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    Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Chiselle Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Chiselle also has the most expressive green eyes, you can often tell what her mood is by looking at her eyes. Coat: Gray Mane/Tail: A stripe of dark blue going down the left side of an otherwise black mane, her tail is completely black. Physique: A small but healthy sized pony she has great stamina which allows her to work on her art for several hours without stopping. Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Sculptress Cutie Mark: A wooden mallet & Chisel in a criss-cross formation History: Chiselle is a unicorn mare who was born and grew up in Canterlot. Her father is a drummer of a band who tours Equestria quite often. Her mother is a mid-level manager at a company in Canterlot. No one is quite sure what she does exactly. She discovered her special talent at a young age when she took a bunch of play-doh and sculpted them into a scale model of her home. Since then her father had encouraged her to pursue the arts. He even brought her, her first sculpting tools. Her mother on the other hand tried to encourage her to go into architect, since it provided a more stable career path. However, after winning several awards for her sculptures and managing to get into several Summer Art program, Chiselle showed to her mother that she was able to make it as a sculptress. She currently resides in Canterlot in a two story building. The lower story holds her shop and work station, the upper story holds her housing quarters. Character Summary: Her hobbies include studying Equestria’s history as well as going to the very different kind of museums. She also enjoys going for walks in nature on a sunny day. Sometimes she’d just like to relax by a warm fire and sip red wine and just relax. She also enjoys sketching with crayons. While she isn't as proficient at sketching as she is with sculpting, she still uses it to relax and plan her next sculpting. Chiselle is single, she says she prefer stallions, but the truth is that she never been on a date with anypony before so she doesn’t know what she prefers. However, that sit fine with her as dating and relationship isn’t that high on her list of priorities. However, she does realize that she can’t date another artist. The personalities would be too similar and they would get into fights. If she was going to be in a relationship with another pony, it would have to be a pony that could balance her out so that both of them are working together in harmony. Chiselle is somewhat outgoing, she isn’t your normal chipper happy-go-luck pony, but she is happy in her own way. She doesn’t mind socializing with other ponies and always welcome the company of ponies that she feels like she can connect with. When it comes to her art, Chiselle is dedicated and it becomes almost impossible to distract her when she’s on a project, there could be a stampede running through the town and she wouldn’t notice. She is also willing to do whatever she can for her family and friends. However, outside of her art, family and friends, she is a lazy pony, as evident by her C average report cards. While she is able to express herself emotionally, she isn’t too off the wall with it, only in moments that calls for great emotions will usually call for great emotions. You can usually tell when she’s happy, sad, mad, but it’s expressed in moderation. While Chiselle is open to new experience and is willing to face whatever life has to throw at her with a positive outlook, she won’t hesitate to make fun of the stupidity that ultimately comes her way. She is an extrovert, always willing to talk to other ponies, as she need to be in order to do odd jobs around town. Since her art career isn’t exactly paying the bills, she decided to do odd jobs for other ponies. This lend her a comfortable lifestyle and a small amount of wealth. Chiselle does have a strong sense of moral and pride, she always believe in doing right by other ponies as she’d want other ponies to do right by her. Chiselle is a honest pony, but the level of honesty varies depending on the circumstances. If it comes to friends or family she’d most likely try to soften the blow. However if it’s somepony she doesn’t like or rubbed her the wrong way, she’ll let out the hard and honest truth regardless of their feelings. She will often try to get back at any pony that wrongs her, and most often she’ll try to find creative ways to get back at them. While she does do whatever she can for her family and friends, she does have some limits, if she finds the request degrading or offensive, she will turn it down no question asked. She will also let the pony know that she finds the request offensive or degrading. Chiselle could be described as a Libertarian, she wants to be able to have the rights to pursue her own dreams of being able to live fully off of her own art, and she love to have the right to live her own life as she sees fit, but she also doesn’t care what other ponies do in the privacy of their own home Chiselle has no problem with physical contact and will often give other ponies a high-five, a playful shove or sometimes a hug or a pat on the back. She can also pick up on the feelings of other ponies and plan her own reaction accordingly. Sometimes a pony doesn’t like physical contact and that’s okay. Chiselle does show sign of affection through her art as well as through her words and body language. She will sometimes craft something small and meaningful as a gift to another pony to show appreciation or affection. She will sometimes express it through words or through hugging, holding of hooves etc. Given that she was a C average student, she has trouble understanding anything advanced in subject other than art, so sometimes other ponies will have to do a step-by-step guide for her, which can be a source of embarrassment for her as it tends to make her feel stupid, however her determination to learn the new material is unmatched. While she is able to maintain a calm demeanor most of the time, she can be pushed to the edge, when that happens she will either scream and yell, or she will break down and cry, depending on the situation. However she will never allow herself to cry in public, she will most often walk off to cry in private.
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    Same here, these comics are too good to not be canon.
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    From the album: Digital

    A quick sketch of Fluttershy. Originally, I drew this as so I can practice shading, but completely sucked at it. Coincidently, I'm giving excuses such as Fluttershy normally would.
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    Hiiiii! Do you like Cupcakes?!
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    Well, of course it is. She had a pretty severe concussion, good chance she wouldn't even remember anything about the meeting. Memory loss post-concussion is a common symptom after the fact.
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    Today I have a Rarity and Spike draw. They were really cute to draw, except I have no concept of drawing Spike, as you can see I had to redraw him twice! Hope you like, have a nice day!
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    Don't be an obnoxious buttface. That is all
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