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    "Well, groups are a big step up, y'know?" Candy Cain looked as if he'd say more, but stopped himself. He just didn't feel like pushing the subject. Instead, he sat there, staring dejectedly at the sky. It wasn't as if he needed to socialize like a normal pony. . . people were fine with him the way he was. Then again. . . no one would ever treat him normal if he didn't. Though he was hesitant to admit it, Cain wanted that kind of life. He'd been doing shows for so long, just to show that he could live his life like that. Now, though, he couldn't help but dream about what it'd be like to just do normal things for a day, or longer. Spend a week just traveling for the heck of it. Visit some places just to say hi. Make friends. . . he found himself staring at Night Breeze again. This time, though, he didn't look away. He simply sighed, flopping sideways in the grass and daydreaming. After a moment more of thinking, Cain spoke again. "Well. . . there is something I'd like to experiment with. . . just to see how it'd go. It wouldn't have to be too long, and you don't have to. . ." Cain's city (Boston) accent seemed more pronounced when he got nervous. His gaze flitted off to the side for a moment. "Wouldya mind if I spent. . . some more time with you? I mean, not just like working together, or all that. I think I could learn a thing or two from you. Socially, I mean." He rolled onto his back, a wistful look on his face. "Now, I didn't have too many friends when I was younger, but the ones I did have are all. . . well, living normal lives. They got jobs. They made new friends. . . Found love. That stuff. I think I'm the only one still runnin' in circles, not knowin' how to treat folks as friends instead of fans. I mean. . . it's not like it would be a school or anything." He glanced at her. "I mean. . . I just thought. . . maybe we could just stick together, y'know? I could, um. . . work at your place, help you out. I think I might give my job a little break, like you said. There, I could socialize with yer customers. . . and you, of course. Learn to be a people person. . . and of course, spend time with you. Again; it was just an idea. I didn't want to intrude on your life. . . if you'd rather keep it simple." Cain seemed curious about what Night Breeze said next. "Really," He murmured, staring back at the sky. "I should probably get myself up t'date on all this magic that's out. I never really took the time to learn it. Maybe visit a library, I dunno." He shrugged. "You could try it out, sure. Unless, of course, you wanted to talk a little more. I'm . ." He gave a great yawn. ". . . Open to a little more, if you so desire. We could. . . I dunno. This is the first time I've ever done any of this. What would a couple ponies do about now, eh?" He honestly didn't know. He was still rusty with the whole "social" thing. He still wasn't sure if he was being too personal, or too isolated right now. But he wanted to do it right.
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    Roleplay Type: Main Rp Name: Dream Wanderer Sex: maleAge: Young Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye colour: PurpleCoat: Orange Mane/Tail: Both his mane and tail are a bit darker in Orange color than his coat with white stripes in them. His mane is medium in length, and is usually messy most of the time. His tail is also slightly long in length and puffy with matching stripes in them. Physique: Very slightly taller, with a pretty average build Residence: Mostly travels around, but calls Cloudsdale homeOccupation: Dream mostly travels around exploring equestria, but He also does search around for temporary jobs, and errands he can do for others ponies for a few bits. Cutie Mark: A cloud, and a compass overlapping with a swirly breeze effect to the side of the cloud. As a colt Dream Wanderer would spend most of time flying around, and would often use clouds to help him navigate around. Pushing clouds around wherever he went, and arranged them in a sort of a line behind him every so often. All most like leaving a bread crumb trail behind him so he didn't get lost. Most of the time it worked very well for Dream Wanderer, and he would be able to use the clouds he moved around to help him get back home. So long as another pegasus hadn't moved them after he did. He got his Cutie mark one day as a colt when he was out flying around with some other pegasus friends. While the bunch where out flying around, They had gotten distracted by exploring things they found interesting and playing. It had gotten late when it started to storm out. Scrambling to find their way back home, They realized that hey had not remembered the way back home again. Panicking Dream Wandered remembered the clouds which he had left behind every so often, and was able to use those to guide the group back to safety, which earned him his cutie mark. Unique Traits: Dream Wanderer Has always been a bit of a fast learner, and can usually pick stuff up quickly. he kind of describes himself as a jack of all trades. As a wanderer He usually does all kind of odd jobs around equestria. Most of the stuff he learned he was able to teach himself from watching others, or by simply taking the time to figure things out History: Dream Wanderer was born in Cloudsdale to his caring parents. His life was a pretty easy one growing up. Much to his parents concern spent most of his childhood wandering about by himself exploring, and looking for fun things to do. His Parents both being Pegasuses where also born in Cloudsdale. His parents cared for him a lot and tried to always keep him within their sight, which they found to be an endless job. Having reached stallion age, Dream Wanderer moved out of his parents little place in Cloudsdale, and set off to live his dream of wandering around Equestria. Now Dream Wanderer finds himself in and out of a lot of Equestria cities and towns looking for temporary work, or for somepony to help for a few bits. Most of the time He finds a cloud to sleep in on his travels, or he heads back to Cloudsdale to his parents place for a visit. Dream Wanderer hopes to one day be able to have explored all of equestria and its outlaying lands. He plans to settle down and start his own family after he is through with his travels . Character Personality: Dream wanderer is a very easy going stallion, and always enjoys helping others when ever he can. Among his favorite things to do are delving into his own imagination and coming up with ideas, He also loves creating things, and thoroughly enjoys baking as well. Most of the times he can be found reading books in the library, or wandering the streets looking for places to explore and new things to see. He has a fascination with nature, and loves exploring the forest looking for the most serene lake or river, Or the most interesting piece of landscape. Character Summary: Dream Wanderer was born in Cloudsdale. Now a days he travels around equestria exploring. He is a very calm and easy going pony, and is a fast learner. He enjoys tinkering around with things, and reading books, or wandering about Equestria's cities or forests. He hopes that one day he can say that he has seen all of Equestria and its outlaying lands, and perhaps settle down and start his own family.
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    "I understand, I wouldn't want to pressure you into anything." Night Breeze said in a calm reassuring voice as she watched the stars. The soft glow of Canterlot's lights in the foreground. She began to relax herself when she notice Cain looking at her before he rolled over on his side. Giggling a bit as he flopped over, as she laid in the grass with her hooves tucked under her. Tilting her head in curiously when Cain began to speak again. "Hmmm. Experiment, What do you mean?" She asked curiously before Cain began to give her his answer. " Oh, I don't mind at all, Dear. I would be more than happy to. I always enjoy having company, and sharing things with each other." Night Breeze gave him a smile as he seemed to be acting nervous about it. Turning to look at him again . Night Breeze turned her head to listen to Cain talk. "I don't think your running in circles. Just because you don't live the same way as your friends do doesn't mean that your doing it wrong. As a traveler, just imagine all the sights you have seen across Equestria that your friends haven't." Night Breeze said as she thought about it. "By all means, Do what makes you happy." She smiled placing a hoof on him for a moment. "You are not intruding on my life. I rather much enjoy spending time with you." It was always nice to have some pony to be around with to share things with and talk to. "Maybe we could visit the library together sometimes." She suggested as she yawned herself. Night Breeze much more comfortable with him now. It was nice to have some ponies company, but she wasn't sure how personal she could get. Deciding to see how things went. Night Breeze stretched out briefly before settling down next to him and rested her head against him as she stared up at the sky sighing out.
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    Quick, what's your favorite candy?! I'm makin' a list!!!
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