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    Ice Storm was content to let Princess Twilight have the final word on the matter. She let the words of the dragon roll off of her. Petty insults were beneath her and she wouldn't let someone with a lower intelligence get the better of her. If he wanted to believe that she was racist, even though she had made no remarks other than simply addressing him and telling him about how he was expected to behave at their cultures. It's not xenophobic, it was common bucking sense. Apparently that wasn't taught to this young dragon. Still a bit of her felt for him. She knew the pain of being alone in a place that you weren't really wanted in to begin with... or at least felt like you weren't wanted in. She had to deal with that when she came to Canterlot the first time, and perhaps she let it get the better of her at first. Ultimately though, she learned. She moved on from the experience and when she came back she was a completely different mare. In fact, she was one of the wealthier mares in Canterlot now, but she still only partook in very few noble gatherings, and to this day still refuses to attend that anything that Upper Crust is hosting. Spoiled Rich as well. She despised how those two would walk all over somepony else if given the chance just for an extra bit. At that point Fire Walker had extended a simple greeting to her. It sounded a bit more sincere than it had in previous events so she wondered if things had finally settled over from the events past. It had been more than a couple years now since then, and Fire knew that she didn't have to worry about her going after Swift Squall. She was already married for one, and two, they simply wouldn't be compatible with each other. They would always be butting heads over something. Not fighting persay, but griping at the very least. Plus with their work place environment, that could prove to be a bigger danger than an asset. She watched as Twilight made her way over to where the bou's were drinking before turning back as she heard Swift Squall addressing her. His initial question made her giggle a bit. Wondering if the skies and seas had inverted because they had agreed upon something. That he could get used to that warm feeling, and perhaps they were finally starting to see eye to eye on a few things. Ice nodded gently. Truth be told she could always see a bit of the reasoning behind his thought, even if she disagreed with him most of the time. The main thing she felt is that he relied on gadgets too much rather than good old fashioned intuition. He further asked about her wife, which made her smile, though inside a bit ached her. She wished that she could have been here tonight. She actually missed her more a lot. With recent events she barely got to spend any time at home with her because of missions and expeditions and the like... She was hoping that she would have gotten to spend more time with her in the winter, but they both had just been so busy, it's been come home and sleep. They really needed to take a vacation together at some point. The fire between them has never been lost, but the gap is a bit bigger than it's been recently. "Fire Heart is doing well, although we don't get to spend near enough time together as we would like to. I've been wanting to surprise her with something special. I think the Fire ruby neckless with her cutie mark in it that I left in her stocking will help, but it's still insignificant than just having time with her. And don't sell yourself short. We see eye to eye on quite a few things, but somepony has to be rational and plan the escape routes after you charge in," she told him with a playful wink. She was a bit shocked though when she heard Swift say that he had something for her. Or rather two somethings. True she had something for him as well, but she didn't bring it with her! She didn't have any idea who was or wasn't going to be here! So she only brought the gift that she had already donated to the table, ad even then, that would be better suited for Fire Walker anyway. When he mentioned that he had heard that she was planning on expanding to Las Pegasus, she lifted an eyebrow. She didn't think that she had made it that public of knowledge but it was Squall and he confirmed that it was mostly from his resources that he had found this out. What really surprised her was when he pulled out the deed to land and an estate on it in the heart of Las Pegasus. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. That location would easily have to be her biggest store. So much potential hoof-traffic there... "Swift.... I ummm I don't know what to say.... Thank you very much!! It'll actually only be my sixth store, but still more than most ponies have going. I actually have a few things for you and Fire as well! I unfortunately do not have them with me though. I didn't have any idea who was going to be here tonight, so I only brought my donation gift. I'll be in Canterlot though for the next week. I was already planning on making a trip to Las Pegasus to look at some land, but now it will be to do finalizations and hire some architects for the design of the store. It's going to be a much larger project than any of my other stores have been, so will take a bit longer to get prepped." she smiled a bit. When he started describing the last gift though... she felt..... proud? Heavily honored? that Swift would go through that much trouble for her. These feelings intensified when she heard him say that he wouldn't have went through as much trouble as he did for this last gift if it wasn't for the fact that he knew that she was such a phenomenal spellcaster, and would be able to put it to good use. Gosh though, she didn't know what could be so potent that it required so many ponies to make... whatever it was... it had to cost a lot more than what the land in Las Pegasus..... actually perhaps not. That particular plot of land with the location and proximity to the high-bit casinos.... was very high-bit real estate. Still when he asked if she was ready to see what it was, she nodded, her curiosity starting to get to her.
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    That's a shame, they're brilliant. I can't sing enough praise for Made in Abyss. It immediately took a slot in my top 5 anime, period. Seven Deadly Sins is also in that top slot if you haven't seen that yet -- season 2 is coming up early next month. I've been working on Yooka-Laylee between my small patches of consciousness, work, and watching Bojack Horseman. The last few nights have been insane, and tonight is the biggest bake of the year, no question.
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    Any OC you wish to play in WoE needs to go through the app process. You can play any OC with or without an approved app in FFA.
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    Squall didn't said anything. Oh sure, he had at least a five different retorts come to mind, but in the end it wasn't worth the effort. Sigrun was only one present here that he really wanted to have bout with, and figuring out that it was hardly a place for another chapter of their rivalry (as one sided as it was) killed any strident thoughts noblepony had. The dragon tried really, really hard to be intimidating. but when he having to gaze upwards to stare unicorn into the eye (As Squall's stature made him almost as tall as Princess Luna) kind of dampened the effectiveness. Still, as if to oblige him, Swift answered Bolt's stare with unblinking glare of his own but in complete silence. After all, they say that dog that lacks the bite barks the loudest. Nobelpony didn't stopped even when Ice intervened with magic of her own, but he still raised his eyebrow in surprise. That was a rare event to be sure, Ice taking his side. The stare-down would probably continued still if not for Princess Twilight choosing to get intervened. So his name was Bolt huh? How fitting. Still he couldn't really agree with what purple alicorn was trying to say. "When in Roam, do as Roamans do." he said in response to Twilight's description of dragon customs while maintaining the eye contact with the blue drake. Still, that explained a few things. For example, no wonder that so many founded themselves on pointy end of sword or spear of valiant adventurer. Their ego's overshadowed their self preservation instincts. And their self-control it would seem. "But very well, I will oblige your request Miss Sparkle. Let's see if he is willing to learn...." Squall said aloud, before adding in his mind "....or a mere slave to his instincts." He was sure that if he spoke that part aloud Bolt would throw another tantrum and orange stallion was definitely not wasting more of his time going through that. Nopony else could be as soothing on his mood as his Love. As soon as she found herself next to him, Swift could feel his frustrations evaporating rapidly. "Yes. Let's do just that. The evening is still young." he said, giving Bolt one last look with the squinted eyes before turning around and leading the way. First he made his way to Ice. While Fire may have already gave the blue unicorn her best holiday wishes, Squall was yet to do so, and besides he wanted to exchange the word with his friend, among few other things. "This is a rare for us to agree on something Ice. Does sea and sky switched places or something?" he asked jokingly. "But to seriously, thanks. I could get used to that warm feeling. I guess we start to understand each other better. By the way Ice, how is your wife? You must've pretty busy between making her very, very happy, your business and our shared 'workplace'. " he mused while dropping their standard euphemism for their EPIC work. "Oh and Happy Hearth's Warming Ice. I have something for you. Well two somethings." Swift said while reaching inside his longcoat. A seconds later Swift was holding a beautifully ornamented silver box along with a large envelope. "I heard you were trying to extent your business into Las Pegasus - don't ask me how, I have ways - but had trouble finding good venue. So I and Grandfather pulled a few strings." Swift explained. "A deed of ownership for the land, along with freshly build estate on it - just for you - in the very center of the city. With 'Silver Pyramid' , 'Six Knights' and 'La Mettalica' few steps way." nobelpony names-dropped a three famous casinos. "That would be, what, your seventh's restaurant? Heh, before I notice you will be going international Ice. I am sure your treats would be hit in Saddle Arabia." he said with a wink. "And this...this is very special indeed. It was made just for you, and took forty wizards, ten enchanters, a very rare materials and some collaboration from your wife to make. Mind you, I wouldn't put so much effort if I didn't know you were such phenomenal spell-caster that could put these to good use. So...Ready?" Swift said while putting his hoof on the lid.
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    Rarity enjoyed the music, even if she had been left to her own devices while the dances went on. It was somewhat alarming that nopony had offered to dance with her though. She had briefly considered the possibility that she wasn't nearly as attractive as she used to be and had a moment of pure, inescapable existential horror. Then she realized that it was a silly thought to give credence to. She was still young, beautiful, and increasingly famous. She was a prime candidate for a dance partner! Of course the lack of a dance partner told her that perhaps she wasn't as marvelous as she thought she was. A horrifying thought to have rolling around one's skull, no? She maintained a friendly demeanor though, talking and smiling with others as they walked up to donate. Regardless of the sincere horror she felt at being at such a formal gathering and not having a partner, she never lost focus on what mattered tonight. Still, her discussion partner was delightful enough. She knew that Honeywing was capable and that Glitzen didn't need the additional inspiration, but she nonetheless couldn't help but comment on the current thoughts rattling in her head. “I have been trying to look into more obscure areas in terms of fashion, but most of those paths lead to ideas that are more...radically creative rather than actually beautiful. Truth be told I find that too many designers lose themselves in the creativity of their passion and forget to make actual beautiful clothes that can help ponies shine on the outside as they do on the inside. So lately I've been looking into more public areas that are less touched on by the industry, to tackle some new ground. The exciting, adrenaline fueled world of sports clash so much with the more demure world of fashion, does it not? But it would be an excellent challenge to see if one could make them shine for beauty, rather than pure physicality, without losing it. And of course you have some of the statement cases, such as foreign dress and symbolic ones like the Night Sky Becomes Her, but honestly, there is so much out there in terms of possibility that it is difficult to pin down a single motivation,” she said, about to continue on when the Prince came to her. She smiled. “Well, it looks like I am being whisked away. Ta-da, Honeywing, and remain well!” She said, prancing alongside the Prince to the dance floor. “Well now, here I was wondering what took you so long.” Celestia was pleased with Kaze's reaction. The magic was ancient, a pact formed between friends of an old and bygone era. As time passed Celestia was sure it would come back to her and, in the fullness of time, it would go back to Neighpon. Time passed and those involved may change, but the friendships would endure throughout the eons. Kaze would endure throughout, the friendship forged and the kindness shared memorialized for generations long past hers. The kirin figure that Kaze had replaced slowly returned amongst the other figures, each one as exquisitely made and detailed as Kaze, with only age dulling them. “I'm so happy that you enjoy it, Kaze. I hope you look to it and are happy each and every time. Of course you have to keep good care of it. The enchantments prevent any sudden breaking, but even such powerful magical creations can be eroded with the passage of time. Neighponese enchanted spring water with breath magic infusion actually acts a rejuvenator which, when applied carefully, will help keep it looking beautiful. I'm sure you can take care of this gift, Kaze, and I look forward to seeing all the places you'll go,” Celestia said with a small bow, taking her leave of the small Ryuma when she was done. Prince Rutherford arrived. Yaks were always...delicate business. They favored forthrightness in all things and took offense to being treated the way others thought they needed to be treated. They enjoyed pony company for the attributes that ponies had. The Prince was the one taking the most sincere efforts to do so, and while he was far from perfect, such was true of all creatures, Celestia most of all. "Prince Rutherford, I'm so happy you could make it. You're right on schedule for the sleigh tonight," she said happily. "How has Yakyakistan been? I am so pleased you decided to join us on our warmest of holidays, Hearthswarming Eve, where we celebrate the light and greatness of friendship," she said, seeing in his eyes that he was at a loss yet unwilling to make a fool of him. He was trying and that was enough. A guard pony came and slowly moved the gift to the sleigh. "A mighty gift you are giving, Prince Rutherford!" The music was reaching the end of its classical section, with time left for one more dance. The pianist pony, still hidden by her cloak. She turned to Vinyl in the crowd and winked once, revealing her opal eyes and white coat, the barest hints of a multi-colored musical note cutie mark visible. Octavia for her part continued playing, though as the music went on it was har to mask completely the preparations behind them.
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    Ishi smiled at Nira’s acceptance, gently taking her hoof and leading her onto the dance floor. The music was slow at the moment, which honestly was probably perfect for loosening Nira up, so he led her in a slow gentle dance in time with the music. “{That was wonderful, Nira. Thank you for this opportunity.}” He said quietly in their native tongue, smiling at her a bit as he slowed them to a stop and let her go. “{Now, please go enjoy yourself.}” He motioned for her to get going, to meet new ponies. With that complete though, he turned his attention to Medo and Blueblood as they finished their own dance nearby. “{Indeed, Ms. Medo. Would you care to join me for a dance?}” Ishi smiled, extending a hoof in invitation. Once the Yak showed up though, he kinda drew attention. The kirin blinked slightly at the loud announcement, looking over at the Yak and chuckling slightly before looking back to Medo.
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    Yak are never late, Yaks come when Yaks want to come. And Rutherford saw fit to come this time. Well he has never taken part in a pony celebration before he wanted to this time. Why? Well there was plenty. First he needed to work on "being firends" with the ponies more. So says the handy guide book he got about diplomacy. It was very useful! The pony that made it was smart. Almost smart as Rutherford. And taking a hint from the book he was coming to the celebration with big gift! That was not made from Yaks. He got some diamond dogs to make gold jewelry. Well nothing close to Yak level of jewelry crafting it did look nice and if they hated it... Well he can join in and make fun of stupid dogs as well! It was very cunning. Looking at the large wooden chest tied to his back he nodded, he had this in the bag. Go in, give gift. Greet. Try none pony food! That was key as well. Pony food sucked but so did all none Yak food. So, eat none pony food and make fun of it so pony may join it. Rutherford was so glad he was so smart! Even if the book told the same thing… Whatever. Rutherford came up with it, so says Rutherford. Puting the book away he watched the train come to a stop and got ready for some runing as not to be even more late… “RUTHERFORD HERE, YAK NOT LATE! YAK COME ON YAK TIME!” Was the first thing to leave Rutherford’s muzzle like shot from a cannon as he dashed into the castle with a few guards trying and failing, to slow him down as they were just dragged along. He looked around the inside of the castle… So clean. So white. It was… Not yak. But this was not his home, of course it will be nowhere as good as HIS home. So no need to get getting mad, he has to get use to silly pony buildings. “I have gift for…” He blankes, what was going on? Something about giving gifts was all he really remembered in the letter he found. He wish he did not toss it into the fire so fast. “For the giving of gift! Yak bring good one, Yaks being best of course.” He says smugly before looking at a guard hanging off his fur. “Where do Rutherford put gift?”
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