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    From the album: The Character Corner (Color!)

    I'd been experimenting with a less detailed style to draw my various wolf yokai characters in. I think this design looks like she might be something fromt he show which was what i was going for! I might try and do some other yokai characters like this! Anyway, This is a mysterious yokai who has been seen hopping the rooftops of the metropolitan hotspot of Polohama in Neighpon. The few who see this creature make now that she is almost always surrounded by a haze of neon colored hitodama that usually appear as blue. There have been no instances of aggression from this creature but if you'd ever prowling the streets of Polohama at night keep your eyes pealed!
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    Dunnie grinned at the Kirin's response. "Good, I knew you would be reasonable. Now." She took a glance out at the playing field, eyes darting around as she scanned positions of fellow red pieces. "There!" A red unicorn with a long mane and tail who was alone and an open target for any coordinated group of blue ponies. "Quickly, we must go help her out!" She commanded the stallion, not waiting for a response before hopping off. A large group ganging up on loners was a good tactic, now they would just need to form a large group themselves and steamroll the blue team. Little did she know as she hopped off she missed a small detail: a blue player had positioned herself in front of Taira, and as Dunnie bounced off to support the blue player, she had unknowingly bounced ahead of Taira, just far enough to not help. "C'mon! Keep u--" Her command was cut short by the sight of Taira's position. "Uhhhhh. You in the blue? If you let yourself get caught I'll treat you to dinner at the Blueblood residence." The literal only advantage she had. Though she kept her head on a swivel, so no ponies could sneak up on the three.
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    Free food was always a particularly good incentive, but in the Pizzapony’s case it was the worst time for somepony in the castle to order a pizza. With now three nobles in the penalty box, two slammed in there thanks to Writer, the Blue team was already at an advantage. The red Kirin now faces Medo, in fact with all of Canterlot in view the boxes didn't seem all that gigantic as they were. They were big enough for the participants to stand in, but too small to occupy the same space. It made for a tight field. Make that four nobles as the disguised youkai visitor sent another noble to the box. They seemed quite annoyed despite their comforts. They complained and stamped their hooves as tea was served by a ponyquinn given life by Discord's games. Five! Grim took out a noble in a flash, he who had been absorbed with arguing over quantity rather than the quality of the game. For shame. Grim went on and would find they were not too far from the Pizzapony with his off-copper fur and black, docked tail he seemed to hardly fit in his uniform as he carried the hot pizza on a bag on his back. Something about him… he was staring ahead at… oh. The Pizzapony flopped on his rump and snorted. “I'm never gonna get my tip…” It seemed Dunnie would try to bribe Medo, but what would she do? A free meal at Blueblood’s with a chef or… whatever the heck Discord was offering as a prize? Was it worth bringing the game into disarray? But… was that part of the rules? Certainly it was the rules of checkers, but what was the rule of this game? So far it was do not share a square. But they were not dark and light pieced and were, instead: red and blue. The field was much larger than average, some of the larger boards being 10x10. They also knew the reds’ goal was the Boutique and the blues' the castle. ….could they change the game's rules? After all checkers was with fourteen or more variants of the game, each with their own rules across Equus. Were all the rules viable? The rule saying one must take their piece was only introduced later after all and didn't exist in some versions. Discord himself took a loooooong sip from his drink and chuckled as he laid on a large, pink cloud pulled across the sky as he watched the giant players from above. His gaze drifted toward the Pizzapony for a moment who has taken off again for the castle. Wait. “Long live the king.” He slurpped. That was Discord's piece!!!
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    Upon entering the shop Pyro would find the tools floating around repairing things on their own. The shopkeep sighed, forced to just sit there. “Sorry kid, we're putting stock on lots a stuff.” With the scavenger hunt a lot of stock has been sold. “Heck Big Mac just bought my last pack of nails. Gone ta repair the fence at the daycare….” Big Mac!! Indeed so the red pony had arrived at the daycare and would settle with a few planks to repair the fence. It seems to have been broken by something big passing on by… The red pony started hammering sway. Inside the room Squall peered into a glass of water sat on to windowsill. Thump thump thump… the surface of the water began to ripple. The gigantic stuffed dino turned it's head up, in its mouth hung left hoof socks it had taken from a nearby clothesline before sneaking back into its room. It's eyes focused on Squall, the chewing of the socks having stopped. An ominous air filled the silence between them as the noblepony found his reflections dancing off the abyss of its button eyes. … It opened its jaws, stuffing and fake stitched teeth in its mouth. No, don't do it. Too late! It let out a screechy honk from the squeaker toy in its body and charged out of the room on all fours, not that it was all that fast, but it was still several hundred pounds of feathers stuffed in the toy. It scuttled its way to freedom, clothes from said clothesline attached to its boost vis static cling or dangling from it's stuffed back plates. It was a chase!!! As for Ishi and Nira the pair would be able to see the shop ahead. Many ponies around enjoying coffee and snacks. Something seemed to be happening. Some were wearing the bracelets that canceled the draconequus’ magic to keep them mere bystanders, and stand they did. For in front of the shop seemed to be a play going on with some of the sweets putting on a… a play? It seemed they were doing s rendition of Hamlet. Its owner was getting a lot of customers today cause of it! It seemed the Hamlet Donut held up a donut hole to question his existence. “To be creme filled… or glazed… that is the question.” He would regard he prince and his companion with a grin. "Oh fabulous." A pair of balloons floated up to Nira and Ishi, their tied tails pointing to the show and clapping. They seemed to be twin balloons set out to aide them! "I hope you enjoy the game. There'll be a fantastic reward for my pony and non pony friends participating!" He pressed his paw to his hand and blew a kiss. "Now don't dawdle! You'll miss the play!"
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    I collect vintage everything; Cars, motorcycles, clothing, music stuff, etc... It's just kinda my thing, you know? I mean, riding a modern bike would be more convenient and perhaps a bit more reliable but, I can't really see myself riding one. Money's not the issue, it's personal preference. Especially when it comes down to styling. I love the retro 70s colors and designs. As far as mechanical, I mean, it goes both ways: Older bike, you're more likely to be on the side of the road but usually have the ability to diagnose and fix it on the spot (granted you've got the tools); newer bike, you're much less likely to be on the side of the road but, if you are, you're most likely screwed. Especially with the fuel-injection systems and modern electrical.. Nope, it's vintage carburetors for me! Oh yeah, 90% of everything I buy is off Craigslist haha. Second-hand for life!
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    Swift Squall expected that daycare would be unchanged by the wild rollercoaster of events that were happening outside. Spirit of chaos or not, Discord had standards. That and Squall believed that he enjoyed disturbing well established, orderly lives of adults much more. That also meant that the stuffed dinosaur that noblepony was searching for wouldn't be on the display. It was safe to assume it had to be in the storage - or better yet, attic. Unicorn left both the children and Saddle Arabian undisturbed. Having this place built in the first place meant that swordpony knew it's layout like his own pocket, and no lock was enough of an obstacle to stop him. Not having magic on his disposal was slightly problematic, but Squall was still an Equestria Games-level athlete, and his experience was more then enough to make up for this inconvenience and path to the attic soon laid open before him. But yet ten minutes has passed, then twenty, and finally half an hour spent scouring the cardboard boxes scattered across the loft. To no avail. "This makes no sense!" Swift finally groaned in irritation before sitting on one of the boxes. Well, nothing involving Discord usually did to be honest. He was a being of chaos after all. And yet draconequus was someone who had class. He may bend the rules, find loopholes in them and so on. But to cheat? This was beneath the spirit, his own pride would outright prevent to break the rules of the game he himself established. Keeping that in mind, noblepony could find only one explanation - he himself clearly missed something. Something obvious, something.... "Oh would you stop it?!" Squall grizzled at his balloon after insisted yanking on stallion's hoof pulled him out of his pondering. The balloon seemed to pull towards the small windows build into the attic wall. "Fine. What is it?!" Swift said demandingly, after allowing himself to be lead to window in question. What he he saw was not what he was expecting. It was the plushie he was searching for. Animated. And the size of the actual dinosaur. ".......You got to be $@&+*%# kidding me." Squall muttered as he slipped through the window outside. "Alright Gramps, I found that Jurassic Reject of yours. Now what?" noblepony asked as the stuffed giant walked around, minding it's own businesses. "Should I take a picture? Rip out it's stuffing? Make it fetch?! Because by Celestia Solar Rump, I am not carrying that around!" he added in a snarky and exasperated tone.
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    Grim held no ill will toward his teammates. Perhaps, in better circumstances, they could have had a nice conversation. As it was however, priority was to be kept on resolving the current situation, the game, such as it was. He was fully intent on doing just that. However, he was stopped by what one might describe as a screeching in his ear. His companions could get... excitable, when the wanted got something in their heads. “No, that is unnecessary, I am sure they are perfectly capable of-” he was cut off by more rapid chittering. He looked back, only to find that he'd made too much distance from his teammates, who were no longer in comfortable earshot and where enacting their own moves. “...It's a moot point anyways. The only way to talk to them now would be to go backwards.” More chittering. “Well, do you want me to play the game, or sabotage my own chances to tell them that?” This time silence followed. Grim stopped himself from saying 'that's what I thought' as he came across a pair of nobles, loudly arguing over who should move and capture a hapless delivery pony, caught up in this whole mess. By holding his tongue, he was able to sneak up with them unawares. He got into position just in time to hear another red-tinted pony shout for the would-be victim to jump over his aggressors. When the pizza pony finally listened, Grim made his own move. He tensed for a moment, then took a galloping start before leaping over the second noble could react to something other than his friend vanishing. Grim landed heavily on the opposite square, which brought him to a space adjacent to the mare who'd spoken up. A voice in his ear helpfully reminded him this meant they couldn't capture each other, with neither able to move in a way that would put the other at risk. Though filing away the information, Grim pointedly avoided reacting to the voice, and that was only partially due to the reaction he might get. With nopony immediately ahead of him, he took a moment to assess. He had planned to ask the red-tinted mare if she had merely been generous or if she too wanted the game to end, but with the other nobles dealt with and the pizza pony away, she had moved on. Just as well, perhaps. The voices were muttering again, though this time Grim couldn't quite tell what they were on about. He took a step forward, intent on getting a slightly closer look at his surroundings, only to stumble a bit when his hoof landed further ahead than he expected it too. Oddly enough, the lane seemed... smaller... hmm.
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    Well, things seemed to be getting interesting, now that they all seemed to be growing. Or the city was shrinking, he couldn’t really tell... Regardless, he had more pressing matters in the form of the crowd of red in front of him. Well, three reds, and a blue on the other side, but hey. Nensho grinned a bit, leaving the unicorn mare to her own devices in favor of the easier prey. He charged, jumping the noble and giving a laugh as the pony disappeared, then turning to head further towards the castle. One advantage of this new size was he could see the whole field, and it was pretty clear who that familiar scent was now. Of course it was him. Better than Toboe, though she probably would’ve been on the blue team anyways, but still. “<Taira, right? Been a while, how’ve you been?>” Nensho called in neighponese, partly to greet him and partly to distract him from the mare he seemed to be staring down. “<Shame we’re on opposite sides, means I’ll have to crush you.>”
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    ~~~~Niradaña~~~~ After taking a few steps away from the soiled earth, she noticed that there was some reversion on them. It appeared that she hadn't healed them, but instead and reduced them back to a seedling. It was... interesting. Age magic wasn't something that was supposed to be possible, yet through the affects of this game, that seemed to be what her magic had done. It drained the grass of it's age and let it grow anew instead of just healing the holes that were in it from mowing, and various other events that happens to grass. However, even as it was, it still wasn't usable on a pony, less she wanted to revert the pony back to a foal. She doubted many would be too happy with that fact. When Ishi brought up Shibo, Nira nodded. "Most likely it probably just wouldn't have worked, but I could see this cancelling out some of the magic in it. And while it looks like the effects of the magic isn't permanent, it is... odd how it's been reversed. Still don't get hurt... if you do, and I have to use magic on you, it might make you a foal just how it made the grass seeds. I don't think that explanation would go over too well with your brother, especially if that affect wasn't temporary," she spoke to him wanting to take no chances on it. When they got their list, Nira looked down on it. Apparently she was supposed to find a donut. "Well... that should be easy, a donut shop it is," she started as she heard Ishi speak out to Discord. To be completely honest, she wasn't too fond of the creature. Well, that would be incorrect. The term would be wary. A creature of that power... of the power to be able to do something like this.... on a whim.... set a very.... unsettling tone for her. What if something provoked him into using this magic for evil destructive purposes instead of games and play? He would be a force that... simply couldn't be stopped. You can't stop chaos... it only stops when it's done, or in this case, bored. However, that wasn't to say that Nira wouldn't still be polite and respectful to him, however, she was a body guard. It was kind of her job to second guess everything and look at how things can go wrong before they could go right. Part of the... staying a step ahead that she had to do. She simply nodded to him, waiting to speak until she was spoken to herself.
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