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    From the album: OC Art

    Inkbrand's participating in a rave at the Electric Mane, courtesy of Vinyl Scratch. And of course, every rave needs pounding music, a dim atmosphere, and thousands upon thousands of neon lights. Not that Inkbrand is actually going to wear any of this, but the spirit is still there! He's suppose to be pumping his right hoof in there, not running it through his mane, but the action is hidden by hair due to layering issues. Still, good practice on lighting and posing.
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    From the album: crossovers

    This turned out really good. Especially that twilight in the soul gem...... I had a little trouble with how small she was xD... This is my first time ever drawing Kyubey. Obviously, Twilight is giving up on being a magical pony right now xD Ignore my horrible soul gem

    © Kyubey belongs to Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

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    Hello and Welcome to this forum. I do hope you will be able to enjoy your stay. Keep up with the show too if you are able to. I don't know if we'll ever be in an RP together or not, but, we'll see.
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    It had been a quick encounter with the Lady of Askr but enough for the time being. Endride was normally one to strike up the most opportune encounters that she could and there were certainly many fine ponies, bou, and griffons, to rub hooves with. Oh, and dragons?! Her dark eyes sparkled as she caught sight of the cat-like grace and fluidity of the beast. Eindride made her way over to the bar where the dragon was conversing with a griffon she had not yet met. "Do you, perhaps, know of the celebrations being seen to today?" The dragons voice issued like bells on the wind in the caribou's ears. She had always been interested in dragons such as this one but thought them far out of reach even in her most remote wanderings. To have one right here before her was truly something special! "You find yourself in the halls of Askr tonight, at a gathering held by Sigrun the Chieftain of the clan." She smiled and nodded at both dragon and griffon. "Excuse my being so bold but...long have a wished to meet a being of your ilk." She bowed her head a touch as a sign of offered good will. She then turned to greet the griffon. "I am sorry to have interrupted, my curiosities sometimes get the best of me. I am Eindride the Wanderer of the Serpent's Spine.
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    "dunno 'bout the two of you, but I was enjoying a nice tour around the Gallopocus." "Well I do remember why I went on the cruise," Lore said as both ponies mentioned the fact as to where they were, "But you're right Inkbrand, it doesn't matter where we are if we don't find civilization, which I know from the area most of these islands are uninhabited. Tourists can visit them, providing that they can fly or get a boat. So our chance meeting another tourist might be slim." He recoiled slightly as Inkbrand mentioned that Foxglove was bigger than when he first met her. If there was one thing that Lore knew it was never say a mare was bigger or any combination of the word "big." "Yeah we definitely need a place to get out of the heat. Those palm fronds can work to make a good roof or at least a blanket to cover us. Since you mentioned why you were on this trip Foxglove, mine was similar. I felt I needed to take a vacation from my job and Ponyville to visit someplace I've never been to. Not to say being a librarian is boring or bad but it can be demanding."
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    Greetings and salutations fellow ponies of Canterlot, my name is Avery and I would like to direct your attention to the mystery of Alicorns; their existence, purpose, and overall, why they are such a rare race. During this, I would like to point out that this is but a personal theory of mine, even making a video about it in the near future when I get my laptop back to me. You can discuss this however you want, but I implore you that this is my own personal thought and process about the Alicorn race, since I took the option of having an Alicorn OC, and I'm sticking with it. Now, I brought this up mainly because I was reading through the comments of my previous entries on this blog. Even though the previous ones were more for venting out stress, it still made me think. (Also, for somereason, I don't get notifications about the comments naturally. Which is why it took me this long to begin with.) So now, I'm going to throw my idea at you, and hopefully you'll follow the same idea that I have, perhaps... even make something from it. Now, the Alicorn race is an extremely rare race in which it is composed of the three main pony races. Those being: Earth Ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasi. So far, from this point, the only time we've ever seen Alicorns the majority of the time, is through royalty. Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, and Princess Twilight. First... let's look at Twilight, as she wasn't always the Princess of Friendship that we now know her as. Twilight was a simple unicorn in the studies of Princess Celestia, working her hardest to please her mentor as best as possible. Though with the coming of Ponyville, she then took on lessons in friendship, as she and all of her close friends were the pieces of the Elements of Harmony. During the hard and troublesome quest through many adventures, and simple life lessons, she had... gained the Alicorn gene through the magic of Celestia. We all know that Alicorn magic is extremely powerful, capable of raising and lowering the sun and moon, bringing love to a pony's heart, and bringing harmony to all of the land. So, something like this should be easy to handle, right? ...Well, I don't believe its as simple as that. So, let's take a look at the other princesses: Celestia, Luna, and Cadence. Cadence was the most recent princess that we had knowledge of before Twilight, and thanks to Twilight's flashbacks, we know that she was an Alicorn when she was taking care of Twilight when her family wasn't around. But, we also know that she is the Crystal Princess, ruler of the Crystal Empire. However, her empire was gone for well over a thousand years, so how is it that she was able to escape the vanished empire? That's an entirely different story for another time, but still noteworthy. Cadence has been the Princess of Love for quite sometime, and she has that title well kept. However, we don't know a lot about Cadence, other than she's the ruler of the Crystal Empire, and that she's the Princess of Love. Now, for Celestia and Luna. They've been around for well over a thousand years as well, possibly even two thousand years. They raise the Sun and Moon respectively, so their powers are supreme at this point. Celestia has been the main ruler of Equestria, giving guidance to those that were in need of it. Luna was the second in command, helping those ease their troubles, and prevent any trouble from being caused. Much like the objects they move; the sun usually gives guidance for lost ponies, while the moon helps calm the mind, usually bringing peace. We've always known that Celestia and Luna were Alicorns, perhaps since birth, but what about them really makes the Alicorn race so rare? Well, let's take a look at their titles. Princess of the Sun Princess of the Moon Princess of Love Princess of Friendship Each Princess represents something, Celestia represents the Sun, which brings light. Luna represents the Moon, which symbolizes darkness. Cadence represents Love, something that resides in every living being. Twilight represents both Magic and Friendship, two things that can be compared as extremely powerful in all media. So, what am I getting at? Well... Alicorns are basically gods in a sense (Goddesses in this one), and each one represents something in one way or another. But what if I told you, that the princesses were just reincarnations? Celestia and Luna represent an element, those being Light and Dark respectfully. While Cadence and Twilight represent emotions of the heart, being Love and Friendship respectfully. Now, if they were at all completely of this nature, they would look completely different, wouldn't they? They would have their bodies match their element, however, they don't, making it be that they aren't the first that they were the bearers of those elements. So, let's take a look into the past, FAAAAAAAAAAAAAR back to the beginning of the pony race. Where there was little to nothing. This was where the first four ponies came to existence, the ponies of the elements. Water Fire Earth Wind Water was a Unicorn, making the first benefit of magic, giving life to the earth below, and making it hard to move. Earth, the earth pony, in turn, made the landscape, shaped the world for those to enjoy it, but would be too stubborn to do anything else. Wind, the Pegasus, made everything move, giving purpose to everything, however being too cold for many. Fire, the confused, brought warmth to the land, making it better for life to sustain, but also causing destruction to what it touched. However, those were just the beginning, as fire came to be, so did Light and Dark. Along with life on the land, brought about emotions to share, some of the first being Joy, Friendship, and Love. Friendship believed that it was too powerful by itself, thinking that one wrong move could ruin the world. So, it fell dormant deep into the earth, becoming a seed, which would grow into the Tree of Harmony, bearing the six equally powered gems of Friendship. But with the emotions that came first, also came the opposite, such as Discord, Envy, and Fear. These elements have been fighting eachother for generations, each one having a new body to hold, becoming something such as Deer, a Sea Serpent, a Dragon, or perhaps simply a Pony. Now, with this newest generation, this is the fourth reincarnation of the elements, bringing harmony, causing mischief... whatever they were. For Light, Dark, Love, and Friendship, they were ponies, like their original selves. For Discord, Wind, and Fear, they took the bodies of a Draconius, Spirits, and a Tyrant. Quite the variety, wouldn't you say? But... what about you? What do you think about this little theory of mine? I would love to hear it, it ties in for so many things. But also makes for some unique stories... wouldn't you say? Well, I hope to hear from you all about this, because this is a big idea of mine. My name is Avery, writer extraordinaire, and believer of many things. I hope you all have a wonderful day, and a lovely night, until we meet again.
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    Notta problem! I always love answering questions like that, makes me think a bit more, add a bit, take away, make it better as a whole. And thank you for the kind words, it means a lot!
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    We honestly don't know quite yet, do we? Magic is the most of what Friendship is, so perhaps only Twilight has the Alicorn capabilities? We don't know. And I don't know, what WOULD happen? Would Friendship cease to exist? I wouldn't think so. Would there just be a new line of the bearers of the elements of harmony? Perhaps. We just don't know. I don't know, you don't know, how would anybody know? This is all just a theory, nothing more, nothing less. Just the rambles of someone that wishes to explore more of the world of MLP, because it's rich to the core with lore that has yet to be discovered.
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    Simple really, they are a part of the element of Friendship just as much as Twilight is. Friendship, in the beginning, knew that their power would be too great alone, so while it went dormant in the ground and made the Tree of Harmony, it knew it had to be shared, that the others would know that Friendship really is powerful, but alone would be too destructive. Together, it can bring the harmonious vibes within the heart, where peace and even hardships become the source of how one grows, and becomes stronger. The Teacher knows of how it should be handled, but the student is the one to carry the legend, to bring about new ways of thinking. The Original Friendship knew that alone, it couldn't be taken correctly. Twilight and her friends, carried that legend, and made it even more of a purposeful magic that everyone knows, even if they don't really realize it. I do know of the Greek legends and most of how they work. But the MLP Universe seems to only be influenced by those Greek Legends, not necessarily completely ruled by it. Some mythical monsters and locations appear in the world, such as Cerberus and Tartarus. But, this world has its own mythology, perhaps just influenced by another, which is I think that the Elements were first. Just like Greek has its many gods and goddesses that shaped the world, I put the same concept, only for the elements instead. But... who knows? Perhaps there are more Greek influences within this theory, perhaps not? It's really... up to the person. Because a story is told, generations over, but never the same as the original, it is changed, many a time, though not on purpose.
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    WELCOME! And please enjoy your stay at Canterlot!
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    Zelda waved as the strange, but completely likeable mare before she joined ‘Inky’ for a proper rave type dance. She could see how the two were friends considering how much energy she had. She would need to match this before the griffon could be considered a serious threat on the dance-floor. Again, the older mare seemed to have issues with her current situation. She had been swearing up a storm just a moment ago, but now she seemed to be a little more relaxed. Would her old companion be able to keep her calm, and even earn her friendship by the end of the night? It might be a bit of a fight, but she could see it being well worth it. The sudden appearance of the writer snapped the griffon from her current line of thinking. Zelda could only smile back at the mare as she danced on, and wondered if she would end up in one of the famous mare’s stories. Hopefully she would be a heroic character, or at least someone who doesn't get offed until the middle of the story. And now for Inkbrand, the two were on the floor once again. The previous dance they shared had been more of the slower speed. Dancing with ponies sometimes could be rather awkward. While griffons could easily move on their hind legs as well as all four, many ponies had difficulty staying on two legs for an extended period of time, and were generally not very agile when they were. She would have to test her partner who had been already in the process of throwing a few of his trademarked compliments her way. She let out another purr while she got closer, and even let her tail find its way closer to him as well. She did not want to lead or even control him, but preferred to give the stallion a gentle guide. The blacksmith let out a chuckle as Inkbrand spoke, “While I probably shouldn’t think of you as a ‘thing’, you’re definitely on my current top ten list of interesting people.”, she glanced at the older military mare for a brief moment, “But there are few of interest around here beside everypony’s favorite tattoo artist.”, she kept her voice down low, “What fuels their fire, and while they might not want to be with others, what still drives them towards us. What others might be hiding and for what reason they do so. Or maybe I just need a good, stiff drink.” She tended to get over talkative when suffering from sobriety for too long. “I tend to be busy at odd times of the year, and even stranger times of the day, and I could always use a special pony to help me be inspired.”, she growled the last word as she matched the sudden beat of the music. “Just pop over and give me some of that inspiration, which being an artist yourself, you would know so much about. And I know where you’re coming from. I had something going on a while back and it was absolutely draining. I don’t need that right now, but I like what we’ve got so far.” Curious to where the stallion was going to lead her, she allowed him to lead her to the next area, and let out an second purr as she was ‘gently’ laid against the rather uncomfortable wall. He truly wanted to be the center of attention for the moment, and Zelda knew she tended to get distracted rather easily. “Oh, I disagree.”, she ran her clawed hand under the pony’s fuzzy chin, “You are so going to get a ‘happily ever after’. Maybe not now, or even ten years from now, but you’re eventually going to settle down. Get married. Have adorable little foals. Teach them everything you know..And even then you will never stop learning..Here.”, she scooted even closer, so much so that her little beak was nearly touching his snout. “Let me instruct you on a little something if you would like..."
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    Well that was unexpected. …Relatively speaking. Still, Inkbrand couldn't help a visible double take as the white mare spoke up in a distinctive southern drawl, completely at odds with her appearances, considering the dark mascara had immediately made him expect a more sultry and smooth voice. It was almost enough to make him laugh, appreciate the amusing and unexpected surprise in a veritable sea of unexpected surprises. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to make the grey stallion forget exactly how screwed the three of them were. "Weaver, right," Inkbrand muttered distractedly as he ran a hoof through his mane, less focused on the purple stallion's name and more on the fact that both ponies in front of him had so cruelly and unrepentantly trashed his slim hope of this entire scenario being one crazy figment of his imagination. Buck, they didn't have to do it so quickly, could've let him live in denial for just a bit. The tattoo-clad stallion didn't even bother commenting on the unicorn's apparent resentment over being called a nerd, waving a hoof through the air in vague apology as his golden eyes darted around the area, eventually landing back onto the white mare as she spoke up again. Oh, yeah, location. Location would be good to know, so they could know exactly how screwed the three of them were. The grey Earth pony let the two others converse a bit more, narrowed eyes trained on the white mare, before what he was searching for abruptly alighted into his brain. "You're…Foxy. Foxed Glove, right?" he hazarded, eyeing the unfamiliar cutie mark. He was definitely picking up some weird, cult vibes or something now. "You're a lot bigger than I remember," he eventually conceded with a breathy sort of grunt, as if the mare were at fault for not being exactly how he remembered. Considering that he remembered her solely from his short stint as a temporary father, that wasn't saying all that much. The question of where the buck that had washed up at was still hanging around in the air though, prompting Inkbrand to sit his rear end straight downwards and stick one hoof into the sand. "Well," he started, and was rather proud at how calm his voice came out, "dunno 'bout the two of you, but I was enjoying a nice tour around the Gallopocus." A hoofed-out shape was slowly beginning to take form in the sand, somewhat resembling a crudely drawn south-eastern edge of Equestria, along with a series of blobs that could perhaps be considered islands. "Think we were going 'round south, weren't we?" Buck if he knew - he'd been paying attention to the smoking hotties aboard the liner than the boring and redundant navigational maps. Though, even if they had been south of the islands before the storm hit, that didn't make their situation any much better. Inkbrand's eyebrows furrowed downwards as he leaned over his temporary map, a scowl on his face. "Not gonna make much difference now," he grumped, "if we all keel over and kick it in the next couple of hours. We should…make camp?" …That's what shipwrecked survivors did, wasn't it? Built homes out of tree leaves, gathered resources, produced offspring, formed a giant colony that eventually took over first the island, then the entire world, right? …Right.
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    Fire Walker bit her tounge as she wanted to say a few things. He should have always kept some sort of healing item with him at all times. Be it a potion, kit or even a few useful bandages. And if he could not get healing right away, he should have at least got help once he was able. And maybe he should learn maneuver in combat a little better? Even her father with all of his adventures and scraps over the years, and he did not look this bad. Hopefully this teacher of his would iron out of the weaknesses in his battle stance and teach him how to be a better defender. Maybe even a few lessons in magic shields would be useful. She almost envied her fellow R.E.A officers of the unicorn persuasion. The more skilled unicorns could rely more on their will than physical strength to become nearly unstoppable warriors. They only needed to worry about keeping their concentration. She did shiver a little as he mentioned lava. Was it possible? Wouldn't it have burned right through him? Again, she kept quiet, but decided on another route. "There, everything is set.", she sealed off the top of the potion, "Probably shouldn't bathe or shower for at least another hour. This is some pretty powerful stuff, but it still needs time to set. And once you do get clean, the water will only wash off the excess..And for the love of Celestia, please don't pick at anything. This stuff is 'itch-free', but you still may want to..Just don't! You'll only reinjure yourself...And I will make a promise." She found a spot on his neck which apparently had either never been injured or had been properly and pointed it out. "I promise, when you come back from all that you're doing that is...I will kiss every bit of you that as healthy and unharmed as this bit here. And I'm not talking about little kisses, but more like this." she reached over at tenderly kissed her special stallion. Hopefully this will provide enough incentive to keep him in good shape for his adventure.
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    From the album: Lux's Gallery

    Pinkie Pie loves relaxing in the tub after a long day of fun! Looks like though all that splashing caused some water to flow out!
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    From the album: Lux's Gallery

    Apple Bloom is trying to help her sister by harvesting apples on her farm. Apple Bloom belongs to Hasbro.
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