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    From the album: Commissions

    Dunder in all his gear! I'm really starting to dig painting accessories and armor and stuff. All the extra details are just neat! I used to be intimidated by it but now it's fun. (yay progress!) Me thinks I'll start designing stuff for my OCs to wear. Dunder belongs to Dunder
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    From the album: Red's Main Gallery

    Aquiel and Aquamarine on their way to... some royal event. And yes, Mari is an absolute royal dork.
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    From the album: Red's Main Gallery

    A scene I randomly decided to draw involving Aquiel encountering her father and hearing of his expectations for her, which is awkward given what her father has told her of him. (Yes, it is very complicated...)
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    From the album: Red's Main Gallery

    Thanks to a meme found on DeviantART (http://wolfvids.deviantart.com/art/Ponysona-creation-meme-449213376) I have created my pony self, complete with my cutie mark. A little too fun to do, hahaha...
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    Physical strength was not Daedalus’ strong suit and casting a vortex spell to pull the plant beast into the void would also run the risk of sending its victims there as well. Thankfully, the nuclear option was obviated by the rest of the ponies joining in. The tree fell and the beast laid stunned. As they dusted themselves off, the leader of the group got right down to business. "It's immobilized for now, but let's get away from here before it gets free!" “Yes, let’s.” Daedalus groaned as he cracked his neck. Had he pulled something shoulder checking that tree? Still, he did his best to remain chipper. “I am Daedalus, by the way. And you are welcome.” As they walked, Daedalus finally took stock of his sudden companions. A pegasus in armor, military-looking. A grumpy trench-coated unicorn whose saddlebags reeked of tech, and a cheerful purple pegasus. Unicorn? Pegasus? Unicorn. Pegasus? Alicorn. "Twilight, what's our next step?" Oh. Well then. That changed things. “Oh, and no need to call me Princess or Ma'am Fire Walker. You can call me Twilight.” Or not. As improper as it was, it was probably best to do what the princess instructed. "There was mention of a gate in this area ... it could very well be somewhere beneath our hooves. If we can unearth it even a small bit, I have something that could grant us entry into the temples little (for lack of a better term) Pocket dimensio-uuhOOF!" “Are you all right?” Daedalus asked. “And did you mention temple?” The others went on about lost cities and extinct civilizations, all but answering Daedalus’ question. Yes, it appeared that these ponies were here for the same thing. Competition? It didn’t appear so. A princess with an escort and a gruff freelancer didn’t seem the type to rob graves or bury their competition a la a comic book villain. There was also the fact that there was safety in numbers, especially with the local floral fauna being so decidedly hostile. Daedalus’ ear twitched as something rustled above, a distinct hissing sound manifesting for a moment before vanishing again. He gave a quick gesture with his muzzle to the sound above. “Hey, not to butt in, but I think we’re being watched...”
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    "Oh I'm fine! I've had worse spills than that before!" she replied to Lore with a small chuckle. Being covered in a small avalanche would certainly qualify as a worse spill, Starlight was sure. As the dark coated mare explained only the littlest bit about what happened, Starlight couldn't help but to arch a brow. "Starlight Glimmer. And forgive me for being a teensy bit curious on this, but how does something 'accidentally' crash into a several story tall castle?" given, stranger things have happened in Ponyville, if the stories from Twilight are any indication. But still, it sounded more than a bit odd. "Wait. Oh no no, I wouldn't be any good for leading anyone around anywhere in this castle." the mare laughed and shook her head. "I'm lucky enough I found my way here...on the fourth try." also lucky for her, was the fact that Lore Weaver seemed to be much more capable of finding his way around...maybe he had a map Starlight could study...
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    Black didn't do anything formally, just shrugging as they walked out of the room, but when he noticed Doc spying on them, he was quick to join, listening in. What he heard made him more then a little.... worried about the guy, but he was glad that he was at trying to keep them. He was a little confused, and annoyed, at him saying that their styles were issues, Black taking it as a little of a insult. Once they had run, and reach the room, Black had just gone over and leaned against the wall, fully spacing out until he heard Midnight. He wanted to go say something, but he knew it wasn't really his strong suit, and worrying he might make things worse, he stays away. Listening to Chill as he talks, once he got in the room, and then he asked about Amphibious Transport. Thinking back, Blackwing remembered doing it, it had been part of his training with the Commando's, they had learnt how to operate in air, land, and sea conditions, though his strong suit had always been air insertions, or ground. "2nd Commando's drilled the hell out of us with it, i know it" He replied, then added "Though Para dropping is funner"
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    The intelligence of EPIC and the recon of the REA were told of the Pestilence in due course. The news had traveled quickly, even more so due to the pure danger of the situation. Not only was an entire clan of caribou at stake but if the plague grew further who knew what would to every region that it came into contact with. As of yet there were many unknowns. How would the plague affect other races? Was any caribou to remain uninfected? Was there a possibility that any bou was immune to the cursed sickness? These speculations and others tumbled through the pegasus' mind as she came into the territories of the Askr clan. Because of her involvement in in both EPIC and REA she was quick to hear of the need for medical help in the northern territories. It didn't take her long to decide she would take up the mantle of aide for the caribou clans. They were on peaceful terms, if not friendly, and the royalty of Equestria was always willing to extend a helping hoof to those they considered to be at peace with. Skyhaven flapped her wings hard, maneuvering as best she could through the stormy weather fronts that always seemed to loom in this region. She could feel in her pinions that a major storm was on the way. The pressure was dropping and the winds were beginning to gain momentum. It was frosty at best in the high regions of the sky and without her cold weather gear she would have been done for. As it was, the lined leather armor she wore protected her from the ice in the air. Soon she was dropping in altitude, aiming for the streets of Askr. She could spot two bou on the ground below. The pearly winged maiden turned a few circles above, scoping out the situation. She saw no signs of the berserkers that she had been informed of. Just the two bou, a unicorn, and a large gathering of carrion crows. The mare's hooves touched down lightly and she folded her wings behind her as she trotted quickly to the small gathering. She noted the Jarl right away, her stature and general presence giving her away. "Greetings Jarl Sigrun!" She turned and nodded politely to the other two. "I've been sent to help the efforts in finding a cure for what plagues your great hold." She swiveled her head around as a stray waft of breeze brought the smell of bird and all things gamey hit her nostrils. She cocked her head at the unicorn, not really sure what he was all about. Well, in times like this assistance of all kinds could be needed.
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    The drunken sailor appeared to search his memory for any information of Hexter, he finally blurted out "Lonely fella! Never had a mare or seen him with one. Kinda quiet guy. Other folks thought he was odd but I never knew why, he was just you know, shy I think. Spent a lot of time in his house." Skelly listened closely pretending to sip her drink. Her eyes darted back to the mysterious pony, he was definitely listening, she could tell, she played off her gaze and panned the room with her eyes. She wished she could determine the pony's mood, not knowing was making her concerns arise again. She knew something wasn't being said. Skelly feigned a giggle and asked the sailor with a drunk charm, "Everypony thought he was weird but you? Why didn't you think he was a weirdo too?" Skelly felt a tiny shift in energy, the sailor looked a bit befuddled "Er, well, I mean, he was odd just that….", suddenly the mysterious pony interrupted sternly, "He was odd, to those to young or ignorant; he was right!"
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    Bubble Bath took in each statement in stride, nodding, taking notes, looking focused- probably too focused. Her head leaned forward, nodding with every statement, more like a football player in the midst of a huddle then a well balanced soldier pony about to give a speech. And just like that, it was time! Time- to not freeze up. Decisive action and speaking, discard the fluff! Bubble Bath leapt onto the table, head held high! "I! Was going to talk about how so many of our problems are lingering ancient threats that could only be properly predicted by a crackpot team of history ponies and conspiracy nuts! Or, was that history nuts and a team of crackpot conspiracy ponies? In any case! I'm not bringing that up, cause I'm sure somebody else is going to talk about that! So instead, I'm going to talk about stuff we're not doing too bad at!" she said, taking a breath. "Because really, we're going to be saying an awful lot about how bad we're doing, and we shouldn't throw the foal out with the bathwater. So here is some positive stuff!" "When it comes to our combat training... it's pretty much just fine! Pound per pound, ponies can pummel plenty of pesky pernicious perpetrators. For instance, there are a number of documented cases of pony versus changeling combat where in citizen and soldiers ponies alike took on vast numbers of changelings, holding their own for long periods versus utterly superior numbers. So, I don't think that's really a weak spot." "But I think we should really start to cover our strong spots and how to better take advantage of them. What separates us from every other force in this world isn't our discipline, or our combat training, or anything like that. It's our relationship with the ponies of Equestria and how we relate to one another. There are plenty of military forces in the world who do nothing but fight, conquer, control, but we're Guards! We're here for the ponies out there, helping and contributing however we can! It's not always glamorous, but sometimes we have to help a fisherman whose boat is sinking, or help someone lost in the streets, or maybe just stare at the same hallway all day, acting like someone is going to invade, for days and day and days and days, and you just start to question reality, is the carpet really purple, is the Princess real, are we all white or have I gone color blind..." Bubble Bath shook her head hard, getting back on track. "Um, what I mean to say is, ponies look to us for help and guidance in lots of situations, big or small, and they trust us, which means they listen when we tell them how to respond in real emergencies! Which is good. Next point!" Bubble Bath horn sparkled as she sealed herself in a ball and began to roll along the table in front of her fellow guard, cartwheeling inside it, making eye contact. "So, my name is Bubble Bath, I'm a naval recruit, in a chain of command, and it's something I completely respect. We need leaders, order. However, what I don't think is helping us is how little we see of each other outside our branches, not just like this, but as comrades in arms, joined in the common good for Equestria. Have we had a potluck? A luncheon? War games with emphasis on the games part? How can we pull together when we barely even know each other? How are we supposed to be some kind of amazing fighting force when we're all but strangers?" Bubble Bath said, bubble bursting as she returned to her seat. "Every pony is special, has their own talents to bring to the fore, but sometimes it's as if we think every unicorn, pegasus, and earth pony is completely interchangeable with any other, when we know it's just not true! I can make bubbles for almost any occasion, but if it's my job to teleport in and out combat, I'd be useless! The more we know about more Guard ponies, the better tactical decisions we can make as a group, and the closer we are as comrades, the easier inter.... inter-departmental? Affairs will be. So let's all hang out when this is done!" Bubble Bath said with a smile, oblivious, then dropping it as her eyes went wide, snapping into a salute. "Recruit Bubble Bath, speech finished!" she said, then promptly say back down with a sigh of relief. Whoo, nailed it!
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    From the album: Commissions

    My sister bought me Minecraft in return for a ponified family portrait. I'll be drawing everyone individually before mashing them all in the same image. So first up is mah bro. He's actually thinking about joining this site.

    © Art by me character by my brother.

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