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    What?! No, no, no she wasn't. Dash was *not* going to spit on Rarity's 'boobs', first of all. Problems with this statement: 1 - Dash was going to spit on her hoof, or a hoofkerchief, to clean up the mess. Like our mothers did whenever we spilled something on ourselves. The spit-wash is the standard character display of either caring (but embarrassing) mothers, or someone who's never developed any class yet sincerely wants to help. 2 - Rarity doesn't HAVE boobs. Second, I object strongly to the 'ho' or 'whore' designate. That is someone who has sex for compensation. Period. Rarity would be OFFENDED at the very NOTION. Third, it is not about seduction or sexual favor - yes, Rarity has a bit of a flirt to her, but flirting is not inherently bad. What it DOES demonstrate is that how you approach a situation matters a great deal. Dash was panicked, aggressive, and frankly - demonstrated her usual lack of social ability. Rarity's description of what she did is actually pretty accurate - everypony likes a compliment. This is *true*. It's actually the first rule in Dale Carnegie's abysmal but effective book "How to Win Friends and Influence People." Compliments. Empathy. It just varied depending on who she was talking to. The delivery pony was blatantly flirty, yes. The guards were sorta flirty, but not entirely. And there was no flirtiness at all to the cake shop owner - that was just pure artistic appreciation combined with upper-class praise. Fourth, this is a cartoon. In cartoons, everything gets exaggerated so that people with poor perception can still see it happening. People who lie ... lie OBVIOUSLY, because not everyone has the ability to see through lies. When people are surprised, they rock backwards, eyes growing larger than physically possible, and let out a huge gasp. There's very little in the way of 'subtle' behavior. So just like EVERY OTHER behavioral characteristic, yes - Rarity's charm is exaggerated, so that the viewers can see what she's doing. Fifth, I find it objectionable that because Rarity is female, it becomes her being a 'whore'. She's channeling both those classic Noir detectives and those classic Noir femme fatales. Most of those classic Noir protagonists were men - and those men could smile winningly at the waitress or female barkeep and soon they'd be talking about everything. The classic femme fatales did the same thing with men - a smile, a wink, the men would underestimate her, and soon they'd be spilling their secrets. Those classic femme fatales could occasionally be called bad names, but when did the male protagonists ever get called filthy names for that? Yet because Rarity does it, suddenly it's bad? My mother's from the midwest. When she went to school on the East Coast, she continued acting like she was used to, from the midwest politeness she knew - when she talked to someone, she'd often touch their hand, touch their shoulder, small points of connectedness. But because East Coast has a different set of connotations for physical contact, my mother discovered, to her horror, that she was gaining an unsavory reputation. Exactly those sorts of words were thrown around. And the professors offended by her were unwilling to step outside their cultural bubble to see that she was from a different culture, insisting that nowhere in the WORLD was touching someone's hand or shoulder an acceptable physical contact for someone you weren't close to. Describe to me exactly HOW Rarity was a 'ho' in this episode. It's easy to just sling around bad names with negative connotations. Back it up. It's easy to rest secure in your own little cultural hole, and look down on people who don't act in the *exact* way you expect everything to be taken care of ... much harder to follow what this show tries to tell us - different people have different ways of doing things.
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    Storm just listened "yea i did say that" said Star turning her attention from that spot to look at him
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    From the album: Lux's Gallery

    Sometimes the best thing in life is to just read a book or several books in bed. Twilight Sparkle belongs to Hasbro.
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