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    Everyfilly and everycolt that was worth their weight in sugarcubes and salt (and lied in the Heartland) knew all about Calamity Mane's Summer Camp! The one and only summer camp this side of the world that allowed a little lad or lass to live out the only dream worth dreaming about, and that as being a cowfilly or cowcolt for a whole summer. And what a camp it was! It featured an old-timey main street with wooden buildings on either side, a field, a small lake, and a bunch of little odds and ends. It was fit for up to sixty campers and fifteen supervisors to spend up to eight weeks. It was stocked with everything needed for fun and all manner of activities and wasn't too far away from Dodge Junction. When it started was anypony's guess and whether Calamity Mane was still involved was equally up in the air. What wasn't up for debate was that every summer a new group of fillies and colts came to experience everything that being a western pony had to offer. All sorts of activities and events and, more importantly, the clothes! Well, Hazel cared about the clothes at least. Western fashions were very in and chic at the moment. And as somepony who felt glued into them, she knew for a fact that this summer was going to be great. Never having been to one himself, Hazel could only imagine what was in store for them. Dances? Farming? Outlaw gang robbing them? Unlikely on the last. What she did know was that when they were there they actually had a lot of autonomy. Jobs, fun, fake currency- the whole thing felt like half of a summer camp and half of a roleplay event gone rogue. Hazel would have signed up even if he wasn't more or less forced to attend by Cherry Jubilee. Being a local and due to her many 'roles' a successful actor, she knew that the task ahead no matter how fun and difficult was one that he was uniquely qualified to handle. And so Hazel got off of the carriage that was bringing the campers and camp leaders to the little town with a suitcase- not a large one as she imagined she would acquire more here- with a breath of fresh air and a clear mind. Clear enough for this, anyway. Hazel also wondered just who would be running it this year and just who would show up. No matter what though she was looking forward to whatever may come at the greatest summer camp in the world!
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    Picking the strewn supplies up Night Breeze set them back in the cart. She noticed Cain pausing for a moment almost seeming frozen like a statue before his face reddened. He did look rather cute like that. She smiled her own face growing a bit of a pink shade, which was rather easy to see with her gray colored coat. "There is no need to be embarrassed about it Dear, I enjoy helping others, and i couldn't just stand there and let you do it all" She said in soft tone. Night Breeze stood there for a moment looking at Cain. His green colored eyes where really quite catchy, she seemed to stare blankly for moment, before looking to she him taking some of his supplies out of his cart. "your welcome dear" she replied with a smile. Her eyes widened a bit when he said he was going to make her something. Night Breeze swayed for a moment on refusing, or letting him make something. She didn't want him to waste his supplies. Besides it was late, he could probably use the rest. "Aw, That is awfully sweet of you, But There is no need to, Dear. You have probably worked hard enough today. Why don't you relax a little?" She said trying to convince him other wise, But he seemed insistent. Night Breeze thought for a moment raising her hoof to her chin. "Hmmmm, Why don't you make something you want? What ever comes to mind." She suggested. Night Breeze had to do something in return, all she did was pick up his stuff and here he is making her things. "How about i do something in return for you?" She asked pondering for a moment "How about a free visit to the spa sometime on me? You could use some relaxation every now and again?" She said gazing at Cain. Night Breeze was all to happy to help others relax, She knew at the end of a long day nothing was better than to unwind for awhile. "If you ever decide to, just ask for me when you get there" Her face was soft pink as she awaited to see what he was going to make.
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    Cain was a complete and utter mess right now. Still, he did feel a bit better when Night Breeze decided to help him clean up instead of laugh. Still, though, this was his mess. It was his responsibility, not hers. He began to formulate an apology, and a refusal. He glanced up. "Really, ma'am, I don't want to. . ." He faltered slightly. He was distracted by the vivid aquamarine of her eyes and the highlights in her mane, which almost seemed to glow in the night sky. The lights from Canterlot dimmed it a bit, but it was there. He was at a loss of words for a moment. It was random, but a unique moment that Cain couldn't shake off. Soon Cain realized he was staring, and glanced back at the ground, his face reddening. "R-Really, it's my mess. . ." He knew that she couldn't be stopped, though; some ponies were just like that. They couldn't bear to see the misfortunes of others. Still, there was a difference between seeing it and doing something about it. At least this mare did the latter. She was polite and kind as well. It was a strange comparison, but Cain felt a strange feeling in his chest, the same one he'd felt years before, back home, leaving Canterlot the first time. . . he didn't know what it was. "Th-Thanks. . . thank you, ma'am." Cain murmured, his gaze flickering up for a moment. He shook his mane, flipping up few stray hairs that had come undone from his bangs. He thought for a moment. "I gotta make it up to you somehow. . . you remember how I said I did candy? I could do something for you, anything." Anything? Cain felt that he was pushing it there. He rarely ever did just anything for someone he'd just met. It was. . . taxing, big projects. He still felt that it was necessary, though. With a flick of his horn, Cain brought out a few jars of sugar, bags of candy, fruit containers, and other various supplies. He counted them for a moment, before turning back to Night Breeze. "Consider it a gift, a token of my appreciation. What wouldya like? I do lots of things. . . but I'd be more than happy to give you a few examples. It's real nice." Cain smiled at the thought of having absolute freedom in art once more. "Then I can take a request. . .?"
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