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    From the album: The Character Corner (Color!)

    A not as secretive yokai who has been popping up all over the east, Hogo-sha is a traveling wolf who has been challenging various dojos across neihgpon and seeking challenges in other lands (depending on which, as a diamond dog)
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    Plenty of failsafes. Luna could certainly hope so. Ice Storm was a sharp mare and she seemed to be prepared for the worst, and yet Luna still couldn't quite shake that little paranoid voice in the back of her mind over this ship. It could become such a threat to them.. as much a threat as it would be to any other invaders who wanted to take a page out of the Storm King's book. The princess sighed quietly and listened to the argument between Ice Storm and Tempest- the latter mare who Luna wasn't taking much of a liking to with her attitude. The sheer arrogance and hostility. Aside from the matter of the banner design, Luna could see no other reason for her to stay here now that topics were starting to move further along towards the realm of this particular mission. "It would do you well to heed the suggestions and advice of your fellows. I know you are confident in the task you have set yourselves, but you will get nowhere if you cannot work together," Luna spoke up, her voice soft, and echoing the same sentiment Ice Storm had just uttered. The alicorn doubted Tempest would pay her much mind, but she would speak regardless. "Ice Storm, once you have figured out ideas for your organization's banner, perhaps you can send them along to me to look over and perhaps I can help you decide on one. If you have no more need of me here, I might return to Canterlot." She'd rather not linger here, and around Tempest, any longer than she'd have to be. A glance was cast over at King Sombra, who was still lazily slouched in his seat and listening in on the conversation with something of an unreadable expression on his face. An eyebrow would be the only response to the disgust that Tempest aimed at the three of them and he pushed himself to sit up in his seat with a soft snort. "Well, if we're decided.."
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    The smirk that still lingered on the umbrum's muzzle widened to a vicious, fang-baring grin, amused by her quip, though it did not lessen his guard. He could feel her magic building and soon saw it for himself- flaring bolts of unchanneled magic crackling around her like barely controlled lightning. It made his hackles rise. The mere sight of it was exciting, though he was not caught nor entranced by the display. Sombra held his ground as she began to charge him, dark magic bubbling up around his own horn as he focused his magic on the ground between them. As a bolt of magic arced his way, Sombra jerked his head up, pulling up a wall of crystal in between himself and Tempest. He was a proud stallion, and with most dealings with ponies, he refused to ever retreat in a fight- he preferred to meet his opponents head on, especially when most of them were too weak to even be much of a threat to him. Though fighting the royal sisters certainly kept him on his toes. Sombra didn't wait for what the result of Tempest's magic would be when faced with crystal and turned his attention to the offensive, summoning a pillar of black crystal that came jutting diagonally out of the ground on Tempest's side- his intent was to ram her in the side with it, if he could. He was relying entirely on his sense of her magic rather than any visual for the moment.
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    "They most certainly are." Night Breeze said with a little blush on her face looking at cain. Having gave Cain a quick hug, She observed his face which to seem a bit embarrassed and pleased at the same time. Giving off a single soft little giggle a blush reddening her cheeks as she smiled. Truthfully Night breeze had come out here expecting to be alone, but she rather did enjoy his company. Eating the piece of candy gave to her from Cain she could immediately feel a crackling feeling like that of a fire, It was rather quite unique. Soon after she could smell the slight smell of of fresh water, Followed by the sounds of happy voices around her that where seemingly pushed along by a gentle cool breeze from the night. How did he manage to make that into a candy? she wandered to herself. Turning to ask him Cain seemed to have felt it as well. Night Breeze tilted her head as he cut himself short on his sentence. His face suddenly turning to fear and shrank down, What was he so afraid of? Her face looked concerned, She knew just the thing to calm him down tho. Without a word Night Breeze light up her horn, a magic matching the color of her eyes floated off her horn towards Cain before wrapping itself around him in swirls. The magic was that of her soothing spell, The magic swirls continuously circled around him could be described like a soft velvet cloth that had been warmed gently as it continued to wind around him. "Easy now, There is nothing for you to fear" She said in a soft reassuring voice walking closer to Cain "You where not intruding, I love sharing my interests with others. I enjoy caring for others, and you are no different." She said with a smile on her face trying to show Cain that she didn't mind, before the spell fizzled away into the air. "You know your candy was actually good, and that gave me a idea" Night Breeze said thinking to herself. She came out hoping to find some Inspiration for back at the spa, And this might be just the stoke of inspiration she was looking for! "Candy like this could actually be a very good thing to have at the spa, and I'm sure ponies would love them, If you where interested i wouldn't mind paying you bits for them?" She asked trying to return to a light mood again. If he made candy like the one he gave to her, but each one only highlighting one thing, she was sure ponies where to love them. Turning around she laid back down on the ground under the tree. "Now, Why don't you come rest and relax a little?" She asked patting her on hoof beside her.
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    "Whew!" Babs blew her forelocks out of her eyes as she stepped out of the carriage. "We're really in the old west now Sweetie Belle!" She looked back over her shoulder just in time to see the unicorn filly leap from the carriage step. "Oh wow!" She gazed about, taking in the initial sights and sounds. "I think Abby is right! This is the most westerniest place I've ever seen!" "It looks like a ton of fun!" Babs trotted forward and tossed her suitcase onto her back. "I'm super excited Abby suggested this place for me and you to get some bonding time! This will be a great place for her favorite cousin to get to know one of her best friends better!" "Yeah! A lot better! We're gonna have all summer here Babs! All...summer..." She sucked in a little breath, trying to keep herself calm. This was totally out of Sweetie's comfort zone and there was no big sister here to help her out. At least not until she came for a visit. The two fillies watched as Miss Blossom stepped forward with her suitcase. "Should we follow you Miss Blossom?" Babs inquired with Sweetie at her heels. "This place looks kinda big..." Her horn lit up as she levitated her suitcase along next to her. "I hope we don't get lost..."
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    BWWUUUUUHH A BIG GIGANTIC CONGRATULATIONS, HON!!~<3 And a vurry happy birfday to your brood-mate! PLEASE GIVE HER A GREAT BIG SMOOCH ON HER LEFT EAR FROM THE GOOD OL' FAWKESEQUUS~<3 :'3 And to try to add to some of that happy news, for those who haven't heard yet, on the 11th hour of New Year's Eve, your loveable old Marquee of Mania took a Duke of Dementia to be his fiancee~ Lord Mefiialtes, formerly the Bird of Paradise, once upon a time Canterlot's talented crp_dude. Whom I met some 6 years ago, as some of you may recall, as a result of the Bridal Shower Art Extravaganza I threw for our dear Manestream once upon a time. Which I threw in one large part out of my love and appreciation for her hard work and dedication, yes, but also in one large part in the hopes of redeeming myself and Angie in the eyes of her and Artax, so that they might reverse Angie's ban from Canterlot. A ban which was given to us due to our WILD AND CRAZY Last Post Wins shenanigans. In short, I found the love of my life thanks to Canterlot and thanks to all of you madmen and madwomen here in Last Post Wins, members old and past as well as new and present. And for that, as well as so much else, I love you all beyond the ability for words to convey (impressive, I know, considering the infamous word-vomiter that I am!). ON ANOTHER NOTE YUSH THIS ALL YOU MOTHERFATHERS BETTER JOIN US FOR THIS TONIGHT!!! IT WILL BE VERY FUN AND I WILL PERSONALLY LICK THE FINGERS OF EVERY ONE OF YOU WHO JOINS US AS A REWARD! ...or I'll lick the fingers of everyone who DOESN'T show up as a punishment. WHICHEVER IS MOST FITTING!! >:I
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