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    Tempest noded as they got ready to gather up the hogs. “Well, this is going to be something.” She says looking at them all as she rares up on the fencing, she looked like a bird of prey ready to strike every last pig. “Shame they can’t talk like cows. Makes it much more easy to make them do something. Did that for a few weeks out west… Well, in truth I like that they can’t. Makes it less… weird. Some cows get too much in to milking and in truth i’d rather not have heard some of the things they told me.” She mutters more to herself than AJ. The countdown was done and she leaps over the fencing in to the mud. It seems she was fine getting muddy as she runs after hogs and gets swinging with her lasso. Well she did not have the aim of AJ she was making up for it in speed and willingness to get caked in mud and dirt if it means snagging up a hog and in no time has one hogtied tied and pulled over to Big Mac. “One!” she calls out happily looking over at AJ.
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    Tempest only came out of her room after full dressing up. Jumpsuit and her black plate armor. She found it useful to stay use to the feeling, well it was not the most heavy of plate armor she wanted it to be like her fur. It’s what allowed her to move like she did with it on and made her less held down when she put on more heavy armor. She followed the bull along as she looked around at the odd land. Some of it seemed very normal yet other parts not at all. Such as the twin suns in the sky. The magic needed for all of this was… powerful. So she has to wonder where they got it. As they make it to the track Tempest takes the time to do some stretches, the mare was rather flexible it seems. “Thank you, see you soon.” Soon as Sachadara walked away Tempest took off in a full gallop over the track. She found the topsy turvy and strange path enjoyable as it was not some boring clean path. It took some amount of planning to ones movements ahead of time to keep a fast movement going. To many this was just more work and stress on something, for Tempest it was relaxing for it clears one's mind and body as everything becomes focused on this task and nothing more.
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    So at 12:25 last night, I finished episode 50. I think I watched 25 episodes yesterday. Had trouble sleeping, of course but, it was just too good to stop at a reasonable time of the night. Yeah, FMAB is probably the most gore I want to endure... If you want to call it gore, I mean.
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    Now Granny Smith was a little confused. The elderly mare glanced all around the room, looking for AppleJack, Apple Bloom, or any other familiar pony. There seemed to be a lot of mixing and mingling going on, but there really wasn't anypony here that was even close to her age. Granny thought to herself, "Well, I'm here! But wadda I say to all these here youngin's? And how's come I can't find mah granddaughters? Reckon they're doin' more debutauntin' an' such. SAY! I smell food! I know I shouldn't eat this late in the day, but dang nabbit I'm hungry! I'll jist foller mah nose till.." Granny Smith's train of thought was broken when Boulder Dash walked over to her and introduced himself and his younger brother to the Apple Matriarch. "Boulder Dash.. Boulder Dash.. OH YEAH! I remember ya! Ya got that thar tomater farm down the road a piece from Sweet Apple Acres! And little Rocky! Well, ya ain't so little no more. Yur gittin' ta be a find young colt! I kin remember when ol' Big Mac was that small, but he didn't stay little long neither. I was haven' ta git'm a new horse collar fer'm every few months! That sure were a long time ago. So, Boulder Dash, whatcha doin' here? Did ya git an invite? Well, don't wurry none if'n ya didn't. If them big goomer ponies guardin' the doors give ya any flak, jist tell'm yur with me! You an' little Rocky thar! Any friends of mine deserves ta be here, BY CRACKY!" Granny was so 'worked up,' to emphasize her point, Granny Smith stomped her left front hoof hard on the floor. But soon, her mood lightened again and her confusion returned. "Er.. what was I a-sayin'? Well, don't matter none! How's about you fellers escortin' me to the food table? I smells some mighty yummy stuff an' Rocky's a growin' colt. We all could use some good gruff, ain't that right? Have y'all met AppleJack and Apple Bloom yet? Ya gotta see'm while yur here, they're in their party clothes. At least, I think they are.."
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    “The unknown is dangerous, Princess. Power is dangerous. Unknown power, compoundingly so.” Daedalus took a moment to indulge in drink. It seemed hydration was needed in copious amounts after their latest escapades. “Of course, that does not quench my need to study it. But care must be taken lest we find ourselves out of our depth. Benign as its intent might be, it most certainly has its own agenda. And should we find its goals in opposition to our own, I would find it difficult to place the artifact’s needs above yours or mine.” The usual lilt vanished from Daedalus’ voice, the gravity of his pronouncement seeming to suck the color out of him for the moment. A bit of edge was clearly present, accompanied by a subtle bristling at his own words. Were one unacquainted with him, it might be easy to assume fear. But Daedalus would sooner indulge in hubris before he would allow fear to rule him. Pride and envy, it seemed, would kill him before cowardice. He would not allow an artifact to outsmart him, however prodigious its power. "I must, however, concede to your suggestion." Just as quickly as it came, the proverbial dark cloud dissipated. "I would be happy to pick up analysis at a later date, after we've completed our… convalescence. Perhaps over a long soak in a tub, perusing wine and olives at our leisure?" However sour his mood had been a moment before, that smile was genuine. After handling warp anomalies and roughing it half dead, Daedalus could use a bit of self indulgent relaxation. Perhaps Twilight felt the same.
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