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    Lightning watched the head zip away just out of her reach, she clocked its speed and saved it before her front legs hit land, dirt blasted out from the impact and before her rare legs were down she pushed back up, wings beating as they took her back into the sky with a trail of dirt following her front legs as the gravity fields disengaged. She took note of the shadow like tendrils rushing for her and without fan fire locked on with her guns and opened fire to push them back as she switched targets fast as they were showing. Spinning and rolling about in the sky to get her guns where they needed to be. It was keeping her busy but nothing was getting close yet to get hold of the mare. But the sky had other plans. Flashing warnings blinked before her eyes as her sensors played out the fast changing weather pattern. A tornado. In a city? Mapping out the funnel LD dove down, swings closed to her sides as landed, gravity locks in her legs kicked on and a shield flicked in to life as she hunkers down against the ground as debris started to hit her shield like rain…. As the tornado died down she stands up and looks around, confused as to how or why that happened but uttery unmoved by it as the gravy locks switch off and her shield shuts down. What a waste of power that was, she’d need some down time to recharge it. Looking over at the parks lake she saw the mare from before standing there. Did she do that? She wanted to join? So be it. LD started to walk to the lake as her voice boomed. “Crime detected! Assault on Enforcer! Consulting corporate judicial… ERROR! Connection failure!” LD winced and takes a few steps back as her eyes shut, walls of text flying past her eyes as a hard reset kicked in too try again. “Consulting corporate judicial… ERROR! Connection fa-PRIORITY OVERRIDE! Offender sentenced to death! Immediate application of capital punishment!” She screamed out as tears fall down her cheeks. What was she crying about? She did not remember. With a flap of her wings the mare takers to the sky and takes aim at Hexxer and the new mare joining the battle.
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    Turning around to face the dragon. Rivulet had shook his head at something. Looking at him Curiously, At least this dragon was friendly he thought. "Well it is nice to meet you, Rivulet." Lockhart said in a calm demeanor. "I am Lockhart Thunder, you may know as a map maker that I live in the Velvet strand. I am one of the protectors of a herd in my homeland." He returned the greeting in his usual calm and serious manner. Apparently this dragon has met other Peryton before. Pondering who where the ones he might of met, He realized that this was the first time he had ever talked to a dragon before. "And I have not yet met a dragon in my life before, that is up until the this point." Lockhart said as he heard the dragon mention of his magic aura. "Ah, yes, Us Peryton possess a certain magic which is used to purify the land and air. All tho my magic is a bit weak now as I am alone, It tends to be stronger when I am around other of my kind." He explained to Rivulet all to excited to use the chance to tell about the Peryton kind's unique magic. Glancing over to where Rivulet was looking he noticed the shop in which he was heading for. "I'm afraid i haven't. This is the first time I have been out of the Velvet strand in my entire life." Lockhart explained to the dragon and he returned his gaze to him again. "Forgive me for seeming a little uneasy earlier, I am a bit out of my element." He said trying to explain for his flinching earlier.
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    "Yeh, every pony could use a rest after a days work." Night Breeze explained with a smile looking to Cain. "I wouldn't want you to overwork yourself. It never hurt to rest for a awhile. It does wonders." She said to Cain. Night Breeze didn't know if and how often he took breaks, but she would hate to see him work without one. "Aw, I think you are doing pretty well with me. I'm sure you will learn to socialize with groups easily." She said trying to encourage him. She would willing to help him with that in any way, Perhaps maybe he would do so much easier with some pony being around with him, Night Breeze was more than happy to help him in any way, She was going to ask him that but wasn't sure if that was to personal of a question to ask. Having Explained her feelings to Cain, She smiled at his response. "Thank you very much Dear! I'm sure i will have to try that sometime." She smiled, Cain had been such a nice pony to her. It was nice to have some pony to talk to on a personal level. "I'm glad i have been able to help, and I'm always happy to help you in any way i can. Please if there is ever anything i can do for do not be afraid to ask." She said happy that she had been able to help him. Night Breeze took a deep breath in and sighed out contently turning to stare up at the stars again. There was a moment of silence again, before Cain began to ask another question. Night Breeze turned her head to look at him as she listened to his question. "Hmmm, My favorite color and candy? My favorite color is blue, and i love a whole assortment of candy, I personally love butterscotch candies, and caramels soft or hard." Night Breeze thought for a moment giggling at Cains little joke. "Now, Why don't you rest and relax a little, You deserve it after a days work." She said turning to Cain. "I don't mind if you fall asleep, I'm always more than happy to help you relax and drift off to sleep." She said with a smile blushing again.
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    So I joined this place when I was 17. I am (unfortunately) proud to say I am now 25. So a present to you is a story of how I may have implied in my super important interview that I shouldn't be allowed near kids. So I went to london for my interview. I was wearing a suit and everything. During the interview the man asked me how I was going to encourage English outside of the school. I said that I was going to use Japan's extra curricular activities in school and set up some kind of English club. Then I said outside of school I was going to go into various places in the community and 'expose' myself to them. So if you ever feel like you mussed something up. Just remember ol' Penby has you beat.
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    Ossia stood tall after her outburst. The alicorn tilted her slightly, trying to determinate if her spell had an effect. The voice she heard before didn't bothered to speak again. Was it incapacitated? Stroke with terror upon realizing the difference in power? Or maybe it did the smart thing and simply fled the scene. No matter. At least now Nerezza knew it wouldn't muddle the situation even further... "Speaking of which." alicorn reminded herself in her thoughts, as she turned around to observe the battle two other mares were having....Well halves of the mares at least. "Intriguing..." Ossia mused, getting a sneak peak of what the two could do...... It seemed only fair that she return the courtesy. The unknown stallion's interference and her following outburst got di Nerezza roused enough that she couldn't stand aside anymore. "Ufufufu....." she giggled before before conjuring a grey ball of 'smoke' and hurling it into the sky. Soon the heavens above darkened, as dark clouds grew larger and larger, shrouding whole Manhattan under their cover, while flashes of lightning raced across the sky. But all of these was just a prelude, for suddenly violent winds roared into life, bending foliage and breaking the windows of the nearby buildings. The city denizens could observe to their horror as the funnel cloud descended from the sky, a clear sign of what to come. Before they knew it, LDEL6370 and Hexxer had a bona fide tornado on their hooves, one that was tearing the Centrail Park , and the skyscrapers neighboring it asunder. It was too late for escape, and soon the two combatants were snatched by the raging vortex. After being battered for a minute or two by the gales and items of various shape and size, similarly seized by the twister, the two was dumped by the edge of park's decommissioned water reservoir when the tornado started dissipating. And certain alicorn was already waiting for them, undisguised and in her full, lovely glory. "Hello girls." she said while dullahan and cyborg were getting back on their hooves. Oh, this will be exhilarating. "Room for one more?" Nerezza asked before flashing a mocking smirk.
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