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    Yeah, I'll be bummed. But this isn't the end! As they will be starting a new 'gen' (5th), which I believe will start with the next movie....
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    The black dog itched his muzzle a moment on the roof. Nilaavin's fur still bothering his senses and that paw smack earlier not having helped. He fished around the inside of his coat until he pulled out a kerchief and brought it to his nose. "Thank you for the insight, Friend. " The sniffling diamond dog gave a bow, "I am Hogo-sha of the east. Have you come to this land in the hopes of broadening your horizons as I have?" He pressed the true diamond dog on in conversation, in part to distract himself from the scent of cat in the air and also out of genuine curiosity. Hogo-sha was not a real diamond dog, but meeting a genuinely civilized one was always something that he tried to to take advantage of... and Anu was certainly not one he had ever run into before. Regarding the sphinx, Hogo-sha couldn't help but feel a bit insulted. Not just by the rude dismissal of his offer of help through literature, but somehow through the ancient words he could tell that whatever Nilaavin was saying: it wasn't at all kind. A huff of annoyance escaped the dog as he looked back at giant cat, "Dare I ask what he thinks of us, Your highness?" He looks back to Blueblood, "It is alright, Your highness. It is a waste of time to hold grudges over one's life ... or prejudices." He glanced back down at the cat then back to his master, "In my travels I had once heard that the wisdom of a sphinx was like an Oasis in the desert. I would tell him 'expect poison from the standing water.'" Those with a knowledge of poetry may recognize that line was from a work by some semi-obscure poet of the equestrian canon. He spoke through his handkerchief at his muzzle, "I may not speak his language, but I feel as though I can hear the tone of contempt in it. It worries me.... but while he is in your care he must be in the best of hooves."
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