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    Hi, Alex aka ToastScience here. I am a 20 year old certified (CompTIA A+ certification) computer technician and a big gamer. I first came across MLP in 2012 when I saw communities i was on talking about how it was becoming big outside it's target audience. I thought it was weird at first and I didn't get it (though I didn't bully anyone about it - I repsect others fandoms), but once I started to see my friends get into the series, I gave it a try finally in 2014 and I instantly considered myself part of the fandom. I would say my favorite of the ponies is Rainbow Dash, because of how awesome she is and acts. Game-wise, I love many types of games, but I like action and simulation games the most. My favorite game series is Call of Duty, as you can tell. I also just pre-ordered Overwatch and like the open beta so far. I'm hoping to make some games soon, as I am starting to learn how to use Unreal Engine 4. My other interests besides what I have mentioned include technical parts of TV/radio stations (especially TV DXing, where out of market TV stations' signal are recieved from extra long distances), electronic music like EDM/dubstep/house, and watching anime every now and then, but I don't watch much. Thank you and I hope to stay for a while here.
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    A-hah! So, this Miss Bevel Gear was a cousin to Star Crusader! Blueblood could deduce it from a certain resemblance in the stoic attitudes of the two mares... plus the fact that one had just drawn the other into a tight bear hug. A much tighter hug, the Prince noted, than Star had ever given to him, but given how much trouble the recipient was having in drawing breath, it was hard to feel jealous. Plus, she wasn't using her wings; that was what made a pegasus hug special. "Ah, so... raised by griffons, were you?" Blueblood asked Bevel, as he pulled a few coaster napkins over to wipe cider off himself. It would certainly explain a lot about her non-Equestrian mannerisms. Silverbeaks... those were the technicians and artisans, if the Prince was remembering his political families correctly. Made sense, he supposed; there was a certain commonality of interest between them and the Fractals. "Well, I'm glad to see you were able to maintain a few family ties. I... didn't have any cousins after I lost my own parents. That's when Celestia really stepped in as my honorary Aunt." He looked over to Star, giving her an appreciative smile. There really was a heart of gold under that stoic exterior, and he was glad to have gotten another glimpse of it. Following her gaze, however, led him to a less pleasant sight, at least for him. *That changeling again...* Well, he supposed it made sense; they had last met in Ponyville. He steadied his breathing, trying to look casual. So far, no panicking. That was good. So long as nopony else made any sudden movements, he would be alright.
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    Hello and Welcome to this forum. I hope you can enjoy your time here. Keep up with the show too if you can, as S6 is ongoing. Enjoy all of the RP's as well.
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    Very good. Love your avatar.
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    I can run it on my desktop, but I don't use my desktop at all usually. That may change, though!
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    I'm such a big fan of Overwatch even though I can't play the game TT__TT ...Welcome to Canterlot!
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    Who should I ban today?
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    Meanwhile outside the borders of the settlement, a lone figure was approaching the the gates of the Askr Hold. Wrapped tightly in the robes and furs of the northern beats, the traveler though nothing about the buffeting winds and ice dusts. The heavy cart that he was hauling didn't seemed to inconvenience him either, his mind already at the forgotten tombs of past Jarls and Kings of Whitescar. Swift Squal - for it was he who walked through the frozen wastes - was not fond of disturbing rest of the dead. But it was strange times for Equestria and it's ponies, with much unrest and malicious forces prowling around the corner. Viking caribou were not mages by any means, but valued magic - especially when used against their foes. There were also those among them who had knowledge of various secrets and possessed mystic powers. And they tended to take both to their graves. Unusual times required the unusual methods. And if Squall had to disturb the peace of the dead, to maintain the peace among the living? So be it. Squall pulled of protecting googles that were covering his eyes. Something was wrong. Hold Askr only just now appeared withing the eyesight and even from here nobelpony could say that something was not right. Some would call it a hunch, others a six sense. But when you were close to death so many times that you could call Grim Pony an acquaintance you started to sense danger way before it came. However Swift Squall however never shied away from danger. Not to mention the there was no other close settlement to go. Steeling himself he continued to march forward. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * When Squall arrived under the town walls his suspicions seemed to prove themselves. All gates were closed and everything was eerily silent. Especially the later was very unsettling. Swift was not fond of the caribou (and that was putting it lightly) but he was conscientious to start learning their customs and culture - a duty that he was still fulfilling. Among the things swordpony learned so far was that the were definitely NOT the quite people. Clan Askr was one of most important in the Whitescar, and caribou understood the importance of trade. Such settlement should be bursting with activity, audible. And yet the only thing Swift was hearing was only the howl of the northern winds. Or not. Unicorn's ears perked as he listened to other kind of howl. One full of bloodlust....and hunger. "What in Harmony's name?" stallion muttered to himself. What kind of beats has taken hold of Clan Askr domain? His eyes squinted as he pondered his options. Should he turn back? For all of his knowledge he was alone, and the city could be taken by denizens of Tartarus himself. If he did that nopony would know that he was here. Except him that is. Squall shook his head. No. He himself may have no love for horned kin of the Whitescar, but it was not up to him if High King was worthy of alliance or not. If something happened to Clan Askr and Jarl Sigrun it fell on his shoulders, to find out and later bear the news of their fate. Besides Count Squallcoast would not sleep peacefully if he did not know what happened to his chosen rival. And turning back because of cowardice disgusted him Fifteen minutes later, laden with various equipment, Swift Squall was scaling up the town walls of the Hold Askr with the clenched teeth.
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    Stopping dead in his tracks, Dark spun around on his hooves and surveyed the surroundings. Eyes squinting at the shadows as he was SURE that there was somepony there now! "It feels like..." he took a few steps closer towards where the girls were hidden. "...soooomepony...." ever closer still. "IS TRYING TO SELL ME SOMETHING!" menacingly he turned and glared at an alleyway opposite of the meddling crusaders. After a few brief moments of awkward silence and staring down into a clearly empty alley, a muffled croaking came from the colt's cape. "...Yeah you're probably right. Everypony knows I don't have any money anyway." with a dramatic flourish of his cape, the villainous colt reached into his bag of butter tarts and took a chomp out of one before continuing on down the road. "Mmm, mm, they really do make the best butter tarts."
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    Welp. Time to actually pay attention to the news. Like, aside from the Fort McMurray fire >.>
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    Skelly smiled sweetly at Voltaire , "I suppose you're right, no matter what I feel safe with you." The wind rustled through the streets with a salty ocean smell. They began their walk to the estate. No pony was out but it was relatively chilly so it didn't seem too unusual. Skelly walked close by Voltaire, something she hoped he was used to already. As the sun set the street lamps turned on, and soon after they came upon the great house. Skelly felt dwarfed by the massive house. Something about it was a bit....intimidating, but Skelly would not admit to being frightened by a house so she ignored the feeling.
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    She said yes, but in reality he felt she said no. He softly let go of her rubbing her neck as he took his hoofs off of her. He looked at the paper the barkeep gave him and guides her along the coast. Walking a bit till she was ready "necromancy ... Pure fiction. It's sad that your uncle wasted so much time, but there are some things that simply ... Aren't real. This should be simple. And safe" he said to her reassuringly. still there was a strange essence that you couldn't deny to this land. He looked down to Hunter whom clearly was uncomfortable with this whole place. He scooped him up and as trained he climbed up on his shoulder. A sad look in his eyes.
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    Skelly blushed as Voltaire put his hooves on her shoulders . She felt very hot and forgot what he had even asked her and she blurted "Yes!" Skelly laughed softly out of embarressment and gazed into his eyes; but only for a moment then shyly broke the gaze by nervously burying her face in his chest.
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    Skelly smiled as Voltaire put his arm around her. She definitely could relate to Hexter and this soothed her worries of something terrible awaiting them at the estate. The drunken sailor had had so many shots by now that he answered "Fun?", followed by a long wheeze of a laugh and , "get a room!" Skelly grimaced harshly unable to contain her disgust, the bartender sighed and said to her and Voltaire, "He's always like that. There's a great view of the ocean just about anywhere you go so long as it's along the coast. Then there's the Colt State Park, Ocean trail, Martha's Vineyard and Blightsworths gardens." The bartender also wrote directions and explained that everything is very close as the island is very small. The old sailor was still laughing and wheezing a bit and the mysterious pony wasn't any more appealing, Skelly gave the cue to leave to Voltaire.
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    Voltaire listened his heart seizing up ready to hear the awful truth. and then he felt awfully silly. Upon hearing the word necromancy it was almost as if you could see him deflating. He turnes back to the bar and took his lips to his drink. Necromancy wasn't real. A silly idea created by some old story teller. it was simple. Dead tissue was simply that ... Dead! Voltaire now felt bad about possibly wording himself and skelly. He sighed and said "well then a toast to the dead!" He raised his glass before tapping it to the counter and faux drank. well it all seemed simple to him. Hexter was a strange stallion not to unlike skelly. He spent his life trying to work on a science that simply didn't exist and like skelly didn't socialize much. Very sad actually, the true horror was that perhaps no one wants to live there life like that! Once skelly and who ever else was in his family forgets about him he will be lost forever! He looked to skelly with a warm smile and swore that he wouldn't let the same happen to her!" he turned to the odd couple. He actually like the fisher but the clocked figure seems a bit like a jerk. Time to close up and get to work. "I see well sorry if I was prying there. Just trying to learn more about the guy for my job. ... Now anything to do around here for fun?" He decided to end it with a simple tourist question and drapped his arm around skelly.
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    The mysterious pony never looked up from the shroud of his shadow. He sneered very slightly and spoke, "Other folk called him crazy...a necromancer! They feared him, they won't admit but they were afraid of him. But it wasn't because they thought he was a necromancer..." Skelly listened, she wanted to know everything now, this was her family, she exclaimed, "Then why did he scare them?!" The sailor pony became uncomfortable, neither agreeing or disagreeing. The mysterious pony answered, tone unchanged, "He knew the truth. But he didn't deny it or ignore it like everypony else."
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    ...Alright, fair point. Seeing as he wasn't a Changeling who made it a point to waltz into towns undisguised like he hadn't a care in the world, Inkbrand honestly couldn't say he'd thought about the impact an approaching Changeling might have on ponies with weaker stomachs than most. True, a waltzing Changeling probably wouldn't set off alarm bells in his own head, but could the same be said of a pony that'd witnessed the invasion first-hoof? Either of them? But then again...he wasn't a Changeling, but he was a tattoo-covered, chain-slinging, and roguishly handsome stallion, and was an undisguised Changeling waltzing into Ponyville really all that different from his own excursions into various communities and districts? Equestria knew he got at least three upturned noses and more than a hoof-ful of glares whenever he trot through some of Canterlot's upper neighborhoods, and while no one ever accosted him for being an invading force, a warm welcome had clearly been the furthest thing from their minds. Because he didn't cover up his tats, slick back his mane, and drop all the accessories. As bucking annoying as it was to be immediately judged and labeled as a certain type by simple appearance, he knew - bucking knew, didn't he, it's how he'd earned his cutie mark, after all - that pretending otherwise, attempting to conform to what they thought was acceptable only made the fallout that much worse. And who the buck were they, anyways? "But you make things worse by using a disguise, too," Inkbrand argued, leaning against the bench, forelegs splayed across the back of it. "I mean," he continued, eyes flicking off to the side, "yeah, everything's all fine and dandy when they're talking to you, but you turn around and say you're a Changeling and it's like - " a vague yet punctuated gesture through the air demonstrated his point as best he could, for the moment, " - it's like a prank, right? 'Cept it's not funny. Then all they can focus on is, 'oh rot, she's a Changeling, she lied to me!' Rather than the, 'oh rot, she's a Changeling and she hasn't sucked my skull out, she must be alright after all.'" Another few pointless gestures through the air conveyed his meaning, to some extent, to the point of almost knocking over the - now undoubtedly cold - coffee cups situated at his side. Not his own cup, though - that one was safely out of the way of gyrating limbs.
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    Oops. Naj moved a little too quickly, she supposed. It was partly intentional, Inkbrand had seemed a bit flightly earlier, and Naj was hoping that by moving fast enough she would make it easier to talk things out rather than try to make a graceful exit, but it was possible she overdid it a bit. She hadn't counted on him not noticing her approach. Once Inkbrand had a moment to recover though, everything seemed to go the way Naj had hoped, although she winced slightly at the mention of the unpleasant surprise. She still wasn't comfortable with the idea of causing that to happen, at least when she off duty. “Well,” she began, “I would think it obvious why I wouldn't want to look like a changeling in Ponyville, between the previous attack on the city and the sorts of ponies who live here.” She nodded in acknowledgement, as she continued. “But I guess that's still a fair question.” She paused, looking at the town around them for a moment as she considered her answer. “And the answer is that it could only make things worse to not use a disguise. Ponies might panic, or thing they're under attack, and even if it all got sorted out later that's still not something I want to happen. This way ponies can get used to the idea of talking to a changeling without having to confront it so...” she waved her hoof in the air, searching for the right word, “...blatantly.” Naj paused for a moment, thinking of an important but unpleasant example, and when she spoke next it was a little more quiet than before. “When I 'came clean' in Ponyville, somepony asked me to drop my disguise. And the moment I did, a unicorn had a complete breakdown. Just from seeing what I 'really look like'. He had some help, and seemed to be okay a minute or so later, but I never want that sort of thing to happen, if I can help it.” She fell silent, staring at the ground between the two, and waited for a response.
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