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    oOOoooooOOOOOOooooooOOOOOhhhhhhhh she made the captain blush at the mention of kids! See, Pathfinder knew that beyond the armor and the bravery was a cute little thing wanting little colts and fillies like any other mare would. Look at the blush! It was super true. Swifty sure seemed to have his mind on it, didn't he? Not for lack of trying? Well, sometimes the locomotive didn't work right and it fell off the tracks and blew up. Hopefully that didn't mean there was anything wrong between them, especially when he wanted like four or a hundred of them. She wasn't sure if he had the patience for it. Foals could be very hoovesy and liked to touch things. She eventually had to kick out all foals from her club meetings because they kept touching her stuff. It had proven a bad choice since for no real reason soon everypony else had left! Oh well. Just more for her to play with. Besides, foals didn't make great adventure partners. Too fragile. "I guess I can get wanting to wait. Gotta make sure you get all your fun years out of you before you become tied down by a dozen foals!" Pathfinder smiled. She just liked that everypony was finally maturing. Meant she was gonna have more opportunities for business! Speaking of, he mentioned two assassins. He was braggart by nature so she didn't take it at face value entirely, but she was a mare given to the allowance of certain amounts of bragging so she'd allow it. The whole magical incident had been pretty cool, to boot. "That was what happened? Pretty cool stuff, Fire. I was in the Great Leota when I couldn't fly anymore. I fell down ruined fortress and into some scalding water, broke my leg and all that. I still got through it though. Turned out somepony else had already collected the ring of destiny from the fortress of Talacon, but I was just excited that to be in the middle of one of my favorite stories. A little filly though, really? What's the next threat to Equestria going to be, an overly inquisitive snapping turtle?" She laughed as she hovered around them, imitating a snapping turtle snapping as she did so. She had a lot of energy to get out, and luckily the subject moved onto something much cooler. Like whatever this gift was. Like a foal on Hearthswarming Day she grabbed it and opened it in a flash. Was it...? It was, yay! "DARING DO AND THE BEAST FROM BEYOND!" She leapt into Swifty's safe space and gave him a big hug, nearly squeezing him out of his eyes. She then twirled him around while flying, also kissing him. "Thank you thank you thank you thank you!" She said before dropping to the floor and release him, zooming around the room and kicking all her limbs akimbo. It was only pure luck that she didn't knock stuff over as she came to a stop and tried to reset her brain towards other topics. Less exciting as they were, she still had loads to offer ob them. WRAITH and other enemies of EPIC, specifically those topics. Pathfinder had done her job. While most of the others had so-called lives that pulled them away from adventure and investigation, Pathfinder until recently hadn't had any. That gave her a lot of time to look into things. She settled on the floor, back on the cold surface as she read the book and tapped her back hooves excitedly as she spoke. "Well, WRAITH wasn't a very cohesive group anyway, right? Core group, then a lot of mercs and henchmen followed by some tough hombres like Sachy Wachy and the Red Jarl. Sachadara is a psychopath but is loyal to her queen and her queen is troubled, so she's quiet. The Red Jarl didn't care about anything WRAITH cared about in the first place, total means to an end sorta dealio. Sombra? Rumors about him. I think I found at least one place he's been to but he doesn't seem concerned about his previous plans. Revenant? Missing. The last time I saw any of their goons after the little Neighponese incident was Hesperia a few months back and they seemed desperate for work. Durango Black was working as a frontstallion for them but all I got outta him before I was being chased away was that they were behind on their payments, and he was gonna be taking them as compensation." She flipped a page. "If I had to guess? They're international. Moving away from having ambitions on Equestria, at least for now because of their consistent failure. Part of that means there is gonna be some sort of internal strife. I've taken apart enough cults and organizations to know what thats like! There is gonna be a major dilution in their talent and scope of operations. They could be evolving from a super cool enemy to a lame criminal organization. Doesn't mean they're still not dangerous of course, but I'm not losing sleep over them. Heck, the Razorclaw tortures haunt me a whole heck of a lot more than what WRAITH did!" She said with a light chuckle, reading her amazing book gift as she dirtied the floor of the castle visibly, the dust and debris of the outside world caked on her coming off and forming a very light dirt angel.
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    Silver Blade instantly went for the dagger he always kept in his armored curiss as he heard the voice call out to him. He cursed silently under his breath as he turned to face the pony who he had over looked in the Royal Library but relaxed when he saw it was just an old Stallion. Releasing the dagger and keeping it hidden, the pirate turned to the voice and sighed in annoyance. "Sorry ole Stallion, but I couldn't tell ya tha. I'm just in charge of the night watch and can't say what her majesty does in her spare time" he explained as he pulled out a book about pirate legends and opened it to face a painting of a beautiful red maned Pegasus Mare worth lime green fur smirking at him as she held up a Cutlass in triumph. Smiling affectionately Silver blade traced his hoof across her face.
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    "I did, but not as much as pony with my resources should....." Squall said. "And even that came at the expense of my friends and teammates. How can I claim that I helped the Equestria if I can't aid them?" unicon asked. ".....Perhaps I should enroll that school your boss moonlights as a Principal off." he whispered. "....I wouldn't count on either of those possibilities. And even if they did, there is still a matter of answering for their prior deeds." Squall pointed out. He remembered very well what was on the hooves of WRAITH members, an being nowhere as forgiving as Fire was, Swift was driven to bring just retribution to them. "And calling anything they did a mischief is vastly underplaying their crimes. While I agree that spawning more than a few avenger's is more then likely...if we couldn't root them out, what hope a lone vindicator has? Besides, by now I believe we would find at least two or three bodies if that was a case." he lampshaded, perhaps a wee bit too cynically Squall nodded when Fire mentioned a poor timing for this gathering. "Indeed. This way I could find out who still care enough. To coma at such unusual time and place would...." he explained, ending his statement with meaningful pause. The stallion was so self-absorbed in his brooding that he barely registered the new arrival. "We are older then you." he reminded the brown pegasus. "Also, what Fire said. Not for the lack of trying mind you. I am looking forward towards four or mo-....PATHFINDER?!" noblepony literally fell from the bench when the realization who he was talking to finally kicked in. "...Errr....I-I mean l-long time no see." he said, trying to salvage his image while he was gathering himself from the floor. "Say hi to Snowfall from me when you get back alright? Also, ask about that new shipyard she's building, if you can." When Fire mentioned a lack of potential hit ponies lately, Swift bumbling despite himself.... "Two...." he spke under his breath. When the two mare looked at him he added, almost apologetically. "It was a slow week, okay? And one wasn't even 'magical', just from Neighpon" Fire also mentioned the recent lack of magic. Squall nodded in agreement, even if he couldn't comment on this from experience.... "It was just like Tirek rampage from what I heard. Although what he did had to be local. I was in Saddle Arabia when he did that, and I didn't noticed anything odd. This one on the other hoof....I literally slept through it." swordpony admitted with a shrug. Feeling that most of the awkwardness was dispelled, Swift refocused his attention on Pathfinder. Her presence was...a start. Not the first pony he would pick, but a start nonetheless. And if there was one thing Swift was good at, it was being prepared. He slowly reached into his duster pockets to produce the package. "Here." he said said to hyperactive pegasus while levitating the gift. "Just don't ask me how I got it month earlier. I have connections, and I am ugly rich." Swift mumbled, while doing everything to avoid eye contact with the brown mare. He really owned Foxglove for this one. The shape, the smell of the ink and fresh paper......could it be? Well, of course it was. Count Squallcoast knew from experience that some addictions could not be cured - only fed.
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    Boulder Dash exhaled as he saw Pinkie Pie bounce off but slight murmurs and even a few chuckles caused him to become annoyed. He didn't care what people thought of him but he hated the idea of a mare as famous, beautiful and generous as Rarity getting her reputation ruined do to his mix up. On his honor he swore to make it up to her. "Coming Miss. Rarity" he said as she moved forward. Arriving at the Castle of Friendship he heard Rarity knock on the door as he sighed in relief that they had made it. Now for the hard part.....explaining this to Twilight. "I'm ok Miss. Rarity. I'm just a might embarrassed by dis whole thing. I swear on my Pa's grave that I will make this up to you. Whatever ya want or whatever ya need it will be yourn I promise" he said just as he heard the Castle door open. Inside the Castle of Friendship Spike the Dragon, Twilight's number 1 assistant, was sitting at the base of the steps of the grand hall making out a list of the local Nightmare Night festivities. It was always a big party for Ponyville and he knew Twilight was going to want everything ready. As such hearing a knock on the door of main entrance perked his interest as he went over and opened the door. "Huh?" The little dragon stared in shock at the costumed dragon staring back at him. He at first was confused but soon recognized the eyes looking at him. "Rarity? Is that you? Heh um not for nothing but it's a little early to be nightmare nighting...and that costume really isn't your best work. Whose your partner though?" he asked noticing the three hoofs behind her. Wait a minute! Three hoofs! Uh oh, this wasn't a social call Spike realized as he move aside so they could come in, still not sure what was going on. "Hey Twilight you might want to come out here!" he called out.
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    From the album: The Character Corner (Color!)

    "Long, Long ago in Long Guo there was a beautiful queen and a Handsome Emperor. These rulers would protect and watch over the prosperity of the land for years to come. One day, The dynasty held a great feast for the greatest of their servants. Word of this great banquet reached all across the east and to the ears of devious fox from over the seas. This nasty beast concocted a scheme. On the way to dinner, the empress was spirited away and her likeness worn by the eight tailed beast. Throughout the banquet, the clever emperor noticed a strange dip in his wife's manners. His suspicions rose until he made a request for a particularly spicy dish to be served. The shock of the hot meal and powerful spices jolted the monster fox out of her guise. Thanks to the great spiritual advisor of the harmonious path, she was bound and captured and sealed away in a deep dark forest... Never to be seen again." --Excerpt from stories of the Early Feng Dynasty: The Foiled Fox. Let's Hope this strange creature is never set loose upon the Royal family again!
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