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    From the album: Discorderly's Orderly Art Bin

    My rather cheerful griffon that I'm trying to get accepted He'd basically 90% fluff and 10% sparkles, wouldn't hurt a fly, and not quite as brash as his kind tend to be, I love him eehe c'8

    © Discorderly

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    From the album: Franshpout's stuff

    ''The sun is strong today! But it's beautiful anyway.'' Honestly have no idea why I've made this one. It's a quicky took me maybe less than an hour to make and was bored, listening to some... starbound music? And, well, this happened. Freesia again :3
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    Pathfinder was very happy to have a practical smart mare like Snowfall distracting Pathfinder from her decidedly unpractical and silly ideas, even if Pathfinder immediately discarded the advice and suggestions based on her own experience and otherworldy ability to ignore good sense and order. And who needed that anyway if they were an adventurer? Good sense told you to go away from the super cool places of the world because there was the chance of being permanently removed from the adventuring equation by finding a nice cold resting spot. Good sense was normally a cheap liar though because if you were actually a super cool adventure pegasus then you would get through it all like Pathfinder had, and she was the super cooliest of all the adventure pegasi. So she would ignore her love's practical advice regarding helmet and work on it on her spare time. “Silly, that's why you make it a bit trigger so a pony has to bite it! And you make the engine out of pure arcanium gemstone. Sure those might explode about half the time but you're already wearing the helmet, kablam!” Pathfinder offered as the paur went into the city. Once you got past the sheer verticality of the city and the buildings, the unusual circular structures they approached had many of the same features of some of Canterlot's older cities. The veneer of ice that had crept over everything and the crystals that glistened duly behind them hid the fact that the structure was familiar to Pathfinder. Large and circular structures were often the purview of the Griffons but in Caterlot some of the old style apartments had them, each floor given to one family. Other circular structures of that era had been torn down and replaced with royal libraries and royal this and royal that. Griffon structures were all like this. Crystal? Well, what little Pathfinder knew about this city told her that was where the high and mighty lived, operated, and stored their precious items. Pathfinder's job would be easy if the first building they checked had what she was looking for. Probably not. They approached the first tall circular structure, the door basically welded shut with ice. No problem. She wasn't here to preserve doors. Pathfinder removed the tape she had attached to her wings and hooves and tied them down around a rock near the entrance. She then reared up an bucked the door clear open, a crack and a pow of shattering ice sickles and creaking ancient crystal being moved for the first time in centuries. Pathfinder pulled out a small cylinder and shook it for a few seconds. She then twisted it a few times and it produced a light, the geode crystals inside reacting to the layered magic. She then slathered it in a sap like substance and put it between her ear and her head, giving her good light ahead of her. She then put her saddlebag back on and stepped into the building, prodding her mare to follow, quill and pad and chalk in hooves. “Alright, if you see anything super special take it. Note the rest and keep your eyes out for anything especially super pretty! When we're done on this floor, we go up. If you trigger a trap gimme some time so I can join in, 'kay?”
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    I had a great time at uk ponycon there was so many people and I was glad to see so many bronies showing their love for the best show ever. Brohoof
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