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    “Yep. Princess of dreams. Princess of the night.”, the little filly decided against speaking in the ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE as it had been wearing out her vocal cords and some may find it rude to be yelled at...Unless it was the proper ‘trick or treat’ chant. That was important. If she lost her voice, how would candy givers know that they must smell her hooves? Actually, why would anypony need to smell her hooves? What a weird thing to ask somepony. Did her costumed horse-shoes even have a smell? Maybe next time she should go with the usual, 'Nightmare Night! What a fright! Give us something sweet to bite!'. She smiled as the mare, hopefully was about to pull out her very large sack of candy! Princess Luna had the right to send anypony to the moon if they DARED give her bad candy! No horrid black licorice! Or wax cola bottles! And circus peanuts! Why do they taste like banana? They should taste like peanut! What insane pony decided on this? That would be like selling candies that looked like apples, and they tasted like prunes! Wrong! And her silly bigger sister liked those terrible candy corns! Also did not taste like corn! They tasted like broken dreams and nightmares! What was this? Was Miss Punch hoofing out drink boxes? Really? Guess that made sense. Berry Punch. Wind Walker had been banned from drinking such things in her house, after she accidentally dumped the entire content of her beloved ‘Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster' on her family's new couch. Grape flavored corn syrup mixed with Polydimethylsiloxane, Castoreum, and Brominated Vegetable Oil, do not work well with the Canterlot Linen and Silk couch. Thankfully there were no overpriced couches in sight. And while this was not candy, she still had to be very grateful. Still. JuicyJam. Her little speech sounded like something she should have said while doing tricks on a skateboard while wearing dark sunglasses while an very old authority figure looked on with disapproval. "Thanks Miss Punch!" After she received her treat, the filly made room for another. She would try this new drink out and hopefully earn a glare from a nearby vice principal, jail warden or other be-crew-cutted stallion of authority! Take that! I am enjoying....", after a few failed attempts with Berry Punch's straw 'o' death, Wind managed to get a few tastes of her drink. Or was it candy? How odd? It was more of a candy filling of sorts. It was good....But....oh no..THIS WAS HEALTHY!! As she pondered how many eggs this mare's house would soon be covered with, the filly spied a few more newcomers. Applebloom's big brother cantered by in a rather exquisite costume. An Alicorn princess? It was well made and the wings were pretty real looking. He probably should enter Swift Squall's contest in that get-up. Probably would win! The filly took a moment to smile at White Rose when something caught her attention. The kiren WANTED Discord to zap a costume on her. That might not end well for her! "Thanks Mister Cain!", the filly glanced into her bag as the stallion tossed a few goodies her way. "I'm Wind Walker.", she added. It would be nice to give the candy-givers a little treat as well, but considering the look the mare had given him, Berry Punch was looking for something sweet and it was not candy! Hopefully they would soon find their way to the next house. How far was Mister Rich's house from here? He usually had really good candy and sometimes even rather scary decorations!
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    Always great to see this place e so alive!
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    Any sign of the guard's growing agitation only seemed to feed Sombra's enjoyment in their conversation, if it could be considered conversation. A low chuckle rolled out of him, and he leapt on the opening that the pegasus had so willingly left him. "Indeed? You must enjoy it then," he remarked with that smug little smirk of his. His detour to harass one of the guards for a day was turning out to be extremely fruitful, and a good way to assuage the boredom that'd been creeping up on him. "I highly doubt the princess needs to order you to listen to me, servant that you are, when I hold a higher station than you. And did you not say that it was a personal preference to submit oneself to another pony?" His voice rose in a questioning lilt and he cast the armored pony another of his smug smirks. Perhaps he was enjoying himself a little too much, and Celestia was likely to have some words with him later about bothering the guards like this if this pony said anything to her. He likely would, considering how he was treating him. Trying to muffle another soft round of laughter behind closed teeth, Sombra attempted to find some calm again. "So, since I am to be sitting here and talking to you for a little while, perhaps I should bother to learn your name. What is it? You already know mine, of course. At least, I hope you do." Sombra tilted his head against his propped up hoof, resuming a lazy, relaxed posture where he leaned on the table. Waiting with an apparent patience for an answer, or any possible reactions from an irate guard.
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    Woah there! Seriously though, good to see ya buddy. Oh hai there.
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