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    Hi there, welcome to Canterlot!
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    pretty much sums up what I think of the overly panicking mentality.There is absolutely NOTHING for any of us to worry about - Ferguson is NONE of our business in any way beyond being concerned for the system that allowed it to happen...stop worrying about everything so much!
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    From the album: Franshpout's stuff

    http://listenonrepea...GM_09__Promise_ ”I love snow. Like… I really like how cold it is. And it’s really soft too! I really like it very much. Sometimes when I walk in it, I drag my hooves in it on purpose. Not because I’m lazy! But because I wanna feel all of the coldness and softness of it. It’s like powder that slides off my hooves, it’s really fun to feel. In summer there is no snow. So I have to create it myself. But because of the sun and the heat, it melts, so I have to make more again. I know Seria doesn’t mind because she knows that I love snow. But I don’t think too many ponies are like her. When summer is there, the other ponies don’t want snow. They want to keep the heat and feel it. So I don’t make snow when I’m with others. So I stay alone and play with it when I can. But I don’t mind it. Oh, lately the first snow arrived. Winter is coming and all of its whiteness with it! I know I’ve said this before, but I really really love winter! The first snow is like the best thing too! Whenever that the first snow falls, I’m very happy. Because… because it’s like someone is giving me something. It’s like someone out there is thinking of me and is sending all of its snow to me so I can be happy. I’m always eager to see the first snowflakes because of that. I know that then I can have all the snow that I want for a few months before it goes away. Seria is happy too during winter. I think she likes snow as much as I do, that’s why she doesn’t mind when I do it during summer. Well… only at home, though. I know that the pegasi prepare winter, so I appreciate it when that day comes. I feel like I can do whatever I want then. It’s Seria who taught me that ponies here prepare the seasons. So it’s really nice of them to make winter happen, because then I know that I’ll be able to play a lot outside. It’s really the best present I can get every year. But there’s never anyone to celebrate with me… well, no one else other than Seria and her two friends. I’d like it if I could enjoy winter with more ponies. I could show them my ice magic! They’d be so impressed, I’m sure. We could have fun together! But it didn’t happen yet… but I’m not sad. Winter still makes me happy. I still have Seria and her friends. Maybe they’re not always there, but they are sometimes. And even if they’re not there, winter is still there. When the snow falls, it’s like it’s falling just for me. It’s like someone is giving me it. It’s like someone out there likes snow just as much as I do and wants to share it with me. I hope that I can find someone who is like that. And when the first snow falls, it’s like it’s the return of that someone.”

    © Freesia is owned by me

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    Pokemon! Welcome to Canterlot!
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    WELCOME! And please enjoy your stay at Canterlot!
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    Hello and welcome to Canterlot!
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    Hello and WELCOME to canterlot
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    You are taking the words of a few and are judging all upon it. This is a great fallacy in logic. Those people who are "declaring war" on bronydom are the same people who ALWAYS did. They just wanted a new reason. This is status quo, especially for Tumblr. Just live with it and move on.
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    I thought there were people who hated and vilified bronies all over the place already, especially on tumblr... doesn't really seem like any kind of news. As for what to do, I think the best thing to do is just ignore it. There are always crazy people who exist to drag others down. Just don't get hung up on it and let them get under your skin. It's in engaging with the idiots that we let ourselves come down to their level.
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    From the album: Franshpout's stuff

    ''The sun is strong today! But it's beautiful anyway.'' Honestly have no idea why I've made this one. It's a quicky took me maybe less than an hour to make and was bored, listening to some... starbound music? And, well, this happened. Freesia again :3
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