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    "Haha, alright Ms. Pie." Opal says. Thinking to herself, she heeds Berry's advice, 'This will be good for this one very excited pony and the whole town if its been a while since they've had a nice party.' "Other than this... please surprise me. I do like surprises, other than the day and time and place I would like to know a head of time. However, thank you for taking my preferences into consideration." Going back to her normal listening self, Opal finds amusement in the following conversation. At the mention of a "fight club" she tilts her head, unsure of what to think of it. Why would ponies join a club about fighting? This is Ponyville, wasn't this supposed to be a friendship filled peaceful community other than the random mishap? When Berry went to get one of the goblets from under the counter, Opal couldn't hold back a small smile. She hoped that Berry would find them. Opal poofed them in when Berry wasn't looking as a thank you present, for being kind and ordering such a large number of glasses earlier. "Um, Berry?" Opal starts when she believes it is okay to speak. " 'SOGS' ?"
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