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    “Well Dazzle, It’s a small world… get used to it.” Dazzle giggled cheerfully. "Yep!" she chimed cheerfully, smiling at her dear friend. "But it's more than that I think. True friends always stay in one another's hearts! They're tied together, even when their apart, so of course they'll always meet again," she said, grinning goofily. "That's what I think at least," she added with an emphatic nod. She looked around then, noticing the stallions nearby. Tilting her head she glanced at them both and then back at Dancer. "Ooh, are these friends of yours? I love meeting new friends!" she said with all her usual pep. Stepping toward the other unicorns, still smiling, the green maned mare introduced herself. "Hiya! I'm Dazzle Dawn! I've known Dancer here since like forever! She's an awesome friend!" ​“Ugggh, there you go again thinking that everything needs to be about you,You gotta look at the big picture, Tourmaline. You’re not the only crystal pony who deserves a chance to learn magic. If I couldn’t come to the magic camp, then it wouldn’t be fair. And things should always be fair! Don’t be selfish, Tourmaline.” Tourmaline gave a long sigh. Flakey Shards was a frustrating one. She always had been. She had the gall to accuse Tourmaline of being self-centered? This delinquent, always acting out and calling attention to herself, who clearly thought she was a step above everpony else with her cleverness, thought that she was the one who was self-obsessed. It was ridiculous to the point of not even being worth commenting on. "'Things should always be fair?' Ha! And where does your habit of swindling unsuspecting adults indiscriminately play into that picture?" Tourmaline scoffed. "As it is, things will never be fair. All things are pulled as if by gravity toward those with money, power and intelligence leaving the rest wanting and desperate." The cynical filly shook her head and sighed. "Though I suppose that's beside the point entirely for I never said you shouldn't be allowed to come here, I merely expressed my surprise that you did. I'm not sure how knowing magical secrets ties into ones ability to defraud and deceive." ​
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    Dear Bellosh, I only mean the actual character. Not your version of him, which I'm sure will include depth well beyond what we were given in that movie with the humans. The same way that Lightning Dust is rather sociopathic in the general description of her but in my character interpretation she's teachable, loyal and can truly fly for a pony that isn't herself.
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    From the album: Lux's Gallery

    First stand alone Scootaloo pic! Here is the filly riding her prized scooter, perhaps on her way to meet with her friends. And Scootaloo is my new cast character so Yay!
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    Trixie just grumped at Whooves, he was always showing off in order to look better than her! Why was he so darn competitive! "Oh good job closing the porthole! Let's remember who manage to get us in here in the first place, who had the rope! What would you do without Trixie's resourcefulness!?" She had a level head about this whole situation, of course Bon Bon did also; mares are just resourceful like that, Dr. Merlot on the other hoof… "Hat? You are worried about a hat at a time like this?" No need to have him continue to panic and thus be needlessly annoying. Trixie looked about and didn't see any sort of hat around inside the room. "Don't worry - The Great and Stylish Trixie is sure that any decent haberdasher will have an improvement over that cheap headpiece!" At least Bon Bon was keeping it together, but mares were always more resourceful of course. Her initial idea of staying safe and sound in the luxurious and intimate cabin, enjoying some fine chocolates together normally would have sounded quite appealing to the azure unicorn, if it was just the two of them. In this case though it also meant being trapped in a room with Whooves and his uncontrollable need to regale his weird and often incomprehensible anecdotes. They were bad enough when it was just Trixie who had to hear them, but now he had an audience of more than one... Trixie quickly stood up, she had to think of some reason to keep moving, "those possessed ponies surely witnessed our daring escape into this room, Trixie is most confident that we need to solve this truly perplexing mystery rather than hide from it!" Trixie's proclamation likely wasn't convincing enough, she needed something more concrete. Suddenly, idea! "The kitchen! We need to get to the kitchen! Surely there are clues to this confectionery bedevilment in the ship's galley! Right?" It made sense, given it was truffles the possessed kept trying to get Trixie and the others to eat, and where else would you make them? The others had to see the logic in that, it was a flawless deduction! At least Trixie hoped so. She walked over to the door, determined to take a peek, but first thing first, honoring Bon Bon's request for her skillful magic, "certainly the subtle and nuanced magic of Trixie can easily warm those for you!" With a slight glow of her horn, Trixie imagined a warming sensation and directed it towards the chocolates, only for a moment though, didn't want them to melt! "There you go beautiful, warm chocolates, courtesy of the most finely honed magic in all of Equestria!" Brilliant and skillful! What would they do without her?
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    Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Scootaloo (nicknamed “Scoots” or “Squirt” but don’t call her “Chicken”) Sex: Female Age: Filly Species: Pegasus Eye Color: Varying shades of Purple Coat: A Mango Orange Mane/Tail: Magenta – Her mane is cut fairly short, and both her mane and tail are a little unkempt. Physique: Scootaloo has a typical filly’s body compared to her friends and fellow classmates. Her wings have not fully developed which makes flying difficult. While riding her scooter, Scootaloo is typically seen wearing her purple helmet with two white stripes. Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Student and Member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders Cutie Mark: Scootaloo has yet to receive her cutie mark. History: Scootaloo was born to two loving parents who showered her with as much love and affection as they could upon the filly. Even at a young age, the orange Pegasus wondered what life would be like having a cool older sister who could teach her things as she grew up. Unfortunately Scootaloo was the only pony in her family besides of course her parents, making her dream just a mere fantasy. Her parents knew that their filly was unique as she seemed to reject the more stereotypical girly things in favor of things like the outdoors, competing in races and sports with others. This made her seem awkward in the eyes of some of her peers, but she took it all in stride in favor of having fun. At her birthday Scootaloo received perhaps the greatest gift she ever had from her parents, a blue scooter with red wheels. From that day on the filly and her ride were inseparable as she used it more often to go places with than by trotting or galloping. After a time Scootaloo desired to find a way to go faster and to try out more elaborate stunts on her scooter. Seeing how other Pegasai used their wings to fly, she thought that perhaps she could use her wings to propel her when she was on her ride. After flapping her wings as hard as she could, she learned that not only could she now move on her scooter without needing her hooves or a hill to go, she could also achieve even faster speeds when riding. This allowed her to try out more stunts of hers and as a side effect more crashes. Yet despite any setbacks, she continues to perform stunts. One day when Scootaloo was riding her scooter, she caught sight of a strange rainbow flying through the sky. Upon a closer look, she found that it was a Pegasus who was creating the rainbow, performing all sorts of stunts in the sky that the orange filly could only dream of doing. She gathered up the courage and finally greeted the Pegasus who introduced herself as Rainbow Dash. From that day on Scootaloo admired the Pegasus and sought to emulate her as much as she could in the hopes that when she grew up she would be just like her as well as try to learn from Rainbow Dash as much as Scootaloo could. Her devotion to the rainbow manned pony went as far as to create a club in honor of Rainbow Dash and celebrating her awesomeness. Despite her desire to be like Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo had one problem that prevented her from being like her idol. Her wings unfortunately haven’t fully developed yet to allow her to fly, something that she wishes to be able to do quite possibly as much as she wants to find her mark. This desire is fueled by the fact that many of her Pegasus classmates are already flying and that by learning to fly she could perhaps spend more time with Rainbow Dash. Although she tries to make it like it isn’t a big deal, deep down Scootaloo feels grounded, unable to achieve her dreams as being an awesome flyer like her idol. Her inability to fly combined with not having her cutie mark yet has made Scootaloo the target of some bullies in her class, namely Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Despite this she does fairly well in school and even met two other fillies, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, who lack cutie marks themselves. The three decided to form a club to discover their talent together, hoping to get their marks all at once. Even though they have been unsuccessful thus far, the three have had fun adventures with each other and became good friends. Recently Scootaloo, who tried to prove herself to her friends, classmates, and Rainbow Dash faced several nightmares while on a camping trip. After meeting a certain Princess of the night in one nightmare and being rescued by Rainbow Dash, she confessed how she gets scared sometimes as well as admitting how she wanted Rainbow Dash to be like her sister. After the rainbow manned Pegasus confessed how she used to be scared when she was Scootaloo’s age and agreed to take the filly under her wing, Scootaloo was happy that she had not only found a pony that could be like an older sister to her but also that she felt confident enough that she didn’t have to prove anything to Rainbow Dash. All she has to be is her friend and that's really all Scootaloo ever wanted. Character Summary: Scootaloo is a filly who likes to prove to others how awesome she is. While she’s not boastful, the orange Pegasus seeks to prove her mettle to others by the way she acts and the things that she does. She is a bit of a tomboy who prefers sports and competition to frilly girly things as she feels these are “uncool.” In particular, Scootaloo prefers the extreme sports like riding a zip line or hiking through the Everfree Forest as a means to not only do fun and exciting things but to perhaps get her cutie mark in doing something awesome. She also is not a fan of big displays of emotions which she calls “mushy stuff” although sometimes gives in to these events like when she tried to help Cheerilee fall in love with Big Macintosh. Her attempts to prove herself stem from meeting Rainbow Dash and how she seeks to be cool like her. In her mind Scootaloo used to think that the rainbow manned Pegasus was a strong pony who showed few if any faults and thus sought to mirror that perception with her. After learning how Rainbow Dash was afraid of things as a filly, Scootaloo has learned to not judge herself too harshly and to accept herself as whom she was with both flaws and positive qualities. Scootaloo is very loyal to her friends and seeks to help her fellow Crusaders in any way she can. She is very protective of them especially when confronting bullies as Scootaloo knows what it feels like being bullied due to her inability to fly and not having her cutie mark. She is still a little downtrodden not being able to fly beyond hovering in the air for a while, especially when others bring it up to her, but she tries to not feel upset and hopes one day she can fly like the others. In addition to her interests in preforming stunts on her scooter, having fun with the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and playing sports, Scootaloo is also good at dancing and playing the piano although looks at these as hobbies instead as potential avenues of getting her cutie mark. Scootaloo seeks to continue what she has been doing before with helping her friends get their cutie marks, learning to fly, having fun, and developing a closer friendship with Rainbow Dash. One thing is for certain, Scootaloo seeks to do all these things with her own cool style!
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    Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Diamond Dazzle Tiara Sex: Female Age: Young filly Species: Earth pony Eye colour: Bright blue Coat: Her coat is a light purple color Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are two-toned, white striped with violet. They are styled loosely into a gentle curl. She almost invariably is found with a wire tiara, similar in shape to her cutie mark atop her head. Physique: About average for a filly her age. Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Student Cutie Mark: Her cutie mark is a blue wire tiara with circular ends. It represents her domineering nature and concern for appearances. Prior to getting her cutie mark, if one would have asked her if she was concerned with getting it, she would have denied as much adamantly. In truth, not having her cutie mark left the young Diamond feeling quite anxious and distraught, especially once her best friend Silver Spoon acquired hers. To everyone at school she either played cool or offered the odd offhand snide comment when her blank flank was pointed out, but there was no denying that more than anything else she wanted it to appear and appear soon. The problem was that she had no idea where to even start. Diamond Tiara's parents tended to buy her pretty much whatever she wanted, but she was a fickle child; passionate about something one moment, but then done with it the next. As this was the case, she didn't really have many hobbies or interests to explore. At a loss on her own and unable to face her friends on the matter, she decided to go to her parents with her concerns. Understanding what she was facing and seeing how it troubled her, Diamond's parents did their very best to guide the filly toward a cutie mark, encouraging her toward a number of different hobbies and activities, but nothing stuck. One day, as her parents found themselves running distressingly low on viable, not lame suggestions, Diamond found herself wrought with frustration. In a pout, she went off and shut herself in her room to cry. Her parents tried their best to console her, but Diamond refused to show her face or listen. It wasn't until her parents offered to do whatever she wanted if she'd just be reasonable that she started to listen. To test them, Diamond Tiara decided to ask for something big and requested to be taken to the most expensive boutiques in Manehattan and allowed to buy whatever she pleased. Somewhat to her surprise, her parents agreed. The family soon took a vacation to Manehattan, and while there her parents agreed to buy for her anything she wanted from any of the boutiques there. Diamond spent hours in the shops, trying on all sorts of dresses and accessories, but, fickle as ever, nothing called out to her. Many of the things were lovely, but as the one thing she would be taking home with her to Ponyville, none of the things seemed like they would do. Just like in finding her calling and her cutie mark, it seemed as if nothing would stick and she was tempted to give up until she saw something out of the corner of her eye. It was a painted wire tiara with a few rounded semi-precious gemstones fixed to it. An inexpensive piece of jewelry, it sat in a display window of a small, out of the way lower end boutique. Diamond wasn't sure why, but it was what was she was looking for and she demanded her parents buy it for her, which they did gladly. A confidence swelled in Diamond Tiara as she put it on her head. She wasn't sure why, but she felt good, like she had control. It was in that moment that her cutie mark finally did appear. History: Diamond Tiara was born in Ponyville, daughter of local entrepreneurial tycoon Filthy Rich, owner of Rich's Barnyard Bargains, a chain of highly successful bulk retail shops. Due to her father's success, the family was quite well off and as such Diamond lived a fairly privileged life for a foal in Ponyville. In their efforts to do well for their daughter, her parents did on occasion spoil their daughter who did not shy away from making demands. As the filly grew she in turn became something of a bully and a snob. She was a child who enjoyed having things her way, and she was not quiet when it came to making this known. As such, most of the other foals kept their distance. Eventually she would find one good friend in Silver Spoon, but her often bratty and commanding attitude meant most of the other foals who got close only did because they felt threatened. This sentiment only increased when Diamond Tiara found her cutie mark. In the wake of hercute-ceañera, Diamond and Silver began to openly mock the remaining blank flanks in their class at school, something she continues to enjoy. Diamond Tiara goes to school in Ponyville where she is taught by Miss Cheerilee. A good student, she studies hard so as she can show up the other students and suck up to her teacher. Perhaps because of this, she was chosen at one point to be editor-in-chief of the school paper, the Foal Free Press, a position she enjoyed fervently until her editorial decisions lead to controversy and Cheerilee ultimately concluded she had allowed too much power to a new editor and demoted her to printing press. Unsatisfied with this turn of events, Diamond Tiara quit the paper shortly after this. Character Summary: Diamond Tiara is a very particular foal. She has a very strong, assertive personality. She is quite bold and opinionated for her age and never afraid to take charge or speak her mind. She also has a lot of fervent passion for what she does; when she sets herself to a task, she feels compelled to put her very all into and do it well. She is willful and relatively clever when she puts her mind to it. She is, however, very much self-absorbed. She is vain and often controlling or manipulative. She is exceedingly stubborn and detests not getting her way, and can get temperamental or even form grudges when she doesn't. She is a relatively callous filly, not so concerned with the feelings of others but prone to more than occasional jealousy. Moreover, she is very fickle; while she puts a lot of passion behind the things she does do, she can just as easily get bored of them and move on at a moment's notice, especially if it seems poised not to go her way or be worth her time. She is also, on occasion, somewhat short sighted. As she enjoys feeling superior to others, she is known to tease others or make trouble for them and amuses herself by laughing at the results with Silver Spoon. Diamond Tiara doesn't have too many hobbies in addition to her mischief, as she's not prone to stay with anything very long. She has some interest in fashion and for shopping for nice things, but actually puts more of her free time at home toward studying than anything else. In terms of important relationships, Diamond Tiara values her best friend Silver Spoon more than she'd likely admit. Though at first considering her something of a follower, she is now thankful to have her along for her mischief, as none of it would be very much fun without her. When it comes to her other classmates, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, her behavior toward them does not stem from hatred or spite as much as a need to express her dominance and how she herself is beyond that hard part in her life. She does think some of the stuff they do is genuinely lame though, but on occasion a small and always silent part of her thinks it looks fun. Meanwhile, with her teacher, Diamond tries to leave good impressions as much as she is able and toward her father she has nothing but the deepest pride, even when he forces her to do something she perceives as lame.
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