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    From the album: The Custodians stuff

    Same pic as earlier. Just added a little background and a shadow. Antlers were redone into a more carribou style.
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    From the album: The Custodians stuff

    A little something i did up as fast as i could. Still took me two hours though @.@ (Really need to improve that).
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    Hi, welcome to Canterlot. Apple Boom, huh?
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    From the album: The Custodians stuff

    An OC i have elsewhere (May eventually bring her here) and my first drawing ive ever done really. Shes quite the brat XD
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    They have an IP boards app, but it's a joke. Really, it's a horrible waste of 2 bucks.
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    Yes! Another episode! :3 I love hearing all of this news and such! Luna, as always, is amazing. The New Lunar Republic for the win! Tis a shame no one sees how elegant and beautiful the moon is. Looking at the sun just blinds people! >:U XD The most powerful in Equestria is none other than TOM! No pony else. Nope. None. Never.
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    Jack Sparrow is cool, and all... But compare to pirates ninjas are better.
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    I post this for three reasons: Its Applejack and that alone is enough for me. I am curious about the story behind this picture; why is she so sad looking! D: *Hugs for AJ* The brush! We seen Trixie brush her mane with a normal looking brush because she can just use magic, but what about pegasai and earth ponies? This brush, based on a real horse brush now answers that question!
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    Or she somehow knows how to manipulate the substanse her house is made out of
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    Glad to see another episode. Maybe not quite as exciting as the last couple were with Noctriix joining the podcast team and getting interviewed before that, but you guys were still quite fun to listen to. Nemmy's shoutout at the end was especially nice; this really is a great community and I'm certainly very happy to be a part of it myself. Also Celestia Empire all the way. She is best princess. As for most powerful in Equestria, it's Rarity of course. Anypony who says otherwise is just kidding themselves.
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    Oh, oh, oh, forgot about my all time favourite comic. Huge image warning.
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    I see... The fact that you are trying to change already makes me plenty happy enough. I think I can safely say that whatever spider you saw wasn't dangerous to the kitten in any way, but it probably is true that you squishing it is a better fate then the kitten catching glimpse of it trying to play with it by bating at it till it dies. I have 3 cats, I know how it goes down. You could of tried taking the spider away from the kitten, but I don't expect you to be that comfortable with them yet. Regardless, congratulations TortoiseShell.
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    Btw guys, that Crackle Spinoff that the Hub decided to produce was gutsy, wasnt it?
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    That was the only thing I didn't like; Derpy should never have been connected with the death of AJ's parents. Now, this will cast a dark shadow on all the innocent accidents caused by Derpy throughout the entire series. How can I look foward to seeing her cameos now when I know her actions can result in somepony's death?
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    tales u are epic luna
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    I've just got toooooo many. So I'll start with this one.
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    No no no, you all have it wrong. It's not about Luna, or Celestia. It's about Cadence.
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    I liked that. It's an interesting premise on magic in general, not just for the Ponyverse. I may borrow some of that reasoning for gaming!
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    I've had so much fun on this game. Lets hear it for the Tokyo Megaplex. I played Kaori. Also, it introduced me to RUN DMC.
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