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    From the album: The Character Corner (Color!)

    A not as secretive yokai who has been popping up all over the east, Hogo-sha is a traveling wolf who has been challenging various dojos across neihgpon and seeking challenges in other lands (depending on which, as a diamond dog)
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    BWWUUUUUHH A BIG GIGANTIC CONGRATULATIONS, HON!!~<3 And a vurry happy birfday to your brood-mate! PLEASE GIVE HER A GREAT BIG SMOOCH ON HER LEFT EAR FROM THE GOOD OL' FAWKESEQUUS~<3 :'3 And to try to add to some of that happy news, for those who haven't heard yet, on the 11th hour of New Year's Eve, your loveable old Marquee of Mania took a Duke of Dementia to be his fiancee~ Lord Mefiialtes, formerly the Bird of Paradise, once upon a time Canterlot's talented crp_dude. Whom I met some 6 years ago, as some of you may recall, as a result of the Bridal Shower Art Extravaganza I threw for our dear Manestream once upon a time. Which I threw in one large part out of my love and appreciation for her hard work and dedication, yes, but also in one large part in the hopes of redeeming myself and Angie in the eyes of her and Artax, so that they might reverse Angie's ban from Canterlot. A ban which was given to us due to our WILD AND CRAZY Last Post Wins shenanigans. In short, I found the love of my life thanks to Canterlot and thanks to all of you madmen and madwomen here in Last Post Wins, members old and past as well as new and present. And for that, as well as so much else, I love you all beyond the ability for words to convey (impressive, I know, considering the infamous word-vomiter that I am!). ON ANOTHER NOTE YUSH THIS ALL YOU MOTHERFATHERS BETTER JOIN US FOR THIS TONIGHT!!! IT WILL BE VERY FUN AND I WILL PERSONALLY LICK THE FINGERS OF EVERY ONE OF YOU WHO JOINS US AS A REWARD! ...or I'll lick the fingers of everyone who DOESN'T show up as a punishment. WHICHEVER IS MOST FITTING!! >:I
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    Well, now Cain was hooked. He was interested to go and experience this "spa". He still wasn't sure how just sitting down somewhere would suddenly make him feel "relaxed", but it was worth a shot. Cain's parents didn't believe in taking a day off for something as trivial as relaxation. Even during vacations and getaways, the family was always working on something, even if it was just something to pass the time. This would certainly be a new one for him. "Well, now I know who to call." Cain listened to Night Breeze list off her favorite things, thinking to himself. They. . . they could work. Rather splendidly, if Cain said so himself. "You have good taste, Miss Breeze. . ." Cain's brow furrowed as he worked on her gift. "I know just the thing that can give it all to you at once." It would be a bit difficult, but Cain didn't doubt that he could pull it off. It was, after all, a gift. He gave it his all when it came to gifts. Now, how to present it. . . he was sort of stuck on that. A model? Or just candy? That was the question. Cain was motionless as he worked. The jars and bags of sweets floated around his head, enveloped in a faint pink energy, as he muttered quietly to himself. After a few minutes, the sweet smells of delectable confections were swimming in the air. Cain still blocked off what he was making, but it sure smelled good. Finally, he exhaled, and sat down, staring at whatever it was he had been working on. He tilted his head from side to side, examining the thing. Would she like it? He wasn't sure. His expression was almost blank. He inhaled, and turned, the object as elusive as ever. He was hiding it behind his head, levitating it with his magic. He took another breath. "I have worked the best that I can on it at this hour. I know I could have waited, but I wanted to present you with something as soon as possible. I do hope that you enjoy it, whether it be the taste, or. . ." Cain didn't finish. What he brought out was an odd little thing. Cain's usual profession was with models or other living art. He didn't usually revert to just making straight candy. It confused him. But he had put everything into this one bit, so he hoped it was worth it. The end result was a small, spherical piece of candy, about the size of a gumball. One couldn't mistake this for a gumball, however. It was coated in a dull silver, which glowed faintly in the dark. Not a gleam, and certainly not like the glowing toys you could purchase for cheap somewhere - it was magical. If one looked closer, there were little wisps of art on the surface, not easily identified. What were they. . .? They seemed to shift in the dim light. What could not be mistaken for anything else, though, was the crescent moon that flickered across the silver shell. Cain stared at it, his face still blank. "I do believe," He began carefully. "That you eat this particular piece of work. It isn't just for show."
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    Hooray i turn another year older tomorrow! which just so happens to be a Monday back to work
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    This end of the year thing has been pretty savage. A coworker died at my day job. Another one was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and is going on leave to deal with that. Happier news tho: 7th anniversary here, and I'm taking my little sis out for her birthday tomorrow. I finally got a day off so we're gonna have a happy fun sister day.
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