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    Blueblood leaned into the nuzzle, breathing deeply of Taira's mountain scent. "I suppose this sort of thing is the price we pay for living. Tragedy strikes so many, and all we can do is offer comfort, aid, and prevention where we can." The Prince stared idly into the fountain, silent in contemplation. Try as he may, it was impossible for him to put the sorrows of his past back into the dark closet of his mind. Nothing for it but let sadness take it's course, and hope to halve it by the sharing. Anypony encountering the pair in the garden now might have been forgiven for thinking the two of them had been friends for much longer than a day, if not closer than that. Blueblood was now resting against Taira's shaggy coat, quietly letting a few tears go, both for his own and the disguised yokai's sorrows.
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