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    Love this image:
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    I only just noticed the Rank-up! Yay! I am now Crazy Oatmeal! I love it. Coupled with a quote by best pony, and you can't get any better. Thank you, powers that be, for the rank promotion. I love it.
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    Guess whose back. Back again. Jessie's back. Tell a friend.
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    Calling anybody who plays Tails of Equestria: I has written an unofficial Bestiary supplement!
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    Unfortunately, it seems, I have to bid this site adieu. Due to factors outside the digital world, I will no longer have time or energy to spend on this website. It is with a heavy heart that I must bid thee all farewell. I know it hasn't been long, and only a select few have even seen me around, but still. I unfortunately must go. Perhaps we'll see each other again in another life. all right, I'll cut the drama. anywho. bye.
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    Iron Pony 2019 is live! Three weeks of fun and competition await, with three events for your characters to participate in per week! http://www.canterlot.com/forum/464-iron-pony-2019/
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    Iron Pony 2019 begins in a week!
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    To whom it may concern, I'll try and get some posts out tomorrow.
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    O and O post coming either tonight or tomorrow afternoon.
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    I just watched the last episode for the first time. So perfect, so many tears from me. Such a sweet end to an era
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    Looks like they'll be doing a season '10' via the comics.
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    Quote time! "You know it's cold outside when you go outside and it's cold." - Someone wiser than I'll ever be
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    (TLDR; I'm back) A strange sound emanates from the air. It fills all the empty spaces with its quiet yet piercing tenacity. The sound grows louder, to the volume of a dull whisper. It begins to take form. The sound. It's.... It's.... a voice? "Hello?" the voice calls, getting ever so slightly louder with every second until it finally reaches normal speaking volume. "Hello? Anyone there?" Now sounding like a normal voice, it continues. "Hey! Wait! I think I see... hang on let me try..." the voice trails off. Then, with a great flash, the room begins to shake slightly. Wind picks up from nowhere, blowing toward one spot in the room. Into this spot begins to fade a figure. The wind picks up great ferocity seeming to pull in energy to the figure, willing it into existence. The figure raises up in the growing light until the light is too much to look at. Then, as suddenly as it had begun, it all stops. Upon looking back to the figure, you see KaityKat! She's returned! "Hey guys." she says nonchalantly "I have materialized from the ether." ---------------------------------------------------------- Yup. I'm back. I decided it was time to come back. I missed rp too much. I can't stay away. it's like an addiction. lol Also, for anyone interested who didn't already know, I have a vector art request thread. Check it out if you want to have me do a mediocre vector image of your OC.
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    Sorry for slight delays in my posting! I'll have my group threads done by Sunday
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    I'm becoming tempted to create another guard pony
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    What you will find at the End of the Rainbow:
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    Thank you for participating in this year's Iron Pony event! You gave it your all and had a lot of fun, which is the real point of it all anyway. It was an honor judging it. I can't wait to see what comes next!
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    The Iron Pony 2019 starts June 28th! Get ready to claim the crown in a number of fun events!
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    Back. On my ipad for now, using an itty bitty bluetooth keyboard...but soon...SOON I shall have my glorious new $1400 laptop and then I shall use and abuse the internet SO HARD. But I can totally start RPing now. ipad Pro does the trick with the keyboard for tippa typing! Hit me up if you want to plot some plots or think some thoughts together!
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    Cute Rarity Short:
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    Sorry for my dip in activity all, I caught a cold this week and have been fighting it >_<
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    Hm maybe I should try rping again
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    And so we've reached the end of our story, or perhaps, maybe we've just reached the end of this chapter? Who knows where we'll go from here
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    Don't be sad it's over. Be happy it happened.......
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    The ride never ends!
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    So close to my birthday and I still have no idea what to actually do for it...
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    Crazy to see how much of the old gang is still around.
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    Oh FiM, I am not ready..... I am so...not.......ready.....
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    Thinking about learning how to draw and write fancier. I have been wanting my OC Dream Wanderer to keep a journal, and i thought it might be a neat idea for "him' or me in this case to sketch out the interesting things and ponies he sees along the way. Only i have a long way to go from " mediocre art" and chicken scratch of writing Maybe that will just be his style lol
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    Time to get revved up for the last week of Iron Pony! *flexes arms*
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    New song in my channel!
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    <Cracks neck> Alright, back in business.
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    Dear Princess Celestia, Today, I learned that pencils never were made with lead, at least in the human world. They called the graphite lead because chemistry was a fairly new science back then, and it was thought graphite was a form of lead. Well, to be fair, the paint on the wood around the core did contain lead, but the actual "lead" has always been graphite.
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    posting ponies monday. sweepy now.
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    No! Nonononono! Season 9 will be the last one!!!!!!! Now I'm sad. 😢😭😭😭😭😭😢🤧😥
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    Sorry for my posting delay to those I'm in threads with... I'm making a come back now!
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    Happy Christmas eve and have a Merry Christmas everyone! I'm never to old to be excited about tomorrow
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    New gaming rig: built and got, ahh yis
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    Oh Stan......I am going to miss your "Excelsior!".
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    Nightmare Night 2018 is Live! http://www.canterlot.com/forum/463-nightmare-night-2018/
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