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    Hey, Everypony! I managed to conduct the Census for the Au and those who are active and aren't. If you spot a mistake or think you are in the wrong spot in this list, please let me know as soon as possible. For our list of Active Heroes we have: Silverbolt - Ciraxis Blade Runner - Ciraxis Sunlight Sentinel - PretzelParty Moonlit Knight - PretzelParty Headless Hexxer - Pretzelparty Phantom Strider - PretzelParty Avant Garde - PretzelParty Bevel Gear - PretzelParty Shifter - Steeleagle Battlemage - Steeleagle The Equestrian - Steeleagle Lady Adventure - Steeleagle Flashmob - Kirby Krackle Machina - Moonshinetheleocat Z.E.L.D.A. - Tacobob Arcus - Pyroblaze Dolor - Pyroblaze Shui Seng - Pyroblaze Bahamut & Rosetta - Dubstep BROODMARE - Derpravener Bulwark - Derpravener Detective Stalwart - Derpravener The Corroded - Dunnie Morpheus - Dio Mutt - Mutt Prop - Switchback Stable Loop - Windwright On the Inactive list of Heroes is: Rainboom Centurion - Bramble Rose GoldStar - Davroth White Windigo - Raridash Adventivia - Smartbrony Titanium - Finite Zero For Active Neutral Characters we have: Castle Bravo - Dustycider Pursuer - Derpravener In-active Neutrals are: Masquerade - EquestrianScholar. Pummel - Bellosh101 ... On the list of Active Villains we have: Ember Ashwing - Dustycider Lightning Dust - Dustycider Platinum Gem -Princeblueblood Red Jarl: GodKiller - Steeleagle Sachadara- SteelEagle General Blindside- SteelEagle The Everfree Avenger - SteelEagle Aether Eater - SteelEagle The imperial - SteelEagle WRAITH - StealEagle The Institute - StealEagle Ossia - Ciraxis In the inactive list is: Dark Core - Dubstep .... I also have a Gdoc for this so I'll try to update it regularly with the help of other mods on the forum. (Will be updating this with information from the OP tomorrow)
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    Rivulet's continence fell for but a moment as the winged deer flinched. Though he tried there was really no way to lessen the effect of his deep booming voice. Once he got to know somepony he found that they had less and less reactions to his tone but first timers well...it really couldn't be helped. He was happy to see that at least he had not scared this specimen off. No quite the contrary, the big buck had turned to face him. That was indeed pleasing to the lanky dragon. The smells that curled around his sensitive nose enlivened his senses. Freshly baked breads, pies, cookies and the like combined with the sweet aroma that seemed to roll off the big deer were all but intoxicating. Rivulet shook his head causing the mane that ringed his face to wave about. He tried for a calm smile and then bowed his head ever so slightly in greeting. "My name is Rivulet," He nodded to the satchel that rested just in front of his forelegs. Parchment rolls could be seen protruding from the top. "I am a wandering cartographer and seeker of knowledge," He then cocked his head, inquiring of the peryton. "I have not seen one of your kind in long years," He sniffed lightly. "And never one with a magical aura as you seem to possess." Rivulet's sense of magic was keen as a razor edge. He had been in this world for time out of mind and thus had honed various senses. He sniffed again, this time his eyes diverting to the nearby shop. What a shop it was! Adorned with sweets and treats and bordered in icing. "Ahhhhh," His eyes twinkled. "Sugar Cube Corner. Have you had the pleasure my friend?" Calling the peryton friend was a bit presumptuous however the dragon tended to get along with most creatures and had decided this buck would be no different. "Perhaps I should add 'seeker of sweet treats' to my list of titles," He chuckled lightly at his musing.
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    I had a few more: Bulwark, Pursuer and BROODMARE. Strictly speaking they're all heroes, although Pursuer and maybe BROODMARE were intended to be a little morally ambiguous. (And in conflict with each other.) Also, I'll note I'm currently potentially open to threads, or at least open to having my characters in them. I'm not sure if that's enough to count as active though, so they could be either direction in that regard.
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    Lockhart had just started to let his guard down a bit, and relax a little, as he roamed on both sides of the streets curiously looking about the local shops. He had to admit it was nice not having to worry about the herd for awhile. Having noticed a sign for a bake goods shop down the street, Lockhart set off down the street towards the shop. Perhaps maybe he could use this chance to get to know some ponies, and find out what kind of foods they liked all at the same time. It was a rather beautiful day out he thought as he trotted down the street gazing at all the houses. Compared to the Peryton's home, the ponies sure had some nice houses, they seemed rather quaint in style. He knew they where nothing like the fabled Canterlot city which he had heard so much about from Canterlot residents which frequented his village which was a resort like town. Thinking of Canterlot that was another place he would love to visit sometime. He had heard so much about its grandeur, and it was the city which held the castle of the Princesses which ruled over Equestria. Admittedly Lockhart thunder had never seen the Princesses before, and wondered what they might look like. No doubt the Castle which they resided in must be large and grand in style. Setting that thought aside Lockhart thunder neared the shop which he had set eyes on, when from behind him there was a rather booming voice. Embarrassingly to him it had made him flinch just a little. Quickly turning his head around he looked to see where this voice was coming from, it was a dragon! He had never encountered a dragon before back in the Velvet strand. Hurrying to collect his thoughts and actions, it had seemed that this one was friendly. Relaxing his muscles he turned to face this dragon. "Um.. Hello there." The winged deer responded. "Whom might you be?" He asked curiously.
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