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    Yeah, I was just tossing that out there...I could see using an system of strengths and weakness to balance your character..
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    I came up with a scale a while back, that worked roughly as follows. Note that the lists are not exhaustive, meant more to give examples than encompass the tier. Tier 1 is approximately civilian level, generally low level or improvised capabilities. This would include wild animals, militia, petty criminals and the like. Tier 2 is that of active combatants, including your average soldier, higher skilled or more specialist police, and would probably lump in people with (atypical) powers or magic who are otherwise untrained. Tier 3 is where you get into more specialized or empowered combatants. I would expect 'typical' superheroes and supervillains to fall into this tier. Specialized and particularly trained military or magic users would also fall into this tier. Tier 4 is the start of the extreme end, where you get low grade or localized reality warpers, or people whose abilities while smaller in scale are much wider in range. Examples are a little harder to come up with for this tier, though I think things like demons, AIs (say in control of a facility) or large mecha could probably fit into it. Tier 5 is the top, including the most extreme sorts of things like physical manifestations of gods, ancient wizards who can raise armies of constructs or level cities, or AIs in charge of an entire fleet or a country. I'd also be up for using Tacobob's chart, though it'd be a little more involved. I'd also like to either get or come up with a scale for that one, to get a sense of what a given number means for a character. It might almost be worth using both, Tacobob's to be extra description that could be applied to characters, and mine as a means of shorthand for what level a given thread is intended or expected to be.
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    Relaxing for a moment, Night Breeze righted herself up again to listen to Cain. "Of course i will be." She smiled reassuring Cain. She had thought about getting a nights rest at her home before Cain had showed up, And now she seemed to be content just staying with him. Giving off a big yawn Night Breeze sighed out, feeling awfully tired from the length of the day. Tilting her curiously at Cain as he seemed to be looking away for some reason, Almost like he was nervous about something. "Oh, no reason to be sorry. I don't think it is strange at all. Besides you where the one that found me first." She giggled. Cain paused in his speech almost like he was going to say something else but didn't. Looking at him curiously Night Breeze was going ask what was on his mind, but she didn't want to push the issue. It had flattered Night Breeze for him to say it felt like he was dreaming, but he almost seemed serious about it. Thinking for a moment she collected her thoughts. "I can understand how you are thinking. It makes me joyful to hear that you are happy.." She began. "Trust me this is all real. You are here with me, I am here with you. I will be here for as long as you want me to." She said trying to reassure him reaching out a hoof to touch him. "Of course this is real honey." She said just a cool breeze swept by chilling her slightly. Having reassured him of it being reality, Night Breeze thought for a moment for something to say. "So, when would you like me to go along with you in that trip through the forest?" She thought back to their earlier conversations.
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    Cain felt as if he could finally relax. Night Breeze was fine with anything. . . he closed his eyes, resting his head in the grass again. With everything said and done, he felt too tired to do anything else. . . He probably should have headed off to his cart, it could get cold out here. He stretched out a bit, and was about to stand, when Night Breeze rested her head against him. Cain seemed to tense up a bit, though Night couldn't see his expression. After a few moments, he finally. relaxed again, staring at the ground. He smiled faintly, replying to her last comment. "Yeah, that'd be nice.. . ." He slowly lowered his head back to the ground, staring down the hill at everything below them. He breathed out, shifting slightly, before speaking one more time. ". . . You'll still be here tomorrow?" That had already been confirmed earlier, yes. . . but Cain's voice had a strange tone to it. . . worried, almost scared. He gave a shaky laugh. "S-Sorry if it comes out as strange, but this is all. . . new for me. I'm just going about my dandy business and you show up.You're kind to me. I can talk to you. You're. . ." Cain seemed like he would say more, but he stopped himself, shaking his head. "Point is, it all seems too good to be true, y'know? I just. . ." He paused for a moment, as if he wasn't sure if he should keep talking. "I'm not sure. . . I just don't want this to end up being something. . . not. . . real?" That spoke lengths about Cain's mind. Cain quickly rushed to try and assure her. "I-I know it sounds strange, I just. . . imagine you're dreaming about something amazing. Everything is perfect. You don't want it to end. And then you wake up." Cain was still turned away from Night Breeze, so she couldn't see his expression in the darkness. "How do I say this. . . what if. . . it happened to you while you were awake? Imagine that you just imagined everything. You found something, or someone, that made you happy. Then it turns out your head made it up. Not fun." Cain raised a hoof to his eyes for a moment, before shaking his head again. "Gosh darn allergies. . . my point is. . . this is real, right?" It was an embarrassing question for Cain to ask, real or not real. He hadn't told anyone about the occasional things he saw, but weren't really there. And they seemed to happen at the worst of times. . . he didn't want people thinking he was crazy. So he said nothing. Now, though. . . he wanted to be sure.
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    It came to no surprise to Lockhart that Rivulet had been to the velvet strand before. Being the map making dragon he was. "Likewise." The winged deer replied to the greeting. Watching as the dragon circled around him, almost complexly surrounding him. Trotting along behind the dragon Lockhart followed him to Sugar Cube corner. He had been on his way there before he met the dragon. Coming upon the business it seemed the place was busy enough . Ponies where coming in and out of the shop in an almost constant stream. After a few moments They where in the shop themselves. A sweet aroma mixed with that of Lockhart's upon entering. He had been most curious what kind of sweets this shop sold. A pink pony was found behind the counter running the place. With a sudden flash The pink mare bolted over the counter to meet Rivulet. Sending dozens of confections through the air. Two of them landing on Rivulet. Ducking a little briefly, The winged deer hadn't noticed any land on him. Smiling a little as the pink mare bounced over to him. Opening his mouth to introduce himself he was cut short by the dragon which had already introduced him. "Hello. Its nice to meet you Pinkie Pie." Lockhart smiled looking at the bouncy pony. "My name is Lockhart Thunder." He felt the need to introduce himself even tho the dragon already had. "I come all the way from the Velvet Strand. This is my first time being out of my homeland. Lockhart explained to Pinkie. "You pony kind sure have different tastes from that of my kind." He said gesturing to himself as he glanced around the room. As Rivulet looked over it would appear that the winged deer had two cupcakes stuck one on the tip of each of his large antlers. His antlers being attached to his head Lockhart couldn't see them even if he looked up. Glancing up with his green eyes he could just see them stuck up there. How was he going to get them down?
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    The dragon nodded as Lockheart spoke of his home on the Strand. "Yes I do know the Velvet Stand though it was long ago that I last ventured there." His mane continued to magically float about his face as he thought back. "The purifying magic of the peryton kept the land healthy at that time as I'm sure they still do now," The dragon's eyes widen at the mention of never being out of one's homeland. "It is good to meet you Lockheart Thunder." "Well then!" He walked a sinuous circle around his new friend while speaking. He was long enough that his head almost met his tail as he made his way around. "This is a momentous occasion indeed!" He nodded towards Sugar Cube Corner again. "We must stop by my favorite sweets establishment! There is much to celebrate for you in your first journey!" Rivulet was always enthusiastic about travelling and gaining wisdom through experiences abroad. "Come my friend! Let us find new adventures together!" Rivulet made his way to Pinkie Pie's place of work with a trot to his step. This would be so much fun! "Thank you come again!" Pinkie waved good bye to a customer and just as quickly greeted the next in line. "Hi! Welcome! What can I get for you!" The pink mare was a flurry of activity as always. The line for Sugar Cube Corner's counter was also as busy as ever! A bustle of ponies and other creatures crowded inside and down the steps. "This is where we wait my friend," Rivulet offered a position in line to the buck. "Lots of ponies and others enjoy what Pinkie Pie has to offer!" The pink one was so fast with her service that in a few moments Rivulet stepped into the shop itself. When her eyes met Rivulet's she couldn't help the huge grin... or the fact that she jumped over the counter, sending cupcakes flying and barreled towards her old friend. "Oh my gosh!" "Ha ha! Pinkie Pie!" Rivulet chortled as Ponk met him in a huge hug. Then a cupcake hit him between his horns, frosting first of course... "I've traveled far to get here and the treats are already flying..." He raised his head and caught another falling cupcake in his jaws. Sharp teeth flashed for just a moment, reminding anypony that saw them that this really was a dragon! But most knew he was friendly and those that didn't were quickly clued in. "Mmmmmmmm," He sighed as the sweet confection melted in his mouth. "I do love a good..." He tipped his head, thinking. "Cupcake!" "That's right! You want your favorite order I assume?" Before Rivulet could answer Pinkie noticed Lockheart. "Hi!" She bounced right over to the peryton and grinned broadly. "I'm Pinkie Pie!" "This is my friend Pinkie, Lockheart Thunder," Rivulet introduced his new friend, taking a look to see if any of the falling cupcakes had landed on the buck...
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