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    While it didn't obviously show on Roan's face, other than his beady eyes blinking, the mostly red stallion was rather surprised to see Discord make a wolf appear before them and hold the furry creature by the scruff of its neck. Of all the ponies in this room, Roan might have been one of those few who actually bought into the canine's terrible attempt at hiding its true intelligence to the other present here. The pink-headed pony didn't particularly find the existence of wolves that existed in the Everfree Forest to be particularly strange, rather, it was considered rare to meet an actual wolf in the forest. The last time this happened was when Roan and the other Castle caretakers were going over the various codes and trails that were taken in order to get to the Castle of the Royals Sisters safely. Cockatrice encounters were code Hard-boiled, Manticore or Chimera encounters were Code Amalgam, Dragon encounters were Code Easy-bake, and each Ursa getting their own specific codes. Minor was Code Brazen Youngster, and in the event of an Ursa Major encounter, it was Code Custard. "Hi", was all that the hefty stallion said as he greeted the wolf before taking a sip of his mint tea sweetened with honey. With Discord's sudden change-of-heart and acquisition of needed supplies, things were beginning to come together as the possible journey towards Neighers drew near. By now, it was possible that a newly transcribed copy of the mysterious manuscript was making its way to the princesses, bringing with it any possible reaction from the princesses which would boil down to either blessing or intervention towards this endeavor. One could only hope that healing the Lost Lands would bring about greater prosperity and perhaps allow those like Princess Twilight to establish a new hub where Friendship could be spread far and wide.
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    Raven watched the others come in, a semi-professional stance to the way she stood there. However, just about all the others were relaxed, and it slightly threw her off. The captain gave a short speech, breaking the ice and asking them to tell a little about themselves. As she went to speak, the familiar looking orange Earth pony spoke. As soon as she heard the name, her eyes widened with surprise. Applejack was known in Canterlot as one of the bearers of the elements of harmony. Raven had even once taken a tour of the palace, and seen some of the stained glass windows. After getting over her shock at working next to some pony so important, Raven spoke next. "Hello, every pony... I'm Raven Shadowfire, heir to the House Dupone. While I haven't spent much... or any... time in Ponyville, I've known since... well, for as long as I can remember, I knew that I was to serve Equestria in a militaristic capability. After the accident that caused the cracks in my horn, both my parents, veterans of the REA, as well as the recruitment officers tried to steer me from service. My parents didn't want to see me hurt farther, and the recruitment officers said if I did get in, I would be regulated to desk jobs... However, when I saw the flyers for this position, I knew it was fate, that this was the opportunity to follow in the hoofsteps of my ancestors, as well as fulfill my dreams. I look forward to training with each of you, and serving as well..." Her words were confident, but they sounded off, as if she was partially saying whay she thought the others wanted to hear...
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