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    Coltson was happy, that was an easy statement to make on most days of the week. The pony happily standing behind the counter of his bookstore in Ponyville as he started analyzing the cover of a new book that had came in, the spine adorned with all kinds of rare jewels, and the writing on the cover embossed in gold leaf, it was a thing of beauty in all certainty, however he seemed more interesting in the subtle printing on the front, the writing outlandishly plain compared to the rest of the front, a feature that interested him greatly as he calmly smiles as he studies the writing, which appeared to be horn writing from the way it was tilted. He opens the cover with great caution, looking like he feared the book may just disintegrate in front of him. "Okay, most definitely Pegasi origin from the interior writing and cover emboss." he notes to himself as he keeps reading through its pages.
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    The request did take Halvard by surprise, but he could well understand why Calder would desire it. It had been an emotionally taxing day. Just one night... But with a bit of an adjustment. "I'll stay with you, in your room. Nightmares attack the lonely." And with such dark memories dredged up, they were all too likely to circle the house like harpies, seeking to hound poor Calder right into the hooves of Hel. Well, not if the blue bull had anything to say about it! He laid out a bit more straw, enough for the two of them, and laid down. To those used to northern lands, the house was warm enough to need no blanked.
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    Important stuff I've done today (so far): Made breakfast. Showered. Put on makeup (for tonight's night out). Cleaned house. Made chive dip/guacamole. Made this my new ringtone lol.
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    It had been FOREVER since Cashmere had stepped hoof back into Ponyville! He'd been so busy touring the great country that he'd neglected to come home, well now was the time to do so! Cashmere missed creating, missed chatting, but most of all, he was HOMESICK, and wanted to rekindle feelings between himself and his fellow mares and stallions. The grey Unicorn was practically humming, as he threw open the curtains of his shop, and let the light in, fixing his mane with his magic in the mirror, grinning at himself as he did so, before strutting out onto the bustling city streets! Hello World! Cashmere was back and he was here to stay! The air felt so good he'd almost break into song, if he had time to actually think of one, instead humming "Winter Wrap Up" would have to do. "Good morning~!"
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