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    Everyfilly and everycolt that was worth their weight in sugarcubes and salt (and lied in the Heartland) knew all about Calamity Mane's Summer Camp! The one and only summer camp this side of the world that allowed a little lad or lass to live out the only dream worth dreaming about, and that as being a cowfilly or cowcolt for a whole summer. And what a camp it was! It featured an old-timey main street with wooden buildings on either side, a field, a small lake, and a bunch of little odds and ends. It was fit for up to sixty campers and fifteen supervisors to spend up to eight weeks. It was stocked with everything needed for fun and all manner of activities and wasn't too far away from Dodge Junction. When it started was anypony's guess and whether Calamity Mane was still involved was equally up in the air. What wasn't up for debate was that every summer a new group of fillies and colts came to experience everything that being a western pony had to offer. All sorts of activities and events and, more importantly, the clothes! Well, Hazel cared about the clothes at least. Western fashions were very in and chic at the moment. And as somepony who felt glued into them, she knew for a fact that this summer was going to be great. Never having been to one himself, Hazel could only imagine what was in store for them. Dances? Farming? Outlaw gang robbing them? Unlikely on the last. What she did know was that when they were there they actually had a lot of autonomy. Jobs, fun, fake currency- the whole thing felt like half of a summer camp and half of a roleplay event gone rogue. Hazel would have signed up even if he wasn't more or less forced to attend by Cherry Jubilee. Being a local and due to her many 'roles' a successful actor, she knew that the task ahead no matter how fun and difficult was one that he was uniquely qualified to handle. And so Hazel got off of the carriage that was bringing the campers and camp leaders to the little town with a suitcase- not a large one as she imagined she would acquire more here- with a breath of fresh air and a clear mind. Clear enough for this, anyway. Hazel also wondered just who would be running it this year and just who would show up. No matter what though she was looking forward to whatever may come at the greatest summer camp in the world!
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    Basira's satisfaction was mirrored by Bluebelle's own. Another cross-cultural negotiation successfully completed! And she could add "sphinx" to the list of species she could work with too! All in all, the Princess' CV was looking mightily impressive right about now; which was good, as she couldn't help but think she would need to emphasize every possible positive point to keep her aunties from freaking out. Granted, they weren't likely to be put off so much by Nilaavin himself as much as the fact that he would answer completely to Blue... "Oh, don't worry about that, I ensure all my staff and servants have the highest possible level of care!" As for requisitioning the proper resources for cleaning and feeding Nil, well, she supposed they would just have to ask in person. And if anypony was brave enough to say 'no' to a sphinx, well! Blue still had a few slots left open in her honor guard. "I'm sure you'll love it. I'll bet you've never been to a place that had no deserts, but was green all over with forests and grasslands, and some mountains as well, eh?"
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    Night Breeze had momentarily forgotten about her surroundings as she wrote in her journal. Busy drawing and writing she hadn't noticed the big Kirin approach her. With a Gasp she jumped up from her sitting place with a start. Turning to see the Kirin she started to relax again, A small blush and smile rose on her face from the embarrassment of being frightened. "Oh, Good morning to you too." The gray unicorn said in a soft manner facing the large Kirin. "I guess i am,?" She giggled lightly regaining her composure "You must be quite the climber as well? You made it past the strange fog mist stuff as well? Its quite peculiar isn't it?" Night Breeze said assuming he was just some other pony that was visiting. "Oh, My names Night Breeze" She replied picking her book and pen back up with her horn and placing them back in the bag on her side. "I was just up here to get some relaxation, and find some inspiration for my work at the spa back in Canterlot...What brings you up here?" She said as she stood back upright again a warm smile on her face. Night Breeze looked curiously at him, He seemed a bit congested. Maybe her healing or soothing magic could help? She had never tried to see if either would work on sickness. She stood for a moment thinking, glancing up the mountain again, Was this pony going to join her? Or was he just simply passing by? Night Breeze had to go see the peak of this mountain the view had to be amazing from up there.
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    Not too long ago Opal moved to Ponyville and opened her crystal crafts shop, "Transparent Treasures." Moving was definitely a journey in itself. Leaving family and friends was not fun, nor was the fact that she was moving her entire business. There was so much at risk for breakage of her artwork. Thankfully only one item broke, and able to be remade into something else. The first floor of the home she bought she had turned into her shop, and the second she used as her living quarters. She loved to keep things nice and tidy, and something out of place bothered her minor OCD. One thing she was looking forward to was making new friends. Sadly, she hadn't as of yet, but was eager and hopeful to make some. News of the unicorn's shop was spreading and has already had a few sales. Hopefully somepony will come into the shop and become her friend. Opal was studying her spell book at the counter when someone knocked on the door, reminding her she needs to plan a remodel as to make the first floor not look so home like from the outside. She also needed to create a new "open/closed sign" . "Come in!" She called to the pony on the other side of the door, putting away her book and trotting to the door.
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    Perhaps saying it was fine for the rest of the family to head out for a while wasn't the best idea. Just as he'd finished waving goodbye to Niju and the pups he'd felt a sort of scratchiness in his throat. He'd paid it no mind and slept in for the most part since he hadn't sensed anyone fast approaching the mountain lately. When he finally woke he immediately wished he'd stayed asleep. His head felt foggy, his muscles ached, and he could barely smell a thing. It'd been at least thirty years since he'd come down with a cold... of course it would manifest when his family had taken off. Lucky for Taira (and the house he lived in now) He had a plan for this sort of occasion. First: leave the house so he didn't make a mess of things. Second: Secure the Mountain perimeter. Third: Get food. Fourth: Get rest. That First step was easy enough. Taira calmly strode out of his home, taking a moment to wince at his reflection in the mirror before finally vacating the premises. He breath deep of the morning air as deeply as he could before he fell into a fit of coughing. He let out a deep sigh as he finally steadied his breath enough that he could sort through what his nose caught on the wind. Immediately his eyes widened and his jaw dropped. He definitely slept too long. Someone was inside the barrier... somewhere at the southern entrance to the valley at the top. A foreigner by the smell of them. He must have forgotten to leave that sign up to warn visitors against entering the mist. This wasn't the best start to his process: already failing at step two. With a weary sigh he moved on along to the other end of the valley towards the clearing where Night Breeze was staying. At least she wasn't moving, with how he felt he wasn't sure he'd be able to keep track of her in the normal way. He took a deep breath through his mouth and tried to pull up his Disguise. Even in this cramped Pony form he felt exhausted. Just as he came around the Corner and entered the clearing he looked like the stocky kirin he usually pretended to be, although he looked tired and slightly red nosed. "Good Morning, Stranger!" He called out in a semi congested tone, "You must be quite the climber to get this far up the mountain! What's your name?"
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