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    Hey everypony! Letting you all know that I am getting ponies drawn and coloured, but I am out of town working a convention, so I won't be able to scan any of them to upload until Monday. Sorry about any inconveniences this may cause. I'll try to get everything up as quickly as possible.
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    Alright, Sir Miss wait there's no gender marked on the profile oh gaaaahhhh anways more importantly than this obnoxiously long striked out line Ping's in game!!!
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    Flashbomb heard the teacher call for his help, He took the pearl and carried it on his back. He took it to his backpack that he had brought along. He stuffed it away and trotted back to Licorice and Blizzy. [colour=#0000FF]"Happy to help." [/colour]He said with a enthusiastic look. He went to grab a streacher from the bus. Petals got one out and handed it to him. They both went down the beach and set it next to Blizzy. They picked her up carefully and placed her on the streacher. Miss Licorice led them down the road a couple of blocks to the roadside clinic. They entered and Licorice explained everything. The doctor led Flash, Blizzy and petals to the medical ward. They set Blizzy down on a medical bed, Flashbomb was out of breath from the long walk. He doctor being a unicorn Examined blizzy real quick. "Hmm seems like a simple break. Not a problem." He cast a dark green arura on Blizzy's broken leg. When he finnished he sighed. " I cast a mending spell on it so it is back together but your bone has to harden on its own. You wil need a cast." He floated the materials over and Wrapped the leg in a cast. "There you go young one." He said with a smile. "Just keep the weight off of it and you will be fine. it will heal in a day or two." He chuckled and trotted away. Flashbomb sat in a waiting chair nearby while Licorice and Petals cleared everything up. (so sorry i controlled so much, I just wanted the trip to be quick. So sorry!)
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    Two photos from the St Pats gig I was at in Glasgow. Not the best and my mohawk died but still. Expect more next week when I have my kilt and such!
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