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    From the album: The Character Corner (Color!)

    I think the last drawing of Hogo-sha I did, made him look a bit too... thin. So I gave him a bit more bulk!
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    Look, kid... If you're going to illustrate yourself flipping us off, at least have the common courtesy to make it realistic.
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    From the album: The Character Corner (Color!)

    The last drawing of Toboe I did was kinda stiff looking in my opinion. So, I did this! I think it has some more life and character to it.
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    The black griffon took a quick gander outside. Let's see. There was snow. Snow. Snow and also snow. Snow on hills. Snow on mountains. Even snow on more snow. This was more than enough snow to see, so she returned to her seat and drawing pad. "Well, I guess we'll find out.", the griffon kept her eyes on her pad as she spoke, "I hope to check out the impressive, ancient griffon statues they have through the 'empire' and then maybe learn why they are there.", she added, "Did the Crystal Empire start out as an griffon territory, or if they were integrated into pony society? Also, if they have anything to do with a small griffon settlement nearby....Heard they all lived in this rather tall watchtower and were tasked to watch for the return of the Crystal Kingdom. So I'm guessing probably, but it will be fun to do a little bit of art appreciation combined with solving a mystery and then later taking a flight of Crystal beverages....Crystal Wine....Crystal Cider...Crystal Brandy....and so forth.." She would still need to make time for the race. Zelda was ready for the cold weather! Not only did she pack for such weather, she wore a heavy jacket with matching pants, boots and gloves. Since it interfered with her sketching, the black bird had taken off the gloves and had put them aside. She also kept an hat and beak-warmer in her carry-on bag. Hopefully it wouldn't get -that- cold, but a gal needed to be prepared. She looked up at Daze, "You just need to think more positive...I see you starting off slow...Like any wise racer....You build up your strength and them woosh!", she raised her hands up, "You zoom past your tired competitors and win the trophy...Or medal....And even end up on Cap’n Sucrose Cereal Boxes. Like my dad said, to be a winner, you gotta think like an....wagh!", she let out a squawk as their cabin started to violently shake. A few items from the overhead compartments started to spill onto the floor.
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    Hey everyone! I'm sorry I haven't been on lately. Work, life, and a car accident has taken up most if my time. I am back on and will be posting again. To give you all a taste here is a Pony version of yours truely done by the great and talented Lighting--Bliss of Brony Analysis. https://www.deviantart.com/battlecross61/art/Battle-Cross-Oc-Commission-By-Lightning-Bliss-Dczw-786045027
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    "Maybe it wasn't always the coldest part? I don't know much about Crystal Empire history, I bet very few do outside the city itself. Maybe they were travelling by and something there made them stop and settle? I don't know why they would travel there in the first place but there are a lot of unknown variables," She mused mostly to herself. Everyone had different motivations for doing stuff that could be considered idiotic to others. "I live in Ponyville so I've had my fair share of crazy stuff happen around me. A little cold exposure in the city won't harm me too much. Of course, this is all assuming that the Heart is taken down while we're there. It seems pretty reliable so far." "Fiver huh? Where did they get that from?" A peculiar name it was. Five of what? Must be some sort of translation. "Is that a kind of translation?" she asked Fiver. She turned towards Golden Daze. "I don't know how special being from Appleloosa is supposed to be compared to Cloudsdale. I only spent like, a year or two there, I don't really remember before moving away. Outside of agriculture, there isn't really much else you can do there," She explained. "Oh it was really not that hard to tell. Maybe if I didn't know about the race, but luckily I've got my sources so I've got it all figured out." She just stared towards Golden Daze for a moment, it was clear the pegasus was actually affected by her weird statement. "They're just sides really." There was no indication of whether or not she was being serious or not in this instance. "Although maybe the right side might be better." "Hah, I would have thought you flying folk would enjoy being thrown up into the air the most. In the event that you don't, then maybe you can submit a very angry complaint?" She suggested. The train was kind of bumpy but it didn't phase her that much at that moment, if she really needed to she could focus on the ground and use her inner magic to keep her somewhat locked. "Yeah, most likely the old tracks. I don't think these tracks get as much maintenance as the other tracks. They probably just get enough to be up to standards. Let's just hope they are. I'm not particularly in the mood for anything going wrong." Oh speak of the devil. She heard the sounds of metal and it didn't sound particularly good to her. "Hey, um, I'm not sure if you guys hear it, but I think there's some sort of disturbance inside the train or something."
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    “I could never understand why anyone would move up to the coldest part of anywhere and then depend on magic to keep them warm.”, the griffon mused as she continued her doodles. “You either adjust like the Yaks of Yakyakistan or you find another, warmer place." She huffed at the idea of depending on magic... "Spells can go bad after years of constant use, and there's always something silly that could also interfere and cause even more problems than what the magic was actually trying to help." The black bird uttered an slight curse when the train bounced a little. "Sh....er..sassafras..." Thankfully she was using an pencil to do her sketching, and any mistakes were quickly erased away.", she chuckled to herself as the sweet little mare spoke of her 'bad' side. "Huh, Ponyville. I actually have a few friends there...." That was a silly thing to say as everypony had a friend in the 'village of friendship', even if they had not met them yet. Knowing that Loose Cannon could not actually see her picture, Zelda pulled out an special, thicker marker and sketched over the sketch itself. This was almost like an acrylic paint...The mare would be able to feel the image with her hoof. Once it properly dried that is... Daze was an fast flyer? Did that mean she was a racer? Now all those bandages made sense. The same magic that allowed flying creatures to walk on clouds also gave a slight shield 'o' protection against crashes. She had seen more than a few Pegasus ponies survive an nasty crash without only a few scrapes and maybe a broken bone or two...As opposed to making a rather nasty mess on someone's field. Being an griffon, she was a decent flyer, but her feline body did not offer the superior aerodynamics of an Pegasus ponies. They were light and sleek and made for fast, agile flying..The idea of watching cuties like Fiver and Daze racing about and doing stunts finally made up her mind! She would be attending the event! "Ppppft.", the griffon groaned, "You're going to be part of a very important race in the Crystal Empire....So that makes you rather special.....and skilled...I couldn't see my fat behind doing such a thing as I'd be left behind in the cloud..dust.." There was another bump, Thankfully she had stopped sketching for the moment. "Erm. Probably going over some old tracks." It had all been smoothing riding until just about now...Hopefully it would end soon. But what was with the clicking? Curious, the bird slid over to the end of her seat and took a look outside....
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    Daze listened at Fiver spoke, nodding her head to confirm her listening. "I'm like, non stop flying twenty-four seven, so I'm always in shape." The bandaged Pegasus smiled boldly, looking at the others as they introduced themselves and who they are. It was nice to get to know every creature, since they were going to have to stay on a train forever together. It would be odd for them to just sit there and say nothing, being strangers until the train ride was done. Daze opened her mouth to speak, "Well, it's very nice meeting you all," she started, as she shifted more comfortably to talk again. "I'm nothing special like a blacksmith or from some place like Appleloosa, I literally just grew up in Cloudsdale to become a fast flier. I'm going to be in the race in the Crystal Empire, if you didn't know that already." The Pegasus cocked her head to the side when Loose went on about a good or bad side. "Uh, so then every side is your bad side, which means your good side is your bad side, which also means you have no good side?" She shook her head, confusing herself. "Anyway," she turned to the griffon, "Just make me look good." Daze then gave her famous smirk to Zelda. Loose said something about the cold surrounding them, and how the Crystal Empire was protected from the freezing temperatures. "Yeah, I know. You just never know what can happen. Maybe we get there and the empire is just cold from all the.. crystals and stuff. Or maybe it's under attack and the princess can't hold up the force field. Or maybe the hotel I'm stayin' at is freezing and their heating system broke." Daze was really overthinking everything, like always. "But, I see your point." The mare listened as the others talked about trains, which kind of bored Daze. This wasn't the type of stuff she normally liked to listen to. It wasn't very interesting to her, because this wasn't her type of stuff to think about. Daze grew up in a small community of fliers like herself, who generally weren't all keen on how to make trains less bumpy. The other Pegasus seemed interested in it though, which made Daze listen a little more. She just found Fiver kind of cool. Talking about the bumpy-ness of the train caught Daze's attention more, because of how bumpy this train was. Every so often there would be a thump big enough to bump the gold pony up. One was so big, it made her launch up into the air. She caught herself as she almost hit the top of the cabin. "Okay, I really hope they figure out how to make train rides more smoother. 'Cause for Celestia's stake, it would be nice to not be thrown into the air." Her ears then twitched at the sound of two metal objects clinking together, but she was focused on trying to calm down from the sudden lift.
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    With the training finally getting its start, Fiver relaxed a bit. She looked back to the Daze and smiled, "Well thanks. I try to keep myself in shape but for me I've done all I can so... I'll be sitting this one out and watching from the sidelines. " Fiver always liked seeing new athletes enter the scene, not just fliers but runners or even swimmers. Some might say she was too old be feeling so nostalgic, and maybe they were right. Still, she was content for the most part and willing to cheer on anyone with a dream to improve themselves. When Golden Daze spoke up her name, Fiver quickly answered with her own. "Khamsa Alriah. My friends call me 'Fiver'." The musings of Zelda brought another smile to Fiver's muzzle. A chance to relax and not worry about what was left behind was exactly what she'd been hoping for. Shame it was only to last as long as this ride. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Zelda. I'm a ... stunt flier more or less. Been a part of a good team for a while, but I'm thinking about exploring other options in time. I'm on my own little vacation for the same reasons as you are." Loose cannon sounded much more knowledgeable about the nature of governments than Fiver did. Just hearing words like principality took the Pegasus back to the days of schooling with her mother back in Saddle arabia. Scholars could be such a boar, strange neither her nor her brother took to knowledge in the same way her parent had. "Frankly I stopped thinking about how Equestria's government is run a long time ago. It seems as though things will be as they will be regardless of what I or others do."
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    To whom it may concern, I'll try and get some posts out tomorrow.
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    'The Annual Regionals Meet' was plastered across the arena in Cantorlot, the clouded track being set comfortably on the ground for any pony or creature to watch. Only sixteen pegasi were hoof picked to go and race in this meet, for the next meet was for districts. Only half could move on though, as districts required only eight ponies to qualify. The weather was nice and sunny outside, complimenting the spring trees whom had just bloomed outside the stadium. The warm air had caused a large crowd to form on the bleachers, since most didn't like sitting in the rain. A large crowd meant more money was coming through, just from betting alone. Of course the higher class ponies sat above all else, placing their own bets to attract the most attention. Within the stadium, were of course the sixteen racers. Golden Daze stood as one of the competitors, taking in the warm air into her lungs to relax her tense body. Her anxiety was off the roof. Though she's flown with a few of this pegasi already from her past meets, the idea of getting in the starting position, waiting for the flag to go down, made her nervous. Her dad believed she was made to do this, which kept her moving forward. All she had to do was place in the top eight and she could continue on with her season. It was only 250 laps, her main event. The event she trained the most for. It should be a piece of cake. The golden pony's uniform snuggled on her close, making her more comfortable. Though see all those creatures in the stands made her have a small mental breakdown, she was use to this. So, as the flag pony yelled, "To your marks!" Daze got herself situated in her lane, relaxing her entire body. The crowd fell silent, and all Daze could hear was her thoughts and the control of her breathing. "Set!" The mare's wings flung into the air, outstretching and ready for the first push into the air. The other 15 competitors followed suite, itching for the flag to fling down. Daze's ears twitched as she heard the slight shift of movement from the flag, causing her to launch into the air with a sudden burst of energy. Her wings were strong, and powerful, but so was everypony else's. Daze found herself in 5th place, and though she could easily settle for that placement, she wanted more. The 150th lap rolled around, and that's when Daze's wings kicked harder. Every flap counted to catching the next Pegasus up. She flew into 4th place, then 3rd, trailing behind two other ponies. Onto the 200th, she began to get tired, losing her momentum with the wind against her. She kept pushing though, slowly catching to 2nd place. 210th, 230th, 240th, ten more to go. Then, she past the 2nd place pony, putting her in that position. The race was over. The young Pegasus huffed, absolutely tired from her strong comeback. She looked up at the leaderboard, seeing her placement and time. "Not too shabby," she said out loud, looking at every pony else who just finished. She tiredly walked to the others, congratulating everypony who made it, and saying 'good job' to those who tried their best. She then went over to first place, smiling sweetly. "Nice job, kid," she said to them, then shook their wing. "See you at the next meet." The Pegasus smiled, just relieved the race was over. She always agreed to herself that before the race was the worst, during it is in the middle, and after is the best. The Pegasus didn't have to worry anymore. Her dad continuously told her to ice and stretch afterwards though, to prevent injuries. His voice was ringing in her head, the familiar sensation keeping her mind occupied. She got lost in her thoughts then, heading over to the locker room. She was sweaty and exhausted, and just wanted some water at this point. She was walking faster, at a trot, and as she closed her eyes to concentrate on her next actions. Soon, she found herself on the ground, landing hard on the concrete. All she knew was that she hit a big wall, a furry one, actually. A little taller than her. Daze was unfamiliar with the creature she just ran into, and she immediately felt bad for the collision. "Woah, hey, sorry, I didn't see 'ya there," she said with a hint of exhaustion. Hopefully the creature wasn't hurt from how hard the collision was..
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    "I shall pass on the wisdom, rest assured, my friend." Blueblood gave Hogo-sha another smile. In most other circumstances, he would have invited him over for tea; whatever his political status, he looked to be a good and useful fellow to know. There was something... heroic, in the Diamond Dog's stance; and heroism was always in demand somewhere. Be good to send him on with a referral at least. But, right at the moment, he had a huge cat with him, and the Prince was conscious that he ought not to push things too far. Let Niilavin get used to the idea of dogs existing before actually inviting them to share a house, even for teatime. *Do sphinxes drink tea? Must make a mental note to ask.* While doing so, he flashed a charming smile to Anu. "Well met, sir! I see from your bearing and breed that your family come from Saddle Arabia, or thereabouts. Are you an immigrant, or a traveler to our fair country?" Thinking about whether or not he should get back on the way home soon, as traffic was beginning to build up behind him, Niil's sudden question gave him pause. "[I... have never seen one of your kind in the flesh before. Nor has anypony I know. That proves nothing, but... another sphinx may be hard to find.]"
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    Niilavin flinches from the bap between his ears. His claws dig in to the road but soon pull back as he relented. “[My actions are justified… But Fine, I will stand… them being here. But I will not tolerate such dregs within are home Master.]” He says looking away from the mutts, he’d not dignify them with his look. “[I can’t help but pick up on the fact I seem to be rare… Its making me worry master. I can’t be the last can I?]” He asked with a hint of worry as he did fear this. It seems absurd that he’d be the last one but yet… its been a vary long time.
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    That Kirin was too damn happy. It was freaky. It was like Professor Pinkie Pie in kirin form. It just seemed strange. Gallus had a pretty good radar for this kind of stuff to. They all did, it was why Cozy Glow had no chance, but his had been honed in Griffonstone where you had to be on your talons at all times. He sincerely doubted that an adult Kirin was just wandering around Ponyville and heard about an O&O game being played by students and was just waltzing in. Something was...off. He didn't know what it was, though. Maybe he was just paranoid. Equestria was a weird place and maybe this was normal and he was the strange one. "Welcome to the game, Yama. I'm Gallus," the griffon replied, more guarded in spirit than word. He'd give this strange Kirin a chance. But he was still strange and he didn't know why everypony was so into him. Especially Silverstream, but then again she just liked new things and experiences. He didn't He liked the same perch and the same comforts. Or at least he pretended to. That was perhaps one reason why he didn't understand why she would want to play a strange species when she could play a normal one...but she would probably be creative enough to pull it off. Kirins weren't in the book! Like, what, they could just start making stuff up now? He had read the player races and there wasn't a thing about Kirins in there. What, were they going to take dragons and unicorns and smash them together? Ugghhhh. Fiiiiiinneeee. How would they even go about it? Gallus flipped through the race selections and started talking under his breath. Finally he spoke. "Okay, well, if we're going to just start making up races to play that aren't in the book, then look at unicorns, look at dragons, and then we can make a level adjustment. Take some traits and come up with something. Kirins have a draconic breath attack that follow a half-level progression and can cast spells at a half-level progression? I don't know. Maybe a ranged character of some kind? Todd the Kirin Ranger has a..theme, I guess" he said, leaning on his right talon arm and looking away from it and instead focusing on something slightly less awful. Only slightly less. Smolder returned his jabs with a character and everything. Lucy the kitten, the smelly kitten familiar. Gallus cocked a grin. "Not a bad picture, for a dragon at least. Needs more stink lines. Also, a longer tail. You know, to trip your enemies whe you throw it," he shifted in his chair, looking over his character. "I didn't want to use a double bladed weapon. That could hurt friends in close quarters, and as a Berserker, Smasher already has trouble when he is raging trying to not hurt friends. Don't want to double that up, right? Otherwise it would easy for Smasher to put just about anyone down by accident. Don't want that do happen now, do we?" He looked around, "not that I've thought about it or anything. Just looked at the book for a moment," speaking of looking at things, he took another look at his invite. The back of it, namely. Not a drawing there for him. He showed it to Smolder. "Looks like Yona knows who has the better sweet tooth between us. Guess she didn't want a repeat of the fish incident," he said with a nervous chuckle. He was an omnivore shaded carnivore. He knew ponies didn't eat meat, how was he supposed to know who else didn't? Speaking of not eating meat, Sandbar had a good diea on what he wanted to do. A Paladin certainly seemed cool. Frontline fighter with healing was always good and it seemed like he wouldn't be alone up there. Not that Smasher would mind, Smasher loved action. Sandbar also came up with a story. Sounded pretty cool. Did Minotaurs have tribes? Were there more than, like, three or four minotaurs? Oh well. Fantasy game and all that. "Marcol sounds like he has a lot going on, Sandbar. What tribe was he? Good character," Gallus said as if he knew half of what Sandbar was saying. Only half- he couldn't let on that he knew every word that came out of Sandbar's mouth. Bad for business. *The game will start whenever we are ready. We will be vague on what is happening until Yona returns, and just focus on our interactions in the gaming circle. :)*
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    "Yeah, yeah. I just want to make sure I'm good to go," Daze said to Fiver, rolling her eyes. "Flying a lot is better than not flying at all. I'm good at what I do." There was security in her voice, backed up with confidence and a hint of sass. Daze knew what she needed and didn't need, though she could be stubborn at times. Or all the time. "Cloudsdale is a pretty special place. I wasn't born up in the clouds, but I grew up at that flight school up there. I never really walked on 'em unless I had to. I was always floatin' up in the sky." The Pegasus nodded at her words, turning around to look up at the clouds. Daze always had this thought in her head, like she wasn't made to be down to earth. It seemed her head was always up in the clouds, so to speak. The mare was always on about something, could be small or large. Her mind was generally on something else, even in a serious conversation. Sometimes she just needed time to think by herself. Some time went by when every pony was talking, to a point where they were in the middle of a snow storm. Fields and fields of snow were stretched miles upon miles across the ground. Daze couldn't spot a single tree, just hills of snow. She knew it had to be freezing outside, if so much snow was sticking to the ground. More snow was coming down hard. The snowflakes seemed as big as her snout, leaching onto whatever surface they touched first. Daze got a little chill down her back, just thinking about being outside and freezing to death. There definitely couldn't be any life living out there. No food could be seen from where the golden Pegasus was at. All that could explain the bumpy tracks. Probably because these tracks barely got rolled over. That's when Daze got flung into the air and caught herself. "Haha, very funny. I'll have you know, I don't like surprise leaps into the air without my control," she said to the earth pony, crossing her forearms as she floated in the air. She then looked at the griffon. "There's a lot of competitors goin' there. I'm not too special. Probably not gonna place too well anyway." The clinking sound was getting worse by the minute, growing Daze's curiosity. "I'm glad I'm not the only one hearing that. It's kinda buggin' me." She flew to a window, trying to figure out where the sound was coming from. It was definitely outside. "I'm totally up for some investigation, but I'm scared to go outside." Her head pointed towards the window on the outside, as the noise was coming from ahead. "Maybe a latch is messed up or something. I seriously don't know much about trains." The mare scratched the back of her head, shrugging.
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    "I love the enthusiasm, Daze." Spoke fiver, "But you should be careful with training and flying twenty four seven... over-training can be a real worry even to the best of athletes. Can hurt your muscles long-term... even hurt your motivation." Fiver knew all too well the dangers of over-training, having been through many of those herself in her youth. Some times she had to wonder if all the work she'd done might have contributed to her own peak she'd been feeling recently. Brushing such dour topics out of her mind she picked up on Daze' mention of Cloudsdale, "I'd say Cloudsdale is a pretty special place, not everypony or even every-creature can even walk there... I had a lot of trouble learning to walk on cloud when I first visited the place..." Loose Cannon got her attention not long after, "Actually yes! A nod to my name and a flight trick that got me enough attention to join the team I was on. My name 'Khamsa' means five in Saddle arabian." That aerial trick she mentioned earlier was part of what inspired the nickname too, but in Fiver's mind it wasn't nearly as important now. ... especially after that weird clicking sound. At first she was going to get up from her seat but then noticed something odd bout the window: The scenery. There were some mountains that they were in the process of passing by, including some rocks and other arctic imagery... but after that clicking sound things seemed to be getting slower. "Something... seems off." She said as she stood herself up, "Anyone up for some investigation?"
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    The mare was finished arguing with her beloved. At least for now, she simply gave him a quick kiss on the snout. She hoped while E.P.IC. might be shrinking, they would still be ready to provide help for the forces of good when needed. There were were far worse things out there than the foes her former team frequently faced. Evil lords who could turn friends into foes. An wild beast disguised in a cloak of gentleness. And a dark matron that had lost it all, and thus did not have anything to lose. These were the foes Fire and the Twilight Guard looked out for. Thankfully they did not just rely on her own numbers to do so.. Once she found herself in the kitchen, Fire Walker poured a glass of fresh orange juice for Rose. Maybe she should have asked the unicorn if she wanted a little vodka in her jice to make it into a Screwball. And Pinkie’s drink? Curious to see what it was, the mare sniffed at the pitcher. There was no real smell..After taking a small glass of her own, she tried the drink. HOLY MOLEY! It was leftover party-punch and sweet Celestia did she put in the sugar! Before she could find out what the others wanted, Pathfinder quickly made her way into the kitchen and snatched up some drinks. Knowing the disaster that would befall Equestria if the bouncy mare ingested the sugar-infused beverage, the Captain quickly emptied out the party punch into an nearby sink. Whew! The world would continue to be safe, at least for another day or so. After snatching up a bottle of her favorite soda. She placed the bottle upon a wheeled serving tray along with orange juice for Swift, and the rest of the pitcher of water for the others. She was here for support, and to make sure none of the cute mares dared to put their hooves on her stallion. Best soda in all of Equestria!
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    Rose was a strong pony and it was a shame she didn't have as much fun with adventures as Pathfinder did. She had all the good qualities to start with, too/ Oh well. Lives were long. She could only hope that someday Rose could be saved and find the adventure that was right for her. "Good to see you too, Rosey Posey. I'm always adventuring, no better way to live! Did you learn anything new about your magic with all that studying?" She asked, bopping her forelegs up and down as she continued to read. Her mouth was dry- "ya know Fire, I think I'll take some water!" She said as she flew over to a pitcher and poured one glass out. Then she found the juice and poured one out for Rose, flying it over to her before getting her close and assuming her reading position. Now all they needed was Swift getting to it. "Get to it, Swifty. We aren't getting any younger over here," Pathfinder said with a giggle, continuing to read while she waited for Swift Squall to get down to brass tacks. He had a habit of leaving iff with pregnant pauses and waiting for everypony to breathlessly ask what nexy. Luckily he wasn't a salespony, he could get all sorts of ponies and other creatures to eat out of his hooves. For Pathfinder, she was happy to be reading the book and awaiting whatever new adventure was bubbling up within Swift Squall's overactive imagination. Always a good time to be had!
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    Once I found someone's phone on the ground. It rang and I answered it, fully ready to assist the owner in getting it back. It was a man that said "Who the fck are you?!? Give me back my phone!" I hung up on him and threw it in the garbage.
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    The unicorn looked to Pathfinder in her odd position on the table. She tilted her head a bit to try and get a better look at the cover and title while she responded, "Studying. I've been looking to further my knowledge of the magic I use. Are you still doing all those adventures? I only went on a couple and I got cursed after the second one..." She huffed through her nose in annoyance before smiling to Pathfinder and giving the slightest of smiles, "It's good to see you again. The rest of you as well." She bowed her head to Firewalker, "I'm almost scared to ask what might be int pitcher... I would like some orange juice if it isn't any trouble." She said in her usual calm register as she approached the table and the rest of the group. Squall sure seemed different since the last time Rose was here. somehow the unicorn seemed more mature, did he get taller too? What he was talking about though was going a bit over Rose's head. Perhaps she'd come in a bit late in the conversation to truly get the grasp. "Um... I just got here so I'm not sure I have all the context." She slid her currently deactivated headphones down to hang off her neck, "What was your Epiphany, Mister Squall?"
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    Final season huh? -slaps helmet on-
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    Yeah, I'd love to see an year skip....The CMCs are teens.....Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake are kids..And the main characters..Along with their friends. Or I just want a certain artist to finish her comic strip! I'd love to see another city. We already had an itty bitty village. Why not set it in the city?
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    Hope smiled slightly as she arrived in canterlot. She wanted to see Cadence getting married. She was so happy for them and she had left manehattan just for them. Sure, her home is in the crystal empire, but she had been helping Rarity with her boutique business and they had agreed on closing it until the wedding was over. She ran into the palace to find Cadance but she wasn't there. 'probably just preparing for the wedding'. she thought, leaving the castle and just proceeding to walk around the city. She turned a corner and bumped into somepony by accident. "Oops! Sorry! I was distracted.." she looked down, ashamed, folding her wings back, since they had sprang up in shock. (She's in her pegasus form)
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    “You got it, ma’am.” Candy Cain gave her a lopsided grin before returning to his work. He could get used to cooking breakfast for Night Breeze, at least. That was, if he stuck around, of course. He frowned slightly as he got a whiff of flour. Cain squeezed his eyes shut. He would not sneeze. He would not sneeze. After a moment or two, he opened one eye, sighing in relief, before returning to his batter. ‘Course, that wasn’t really something just friends did for each other, he didn’t think. . . he just didn’t want Night to get the wrong idea if he offered to cook her breakfast more often. On its own, it was nothing. Cain cracked eggs and began stirring them into the mixture with his magic. But. There was an implication there, one Cain wasn’t trying to suggest, but could be taken that way. . . Cain threw the thought away. He was being ridiculous. He could cook for Night if she was fine with it. Cooking for another didn’t mean anything whatsoever. It was just another gesture of friendship. Cain technically did it all the time, with his candy. This was no different. He leaned out from where he was cooking, nodding. “Eh, I could certainly try teaching ya. I can’t really say I’m a teacher, though. . . I’ll give it a shot. For you.” He added that last bit rather quickly, leaning back into the covered cart before his face could flush. “In return, I guess I could learn a bit about yer own magic, eh?”
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    Ho-Boy. This was one of Applejack’s cousins. Which considering where she was, the young dragon just needed to be next to say ten random ponies, and there was a really good chance at least two of them would be related to the farmer. She also needed to be careful how she acted and what she said in front of this squirt. If she wasn’t the most gracious of hosts, everything she said and did would go right to the cow-pony and then the rest of the professors. Smolder would need to dial back the sass for this one. He also really wanted to know more about her and her ‘kind’. For some reason, she didn’t like how that sounded. “Well, most ponies haven’t either.”, she gave the pony a wink in response to the colt’s remark on not spending time with dragons before. “Let’s get inside.” There were just too many waterfalls and fountains outside! Ponies loved them! And while she found the sound of falling water to be somewhat relaxing, for the most part, it just made her need to use the little fledgling’s room. Smolder lead the young pony into a long hallway with high ceilings. Whoever built the school spared no expenses as there was beauty everywhere. From the marble floors and pillars, to the impressive busts of famous ponies from Equestrian history. Her eyes quickly fell upon her notebook. She welcomed to the student-to-be into the school. Let him into lobby. Going to skip the welcoming joke. Might offend. Oh. Questions! "One thing I get to ask..", she quickly stashed her notepad back into one of her pockets, "What made you want to attend this school, over say, the private schools you have over in Manehattan?"
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    Looking for an RP or two with these characters: Pocket Change. He's the adventuring sort. Decent at magic. Maybe avoid having him with Rarity as she probably still remembers the time he tried to hit on her. Bad Pocket! As per his job as a globetrotting archeologist, he could be anywhere. There is also Smolder. She's an cute little dragon girl. She would mostly work around Ponyville. But she could be taken to most major cities for whatever reasons. Please do not annoy her or she will breathe fire on you. And finally, there's Thrilly A Scrapperclaws. Along with having a silly name, she is a Abyssinian cat person. She is an traveler and could be anywhere. She is a friendly sort and wishes to learn of people and lands she has only glanced at.
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    Nah. Zelda the griffon. Who is an blacksmith and artist. Mind you, it's her nickname. Griselda is her real name. And also Gilda's original name. And it also fits in the need if griffons all must have names that start with G. Which I don't think is a thing...I think..
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    As the others continued to work on their characters, Smolder ran through a list of spells. “Mmmmm.”, she found something that caught her eye, “Sounds nasty, but they have this grease spell. You can use it to make your enemies slip and drop their weapons and even set it on fire to cause even more damage. There’s also enlarge which I would use on Sir...Marcol?”, that was an odd name. “And make him even deadlier. Magic missile and color spray....” Ponies loved their rainbows...Now they could get one up the snout...”Wow....” The spell did all kinds of fun things to their foes. She would just need to make sure to keep away from danger! This was an elf unicorn! A feather could kill her! “The Marvelous Miss Majesty The Magical Mare went to magic school and just graduated, being first level and all..Being so puny, she needed lots of big ol’ meat shields to stand in front of her to take all the damage while she hurled all kinds of spells at her foes...." She glanced up at the odd-pony guy..A kirin....That would be something to play...A barbarian Kirin as their natural ability to rage and get all flamey would probably double the barbarian class rage ability itself. Double power. Flame-Ouches to those who stood near. Which would probably also fall on friends along with foes. Ugh. She better stick with what she had. "Of course she didn't come out as cool as me as there an't nothing as cool as me.", she added with a wink. Smolder really wanted to say something when Silverstream mentioned the name of her character. Todd? Seriously? Not Bornwendir or Tho'uilas? Todd would be a better rogue name considering its foxy origins. "Don't worry kitty....My character is pretty balanced...She has great ranged spells and some support, but if anything pointy gets near my mage, she'll pop like a dirty bubble." This team would need to work together or they won't end up seeing the end of the module. "Bah. Double weapon are awesome...And you wouldn't be hanging around us during the battles, but ahead..Drawing attention from our foes..Taking the hits because you can while the rest of us throw spells and arrows and possibly a cat at said enemies..", she waved her claws about, "Zap...patoo...glam!" But maybe he was right, "Of course we might end up stuck in tight quarters like an dungeon or tight hallway..And a big weapon would be more of an hindrance..." She slowly cracked open a can of her ‘Hoot’n’Holler’n Jump'n Joy'Juice’ Citrus Type Soda(tm)' and took a sip. "Maybe you can have two weapons? Regular weapons for close battle and a bit one for away?" This might be an idea for the 'future' as starting characters got crap for bits. There was equipment she needed....Wizard robe...crappy dagger she'll never use. torch...saddlebags. Kibble for cat. Maybe a steed. Oh wait.
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    Yeah I'm starting to think 'flip Jacob off on a regular basis' is in all my coworkers' job descriptions. In all honesty, I spent a good 10 minutes flipping myself off to use my hand as reference for that picture. 🙂
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    This all made sense now. He was not a common Equestrian Diamond Dog. With the exception of poor Eutony, the upright standing dogs were better left at the kennel. He was an rather handsome fellow with well brushed fur and an stylish coat. Just hearing him speak, the pony knew this fellow was also well educated. "Yes, the university always takes its requests very seriously, and since school is currently out for the holidays, things have been rather slow.", he did not feel the need to mention that his mare-friend, Moony had also been out of town for TWO DREADFUL WEEKS. Equestria had also been going through the longest period of harmony in recent years. Creatures from all walks of life were now considered allies of his kind. It was now common to see griffons, dragons, yaks and other races in his beloved city. Attending the schools. drinking at the pubs and being good sports and all. With friends like these at your side, who in their right mind would even think about invading or even causing trouble in Equestria? Hogo-Sha presented a book the unicorn was rather familiar with. An copy of an Lore of Equestria book. They made a zillion of these, from what laid below the sands of Las Pegasus to volumes on hidden lairs in Canterlot. "Of course, Everything from The Marentine Codex to the Ring of Destiny have been found...So if this isn't in the books, what do you seek?", his eyes quickly fell upon an menu. There was a really good selection of teas here. What should he get? "I'm a skilled duelist and I have a roster of defensive, non-fatal spells at my disposal. So you won't need to worry about protecting me...Still as partners we will need to keep an eye on each other's backs." While he doubted they would run into any walking mummies or Daring Do villains, there were always vultures to deal with. Folk that watched others work hard for their discoveries, only to swoop in and try to rob the archaeologists when finished with their work. "I also have a good magical item detection spell, that I can adjust to fit the magical properties of what you're looking for, so we don't get alerted for common enchanted items." Pocket could only imagine what boring little whozits and whatzits that were enchanted by equally bored unicorn enchanters. Toothbrushes that glowed so its users could brush 'a' brush in the dark. Cloaks that played your very own 'theme song'. Still, the Diamond Dog had a magical talent? Was that even possible? "Also, have you ordered yet?" Pocket was a recent convert to the wonders of Abyssinia tea. He would need to get a cup of Pur'erh. He heard it tasted like pure mana!
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    The School of Friendship was unusually quiet this time of year. An active hub for young minds to explore the emotional bonds that underpinned the world around them. it usually echoed and rang sharply with the din of young voices laughing, chattering, and learning through joy what Twilight had been forced to understand under duress. She was happy to provide such a service. The School was working to provide a better future for not just Equestria but the entire world, and it was something that could only have been spawned by the revelations and work that she and her friends had endured and undertaken over the years. Soon it would be up to the next generation to bring the world ever closer to the ideals that she believed in. To be the Headmare at such an institution was perhaps her greatest source of pride- even more than her accomplishments as a Princess. That was why she was always willing to put in the extra work required to keep the School operating at peak efficiency. She was working on a restructuring of Applejack's Honesty Class due to the mare's extra busy schedule when she started to hear the panicked- no, determined- galloping of a stallion. Had to be. Sounded heavier than other options and nopony she knew to expect was supposed to be here. She finished writing for the moment and put the quill away, her face wearing an expectant smile as she looked at the door. She would rather be allowed to work in her spare time but if somepony needed help, that would always come first for her. Hopefully nothing serious. She didn't want to As if on cue, it opened. She was shocked by who it was...if only because she was sure he would normally wait for her at the Castle for the sense of importance of it. For all of her jokes, she liked Swift Squall. He was a good stallion and was always doing something he thought was best for Equestria. Made him an excellent member of EPIC and a truly great Equestrian citizen. He may sometimes be a little dramatic but at the end of the day everything he did helped Equestria. Not a pony she would ever ignore, even here. "Swift Squall! Happy to see you," she said as she trotted over and gave him a courtesy hug. A mug of cocoa was floating. "Want something to drink? Please, take a seat."
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    It had seemed like forever that Pocket Change had been on an adventure or at least away from his stuffy old office! He had been busy pulling double-duty both at a private Canterlot college as an professor's assistant along with his duties with the Spellbound Magic Guild. His job at the school was rather fun and kept him on his hooves. He would help his former teacher, now professor with all manner of duties, from grading papers to putting together materials needed for lectures.. Not to mention tutoring a few students when needed. During his break, he had received a letter from an old friend that he was needed....By a Diamond Dog? Really? The unicorn knew about such creatures, and they usually fell rather short in the intelligence department. Some were downright cruel. However, he did think well of an friend of his sisters...An rather pretty little pup named Eutony. And while she was sweet and rather friendly, the poor girl was as thick as clotted cream, that had been left out by some clot, and now the clots were so clotted, so she couldn't unclot them with an magic de-clotter. He would need to meet this dog at teahouse. Really? Such an odd place to meet such an odd creature. But Pocket was intrigued. Maybe he was the bodyguard of an rich heiress that needed him to find a valuable thingamabob that she would pay him a king's fortune? Guess there was only one way to find out. The stallion slowly entered the small parlor. So far, there were mostly ponies...A rather sweet little white griffoness...And another pony. Was he late? Or too early? Pocket's ears quickly perked up as he heard a voice...And saw what he thought was a wolf? No, he was a Diamond Dog! "Mister Hogo-Sha?", the polite pony nodded his head, "I'm Pocket Change from the University. I was told you sought out help..."
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    This is a beautiful app! Have a great time with your new character!
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    Nensho hummed to himself quietly as he followed the rest of the group to the cafe, simply listening to what the others were saying. He offered a nod in agreement to Toboe’s question about food, but not much else. He was a little distracted by trying to figure out what else they could do around here once this impromptu group disbanded. Maybe they should visit a club, he was in the mood for more music like what Ruby was playing earlier. “Well, if you ever do end up going, maybe Toboe could get you a gig or two at her bar.” He chuckled, tuning back in during that part of the conversation. “Some live music could really liven up the place.” He added, giving Toboe a friendly nudge.
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    The cat silently nodded her head while she tried her very best to wipe away the tears with her one, free hand. For such cute little creatures, Pegasus ponies sure hit like a ton of bricks! As she slowly made her way up, her eyes fell upon herself. There was a nasty bruise on her right knee. She could only image how many bumps she got on her backside. Ouch! If her mother was here, she probably would have broken out a potion of Iodine and poured it directly on her knee by now. How she hated that gunk! It usually hurt more than the bruise itself. "T-that's okay.", the cat stammered as her knee made it perfectly clear that it did not like pressure being put upon it that it normally would handle. "Really?", she gasped after the mare mentioned there would be other events. But would those events be the 'Annual Regionals'? Could she find an equal amount of excitement and wonder during those shows? What if they only provided her with thrills, spills and chills? She already saw plenty of that back at her circus. The sudden change of plans nearly caused the cat to tumble back, but she kept her balance. She needed to head over to the locker room? After a quick glance away from her own little problems, she realized her 'attacker' was probably one of the athletes! Well, that was one way to meet a racer. Thankfully it was just a light and fluffy mare. Some of those stallions looked like they could crash through a solid wall and keep going. The pair slowly made their way into a small building lined with lockers and the sound of showers in an adjoining room. And since ponies rarely wore clothing, this locker was coed. "I'm Thrilly by the way...", the young creature quickly scooped up the provided aid. A bit of bandage and a salve would work. "I'm a flying trapeze artist...An aerialist..." This probably did not impress an creature who could actually fly. After a quick dab of gunky lotion that smelled like bad yogurt onto her wounded knee, the fuzzy creature quickly wrapped the injured bits with the provided bandage. Since time was of an essence, Thrilly quickly finished up and was ready to move to the autograph session. She considered dropping her shorts and asking her host if there were any further bruises on her derrière, but that would probably be a little too much. Besides, they had hot tubs at the hotel. After testing her knee out, she was ready to move on!
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    Daze felt stupid. Like really stupid. Yeah, she was tired from her long race, but she couldn't have the guts to at least watch where she walked? The Pegasus was kind of humiliated, and she honestly just wanted to hit the showers and move on with her afternoon. Maybe prepare for her next meet, which was even bigger. Daze's golden eyes were glazed with embarrassment. The mare didn't really know how to deal with this situation, even though she dealt with something like this with another pony. But this wasn't a pony. The last time she ran into somepony, she broke their snout. That was back in flight school, though. Now she was much more observant and careful of where she went. Except for now, for some reason. Daze was lost in her thoughts at this moment, and she didn't know what to say. She just stared at the poor cat, who was crying over something. Finally she opened her mouth to speak, "I'm really s-orry." There was a little crack in her voice, as she watched the kitty try and stand up. "Here, let me help," she commented, flying into the air and slowly helping the cat up. Daze flew back, looking around the other creature to check for any serious damage. The cat was crying over missing the show, the show Daze performed in. What an odd circumstance to be faced with. "Hey- y'know- there's more shows and stuff later on," the Pegasus mentioned, trying to make the other feel better in this weird situation. She felt awkward now, trying to think of how to help. She then noticed a bruise on the cat's knee, making Daze flinch. "That's a good one. Uh- Here, I'll go back to the locker room really fast and grab you a wrap." Daze then paused, thinking for a second. She couldn't leave the girl alone, especially after she knocked her onto the hard ground. Daze knew she was going to wake up with some bruises too. There was an announcement overhead, stating 'Come get your autographs and a picture with your favorite racer in ten minutes!' and Daze panicked. "Oh, Celestia, why?" She looked back at the creature who was still mildly upset, "C'mon now, change of plans, just follow me. Let's head to the locker room really fast to clean you up. I have some bandages in my bag. Then you can get some autographs, okay? Will that make you feel better?" Daze was trying to be sincere in her attempt to get the cat to smile. Daze took this time to really look at the cat. She's knew creatures like her lived off of Equestria, but she doesn't generally see a lot during her meets. She seemed shorter, nonetheless, kind of fragile yet strong. If that made sense. The kitty was wearing weird clothes, nothing Daze has ever seen. She couldn't judge though. She was wearing really tight clothing that generally wasn't seen in public. The cat was really fluffy, and she looked pretty soft. Daze kind of wanted to pet her little head. She was a weirdo in ways like that. Was that appropriate anyway? Is that acceptable? The bandaged mare snapped out of her trance, trying to hurry to get to the autographs in time.
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    “Canterlot! Sweet babies I’m here!”, a little brown Abyssinian-Cat let out a holler the moment the most famous of castles could be seen through her train window. “I’ve been here before, but I was just too little to explore alone.”, she placed an hand towards her neck and then raised it towards her own head to illustrate the size and or age she had been during her last visit, “But now I’m just slightly larger than before, which now permits me to go off on my own and experience the wonders of the greatest city in the world!”, she grinned rather proudly at her seat-mate, who was an middle aged stallion that had been trying his very best to read his newspaper. “That’s lovely to hear...”, he forced an smile onto his face. He had admired her enthusiasm, but the little cat had not shut up during the whole trip! “I...And when I mean ‘I’, it was my family and my friends and my fellow 'Cirkys' got to meet Princess Celestia when we last performed here....And wow...." she gasped, "She was so beautiful....And her hair was super pretty and it was always moving....even when she was standing still! Like magic!", she bounced. By now, the stallion considered just stuffing the paper into his ears. Would that help? "Uh-huh.", he groaned. "Wonder if I'll get to meet her.....oooh.", oblivious just how rude it was to do so, she snatched a page from the newspaper. This was the front page of the EVENTS section. "This sounds like fun. Do you think this sounds like fun?", she turned the paper to the pony who quickly snatched it back. "Both excitement and wonder! I would be happy with just only one of those things, but they're providing both! And also snacks. I like snacks." With great relief to her seat-mate, the train came to an complete stop. An announcement could be heard from one of the little speakers located near the corner of their cabin: This is the Canterlot Train Depot! If you’re exiting, please gather your belongings, watch your head and step, and take small foals by the hooves! The cat snatched up her bags and bounded out of the train for future excitement and wonder! After a quick stop at her hotel and a cat-nap, the fuzzy little creature made her way to the Arena. "Wow.", she gasped. This was not like any stadium she had ever seen before! There were seats on the side of a mountain! Were they put there, or were they carved into the mountain itself? And the actual arena was just some clouds. Made sense as this was a flying competition...But wait....The meet was over? She missed the whole thing! Tears started to form in her eyes...She overslept! Oh no! She would not get to enjoy the excitement! She would not get to be part of the wonder! Oh how this day could get even worse? The Pegasus pony managed to crash right into the poor-cat who tumbled onto her backside. "That's okay..I'm used to falling on my tail....", the brown cat groaned. There was a slight bruise on her knee. "Can't believe I missed the show...", she let out a painful squeak as she tried to get up.
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    Ruby smiled widely as she headed down the street, her steps hurried, but her manner friendly. "Really!? That would be soooo cool! Though, not sure if I'll ever be able to go... don't really earn much money busking... Maybe if I get a gig... or if I keep playing with Brickie! Best bits I've ever made!" Once they were in the restaurant, she let her wings drop to her sides as she finally realized what Brick had said. "It would be nice to have one that was a bit more durable, but it was a gift from my first friend. She was a great unicorn from Canterlot, like I am... From Canterlot, I mean, not a unicorn, obviously!" She answered with a giggle as they got a table....
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    *pushes Daze close to Thrilly* I honestly find Thrilly adorable and a really good character. She's really interesting to me. I bet Daze would have a hoot with her. I feel like they would have really good, friendly chemistry. Daze could pretty much be anywhere for a meet or something. She's a really really curious pony and would be fascinated by Thrilly. I'm trying to think of a really cool setting though 🤔
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    Before Taira responded he proceeded to blow his nose a couple times into the tissues he'd taken through is magic mists. The sound was not unlike a trombone being played by an amateur in a highschool band. Once done he would toss the used paper into a nearby basket and take a deep breath of the familiar air of his family's dwelling. "Free visits to a spa... those do sound nice. Would that offer extend to just me or the rest of my family?" he asked as he worked to get a glass of water for himself, "Would be a nice treat for when I get enough bits together to visit Equestria." The stallion pulled up a seat and relaxing, "As for my magic?" He coughed up a small puff of mountain mist, "Well for a lot in my family our magic seems to come naturally so mind did too! I can also use it to form shapes... I can walk on it and use it as transport. Can also use it for illusions and the like!"
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    I am sad to see you go...and, I guess , a little guilty as well (glances at all the unfinished RP's). I myself have my share of problems, being insanely reclusive and withdrawn - being afraid to hang on social media, public chat's etc. due to my paranoia. I can only assume that some people become so invested with their characters that they take any actions that put them in embarrassing or humiliating situations as a slight against themselves. I know I did when I was younger, Roleplaying on other sites, thinking my creations were a gift to other's so how dare they put misery on them. I will certainly miss your involvement Rex. It added so much needed spice in that overwhelming amount of slice-of-life threads towards which I have often a mixed feelings. And I admit, seeing your Discord's actions drive other characters into hair-pulling frustration was incredibly amusing. Squall will miss your Discord's too, and all those unpredictable challenges he threw at him ,that allowed the noblepony to keep himself sharp. So Godspeed Rex. I hope we meet out there, on other forum. And perhaps we actually finish a thread for once. Or maybe not. It's a journey that counts .
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    Ugh. I'm very sorry to see you go...I'll miss your art here (I am following you on your assorted art pages) and your awesome posts...Discord drove my characters crazy, but I loved every single one of those posts.
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    Night Breeze had sat looking at the sunrise for some time when Cain finally awoke. Staring at life below, she reflected on the previous evening. To be honest with herself she very much liked having somepony to spend time with, and share all her memories with. A soft smile rose on her lips as she thought about it all. Pondering what today's events might bring. taking a moment to take in the morning light she noticed Cain trot over to her. Sitting sideways to him Night Breeze turned her head to great him. "Good morning sunshine." She said with a cheerful attitude, A soft smile on her face, glancing somewhat curiously at him as he seemed to be confused for a second. "Did you sleep well last night?" She inquired curiously. "I'm here as long as you want me to be, Dear." Night Breeze said getting up now. "To be honest, I just, I didn't want to leave you up here all night with all by your lonesome." She smiled as she thought about her words. Why was she being so different about this? Sure her job was to be kind and caring to other ponies, but why did it seem she was much more interested in helping and caring for him than any other pony? "I'm ready when ever you are." She smiled with a wink "Oh um, You don't have to." Night Breeze said with a bit of a blush. She was always shy about taking things from others, but her grumbling belly said otherwise. All tho she was a little interested when he mentioned that he did more than just candy. "Oh, of course. That sounds delicious!" The grey unicorn said now with a bit of enthusiasm. "So, what all do you know how to make?" She asked curiously as she waited. He was just getting better by the minute. Not only did he make candy, but knew how to cook as well. "Would you like any help?" Night asked after a moment, hating to make him do this for her without doing anything in return herself.
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    Wait, wait, wait. This is an actual page?
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    "As far as I know, It's just a single city, doesn't feel like much of a kingdom either. Maybe a Principality?" she mused towards the calm pegasus. "That's the word right? I don't know much of the independence of the Crystal Empire after its return." Her education from her mother was both a blessing and a curse. She knew more than she wanted to and it meant that the stuff she didn't know kind of hurt sometimes. She could totally become a scholar, but that wouldn't be very fun now would it? "The frozen North can be cold, but the Crystal Empire itself is shielded from its effects. Unless you're flying outside of the boundaries, then you won't have to worry about freezing yourself," she explained to the totally overprepared pegasus. "Unless you mean on the way there, in which I trust the heating of this train to stop us from freezing." "Yeah sure, it kind of is good to meet new people, but If I got back home and my house was on fire, I'd be very worried." There was only so much relaxing one could do before stuff would start to go wrong. "I hear that some get their kicks from just riding trains, like the destination is just a bonus to their trip, it's all about the special trains that they put out sometimes. Never ridden one of those before, just the regular ol' trains." When the train started moving, she thought for a moment. What if a train ride didn't feel like one, would that be a good thing or a bad thing. Impressive in the fact that they made it feel like a house, but then it didn't feel like a train so... "I heard some engineers are trying to make a really smooth train. You could basically live inside it all the time and just travel around. It sounds like it would be very expensive to produce and maintain though." "My bad side is my every side, so, really there is no bad side. So make sure you get my good side, which is also my bad side." Hah, let them try and process that. She tried to look serious about her request, but she really didn't care. She just talked a lot to fill the void in the silence. "My name is Loose Cannon, formally of Appleloosa, now Ponyville," She mused at the thought of titles. It was weird, especially hearing one from a Griffon. Was it a title, or was it just context? "That might be what it says on my birth certificate." Knowing her, someone might actually miss the joke and actually believe her. She didn't want to explain anything.
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    Try shaving your legs, boys. Miss a day and it's like...
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    Poninawa - Mystical Friendships Beckon Our world holds many mysteries... ancient artefacts with no discernible origin, ruins of indeterminable age, and other strange magical occurrences. But for every curious goings on, there are scholars and knowledge seekers who will do whatever it takes to find out every bit of information they can about our odd and wondrous world. And while no two scholars agree on everything, most will agree on one thing; Yokai are an enigma. The island of Poninawa isn’t the most populated of Neighponese destinations, with only a few scarce towns and villages dotting the landscape, interspersed by rolling meadows and lush forests. A quaint and quiet island, most villages in Poninawa eschew a majority of magitech, only using what is necessary. This self inflicted scarcity plays two roles: the first is painting Poninawa as a peaceful middle ground between the traditional styling of Ryushima and the technological powerhouse of Horshu; the second — and to the natives of Poninawa — more important role is to keep the island a pleasanter place for the mysterious creatures known as the Yokai, which are sensitive to enchanted objects. Yokai are a curious class of magically gifted animals that come in all varieties such as foxes with multiple tails, dog-like raccoons with leaves on their foreheads, or even cats with split-tipped tails that can mimic pony language to describe a few. While each of these creatures can hide their true form behind a glamour, disappear from sight, or levitate small objects among other basic magics, if any can perform other magic on par with ponies, none have ever shown it. Instead, the creatures have earned a reputation of being friendly tricksters, pulling pranks on the unsuspecting by taking the form of their friends, hiding objects, or tripping them up as they travel through the woods. While mischievous the Yokai are not malevolent in nature and in many instances befriend locals or travelers, ending up as lifelong companions. Stories even tell of times that the Yokai banded together with the locals to help defend the island from disaster or would-be invaders. Yokai can be great friends to ponies who desire it, but they tend to be indomitable annoyances to those that attempt to learn more about their mysterious origins or habits. Though not unheard of, it’s rare that one will find many Yokai outside of Poninawa. Some have willingly gone with travelers that have proven either great friends or hilarious victims to their antics, but others have not had a choice in the matter. Ponies with less the scrupulous morals will sometimes steal away Yokai in magical cages to keep them lethargic and complacent, shipping them off to the highest bidders on the black market. While the Neighponese government bans Yokai poaching and assigns the creatures Protected Status, some illegal capturing still continues to this day, but the citizens of Poninawa do whatever they can to keep their tricky friends safe. ~Compendium of Curious Creatures Ashley ‘Ash’ Ravencrest
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