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    "Yes, most definitely food time. Then I can work on trying to hone my abilities once more. My guage of power is quite askew now with the extra control and the extra aether that I have. I can't imagine any of this will be easy and I shudder to think of the effects of not only myself, but everypony around me should something bad happen to these. This doesn't seem something that would just... fizzle when it breaks. It seems something more that would explode. Hopefully we never have to find that out," she said as she heard Discord chime in. he mentioned how it took a lifetime usually to write a symphony, but she had managed to do so in little over an hour. At first she didn't really understand what he meant by it.When he handed her the snowglobe though, she began to.... somewhat understand where he was going. She hadn't quite gotten used to thinking like him yet, but she was fairly certain that the mare sitting on the hill in the snowgloble was her. It was a reminder of where she was before. The low point, and the stark contrast of where she was now. She had come so far and she made some great friends along the way, but they were all opportunities that she had gotten by taking initiative and doing things her own way. Other times, it did seem that fortune favored her. After all, it was a blizzardly night, just like the one in the snow globe, that she got to first meet the Princess of the Night, and gained the title as her Stewardess and gained access to the observatory. "I think.... I would too, honestly," she replied to Discord's statement of this way being better. "It's like having to re-identify with yourself. Relearning your abilities all over again. Sure it might be a bit tedious but... the possibilities that open up from the new growth of power can be... very beneficial. I'll just have to make sure I remember to allocate time so that I can continue honing. There is never such thing as too much precision," she said, a statement she was sure Twilight would be giddy over. Although when her plates appears Ice looked around. She saw a large buffet with... quite a bit that was on it. She quickly moved through slathering green beans, peppers, rice, corn and all other sorts of yummy stuff onto her plate before taking a seat and awaiting Twilight to make her plate and rejoin them before digging into hers.
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    Diamond did all she could to keep the fits of giggles from bursting out of her muzzle! What in Equestria was going on? She couldn't help the question from throbbing through her brain. Sure Silver was pretty good and convincing other ponies, but how in the wide world had she ever achieved this level of compliance with this sort of colt. She knew the kind of caliber Valen toted with him and to see him acting this way was just dumbfounding...but enjoyable... oh so enjoyable! Silver winked at her flabbergasted friend, the thin smile still in place on her muzzle. Valen stood before them, waving his tail back in forth like an adoring puppy wear...well, wearing the. most. ridiculous. get. up. she. had. ever. seen. She could hear Diamond giggling and stifling her laughter and it took all her control to nut burst out in a fit as well. "Oh yes Valen! That certainly does do it!" She turned her head to keep herself from laughing. Then she turned back. "You look so handsome! Just the kind of colt I'd like to walk down the center street of Ponyville with." She winked at him and gave him something akin to bedroom eyes. She figured it was enough to melt him into a puddle. She turned to Diamond. "Diamond Tiara," She winked. "Would you care to join Valen and I for a little stroll?" As she spoke she casually snapped a lead line onto the collar attached to the harness. "Come on Valen. I can't wait to show off my handsome stallion."
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    Got round to playing FFXV. I love how the guys interact with each other in the down time. Bonus:
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    Quick sidenote, my sleep schedule is so borked that I fell asleep at around 9-10 PM And woke up at like 12-1 AM, and I won't be able to get back to sleep until like six
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    "No, we already tried that. Cross it off the list." Admittedly, his response was more brusque than he'd intended. But Daedalus was a bit high strung after hours in the lab wrestling with anomalous test results, hardware-breaking aetherochemical reactions, and a less than adequate supply of coffee. He'd never really scold Kyanaster with any malice. Instead, his sharpness was a product of his frustration. The familiar had become invaluable for her assistance to him since their... acquaintance. Kyanaster beeped in a disapproving tone. Daedalus sighed and tuned back to the list floating beneath her, half-expecting a lecture on attitude. Instead the followup series of beeps and tones indicated something even more vexing. "What do you mean there's no list?" He looked at the list he had been checking off as he'd worked. He blinked. He blinked twice. He rubbed his eyes and squinted at it. "Give me that!" Seizing it with his magic, he floated it directly to his face. It was not a trick of the eye, nor was it a product of his exhaustion. The flowing script simply stated: "YOU'RE INVITED!" A swirling bit of flourish at the end of the text was looped into a cartoon facsimile of Discord's face. Daedalus glared at it. It winked at him. "Discord, no." He cursed. The text changed, the lines rearranging themselves on the page and leaping off into empty air. They flashed neon pink in front of his face before both they and the letter were shredded by the swirling shear of twisted reality around him. As he was sucked into the portal, he made crude simulacra of pegasus wings, each flashing a rude gesture at the sign; the sign reading: "DISCORD, YES!"
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    It wasn't until the Prince stopped to take yet another admiring look at himself in a shopfront window that he first caught sight of di Nerezza. Her reflection stood out to him, no small feat to a stallion so normally obsessed with his own. Her presence immediately shifted him from narcissistic to neurotic, his flawless demeanor suddenly becoming positively rife with flaw. *Gah, I have strains of mane out of place! Is my tail brushed? Oh Faust, what is that between my teeth?* A few hasty moves of hooves and magic sought to put these all straight, after which he took a deep breath. Right, attractive mare behind him. Attractive, beautiful, gorgeous, pegasus mare. Boy, he could only imagine what those wings would look like fully splayed.... Deep breath, deep breath, and he started off again, taking peeks into storefronts again, watching for the approach of a reflection not his own...
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    From the album: MS Paint!

    Presteza belongs to @Pretzelparty The Awesome art belongs to Moi!
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    Discord was not the sort to act in a straightforward manner about his thoughts and the things he saw. He could see to the end of the universe and back. For him time was an inconvenience that he handled like any other: he would outright ignore it. Why be pinned down by such a concept when you could take advantage of it? He looked at the world ponies lived in from the outside, holding them like a snowglobe. In fact he presented the mares with one! Floating about he gave the globe a little shake in his paw and claw as he held it out to them, the snow fluttering about and turning to flower petals before raining upon the tiny figure inside which sat upon a lonely hill with Canterlot in the background. He appeared beside them holding the or as the scene inside seemed to play. A hum if music rang from the miniature landscape. The playing of instruments seemed to create a solemn feeling. The tiny concert played as the spirit grinned. His snake-like movements laced him between the mares. With his tail moving to attempt and rest over Twilight’s shoulder and his right claw on Ice’s he smirked. “It takes a lifetime to write a symphony, but I can admire you only had an hour to do so.” He offered Ice, reaching up with his paw to pinch her cheek. His visual wordplays made it a touch easier to understand where he was going. The snowglobe itself would be given to the blue mare. Its background was a familiar background to Ice, somewhere in Canterlot, but a more specific locale that triggered memories for her. Somewhere in her past that was difficult to revisit. Maybe it was just the mare, but the figurine sitting on the sculptured hill with the tree looked a bit like-- His ears pricked up at Icy’s response. He chuckled and appeared above them with an empty plate in paw, their plates appearing in front of them! “Well I would say it was better this way? At least it would seem!” His attention turned to Twilight who seemed quite excited by the prospect of food. Well they could go all out. “Well dig in!” But there was something Discord withheld, as to be expected of him. After all what fun was there if life was a predictable one? He set the mares loose on the buffet and floated there a moment to scratch his beard. Hmm. Well no matter! Tiem to eat! He filled his plate up, with delight!
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