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    I live again. I'm currently going through a move. Things happened and I can't stay at my current address. Have a place to stay lined up.
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    Ha I will definitely look for him, then!
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    That same outfit I posted earlier. Kraft Punk (character from the Eric Andre Show). I can pretty much guarantee he'll be the only person there dressed like that.
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    Rose gave a simple nod in response to both Tehengu and Naj, following along behind them as the mayor lead them to her office. This was rather exciting to be honest, already to the big part where she'd be able to finalize her big move to begin the next chapter in her life. How fun! Rose blinked at all the papers that were on the mayor's desk, how could she hope to get through it a-- oh, coffer, right. While Miss Mare listed off all of the things that Naj would need to take into account, Rose tried to remember them for when her own time came. She was perfectly content to wait for the mayor to address her while he friend's talked things over... so she did. At least, until another familiar face arrived. It seemed Swift Squall was here. Was he planning to move to? It certainly seemed like he came here to do something important, but was taken aback by the appearance of three other fellow members of E.P.I.C. Hoping to alleviate Squall's visible distress she would shake her head at him, "Everything's okay. Seems some of us want to move here now is all."
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    As the two powerfully built ponies spoke, Applejack made her way in fast and found a place for her to seat. She wanted to get off of her hooves for a small second and get down to brass tacks, something she was sure that Tempest could appreciate. “Well, sit down a spell and we'll get ta that,” Applejack said as she took a seat, placing Zap on the table. He hovered over to his uncle, pawing at him and trying to crawl around the massive red stallion, desiring greatly to chew on his golden mane while saying 'yup, yup, eyep, yup'. That would provide Applejack enough time to discuss business with Tempest. The guest had cleaned up after herself whih was good enough by Applejack's estimation. She reckoned it was more of a impulse after being in your own for so long, though having an army at your beck and call afterwards seemed like it might sap a bit of that. No matter. Applejack was just happy to be able to help her and hopefully be there to keep an eye on the mare and ensure she doesn't experience any slide back towards the well of cruelty she had drank from for so long. It was important that Tempest not feel like she was alone on her journey towards redemption, and while Applejack was by no means arrogant enough to believe she was the best option, she was the one here and now. Tempest would get the best Applejack had to offer. “So, Ah've been thinkin' a bit about what y'all be doin' here. Truth be told sugarcube Ah'm sure you could do anythin ya set yer mind to. But Ah wanna ease you in. So first we'll round up them hogs a bit and we'll show you how its done. After that we need to do some sortin' and then we'll clean the batch and make some applesauce and jam and such. That should take tha majority of tha day, an' then we'll have some dinner," Applejack said as she went to go pull out a small map of the farm and wave Tempest over. "We'll spend tha majority of tha day near the north fields an' silo after tha hogtyin' is finished. Since we don't wanna hurt them piggies we'll show ya how ta hogtie all proper like," she nodded. Hopefully Tempest could get her aggression out without causing harm to the little piglets and such. A mare known for not involving herself with half-measures would hopefully learn the good and honest virtues of restraint and managing your power.
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