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    As Martini Paradise listened to the Changeling Naj's story, she was both fascinated and taken aback, this Changeling actually had Equestrian citizenship, given by Celestia herself! Or at least the immigration department under her. Well that explained why no pony alerted the guards, not even Dusty, who was initially shock by the sight of Naj enough to have a fainting spell. It turned out though the now recovered tan unicorn stallion may have been more awestruck than fearful at the sight of a Changling because he was suddenly full of questions Martini herself felt were a bit too intrusive. Martini was tempted to shush him but politeness and curiously stopped her, besides it should be up to Naj if she wanted to answer them or not. This was a Gala though and folks were here to mingle, be seen, and dance and it turned out the Changeling even had a volunteer in that last department. Given how public Naj and the dark red earth pony were in their affection towards each other, Martini assumed they were already warmly acquainted, and unlike herself, this pony was openly comfortable with Naj. For the first time, Martini feel bad about her own bigoted view of Changelings, even if she was still leery and wasn't quite ready to change her beliefs yet, still, she was a professional and that meant keeping any personal feeling aside. "Well hon, don't let me stand in your way, sounds like you have a willing partner and teacher, one that fancies you by the look of it!" She gave a friendly wink. As interesting as the Changeling may have been, Martini had other customers to attend to and quickly trotted over to the patiently waiting magenta pegasus mare that ordered some salt water. She curiously had on some light ceremonial armor that looked like it was from the lands west of Aquella, lands Martini wasn't knowledgeable in but curious about. "Sure thing hon, one salted water coming right up!" As she levitated the ice cubes into the glass and began to pour the water, Martini's curiosity got the better of her, "so hon, what's your name and where do you hail from, your uniform there certainly isn't formal R.E.A wear, seen more than enough local guards to know that at least." Before she could even put the salt in the drink a commotion had broken out on the floor. Now this wasn't unusual at the Ponyland bar where she normally worked, but a brawl in the lounge at the Grand Galloping Gala? This was a first, well at least at any Galas she's worked at. Martini had no idea what started it, but something had set off one of the Caribou, a large, rough looking cow, and she was now in full charge, barreling toward an unusual looking serpent, maybe a sea serpent? Martini couldn't really tell, what she could tell is that others were having a very hard time stopping her! Well there were going to be no fights on Martini's watch! Levitating a large helping of ice cubes from the tray with her magic, she aimed them quickly and carefully, her years as a bartender giving her magic a fine tuned sense of timing and direction. "Rule number one, no fighting in my bar!!" With her declaration and sudden force Martini rapidly flung the ice cubes as a singular mass to the floor in front of the raging Caribou, causing her to trip up and start to slip about wildly, hopefully it would enough to finally stop her.
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    Sable snorted in amusement at Gibb's words. " Heh, ah'll take thaht as uh compliment, 'n maybe ah'll tell yuh why over that drink ya promised me. " She watched silently as he moved down towards Clive's body, her eyebrows rising sharply as he collapsed into ashes, all but his skull, which she had the strangest feeling was mocking her with its hollow eyes. She smirked at her light brown companion's comment, nodded in agreement, then bent down herself and carefully plucked Clive's skull from the floor, blowing away some of the ash from it as she held it somewhat awkwardly between her splinted hands. She chuckled and gave Gibb a sly look. " Sure, s' long ahs yuh don't mahnd sseein' uh soakin' wet girl an' maybe helpin' if ah start tuh drown." She glanced back at the skull, then sorta turned it towards Gibb and gave a little shrug. " Ah think ah'll bring him along with us, call me sentimental, but in uh way, he helped us get outta here, an ah'd just feel real bad tuh leave him here...well, ahlluh him here anyway. " As the changeling started jumping repeatedly on the floor, Sable took a step back and called out to her. " Whoa there girl, might not be sucha good ahdea tuh hop on it lahk that, ah think we should be more cautious ahbout this! " She managed to sorta hug Clive's skull to her chest, half cradling it, half tucking it under one arm, so it was about as secure as she could get it for the moment.
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    There seem to be some misconceptions floating around so allow me to clear the air. Myth: Spending time with me is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Fact: All currently living white tigers are severely inbred and descend from a single white cub that was captured in the 50s. Any sanctuary that claims they're an endangered species is not a sanctuary you should trust or give your money to.
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    Friend. That word; it carried a lot of meaning for Yù Yuè. The empress voice inside of her warned that Princess Twilight was premature in declaring their friendship, when they've barely gotten a chance to know each other yet. All the same... it was comforting to know someone considered the Qilin worthy of being friends, and not just in the "potential future allies" sense either. Yuè knew enough about Twilight to understand that like herself, Twilight had been suddenly thrust into the role of a royal (and quite recently at that) with little to no time to prepare for new responsibilities. If there was one being on this Earth who'd personally understand whatever difficulties the Empress was expected to face over the coming years, it would be the lavender alicorn. The Empress was almost afraid to touch the glistening metal band, forged so exquisitely. With the greatest of care, Yuè took the object in her hoof. "...I will wear this gift with the uttermost pride," she carefully slid the band onto a foreleg, before looking back up at Twilight; "Although the vast oceans may separate our lands, may our friendship blossom heedless of ant distance." While she spoke, the Empress gestured for a hoofmaiden, who brought her a small strip of ornamental-looking paper and a calligraphy brush dipped in ink (the Imperial retinue had an uncanny knack for immediately delivering needed items to the Empress). Writing the words "Twilight Sparkle" on the paper strip, Yuè looked at Twilight, closed her eyes, gently inhaled... and then blew out a light burst of magical aqua flames. Said flames dissolved the piece of paper on the Qilin's hoof as it headed onward towards the alicorn, eventually absorbing itself into Twilight's horn as if powered by a will of its own. "I have established a magical bond between us," Yuè explained with a fond smile as her servant showed Twilight the brush and another paper strip; "If you write my name down on that paper, you can then use an equivalent unicorn spell to complete the link. This will allow you and I to personally send letters to one another; no matter where we are....." --- Many of the ponies had conversation they were engaged in to gaze up upon the colorful Fu Feng. Presteza had been quite dazzled by the exotic creature, prompting a satisfied smirk from Yuè. One of the sneaky benefits of keeping surprises. There was no time to address the painter's questions however, because Serendipity recovered from her spellbound state to chime in with more of her flirtations. The Qilin kept her composure better this time, although she still couldn't stop her cheeks from blushing. If Yuè's brother hadn't already left to pass out gifts... he would likely hit it off very well with the casino mare. Coming next out of left field was... an especially strange stallion. Yuè's first instinct would have been to label this inappropriately dressed pony as a practitioner of dark magical arts, if the memento mori motif of his garments were any indication. And yet analyzing the way Chipper Demise spoke... no hint of malice could be found. Rather, Chipper possessed all the mannerisms of a young colt; from the naive way in which he barged onto the scene for the sake of finding his friend, to the matter-of-fact way in which he complimented the Qilin's looks... the Empress guessed that was supposed to be the case? Either way, the royal mare was at a loss for words... and wouldn't get a chance to respond anytime soon, as a diamond dog pulled Chipper back. Wait... that wasn't Liviel from Fenghuang Monastery, was it? Yuè shook her head; now wasn't the time to get distracted. The ceremony needed to continue uninterrupted; an empress can't let herself be easily sidetracked! Meanwhile, Fu Feng basked in the admiration of all the ponies around him. Even the local crows of Canterlot knew majesty when they saw it! Apparently not the local bats though; too busy carrying their fruit around. The fenghuang was tempted to steal that tasty snack however, but then his eyes caught notice of the phoenix. Like the other bird, Fu Feng cocked his head as he pondered what this attention-grabbing phoenix was. It sure had rather fiery- A sudden flying pony appeared! Fu Feng squawked in confusion; she was blocking his view of the phoenix! So the fenghuang did the easiest thing it could do to regain vision; by making a wing-assisted leap onto the top of the yellow pony's head, thus allowing observation of the phoenix again. Ah, much better! The Empress took this unscripted moment in stride; it wasn't as if she could hope to discipline an immortal bird. Instead, she raised her voice for the first time that evening so that all the crowd could hear. "This fenghuang of Long Guo is the gift... I give to all of Equestria!" she outstretched a foreleg towards Fu Feng; "Now, let us properly introduce the noble birds of our two nations to one another! Fluttershy, if you please..." Like it or not, Fluttershy served as the fenghuang perch for the moment, until Fu Feng decided otherwise.
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    If Pretzelpony approves, I'm thinking of retooling EPIC (Equestrian Protection and Investigation Command) into this AU's version of SHIELD, led by no other than Director Pummel (based off my General Pummel OC).
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    Lol I put Slash on autopilot since I will be busy until the end of August or Dreamy can take over (if that is okay with her). Cinder is on autopilot too. sorrysorrysorrysorry.
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    With the presentation ceremony for the fenghuang having gone smoothly, Prince Lián had taken it upon himself to wander the gala in an attempt to find the other heroines of Equestria. He had caught a glimpse of a couple of them off in the ballroom, but with dances starting up, the Qilin didn't want to barge in and interrupt the festivities. Instead he, along with the handmaiden helping him, would seek out the other two instead. Their gifts were among the easier to give anyway. With no small measure of searching, and no small measure of being stopped to be greeted by nobles and others wanting to greet him, Lián finally had the good fortune to happen upon the arrival of what could be nothing other than the Apple family. He had been told that Applejack's family was numerous, but to such an extent? Family gatherings must have been an interesting thing to see. Scanning the crowd as they came, it thankfully didn't take long for the Qilin to spy the one he had been looking. Making his way over to the, thankfully smaller group, the Prince bowed in greeting. "Greetings, Lady Applejack and family. I hope that I'm not intruding on anything private." with a happy smile the Prince stood once more. "I am Prince Lián of Long Guo, it's wonderful to meet you!"
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    https://www.myinstants.com/instant/pyrrha-im-sorry/ I'm just a procrastinating machine. I have the entirety of this fight planned out, right down to how you're gonna die. But I just keep doing other things
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    Articuno was my first legendary. Totally Master Ball'd it too!
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    Food, check. Tons of ponies? Check. Cheesy waltz music? Check - unfortunately. Not that Inkbrand was exactly certain what he'd been expecting. The Grand Galloping Gala was, whatever its recent reputation, a formal event. He couldn't exactly expect the band to start blaring some Steppenhoof for the ponies to bash their heads to - though, that would have been epic. But no, there was the obligatory waltz drafting out from the stage and into the crowded room, where the dance floor was already filled with couples engaged in the stately and balanced give-and-take of a ballroom dance. Not to mention the atmosphere. Whereas the gardens had seemed less formal and more casual, with nature clinging around every corner, the opulence and grandiose setting of the ballroom fairly screamed hoity-toity, along with the bowties and bulging ballroom gowns most ponies seemed to be sporting. Seriously. It wasn't like Inkbrand was all that into the fashion scene, so he really couldn't make an accurate comparison, but it felt like nearly every mare boasted the same puffy dress, just in different variations and with different accessories. At least they were worn well, the grey Earth Pony thought as he whistled lowly under his breath, eyes drawn to a passing mare who was positively rocking yet another puff dress, though this one featured artistic slits that showed off tantalizing flashes of flank and color underneath the shimmering billows of her gown. Bucking tease. Inkbrand didn't bother hiding his frank appreciation as his eyes drank their fill, and only just noticed when the mare noticed his gaze, immediately balked then glowered in almost the same instant, before turning her head a sheer ninety degrees upwards to stalk off towards the sidelines, and very pointedly away from him. Tch. Like he wasn't expecting that in a city like Canterlot. ...No. No, what he wasn't expecting, not by a long shot, was the sudden glimpse of dark, star-filled decadence to catch around his peripherals, causing Inkbrand to momentarily freeze as his brain struggled to accept what his eyes were transmitting. They continued struggling for a few more seconds thereafter, in which Inkbrand did his very best to impersonate the biggest, most gaping, mouth-flapping fish ever known to pony kind. "Holy buck," the tattoo clad stallion hissed, and didn't even care if any one overheard him because holy buck, there was Princess Luna, just...standing there, in all her curvaceous glory. Standing, right there. There, like she was an actual pony and not some rarely seen but oft heard about legend. And wonders of all wonders, she was sporting a sleek and trimmed gown rather than the puffy ones near every other mare was wearing - a gown that did everything to accentuate her mild long legs and the dark features that gave the Alicorn such a mysterious and mystical aura. Though, personally, he would have chosen a paler purple than the trim on her back, something closer to silver rather than lavender, to wrap around her neckline and possibly meander down her front right leg - shimmering patterns to reflect starlight and moonlight, that stood stark and vibrant against her dark coat and oh wait he was thinking about tattoos now not outfits. Inkbrand could have, quite happily, spent the rest of his evening sighing lustfully over the dark Alicorn as she strut about the dance floor...but hay, where would the fun have been in that? He'd also been a doer, not a thinker, and - as his luck just so happened to have it - there seemed to be no other pony making a beeline towards the Princess for a dance. At least, she seemed to be conversing with two other mares who were already locked in a dance, and were they crazy, dancing with each other when one of them could have asked for a dance from the Alicorn?! ...Or maybe, Princess Luna had sworn off dancing for the evening? In order to avoid showing favoritism, or some rot?...fair enough, he supposed. Either way, the tattoo-clad wasn't overly concerned as he stalked out onto the dance floor, his steps casual and languid as he approached. The Princess, if she were so disposed to dancing, probably had tons of ponies all clambering for a turn. Though, bodily interjecting himself into her conversation probably wouldn't be the best way to make an impression, and in a rare moment of social grace, Inkbrand patiently waited until the three of them were done conversing... ...beeeeefore he proceeded to bodily inject himself into their conversation. "I'm seeing a problem here," the tattoo-clad stallion spoke up once he was close enough to the three, face relaxed with a roughish grin as his eyes traveled over the three bodies in front of him. "Three ponies don't make for a very comfortable waltz...though I suppose I could even out the numbers, a bit," Inkbrand sing-songed, as if it might be such a burden to dance with the Lunar Princess - though, the grin didn't leave his face as he turned to fully face the mare, one hoof outstretched in invitation. "Whaddya say, Your Royalship?" he cajoled, the wicked grin on his face turning sharper as he stared into her face, "fancy a spin?" In all truth, Inkbrand was expecting to be shot down immediately - it was bucking Princess Luna, for crying out loud - but hey. It was the interaction that counted, the precipice before the fall, and if he was about to get chased off with a frying pan upside the head - Then hay yes, he was going to make this a night to remember.
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    OK, I'm good with this Passing it along!
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    I liked Pikachu as a starter....Yay for Yellow.... But really, Fennekin for best. I do love foxes. I guess I'll help Davroth burn everything down.
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    The dragon chuckled, rolling her head as she took in the greetings and questions. "My flight was long, but uneventful. I took advantage of a nearby cave I found abandoned in order to rest before completing the journey. Your pegasus teams are quite accomplished at making the flight smooth, I barely needed to interfere at all in the weather once I entered your borders." she replied to Celestia, who had addressed her first. In deference to her other guest, the sultana of Saddle Arabia no less, Yuchou withdrew and reoriented herself. She offered a nod of acknowledgement to Princess Luna, smiling softly at the retinue of foals and other visitors surrounding the princess of the Moon, then continued looping and twisting through the air until she formed a loose spiral above the foals with her head and foreclaws looped around to orient on the new mother. "My goodness," she says with a subtle sparkle in her ancient eyes, "Equestrian princesses hear some interesting rumors. I do understand that you have a young foal of your own, 榮幸母親*. Were you in need of advice, perhaps?" she asks, smiling coyly. More than merely extending a claw in friendship, which she was doing, Matron Yuchou had been chosen for the expedition to answer these sorts of questions, just as she would have at Lake Huahuo.
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    Because Bulbasaur is the Best.
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    I've had a chance to look this over for you. Overall, looks great! One thing: Please choose either the cutie mark section or the history section for the info on how he got the mark. The same paragraph explaining how he got his mark appears twice in the app. Once this is done, let me know here and I'll pass this along for you.
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    My favourite starter is Bulbasaur though!
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    Master Ball MissingNo and tear apart the universe from the seams!
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    I return after hiatus! also, this is a double post because I couldn't wait to reveal this. this, my friends, is why I like japan. and thomas the tank engine.
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    Dunder tensed up at the griffon's peck on the cheek, the display catching the stallion off guard. By the circumstances of their 'date', he had figured they would follow the standard procedure the two had established. After he realized what had happened he accepted it. He smiled at her and leaned in to push his nose against her soft neck feathers in a nuzzle. "Well, Fire told me you were upset and barely budging. I just had to come and make sure you were okay." Dunder said, still wondering what would put such a normally tough griffoness in such gloom. He didn't wonder for long, though, because the princess gave him a stiff slap on the back, knocking the air right out of his lungs and mind right out of his tranquility. He hacked a few times, leaning away from the birdcat, retiring back to a sitting position. "Thanks...." He replied weakly, then hacked again. Then the Acroneighos pony commented about the WRAITH ponies, hoping they wouldn't try for revenge. "I hope not, either, but I was wearing my mask. On top of that, with the circumstances of the fight I doubt any of them would want to pick up a weapon against Equestria or her allies again." With the pink bartender there, he had to resist getting another alcoholic drink. "Can I get a water with a lemon wedge, please?" He asked the bartender, and turned to see the Princess crying out how she was going to vanquish a... lindworm? Everything happened too fast for the inebriated Dunder, anyway, he doubted after just that pat on the back that anything could stop her.
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    Fluttershy was glad to take a step back as Twilight took on more of the diplomacy of the meeting. Now that she was not the focus of the group, she noticed all of the ponies and other creatures that were venturing out into the garden and drifting away. Some ponies just seemed to watch from the edges, others went right up to the Empress. A pegasus chemist had done just that, trying to peddle her wares to the Quilin royals. Despite the Empress' adept handling of the crowd, Fluttershy still felt like this was not how this evening was supposed to be going. She was beginning to realize that the books that she and Twilight had read about Long Guo were out-of-date at the very least, but they had stressed that formality and ceremony were very important. This ceremony had been anything but formal, and... wait... was Serendipity flirting with the Empress?? That was just not appropriate! ... But the Empress seemed to take it in stride. Thankfully, Twilight's presentation of her gift seemed to be the trigger to start the next part of the ceremony. A loud voice boomed out, the source a Quilin stallion in formal dress. Behind him, however, was a plainly-dressed Longma carrying a perch. It was the creature on the perch that really caught Fluttershy's attention. The fenghuang was magnificent sight, his feathers were all the colors of a rainbow, and the bird held himself as if he were royalty. Fluttershy couldn't help but let out a little squeal of excitement. Forgetting all about the ceremony herself, she rushed over to perched bird. "Oh my goodness! I've never seen a bird like this before! Oh, the pictures in the book just don't compare!" Fluttershy took to the air to meet the eyes of the fenghuang. "Hello, Fu Feng! I'm Fluttershy, and I want to welcome you to Equestria!" Meanwhile, Philomena gave the fenghuang an appraising look, cocking her head to one side. Hmm... nice plumage and all, but... something just seemed... off. She couldn't put a talon on it, but there was something about this bird she just didn't like... She was then distracted, however, by two crows that suddenly flapped into the crowd. One of them was staring up at her. Where had these two come from?? ...But the two interlopers gave her an idea. She looked up again at the approaching fenghuang, a mischievous smirk growing on her beak...
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    Sunrise blinked a bit in surprise at Rarity's sudden disappearance at the hooves of Rainbow Dash. Well, that was interesting, she had to wonder what they were conversing about wherever they went. Now, she had nothing against two mares being in love, but the fact that they were both famous made her pause. Were they even an item? Who knew, and it didn't matter at the moment anyways. In any case, her gaze turned back to Silver as he accepted her offer for a dance, causing her to smile as she returned the small bow. "I am honored to have your companionship in this dance, sir Silverheart. You may lead if you wish." She said to him, smiling at him and the maid that had just brought him some wine. She did not really wish to have any drinks at the moment, so she simply let the maid go about her business. "I must ask, sir Silverheart, but where did you procure your outfit? I enjoy it very much." Sunrise questioned, trying to give him some time to drink the wine. "Also, if you ever find yourself in Manehatten, do not hesitate to stop by my boutique."
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    But the sandshrew is soooooooooooo cute.
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    Fire Walker watched the icy blue mare as she and her partner strutted over to the dance floor. This would be her next step. Hit the floor! Strut her stuff! Hopefully she would be able to last a few seconds without stepping on all of Swift's hooves. Thankfully the mare was able to fit in a few dance lessons into her rather busy schedule during the last few months. While she was no Mare Taglioni, her one hundred bits a lesson should have at least made her a little more graceful. Once the pair found their spot, more appropriate music started as a young pianist began what sounded like a waltz. Whatever song it was, it sure sounded rather nice, and would be perfect to start the night of dancing with her stallion. The red mare couldn't help but smile as Silverheart's cheeks turned a few shades of red. It was so odd that they were so close in age, but the stallion's baby-face and small build made him look so much younger. The officer could easily pass as a teenager. "We'll have to get the gang together one of these days and have a few drinks...Discuss all the more interesting things that have happened so far." If he wasn't working, did the stallion take anypony with him? She doubted any mare in her right mind would say no to such a handsome fellow. Maybe mentioning Punk Walker was probably not the wisest thing she could have done this night. "Yes, he's my brother.", four years of Professor Deadpan's 'Stiff Upper Lip' classes kept the mare from losing her cool as the officer spoke of his recent misadventure. "Oh dear.", she whispered, "I have not spoken to my brother since he had been kicked out of an little café in Ponyville. Apparently he was rather rude to Lady Dash. And from what I had heard, it took the presence of our little sister Wind, to keep the rainbow haired mare from giving him a good thrashing.", she couldn't help but shudder as she imagined the ruckus he created. The red mare silently hoped her beleaguered brother would grow up a bit and find his place in the world before he managed to tiss the wrong person off for the last time. It seemed her old friend would have a dance with Lady Rarity, and then something happened. "Erm.", she muttered to herself. Hopefully once things were settled, the stallion would have his chance to entertain the overworked unicorn on the dance floor. And speaking of Rarity, her Swift had a few words about the mare. And while she did not agree with his compression between the elegant mare and an marshmallow, she decided not to argue. She did agree with the rest that he said. "Well, he probably shouldn't have been so rude to us and of course the whole mugging thing probably wasn't such a good idea either.", she sighed, "Still felt a little bad for hitting him so hard." The larger races tended to underestimate ponies when it came to a fight. Yes, he stood several feet over the pair, but when angered or annoyed a pony sure can kick! "As for Wind.", she whispered, "Kid still hasn't hit puberty yet, so she still has a bit to go, and I don't think she was smaller than me when I was that age, but I do know she's going to be something..Gal is fast. I mean super fast. Most in the family say she's faster than Great Aunt Stardust ever was, and that gal was a Wonderbolt." She couldn't help but giggle like a silly school filly when the noble-pony mentioned Star Crusader's no answer when it came to how she went from being an trusted ally of Blueblood to an lover. "Probably not something that could be politely discussed in a proper ballroom. I'm sure we'll hear later on." And now it was time for dancing! They might have missed a majority of the waltz, but they would at least get a few moments to find their spot. "Sounds like a plan.", the mare responded as she followed the stallion onto the floor.
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    As hoped for, calling Presteza and Java as witnesses brought forward the desired favroable testimonials, as well as a bit of relationship comedy. Halvard watched the interactions with an amused smile, chuckling as the stallion corrected his formal term of address. "No offense taken, Voronoi. I can imagine that the proposed display would have taken up most of your attention. And as my own mate is rather flirtatious herself, in her own way, I can understand your position. If I may offer a word of advice? If you are frozen because you cannot think of what to do, there is a simple rule of hoof you can follow: if the affections are wanted, contrive some means of joining in. If they are not, send the interloper packing with a memorable injury." Of course, if Jarl Sigrun were to receive any unwanted affection, she would hardly need him to send the undesired caribou away. But it was the willingness to do the right thing that was important. The Earth pony had more to say as well, in terms of business. Halvard nodded at the name of Prince Blueblood; that unicorn royal had begun to make himself conspicuous in the Whitescar court by his two visits, and offers of investment. Very generous offers, too, though as the Vakstyra understood them, they were very much motivated politically. But, given that the political motivations in question lined up nicely with the designs of Clan Breen. "Indeed, I had a chance to talk with him before the Gala. Only, for some reason, he is a Princess Bluebelle now. And ponies here looked at me funny when I asked about that, so I must think that this change was well-known before. I can't say that I've ever heard of such a thing in my own country, but you southerners are very different, as I have been told..." He shook his head. Back to business. "I see. The Vakstyra, at present, have little in the way of ships. Having them would enable us to more easily establish posts on other coasts, in order to better escort and protect merchant traffic to and from our ports. I can see us having use for both of those classes, though at present much of the cargo space would have to be dedicated to munitions." Havlard sighed. War was hell, especially for commerce. Still, Equestria being a peaceful land, there were possibilities here. Yes, distinct possibilities; even this Serendipity mare was beginning to realize them. "I shall definitely take you up on that offer, as his... her.... their Royal Highness has been generous with their bits. One of the reasons I am here with my mate is to act as a cultural ambassador, in order to show a... different side to our culture than the one you were recently introduced to. The more ways we have to promote the cause of peace, the better." His saturnine visage then broke into a grin. "And if we can make a fortune in the process, we certainly won't turn down the opportunity!" He laughed and winked at the Las Pegasus mare. "Speaking of Sigrun, though, I should probably get back to her. Last I saw, she was headed to the hall- or, I guess you call it the lounge? Where you serve drinks. I feel like taking down a few myself. But it was a great pleasure to meet you all." And with a bow, he turned to take his leave, paying little heed to the commotion surrounding the arrival of the Eastern Pheonix. Birds were not in Halvard's line, after all, especially when they proposed to delay a caribou from his ale. (Exit Halvard) ~~~ Birds were rather more in the line of the next arrival out in the gardens. In fact, he was preceded by two of them, crows to be exact. "Croa-ak, Caw-ca-caw!" In their own way, the pair of them were just as exotic as Philomena and Fu Feng, having come all the way from Whitescar. Not that they looked nearly so impressive, of course, though both looked considerably better than usual. Normally ruffled and ragged feathers had been preened and gently shampooed to a sleek, sable shine. Their attitude, sadly, had undergone no corresponding cleansing. Thus, their entrance was loud and raucous, like a pair of drunk party-goers, until they both caught a glimpse of the two Pheonixes on display. "Caw Caw- croak? CAW!" Both flapped and flopped in mid-air, as if they had both struck a glass door, lying dazed on the ground as they looked up rapturously. "Cawww..." They both croaked in unison, obviously, hopelessly love-struck. "Nyahahaahah! You won't get anywhere with them by just lying around, you know!" The voice rang out from the doorway, followed closely by it's owner. Like his avian friends, Chipper Demise had cleaned himself up for what he understood to be a formal occasion. No ratty cloaks with huge holes in it for him! Nope, he was only bringing out the finest of his robes, that were washed with actual soap! The Blue colorations and silver filagree were just what was needed to set off his dark purple coat and white hair perfectly, too! It was just a pity that the design itself heavily featured skulls. Never an especially friendly symbol, you're average skull, though Chipper could not for the life of him understand why. They were always smiling so cheerfully! The young unicorn himself was smiling too, with a grin that would have put any skull to shame. His eyes seemed half-shut, but they were able to scan the crowd in the Gardens easily enough. He stood on the lawn until his gaze lit upon Empress Yue, at which point he made a beeline towards her, skidding to a stop in a cloud of grassblades. "Hiya!" He waved enthusiastically at her, grin never faltering. "I'm Chipper Demise, but you can call me Chip! I'm actually looking for a friend of mine; from what he told me, I could find him near the prettiest mare with two horns on her head and tufts on her hooves. But..." He looked around. "Huh. He doesn't seem to be here. I guess one of us must be mistaken." It had to be said, that while his words were flirtatious, his tone was less so. It was more as if the stallion had been raised by wolves (which he actually had been to a certain extent), and thus was blind to the normal social clues and limitations. If he thought a mare was pretty, he'd say so as a conversational fact.
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    The dance continued and soon Maud became comfortable with it once more, the somwhat flutered feeling Pinkie and her pecuilar interventions had left her with dimming in her for the most part. She instead focused once more on the music and on Rose and felt her happiness soar. It was unusual. Something to which she was entirely unaccustomed, and yet it felt strangely natural, like the dance was as natural a means to express herself as her poetry was. The dance became slower, but the movements there were somehow seemed more meaningful. She wanted that moment to last, she realized. Then Rose asked her a question, which surprised but did not at all displease the earth pony. "Well," she said simply. This would have been the entire answer to this question in most cases, but something in the moment compelled Maud to be more thorough. "I've been serving as a research assistance to one of my professors," she said. "It's kept me busy and unable to leave the university." This was a lot more information than Maud would normally give, but she was compelled to say it, perhaps feeling she owed Rose a reason why she hadn't seen her in a while. "But I won't have many more requirements left after this..." She let the dance continue a bit and then looked at Rose a little more intently, finding she was curious about the other mare. "What about you? Other than the trip you mentioned.... what have you been up to?"
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    Without context, that sentence is complete gibberish.
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    It just hoses Dragon types in Red.
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    Rose took notice of Pinkie as she bounced around her and Maud, her focus was primarily on her close friend opposite her in their dance, but then she was suddenly pulled away by Pinkie. The mare felt a hint of frustration but that melted once she was caught and she heard pinkie's words to her. Her face remain unchanged but it seemed as though her coat had suddenly gone beet red, well, at least on her head. "Thanks." She said in the usual bland register while she looked off to the side back at Maud... and before she knew it she was swung back! Rose's change of coloration fell once she was back in Maud's relaxing immediate vicinity. Her cheeks still were rather hot from her internal fluster and once maud spoke, Rose could only blurt out in her listless voice. "It is. With you." The steps of the dance seemed to get... slower still between the two ponies. Much like her rock loving friend, Rose felt like her heart was going to burst out of her chest as it went on... but it still caused her no alarm. She felt at peace: calm, and centered. It was almost always like this in the times she'd met Maud. While she'd been hoping that the silence that let her enjoy this moment would last, she felt she should probably ask a bit more about her friend, "How has the progress on your Rocktorate gone?"
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    Applejack beamed as her sister hopped out of the wagon. She looked so grown up in her gala dress! It seemed like only yesterday she was helping to raise the little filly and now here she was... a young mare. A surge of pride welled up in AJ as she put a foreleg over Abby. "Would ya jus' lookit that dress! Abby..." She looked away, pretending to fix her forelocks as she wiped away astray tear. "Yer the best sister a mare could ever ask fer! We're gonna have a heap o' fun tahnight!" Granny Smith and Uncle Strudel had made their way out of the transport. "Look out everypony! These two are gonna set the gala on fire with their fancy dance moves aren't ya Granny?" Applejack trotted towards the entrance. "I'd say Hi know a thing er three about galas Abby! Come on Apples! Let's git this shindig rollin'!" It wasn't long before they had made their way inside. AJ suddenly felt her stomach rumble as she glanced about. "Yah know Apples, maybe we should fuel up before we dance?" She glanced at a long table just outside on the lawn that was laden with fancy party fare.
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    From the album: Artsssssss

    So here is Myalis~ She's an adoptable~ She's a species I'm working on. Enjooy~
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    Welcome back to Canterlot, Marchams!! Marchams? Marcha? Hum... Nicknames don't always come out of my mind naturally >_> o3o Yeah! Please do enjoy your time returning here to our humble little community to the absolute fullest!~
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    Welcome back. Catch up with any episodes you have missed, and also try to keep up with the show if you can. S6 is on hiatus, but returning soon. Stay longer this time maybe?
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    Welcome back to Canterlot! Hope to see you roleplaying again soon!
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    Welcome back! I hope you can enjoy your returned time here as much as possible!
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    That's so weird! I was gone for just over 3 years before I came back... Welcome back
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    Welcome back! "Sydphony" is a really creative name
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