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    Sweet relief would soon be incoming. Just had to hold on until then... "You do that... very well." Bluebelle complimented Apple Bloom on her curtsy, even managing to smile through her reddening features. "You'd be quite... the addition at any Canterlot ball. Don't know if we'll see you there, but.... next year, I'll be sure your gala invite is as an adult." It wasn't quite the transition it used to be; foals weren't even issued any kind of invitation or permission until a couple of years ago, when Auntie Celestia wanted to 'shake up' events. Still, the foals had different invitations sent out, and generally had their own area where they hung out with themselves. But now? Apple Bloom would be issued a bone fide golden ticket, her first, which most young mares of noble disposition would frame (Bluebelle's hung proudly over her bedside table). Whether Bloom would take advantage of it... hm, perhaps Blue would have to ensure a certain foreign Prince made a second visit to Equestria... Handsome fellow, quite the hot... breath, he possessed... Just as the Princess was feeling all the fires of a dragon be stoked within herself, Spike returned with the heat-quenching beverage. Supremely grateful, Bluebelle bent down to receive the cider, giving the dragon an impulsive little peck on the forehead in gratitude. What she did next was... extremely unlady-like. It could only be described as 'quaffing', a huge knock-back gulp of the good stuff, with golden droplets spilling out around her muzzle. She didn't care, right now. All that mattered is the sweet, sweet relief being poured down her throat, soothing her insides and counteracting the capsacin. She pulled away with a gasp for air, heaving about half a sigh of relief before she felt the beginnings of an uncouth, stallion-level belch begin to brew in her belly. Mildly panicking, she jammed a hoof over her muzzle, only barely in time to stifle it. Big Mistake. That only turned a merely embarrassing expectoration to a humiliating sound and fury, somewhere between a snort and a whinny, where an painfully concentrated burst of Carbon Dioxide gas shot through Bluebelle's nose at high speed, which left her doubled over in agony, desperately trying to keep her nosebleed from staining her dress. Oh faust, oh faust, please don't let anypony see her like this...
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    Did you at least make it through your vows first?
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    HI! I'm passing out at work! I'm the greatest Employee!
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