttershy.
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    Rainbow knew what Twilight was gonna ask even before the brainy Alicorn muttered the words, and she still didn't know what to say at first. The first microsecond, at least. No matter what she was a good friend and wasn't gonna leave Twi hanging, especially since she lacked any good reasoning behind some discomfort at the feelings bubbling up between them. Which, yeah, was likely a very good reason to say no to any host of things but not something she felt comfortable allowing to dictate how and what she did. That microsecond passed and Rainbow smiled a nervous smile, looking around and rubbing her neck as she tried to hide the massive gulp she took before replying. “Tonight? Dinner? Ha, yeah. I'm down. Dinner. Tonight at the castle. It's a...dinner,” she said, catching herself before being entirely too honest about what Twilight was asking for. She moved a hoof through her mane and looked away. “I guess I'll have to get ready. You too, by the way. I know you might feel a little beat right now but once all that adrenaline is gone...well, yeah. Don't plan on doing much when you're so beaten up and tired after such hard work, Sparkle,” Rainbow Dash offered with an impish laugh as she hovered back into the sky, and started to fly away. “See ya tonight!” ----------------------------- Rainbow had done very little at first other than fill her wash basin with cold water and dunk her head in it over and over again, in a vain and futile effort to shock herself into coming to terms with whatever was happening. Was she really doing this? Was Twilight really thinking what she was thinking? Rainbow wouldn't have imagined in a thousand years that Twilight Sparkle, well-known egghead, nervous wreck, Princess and Savior of Equestria, would have such feelings for Rainbow. And for her part, Rainbow wasn't sure how to describe the feelings she was having. Pride? Excitement? Nervousness? Fear? Attraction, perhaps? She'd never really given herself the time or place to process something like it. Still, she had a dinner to prepare for. After dunking her head in the wash basin she decided to take a bath and wash up well. She didn't have any special soaps or scents or anything of the kind to offer and she didn't even know if it would be appropriate to do so. She cleaned up well though and made sure the weather would remain clear- yep, nothing to cause an emergency for Twilight to deal with- and then waited. She was a fast mare by trade and type and it didn't take her very long to be ready. So she just sat there and waited, and thought, and worried, and fretted, and concerned herself with the unresolved emotions inside and the stark fact before her. After what felt like forever but was honestly not nearly long enough for her to think through it all, it was time. Time for her to go. She took a big breath and put on a normal face, a brave one in this instance, and shot out of her house with a rainbow streak. She zoomed across the skies of Ponyville in a crack of speed and energy, pushing herself to maintain everything that made Rainbow, Rainbow. It took almost no time at all for her to come upon the castle as she slowed her speed and came to a trotting finish at the front door, momentum carrying her one-two-three knock on the giant castle door. Alone for a moment once more she took another deep breath and prepared for a dinner that would prove in any case illuminating and, she hoped, not as awkward as she was fearing.
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    Applejack wore the look of a flustered and confused mare poorly. Her features, often riven with confidence and dripping with certainty, lost themselves in an August sea of concern written deeply and boldly in her. It was highly concerning to see her friend in such straits, but Rarity knew better than most the value of Applejack's stubborn qualities and knew that if the mare wasn't going to talk about it, it was best not to push the issue. In time she would open up about whatever was ailing her and Rarity would be ready to help one of her oldest and dearest friends. Of course, that didn't stop her mind from running rings around it in an effort to decipher what the awful little problem was that was sinking her friend's confidence so. The fireworks provided a wondrous spectacle. Rarity had seen more than a few such spectacles recently so she wasn't enamoured with it as much as her loudly exclaiming friend. The show was well-made and had such great patterns to it. Many thought she enjoyed such things less than others but she'd put forward the belief that she had a deeper appreciation for the artistry of it all. Big set piece projector show? Had to have a fabulous set design, or exquisite effects and costumes. In the arcs and explosions of light and sound in the sky she saw the same heart of artistry as she wove in fabric. She always believed that when you looked deep in others you would find a deeper appreciation and respect, and often times, many similarities that would be cross at first. It gave her time to ponder what was wrong with her friend. Was she in trouble? Applejack was a very stubborn mare and would be reticent to seek aid, which could explain why she was having problems discussing it. But she had overcome some of the greatest issues she had regarding her willingness to seek help- Applejack had grown in that realm of mental engagement. Reticent or no, she had come to her friends for help before and would again. Why only Rarity? Why had her demeanour changed so radically? Rarity prided herself on knowing just what her friends needed and delivering it to them just when they needed it, but she was at a loss. Another chill in the air. She scooted closer to her warm friend, not heeding the boundaries of personal space as she allowed herself the enjoyment of the night. “I'm enjoying the show as well. Zamponelly is putting it on this year. They always do such good shows- remember the Summer Sun Celebration the year before Twilight came to town? That was them as well,” she said before a large, unladylike laugh erupted from her, “oh, when Miss Hooves managed to drag that chain of fireworks near the Town Hall minutes before the show, I thought Amethyst was going to keel over from panic!” Rarity said as she turned to Applejack. “It certainly has been such a long time, hasn't it? Why, I feel now as if I were barely a mare all those years ago! It does seem like time flies when you're enjoying it with such fine company.”
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    One of the funnier episodes...It was nice to see Maud without Pinkie for a change. And Cockatrices were one of the nastier creatures that have popped up in FIM. Nice to see them again....And now Silverstream has a really powerful pet at her side. And I just love the expressions in this episode...
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    I really loved this episode. There were so many good parts about it. I was actually surprised by this episode, because I misinterpreted the synopsis as the complete opposite, not sure how. Who would have guessed that SilverStream would be the first to tame a cockatrice. Gee, Trixie really grows on you more over time. Even though I never hated mudbriar in the first place, It's like I'm unhating him somehow. He's getting more character. And he's not even supposed to be a focus. And we got to see Maud's totally not mineral-philia.
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    Valen was just getting comfortable with the Danseur's outfit when the unusual nature of the evening propagated itself. Everything that wasn't attached to him seemed to vanish in a void, and he was made keenly aware once more that everything was unusual and that everything he was experiencing was the product of something other than a Nightmare Night charade. His memory came flooding back as a preening, glittery version of Rarity. The implication in that sentence that she wasn't normally glittery and preening was incorrect, but there was a certain ghostliness, a wispiness, behind a veneer of solidity that he struggled to make heads or tails of it. She almost looked crystal, though her words lacked the clarity such a composition would normally give them. He opened his mouth to launch a vain protest of this absurdity, stricken with fear and confusion, in equal parts pleading with the facade to tell him what he thought he needed to hear if he looked inward, when it all vanished. As quickly as he had left the world of the normal and entered into the strange, so was he ejected from one to the other again. He awoke, came to, or otherwise regained himself under a pile of books in what he assumed was the library, not far from where he had lost himself to the visions that had been given to him. He could hear Smolder as he became aware in greater detail of the world around him. He could only hope it had all been the result of a concussion. "...What was that all about? Was that- part of the tour? Are you okay? That light...is this common here?" He asked with a half-laugh, not wanting to be part of the school's semi-official bodily injury club if such a thing happened to exist. Such a snide thought vanished as he realized his meeting with...whatever that Rarity was may not have been a restricted experience. Judging by what Smolder was saying, there was something more going on. Finding that telling the truth generally was a superior option when confronted with things you barely understood, he sighed. "I...yes, I did see a sparkly version of somepony I know. It was very strange. There was a flash and then I was next to a statue. It felt...I felt alone, and then I heard a name that scared me. Well, turned out to be a mistake. It felt like I was someplace else, with Miss Rarity and Cousin Applejack, on Nightmare Night. Miss Rarity was concerned I wasn't in a costume, so we went back to her shop. I had just gotten into a costume when...wait, what am I wearing?" He finally asked, catching what Smolder was saying. Okay, that was weird. “This is the costume I put on in that dream...vision. I'm not sure why...” he trailed off while the overly inquisitive, not to mention more aggressively wordy, Smolder asked to see his moves. He stepped back. “Well...I'll try. I know a little,” he said with a nervous laugh as he began to dance. He would start in adagio but as he felt more comfortable he started to take more allegro movements. He lost himself in at some point, focusing on the dances he had consumed earlier in his youth. He was capably lithe of performing both the role of danseur and ballerina, but also wanted to impress Smolder. In a short time he started to undertake the role of the ballerina since, from the shows he saw, she had the more impressive set dances. En pointe and finishing a pirouette in the arabesque position, Valen smiled and turned to Smolder. “Enjoy?” He asked before a realization hit him. As he had danced, he had gotten lost in it. And more importantly, he realized now, it hadn't been just because he had been enjoying it. His clothes had been transformed. Replacing the danseur's outfit was now a yellow ballerina outfit complete with a dancer's tutu, one form fitted to him. It was in the modern style, all the better to better show off the interesting lines and positions in the choreography, as well as Valen's physique.
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    Explorers Society.... Grey has heard quite a few things about this little, peculiar place from a couple of ponies and was planning to give it a visit for some time now. After all an adventurers pub is defenietly something that was right up this trvelers alley, so passing on such an oportunity would just be so unlike him. Plus, who doesn't like a good drink while sharing a story? With a gentle push, Grey opened the doors to the pub and made his way through the doorway. Some clinging could be heard with every step he took as the clips of his old, weary saddlebags tapped against each other. While this stallion didn't look too shoddy, his dark grey mane was still a mess and a his coat defenietly has seen better days then... well, now. Stallions green eyes quickly moved around the tavern, taking in its surroudnings. The pictures on the walls seemed to catch his interest for a good couple of seconds as he slowly made his ways through the interior of the pub. It was quite suprising how empty this place was... Grey expected a bit more ponies in a place like this, but he couldn't say he didn't mind the lesser crowd. Grey sent a polite nod towards those who were in the pub and slowly but surely made his way towards the bar, hoping to get himself something to drink. Once there, Grey's horn lit up and his saddlebags slowly onto the floor with a rather loud thud. "I'll have a glass of water, please." He asked as soon as he had a chance and place a couple of bits on the counter, throwing the bartender a slight smile. He hoped to start this visit slower with his drinks. After all, he didn't come here to get wasted, but to maybe have a chat with someone, share some stories and well... spend some quality time in here.
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