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    Oh WOW. This is something else. It almost feels like old LPW again. I missed thee, oh halcyon days! This sums up my weekend. I'm the Mae. Little sister on the left, and the goatboi on the right is our friendo roomie for this here record-breaking convention of 10.7K furries.
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    Lyra was so so so proud of everything Bonbon had accomplished with her chocolate sales. It was amazing to see what her expertise was capable of! The minty mare had of course helped Bon out getting things rolling and then going with her to any event where it seemed like one set of hooves wouldn't be enough to get the job done. "Thanks AJ!" Lyra chimed in as Applejack offered to spread the word. "Before you know it, it's gonna take more than just us two to keep the chocolate stand working!" She smiled. "I saw a line half way around Equestria for the Apple family's last cider sale! You guys sure know your business!" Her eyes lit up. "Ever consider pairing chocolates and cider?" She asked the question to both mares. Rainbow sighed lightly as Bonbon asked about her Wonderbolts experiences as of late. Right before she was going to speak their drinks arrived. Rainbow held her water glass between her hooves, glowering down at it. Stupid water...this stupid place didn't even have cider... so now she was drinking stupid water... her bad mood was written all over her features and it wasn't getting any better. She raised the glass to her muzzle and took a little sip before returning it to the table. "Oh you know, busy as always. I haven't seen much of the open skies lately. We just took on some more recruits which has made my schedule even more hectic..." She looked to the side and spoke quietly. "and that's before somepony asked me to take on even more responsibilities..." Lyra raised her eyebrows at Rainbow's little comment. What the hay was going on here? She, Bon, and AJ seemed to be having a great time but Rainbow was acting like a rain cloud over an otherwise perfect parade. She could feel the tension growing and it didn't feel good. Lyra had just wanted a nice night out with friends and well...Rainbow seemed to be all she could to ruin in. Lyra made eye contact with Bon and then tried to make eye contact with AJ until... "So... are we all ready to order?" The waiter appeared again. "Uhhhhh," Lyra hadn't even had a chance to look at the menu. "Can we have a couple more minutes?" "Of course madam... take all the time you-" "I'll take a daisy burger, no fries." Rainbow butted in. "Don't want to be here all night," She muttered. Rainbow was being beyond rude and she really didn't care. Of course AJ would say she was being selfish, and foalish, and and and... blah blah blah.... Rainbow couldn't do anything right. AJ always found something to pick on. Why not make it easy to find something?
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    I gotta say as a fat ass who loves blankets and baggy clothes I super appreciate weather getting to the point where I can exist without being sweaty
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