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    Applejack had mulled it over for way way way too long. If she didn't do something about it pretty soon, ponies were gonna find out. She couldn't hide it anymore and if she kept trying she was just gonna burst! Every time she thought about it the farm mare's heart skipped a beat and then took to hammering away in her chest like she had just bucked a hundred apple trees bare! It was her first thought in the morning and the last thought every night. She just couldn’t keep it back any more. And so Applejack had taken the Princess of Friendship into her confidence. If she couldn't trust the princess then who could she trust? She didn't want anypony in her family finding out, not just yet anyway. AJ was seen in a certain light by her family and she didn't want that to change. She worried that letting on might make her seem weak. She certainly didn't want that! Applejack was many things but darn it all she was not weak and nopony would ever prove otherwise! But she had to admit...on this one she had weaknesses. Her heart was directing her head at this point and she needed help. "Twilight!" She opened the door and let her friend in. "So glad yah could make it!" "Sure Applejack! What did you want to ask me about?" Twi jumped in no holds barred. All she knew was AJ had asked for her help and finding out what she needed was definitely of interest. Applejack wasn't always keen on asking for help so this was something important no doubt! "Wow! huh huh..." She laughed nervously. "Yah uh mind if we walk and talk? Might make it easier for me to share?" Soon the two were walking through the orchard. After some small talk Applejack finally let the truth slip. "So yeah... all that tah say... I uh... I'm crushin' on Rarity somethin' fierce and I had tah tell somepony." The mare's cheeks blushed crimson as she let the secret go. She suddenly felt super vulnerable. "Wow..." Twilight's excitement rose! This was amazing news! "Thank you for trusting me with this Applejack. So, when are you going to tell her?" "Tell her!" Applejack exclaimed. "I could hardly tell you! How am I supposed tah tell her?! Just saunter up an' say 'hey there good lookin?' I don't think so!" "I'll help you AJ, don't worry about a thing!" ------------- The Summer Solstice celebration was taking place just a few weeks later and three days before the event a special letter was delivered to Rarity's home. Dearest Rarity, As one of my closest friends I would like to invite you to a special viewing of the Summer Solstice Celebration at the Castle in Canterlot. Please arrive at the castle the night before the event. All your meals will be taken care of and you will have a private room as well. I've invited Pinkie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Applejack as well so it should be a fun day in the city for all of us! Your Friend, Twilight Sparkle
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    All this talk of sweets was starting to make Toboe hungry. She'd heard stories of the sugar filled diets of Equestrians, but talk of cake this early in the day. It's a wonder they're not more heavyset. The mention of parties made her even more curious, was the pink one some sort of caterer? That kind of experience could really come in handy. Toboe had to think back on wheter she'd seen anypony just up in such an outfit, "Pinchy... I'm guessing from the name she's you're daughter? I hope she wasn't one of the ponies that were snatched up for that weird prank. Can only imagine the stress that'd dump on a mother. " When their pink visitor made her big order, Toboe's jaw dropped for a moment. Ten cups? This mare would be a shoe in for the company drinking contest. Speaking of drinks... with all these guests making requests, this business-mare might be able to get a sample of the merchandise. If she was aiming to get this pony's help as a wine supplier, it might be a smart choice to sample what she might end up selling back home. "Miss Punch." Said the neon maned tourist, "I know it's a bit early in the day, but could I sample some of your wine? I've heard very good things about it." Pinkie's apology earned a wry chuckle from her, "No need to worry, as much as I like being... welcomed, I'm fine not drawing too much attention to myself on a visit." The mare bowed her head in greeting, "Toboe Hiretsuna. I'm... well from a well off family in Neighpon, but I'm looking to start up my own business: A bar or a franchise of them."
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    Night Breeze smiled contently at seeing Cain relaxed. She was always glad she could help. The gray unicorn watched as he spoke of the things he likes. "Traveling all over definitely sounds like fun. Do you think you will ever get to see all of Equstria one day?" She asked out of curiosity. "As long as you do what makes you happy, That is all that matters ." Night Breezed added looking at Cain with a smile, Looking curiously at him for a moment as he seemed to pause what he was saying. "Oh, No, Your not rambling honey. If there is anything you ever needed or wanted to say, I'm always more than happy to listen." She said in a soft tone turning to look directly at Cain. Night breeze had a surprised look on her face as he mentioned that he likes going for walks through the forest. It seemed he was hesitant to do so with his low supplies tho. "Well it seems we have something in common." She smiled thinking for a moment "Maybe i will go for a walk through the forest tomorrow, Would you care to join me?" She asked blushing. "We could spend some time in town together afterwards, and I could help you gather your supplies if you want to?" She asked blushing. She would mind spending time with some pony. "Oh, the shop i work in is just a four streets down from the castle, Its on the corner of the two streets, Its not hard to miss. Maybe i can show you where it is tomorrow if we do that?" Night Breeze tried to explain where her shop was. Maybe she could give him a little taste of it now. "Maybe i could give you a little sampler now?" She giggled with a blush, looking Cain in the eye with a smile as he mentioned seeing her again. Lighting up her horn again, Night Breeze recast her soothing spell around him, The magic wrapping around him again. Scooting over close to him, She reached her front hooves out to rub gently around his ears and neck, as she began to sing in a soft voice again. Night Breeze hoped she wasn't being too intrusive now "Hows this?" She paused for a moment to ask.
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