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    Whenever she read a book, she always wondered to herself if her image of the descriptions in the book were close enough to the actual depictions that were supposedly on the cover of the book. Of course, colour was a weird concept to her, but there were still attributes that seemed to surround them. Of course, she was sure that the cover art was not actually entirely done by the author herself and as such the description in the book was sure to be more authentic to the author's mental image. Some thoughts that occurred in her when she started reading her novel was whether or not that Griffon over there was truly staring at her or not. It happened often when she read, ponies and such not being accustomed to the method of braille. Or maybe they figured out that she was blind? That was something that was sometimes a hit or miss. A pegasus mare came in shortly after her and she did not recognise her any more than the rest. The fact that they left her mostly alone instead of trying to greet her immediately was a sign that she was not supposed to know them and it was not a so-called 'brainfart'. She had to suppose that the pegasus was here for the same reason that the other one was, except they did not seem as well, nervous. Her reading was a bit distracted as she paid attention to the pegasus put away her stuff, a sharp sound echoing around the cabin that could be heard by the others if they did not instinctively flush it out. The calm pegasus was the first one to break the relative silence by starting the conversation. So it would seem that it was everyone's first time going to the Crystal Empire, if she understood the calm pegasus correctly. From the reply of the eccentric pegasus, it was clear to her now that they were actually nervous. Nervous probably about that supposed race? What was that word she had heard before, 'Nervouscited?" Quite the portmanteau. "Sure is my first time," She replied taking her attention away from her book. She probably wouldn't need it right now anymore so she put it to the side. "If you asked me a month ago, I would have said it would be crazy for me to go, but I decided that I'd probably go eventually and that time might as well be now. I'm mostly interested in the culture, not the crystals. Although at this point is it right to call it an empire?" She was nearly startled by the sound of the door closing, but her quick internal response stopped her from showing much of one externally. Maybe she wasn't as early as she thought? Or maybe there wasn't anypony waiting so they just decided to leave. Wouldn't be good for any latecomers so she decided on the first option. Ah right, so that Griffon was drawing. And now she was asking if she could sketch them. She personally didn't mind, but it had no real benefit towards herself. "Uh yeah sure I guess, I mean, you know, if you really want to. I mean it wasn't like I could really catch you out for doing it," She replied. She knew the Griffon was just asking out of courtesy. "How long do you think this trip is going to take? I'm not trying to sound bored already, but I've only got one book with me and it's kind of supposed to last me both ways."
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    The griffon looked up from her pad as she heard the arrival of another new passenger. This one was just as cute as the previous pony. But something about her....The eyes...They were rather milky looking, which probably meant the mare was blind. The sudden desire to feel bad for this poor little pony...Blind and alone...Who would take care of her? This was not a feeling she needed to have right now. The little pony was obviously far stronger than her handicap and even the loss of her eyesight could not keep her from doing things like anyone else. And being alone? She probably had the same reason the griffon had. Noisy friends! She loved her little pony pals ever so, but goodness gracious they loved to gab! Getting away from those silly fillies was a good idea! The blind mare spoke, but those words were meant only to reassure herself. She was here early. The train probably would not continue its trip for at least an half-hour. The griffon's eyes lingered on the new mare just long enough so she could see the book the pony pulled out. It had those odd little bumps ponies could learn to read by rubbing their hooves against. She had read somewhere that this had been originally developed to use during wartime when messages needed to be read without any light that would give away one's position. She was just about to return to her drawings when another passenger arrived. Could this be new passenger number one's sister? Both had similar coats and were very athletic looking. The newcomer was rather tall for a pony. She did not openly greet the mare or even intact as one would do with a sibling. Nope. They were strangers. This mare dared to spy upon the griffon's sketches! Soon she would feel her wraith for violating the black bird's personal space...Nah. Fiver would get a good look at a page of sassy dragon drawings. "Yep. First time visiting the old empire..." Thankfully things had been quiet as of lately. The poor residents had to endure for so long. That beast Sombra held the empire in his cruel hooves until he had to banish the entire lands along with its ponies to a void for over a thousand years! And even with its return, also brought the shadow pony back as well. He was defeated, but they still had more problems to deal with, including nearly losing the kingdom once more...To a grumpy foal? Ho-Boy. The griffon nearly bounced out of her chair the moment the door closed. That was quick! She could only assume there wasn't a good deal of passengers waiting for this train. While she was curious why the bandaged mare was so...anxious...Was it her business to ask? Maybe not, but she still had one question. "You gals don't mind if I sketch you during this trip?" All three were idea models....And if she couldn't sketch, the poor bird would probably doze off. And she hated to sleep while sitting up.
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    Daze's hooves were jumping with nerves. Every little detail caught her attention now as she stared blankly at the floor. The floor was newly swept, kind of shiny. So, she admired the hard work it probably took to clean it. It distracted the Pegasus, so it worked in calming her down. Along with the cool airs coming from the open cabin. The gentle breeze from the wind cooled her down, clearing her fragile mind. It wasn't long until another pony.. or creature came walking through the door. Daze didn't even get the chance to think about who was going to share a cabin with her. Obviously there would be others along with her. It was a long ride to the empire. Getting to think now, the green maned mare was kind of excited now to meet new individuals. The first one she saw was a black griffon, and she definitely caught her eye. Something seemed elegant about the griffon, and Daze was really fascinated. She saw the griffon give her a smile, and Daze smiled back politely. It would be rude otherwise to not smile back. Daze was a nice pony, sometimes. A moody, stubborn, nice pony. It was kind of awkward in the cabin, Daze and the griffon in their respective places in their seats. The Pegasus looked over at the griffon again, noticing her looking at a drawing pad. Daze shrugged, minding her own business, thinking about the race again. She honestly didn't think she was ready for the big stage yet. Tons and tons of ponies and other creatures were supposed to be there. She wondered the who was other competition, because it was no easy feat getting an invitation. Daze had to work her tail off to get to the arena. Her hard work did pay off though. Soon another came into the cabin, an earth pony who just seemed to mind her own business. Daze noticed her sit down and take out a book. The Pegasus just looked out the window again, lost in her thoughts. Then, another pony came through, a Pegasus who looked kind of familiar to Daze. Daze was no wonderbolt fanatic, she wasn't really interested in them. The other Pegasus just seemed to ring a bell to her. Probably something she learned in flight school. She remembers the teachers would go on and on about how many students graduated and became wonderbolts on their own times. It really just sounded like bragging more than teaching the amazing achievements the school had. Her old school was all about sports anyway, which was fine because Daze was really good at anything related to athleticism. After a long break of silence before the other Pegasus came in, Daze finally heard somepony say something. Her head turned around to look at the others, clearing her throat. "Yeah," she started in her raspy undertone, "It's definitely my first time goin’." She paused, with a small smirk, but her eyes were full of anxiousness. "I'm not nervous at all. Not at all," she said with sarcasm. Quickly the train door shut after the conductor called for one more chance, but nopony else came into the cabin. The train was going to be soon on it's way to the empire.
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    It was awfully nice for someone to invite Fiver to the racing event in the Crystal Empire. At first they floated the possibility she could be a judge, but by this time Fiver decided that her discernment had been somewhat impaired as of late. Thankfully, the organizer on the other end of the mail service understood and simply gave her some fairly nice stand to watch from. If she was being completely honest with herself, she really wasn't terribly interested in going: Especially if someone was only calling her in because of her wonderbolt status. She'd hoped the calls would have stopped by now. With how little she'd been going to the demonstrations lately, being forgotten about would have been preferable. In the end, she accepted the offer so already she was on her way. Making it to the station just in time to hear the conductor calling out for the late arriving passengers. With a short rush of wind she was already past the doors, ticket in hoof. "Thanks, Mister." She said almost reflexively as she started down the Hallway, "See you when you collect the tickets." Toting her luggage behind, her eyes bounced between each cabin numbers and the ticket in her hoof. The bag was fairly heavy, even for her. So many larger than average clothes for a larger than average flier. Her Saddle Arabian ancestry made her shopping in general pretty difficult thanks to her taller build. Finding winter clothes for the crystal empire was almost an ordeal by itself. Still, she found some and now they were packed up in the bag behind her. Maybe she should have taken up Mother's offer to make use of the tailor's back home but Fiver's pride hadn't fallen so far ... yet. Finally finding a matching number on her ticket, Fiver knocked a few times for courtesy and then opened up the door. She looked over the occupants already present and smiled. This was a varied group she'd stumbled in upon. A griffin, an Earth Pony, a pegasus. If she waited a little longer maybe a dragon could pop by. That green maned pegasus looked like she might just be about ready to explode with how much she was shaking... Must be nervous. The black griffin sketching away at her pad made her curious, but she managed to resist the urge to peek: She heard some artists were very touchy about being watched in the middle of a work in progress. Seeing a seat by the corner of the cabin, Fiver took it and carefully put her luggage in the proper compartment. "Okay..." Once that was done she slacked down into her seat with a sigh, "Um... This everyone's first trip to the empire?"
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    “[You call them equals yet we come first. They are not peasants yet they pay cash onto us for the honor of living in are land and to work. Workers. Even in the grand city we saw at the coastline… with buildings so tall. They lived in small homes. The powerful lived in the grand, the equals below them in small homes. Packed like fish in a net. Smaller towns looked not so different from my time. More colors, different buildings… but so similar. And here. The heart of it all… sitting above them all in keep of white and gold, towering over the land so small below sits the leaders. I see nothing equal but the belief they all are equals. And for that I have nothing to give but my utter respect.]” Niilavin speaks in a calm but powerful way, his words flowing one in to the other with wisdom. It is hard to know if he really was or if it was just the power of his race to sound like they knew best to play with the minds of others. Sniffing the air some more he gazed back down at the dog speaking to his master… magic was in the air. Leaning down he looked at the dog more close. “[Master, we have skin changers in are shadow. I recommend slaying one rat before it is five. They bring nothing but troubles and steal from my… Are land. Food. goods. Servents. Nothing more than a rat stealing grain but let to many live and you will have no grain to eat.]”
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    The cow took the jab in stride, using the force of it to turn herself about to face him head on without one yelp of pain or discomfort. She’s felt far worse. She rolls her shoulders and gives him a small grin. He may not be worthless after all. But that a easy blow to handel, she’d been disappointed if he failed to handle to. But with no time to wast she dug her hoof in to dirt and mud and kicks it up at the dog but did not follow in to head on. even a blind foal and swing a sword about in front of him. So she rushed to his side and swings a hoof low at his legs. Cheap, dirty moves but she honestly did not care. She never was one to play fair.
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    Why the Crystal Empire? she thought to herself often over the past week. Besides it not really being an Empire, it was a city of crystals and gems, or at least they appeared to be, maybe they weren't really, she couldn't really tell. And as such begged the question as to why would she want to go to a place where she can't see the main attraction? Well, she had to remind herself that there was more to the destination than just its main attraction. The city was an ancient one, having been in stasis for essentially a thousand years, and that meant that a lot of its history occurred back then. Its culture could be considered a mix of ye olde times and modern Equestria. The most astonishing fact was that its mere existence is based on the power of all its citizens combined to protect the forces of the Frozen North, a force that as it seems, the ponies had not been able to fully tame for whatever reason that she doesn't know about. Maybe it's chaos magic, or maybe it's whatever magic is in the Everfree, is that chaos magic, or is it distinct? Thinking about magic hurt her mind. She was not supposed to think of such things. When Loose was planning her next potential journey for when she would be on leave, she had considered many different destinations, but one that she had overheard quite a lot was the Crystal Empire. She knew that she was going to get around to it eventually so she decided, why not now? Perhaps the most interesting part of the experience would be the train ride. The train went right through the desolate environment of the Frozen North so as far as she knew, the train was effectively the only way to get there and back safely. Except that didn't sound right at all, because who built that track? It was supposedly built before the stasis, but that just begs the bigger question of how is it still functioning? Ever since she started journeying big questions started to form into her mind, and they were too weird to think about. When she awoke that morning, her bags had already been packed from the night before. If her alarm was set correctly, then her internal clock which had developed over years of not really using physical clocks would be correct, she would make it over to the station and hopefully, would make it on board. No complications, she had done this a couple of times before and if she missed it, she could just give the booth manager a hard time. Nah she couldn't think that negative. She made it over to the station just in time to hear the conductor announce the train as hers. "Just made it," She whispered to herself. "Or maybe I'm early. Hmm." She smiled as she made it over to one of the cabins and trotted inside. Her ticket had been purchased the day before. If anything she totally could have left the day before, but she had missed the train, by a couple of hours. She bought the ticket early so she wouldn't have to deal with it now. When she was inside, she pulsed and noticed two individuals. A Pegasus mare and a Griffon. The Griffon appeared to be drawing... stuff, and the mare seemed a bit eccentric almost like she was extremely excited for something. Didn't Haste say there was something on, this week? Something about a race in the Crystal Empire? Maybe that mare had something to do with it. She didn't want to deal with any big reaction so she decided to ignore the mare for now. She made her way over to one of the seats and plopped herself down. Reaching into her bag, she pulled out her book: 'Daring Do and the Eternal Flower.' It was unfortunate that braille books were naturally larger than regular books so she could really only bother to bring one. Maybe the others in the cabin would strike up a conversation? With as long as this journey was supposed to be, she was expecting it to happen at some point
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    Its dangerous territory though. One step and you're in furry town.
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    What you should be watching is The Promised Neverland. Better yet, read it. It's fantastic. My new waifu is right here:
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