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    From the album: Mau's Art!

    Silver Gadget (the silver coat) tried her new camera, she still needs to work on the blurred lenses I feel really bad about the small amount of effort put into the background
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    sorry they were moving too fast
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    Hey Catca, give three of my past posts a Like plz~ :3
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    As a word of advice for all roleplayers: Always write your posts on an offsite word program of some kind. Not just for here, but any roleplay post anywhere.
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    Fawkes is back, back again! Welcome back, buddy!
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    Anger is my main emotion; you don't think I'm gonna let it affect me in some way? The moment Angie wants something from me, she aint getting it
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    I know you're an asshole @Angie Cakes @Fawkes is best thing on the site right now and @Cathalos you're lying when you say this: I ALSO TOOK A SCREENSHOT OF FAWKES' 666 MILESTONE
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    that's the plan, twiggy >:( give momma some meat to play with
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    I hate you forever now Angie for trying to rid us of Lucifer, but I sorted it out anyway so HA! DONT CALL ME THAT YOU LITTLE I WILL ALWAYS SHOW LOVE FOR LUCIFER!!! HE IS THE MOST PURRFECT BEING IN THE UNIVERSE Next to myself of course; we're equally awesome
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    AHHHHHH HUZZAH! :'D Together you and I have achieved the holy edge number, Catca! Love has become real because of your actions here today~<3
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    I may have taken some liberties with the mythos of this world I'm playing in.
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    “Good question! Let me check!”, Flash Mob replied, right after letting out the mother of all yawns. She had been holding that doozy in for a while now; for manner's sake. But all those late night rehearsals were catching up with her. So, either she was going to get some precious Methyltheobromine into her system and fast, or she would be hopping onto the next train to Sleepytime Junction. To answer the aforementioned question, the pink party pony pulled from the pleasantly piled poofs sitting atop her head a portable radio transceiver, prized for its power of push-to-talk. “This is Blue Leader”, she said, dropping her voice an octave to sound more authentic. Also because she likes funny voices. “I repeat, this is Blue Leader. Gold one and gold two, please come in. What is your twenty? Over.” “This is Gold two reporting in, Blue Leader”, said what was obviously another copy. “Gold one and Gold two are in position, ready to escort the payload. Over.” “That's a big copy, Gold two. And don't forget to smile! Over.” There was a merry giggle over the walkie talkie before Gold two dropped the faux-military gag all together and let her natural soprano shine through. “We never do! Over.” “See? All taken care of”, she said to the Rainboom finally. Nothing to worry about. The walkie was then shoved back into her hair; back with everything else she might have hidden in there. “Say, are you hungry?” Her mask also went back on, to keep up appearances. Because her civilian identity was such a big secret. “I know I skipped breakfast this morning, but if you are, I know this great little place not too far from here. Get this, they have this dish where they put a six scoop banana split on top of three fresh made waffles! Waffles, Dashie! And then they pile on all these toppings, like candied pecans and dried cherries and peanut butter cups and crumpled up snickerdoodles and-” And it went on like this. Dashie could hear, just under her fangirling over a dessert of unusual size, the rumbling of of a tummy. “-topped with a mountain of whipped cream and drizzed in this blackstrap and maple syrup and the lightest of dustings of cayenne pepper. Oh it is so good!” There was a dreamy twinkling in her eyes. She was talking about this achievement in gluttony as more sensible ponies would talk about a lover. “They said I was the first pony they've seen to finish the whole thing! I got a T-shirt to celebrate, and they took my picture and hung it on their wall! Oh oh oh, and I even signed it for them! And then guess what happened! Come on, guess!” Except Flash Mob gave her friend no time to actually guess. “I ordered another one!” ~ While on the subject of food, the Pinkie clones under codenames Gold one and Gold 2 were in position as promised, ready to receive the influx of guests. These two were dressed to the nines; both in tuxedo and top hat, one white and one black. Behind them, meanwhile, was an explosion of color; balloons and streamers and confetti adorned every last inch of Sunlight Academy's main doors. And to get to this lavish entrance, each hero had to run a proverbial gauntlet of Pinkies (designated as Reds 1-20), each one holding a tray of snacks and Hors d'oeuvres, with each one seemingly more delectable than the last. There was something for every pallet, from a sweet Vol-au-vent to crackers topped with hummus to deviled eggs to marshmallow squares. And in case anypony got thirsty, Red 9 brought several kegs (“Bottled is for chumps!”) of craft root beer. “Welcome to Sunlight Academy, you, the new age of heroes!”, Gold one and Gold two said in unison. “As you probably guessed, we are also Flash Mob! And we'll be your tour guides today! Before we begin, please help yourselves to the yummy delicious treats we've prepared! Seconds and thirds are also totally okay, so no feeling bad if you've got one of those super-duper metabolisms!” “Now, before we officially begin, we'd like to direct you to the doors themselves!” And they were absolutely massive, tall enough for a giraffe to scrap her head! “I know they look like gold, but guess again! These doors are actually made from the giant key that once unlocked the Sentinel's secret sanctum! This is the very same enchanted Impervium, each of the two doors weighing in greater than a blue whale! And laced with a magic down to the molecules so that anyone not aligned good on their character sheet can't touch it without receiving a nasty shock!”
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    *stares off into the distant sky* *a single tear slides down his cheek* *A TEAR OF IMMENSE AND UTTER PRIDE* :'3 The learner is quickly becoming the master. The protege is climbing closer and closer to greatness. The Mad Wood is in good hands indeed with Nasty as it's Real Bad Boy #1~ :'3 AND NUH, FAWKES HAS LOST BEFORE. At least a couple times to Angie, if I recall :'I
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    you are WEAK and would not have survived LPW in its hayday (control+F the word hint on each page) (doing that won't work actually sorry)
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    From the album: Mau's Art!

    This was my second OC, she was originally really over enthusiastic though I dimmed that down and made her the more sarcastic type
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    ommers nommers nommers thank you I couldn't find a picture of a thala eating a little fishy so pretend the big fishy is me also thank you for your help enrico
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    From the album: Mau's Art!

    This was and is my first oc, over time I've changed him a bit but he was my inspiration to start role-playing my little pony
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    Stop trying to annoy me then! And my f12 key is to do with the internet
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    I got another forum to reply to things on so HA! And I'll probably forget soon enough
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    I'm looking forward to the day this thread reaches 2666 pages as I wasn't here for 666 or 1666, and also just because If I'm not here the day it reaches 2666 pages, summon me ples
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    Sometimes, but that's not what I'm talking about
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    No trouble~ For that, I cannot help you. You can pm one of our Staff members or Admin to delete the photo for you. Hope that helps!
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    How'd we get to talking about Thala's bum?
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    Did he have time to be hilarious like his videos always are?
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    I don't feel like I'm part of anything. This site. The other forum. My course.
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    Alright, that settles it. I don't like to have the name + it's already your nickname = call me Cat
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    No-one likes talking to me apparently, online or in real life. I'm such a loner...
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    Cakie is so obviously for Angie Cakey is mine But, you could all just call me Cat. That's my main nickname online
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    I made this on paint, with a laptop and no mouse
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    It'll go away eventually Just don't move while you still feel so full like you do
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    I admit I did like the show back then, but I haven't watched it in aaaaaaaaaages. I stopped at season 3 too
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    Hardly anyone seems to come on here anyway
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    I'm just being ironic XD
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    I'm going to see Suicide Squad tomorrow with me friend
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    That's a pretty awesome scene there! And yeah, I think you should make that your new icon
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    My name to people here is either Cat or CatCakey And I don't really know about the snails here And the thing about this baking show is that it's got Paul Hollywood - basically every old lady has a crush on him XD
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    noooooo it didn't show
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    you're* And I am merely correcting obvious spelling mistakes I don't always bother correcting some people, but I have nothing better to do right now
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    Real good friends aren't easy to find
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    What did I do exactly?
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    I only recently noticed I have the title of "Cat"
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    Maybe it keeps breaking on and off; I just checked and it's fine
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