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    you are WEAK and would not have survived LPW in its hayday (control+F the word hint on each page) (doing that won't work actually sorry)
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    Was that supposed to be a question Angelina? I don't see the question mark
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    I'm looking forward to the day this thread reaches 2666 pages as I wasn't here for 666 or 1666, and also just because If I'm not here the day it reaches 2666 pages, summon me ples
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    fawkes has been here since page 11 and is a sentimental sappequus. he will be back. he's always back.
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    Here "http://www.canterlot.com/forum/416-character-applications/" is where you can start a topic to submit your OC or a canon cast character. Here 'http://www.canterlot.com/forum/416-character-applications/' is the application form No worries, we're here to help~
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    you want some goldfish?
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    Just don't call me Cathy. End of. And I would prefer it if you didn't give me so many nicknames
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    I am the next Lucifer! You dare question my skills!? Yeah, I don't "own" any human, but Fawkes is a God-for-fun, so shouldn't care about that fact
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    I got off college early today too
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    I thought everyone was talking about Google... Still don't think it's that special, but the fact it's the 5th year makes me feel kinda good. I like the 5x tables, especially any number ending in 5, and 5 itself
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    Don't call me Cathy. End of
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    I wish people in real life would call me Cat, but I just get called my own boring name which was given to me by people I don't like very much You wanna know something?
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    I'm okay with homosexuality. There's nothing wrong with it in my eyes So that doesn't count The thing that lines her up for eternal suffering is crossing my path in a bad way
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    Clothes I wear during daytime, if I even go out, feel fine enough to sleep in But unless I actually go out, I'm always in my pyjamas when I'm at home And it depends where exactly and how tired I feel
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    I admit I did like the show back then, but I haven't watched it in aaaaaaaaaages. I stopped at season 3 too
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    Hey guys, guess what I went looking for! My original introduction: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/10712-first-time/ Keeping in mind I was a younger person back then, and more stupid
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    Jokes! I'm just a cat
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    Ii think I may have heard the name, but that's about it
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    Uuuummmm... I don't think I even thought about what I expected
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    Except someone I hate turning out to be on the course, college was pretty great Bloody ex-best friend is gonna regret it if she tries ruining anything for me again...
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    It'll only be on Mondays and Tuesdays as well
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    I was gonna go to bed an hour ago, but wanted to see someone's reaction to an episode where one of the best characters dies. She wasn't even playing any bloody attention to it - totally worth staying up again (not)
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    I'm just being ironic XD
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    than* And it's not on this forum
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    I watch more live action stuff myself, and for me it doesn't matter whether it's animated or not, just so long as I actually like it. I will understand if you're a busy person; you're busy, and you have other films you're more interested in watching first.
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    Moving on! I never even said Nick Fury was in Star Wars anyway I just saw Suicide Squad with my friend
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    Beat this guy then:
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    Oh hey guys! I've been thinking about getting a tattoo for my 18th bday Well, 2 to be exact
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    Yes I got you and no it's not also... you*
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    WOOOOOOOOOOOO I GOT PAIRED WITH ROSIE!!! XD Wait, if I'm "the cat" (thanks for no caps...) then who's "Cat"? Because Cat is my nickname, so I don't know...
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    True that! I wont ever pretend to be someone else unless I was doing some sort of acting for a sketch or whatever
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    The judge will obviously side with me on this one... Alright then, bye! *waves*
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    I'll go with milk XD
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    *gasps* YOU SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE!!!
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    It was international cat day yesterday! 08/08/2016 YOU'RE NOT GONNA ACKNOWLEDGE CATS!!!???
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    Wow! A lot happens when you're asleep, even though I wasn't asleep; I stayed up til 3am for a livestream, then decided to stay awake for the rest of the day til later
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    Because it's all imaginary
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    You cannot eat me! Funnily enough it was CatCake for a very short while before I decided to change it to CatCakey on another place
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    I don't believe the supernatural exists in this reality.
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    I haven't got it; pokemon Go that is
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    I never said they were my thumbs anyway. Look at the hands and arms again; do you even see female hands? NO! They are man hands. I was gonna say something else before that, but I forgot...
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