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    Inkbrand was trying, really trying, to pay close attention to what the Pegasus and the Peryton had to say, lest he miss any juicy tidbits of information that could or could not be possibly used for future blackmail. In reality, he was failing quite miserably. "AHAHAHA," the tattoo-clad stallion roared, breathless and near heaving as he was forced to, once again, clutch forelegs around his middle in hopes of alleviating at least a little of the pain that came with having oxygen deprived lungs. As it was, all he did was prevent himself from falling over again - though it was a near miss - as the orange flash barely identifiable as Applejack continued zipping back and forth across the area, like a miniature made of orange and yellow. The fact that the pile of foals all bundled up in rope kept growing, and growing near the fountain, well. Seriously. What the buck was he even suppose to do? It seemed he wasn't as successful in his endeavors as he'd figured he was, and Inkbrand flopped down onto his side, one hoof beating into the cobblestone as he fruitlessly struggled for breath, roaring laughter mingling with the myriad of foalish voices raising up in protest. It was starting to bucking hurt, how hard he was laughing, and Razor's continued mewls of defiance were definitely not helping. "Yeah yeah, one day! One day you'll get your revenge - when you're both older and you can't even look at her without wanting to bury your head in the sand, ahaha!" Inkbrand gasped, hind legs once again reduced to kicking helplessly in the air as he tried to imagine how a griffon like Razor would ever get revenge on anypony of the female persuasion. Maybe creepily watch them from a distance, then flush and scamper into the sunset at the slightest indication of returned interest. That'd show 'em! Inkbrand became vaguely aware of a glare boring its way into the side of his face at that time, which was enough to get his crazed laughter under some moderate control as he turned to face the Peryton. Surprisingly however, September was not the source of the heated stare, nor Naj. The grey Earth Pony lay bemused for just another second, before its source suddenly became known in a flurry of spitfire and accusations. From an adult, the words would have been insulting yet expected, ponies all too eager to paint the easiest target as the villain. But from a foal… Buck, that was bucking cute. Though before the tattoo-clad stallion could goad the red foal further along her train of thought, MFT suddenly spoke up - in his defense, which was a sure indication that the adults-turned-foals clearly had no memories of their adult lives, at all. Otherwise the cream colored Unicorn would have opened her mouth to lecture him about not laughing at others and hurting their feelings, or rot. Still, Inkbrand couldn't help the surprised lift of his eyebrows as MFT ran forward to scoop up an overly curious frog. He didn't even bother lifting his head or body up from where they rested on the cobblestone as he critically listened to the cream colored foal's rather glowing testimony, forgetting everything for a moment to play along with the group of youngins. "Yeah, don't you know not to judge a book by its cover?" he wheedled, affecting a passing impersonation of a kicked puppy as he turned exaggerated sad eyes onto the red foal. "It's tough looking so cool - all the ponies think I'm a bad stallion." A huge heave of his shoulders and hind legs had Inkbrand pushing himself almost right next to the red Pegasus, mournful and downtrodden look still on his face as he raised his snout right next to her large head. "But you know," Inkbrand suddenly whispered, just close enough for his sly voice to be heard only by the red filly and none of the other foals, the noises and sounds of others masking out listening ears, "that's what makes me so effective. How else am I going to get enough frogs for Wicked Caster's evil spell to rule Equestria?" The grey stallion quickly pulled himself onto his hooves before the red Pegasus could retaliate to his whispered confession, stepping back to survey to group of foals now neatly tied up and ready for transport. Only one remained to roam loose and free - but seeing how that one was MFT, he wasn't worried. She obviously wasn't the adventurous type, too busy being shy and boring and taking care of frogs. Speaking of. A wide, genuine grin spread over Inkbrand's face as a frog eventually led him to Applejack, where she had somehow managed to tie herself up amidst the other foals and grifflets. "'Atta filly!" the tattoo-clad stallion crowed as he bent down to try and loosen the ropes around Applejack, careful to leave the other two entangled in their own sections, "that was way under a minute. Probably less than ten seconds, even!" He nearly got his own hooves tied in the bucking thing, but eventually Inkbrand managed to heave the orange filly out of the wreckage, settling her onto his own back. "Soon as we all find a place to settle down, you're getting your own cool marking, whatever the buck you want," the grey Earth Pony promised gleefully, already thinking of a pattern that'd compliment the farm filly. Apples immediately sprang to mind. Wonder why that was? Still chuckling, Inkbrand turned his head around towards the other adults, seeing only Aquaria and September in the area. Naj had apparently buggered off somewhere, then. Huh. Well then, seeing how the Peryton and Griffon were content chatting it up, the grey Earth Pony turned back towards the pile of foals, rubbing a hoof under his chin contemplatively. He'd really just wanted Applejack to restrain the foals from running off every which way, but it was getting more and more obvious that they couldn't just stay next to the fountain all day. And seeing how no purple Alicorn was rushing forward to fix this mess with some crazy all-powerful Alicorn magic, they were stuck on their own. For now. "Alright," the grey Earth Pony said suddenly, trotting towards the…end?…of the mass of rope and bodies, "let's see how you did." A relatively sturdy loop in the rope looked safe enough, and Inkbrand hooked one hoof through it and started giving the entire mass gentle, but firm, tugs. Hopefully, the rope was tight enough to keep the youngins from wandering away from the train at a moment's notice, but loose enough on all the foals to allow them to walk on their own. Kind of like a very sloppy foal leash some parents used to keep all their foals together. After all, he didn't think Random Ponyville Citizen would take kindly to him dragging a tied up collection of foals through the dirt. Though it would have been funny.
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    Bread almost lost his lunch and his whole appetite but he held on like there was no tomorrow. "Woo hoo!" Bread Slice cried as the wind rushed through his Chocolate Brown hair, it felt so exciting.
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    < Honestly, I love pretty much all of this guy's songs, this is just one of my favorites.
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    Welcome, my faithful students! Let's eat pie! Rules: Everypony can participate! World of Equestria, Canterlot Chronicles, Free for All -- everypony! Come up with unique pie flavors! Eat the most pie and win...more pie! Have fun! ~ Tia
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