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    Alright... Time to get off of my lazy abdomen and do another spotlight. And seeing as how I've been neglecting me thread, I think I'll treat you all by doing a double whammy special. First up, the Death's Head Hawkmoth, because Elderflower asked so nicely for something fluttery. There are three species of Death’s Head Hawkmoth, or DHH as I will abbreviate it, but the most well known of them is Acherontia atropos. Two of the species can be found in various regions of the far east while the better studied one can be found in Africa and parts of Europe. It’s a rather big moth with a wing span of 3 to 5 inches. In case you haven’t caught on, the DHH get’s it’s name from a pattern that more often then not, resembles a human skull. And with such an eerie birth mark, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that the DHH has a significant amount of superstitions tied under it’s belt such as bad luck to the house it flies in. There’s also one more thing that may contribute to it’s ill reputation… Yeah, it squeaks. But to someone who is less educated and more superstitious, it may come off as more of a shriek. It does this as a response to being irritated or disturbed. It’s rather rare when an insect such as moths or butterflies produce sound, but the world of arthropods is nothing short of spectacular. But despite all this and being a possible minor agriculture pest, the DHH is harmless. One more thing I’d like to touch before moving on is the DHH’s diet. Most insects in the order of Lepidoptera are content with dining on the nectar of flowers. The DHH on the other hand, has more of a sweet tooth. Believe it or not, they make a habit of raiding honey bee hives for honey. Surely this is madness, right? How can something as frail as a moth infiltrate and steal from a heavily guarded fortress housing an army thousands strong? There are actually a number of things that allow the DHH to make such a venture and live to tell the tale. Firstly, the DHH’s body is thick and covered in a dense pile of short scales that protect against the stinging attacks of the workers. In addition to that, the DHH itself has been recorded to have some sort of resistance to honey bee venom. The DHH also imitates the scent of bees, making it even more elusive once in. It’s also speculated that the moth’s squeaking can double as mediocre form of mimicking the piping sound of the queen, which is a signal to freeze when heard by the workers. Next, I’d like to introduce you all to an insect that I myself see regularly during the warmer seasons here in Iowa. The Froghopper. Froghoppers can are tiny insects found worldwide that are usually a little less then 1.5 centimeters long. The Froghopper’s first noteworthy trait is it’s jumping prowess. They like to jump from plant to plant and in doing so, can reach a height of up to 70 cm vertically. Relative to body weight, this surpasses the jumping capacity of the flee. The more interesting thing about Froghoppers, I believe though are the habits of their nymph stage, which are affectionately referred to as Spittlebugs. Bugmaster, that’s not a bug. That’s a pile of, what is that? Bubblebath? Let me move that out of the way for you. The spittle bug has a very unique method of housing. First it will pierce the stem of a plant in order to suck at the sap. It then regurgitates it through the anus as the frothy substance you see in the pictures above. It then lives the rest of it’s days inside this bubbly pile known as cuckoo spit, frog spit or snake spit. Why would anything want to live in a pile of spit? Quiet a few reasons actually. Firstly the froth hides the spittlebug from view of potential predators. The froth itself has bitter taste, further deterring hungry mouths. The spit also does a good job of regulating temperature keeping it’s from getting to cold or too hot. Lastly, the spit den provides much needed moisture. Without it, the young Froghopper would quickly dry up and perish.
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    Hi White Cloud. Bellosh will be reviewing your app, but as Fluttershy's roleplayer I need to point something out. In the rules for the World of Equestria RP, it states that your original character can have no relationships of any kind with the cast characters. I'm going to have to ask for you to remove all references in the application about your character's relationship with Fluttershy, if you want to keep this application for the World of Equestria RP.
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    From the album: All OC requests

    OC request. I think hes a funky cross between a unicorn, a zebra and rainbow. He was fun to draw. ^^

    © Art belongs to me, OC is not mine

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    [colour=#ED458B]"Huh! Isn't that something?" [/colour]Pinkie said as she glowered over Dashie's new outfit. [colour=#ED458B]"Once I tried to make my own outfit using sack of sugar, glitter, and a case of super glue! I glued myself to the floor and spent the night there...then the Cakes found me, and had to pry me off the floor with a huge bread paddle!" [/colour]Awkward pause. [colour=#ED458B]"Oooh, even her mane is all done up pretty! Sparkly~!" [/colour] Pinkie's attention shifted back to baking the cake, of course! She noticed Carrot holding the bag of coffee, which she had nearly flattened everypony in the room to get. [colour=#ED458B]"Hey, you! Awkward stallion! Help me get this huge bag of flour into the cake mixer too! We have birthday cake to make, and it won't bake itself, unless it's in the oven or it has a brain!" [/colour]Pinkie sat back on her haunches, her mind slowly catching up to her speech. [colour=#ED458B]"...Teeheehee! Wouldn't be funny to have a thinking cake? What would a cake think?" [/colour]Pinkie lowered her voice to do a "cake" impression. [colour=#ED458B]"Hi, I'm cake and I'm chocolate fudge cream inside! I want to frost myself and roll in sprinkles! Teeheehee!" [/colour]The pink mare rolled around the floor in laughter, clearly amused with herself. [colour=#ED458B]"Wahahah! No really, put the flour in the mixer, pal! This will be the best java-chip buzz birthday cake EVER!"[/colour]
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    (Oh no! Sorry guys, the yesterday was very busy and i could be able to reply but i started to read a new book and it's so interesting and awsome. It's called On the Shadows Path from Bant Weeks. I wanted to reply but then it was to late and the teacher closed the computer room so I needed to wait till today 3 pm. Sorry... Btw, my prof picture is one my newest OC called Orange Beat. I'm still working on a background story, but i want her to be a character in one of my stories in the future. I'm glad you like it Stormy! ) After she knocked on the door, Flashbomb was the one who opened it for her, than he went back to his back and continued reading his book. He saw Knight who didn't look well and Violet can't imagine what could happened so fast that changed his mood. She was ready to adress him when she heared Puzzle. "I'm Violet. You know, I was the one who sat next to Shade on the bus."-she said and smiled at him. She didn't know when will be the roomchecks till she saw Petals to enter the colts cabin. Violet tried sneak out out without beeing seen and it seemed she was able because Petals didn't even look at her. "Why just now?"-she said in herself as she headed back to her cabin. She hoped Miss Licorice isn't there yet so she will have some time to do her bed. Well she was wrong. Miss Licorice was already there and she was ready to start the check, also she stood in the door so Violet couldn't get in without draw her attention. "I'm so sorry Miss Licorice! I'm late but...but I didn't know when will be the room checks."-she said while she could see the others inside. Every filly was there except her.
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    (Since gear's not posting I assume we both ended up in our respective cabins.) Pocket turned in her bed as she heard what the other fillies were talking about. She rolled her eyes and got up. After all the teacher had done her checks and now would be a great time to escape. She threw her bag on and looked around the room. The front doors, now that she thought about it, may cause too much noise. The next best thing was the window. She opened it up and looked tried to push out the screen but it was no good. She went through her bags and found a large pair of scissors. She opened them up and cut the screen open. With the window open Pocket could escape but she waited a bit for the teacher to go back to her cabin.
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    Bomb flipped the lights on. The sudden turn blinded Knight for a few moment. He wiped tears forming from his eyes from the sudden burst of light, and ignored Bomb's impatience. He slowly opened his eyes to look at his flank. After his vision cleared up, he saw the most amazing sight ever. [colour=#b22222]"OHDEARCELESTIAIGOTMYCUTIEMARK!!!" [/colour]He yelled all in nearly a second. On his flank, were two swords crossed in an X shape, one wooden and the other metal. [colour=#b22222]"IT'S SO AWESOME!!!" [/colour]Knight no longer cared about having nearly died. After all, he got his cutie mark! He also didn't get it, but still found it so awesome!
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    wow... WOW .... WOOOW That was an experience, one minute he had hooves round his neck and the next the hooves were still there! It's just Slick also happened to have Shades lips to his... Sweet Celestia! As Shade retreated into her cabin Slick found himself just standing there, wide eyed and dropped jaw in the early night, nothing moving about him except for when the wind picked up a bit. It had been at least a minute or two before he could bring himself to move again, and that was only because the teacher was about to make her way into the fillies cabin and wanted to know what the hay was going on, at least that's what her expression told her. "[colour=#006400]I... I got my first kiss miss!![/colour]" He managed to squeak out, he head to tell somepony and half the guys wouldn't care... He gave the teacher a wide grin, who was still just standing there, probably waiting for him to get his hide into the cabin, so Slick made his way inside, a certain spring in his step. There were a few ponies standing around, something to do with some escape plan but Slick had his escape window and didn't really need a plan. So Slick lay back... waaay back, you could do that when you lay on the bed sideways, let all your hooves dangle off the edge with your head, much funner than normal sleep. He just lay there a small while, slapping his own face... it hurt... so this was all real... funny that. But now time to wait for the teacher so he can see his beloved again... felt like a year....
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