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    Its on my bucket list to rock up to Ma's workplace randomly, order something stupid and make a fool of myself.
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    "No, we already tried that. Cross it off the list." Admittedly, his response was more brusque than he'd intended. But Daedalus was a bit high strung after hours in the lab wrestling with anomalous test results, hardware-breaking aetherochemical reactions, and a less than adequate supply of coffee. He'd never really scold Kyanaster with any malice. Instead, his sharpness was a product of his frustration. The familiar had become invaluable for her assistance to him since their... acquaintance. Kyanaster beeped in a disapproving tone. Daedalus sighed and tuned back to the list floating beneath her, half-expecting a lecture on attitude. Instead the followup series of beeps and tones indicated something even more vexing. "What do you mean there's no list?" He looked at the list he had been checking off as he'd worked. He blinked. He blinked twice. He rubbed his eyes and squinted at it. "Give me that!" Seizing it with his magic, he floated it directly to his face. It was not a trick of the eye, nor was it a product of his exhaustion. The flowing script simply stated: "YOU'RE INVITED!" A swirling bit of flourish at the end of the text was looped into a cartoon facsimile of Discord's face. Daedalus glared at it. It winked at him. "Discord, no." He cursed. The text changed, the lines rearranging themselves on the page and leaping off into empty air. They flashed neon pink in front of his face before both they and the letter were shredded by the swirling shear of twisted reality around him. As he was sucked into the portal, he made crude simulacra of pegasus wings, each flashing a rude gesture at the sign; the sign reading: "DISCORD, YES!"
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    What Fire Walker said was very true. The couple were indeed impressive. The land was torn by strife and it would be reasonable to assume that any such coupling in this time would be done quickly, as fearful of the red dawn as any other. But they had done things in a more...well, to Twilight's mind, Equestrian way. That had led them to this happy, happy day. “Same here. I can't imagine two caribou who deserve this more,” she said before giving Fire's dress another look. She was right there too. Rarity was the best in the world, she'd say. Some Neighponese seamstresses might beg to differ but Twilight would take Rarity in any professional competition. “She did well with you. Beautiful, Fire Walker,” Twilight complimented once more as the alert for the start of the ceremony went out. Twilight's eyes lit up as she trotted to her seat, excited to get to work! Her horn barely lit up as she tried to hide it as best she could, and it made sense given the spell she cast. Those around in her immediate area could see the faintest outline of a transparent notebook and quill hovering in front and below her, telepathically doing the proper work needed. After all, she was here as a friend but she was also here to learn. The books on Caribou wedding customs were hundreds upon hundreds of years old and contained outdated phrasing and detailing. No doubt large segments of it may still ring true, but that didn't mean that corrections were out of the equation. No doubt the passing of aeons had also meant the addition or subtractions of customs as well. She had a literal front-row seat to it all. This was a researcher's paradise, and to think she hadn't even marked this down as a research expedition on her calendar. That meant her self-imposed restriction on how much of her time could be taken up by such pursuits was not in any way affected. How awesome was that? She took her seat and allowed them to fill around her, making sure Chipper got his. She was always on the look-out for ponies she could help and it was obvious he was in need of...something. His lifestyle and what he seemed proud of spoke to a lot of backstory deserving of qualified research and psychiatry, less to 'fix' him and more to understand him. That was what ponies like him needed more than anything else, and she could at least attempt that. After the ceremony of course, which she watched with hawkish intensity hidden by a joyful mask of friendliness.
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    Yuna answered the stallion's exclamation with a nod, and she fidgeted under his curious, wandering gaze. She wasn't used to being stared at for so long, much less studied. Part of her knew why he was, if he was a scholar who studied different cultures and species, but it could still get a little unnerving after a while. Her eyes, that had begun to slide away from him and focus on nothing in particular, snapped back when he danced light on his hooves. His floaty movements were unexpected for a stallion of his height, and she had to ponder that- scholars didn't usually move like that, did they? "My father was a zebra. I think he went back to the zebra homeland when I was still young." Yuna shrugged, unsure about where he'd disappeared to and why. "We lived in Baltimare, where I was born.. I assume, anyway. Uhm," Yuna struggled to keep up with the onslaught of questions, reviewing each in her head to make an effort to remember everything he was asking her so that she'd be able to answer him properly. "I guess I learned more about pony culture than zebra culture. I mean, Baltimare has quite a lot of zebras, and even zonies, living within it with ponies, and their own section of the city. I didn't really live around there, though, although I could visit it from time to time out of curiosity." Yuna watched him flop down onto his rump before her and carefully sat down herself, her wings lifting slightly from her sides and shuffling back down against them. Dark burgundy eyes flitted away towards their surroundings, checking to make sure they wouldn't be in the way of most of the street's traffic- they were far enough to the side that she deemed them safe enough, and still close enough to the bakery with its rich scents of baked bread. Yuna inhaled it again as her eyes found Lightning again. "What little I know is that zebra culture is steeped in nature. They're well known for their connection to the earth. It's not like, earth ponies, the way they can make things grow.. It's different, to an extent. Zebras don't try to control anything, not like ponies do, but leave nature to itself, and because of their harmony with nature, they take to making a lot of potions and healing medicines from different kinds of plants based on their uses and what they do when put together." This was perhaps the longest that she'd managed to talk with a pony, casually, and more than she'd ever said at once. Yuna quietly cleared her throat, trying not to strain her voice too much.
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